Initial Thoughts on ‘Tea Party, Islam and Me’

John R. Houk

© May 29, 2011


I found a link entitled, “The Tea Party, Islam and Me” written by Kinana. It is rather long. Due to the length of article scanned through it rapidly. It is one of those posts that you may have to go back to a few times to gather the nuggets of understanding. Also in my quick glimpse I gathered the article is based on a radio interview or a radio talk.


In my quick visual scan two things stood out immediately.


One of which was Kinana’s defining a difference between a Muslim and Islam. A Muslim is a person and Islam is an alleged religion. I prefer to think of Islam as a theopolitical religious cult or precisely a religion with the trappings of socio-political rules that are ruthlessly applied to all situations religious, the social community and the rules of law. And when I say “the rules of law” I am not speaking of a foundation in which humanity writes laws based on their faith. The Islamic rule of law as directed by Sharia Law is encoded into the laws of humanity which means a coercive law, a racist law, a community law and so on; is an unchangeable law by the representative vote of the people.


The other thing that I saw in my initial perusal was the subject of the EDL. The EDL is a socio-political movement in the United Kingdom. The EDL’s primary platform today seems to be to end the multicultural acceptance of Islam as a separate entity under British rule of law which makes portions of Sharia Law a part of British rule of law even though Sharia breaks the British legal system in civil and criminal law. The EDL is enlightened that Islam run amok will Islamicize not only the UK but all of Europe. Hence there is the existence of the term Eurabia.


Now here is the knock on the EDL though: The English Defence League has had a history of racist roots. A significant amount of its members evolved from Nazi influenced Right Wing thinking which is something that is very anathema in the UK since Hitler tried to bomb Britain into submission as well as the race superiority doctrines espoused by Nazism.


If law makers in America do not catch onto the anti-immigrant Islamic vision, then will we may well face the Islamizing of America.


Below is the lengthy article by Kinana which I discovered at The author/speaker Kinana sent me a personal message to my 4 Freedoms Community page that is a kind of forward to the piece.


JRH 5/28/11


Leftists and Unionists Must Step into Reality

Govt Union Workers


John R. Houk

© February 28, 2011


When the various Tea Party organizations rallied Americans to show grassroots support for less government and less taxes during the 2010 election cycle, the rallies were peaceful even in the midst of the Leftist Democratic Party and the NAACP trying to propagandize Americans that these rallies were congregations of Right Wing racists. If there was any violence in these rallies it was usually at the behest of Leftist sympathizes attempting to disrupt with a bit of disruptive violence.


One example was an African-American Congressman who walked through a crowd of Tea Partiers who were vocally denouncing the Dem Party agenda of which that Congressman was a part of. In a position never to waste a good opportunity that Congressman responded vocally by claiming he was the recipient of racial slurs thus proving the racist nature of Tea Partiers. The problem for Congressman John Lewis is that he was either lying or was so intimidated by the truth of the protest that his imagination ran amok. Subsequent examination of video that showed more than the discomfort of Rep. Lewis demonstrates not one word could be heard saying “nigger” or “faggot” as the Leftist MSM tried to portray as occurring.


Another example of Leftist propaganda occurred at a Rand Paul campaign rally in which many in the crowd were Tea Partiers. The incident involved Lauren Valle of aggressively penetrating guards and stuck a sign inside the window of a car that then candidate Paul had just entered. Now do you think guards and supporters are going to react to a person aggressively shoving something into a car inhabited by a candidate that was supposed to have security protection? The obvious perception would be to neutralize the person forcefully in case there was an assassination attempt, right? Well that is exactly what happened. Valle was tackled to the ground in no uncertain terms. An overzealous Paul supporter went on overkill and stomped on Valle’s head. Everything that happened in this incident was due to the aggressive nature of Lauren Valle. The guy that put the boot to her head was a volunteer supporter whose first reaction was to neutralize a possible attacker. It is a good idea to neutralize first and ask questions later when the threat could have easily have been an assassination attempt as much as it could have been a Left loon confrontation by a woman in disguise. The head stomping would have been the act of a hero if Valle was an assassin. Valle was a Leftist loon and so Profitt’s choice of neutralization was wrong, but tossing a possible threat to the ground was not wrong.


