The Left’s only enemy

PALWATCH- Christian-Jew-Hatred

Evidently the nation of Israel is experiencing the same Left-Right polarization that the USA is experiencing. Mahmoud Abbas stood at the UN podium and spoke egregious lie after lie (See Commentary on Abbas Lies) about Israel. The Israeli Right quite properly expressed the reality about Arabs that call themselves Palestinians; i.e. LIAR.


But here is some incredulity! The Israeli Left and the American Left praised the leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA – See Also Jewish Virtual Library) and Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as a great seeking Liberty and Freedom for the non-existent group of Arabs that maintain they are Palestinians. Arabs as Palestinians did not exist until the Arab League via Egypt set up the PLO (Early Seeds of PLO: HERE and HERE) to create a reason for continuous attacks on Independent Israel to exterminate all the Jews living there. That creation date was 1964. Israel’s hard fought Independence from about SIX invading Muslim Arab armies were won in 1948.


Caroline Glick exposes the Leftists of America and Israel. Her theme is that American Leftists and Israeli Leftists don’t see a foreign enemy; rather they see their fellow citizens of the Right as the enemy. If the Left succeeds, Israel’s existence will be very tenuous.


JRH 10/5/12

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The Left’s only enemy


By Caroline Glick

October 4, 2012, 9:27 PM


epa00926738 Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (R), Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal (C|) and Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh walk inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca early on Friday 09 February 2007. Rival Palestinian factions sign a deal to form a unity government, hoping to end bloodshed between their followers and to win back Western aid halted because of the hostility of Hamas to Israel.  EPA/SUHAIB SALEM / POOL


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s legal term in office expired nearly four years ago. But his supporters don’t care. In Israel, Washington and throughout the world, Abbas’s supporters extol the authoritarian leader as a great moderate. In 2002, desperately searching for a face for the Palestinians that wasn’t Yasser Arafat’s face, the Left pushed Abbas out from behind Arafat’s shadow. Abbas, who served as Arafat’s deputy for 39 years, was upheld as a great moderate and placed in the invented position of Palestinian prime minister.


The fact that Abbas was an inveterate Jew-hater who spent four decades in the senior leadership of a terrorist organization and whose doctoral dissertation was a long denial of the Holocaust, was brushed aside.


His leftist supporters don’t care that he says Israel has no right to exist. They are untroubled by his 2008 rejection of then-prime minister Ehud Olmert’s unprecedentedly generous offer of peace and Palestinian statehood. They don’t mind that Abbas has refused to negotiate peace with Israel for the past four years. They don’t care that he has signed two unity government deals with Hamas or that he seeks to gain sovereignty for a Palestinian state through the UN and so establish a Palestinian state in a formal state of war with Israel.


They don’t care. But most Israelis do. Due to their recognition of his hatred for Israel and due to the terrorism Abbas has condoned and financed for decades, the vast majority of Israelis do not consider him a potential partner for peace. They do not believe that either Abbas or the Palestinians as a whole are remotely interested in being appeased by Israel.


As a consequence, most Israelis greeted Abbas’s speech at the UN General Assembly last week with indifference. In that speech, Abbas made clear – yet again – that he remains Arafat’s loyal deputy. The majority of Abbas’s speech involved a litany of libels against Israel, which he accused of everything from terrorism to apartheid, colonialism, racism, murder, theft, etc., etc., etc.


Then he moved on to his demands. In addition to reinstating his demand that Israel agree to every Palestinian demand as a precondition for negotiations, Abbas demanded that Israel release all Palestinian terrorists from its prisons.


No, none of Abbas’s attacks had an iota of truth to them.


But who cares? Abbas certainly doesn’t. And neither do his supporters. Their support for Abbas has nothing to do with what he says or does. It has to do with who they are and what they want. Abbas is their prop, not their partner.


Abbas’s Israeli supporters are the core of far-leftists who brought us the phony peace process with the PLO. Two thousand dead Israelis later, and with no peace in sight, their camp is much smaller today than it was in 1993. But it is still dedicated. And it is overpopulated by members of the media.


TIPPING HIS hat to this group, this week Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced in a media interview that he thinks that Israel should unilaterally withdraw from much of Judea and Samaria.


For most Israelis, Barak’s plan is self-evidently insane.


We left Gaza and see the consequences of that unilateral withdrawal every day as southern Israel is bombarded with missiles and rockets. We left and Gaza was transformed into a hub for global jihad, increasingly indistinguishable from Sinai. The very notion that our defense chief could suggest adopting an identical strategy for Judea and Samaria is both obscene and frightening.


What can he be thinking? Barak is thinking about elections, which are apparently about to be called. Barak thinks his best bet politically is to try to win the support of Abbas’s ever shrinking support base.


Barak lost his political base when he left the Labor Party and formed his own Independence faction with other breakaway Labor politicians at the beginning of 2011. He needs Abbas’s Israeli supporters to vote for him if he is to get elected to the next Knesset. Even more crucially, Barak needs Abbas’s supporters in the Israeli media. So to win their support, he opted to run on a platform of expelling Jews from their homes.


Barak’s move doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know about him. He remains the political opportunist he has always been. His move is interesting because of what it reveals about the nature of Israel’s Left.


There is no rational way to argue that Israel can gain any advantage by surrendering Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians. If Israel departs, either Abbas will gobble up the territory and demand more, or he will swallow the concession and get swallowed by Hamas, which will demand more – as happened in Gaza.


Either way, Israel loses.


But that doesn’t matter for the Left. The Left continues to support Israeli withdrawals because its members know that the biggest loser of such an action won’t be Israel as a whole. It will be the Israeli Right. And that is all the Left cares about.


The only enemy they are interested in fighting, the only adversary they wish to defeat, is their fellow Israelis. And in a bid to win their support at the ballot box – and on the evening news – Barak has decided to embrace their cause. He will fight their fight against their Israeli enemies for them.


The Israeli Left is not alone in its belief that its number one priority is to destroy its domestic political opposition. Throughout the Western world, the political Left is increasingly rallying around positions that are in fundamental conflict with their nation’s interests as well as with the specific ideological commitments of the Left, for the sole purpose of gaining and maintaining power.


In recent weeks, the Left in the US has exposed its motivations and purpose in profoundly troubling ways. If Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel is the core of the Zionist revolution, freedom of speech is the foundation of America. Without Jewish settlement, there is no Israel. Without freedom of speech, there is no America.


IN RECENT weeks, US President Barack Obama and all of his senior aides and supporters have launched an assault on freedom of speech. They have attacked previously unknown figures because they dared to exercise their freedom of speech to produce an anti-Islamic film and broadcast it on YouTube. The White House pressured Google (which owns YouTube) to take the movie down. Obama’s media supporters have gone along with this shocking assault on bedrock American principles.


The Left’s support for Obama’s bid to repress freedom of speech in relation to the movie was not an isolated incident. Today the enlightened leftists of New York and Washington are apoplectic because a federal judge required New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to post paid advertisements by the Stop the Islamization of America human rights group calling for Americans to support Israel against jihad.


The content of the ads is self-evidently reasonable. They read, “In any war between the savage and the civilized man, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”


SIOA’s founder Pamela Geller submitted the ads to the MTA last year in response to a rash of anti- Israel ads calling for the US to end its support for the Jewish state. Those ads were published on New York buses and subways and on public transportation around the US.


The MTA rejected SIOA’s ad but the group sued. Citing the US Constitution, the court required the MTA to post them. When after a year’s delay the ads were finally posted last week, the US Left in the media and beyond had a collective fit.


From The New York Times to radical rabbis to pro- Islamic Christian pastors to The Washington Post, everyone is wringing their hands. In a televised debate with Geller, the anti-Israel evangelical pastor Rev. Jim Wallis condemned the ads, told Geller she was going to get Christians killed, (by what or whom, he never said), and demanded that Geller silence herself. As he put it, “Stop talking.”


It is important to be clear. The American Left doesn’t have a problem with free speech, per se. And they aren’t concerned – as Wallis would have you believe – that calling jihad savagery is going to get people killed, (by not-at-all savage jihadists).


The problem with messages like Geller’s is that talk about jihad distracts people from what the Left wants them to be thinking about.


Like the Israeli Left, the American Left doesn’t want Americans to think about the actual threats to the US emanating from the Islamic world. They want the public to think about what for them is the only real threat to their values and their ability to win and wield power.


That threat doesn’t emanate from the Islamic world where women are treated worse than farm animals, homosexuals are hanged in public squares, Christians are forcibly converted and assaulted, churches are burned to the ground, the annihilation of the Jewish people throughout the world is an ardent desire, and “Death to America” is a political program.


For the American Left, the primary threat to their way of life comes from people who oppose abortions and gay marriage and gun control. It comes from people who oppose unionization of government workers and nationalization of healthcare.


And it comes from people like Geller who state the obvious about jihad.


The reason that Islam is supposed to be immune from criticism is that for American leftists as for Israeli leftists, the only important battle is the one against domestic foes. And just as the abysmal results of leftist policies have left the Israeli Left with no choice but to shoot the messengers, so too the American Left must deal with policy failure by silencing the opposition.


In Israel, leftist appeasement of Palestinian terrorists has led to a horrific death toll and the obvious absence of peace. So the Left must silence those who have the temerity to oppose that failed policy. The Right’s most visible members are the religious Zionists, who are disproportionately situated beyond the 1949 armistice lines, and so the Left must destroy them through expulsions, no matter what the cost to Israel.


In America, the Left’s most conspicuous failure is its claim to promote women’s rights, equality and civil liberties in the culture war, even as it defends the Islamic world’s addiction to female genital mutilation, forced marriages, honor killings and executions of homosexuals for the “crime” of being gay. So the Left must silence critics of jihad and Islamism, and hope no one will notice its hypocrisy.


