Nuclear weapons replace depth of defense

Israel VS Arab Lands

Samson Blinded is one of those blogs you probably will not locate unless you specifically look for it. The posts at Samson Blinded are pro-Israel on the militant side of political incorrectness. The Jewish authors are not necessarily friendly to Christian Zionists as me; nonetheless the irony is I often agree with the Samson Blinded author. Below is a cross post with the theme of nuclear weaponry as a credible defense for little Israel to survive being surrounded by a sea of Jew-Hating Muslims that are actually acquiring sophisticated offensive capability thanks to both the USA and Russia.


JRH 2/11/13

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Nuclear weapons replace depth of defense


By Obadiah Shoher

Email sent: 2/8/13

Samson Blinded


Peace, and even neutrality, have protected no state, ever. Small irrelevant states are tolerated, but they are rolled over without remorse when military needs arise. Germany occupied Belgium, and Italy annexed almost all the lands of the Vatican. Belgium was neutral, and the Vatican was even culturally indispensable for Catholic Italy. Israel cannot hope to convince the Muslims of her peaceful intentions and enjoy peace with them.


Hong Kong and Switzerland provide different examples. The evil empires of Communist China and Nazi Germany tolerated them out of utter economic necessity. But Hong Kong and Switzerland were indispensable for their imperial neighbors only because the evil states were isolated from the rest of the world. Muslim oil economies are very open, and do not need Israel as their gate into the world. Muslims won’t hesitate to wipe Israel off the map.


Could Israel possibly rely on outside protection, such as a mutual defense treaty? No country rose to defend Poland in WWII. Protection—however unreliable—could only come from the US, but its behemoth army wouldn’t be able to deploy in Israel before the Muslims overran her forty-mile depth of defense and annihilated the Jews.


Whatever are the peace arrangements, Israel would have to maintain military preparedness. Israel cannot conduct a defensive war in the current borders. Arab enemies could repeatedly mobilize at Israel’s borders without attacking her; Israel could either respond by mobilizing every time and eventually ruining her economy, or gamble that the Arabs won’t attack—and only once lose the gamble.


A peace treaty with the Muslims won’t help. Every war violates a peace treaty. Muslims fight their brethren, and won’t hesitate to attack Israel if her military might dwindles.


Israel is left with two choices. One is to maintain military capability indefinitely. That path is economically unsustainable. Another is to discourage the Arabs from encroaching on Israel. For that approach to work, our threat of must remain extremely credible; bluffing does not work long in international relations. Arabs must be unable to test Israeli defenses to see how Israel would react to this or that provocation, or to look for the breach in the retaliation doctrine. Israel should treat any clearly dangerous acts as casus belli. Israel may not tolerate Muslim acquisitions of WMD, modern aircraft and air defense systems, tanks and anti-tank missiles, or mobilizations. Confronting Syria over its military upgrade now makes more sense that defending Israel from a fully revamped Syrian army a few years later. Israel won’t need to fight very often. Once the credibility of Israeli response is established, Arabs will stop provoking her.


Israel must maintain a credible threat, but not an expensive, economically unbearable army. How so? Nuclear retaliation is the answer. Israel should not hesitate to employ nuclear weapons. Extensive and costly bombing of Lebanon could be replaced with pinpoint strikes with 10kt nuclear microcharges. A weapon of that size won’t even destroy a medium-sized village, and would cause no fallout dangerous to Israel. Numerous nuclear mushrooms, however, would terrify our enemies.


Attacks by regular Arab armies should be similarly countered with 20–50kt nuclear microcharges. Even the small 20kt weapons would not endanger the Jewish cities ten to fifteen miles away from the battlefield; the populations that have been exposed to the moderate levels of radiation around Hiroshima and Chernobyl are not particularly unhealthy. Israel could emulate the depth of defense by striking deep into the enemy’s territory. Large-scale bombing raids against Damascus, Cairo, or Tehran are prohibitively expensive, but 100kt nuclear bombs offer a practical solution: large enough to damage and frighten the enemy, yet small enough to avoid exposing Israeli cities to a radiological threat. Enemies will know that they cannot succeed even if they overrun narrow Israel.


