Reliving the Fall of Rome?

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Intro to ‘Reliving the Fall of Rome?’

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Intro date: 6/22/15

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Elsa Schieder Ph.D. is a Liberal/Progressive academic from Canada. The appellation of the word “Liberal” usually means she is the enemy as far as my political spectrum goes. However I have to say she is a Liberal I admire.

Dr. Schieder (I believe she prefers Dr. Zee) is one of the few Liberals that gets it about the threat of Islam (she would probably prefer Radical Islam) to Western Civilization. The reality of life is that all sides of the Western political spectrum should be concerned of just how anti-Western and in my perspective Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish.

Dr. Schieder is a busy gal. I know her from the World Truth Summit is a forum for prominent Counterjihad writers to expose Islam. She is also a bit of a poet (which is beyond my barbarian expertise), a Blogger, a critical thinker (Idea Emporium) and probably more pans in the fire than I know.

I’m on Dr. Schieder’s email list. Her 6/21 email has observations about the West in which I wholly agree. She entitles it “Reliving the Fall of Rome?” After you read I think you may agree a better title would have been from her own words – “Brain Wreck”.

Dr. Schieder precedes her thoughts with some poetry to music videos relating to peaceful unity, the idiocy of Islamic hatred and a somewhat ethereal poem about YOU being the wild card to effect global chaos. However I am more interested in her thoughts about reliving world leaders allowing the destruction of the fabric of society. Thus I am placing the videos at the end rather than the beginning.

JRH 6/22/15

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Reliving the Fall of Rome?

By Elsa Schieder PhD

Sent: 6/21/2015 6:15 AM

Sometimes I feel I’m living through the fall of Rome. More on that in a bit. First, something that’s not on the idea side. 3 songs – one on what we’d love to have (The Garden), one on what we’re up against (Too Many Heads Off), and one on the role of the joker (The Joker is Wild). So 3 songs, and then back to Rome, Nero and the present.

Sometimes I feel I’m living through the fall of Rome. I remember reading about Nero fiddling, and about huge spectacles held to keep Roman citizens happy – gladiators killing each other, Christians thrown to lions.

And now I’m living through stories in the news that make no sense to me, with my care for facts – American blacks rioting and a president siding with the rioters when a white cop shoots a black thief, though there is massive evidence that the cop was more than fair. Islamic State – beheadings, sex slavery, ongoing suicide murdering – and the ongoing denial by many people in the West that Islamic State, which quotes from Islamic texts, is Islamic. The stories are just too insane.

And then there is the massive influx into Europe and the States of people whose Islamic ideology favors destroying every ideology but theirs, destroying any ideology that is pro male female equality, pro-democracy, pro the acceptance of other religions.

It makes no sense. If this were a dream, I would tell myself to wake up.

Instead, a huge part of me just cannot believe that what is happening could possibly be happening.

Another part asks: how does one stop this? What more can I do to turn the tide?

Quite an expression – to turn the tide!! Quite something to even think of doing.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about BrainWreck – the wrecking of people’s brains in the West. It goes with something I’ve thought and written a lot about – Think or Sink: We Think or the West Sinks.

How to deal with wrecked brains – like the brains of the politically correct? Like the brains of those who refuse to look at the content of Islam and instead intone “all cultures are equal”? In fact, do we deal with such brainwrecked people? Or do we concentrate on people with un-wrecked – or anyway, relatively unwrecked – brains?

Something to think about.

By the way, how do you like the term, brainwrecked – rather than the milder term, politically correct? Does the term resonate for you?

Here’s my viewpoint. I understand the value of using terms people know. I also understand the value of using a new term for something different.

Politically correct is the term for a mindset. Brain wreck is a term for something different: what’s needed inside the brain for a person to be politically correct. Inside the politically correct: a brain wreck.

And finally, before ending, an announcement: I’m going to try something new. A short Wednesday video – 5 min max. Why Wednesday? It’s mid-week. Far away enough from the weekend before, and the weekend coming. My guess: people may have a few minutes. The goal: to give something not just to watch, but to share.

And now, all the best to all of us who care and dare,


PS. More on brainwrecked brains. Here’s a great short video on the content of Islamic texts and the Islamic response: . Once again, inside the brain, a brain wreck.

PPS. By the way, if you like any of the songs, please share. My sense: something is blocking our having a music of our own. And of course, if you like any of the ideas, please also share those.

And finally, something new.