The upshot of all of this is that the Left must be denied its ability to dominate national discourses. Because Abbas and the pathologically Jew-hating society he leads is a threat to the Jewish state, while religious Zionists are not. And the assaults on American embassies throughout the Islamic world are not due to Internet movies, but to the savagery inherent in jihadist Islam.


In these perilous times we cannot permit ourselves to be led astray by those who insist we are our worst enemies.


Originally published in the Jerusalem Post.


© 2012 Caroline Glick


About Caroline Glick

Walid Shoebat Accusers use Half-Truth Data to Condemn Him

Walid Shoebat 2

John R. Houk

© September 21, 2012


I just read a comment on my post “Kamal Saleem is all about Christianity even it Insults Islam”. I have two primary blogs that I post at: SlantRight 2.0 and NCCR. The comment was posted at the NCCR blog. The commenter identifies himself as Ali Sina Goldenberg. I am fairly certain the name is a pseudonym. The name is a combination of a famous (or infamous depending on if you are a Muslim or not) ex-Muslim from Faith Freedom International which is an expose Islam website. “Goldenberg” suggests a Jewish familial background. So the irony is the mixture of an ex-Muslim atheist and a Jewish familial name.


The commenter wanted to correct my thoughts on those involved on producing the Mohammed Movie that the Obama Administration blames for all the attacks on U.S. Embassies across the Muslim dominated world. I think the Commenter could have better used a different post in which I address the Mohammed Movie more directly.  Here is the NCCR post in which in part I talk about the Mohammed Movie producers: Islam Insults Christianity. (SlantRight 2.0 version)



The post the Commenter decided to correct me with focuses on ex-terrorist turned Christian Kamal Saleem. Perhaps the Commenter chose the Saleem post because of his assertion that he is an ex-terrorist. Evidently the Commenter associates Kamal Saleem with Walid Shoebat. Shoebat also claims to be an ex-Muslim terrorist with a Palestinian pedigree. There are many pundits out there that accuse Shoebat of being a hoaxster making a living on a false pedigree of terrorist converted to Christianity and dedicated to exposing the darker side of Islam. I am not one of those that accuse Shoebat of being a fake AND I have listened to Kamal Saleem and he is definitely a man anointed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The most famous pundit that I am aware of that is also a slanted right writer is Debbie Schlussel:


[TO MY READERS: I originally wrote the column below in February. But I sat on it and didn’t publish it because I feel bad about exposing even this fraud and creep, Walid Shoebat, despite the fact that he’s plagiarized from me and harassed me under a fake name using his own e-mail address, and despite the fact that his equally shady manager, Keith Davies, fits a similar bill and has–along with Shoebat–taken to trashing me.

But now that The Jerusalem Post has also exposed the fraudulence and fakery of Mr. Shoebat, I’ve decided I cannot remain silent on who he really is and his behavior, any longer. After harassing me, he tried to appear with me at a 9/11 event in Dearborn, and I realized I can no longer hold back. I’ve thought long and hard about it, but it must be done. The record must be set straight

Years ago, when I first heard of Walid Shoebat–the man who claims to have been a Palestinian Islamic terrorist–I liked his story. Since then, I praised him in more than one entry on this site. That was a mistake.


In the back of my mind, I always doubted his story. It’s not that I don’t believe Muslim terrorists can convert to Christianity and see the error of their ways. I personally know of a scant few who have, indeed, done that. And there are several former Muslims–Ayan Hirsi Ali (never a terrorist) comes to mind–and enlightened Arabs who are great orators with an important message so many more need to hear.

It’s that I simply didn’t find Shoebat credible. And his behavior toward me is that of an unstable, insecure man who is upset that his shaky claims are being doubted. It’s a case of trusting my instincts, and my instincts told me this man oozing arrogance, bravado, swagger, and not much else was a fraud–that this was a business for him, showmanship. And he never provided a shred of proof that he did what he said he did in his former life. (Debbie Schlussel; Excerpted from “Enough, Walid Shoebat: Why is Sean Hannity’s Fake Terrorist Harassing Me?” September 16, 2008, – 11:34 am)


Schlussel is not a happy camper with Shoebat. She even uses the most conservative newspaper in Jerusalem as a source.


Back in 2008 I examined Schlussel’s accusations against Shoebat (and Kamal Saleem was included a bit). In 2008 I decided to err on the side of believing Shoebat although I did admit that there were some of Schlussel’s accusations not answered adequately by Shoebat. Then in 2011 I posted information that discredited CNN fake accusations because a significant of the CNN info was just plain false: “Defending Walid Shoebat against CNN and Muslim Apologists.”


I feel obligated to take another look at Shoebat now that the Commenter that identifies himself as Ali Sina Goldenberg question Shoebat’s integrity in reporting the Mohammed Movie story. Below Walid Shoebat and Keith Davies answer point by point their accusers and I have to tell you their rebuttal works for me.


JRH 9/21/12

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I Was a Terrorist; In Defense of My Identity, Story and Credentials


By Walid Shoebat (about the author)

February 6, 2008 at 14:20:15

SlantRight Editor: cross posted from Print Page


This article is published by as an accomodation (sic) to allow Mr. Shoebat respond to an article about him by Eileen Fleming. Unfortunately, our website does not support arabic script, so you will see, where it was used, meaningless characters. (


The wisest man in history once said “be good to those who despise you.” In this article I will follow this instruction and personally thank Eileen Fleming who wrote for the published also on 1 in a smear campaign against myself and the United States Air Force for inviting me to speak against terrorism.


Fleming blames the Air Force academy for not doing due-diligence about me since she just came up with damning evidence about my credibility as a terrorist. But before I present this case, two questions that beg answers:


1—How could the Air Force be responsible for not examining her ‘facts’ especially since she presented her article after this invitation was known publicly?


2—Why should anyone have a problem fighting Islamic terrorism? Unless of course, such people cloak this evil phenomenon as a proper revolution to thwart the ‘evil’ occupiers like the United States and Israel.


Now to my case, I have been denied even my identity, to many I was a “Christian Lebanese Falangist,” a person who “never lived in Palestine,” “was never Muslim,” “no one knows him in Palestine,” “nothing can be confirmed of his origin, name, or identity,” “a fabrication,” “liar,” “imposter,” “Zionist paid agent,” “doing it for the money,” “Islamophobe disguised as X-terrorist,” and of course “racist.”


Yet it doesn’t matter what my critics do, it always benefits the cause of the truth since for years I have been confronted by media and Muslims to provide evidence to prove my identity, origin, Islamic connection and terror credentials which I shunned away. Now the claims regarding my credentials and the due-diligence that anyone needs is in Fleming’s own damning article. She was the reporter I prayed for years to come through, she obtained testimonies from my own Muslim family. Now I have a solid confirmation to my identity, origin, trouble with violence, connection to terrorist relatives and even imprisonment verification. Now I can put such accusations all behind.




The common phrase from the story of Joseph in Quran 12:26 and as we commonly say in the Middle East وشهد شاهد من اهلها “a family witness” that vindicated Joseph of lying should now apply to my case. While Fleming stated in her half done investigation article:


“Walid’s entire biography is a manufactured fabrication. His handlers have taken one point and have twisted it and built up a fictional story.”


But before I poke so many holes in her article including her valued witnesses which included only one name–Kamal Younis. I do believe that Fleming was honest on one point, that she did interview a few family members of mine since Kamal could have not known many details of my life in the U.S. But why the rest of her witnesses never gave their names?


Well, there are two reasons for this:


1—They fear retribution for being related to this infidel Walid Shoebat.


2—They fear retribution from American law for crimes committed by certain family members in the U.S. as you will see.


Let’s start with Kamal Younis’ testimony who is the brother of the prominent attorney Jawad Younis جواد يونس who defended Abu Zubaydah, a Palestinian living in Pakistan who is believed to be a key aide to Mr Bin Laden. Jawad was convicted by Israel in the good old days for his involvement and support for terrorism with the P.L.O. Mr.. Jawad Younis is known to have only one hand. His other hand was made out of plastic, but it didn’t have a hook.


Was Jawad a pirate as well?


Well, not exactly, his arm was blown off in his youth while messing with explosives. What was Jawad doing playing with explosives? I leave this to your imagination. Of course, they would claim that Jews planted booby traps in fountain pens to maim Arab kids. Jews would also poison candy, later this evolved that Jews lace Cadbury chocolate with Mad Cow disease. Jawad Younis the brother of Kamal Younis later becomes a prominent figure in exile in Jordan, yet the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, Jawad as an attorney that defends Al-Qaeda operatives and even send a letter alongside of other delegates to congratulate Nasrallah the terror king pin of Hizbullah for his attacks on Israel.


So why didn’t Ms. Fleming contact the other side before publishing her story? Well it’s simple, she knows that I would have been glad to offer evidence to thrash her dishonest reporting which she knows she would never publish, but I will, point by point:


1—“His bio claims that his grandfather was the Muslim Mukhtar (chieftain) of Beit Sahour-Bethlehem. Beit Sahour is adjacent to Bethlehem, not a part of Bethlehem.”


Had Fleming checked the Municipality of Bethlehem’s official website she would see the official statement made by Bethlehem’s municipality:


تعتبر بيت لحم مركزاً لقضاء يحمل اسمها ويضم مدينتين هما بيت جالا وبيت ساحور

In English “Bethlehem is considered to be a jurisdiction that it’s name [Bethlehem] holds and includes two cities—Beit Jala and Beit Sahur.” 2


In other words, Beit Sahur as well as Beit Jala are also Bethlehem. Is Fleming’s article correct and Bethlehem’s Municipality in error?


Yet this is a minor card, the rest of her deck of cards will fall. So one out, 17 more points to go.


2—“Walid’s bio claims his grandfather was a friend of Haj-Ameen Al-Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and notorious friend of Adolf Hitler. Walid’s grandfather never even met him and was a peaceful man.”


Did I ever say that my grandfather (sic) was not a “peaceful man”? my book which was written way before Fleming’s silly discoveries stated “My grandfather liked everyone, and he had no problem selling land to Jewish or Christian immigrants. The village had much land with only a handful of families that immigrated in the last decade prior to the 1948 war.”