Would the Muslims escalate in response to the Israeli nuclear threat? Yes, unless Israel proves the escalation to be a dead-end. During the Cold War, the US answered similar challenges with a doctrine of gradual escalation. Likewise, Israel would employ nuclear microcharges against the guerrillas, their supporters, and regular armies, and small bombs against the attacking enemy’s cities. If attacked with WMD, however, Israel would immediately demolish the Dome of the Rock, employ nuclear weapons against Mecca and Medina, and drop really large bombs on the enemy’s capitals.

That sounds like madness, but MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, prevented the Cold War from becoming WWIII. Arabs won’t attack a dangerously mad Israel. A country prepared for total war will live in total peace. Besides, Israel has no choice economically other than to rely on nuclear weapons.


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Why Samson Blinded? Biblical Samson, blinded by the Philistines, killed thousands of them in suicide attack. Israeli nuclear weapons are aptly called the Samson Option.


Obadiah Shoher is a pen name for veteran politician. Obadiah lived in the USSR, and sufficiently hated socialism to emigrate. It was quite a disappointment to find that Israeli socialism is in many respects worse. Obadiah contends that socialism, combined with quasi-liberal leftism – the infamous political correctness – spells Israeli destruction, as it has destroyed other societies before. Shoher despises Israeli ostriches who keep their heads in sand preferring not to see the uncomfortable questions: changing demography of the ostensibly Jewish state, accumulation of nuclear weapons by hostile regimes, radicalization of Islamic societies, and the economic dead end of maintaining Israeli military capability regardless of paper treaties.


Why the pen name? Rav Kahane’s example is one obvious reason: he was kicked out of the Knesset for “racist” opinion that Jewish state cannot have Arab majority. Security is another reason: Obadiah receives plenty of threats.


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Danny Jeffrey writes about a doomsday scenario for Israel. It is just as much instigated by Western Leftists like George Soros and President Barack Hussein Obama as it is by Radical Muslims. The scenario includes nuclear war. I am one praying Danny Jeffrey is incorrect. On the other hand the scenario fits a possible future that goes along with other possible lines the future might take all depending on who does what and when.


Just in case Jeffrey is correct you need to read this to understand a possible future you may be living in.


JRH 6/7/12

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By Danny Jeffrey

June 5, 2012

Freedom Rings 1776


This blogsite has been read by many thousands of people, part of whom hope that I am mistaken, and there are many who will not even allow themselves to admit that I might be right. In their minds things cannot possibly get as bad as I suggest. Unfortunately, evidence keeps accumulating that I am correct. Now Der Spiegel has added yet more evidence. Note the name of their headline … Operation Samson.

Many Americans are unaware of Der Spiegel’s significance but it is Europe’s leading news magazine and Germany’s top news Website.

In the opening paragraph I stressed the title of an ongoing strategy in Israel for good reason. I recently wrote an essay entitled The Samson Option … Israel’s Hole Card. Now Der Spiegel has learned of the plan as well. Their link will be found at the end of this essay in Suggested Reading.

One essay simply will not encompass all of the information I have accumulated about the impending Israeli crisis, and I will not even attempt to present it all here. Instead I shall only mention the results of previous findings and associated articles and then allow the reader to delve further, should he or her choose, in Suggested Reading. The purpose of this effort is to present only a brief synopsis of past essays along with an update of new information.

In April of 2011 I wrote The Coming Assault On Israel. In it I exposed the Soros agenda for the destruction of Israel with the aid of our puppet Commander in Chief and our military might. The tactic is a little known UN policy of Responsibility To Protect. The basic concept is that anytime a nation is being subjected to a forceful overthrow, the the UN affiliated members of the western powers are to intervene with a no fly zone over that nation. We did this in Libya along with providing arms to Al Qaeda in their effort to depose Qaddafi. The effort was perfect to enact R2P as Qaddafi was generally hated world wide so there was little outcry from the people of America.

