The Rick Perry Plan

Rick Perry


John R. Houk

© November 9, 2011


I have been haphazardly examining the tax plans from GOP candidates for Election 2012. Where the tax plan has been weak I have included the candidate’s economic-budget plan to aright America’s boat:


·      Herman Cain Tax Plan


·       The Michele Bachmann Plan


·       The Romney Plan for America


The next candidate up is Governor Rick Perry’s plan. There is a GOP debate tonight and I am curious how much the debate will focus on the issues Republicans wish to know about. My curiosity stems from Herman Cain’s scandal situation which may or may not be politically motivated rather than the actual truth of Cain’s business past. As of this post I have not read about Cain’s response to Sharon Bialek’s rather detailed account of sexual impropriety. Also one of the three so-called anonymous gals has also come forward and I have not had time to read about that accusation. I am wondering how much or if any of this attack on Cain’s personal life from over decade ago that never went through any legal examination will be a part of tonight’s debate.


Below is Rick Perry writing about his tax plan posted in the Wall Street Journal. Below the glowing Perry article is a more analytical examination of Perry’s tax plan from International Business Times.


JRH 11/9/11

CNN Tea Party Debate Review

CNN-Tea Party Debate 2 9-12-11


I did not have the opportunity to watch the CNN/Tea Party debate on Monday. So I began to search for opinions and have to admit I did not dig to deep because I came upon blogger Tina Hemond’s analysis. I enjoyed her evenhanded take on the debate that I have decided to cross post her piece here at SlantRight.


It is interesting that Hemond included Sarah Palin’s opinion on the Debate because of the wonder that she will enter the race for the GOP Presidential nomination.



JRH 9/13/11

Perry Talks Tough

Rick Perry 3


Critics Come out of Woodwork

John R. Houk

© August 17, 2011


I am beginning to inch toward Governor Perry as my favorite for the GOP nomination for President. The even handed thoughts on 17 criticisms of Rick Perry have helped with this inching move. I am still in the Rep. Michele Bachmann camp; however as I have said before it was a ways to go to the 2012 Primaries and Caucuses begin to pare down GOP candidates.


The thing I found interesting about Governor Rick Perry was his stuff stand against the Federal Reserve in printing more money to take pressure off America’s debt crisis. Perry is calling for the FED’s books to be transparent to ensure to the public and to Congress that nothing illegal or outside the realm of Congressional rules to make money policy in America. Perry emphasized his point by saying to the affect that the guy running the printing of more money is close to a treasonable act. Of course the guy running the Federal Reserve as its Chairman is Ben Bernanke.


Democrats immediately jumped on Perry for insinuating that Bernanke is close to committing treason. Perry also said Texans quite probably would treat Bernanke in an ugly way if he showed up in the Texas neck of the woods. Again the Dems interpreted this as a threat of violence toward Chairman Bernanke.


Remarkably establishment Republicans also criticized Governor Perry for his tough talk.


For myself I noted Perry’s remarks as tough colloquialism against the status quo that has driven America to the brink of bankruptcy. Does anyone really believe that a Perry as President would prosecute Ben Bernanke for treason? Does anyone believe that Perry would give his nod of approval if a Texas mob spotted Bernanke and treated him ugly by roughing him up a bit?


No friends neither consequence would happen to Chairman Bernanke.


The reality is that Perry has drawn the line in the sand against Leftist policies and Federal Reserve policies that have not helped America. The method of drawing the line was some good old fashioned Everything is Bigger in Texas vernacular.


I say if Perry continues delivering some Texas vernacular to shake up Leftists and Establishment Politicians and henchman, then more power to Governor Rick Perry.


Republicans who stand for less government need to be more openly abrasive toward the Federal Reserve. There is nearly zero oversight over the FED which operates outside the bounds of the Constitution.


Here is a 53 minute movie entitle, “FIAT EMPIRE: Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution-Full Length”. It has a bit of an annoying sound track; nonetheless the theme supports Perry’s shoot from the hip remarks.


JRH 8/17/11

Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

Rick Perry 2


Here is pro-Perry post that answers many of the criticisms leveled at Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) by Conservatives, Conspiracy Theorists and Libertarians of the Ron Paul persuasion. It is an interesting read and makes the attempt of neutrality in answering the criticisms. I discovered this at the blog Pesky Truth with the author attributed to Garnet92. Garnet92 reflects on 17 criticisms that are of interest to Conservatives:


1.   Gardasil


2.   Trans-Texas Corridor


3.   He used to be a Democrat and was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas


4.   He wants Texas to secede from the union


5.   The jobs created in Texas have all been low paying jobs. Texas’ average wage is much lower than the national average.


6.   Texas ranks poorly in educational spending and high school graduations


7.   Perry turned down $555 million in federal stimulus,  yet later asked for federal disaster aid for Texas wildfires


8.   Perry says he has not raised taxes, but he has


9.   Perry has presided over the highest number of executions in the nation


10.       Perry refused to consider commuting the execution of Mexican national Humberto Leal Garcia even though it had been requested by the U.N. and the White House


11.       Cameron Todd Willingham – was he an innocent man?


12.       Perry supports giving in-state tuition to illegals


13.       Rick Perry is gay


14.       Perry is a “weak” Governor (the Governor of a state that limits the Governor’s powers)


15.       He is squishy on immigration


16.       Perry is a member of the Bilderberg cabal and therefore believes in a New World Order (NWO). That is reason alone to eliminate him from voting consideration.


17.       Texas’ abysmal rankings on various lists


JRH 8/15/11 (Hat Tip: Tony Newbill)

Rick Perry to Announce

Rick Perry


John R. Houk

© August 12, 2011


Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) has told FOX News he is making a definitive announcement on Saturday.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make “a definitive announcement that he is in the 2012 race for the presidency Saturday,” aides told Fox News.


The governor’s Spokesman Mark Miner confirmed late Thursday that Perry will enter the race.


“This is it,” a Perry source told Fox News. “No exploratory committee, no more deliberation.”


Perry will spend most of next week on the road officially campaigning.


Team Perry acknowledges they had only been hinting about a run earlier, but now tells Fox News first that Saturday is the official launch.


Frankly the little coverage I have seen of Governor Perry places him in a favorable light. Then I heard that Perry was a former Democrat that served as State Chairman to get Al Gore elected as President. Today Gore is as loony as a Leftist can be. I understand that Perry’s Dem Party days were those of a Southern Democrat Conservative that supported many Conservative causes: No Fed funds for abortion, pro-gun, was with President Reagan on supporting Nicaraguan Contras against the Communist Sandinistas and so on. These kinds of Democrats are few to non-existent today.


I am going to hold my thoughts on Governor Perry’s for the GOP Presidential nomination until I learn and listen to him to see what he as to offer. If the Texas Governor turns out to be a RINO, I definitely will not be in his political camp.


JRH 8/12/11