3 Kamal’s statement also confirms what I stated in my book, Beit Sahur had a handful of families. A land that was empty prior to my great grand father (sic). Jews never stole such lands, they bought them. My grand father (sic) sold land to the Jewish National Fund as did many prominent Arab leaders. 4 This fact is so well documented in Fasl Al-Maqal, owned by Arab-Israeli parliament deputy Azmi Beshara. Why didn’t my family deny this? He sold a parcel called Umm Al-Asafeer which was later sent back to the family after Oslo. Why did her article never mention this? Or any denial of this by my family? It’s because everyone knew it’s true. Their leader and Mukhtar sold land to Zionists.


I should also know the history of my grand father (sic) more then Mr. Kamal Younis (full name Kamal Younis Jum’a) Fleming should check his I.D and be amazed that I know what’s in it, yet he confirmed that my grand father (sic) was the Mukhtar of the Muslims. The land sale to the Jewish National Fund will prove that my grand father (sic) was considered a traitor. Abdul Qader Al-Husseni was appointed by Haj Amin (Adolf Hitler’s puppet) to execute so many chieftains (Mukhtars) in the whole region. Anyone that was considered peaceful or had connection with the Jews were to be executed. Of course, the Hussenis sold land to Jews yet they were immune. My grand father (sic) was one of these who escaped the massacre due to his connection with the family and with his father in law, my great grand father (sic). This story was known in the family and well documented on page 44 in my book. Many were not so lucky. This massacre between 1936 and 1938 carried out by Husseni’s men is so well known and well documented which included Sheikh Daoud Ansari (Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Ali Nur el Khattib (Al Aqsa Mosque), Sheikh Nusbi Abdal Rahim (Council of Muslim Religious Court), Sheikh Abdul el Badoui (Acre, Palestine), Sheikh El Namouri (Hebron), and Nasr El Din Nassr (Mayor of Hebron). Between Feb. 1937 and Nov. 1938, eleven Mukhtars (community leaders) and their entire families were slain by Amin al Husseni’s men.5


Does Fleming desire to deny all this? If Mukhtars were proven beyond doubt to have been executed, and my family never denied this, would you not consider it logical that my grand father (sic) would be on such a hit list? He had a mock trial in Al-khader by Abdul Qader Al-Husseini and was rescued by his father in law Abdullah Ali Awadallah.


3—“Walid was born in September of 1960 in Beit Sahour after his American mother and father returned there from America…His older sister and brother were born in the USA”


This proves beyond doubt that I was born in Beit Sahur-Bethlehem as I claimed and all the denials of my origin were bogus. In fact I was born the first day my mother arrived, in a lowly place near the Shepherd’s Fields, lower than were Jesus was born (thank God). All this could be verified. In fact, Daniel Pipes of Middle East Forum who reads fluent Arabic examined my birth certificate himself. This can be found on:


Had she cared to verify this she would never have published her article. If she doubts this, I will be willing to resubmit these documents to a trusted government agency.


That with many documents to prove not only my connection with that land, but my American family’s connection with Winston Churchill. These can be proven to such extent that Fleming would be ashamed of her flimsy article.


4—“and the family lived in Jericho until 1968, then in Saudi Arabia for two years then returned to Beit Sahour.”


This proves my testimony having lived during the 1967 Six Day War in Jericho as written in my books.


In fact I can prove that Younis has incorrect chronology, I lived in Saudi Arabia were my father worked for the Arab-American Oil Co (ARAMCO) in Ras-Tannura in 1962, then moved to Jericho.


5—“In 1976, his sister Mona was coming home from school with her friends and were stopped and beaten up by Israeli soldiers, they nearly broke Mona’s back. This made Walid very angry and shortly thereafter he attended his first demonstration against the occupation.”


This incident is correct the typical exaggeration that my sister’s back was nearly broken is false, she had a minor bruise while participating in a demonstration. Since my family’s own testimony proves that my sister is a United States citizen (she was born in the U.S.) I had arranged for my sister Mona to join an airlift from Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War since she was an American, her husband refused to allow her exit from Saudi Arabia. Such ownership of women prohibits them to even go to there (sic) country of origin. Don’t forget, it took my mother 35 years to escape the hell-hole called the Middle East. Would Fleming accept my mother’s testimony? Or will she accept the testimony of terror supporters instead?


6—“ In 1977 Walid was caught distributing Palestinian flags and was arrested and held for about two weeks in Mascubia [Russian Compound] Prison, until his mother went to the Embassy and got him released.”


This proves that I was in prison as I always claimed. All the rumors that my story cannot be collaborated do not hold any water. Did Fleming, the left wing anti-Christian reporter accept Zionist bribes to do this article and gain me what I have been looking for?


Fleming’s article is in fact my ace-in-the-hole. If I am not vindicated from my Zionist bribes accusation, does that mean that Fleming could and should be accused of accepting such bribes to do her story? I can be almost positive that you will later find accusations against Fleming for attesting to my family connection. When that happens, would Fleming join us to fight the half truths she reports?


7— “But, when he was in jail he met someone who invited him to join a group against Israel”


This further collaborates that I was recruited by Mahmud Al-Mughrabi a known bomb-maker and was in prison as I claimed. Had Fleming did what she accused the Air Force of not doing (proper due diligence) and checked on files in the Russian Compound prison to find both myself, Al-Mughrabi and Abu-Sneineh who served these short term prison time, she would have realized her stupidity to trust and eat out of a pigsty. Let’s not forget, Mahmoud Al-Mughrabi was a very close relative of Dalal Al-Mughrabi who killed more then 30 Israelis in a bus operation.


8—“In 1977 Walid and his friends put packages behind a bank, but there were no explosives in it.”


Does it make any sense that my entire family since 1977 remembers such and (sic) uneventful event of us placing empty boxes on the roof of a bank?


Also, had there been no explosion, why then would the Israelis make arrests? Muhammad El-Atrash was arrested for being close to the area when the explosion happened on top of the roof.. Nidal Shoebat my cousin should testify to this (if he wishes to be honest). Nidal who was an ambulance doctor was also injured when Israelis killed the most wanted terrorist Muhammad Abiyat (also spelled Abayat). I can supply these records which were documented by the United Nations.


Why would my family want to testify that Nidal was also a terrorist and risk the Israelis to go after him? Especially since his brother Eiad is wanted by the United States of America for money laundering and for a major fraud scandal of millions of dollars and is currently in hiding from U.S. authorities. This alongside other family members who drained by fraud the social security system collecting Social Security checks while living overseas by manipulating their identities. This is all linked to financial terrorism. Even their citizenships is fraud. Eiad who claimed to be a Mexican Farm worker and applying for citizenship should not be granted citizenship. He was not Mexican but an employee of Cal-Trans and a financial terrorist.


Everyone in my Muslim family supports the ideology of Islamic terrorism.


Does it make sense in a Palestinian culture of death and terror not to deny certain things?


Also, why didn’t my family deny that my other cousin Raed Khalil Awadallah was killed on his way to Ben Yehuda Street to plant a bomb? He too was supposedly innocent and the Israelis sold his inner body parts in the black market after killing him. The intricate lying and manipulating evidence from a people that even the Shahid’s dead body falls off the coffin and walks in on it’s own accord and back in the coffin in a funeral’s precession. All captured on film and all with support of the entire community of a known lie. Is this the type of people who Fleming trusts for a testimony?


My family also never denied that his brother Mahmud Khalil Awadallah was sentenced to life for planting bombs, then released by an international deal? These facts are easily obtained.


Did Fleming do any due-diligence on any of my accusers?


Or only on me?


Why the persistence to deny my terror connection? I confess. I did it. Why insist that my confession is a lie? Yet not examine my family who do not confess anything and the evidence of their crimes is overwhelming? Does she care to examine these facts and publish them? She can be my guest.


Do I fear the words of slanderers, thieves, and liars? Does Fleming care how she aids and abets the cause of terrorists? Would she include these in her article, or even apologize for her lack of due-diligence?


9—“Walid came to the U.S. in 1978”


This also proves my claim in all my books, I came to the U.S in 1978.


10—“met an Afghani friend and they went into business together, but it didn’t work out, so he moved to Chicago”


This also shows the lack of chronology, this is in reverse and wrong. I left to Chicago between 1980-1981, my business with the Afghan was not a failure which was in 1992 way later. I moved to Chicago after leaving my Jewish wife.


11—“he moved to Chicago in 1981 where many cousins live and asked for help. He went to Loop College [now Harold Washington College] and was appointed as a foreign student advisor; a position offered him so he could pay his tuition.”


This proves my Chicago connection just as I stated in my books. It also proves that there is a Loop College, would the Muslim Student Association of Michigan Ann-Arbor University send an apology for passing leaflets denying my story since they never found a Loop College or a Jamal Said?


This also proves that I was a counselor for the Arab Students as I claimed. I believe all this came from Mr. Kamal’s nephew Adnan Younis who was with me during our activism. This also can be collaborated from Mary Edwards (currently Mary Edwards Wertsch), a reporter and a girl friend who served on the team to defend Ziad Abu Eian, a terrorist who killed 3 Israelis, also James Zughbi the director of the Arab-American Institute was on that committee to help this terrorist who was later extradited to Israel to serve his sentence after loosing (sic) his court case in the U.S. Ziad was later released through a deal, then evolved to become in charge of the Palestinian prison system of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Can anyone imagine an inmate and a terrorist running a jail system of the entire Palestinian Authority?


12—“The repo man took Walid’s truck and after that he went back to California”


The repo man took the truck while I was staying with Mary Edwards in her apartment by the Wrigley Field. Mary was helping on a defense case for Ziad Abu Eian the terrorist.


13—“he went back to California. He met a Palestinian girl there and they got married and had a son. But, he beat his wife and that marriage broke up.”


