Makes Schools Better or Allow Transfers for those Who CARE

Kelley Williams-Bolar was released from the Summit County Jail Wednesday morning after serving all but one day of a 10-day jail sentence for improperly enrolling her children in Copley-Fairlawn schools. (Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal)

John R. Houk

© February 2011


In most States across the nation it is the law that your children must go to Public School within the system in the School District in which you and your family reside. If you reside in a School District in which a partial amount of the schools or the entire District sucks academically, you have few options for your children.


If you are a person of means or a working Joe American willing to make sacrifices to provide your child or children with a better education you can shop for a private school. In a lot of cases Joe American cannot afford private schooling even if the school makes an effort to be affordable for working class Americans like some religious affiliated schools attempt to do.


Another option is for a Charter School which is a Private School that takes Public School vouchers for tuition. If a Charter School exists within driving distance your child has to cross the hurdle of being qualified. If the qualification hurdle is achieved then your child/children get placed on ye old waiting list.


Another option is you can root up your family and leave a house you possibly own and move to a better School District where a house payment may be unaffordable or the rent is too high.


There are probably other legal options to pursue, but the above options came to me off hand. One option that many parents take is to fudge on their residence in registering their child/children in a better school within their School District or in a nearby School District.


Oops! What happens if you get caught fudging on your residence requirements to get your kids in a better school?


This is what happened to Kelley Williams-Bolar for getting caught trying to better her children’s education:


She was convicted of falsifying records by claiming that she lived in her father’s home. Her father lives and pays taxes in the district of the better school. Williams-Bolar spend ten days in jail, received three years probation, ordered to perform community service and was fined $30,000. (WAPC – February 1st, 2011)


I can you believe this was the penalty for a victimless crime of – GASP! – extricating her children from a School District providing a derelict education to another School District that would educate her children?


I find it unbelievable that the MSM has not jumped on this as a story that everyone should know about! I mean a $30, 000 fine sounds a bit exorbitant to me, how about you?


JRH 2/2/11