Ron Paul’s Issues in 2008 are the same for 2012

John R. Houk

December 28, 2012


Rep. Ron Paul is a rock star with ideas to turn America solvent with a balanced budget, ending the Federal Reserve, expunging wasteful government programs and slicing government bureaucracy as well as unneeded Departments on the Cabinet level. Rock stars are entertainers with a stalwart fan base.


Paul has serious problems on issues outside of money/finance. Paul would return America back to an antebellum Foreign Policy agenda rendering America’s global influence and National Interests impotent which in turn would create security problems for the USA that would be a Leftist dream. The dream for the Leftist is to make America so vulnerable that foreign interests would destroy American Constitutionalism. Now I doubt it is Paul’s agenda to destroy America; however the isolationism he would lead America toward would gut America as it conformed to international treaties and laws rendering the U.S. Constitution a document of historical study. Now I realize Ron Paul denies that he is an isolationist; however that is kind of like an apple denying it comes from a tree.


Then there are the racist issues Ron Paul has subscribed to in the past that he pretty much keeps to himself but was very public with in his early political days. I have posted on those issues in the past when Paul ran for the GOP nomination in 2008: HERE and HERE.


And here we are nearing 2012 and one of Ron Paul’s former aides is exposing the prejudice there is against Jews and Israel. Conversely this means Ron Paul is pro-Palestinian. If you are not aware of it, the Palestinians have such Jew-hatred inculcated into their culture that killing a Jew and the friends of the Jews (i.e. America) is a moment to rejoice.


Here is that information from Debbie Schlussel reporting on the thoughts of Eric Dondero along with Ron Paul tidbits exposing a friendship with radical Islam.


JRH 12/28/11 (Hat Tip: Patriot Action Network)

Ron Paul – Past Associations Matter

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John R. Houk

© February 11, 2011


I am not necessarily a fan of Rep. Ron Paul because of his Libertarian credentials; nonetheless Paul appears to be more Conservative than a Left Wing social values Libertarian. A friend of mine at the TCU Nation sent me a link to the Conservatives Speak Out Blog reporting on an incident in which Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) criticized Congressional testimony of Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo as being irrelevant because of an affiliation that stretches beyond his Professorship at Loyola University in the Economics Department. Rep. Clay questioned DiLorenzo’s credentials because the League of the South has listed him as an affiliate Scholar.


The League of the South has acquired its appellation as a racist-hate group from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This SPLC label as a source of information got my attention because it is a Left Wing group that labels anything on Right as a hate group. The SPLC added several Pro-Family and/or Conservative Values groups on a Hate-Group list in its Winter 2010 release. Many if not most of these alleged Hate-Groups as defined by the SPLC are Christian Right organizations that stand with Biblical Morality. Subscribing to Biblical Morality then makes you a purveyor of HATE according to the SPLC. The SPLC is committed to the Secular Humanist notion that homosexuality is a biological gender reality rather than a choice; ergo homosexuality deserves the same equal rights as race, creed, gender (meaning male/female political equality), religious affiliation and creed. This also means the Word of God derived from God is therefore HATE rather than the righteous measurement of which morality should be derived from.


Here are just a few of these groups associated with HATE by the SPLC:


·       Concerned Women for America


·       Christian Anti-Defamation Coalition


·       Coral Ridge Ministries


·       Family Research Council


·       American Family Association


·       Traditional Values Coalition


If you Google any of these organizations you will notice they take a stand for Christian Family Values which this nation’s Founding Father’s equated as an excellent foundation for the rule of law to remain good rather than descending into bad despotic government over the governed.


So you can see the reason why the SPLC designation of the League of the South as a HATE group piqued my attention, right?


Unfortunately for Rep. Ron Paul and Dr. DiLorenzo I think this might be an occasion in which the SPLC has credibility. The League of the South denies any affiliation to racism. Read the excerpts from their “League of the South Statement on ‘Racism’”:


… However, we make this one statement, to satisfy strangers of good will, that we bear no ill will or hatred to any racial, ethnic, or religious group.


We believe that Christianity and social order require that all people, regardless of race, must be equal before the law. We do not believe that the law should be used to persecute, oppress, or favour any race or class.


We believe that the only harmony possible between the races, as between all natural differences among human beings, begins in submitting to Jesus Christ’s commandment to “love our neighbours as ourselves.” That is the world we envision and work for.


We believe that the politics of race — baiting whites against blacks and blacks against white has been profitable for politicians but catastrophic for the South and Southerners.


We believe that all Southerners – black and white – want and need the same things: a safe country for their families, liberty, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe that the last thing the South’s enemies want is to see black and white Southerners sitting down together to determine their common destiny and work for authentic harmony, a just social and economic order, and an independent South. …


The League of the South categorically denies racism.