Wrong chronology again, I left to Chicago from California and left behind my Jewish wife whom I was abusive to. This is documented in my book “Why We Want To Kill You.” I later married a Palestinian girl from Beit Sahur, this can be proven. Also, I never beat my Arab wife, only the Jewish wife got her fair share of Muslim style beatings. Had I beaten my Arab wife she would have easily won the court case in California when we divorced. In fact, the court awarded my current wife Maria the child and found the pure and perfect Palestinian Muslim girl guilty of abandoning her infant. All this can be verified from court records which I have. In fact I have won every case that I was involved in. If I entertain the thought of suing Fleming for slander, I would probably win. For she wrote:


“Walid’s entire biography is a manufactured fabrication. His handlers have taken one point and have twisted it and built up a fictional story.”


In fact, I can prove that her story is the one twisted in several areas. Does Flemming care to challenge me? Would she take a challenge from a seasoned and experienced X-terrorist? Will she dare debate me? Dialogue? I seriously doubt it.


14—“Walid’s maternal grandparents were wealthy and when they died Walid was to share the inheritance with his sister and brother, but his siblings never received a dime from their grandparent’s estate. And, while his own father was in a nursing home in California Walid took his mother and moved far away from him to another city.”


So I inherited so much money? Why then accuse me of doing this for money?

Would Flemming care to investigate and report my American connection? She would find that without a shadow of doubt that my American family connects with a close friendship with Winston Churchill.


From my American side—Anti-Hitler


From my Arab side—Pro-Hitler


Which choice should I make Ms. Flemming?


The claim that I took my mother away from my father is inaccurate, this could easily be proven. In fact, my father was denied by his own family after he stabbed Abu-Issa Al-Atrash and opened his stomach. The family publicly abandoned my father and called me to take him to the states. This was the rescue of my mother who was finally able to come home to her beloved country after 35 years of exile and spousal abuse that could be documented in horror books. Should my mother remain with her tormentor? If my father was so peaceful, why did all his brothers abandon him? Even his Muslim son (my brother) abandoned him and refused to help his parents to come to the U.S. I was stuck with all the expenses, I even paid for the damage he caused back in Beit Sahur.


The truth is difficult.


In fact, I should speak to the Air Force, after all my brother was in the Air Force who trained his Muslim daughter not to salute the American Flag. Why? Because she was told by his Gaza born wife that her country was Palestine, not America. This is the shame that I abandoned.


15—“and when they [Walid’s grand parents (sic)] died”


My grand father (sic) died. My American grand mother is still living at the age of 94 which also could be verified, may God give her longevity. This proves that Flemming’s witnesses are half-cocked.


Here’s the real scoop, the family thinks that since she is an American woman, she should not hold to her wealth and should give it to them before she died. Like a pack of wolves after a frail and weak deer.


16—“Walid was to share the inheritance with his sister and brother, but his siblings never received a dime from their grandparent’s estate.”


This is typical, the elderly American grand mother (sic) was bombarded by my brother and father continually haranguing the elderly lady who wanted nothing to do with them or any Islamist connection. The Christian side of the family, my mother, grand mother (sic), wife, myself and two children, decided to break up after the threats, spying, and continual insults we received from my father and brother.


Now, if someone is still living, how could someone divide their wealth? How can I divide this wealth with my siblings? The woman still lives. What gives these greedy bunch a right to divide someone’s wealth before they die?


On the other hand, Fleming failed to contact myself to find out that I have full evidence of land ownership that was stolen by the very people who are complaining. The family offered me an ultimatum—come to Bethlehem Court and denounce my Christian faith, or loose (sic) my land. Does Fleming care to examine my property that was stolen and the inheritance that was denied to me in Bethlehem? I have full documentation—sale deed and land survey.


17—“”Walid claimed on CNN that he met Sheikh Jamal and was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and claimed he had been a member of a U.S. sleeper cell terrorist group. All his relatives doubt this greatly, but we do believe he is being paid big money to keep saying bad things about Muslims.”


They would not know what happened to me after I left their apartment in Chicago on Lawrence and Kedzy. Adnan Younis was jealous and offended and asked me to move out. Why? Adnan’s girlfriend began to date me instead and he was jealous so he urged the family to ask me to leave. I did, then I left the P.L.O activism to join with Jordanian Ghazi Dhabaybeh, a contact and coordinator of Jamal Said.


18—“[Alex] Awad shows problems with his timeline and his poor knowledge of the Christian leaders in Palestine”


Would Fleming whose witnesses were lousy keepers of chronology care to share these “problems with his timeline”? There is nothing in either her source which I examined in detail, no, not a single line, or in her article to show a single problem with timelines. Does a serious journalist make a claim without providing any evidence? Or maybe Fleming is not a serious journalist.


Does she believe Alex Awad who passed newsletters claiming that Israelis are shooting at Beit Jala, yet failing to mention that they were defending Gilo from terrorists who occupied Christian homes in Beit Jala to shoot across the Jewish community of Gilo?


Should we believe half truths, and one-sided stories that never gave the other side a chance to challenge the claims she made?


Does she or Alex Awad believe in Jesus, the Governor of Judah, The Jewish Messiah? Or the Palestinian Jesus of Alex and Hanan Ashrawi’s own concoction?


Fleming states “Discernment and good intelligence is what our troops need, and that is not what they are receiving on February 6, 2008 at the USA Naval Academy, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the heart of the western Bible Belt.”


Fleming, Alex, or any of her witnesses are welcome to stand against me in a debate over my integrity anytime, either in public or in private, of course after she makes public my article. I doubt they will come forward. For they will only incriminate themselves. Sure I confess my terrorism, yet these deny their support of it. What has been presented proves beyond doubt that:


A—That I did live in Beit Sahur-Bethlehem


B—I am from an American mother.


C—My grand father (sic) was the main chieftain of the Muslims of Beit Sahur-Bethlehem who at his time was dominated by the largest clan “Shoebat” (also spelled Shuaybat), yes there are other minor chieftains.


D—That even my name Walid Shoebat is accurate. I realize that in my book it was mistakenly printed by my editor as an assumed name. A fraudulent person would definitely make a name up—I chose not to.


E—All the claims of my identity having never lived in “Palestine” being a disguised Falangist and Zionist Jew are bogus, I was telling the truth.


So who was the idiot after all?






2— [SlantRight Editor: Foot Notes end here at OEN post]



What Anderson Cooper did not know


Walid Shoebat

July 2011


Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewed his investigative reporter Andrew Griffin regarding the credibility of Walid Shoebat advising Homeland Security.


But what Anderson Cooper did not know during this interview were THE FACTS:


LIE #1: In Mr. Griffin’s article he wrote: “Neither Shoebat nor his business partner provided any proof of Shoebat’s involvement in terrorism, despite repeated requests”.


FACT: There were no repeated requests. What is damaging to CNN’s credibility is that we have all the email exchanges to prove that every request was answered and The Shoebat Foundation did respond to all of CNN’s emails and was even offered several documents including credible witnesses to validate Mr. Shoebat’s account:


“We will be willing to provide copies of documents that will answer your questions and witnesses on the condition that you guarantee they are protected and no names or photos or the contents of such documents will be made public. We will have you review these in person”. (see first email below) CNN never complied.


LIE #2: CNN claimed that they investigated Mr. Shoebat and had asked several agencies about Shoebat’s past.


FACT: On Anderson Cooper 360, Griffin never released any interviews with any official agency; no interviews with any police official, government officials or any recorded calls or any memos or any email correspondence (which we did) that validate any investigation took place with anyone.


Unless this is done CNN has no case.


We have also learned thru unimpeachable sources that CAIR operatives secretly worked with CNN in carrying out this political assassination of Mr. Shoebat.


Additionally, if CNN released the entire interview between Mr. Griffin and Mr. Shoebat it will destroy the whole claim and prove that CAIR’s input was evident. During the interview on tape Griffin claimed that he investigated Mr. Shoebat and found out that records show he was paid $13,000 and that he never have called Bank Leumi Branch in Bethlehem which today doesn’t even exist.


In the interview Griffin simply was repeating an article written by CAIR, which falsely claimed that the Shoebat Foundation was paid $13,000. Anderson Cooper should review the entire interview, which is damaging to CNN. What Griffin did was simply rely on an article written by CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) based on an old article in which 3 x-terrorists were paid $13,000 in an event at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Griffin then changed his story to include the correct amount.


Griffin later found out that there was no Bank Leumi branch in Bethlehem to call since that branch was closed in which Griffin changed both stories with Cooper and lied intentionally. Griffin also stated that he checked with the Israeli police in Bethlehem when fact is, there is no Israeli police station in Bethlehem and the Palestinian Authorities would have no such records. Griffin later changed the story to say that he called Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv. Fact is, Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv has no such records either. Anyone can call Bank Leumi’s headquarters in Tel Aviv and check. We called ourselves and there are no records in Bank Leumi that tracks terrorist operations during 1976-1977.


LIE #3: Griffin claimed that he searched the Israeli prison records and there was nothing under the name Shoebat.




1) Mr. Shoebat’s imprisonment can easily be verified with a click of a button since Mr. Griffin was not the only one investigating Mr. Shoebat’s prison story. Journalist Eileen Fleming who attempted to debunk Mr. Shoebat’s account on an story had interviewed Shoebat’s family who confirmed that Mr. Shoebat was indeed in prison: “But, when he was in jail he met someone who invited him to join a group against Israel”. All of CNN’s claims were debunked several times over in the past and its (sic) not the first time this happened.


2) Even if Mr. Griffin did check prison records, he was searching the wrong name. Had CNN examined our records that were offered to them, it will prove beyond doubt that Mr. Griffin made an error. When Mr. Shoebat was arrested he turned in his U.S. passport and not his birth certificate or I.D. card. His U.S. passport had a different last name.