The point of these two examples is that there is a vast difference in the behavior of Leftist protests and Tea Party protests. The Left incites violence and the Tea Party incites change. That change was realized at the 2010 polls in which a bunch of Left Wing Dems lost their jobs. The Dems lost their jobs not via a violent overthrow. Those Dems lost their jobs by voters giving the boot to those taking America in the wrong direction.


Not long ago Democrat Michael Capuano uttered this stunning phrase in a pro-Union speech:


Every once in a while you have to get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”


Apparently such a green light to pro-union protesters was taken to heart. Union protesters have been violently threatening and accosting detractors and journalists that might not agree with the union protest against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to rein in the State budget.


he proposed a budget-repair bill that would break the grip of labor interests in a capital that has long been dominated by them. Facing a $3.6 billion budget shortfall over the next two years, he argues that public workers should contribute 5.8 percent of their salaries toward their pensions and pay 12.6 percent of their health-care premiums. Most controversial is his plan to eliminate collective bargaining for nearly all state employees.” (Gov. Scott Walker: No Stranger to Budget Battles; Robert Costa; National Review;


The budget repair bill will balance the budget and lay the foundation for a long-term sustainable budget through several measures without raising taxes, raiding segregated funds, or using accounting gimmicks.


First, it will require state employees to pay about 5.8% toward their pension (about the private sector national average) and about 12% of their healthcare benefits (about half the private sector national average).  These changes will help the state save $30 million in the last three months of the current fiscal year.


“It’s fair to ask public employees to make a pension payment of just over 5%, which is about the national average, and a premium payment of 12%, which is about half of the national average,” said Governor Walker.


The budget repair will also restructure the state debt, lowering the state’s interest rate, saving the state $165 million.


These changes will help the state fulfill its Medicaid spending on needy families of about $170 million; funding that the previous administration did not have in its budget.  It will also allow the state to spend an additional $21 million in the Department of Corrections.


Additionally, the budget repair bill gives state and local governments the tools to manage spending reductions through changing some provisions of the state’s collective bargaining laws.


The state’s civil service system, among the strongest in the country, would remain in place.  State and local employees could continue to bargain for base pay, they would not be able to bargain over other compensation measures.  Local police, fire and state patrol would be exempted from the changes.  Other reforms will include state and local governments not collecting union dues, annual certification will be required in a secret ballot, and any employee can opt out of paying union dues. (Emphasis is mine)


Check out the part I emphasized. There is no termination of collective bargaining for wages. Governor Walker wants to end collective bargaining on non-wage benefits. Also the idea of an annual union certification will hold some accountability of union bosses to union members. If union members are dissatisfied with the service of their union mandated annual certification is leverage for union members to have their desires better represented by union bosses. Friends this is balance. Frankly it is unfortunate the mandated union reform is not also extended into private industry. Governor’s plan only affects State employees.


And yet, union bosses have mobilized members and the typical propaganda scum of the MSM to convince pro-union people they are receiving a raw deal rather than a fair deal. Many of these union protestors are becoming violent. The idea of peaceful protest is eschewed. Frankly I sense a successful budget repair by the Governor could result in the numbskull action of union bosses promoting rioting. Of course rioting will lead to violence and violence leads to physical harm as well as property damage.


Get a clue Leftists and Unionists!


JRH 2/28/11

Mud libel

Stand With Palin

Establishment Republicans do not believe in Sarah Palin as a Conservative standard bearer. Fortunately for those who love to read political wit that drives Leftists nuts, Ann Coulter is not one of those establishment Republicans. Palin’s folksy and grassroots Conservatism that has so much identified with the Tea Party Movement even though I believe she is not an actual member of any Tea Party organization.


