America, Saudi Arabia & Islamic Terrorists

Saudi Allies of Terrorism

John R. Houk

© December 7, 2010


Okay, again I have mixed emotions of a WikiLeaks release. Apparently on Sunday WikiLeaks released another gift that keeps on giving embarrassment to the U.S. State Department. The Part of the WikiLeaks dump on Sunday I am writing about is a post from Arutz Sheva 7/Israel National News which reports that Saudi private citizens make up the bulk of Islamic terrorist money supply lines. The Islamic terrorists in the article are Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Hamas followed by the words “and others”. America is publicly at war with al Qaeda and the Taliban. I guess I should qualify “publicly at war.” The American government and American Military under the direction of the Obama Administration are fighting enhanced foreign insurgents who have declared an unrecognized war on America. America should be publicly at war with LeT and Hamas. Undoubtedly because of diplomatic protocols that probably would interfere with the concept of political asset interests in foreign affairs of State, LeT and Hamas are given a pass other than public condemnation.


LeT is associated with Pakistan and Hamas is associated with Arabs seeking to be called Palestinians.


Diplomatically Pakistan is an ally of America in the Global War on Terror being fought in Afghanistan. There is some doubt within that the internal politics of Pakistan is committed to destroying Islamic terrorism and is rather secretly supportive of Islamic terrorism. In essence Pakistan is a player in which its national interest is to make friends with whatever nation can bolster its military position to offset Islamic Pakistan’s worst enemy; i.e. India. India is officially a nation of Democratic laws with equality to all religions.


The reality is Indian Sub-continent has two main religions: Hindu and Islam. Hinduism is and always has been (in recorded time) an evolving Hindu metamorphosis. I say metamorphosis because the Hinduism of today will not look like the Hinduism of nearly seven thousand years ago. Islam came to India in bloodthirsty Muslim invasions in the 700’s AD. Muslims considered Hindus the worst kind of idolaters because of the polytheistic nature of Hinduism. The Muslim conquering of Hindus and Buddhists was probably the worst genocide of innocent people of its day. The slaughter only slowed down because a bright Muslim leader finally caught the idea that if all the Hindus died, there would people to exploit in the Dhimma agenda of the jizya of non-Muslims.


Pakistan’s atrocious human rights record toward non-Muslims and its secret support for Islamic terrorists the Taliban and LeT is not going to get a public reprimand from the USA. Pakistan is playing the USA; however the USA is also in this diplomatic game. Undoubtedly as a slight show that America could abandon Pakistan if the pro-Islamist elements of the government gained the controlling power in the Islamic Republic; resulted in the Bush Administration talking about potential cooperation with India. There is some unstable geopolitical gamesmanship going on between Pakistan, America, India, Russia and China.


Hamas gets a pass because the Obama Administration is devoted on taking Israel’s land of Judea and Samaria (known diplomatically as the West Bank) away from Israel to set up a sovereign nation of Arabs that call themselves Palestinian. The groups being asked to govern such a State are currently split between the old PLO (managers of the Palestinian Authority) and Hamas. Both the PLO and Hamas have official charters calling for the utter destruction of Israel and of its Jewish citizens replacing it with a Muslim State. The only difference between Hamas and the PLO is that the PLO leans more toward secularism but is corrupt while Hamas is a downright evil Islamic entity devoted whole heartedly and up front to Israel’s destruction and a Jewish genocide while being connected to the international agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood of a Muslim Empire governed by a Caliphate.


Regardless of this obvious glare of intolerant Islam Democrats and a large number of Republicans (including the Bush Administration) are turning the screws for Israel to accept a Jew-Hating Palestinian State to exist. Because of the American government’s National Agenda to create a Palestinian State while setting up Israel for its downfall, places America in a position of difficulty in confronting the terrorism of Hamas.


With all this in mind, the WikiLeaks dump of Sunday demonstrates a further diplomatic problem the USA has; viz. that Saudi Arabia has wealthy private citizens openly supporting Islamic terrorists to bring down the world’s most successful political experiment in representative Republic democracy – the United States of America.


WikiLeaks demonstrate that Saudi Arabia is either clueless on how to stop Islamic terrorist support from its citizens or is pretending stupidity to keep getting American military hardware as well as an American military umbrella from Iranian regional hegemonic designs.


Will America’s leaders ever wise up to the fact that handling dynamite is different from handling a firecracker? One is seriously deadly and the other may only result in minor burns. Islamic anti-Americanism is deadly dynamite waiting to explode. America must neutralize the dynamite or face potential future consequences.


JRH 12/7/10

Angry gay activist behind WikiLeaks treachery

Bradley Manning the gay traitor

The excerpt is from which was originally delivered as a five point update to its mailing list. The excerpt I will be using focuses on the homosexual traitor Bradley Manning and his involvement with WikiLeaks. At the end of point one was a recommended link to read from bringing more light about how homosexuality has the potential to corrupt government and the military.


Read the combined post about Bradley Manning, Homosexuality, WikiLeaks and DADT at SlantRight 2.0.


JRH 12/3/10

Wikileaks Founder a Terrorist?

Hannity interviews Ann Coulter about WikiLeaks. Read this: Coulter talks about WikiLeaks, National Security and the treasonous homosexual behind the leak to WikiLeaks.


JRH 12/2/10 (Hat Tip Ed)

Bradley Manning: Poster Boy For ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Ann Coulter 15

Ann Coulter in her fantastic stinging wit connects WikiLeaks, DADT and homosexuality supported by the military. This is a bit surprising considering her appearance at Homocon. Maybe Coulter is doing literary penance for hanging with the oxymoron of Conservatives claiming to be homosexuals. Whatever Coulter’s reasoning this will be a great read for Conservatives opposed to homosexuality on Biblical grounds and sure to raise the ire of homosexuals and Leftists alike.


JRH 12/2/10

The Fallout from WikiLeaks’ Latest Exposure

Julian Assange - Wikileaks


Tunku Varadarajan writing for the Daily Beast condemns Julian Assange of WikiLeaks for divulging sensitive diplomatic material exposing the inner working of America’s foreign affairs. Assange’s WikiLeaks has exposed American military personal in War Zones to harm in past releases. This recent release probably does not place American sons and daughters in harm’s way this time; however the WikiLeaks dump will compromise the State Department’s ability to collect data from willing information conduits by drying up those sources for fear of being exposed. Also the latest WikiLeaks dump may hamper State Department career diplomats from writing stark details because of the fear of the sensitive material being easily stolen and released to the public. When career diplomats begin using neutral notes that is the time that State Department and the Presidential Office is forced into neutral analysis or uninformed conclusions because career diplomats failed to give a nuanced report.


JRH 11/30/10

WikiLeaks: Red Crescent smuggled weapons for Iran

I came across a series of News stories and blog posts about the latest Wikileaks deposits that are usually focused on American embarrassing news about sensitive material somehow retrieved by the Wikileaks king Julian Assange. Normally I am a good Conservative and would condemn the constant publishing to the public of American documents. This is so especially because Wikileaks has gone to notorious lengths to place Americans and American military personal in harm’s way with the data being made public.


However, this time the American embarrassment leaves one asking legitimate questions from a Conservative perspective. The primary concern on my mind runs something like this: With both Israel and Middle Eastern Arab  Muslim nations calling for America to stop Iran’s nuclear program even if it means meant military action, why did not President G.W. Bush step up to the plate and work some allies in which could have forged better relations between Israel and Israel’s hostile Muslim-Arab neighbors?


There are other questions as well. Check the next series of posts to see if you agree.


JRH 11/29/10