Mr. Shoebat was born in Bethlehem and since his mother was a U.S. citizen he was under her passport as a child. When he matured he held his own passport, which used his mother’s information, which is not under the name “Shoebat”. We offered to clarify all this to CNN (see same email) on the condition to keep the documents private. CNN refused to offer privacy.


3) Mr. Shoebat was not in jail for his bombing operation but for planning civil unrest in which he was released without charge since the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem intervened in the case. He later joined a terror cell in Jerusalem. If Mr. Griffin was searching court cases and terrorism charges, he would not find anything. Yet Griffin talked about not finding court records regarding imprisonment for a terrorism case of a bombing operation in Bethlehem Manger Square.


LIE #4: CNN claimed that Walid’s cousin confirms that Walid was never a terrorist


FACT: CNN failed to ask Daood Hassaan Shoebat if he had any links to terrorists. He did. How could Daood Shoebat, the uncle of famed terrorist Arin Shoebat and Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat be a credible witness since both terrorists can be verified without a shadow of doubt. Arin Shoebat was the renowned mastermind of the dual Operation in which Issa Bdeir detonated a bomb, killing him along with innocent Jewish civilians. Arin survived, hesitating to kill children, a similar account to that of Walid’s, who published his story years prior to Arin’s activity. Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat is on the list of official martyrs. Anyone can use google translate in Arabic can confirm both links in which these names match 100%.


LIE #5: Mr. Griffin claimed that there was never a “firebomb” thrown on Bank Leumi and neither was there anything of that sort in Bethlehem Manger Square [during 1976-1977]


FACT: Mr. Shoebat never made any claim that he threw a Molotov cocktail on a bank, which completely debunks Mr. Griffin’s entire investigation. Why would anyone remember such a minor event? Mr. Shoebat had a real time bomb assembled by the notorious terrorist Mahmoud Al-Mughrabi whose account can be completely verified through United Nations reports and news agencies (see Lie #7, Point 1).


The most damaging to Mr. Griffin’s story is that there was a bombing at the Bank Leumi in Bethlehem’s Manger Square — as described in Mr. Shoebat’s books. What was not published in Walid’s books was a later research that was also documented by the United Nations. Between December 24 and 27, there were two explosions in that area: “Bethlehem (in Manger Square near the Church of the Nativity)” and “Explosive charge went off outside the local Courthouse 27 December 1977 JP. 2 Jan. 1978 Yediot Aharonot, 2 January 1978.”



LIE #6: Americans are wasting tax dollars in hiring Mr. Shoebat or x-terrorists to explain terrorism.


FACT: Police use X-Drug addicts to expose the mindset of drug users in order to combat the epidemic. Why can’t x-terrorists do the same? In fact, most FBI agents that deal with terrorism were involved on the war on drugs and now are transferred to the war on terror. Muslim terrorists are Muslim and it’s impossible to study the mindset without understanding Islam. This is the whole purpose to CNN’s attack.


LIE #7: Mr. Shoebat bills himself as an x-terrorist on the basis of a bombing activity of Bank Leumi.


FACT: Mr. Shoebat is rarely billed as an x-terrorist on the basis of only bombing Bank Leumi. Mr. Shoebat’s story is billed on the basis of several proven accounts:


1) He was recruited into the PLO by prison cellmate Mahmoud Al-Mughrabi – which led to the former’s involvement in a bomb plot that targeted several Bank Leumi branches.


Several bombings of Bank Leumi are well documented in the United Nations Reports.


Al-Mughrabi [1] was Mr. Shoebat’s prison mate and his PLO recruiter: he sent Walid to bomb the Bank Leumi branch in Bethlehem. After his release from the Masqubiyeh, he was considered enough of a danger that Israel assassinated him on October 1, 1985: Israeli F-15B Eagle war planes, in Operation Wooden Leg, hit Arafat’s Tunisia headquarters in retaliation for the PLO’s murder of Israelis in Larnaca, Cyprus one week earlier. (The assassination mission that killed Al-Mughrabi can be pulled up on video [2] via Al-Jazeera.) Arab sources like Middle East Report lamented his death:


In pain and sorrow we learn that our friend Mahmud Al-Mughrabi was killed during the October bombing raid in Tunisia. Mahmud was born in Jerusalem in 1960. By the age of 16 he was under detention 12 times and he was one of the first to speak in public about the methods of interrogation of Palestinian detainees used by the General Security Services in Israel. He then gave his permission to being publicly identified as an informant for the Sunday Times expose of Israeli torture in June 1977. In 1984, he managed to escape to Jordan after years of increasingly marginal existence under steadily deteriorating conditions of military occupation.


Famed Egyptian terror-apologist Edward Said spoke of Al-Mughrabi:


One of the victims of the Tunis bombing was Mahmoud Al-Mughrabi, born in Jerusalem in 1960, under detention twelve times by the age of 16, one of the informants of The Sunday Times to expose of torture in Israel (19 June, 1977) who “managed to escape to Jordan after years of increasingly marginal existence under steadily deteriorating existence of the Israeli occupation”, according to a memorial notice by Israeli Jewish friends that was repeatedly denied publication in Arab newspapers in East Jerusalem by Israeli military censorship.


Al-Jazeera and Said are not “Zionist” sources, but Arab.


While Walid’s partner in crime and prison cell mate Mahmoud Al-Mughrabi was denied to have ever existed, he was notorious, very real and quite dangerous. He was a secret correspondent for the British Sunday Times – hired to report alleged tortures in the Russian Compound (Jerusalem Central Prison) and his name was published by the United Nations while privately conducting terror plots.


2) Close family ties to high as well as low-ranking terrorists, which can be reasonably proven. Walid was well connected to several terrorist members of his own family whom CNN interviewed—preferring to use these—to collaborate a false claim. Yet such interviews only add to his credibility.


A—His cousin was – Areen Ahmad Shoebat – the renowned mastermind of the dual Operation Reshon Letzion in which Issa Bdeir detonated a bomb, killing him along with innocent Jewish civilians. Areen survived, hesitating to kill children, a similar account to that of Walid’s, who published his story years prior to Areen’s activity.


B—Walid fled to the United States and was mentored under Jamal Said who is said to be an associate of Abdullah the godfather of Al-Qaeda who later was involved with the I.A.P (Islamic Association of Palestine) a branch of Hamas, which gave birth to CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) which CNN is defending.


C—Then we have another cousin, exiled terrorist Jawad Younis who became Abu Zubaydah’s lawyer in absentia. Abu Zubaydah ended up in U.S. custody to later testify against 911 ‘mastermind’ Khalid Sheik Muhammad. Jawad is still an Islamist troublemaker in Jordan and an ardent supporter of Hezbollah:


“To His Excellency Mr. Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbullah the Victorious by the will of Allah …We grip our hands with you, and all the Jihadists for the cause of Allah…as you lunge with your souls for the battle of the [Islamic] nation, to fight the demonic forces of America and Zionism, the sons of the great Satan.” Signed as #4 of this delegation Jawad Younis. (Letter of support to Nassrallah, dated 7/19/2006, published July 27th, 2006)


D—Another cousin is Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat, killed while attempting to plant a bomb at Ben Yehuda Street. Raed Awadallah Shoebat is on the official martyrs list. Anyone can use google translate from Arabic can confirm all the links in which these names match 100% to be Walid’s relatives.


E—Another cousin is Mahmoud Khalil Awadallah Shoebat who was imprisoned for years for his terror activity to later be released in a plea bargain. All the Awadallah Shoebat names provided are within the same household of the CNN witness Mr. Daood Awadallah Shoebat seen lying through his teeth.


F—Another cousin Eiad Shoebat, has an arrest warrant by the FBI wanted to major financial fraud suspected to be terror related. This involved contra band, passport fraud and major financial embezzlements that could be related to terrorism. This can be confirmed with the FBI. Homeland Security did all the proper due-diligence that CNN never did.


C—Walid’s violent acts included street violence and hand-to-hand confrontations with Israeli forces. On one occasion Walid nearly lynched an Israeli soldier, which also can be confirmed by accessing Israeli news archives on March 18th as well as March 30th 1976. The news broadcaster was Karam Zarour (Oded Zarrai) who broadcast the news item on 8 PM news on the Arabic station on Israeli TV. CNN never accessed the archives.


D—Walid’s experience in Chicago being active with the PLO as well as the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the inception of the I.A.P (Islamic Association of Palestine) which later gave birth to CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations). It is for this reason CNN and CAIR attack Mr. Shoebat.


It is important that when we examine evidence to avoid character assassinations due to political affiliation. CNN has a liberal agenda and we are conservative. Let us put our affiliations aside and pursue the facts. Will CNN be willing to pursue the facts or is there an agenda in line with CAIR’s?


Regardless of the facts, many will still doubt and continue the slander, but for those who do, try to refute a single fact we presented, they can’t.


[1] Al-Mughrabi:


[2] video:



Keith Davies



Lister Tim

Message flagged

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 11:23 AM


Message body



>It is my role at CNN to check all reporting for attribution and balance

And it is my roll to protect my client. We will be willing to provide copies of documents that will answer your questions and witnesses on the condition that you guarantee they are protected and no names or photos or the contents of such documents will be made public. We will have you review these in person.


In other words, such documents, phone calls to witnesses and names must be used to ONLY verify your quest and does not become part of your coverage. You can have your attorney call mine to iron out the details.


I also need to know if you are doubting Mr. Griffin’s claim that he called Bank Leumi. We will not go through a one way street in which you demand information and do not confess your mistakes. Mr. Griffin had made several claims which were proven false. Would you like me to point them all out again?


They are on film. Even Kathy Johnson claimed that the chant “To Jerusalem we march” during Egypt’s uprising was in Alexandria. Her attempt to refute the fact was also false; it was in Cairo Tahrir Square as Mr. Shoebat stated on camera. Try to find someone that knows what they are talking about instead of telling me about “attribution and balance”.


We have been telling the truth so far and provided you with an initial report and will not continue this unless you agree to our request to protect individuals lives and admit your mistakes.