I am elated to discover that even Coulter is defending Sarah Palin from absurd and reprehensible “BLOOD LIBEL” being dished out by Leftists in the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Party. Let’s be clear about the phrase “blood libel.” The original context of the phrase was lies made up about Jews doing horrible things to Christians. In the context of the Muslim world, lies are made up all time relating to Jewish atrocities. The phrase “blood libel” has been used so often that it has begun to be associated with villainous lies against a group of people or organizations against other groups or organizations. Although the a blood libel has a primary meaning of debasing Jews, today the term has evolved outside of the Jewish context.


So let us read Ann Coulter’s defense of Palin.


JRH 1/20/11

Statement on Tea Party Victories in 2010 Elections

GOP America sm

One of the large Tea Party groups known as the Tea Party Express lauds the Tea Party Movement for influencing a Republican majority in the House of Representatives BUT issues a warning to Republicans to not expect a Tea Party Movement rubber stamp of Republican actions if they do not line up with Tea Party Movement expectations. In other words the RINOs and Republicans that ignore the voters mandate which is in reality a Tea Party mandate will become political targets for another ‘throw the bums out’ vote in 2012.


JRH 11/3/10


Statement on Tea Party Victories in 2010 Elections

Turns Attention to 2012 Elections and Holding 2010 Victors Accountable


From: TPE Press Release

Sent: Nov 3, 2010 at 4:02 AM

Tea Party Express


The Tea Party Express issued the following statement regarding the 2010 election victories by tea party candidates across the nation:


“The Tea Party Express congratulates the scores of tea party candidates who won campaigns across this country, including hundreds of candidates who were supported by the Tea Party Express and our membership.


“The biggest victory might be the fact that the impact of the tea party movement was so strong that everyone – even many Democrats – started adopting the messaging  and positions of the tea party movement.


“There weren’t all that many candidates running on the platform defending tax-spend-bailout policies or big government excess, such as ObamaCare.


“In one race where a candidate turned against the tea party principles, and was closely linked to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the candidate lost.  That candidate was Congressman Walt Minnick (D-Idaho) who had been endorsed by the Tea Party Express in the primary.  After he turned against the Tea Party Express, rejecting our endorsement, accepting the endorsement instead of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and refusing to commit to the repeal of ObamaCare, the Tea Party Express endorsed his Republican challenger, Raul Labrador.  After a late blitz of radio and TV ads by the Tea Party Express opposing Minnick and supporting Labrador, Minnick found himself voted out of office once the election returns came in.


“There were a few races where tea party candidates came up short including Senate races in Delaware and Nevada.  In those races, the tea party candidates had to battle both the Republican and Democrat political establishments during their quests for election victory, and this is exactly as it should be.


“We cannot simply say that the Republican Party’s preferred candidate should be the tea party candidate.  Winning Republican control of the Senate at the expense of the platform and principles of the Republican Party is no victory.  Our nation got itself into the mess we face because Republicans sold out their principles and joined Democrats in supporting the policies of tax-spend-bailout.


“The tea party movement will continue to hold both political parties accountable as the 2012 elections approach, and we at the Tea Party Express look forward to building on the election gains of Tuesday, to further strengthen and build the constitutional conservative constituency in the House, Senate and White House in 2012.”


Paid for and authorized by the Our Country Deserves Better PAC/, a federal political action committee, which is responsible for the content of this message. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not tax detectable for tax purposes. 

You Don’t Have to be Crazy to be a Democrat, But it Helps

Coulter Scary Stories toon - Brett Noel


If you follow the Mainstream Media (MSM) even just a tiny bit you are aware that Democrats and the Leftist oriented MSM often disparage Tea Party folks as racist, bigoted, Right Wing Nut Jobs and so on.


Ann Coulter wrote a column in which the theme is: If you think the Tea Party Movement adherents are crazy then take an insightful look at Democrats running for Office.


JRH 10/28/10