Another Perspective on WikiLeaks Culprits

wikileaks reveals secrets

John R. Houk

© December 11, 2010


A blogger who calls himself TonyfromOz writing for PA Pundits – International writes about WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.


TonyfromOz writes from a perspective of a 25 year military career in the Royal Australian Air Force. From his military experience he relates that Bradley Manning failed in the self-discipline that should have inculcated into him constantly as a member of the U.S. Army. TonyfromOz avoids mentioning Manning’s homosexual temper tantrum contributed to ignoring the rules of discipline the U.S. Army, but condemns Manning for failing to adhere to the discipline.


I’ll be a bit bolder than TonyfromOz: Manning as a Private in the U.S. Army has no excuse – he is a traitor. TonyfromOz has a sympathetic disappointment for Bradley; however he maintains a Biblical rule of thumb that he calls a mantra: If one lives by the sword, one will die by the sword. Personally I believe a better Biblical maxim would be “Whatsoever you sow, so also will you reap.” When Manning dipped into ill-protected Classified or Confidential data and turned it over to Julian Assange, he sowed treason into his life. Ergo, Manning should reap the harvest of treason.


If you are not aware that Julian Assange is an Aussie by birth then you are now. What you may not have known is that Assange is a convicted criminal in Australia for computer hacking. In essence Assange is not a hero of Free Speech and journalism. Assange is a thief and perhaps a con man.


“Con man” is the description used most often by TonyfromOz. The PA Pundit author elaborates on the con man theme for Assange. In summary Assange is described as a person who has achieved fame for his acts of espionage and probably has acquired the dough to hire legal representation to protect or diffuse his acts of espionage against America. According to TonyfromOz, Assange may not even need the money because Leftist delusional bleeding hearts are coming out of the woodwork offering pro-bono representation to attach their name or names to the Left Wing concept of Free Speech.


Anyway, TonyfromOz presents a well written blog post and it is well worth the read. Take the opportunity and read his, “Julian Assange and Bradley Manning – A Perspective”.


JRH 12/11/10