Let me know if you agree and we can cooperate TOGETHER or else we should stop our exchange.


Keith Davies

From: “Lister, Tim” <>
To: Keith Davies <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:58 PM
Subject: RE: Walid Shoebat story


Dear Mr Davies


Thank-you for your reply. It is my role at CNN to check all reporting for attribution and balance; and to follow up leads that would ensure the most complete coverage of any story.


As regards the incident in Bethlehem in 1978, I note that in 3 – F of your original e-mail, you offer contact details for a journalist who has interviewed eyewitnesses. We would be very grateful for those details so as to be able to make every check possible.




Tim Lister


From: Keith Davies []
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 4:26 PM
To: Lister, Tim
Subject: Walid Shoebat story



Dear Mr. Lister,


Thanks for your inquiry regarding the vetting process of Mr. Shoebat. I did not see your email of last Wedneaday (sic) till now. Thanks for following up.


When we were first contacted by CNN asking for evidence that corroborates Mr. Shoebat’s life account, we were glad, since we felt that you were serious in doing a joint effort in investigating the story and provided you with our initial detailed report. We also contacted our own sources in Israel to do some checking on what Mr. Drew Griffin erroneously claimed that he “personally contacted Bank Leumi” regarding the bombing which we had our contacts in Israel check to only find out that Mr. Griffin’s account was certainly false and that we believe Mr. Griffin had plagiarized his record.


We did not reflect this on the entire CNN team, so in our effort to iron this issue out we filed a complaint in which we referred to evidence as to why we believe that Mr. Griffin was being dishonest (see below). We summarized in our emailed letter that: “your investigators never called the bank but relied on a fraudulent article”.


We obtained a disappointing reply from Mr. Feder dated June 13, 2011, which stated that: “We stand by the reporting upon which Ms. Johnston and Mr. Griffin based their questioning.  Your assumptions as to their sources have no basis in fact, and your allegations of lying are false and without basis”.


Although the response had no details to corroborate Mr. Griffin’s account, we concluded that you stand by your investigation and chose to provide your viewers with this false information since CNN was not able to corroborate Mr. Griffin’s claim.


The reason that we are at a loss is that after reading Mr. Feder’s response, which states that Mr. Griffin is being truthful, then Mr. Shoebat’s account must be according to you false.


And now we obtain an email that has valid inquiries from you, which if one reads can conclude that CNN is not fully convinced of Mr. Griffin’s account.


If you believe Mr. Griffin’s account, then why even continue this investigation? Why not simply make your story as it stands?


We are at a loss here since we still would like to presume our corroborated effort in obtaining the facts to provide your viewers.




Keith Davies,

The Shoebat Foundation



Sent: Monday, June 13, 2011 7:10 PM

Subject: Your e-mail


Dear Mr. Davies,


Your May 29 email to Christa Robinson and Mark Whitaker has been forwarded to me for a reply.  We will take your concerns under advisement.


We stand by the reporting upon which Ms. Johnston and Mr. Griffin based their questioning.  Your assumptions as to their sources have no basis in fact, and your allegations of lying are false and without basis. Your email has been forwarded to CNN’s attorneys.


Dear Mr Whitaker:


I am filing a formal complaint against two of your “investigative journalists” Drew Griffin and Kathy Johnston for lying to us when they were questioning Mr. Shoebat (my client) in Rapid City SD. Drew Griffin  one of your journalists stated that he received information from a “trusted source” that Mr Shoebat was paid $13,000 for his speech/lecture for the DHS in Rapid City (This is on Camera ) This “trusted source” was CAIR – Council for American Islamic Relations” which has shown many times in the past a biased hatred for Mr. Shoebat and have made many false accusations against him. Even CAIR in their latest release against Mr. Shoebat stated the  correct amount which came day or two after the event in which somebody at the DHS told them the actual figure, which was $5000.


The second lie is more serious in which Drew Griffin as well Kathy Johnston in an email confirmed that “CNN contacted Bank Leumi branch which Walid stated he had bombed in Bethlehem in 1976.”  CNN or your investigators never called the bank but relied on a fraudulent article written by a freelance journalist, in his article stated he contacted THE BANK LEUMI, which was the bank Shoebat had bombed. This freelance journalist had an anti Shoebat agenda and his article was published only in the Op Ed column of the Jerusalem Post which the Newspaper later printed a rebuttal. Further we hired an investigator ourselves and the bank branch in question was closed in 1996. The article written by Jorge Luyken in the Jerusalem Post was written in 2008, 12 years later so he could have never called the bank branch in question. Our investigator also contacted Bank Leumi headquarters in Israel who stated they would never release information like this unless one was a customer of the bank.


We would appreciate if you can ask these journalists their “trusted sources” internally so that you can determine whether you wish to expose facts to your audiences or slanted bias, egged on by the propaganda of CAIR whom seems to have an alliance which should not be tolerated by any independent media.


We asked Kathy Johnston by email the source of the person at Bank Leumi but she was unwilling to provide based on “protecting sources.” We fail to see how the so called source at the Bank Leumi could be in any danger or hurt for revealing a simple fact.  If CNN is serious about the integrity of its news gathering some questions need to be asked concerning the agenda regarding this story as well as verifying for yourself as leaders of CNN News, the integrity of these journalists. If they lie about us then how can they be trusted with other important stories.


I look forward to hearing your comments and findings? please indicate when I should receive a complete response?


From: “Lister, Tim” <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 11:25 AM
Subject: Walid Shoebat story


Dear Mr Davies


Checking that you received this e-mail. Very much hope that you can help with the questions below.




Tim Lister


From: Lister, Tim
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 12:35 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Walid Shoebat story


Dear Mr Davies


I am involved in the vetting process for a story concerning Mr Walid Shoebat that has been shot by Drew Griffin. His producer Kathleen Johnston passed on to me your long and detailed e-mail of May 27th.


Thank-you for the information you have provided. We are still trying to find the answers to several questions.


Can I ask you to provide further details as follows?


We are having very little luck tracking down any of the Board members of the Forum for Middle East Understanding. If you have any contact information for board members, I would be very grateful for it. I note from IRS Form 990 from 2009 that Lance Silver is listed. Is he still a board member and are there any others?


As regards the incident in Bethlehem in 1978, I note that in 3 – F, you offer contact details for a journalist who has interviewed eyewitnesses. We would be very grateful for those details.


Do you have any contact details for James al-Yateem, who is referenced in your e-mail and Mr Shoebat’s blog posting of May 18th this year?


Similarly, in 4 – C, we have had no luck in accessing Israeli TV archives (which are very incomplete for that time) or in tracking down anyone by the name of Karam Zarour. Could that name be spelt differently? 


Are you able to furnish us with any documentary evidence of Mr Shoebat’s convictions in Israeli court?


Can you tell us when Mr Shoebat entered the US ? Were US immigration authorities aware of his record of violence on behalf of the PLO?


Thank-you for your time – and for helping us pin down as many details as possible about Mr Shoebat’s experiences and background.




Tim Lister

Executive Editor, CNN


Click Here To Read Walid Shoebat’s “Confession”…



Drew Griffin CNN’s “Investigative Journalist” Who Lead the Smear Campaign at the Full Instigation of CAIR is a Proven Liar….


Drew Griffin CNN investigative reporter


He is exposed by Bill O’Reilly who has an audience 10 times bigger than CNN, I wonder why?


We received an unsolicited email from an unimpeachable source that CAIR was fully involved and helped CNN with this smear. Obviously we cannot reveal the name as it would compromise him, which is frustrating for us. CNN are lying when they denied CAIR’s involvement as they did through the whole story.

We need help from you out there: both to write to Anderson Cooper and CNN about your outrage. Keep emails short and professional.


We believe his email is:

head of CNN is: 

You also might like to scour blogs that attack Walid’s credentials and link a positive comment with a link back to:


Walid Shoebat Accusers use Half-Truth Data to Condemn Him

John R. Houk

© September 21, 2012


I Was a Terrorist; In Defense of My Identity, Story and Credentials


Copyright © 2002-2012, OpEdNews


I Was a Terrorist; In Defense of My Identity, Story and Credentials


© Copyright 2002-2010 Top Executive Media. All rights reserved.

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The Insanity of Creating Palestinian State

Cleric- Kill Jews

John R. Houk

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Let’s see, how to start this post. Way back in 1993 Israel and the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat under the direction of President Slick Willie Clinton came to an agreement for a path to Palestinian statehood via the Oslo Accords.


Essentially both sides were displeased with the other on following through with their commitments. The Palestine Authority (PA) which was created out of the PLO believed they would receive infrastructure upgrades that would benefit the economy of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians along with full authority of Gaza and Judea-Samaria (aka West Bank) and giving the boot to Jews living within the land. Israel felt the newly created PA would track down terrorists even at the expense of human rights like most Arab regimes do and stop the violence inside Israel.


I’m a Bible kind-of-guy so I don’t believe Israel should give up Judea-Samaria to a group of Arabs that have no ancient heritage to the land. Nonetheless, if I was Israel I would not pour money into a group of people that exist only to kill Jews and destroy Israel.


So can anyone tell me why America is part of Russia, European Union and the United Nations to bring about the existence of sovereign Palestinian State that is committed to the genocide of Jews in sovereign Israel?


Palestine Media Watch writes about the culture of hate that exists with the PA and Hamas of Gaza. In an email subscription message PMW reposts and article from the Jerusalem Post honoring Itamar Marcus for founding PMW and keeping the deaf world informed in the true intentions of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians for the Land of Israel.


Itamar Marcus


JRH 6/13/12


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“Teaching children to hate”

JPost article about PMW findings


Posted by PMW

By Maxine Dovere

PMW Post: June 10, 2012

JPost Post: May 19, 2012


The Jerusalem Post recently published an article about one of Itamar Marcus’ lectures during his recent trip to the US. The article also includes the history of Palestinian Media Watch’s founding, explains some of the major goals of the organization, and lists some of its achievements. The article was distributed by the JointMedia News Service.

