Slouching toward a military junta

DOD Instruction law

Joseph Farah lines out the details on how the Federal government has eroded local authority up and including the U.S. Armed Services having the authority to intervene without even Presidential instruction during a “civilian disturbance”. That sounds like a police state that will make sure individual sovereign States will be prevented their Constitutional right to challenge government despotism by calling for a Constitutional Convention to again enable We the People to throw off the bonds of tyranny of a Federal government out of control and ignoring the Founding Father’s concept of Constitutional limited government in a civil non-violent rule of law manner.


JRH 6/4/13

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22 Signs That Barack Obama Is Transforming America Into A Larger Version Of North Korea

Thanks to Coffee and Sleepless Nights here is an essay highlighting 22 reasons Barack Obama’s Presidency is transforming the USA into a North Korea-like nation.

More on NDAA-2012



John R. Houk

© December 22, 2011


I have stated that there are two horrors pertaining SB 1867 which is known as National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012 (NDAA-2012):


Horror 1: Validating homosexuality and bestiality


Horror 2. The U.S. Military is enabled to arrest and imprison U.S. citizens by labeling them “Enemy Combatants”


Guess who sent me a link to a video that focuses on the U.S. military being enabled to take away Constitutional Rights away from U.S. citizens? If you read here often you have got to know it was Tony Newbill.


The video is entitled, “Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law”. Actually as of this writing Obama has not signed the Bill; however just about everyone on the Left and the Right believe he will.



I believe security is needed within America to combat Islamic terrorism foreign and domestic; however the military within the U.S. borders should have no authority in arresting American civilians. On a security level that is the only thing I have against NDAA-2012. Within the American borders law enforcement should have extra abilities in searching out terrorists as long as Islamic terrorists are motivated globally to inflict maiming and death on American civilians. There should be some kind of judicial arraignment to determine if the suspect is an enemy combatant. If a judge determines the suspect or suspects falls under the term of enemy combatant (really in most cases an Islamic terrorist) then that person should be sent to the military to be handled as a POW or war criminal to be adjudicated under military law even if that detention is indefinite according to the length of the conflict.


The Lawfare Blog has a pro-NDAA-2012 and an against-NDDAA-2012 you should check out.


If the “pro” writer is correct then NDAA-2012 will be no more a nuisance than the Patriot Act has already been. In fact the NDAA-2012 actually adds Rights that civil libertarians upset about the Patriot Act.


If the “against” writer is correct then the greatest worry is a President taking advantage of the code within the NDAA-2012 to manipulate as an excuse for martial law within the USA such as a natural catastrophe or some kind of terrorist attack that is perhaps on a larger scale of human lives than 9/11 or on a symbolic political travesty such as the burning of the Capital Building. The hints that is what Hitler did in Germany when he burned the Reichstag [Three versions of burning: Simple, Detailed & Blame Hitler] down himself and blamed Communists. It became an excuse for then Chancellor Hitler to use the German military to wrest control of the law of the land and the rest is evil Nazi history.


JRH 12/22/11