Tom Smith Comment on Kryzhanovsky – ‘The Professional’ Chapter 5



This is the last edited chapter of the Tom Smith comment of Mikhail Kryzhanovsky’s book-manual of The Professional.


I am unaware if there are other chapters to The Professional and I am not looking for them. I have mentioned that the stories attributed to a Mikhail Kryzhanovsky are too fantastic to believe; nonetheless the information is lucid so I have posted them.


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Tom Smith Comment on Kryzhanovsky – ‘The Professional’ Chapter 4

Mikhail Kryzhanovsky & BHO campaign foto


Posted November 6, 2011


This is part of the ongoing chapters sent by Tom Smith in comment form to of Mikhail Kryzhanovsky’s manual – The Professional – for Presidents to attain power, remain in power and deal with power. Since I began editing and posting the chapters that Tom Smith sent me I have ran into a website that is doing the same thing and apparently has received directly content from Kryzhanovsky. That website is Pooler-Georgia-Homepage. Interestingly PGH is not a conspiracy theory or a political blog as much as it is an information website for Pooler, GA. PGH begins with The Professional introduction which includes a disclaimer from PGH. Since the content is from Kryzhanovsky at PGH it is probably closer to its original form than what I am editing from the Tom Smith comment version sent to me. Frankly I am reading the Tom Smith version as I am editing it. I have no idea how many actual chapters there are in The Professional. The only real reason for posting Kryzhanovsky’s manual is to honor my commitment to fairness in comments sent to the website. From what I have read about Mikhail Kryzhanovsky he is a bit too fantastic to believe; however his focus currently seems to be anti-Obama. That works for me!


The PGH website gives two links to Kryzhanovsky websites if you believe his stuff:


Barack Obama 2012 – Kryzhanovsky blog


Here are the three chapters I have posted to date:


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Video: Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB, rules USA

Chapter 4 on SlantRight 2.0


JRH 11/6/11

Tom Smith Comment on Kryzhanovsky– ‘The Professional’ Chapter 2

Kryzhanovsky in Presidential Conspiracies


Tom Smith provides Chapter Two to Kryzhanovsky’s book “The Professional”.


Chapter one was a how-to get elected and reelected. Chapter two is kind of a civics lesson in Machiavellianism for the President to operate the government.


I again I have to reassert that I believe Mikhail Kryzhanovsky’s personal resume as a former American-Soviet double agent/assassin is a little too fantastic to believe. Whether you believe this stuff is true or not, there are the makings of an awesome spy novel in the making.


Also a spell check was run on this post; however I did not change too much. Most of the changes were words that ran together and words that missing a letter or having one too many.


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