The following is the text of the Jerusalem Post article:


Teaching children to hate

Palestinian Media Watch head: Those yearning for peace “want to believe so badly that there is someone there on the Palestinian side.”

By Maxine Dovere

“If your enemy says he will destroy you, believe him.”

Those were the words of Itamar Marcus, founding director of Palestinian Media Watch, when he recently joined The Jewish Week Associate Editor Jonathan Mark on stage at the 92nd Street Y in New York City to discuss the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership’s use of culture, education, and media to influence its population.

Marcus has presented evidence of Palestinian incitement to the U.S. Congress’s Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee, and has lectured to Canadian and European parliamentarians and international security officials.

Palestinian Media Watch ( is an NGO (non-governmental organization) dedicated to disclosure of the factual content of Palestinian media, founded by Marcus 14 years ago. Marcus said his purpose is simple: “To get a real sense of what is happening in the Palestinian world.”

Marcus made aliyah from New York and lives in Efrat. In an interview with JointMedia News Service, he recalled the first tapes he received of Yasser Arafat’s speeches while working for the Israeli government during the 1990s. In the midst of a highly visible “peace process,” the Palestinian leader, speaking on Arabic and Palestinian TV, called for jihad, saying any agreements with Israel were “temporary.”

When Marcus left the government, he initiated Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), and began to “tape all of official Palestinian TV, read the Palestinian newspapers every day.” What he found was an ongoing demonization of Israel and an ongoing denial of Israel’s right to exist.

Marcus’s tapes were brought to the 1998 Wye Summit and given to President Bill Clinton. Soon afterwards, an Israeli, Palestinian and American negotiating committee to deal with the problem of incitement was established. Marcus was appointed to the Israeli team, a position he held until Ehud Barak’s election as prime minister. “There was no significant progress” with the Palestinians, said Marcus. “The Palestinians are teaching their children hatred against Jews, and ultimately violence against Jews and Israelis,” he said.

The Palestinians, he said, “like to depict the conflict as territorial while hiding this horrific underlying ideology.”

Marcus remains a proponent of direct contact between Israelis and Palestinians, which he believes engenders respect and admiration for Israel as a democracy and a supporter of human rights. “The tragedy is that the Palestinians were much closer to peace with Israel before the Oslo Accords,” he said. “An ocean has developed because of hate promotion by the Palestinian Authority.” Marcus said chances for peace may have been better in 1996, when after decades of contact with Israelis, a poll of Palestinians showed that 78 percent considered Israel to be positive in democracy and human rights.

Now, Marcus is concerned about the effect that the teaching of hatred and demonization will have on the ability to produce a peaceful outcome with the PA. Given the level of hate indoctrination, success-not only in negotiation, but actualization-remains challenging, he said.

“The only way to reverse the down trend in acceptance of Israel,” Marcus said, if for Palestinians to “drop the lies-the planned delegitimization conducted by the PA, and replace it with truth.” Marcus said Israel has helped the PA in many ways, including construction of its infrastructure, assisting its economic base, and developing its universities.

“The population is so poisoned by hate material and terror,” Marcus said. “There is suffering on both sides – but the Palestinians don’t realize they have their own leadership to blame. They destroy truth and replace it with hate.”

Marcus said the way to heal this untenable situation is for the West to suspend funding to the PA, to not give a “penny of financial support or diplomatic support as long as structures of hate remain.” He acknowledged that the PA “will have to go through a period of crisis. If the western world keeps funding corrupt government, there is no future… They pretend that [Mahmoud] Abbas is a moderate while he honors terrorists.”

“You can’t have a political peace structure unless it’s proceeded by an educational peace process,” Marcus said. Both content and nomenclature, he said, are important. Marcus called attention to the Palestinian media designation of Israel’s Minister of Defense as the “Minister of War,” its labeling of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as the “Israel Occupations Forces,” and its use of the title “resistance fighter” for Palestinian terrorists.

“It’s almost too painful, too hurtful, for many Israelis and American Jews to fully comprehend,” said Marcus. Those yearning for peace “want to believe, so badly, that there is someone there on the Palestinian side. When you look at the Palestinians, adults and children, singing about Tel Aviv and Haifa being Palestinian, or when you see their demonization of Jews and the de-legitimization of Israel and Jewish history, if you accept that as the official PA culture, then there’s no hope.”

PMW’s staff of 12 looks at all Palestinian media. Its purpose is not just to explore media, but also to study society, culture and education, and to “keep a finger on the pulse of the leadership and what they are teaching their kids,” said Marcus. “After less than a generation of hate indoctrination, only 7 percent of Palestinian teenagers accept that Israel has the right to exist,” he said. “For Israel to pretend otherwise will bring disaster.”


“Bringing up Palestinian children to hate is also stealing their future,” he added.


[The Jerusalem Post, May 19, 2012]


The Insanity of Creating Palestinian State

John R. Houk

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Teaching children to hate


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Who Actually Believes Hamas and PA Have Peaceful Intentions?

Hamas TV - Kill Jews & Christians

John R. Houk

© April 6, 2012


My fellow Americans do you know who or what Hamas is? Hamas is the Islamic terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean side of Israel. Gaza is a location that Arabs fled to in Israel’s war of independence in 1948. Just for clarity’s sake, the Arabs did not flee to Gaza because of some sort of forced exodus to move Arabs out of Israel. That is what Muslims do to non-Muslims when they think too many kafir are in an area of strategic importance. Brutal forced migration can be seen in history by the example of Ottoman Turkey and later Republic of Turkey collected Christian Armenians and marched them to a Syrian Desert to kill those who survived the march. The forced Armenian migration was a death march in which Armenians were systematically stripped of possessions and life along the way which included the rape of Armenian women.


Arabs fled from Israel to Judea-Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza where refugee camps were set up. These Arabs did not flee fearing the brutality of Jewish Israelis. Some Arabs fled because of the fear of becoming victims of Israeli-Arab armies battling each other and most of the fled under direction from the invading Armies to get out of the way until after an Arab victory. Israel withstood 5 or 6 invading armies (I’ve read it both ways) and the fleeing Arabs became stuck to whence they fled.


There other ensuing Arab nation wars with the primary assailants being the governments of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The hatred of Jews ingrained in these Arab hostile nations really had more to do with acquiring conquered land than restoring Arabs to homes that most were renters of more than owners. The surrounding Arab nations use the Arab refugees as a pretext for future invasions after 1948 and so the Arab nations refused to integrate the refugees into their own nations. The Arab nations that created the refugee problem made sure the Arabs remained in the refugee camps EVEN THOUGH after the Israeli victory in 1948 Egypt controlled Gaza and (then) Transjordan controlled Judea-Samaria of an eastern portion of the old British Mandate of Palestine thanks to British aid given to the Transjordanian army known as the Arab Legion. The Transjordanian Hashemite Monarch renamed his nation Jordan after the 1948 conquest and renamed the portion conquered from Israeli possession the West Bank.


For clarity Egypt and Jordan both controlled territory where Arab refugees lived but never allowed the refugees to be a part of their perspective nations. Gaza and Judea-Samaria suzerainty remained with Egypt and Jordan from 1948 until 1967 when both those nations were spanked preparing yet another Arab invasion. The spanking brought back Judea-Samaria and Gaza back to Israeli control.


In 1964 the Arab League came up with a plan to engage Arab Refugees in the Islamic Arab World goal of driving Israel into the sea. The Arab League created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The member nations of the Arab League did not create the PLO to establish an independent Palestinian State. Rather the PLO was to act as a surrogate for Arab nations to needle Israel while giving Jew-hating Muslim nations plausible deniability to the questions of more powerful nations in West which at that time had the most influence over the United Nations (My how those days have changed). Then after Israel spanked Egypt, Syria and Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War, the PLO mission changed from needling Israel to outright acts of terrorism. AGAIN Muslim nations supported the PLO in this terrorism for both plausible deniability for acts of war and the hope to soften Israel for another invasion to eradicate Israel.


Check this out:


… the Arab League convened to try and find a way to complete the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. They had tried it once before in 1948, with incomplete results. Back then, the Arab forces had managed to capture and ethnically cleanse the eastern half of Jerusalem, as well as seizing and annexing the West Bank and Gaza. But for 16 years, Israel had managed to frustrate their designs by stubbornly continuing to exist.


What the Arab governments wanted was a terrorist organization that could cross the border and carry out attacks inside Israel. And they wanted plausible deniability so that Israel and the UN couldn’t hold them responsible for those attacks. And so cloaked in a lot of smoke and mirrors about “Palestinian Arab nationhood”, the Palestine Liberation Organization was born.


The PLO had three tasks, to harass Israel through terror, to cultivate a fifth column inside the country that would come into play in an invasion, and to make it seem as if the Arab world wasn’t a bunch of genocidal maniacs, but wanted to destroy Israel in the name of “Palestinian rights”.


The Arab League had never believed in an independent Palestinian state. Even while they were creating the PLO, Jordan had already annexed the West Bank. And Gaza was in Egyptian hands. The PLO’s purpose was not to liberate these areas, or even to govern them. Its own charter made that abundantly clear.


Article 24. This Organization does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the Gaza Strip or the Himmah area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.


The PLO’s own founding charter had already conceded that the West Bank was not part of Palestine, and instead recognized Jordan’s annexation of the area. When the PLO talked about “liberating” Palestine, it only meant the parts of Israel that the Arab League members had not succeeded in seizing in 1948. When the PLO talked about liberating Palestine, up until 1967, it had nothing to do with the West Bank or Gaza, it simply meant destroying Israel.


It was not until 1967, when the latest Arab League attempt to “drive the Jews into the sea” failed, that the PLO began talking about their rights to Gaza and the West Bank. Previously they had staged terrorist attacks on Israel from bases in Gaza and the West Bank, under the sponsorship of Egypt and Jordan. After Israel reclaimed Gaza and the West Bank, and reversed the ethnic cleansing of Jews carried out in 1948, the PLO began focusing on the territories that their sponsors had lost in 1967, rather than just those they had lost in 1948.