What Americans could not comprehend at the time was that Omar Qaddafi and Libya were irrelevant. The fall of Libya was simply a trial balloon being used to establish a precedent that Soros/Obama plan to use later when Hezbollah and Hamas are attacking Israel. The UN will order airmen of the west to establish a no fly zone over Netanyahu’s homeland to protect the “civilians” as they lay siege to the Jewish homeland. For those who will state this can never happen, I direct you to my essay The Assault On Israel … Part Two, found also at the end of this essay. It contains the link that proves, in their own words, that our leaders have ceded control of our military to the communists and Islamists who now control the UN.

To continue with the significance of Samson … In earlier essays I predicted that Israel, if about to be conquered, would use their nuclear might in a going away tribute to Islam and those who have betrayed them. Later I learned that my prediction was indeed correct as Israel, fully aware of the odds against them, plan to enact such a doomsday scenario if facing defeat. Details of that will be found in my The Samson Option … Israel’s Hole Card.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story of Samson, it appears in the Bible in Judges 13-16 and tells of a man who was granted super human strength and then betrayed. With his dying breath he used his strength to collapse a temple killing himself and all of his enemies in one fell swoop. This inspirational story from Israel’s distant past is the logic behind their 21st century plan of action. It, combined with their Masada tradition, makes them a people who will never surrender. Their philosophy is well summed up with two words: “Never again!”



Israeli Dolphin class sub. Nuclear weapons capable and a cruising range of 4500 nautical miles.


At the moment Israel has three of these submarines in their naval arsenal and have ordered another three. Due to the historic involvement of Germany and the Jewish people, many German people feel a moral obligation to assist the people of Israel, consequently much of the cost of these subs is defrayed by the government of Germany. Israel has nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a submarine launched cruise missile yet large enough to deliver massive destruction if called upon.

What I can find on the internet, others can find as well. Der Spiegel does not go into the details of just what Operation Samson really means to the world, but they do mention it and give information on how Israel is being outfitted with nuclear capable submarines which gives them additional time to strike on all of Islam and others worldwide who have been complicit in their defeat should Israel indeed succumb.

I am not the only person who knows of this plan. Surely world leaders know of it as well, and why, you might ask, are they allowing things to continue as they are, knowing that a nuclear holocaust is in the cards. The answer is not as simple as the question, but I will give my best guess as to the actions of some:

George Soros is old, evil, knows his days are few, and, being an atheist, is unconcerned about the possibility of an afterlife. He, although Jewish by birth, has spent a lifetime of hating Jews and would like nothing more than to see another holocaust befall them before he dies.

Obama, puppet that he is, does as Soros directs, and being Muslim and hating Jews, he too wants to see the destruction of the state of Israel, but he plans to survive the 21st century holocaust he is helping to create. None have yet explained the classified underground construction taking place on the White House lawn.

The Islamic leadership of Iran, wanting to hasten the return of their twelfth Imam look forward to nuclear war, believing that the chaos will grant them glory in his eyes.

China knows that nuclear war is likely and so are preparing to survive it. They are building twenty new unoccupied cities every year. They are betting that those phantom cities are not going to be bombed as there is no one there and they offer no value as a strategic military target. After the war, however, while the cities of the world lie in radioactive rubble, China will have newly built cities ready for their survivors.

A final thought:

Recently Obama stressed the need for Israel to wait until after his reelection before attacking the nuclear facilities of Iran. Knowing what I have already detected about the big picture to take down Israel, it was easy to see why Obama needed that delay, as he would not want to declare an Israeli no fly zone before November of 2012. His goal was to be firmly embedded for life in the White House, giving him the option to aid in the destruction of the Jewish state without having to worry about votes. Any action before that would be “inconvenient.” I warned in The Coming Assault On Israel … Part Two that Israel Must attack Before Obama is reelected. Now Reuters has released the latest from Israel and it looks as though Netanyahu plays a better game of chess than does Obama, as his cabinet agrees that the attack must occur specifically before Obama is reelected.

Israel is prepared to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas, and expect to suffer heavy losses. They cannot deal with the Soros/Obama/UN connection at the same time. If forced to deal with R2P they will lose, and have no choice but to employ the Samson Option … Then we all lose

An afterthought: Obama has made it clear that he wants Iran left to pursue their own nuclear goals, but he is a politician seeking reelection. I can only hope that political pressure forces him to commit to the attack on Iran to save face.

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Danny Jeffrey:


I’m sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.


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