Why Leftists Ally with Islamists

Muslim asks - Vote Dem

Has anyone ever wondered why Muslim Apologists and Leftists from the full scale of Socialism (Socialist Democrats, Christian Progressives, Marxists, Communists and yes even Nazis [as in Nazi is derived from the English National Socialism and German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiters Partei]) seem to have an unspoken agreement to attack the Biblical faith of Judaism and Christianity?


Walid Shoebat has some excellent insight on the odd unified agenda of Leftists and Islam.


JRH 6/1/12

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The Christian Left

Vlogger NoGuff becomes incensed with Christians that wear the moniker of Progressive Christian and Christian Leftists. NoGuff takes a Facebook page of Christian Leftists and sheds light on their principles which on the face sounds like Christians for the rule of law.


And so, I am posting the NoGuff video and follow it by the Youtube post under the video.


JRH 5/28/12

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The Christian Left


By NoGuff

Posted May 23, 2012





I didn’t intend on taking the time to make a video, then I saw something that just pissed me off way too much. So here it is.

Have you ever heard someone ask “why would Jews support Obama, given he is against Israel?”

Have you ever heard someone ask “how can Christians support Obama, given he supports abortion?”

Well, here I try to answer those questions.

As usual, haters & liars will be deleted and likely blocked.