The world that many of us are working for: COME TO THE GARDEN

VIDEO: Come to the Garden – Song of Love and Freedom, Paradise on Earth

Published by Creativity Emporium

Published on Jun 14, 2015

Come to the Garden. For the full lyrics, and to purchase,
come to:

come to the garden
the garden we’ll be creating
where the lion and lamb
lie down together

come to the garden
come and love in this garden
come and work in this garden

a labor of love

it’s our world
our world for the making
a garden in the making

no mistaking
the love and the labor
it will be taking

lifetimes and lovetimes
forever a garden
only if we make it

For more, come to:
And come visit the full emporium:

What we’re up against: TOO MANY HEADS OFF

VIDEO: Too Many Heads Off. Political Music. Truth about Islam

Published by Creativity Emporium

Published on Jun 14, 2015

Too many heads off, too many lives lost . . .

Music with a message.

Call it a political song, a freedom song, political music, freedom music. Facts about Islam, truth about Islam, plus music, beat, spoken word. Too many heads off. That about sums it up.

For more, and to buy, come to:

Even more:

And then, expect the unexpected: THE JOKER IS WILD 

VIDEO: And the Joker is Wild. Political Rap, Political Music. And you, are you a wild card?

Published by Creativity Emporium

Published on Jun 2, 2015

And the Joker is Wild. In the words of Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage. And on that stage, not in the words of Shakespeare, the joker is wild. So, are you a wild card? Tame? And what does wild mean to you?

Political rap, rap, rap. Political spoken word. Political music that’s music to my ears.

For more, come to:
And for even more, come to:


Edited by John R. Houk


© Elsa Schieder

AGAIN! Religion of Peace, Not so Peaceful

Lara Logan (Muslim sex-assault victim Egypt)


John R. Houk

© February 22, 2011


Lara Logan is a Correspondent for CBS News. She is a face of the Left Wing media which CBS inherently inhabits. Left Wing means an emphasis on multiculturalism and political correctness. If you have read this far you might be thinking “So what? Is this supposed to be news that Lara Logan and CBS have an affinity for a Leftist slant on the news? Well allow me to add a bit more.


Every time I am about to allow myself to form an opinion that a majority of Muslims are moderate in nature and focusing on the benefits of being in holy submission to the Islamic Allah (I mean it was rough to use the word “holy”), I come across an incident in which a large crowd of Muslims is supposed to be representative of the moderate nature of Islam. What is that incident and what does that incident have to do with Leftist journalism? Lara Logan was surrounded by a large group of Muslim men that separated her from her security. These Muslim men proceeded to chant “Jew, Jew!” and “American bitch!” THEN the Muslim men began ripping her clothes off and brutally and forcefully raped Lara Logan.


Typically Left Wing CBS made an effort not to blame the people of the so-called moderate Muslim doctors, lawyers and intelligentsia expressing their peaceful protest to rid their nation of the despotic dictator Hosni Mubarak. CBS even attempted to utilize disinformation to say that Lara Logan was unjustly arrested by Egyptian soldiers who roughly interrogated her for being an Israeli spy.


The reality was there were so many people surrounding the victim Logan; it was probably difficult to tell who the assaulters were and who the innumerable watchers who did not intervene were. Indeed, it is reported that after an ample amount of time passed for the Muslim men to pleasure themselves brutally and mercilessly a group of Muslim women and Egyptian soldiers put an end to the rape transporting Logan to a hospital.


Andrew McCarthy in a National Review article enumerates the Quranic suras that allow Muslim men to rape kafir (non-Muslim) women even when married. To read the grisly details that CBS refused to admit happened go to Radio Patriot which has a reprint of a Wizbang article.


Something to consider about Islam in the 21st century is that the heart of theological-academic learning of the Muslim religion is in Cairo, Egypt at Al-Azhar University. The Muslim world reads what these Muslim intellectuals write to their kind on how a Muslim should treat a kafir or how to live in a kafir land (dar al-harb) and for that matter on how to treat kafir in Muslim lands (dar al-Islam). Al-Azhar is supposed to represent Sunni Islam which is 90% of Islam. AND these Sunnis are supposed to be the scholars that Muslim apologists point to when a person as me shows that the Religion of Peace is anything but peaceful. Islam is inherently adversarial and violent.


Here is a YouTube video of David Pakman reporting on what really happened to Logan near Tahrir Square.



God Almighty I ask you to strengthen Lara Logan to overcome the violation that NO woman should experience whether they are Secularists, Christians, Jews or Muslims.


JRH 2/22/11