(The End of Palestine; by Daniel Greenfield; Canada Free Press, 9-19-11 – ARTICLE IS AWESOME-READ IT ALL)


Where does Hamas fit in this PLO umbrella Islamic terrorist design to destroy Israel?


Hamas does not fit into the PLO paradigm. Indeed, Hamas was created by the Muslim Brotherhood because of a loss of confidence in the PLO by the transnational Islamist organization we call the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) but may be better known as Ikhwan by Muslims. Hamas does not consider itself under the authority of the PLO or the created institution of the Palestinian (National) Authority (PA). As dreadful as Hamas is a radical Islamic organization is its honesty. Hamas does not tell Arabs that call themselves Palestinians something different than they tell Western ears. This is exactly what the PA does: the PA deceives the West with bogus implied promises and sows the seeds of Jew-hatred among PA constituents. Hamas honesty tells everybody: they intend to destroy Israel and kill Jews.


The International Quartet (UN, EU, USA & Russia) determined to create a Palestinian State out of Israel’s heritage is an international embarrassment for lovers of Israel as the Quartet sells that a Palestinian State will bring peace to the Middle East and security to the Jewish State of Israel. No such thing will occur with a Palestinian State AND if Hamas would join such a State it is a logical conclusion there would be a war to yet again to destroy Israel as per the Hamas Charter and the PLO Charter (or at least before open deception set in).


Caroline Glick has written an astute article about Hamas intentions for Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. Part of what Glick has gleaned is surprising and it is based on an interview between a high level Hamas official and an Egyptian television interview:


Hamad made two central points. First, he claimed that the Palestinian war against Israel is the keystone of the global jihad. Second, he said the Palestinians are not a distinct people, but transplanted Egyptians and Saudis.


In his words, “At al-Aksa and on the land of Palestine, all the conspiracies, throughout history, have been shattered – the conspiracies of the Crusaders, and the conspiracies of the Tatars. At al- Aksa and on the land of Palestine, the Battle of Hattin was waged. The [West] does not want this noble history to repeat itself, because the Jews and their allies would be annihilated – the Zionists, the Americans and the imperialists.


“Thus, the conspiracy is very clear. Al-Aksa and the land of Palestine represent the spearhead for Islam and for the Muslims. Therefore, when we seek the help of our Arab brothers, we are not seeking their help in order to eat, to live, to drink, to dress, or to live a life of luxury. No. When we seek their help, it is in order to continue to wage Jihad.”


Hamad next explained, “Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis. Who are the Palestinians? We have many families called Al-Masri, [Egyptians] whose roots are Egyptian. Egyptian! They may be from Alexandria, from Cairo, from Dumietta, from the North, from Aswan, from Upper Egypt. We are Egyptians.”


What Hamad’s interview tells us is that today Hamas – the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood – is more interested in unity with Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egypt than with Fatah. Whereas in the past it joined Fatah in obscuring the direct link between the jihad against the Jews and the jihad against the non-Muslim world, today it seeks to emphasize the connection. To this end, Hamas is willing to abandon the myth of Palestinian nativism and acknowledge that the Palestinians are an artificial people, invented for the purpose of advancing the global jihad in the key battlefield of Israel. (The eternal liberation movement; by Caroline Glick;, 4/5/12)


My summarization goes something like this: Hamas has become more of a client of the Muslim Brotherhood rather than a representative of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. Hamas typically speaks the truth about the origin of so-called Palestinians and its goals. So point here is the future destruction of Israel will be the launching pad for the return of the Islamic glory days of Mohammed and the Four (cough) Rightly Guided Caliphs that began Islamic Imperialistic global conquest with the aim of transforming the whole of planet earth into a Caliphate.


Does Israel need a Jew-hating sovereign nation right on its doorstep created out of Israel’s own heritage? NO!


America is crazy for desiring a sovereign Palestinian State under the delusion that peace will come to the Middle East. If anything such a State will begin yet another international war ala WWIII. Although Republican Presidential Administrations have also bought into the idiocy of land for peace, it is President Barack Hussein Obama’s open disdain for Israel that will probably swoop into existence a Palestinian State sooner than later.


If you love Israel DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA on that first Tuesday in November 2012.


JRH 4/6/12


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Here is a Two-State Solution I can Run With

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2011


In these days of President Barack Hussein Obama throwing Israel under the Arab-Muslim Jew-hating bus by demanding a Palestinian State that strips Israeli borders back to 1967 there was a lot of talk that a solution to Arab (i.e. Palestinian)/Israel conflict was a “Jordan is Palestine” solution.


This idea did not set well with Jew-hating Muslim nations surrounding Israel because they created a refugee problem by not taking responsibility for the displaced Arabs they created by attempting to destroy the new Jewish State in 1948.


The Kingdom of Jordan I believe always had a sympathetic agenda to normalize relations with Israel after the first 1948 war but pressure from surrounding Muslim nations whether actually involved in sending invasion troops or not to Israel had pressured King Abdullah I and later King Hussein into towing the hate-Jew/Israel line. That pressure always centered on the potential of the Hashemite House might lose a place to rule after being so influential even under Turkish rule. It was the Hashemite House (Modern Hashemite evolution) that cared for Meccan and Medina until the House of Saud rose up and gave the Hashemites the boot from the Muslim holy places.


At the end of WWI the British did not want a unified Arab world (and neither did competitor France) and so tribal fiefdoms were carved up into arbitrary Mandates, Protectorates and independent Muslim nations. Two Hashemite brothers were thus offered two carved out nations in Iraq and Transjordan. Most of the chunk of Transjordan was created from the original League of Nations British Mandate of Palestine which came into existence after the Turks were given the boot back to Turkey. Frankly I am uncertain how Iraq’s tribal areas were divided into the Iraq nation except that the Kurds were in the north; the Shias were in the east and the lesser population of Sunni Arabs to the west.


The Hashemite brother became King of Syria and was deposed by the French. The British then made Faisal the King of Iraq and was quite successful even the Muslims of that British carved out nation had little information of their new. King Faisal I desired to make Iraq a hegemonic power among Arabs with dreams of a Pan-Arab union government with himself as the king of the Arabs. Who knows what would have happened in this area because beginning to gain favor with his subjects in Iraq and he definitely had a following in French controlled Syria whence he had been deposed. King Faisal I died in July 1933 ending that Pan-Arab dream.


Faisal’s I son then became King Ghazi of Iraq and reigned from 1933 – 1939. Ghazi had the same Pan-Arab visions of his father; however he became enamored with Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It is possible Ghazi’s Nazi sympathies led him to support a coup of the Iraq military to end Iraq’s civilian government. A mysterious car accident took his life in 1939 which many felt was an assassination.


Ghazi’s son Faisal became King Faisal II; however he was just a kid. Faisal’s II uncle was the regent to the Iraq throne until the age of majority in 1953. While Faisal II was a minor, the Nazi sympathizers among the Iraq military embarked on another coup in Iraq that resulted in the uncle’s regency being dethroned – momentarily. Transjordan’s British trained Arab Legion and the British Royal Air Force beat down the Nazi sympathizing Iraqis reinstalled the regency and the throne of Faisal II. Faisal II came to the age of majority assuming the reigns of monarchy in 1953.  Faisal II found himself deposed in relatively short fashion via the old Third World transference of government through a coup. The July 14, 1958 coup was actually a massacre resulting in a firing squad of the Hashemite Iraq Royal family thus ending another Hashemite sphere of influence.


So, you can imagine the pressure King Abdullah I and later his son King Hussein placed on retaining a traditional Hashemite House. No Hashemites in the … READ THE REST at

PA and Hamas Kiss and Make Up


John R. Houk

© May 7, 2011


Does anyone wonder how it can be good for Israel’s existence that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have agreed to a unity government to be resolved by elections in 2012? I mean Hamas is very honest that the destruction of Israel is its goal. Only the ignorant would believe the PA propaganda (i.e.  The PLO and Fatah) that it no longer has the goal to destroy Israel. It is as if the “Zionist Entity” is not Israel, right? If you believe that I have some plush property to sell you at an old nuclear weapon test site in the Nevada Desert that might be rich in uranium.


The PLO and the PA is essentially the same thing except the Western world recognizes the PA as the representative of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. The PA is essentially the master of propaganda telling lies as if they are truth. Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood connected Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. As the PA is the master of deception, Hamas uses honesty and demands Israel’s destruction as well as establishing hatred toward all Jews. In essence Hamas makes no bones about a 21st century Jewish Holocaust if given the opportunity.


And here we are today, and the so-called Quart with the agenda of creating a sovereign Palestinian nation at the cost of Israel’s historical heritage, we see that the deceitful haters of Israel has agreed to provide a unity political entity with the truthful haters of Israel forming a unified front to make a Palestinian State in 2011.


Hmm … I am thinking Obama portion of the Quartet is pulling strings that will force Israel to accept the existence of a created Palestinian State that has the goal to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. What do you think?


JRH 5/7/11 (Hat Tip: Prophecy Update)

Why I Left Islam – Tass Saada (former PLO Sniper)

Eric Stakelbeck of CBN News interviews Tass Saada. Saada was a former PLO sniper and the driver Islamic terrorist Yasser Arafat. Saada has converted to Christianity!


JRH 1/21/11

PLO Phased Pan for Israel

This was sent to the members of the Facebook group Israel Has a Right to Defend Herself:


Many believe entities such as the Hamas and the Palestine Authority seek lasting peace with Israel. However this is simply a ruse. Acquiring territory is an essential part of their goal namely the conquest of Israel. Please help us expose the PLO’s lies. Visit and share this video with all your friends!


The video in the link goes to a page that encourages one to spread the word about the Palestinian goal for Israel. However to view the YouTube video at YouTube you can here:


JRH 12/3/10