Birthers and the BHO SSN

Snopes Obama SSN


John R. Houk

© August 19, 2011


I am about to cross post a Birther claim. And here is some full disclosure: I do not believe the Birthers will succeed in removing President Barack Hussein Obama due to criminal behavior. There is simply too much power among the Democrats to allow that to happen even if the impeachment phase manages to get the 2/3 vote of the House to force a trial in the Senate. At least through 2012 the Senate will be in the hands of the Democrats.


On the other hand I love the continuing embarrassment BHO receives from the Birther agenda because he has spent millions of dollars to legally hide secrets and every time he caves in thinking he will embarrass Birthers, the Birthers are snap ready to debunk an Obama claim. Notice the debunking of the recently released Obama long form birth certificate by the Birthers. The Birthers have gone to great lengths to show the long form birth certificate is a fake. BHO’s only response to the Birthers is that those Birthers will never believe the truth. This is what BHO said without offering a counter to the claim of fake long form birth certificate.


Now there is something else Birthers have uncovered that has not been answered adequately; viz., that mysteriously President Barack Hussein Obama had acquired a Social Security Number that seems to reference being issued from Connecticut.


So every Birther is asking: How did a fifteen year old Obama in Hawaii receive a SSN issued from Connecticut?


Below is the reasoning of one Birther that starts with showing that fudged on the facts when that website proclaimed the SSN issue is a fraud.


JRH 8/19/11 (Hat Tip: Tony Newbill)