Now let’s read some excerpts from the League of the South’s about page entitled, “What is The League of the South?


… The League of the South is a Southern Nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Southern republic. To reach this goal, we intend to create the climate for a free South among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Southern independence.



We also encourage individuals and families to personally secede from the corrupt and corrupting influence of post-Christian culture in America. We call this “abjuring the realm,” and it’s a real and dramatic first step all of us can take by simply withdrawing our support of and allegiance to a regime that has imperiled our future.


While we seek to use shame and contempt to de-legitimate the institutions controlled by the Empire, we must not stop there. We must create our own parallel institutions to which our people can attach their loyalties. …



At present, the League is more concerned with resurrecting our cultural base than with entering into the political arena. Once our Southern culture is re-established, then the political issues will begin to take care of themselves. Good leaders flow naturally out of a healthy culture; however, power-hungry, self-seeking politicians are all we can expect from the debased cultural climate we have today.


The League of the South seeks leaders who have the hearts of servants. The Bible tells us clearly that no man can lead until he is willing to serve his fellowmen. When you join our organization, we expect you to begin immediately serving our cause and our people. We will show you how.



By joining The League of the South you have placed yourself among a group of men and women who are not content to sit by and allow their land, liberty, and culture be destroyed by an alien regime and ideology. You have joined an active organization that knows where it wants to go and how to go about getting there. The League is no place for the lazy or the faint-hearted. We would love to welcome you to our growing band of Brothers and Sisters. Please join us today.


The goals presented in this about page do not include the reinstitution of Black Slavery. With the prior statement on racism combined with this stipulation of goals it would appear at first glance that there is inclusiveness of Southern Blacks and Southern Whites in a present goal to secede from the Union of the United States of America.


There seems to be a bit of a cryptic passage in the League of the South goals that might concern me if I was an Afro-American. There is this goal stipulation: “At present, the League is more concerned with resurrecting our cultural base than with entering into the political arena. Once our Southern culture is re-established, then the political issues will begin to take care of themselves.” The words “resurrecting” and “re-established” would denote to me a hearkening back to the old Southern antebellum culture that included slavery. Obviously slavery would not be a political option in the 21st century; however I can see that resurrecting the old South might mean Black segregation and/or the qualifying of Civil Rights that would be detrimental to Afro-Americans.


As an American that believes in the U.S. Constitution I regard the League of the South secessionist/separatist goal of forming a Southern nation whether it is called the Confederacy or the United Southern States of America (perhaps the USSA) is an act of rebellion against Constitutional government. The only legitimate way I view as seceding from the Union of the USA is in a Constitutional Amendment worded in such a way to allow a State to leave the Union or the Constitutional alternative in joining other States to form a Constitutional Convention to re-write a Constitution in a way that benefits a State’s desire to secede. Any other fashion of seceding from the Union is rebellion. I am sure the SPLC is not thinking this way; however I would classify the League of the South as a HATE group against the U.S. Constitution ratified on June 21, 1788. The subsequent 13 Colonies that ratified the Constitution and future States that desired admittance to the Union and so received Congressional recognized Statehood need to honor the more perfect Union that has made America the greatest nation planet Earth has ever seen.


Dr. DiLorenzo is a Professor at Loyola University in Maryland. Loyola is a respectable academic institution. Rep. Clay associates DiLorenzo with the League of the South. According to a Wiki article DiLorenzo says he is not affiliated with the League of the South, he claims he only gave a few lectures there. DiLorenzo is associated with the Abbeville Institute which is a low profile academic think tank teaching secession and the “positive” aspects of antebellum South. The article I read on the Abbeville Institute focuses on its founder Donald W. Livingston who named the organization after birthplace of John C. Calhoun who was a U.S. Vice President and a notable Senator from South Carolina. Calhoun was an avid supporter of slavery and Southern culture. Just before Calhoun died in 1850 he became the architect of the compromise that limited slavery to Southern States and excluded Westward expansion of the vile institution of slavery.


The League of the South and the Abbeville Institute are anti-USA. A secessionist movement of the type advocated would turn America into a weak nation and force Southern States into an existence which could open North America to be subject to the aggression of the growing strength of Communist China and the ever present hubris of Russia desiring recognition as an international force.


Frankly the claims of non-racism for promoters of the old lifestyle of the South’s antebellum days is as believable as the morons who are going on record that the Islamist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood is a non-violent promoter of Islam. The non-racism claims are as believable that President Barack Hussein Obama’s past associations with Marxist anti-Americans and anti-American Muslim are irrelevant.


JRH 2/11/11 (Hat Tip: Gettin after Lefty)