ALERT: Draft Allen West for Congress

I am a HUGE supporter of former Rep. Allen West (R-FL). I don’t live in Florida so you can understand that West lost a razor thin election under dubious circumstances in the 2012 election.


I am extremely gratified to learn via email that there is a draft West campaign for Congress to rerun in his Florida District because the Dem Patrick Murphy appears to be a weak candidate.


Drafting Allen West to rerun works for me. It is obvious West was the victim of Dem conspiracy fraud.


JRH 2/27/13

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ALERT: Draft Allen West for Congress

Allen West - Draft for Congress


By Todd Cefaratti

Sent: 2/26/2013 7:01 PM

Sent by: Tea Party Leadership Fund


Dear Friend,


Months ago, we emailed you with news of our involvement in the razor-tight recount between Allen West and his opponent. Unfortunately, despite a herculean effort, Allen lost that battle, but recent developments have shown an impending opportunity to win the next one.

Please let me explain:

After November’s recount, Allen’s opponent, Patrick Murphy, has never been more vulnerable. In fact, just weeks ago, Larry Sabato (a respected political pollster at the University of Virginia) ranked Murphy as the single most vulnerable Democrat in Congress!

With such a weak alternative, conservatives across America have been calling for Allen to run again for his seat. But, as of the time I pressed send on this letter, Allen has not announced any firm intentions to run again.

That’s why, today, I’m launching a “Draft Allen West” petition to show him how united Tea Party conservatives are behind him and give him the support he needs to run again for his former seat.

Will you visit this link and sign the petition immediately?
Just remember what sort of leader Allen was when he was speaking for us in Washington:


– An unapologetic opponent of Barack Obama and his agenda, leading the opposition to Obamacare from the very beginning.

– A leader against amnesty before it became a hot issue.

– As a former military officer, a leader and an authority on second amendment issues, coining the phrase “An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject.”

Your signature on our petition will mean more than just a name on the internet. Every single petition signature to get Allen West back in Congress will be hand delivered to him, so that he knows just how loud the call is by We the People to have his voice back in our service.

In the last election, Allen got knocked down by a smear-campaign of lies and untruths coupled with sketchy happenings at the ballot box. But, as an American hero, we know he has the capacity to get back up, and we want him to know that we’ll be behind him when he does.

So will you visit this link and add your signature to our Draft Allen West Petition?

After signing the petition, you’ll have the opportunity to make a contribution to ensure that, should Allen decide to run again, we would have the financial resources to back him 100% through direct donations, paid advertising, and on the ground support.

Please visit this link, sign our petition, and consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any amount that you can afford towards supporting a future with Allen West in Congress.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer



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Allen West Needs Your Help

Votes- Who's Counting

Newsmax has sent what I think is a paid sponsor email that supports Allen West. In case you are not aware the election in FL-18 is plagued with voting irregularities that smack of voting fraud. It is obvious a total recount should proceed however election officials in the district refuse to do so and the local courts are – SURPRISE – making decisions with the idiotic claim of a lack of evidence to have a recount:


“The St. Lucie judge said that the West campaign had not established sufficient evidence to warrant a recount of early voting ballots.


Last week, a judge in Palm Beach County dismissed West’s first lawsuit saying that, “the law is clear…courts should not get involved in the election process”


The email from Newsmax is sponsored by the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA).


JRH 11/17/12

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Allen West Needs Your Help


By Michael Thielen

Sent: Nov 17, 2012 at 7:33 AM

Sent from: RNLA

Sent by Newsmax


Urgent from the Republican National Lawyers Association

Re: Allen West Recount Demand


Dear Friend:


The Allen West election is not and should not be over!


Every legal vote should be counted once, and the candidate who takes office should be the one who the people – not election officials – select. 


Sadly this has not been the case in Allen West’s recent election race – where Florida officials have failed to conduct a proper count.


No election should be certified until the people have confidence that their votes were counted and not disenfranchised by illegal votes or other nefarious activities.


There is compelling evidence Allen West has not been provided a proper and accurate vote count.


Already, there are multiple reports that have surfaced about “disturbing irregularities” in Rep. West’s 18th Congressional district in Florida.


Many are worried that this district has been plagued by “incompetence, illegal activity and possible fraud.”


It gets worse.


The Supervisor of Elections in one of the counties in Rep. West’s district does not even know how many votes were cast in the election!


Gertrude Walker, a Democrat, is the Election Supervisor in charge of St. Lucie County.


She has had problems in previous elections. 


She initially said there were 779 provisional ballots but later said there were 691 provisional ballots and claimed the first number she reported was a “guesstimate.”


But most recently she gave a list of 713 provisional ballots but has yet to give a number of rejected provisional ballots.


This is typical of Ms. Walker.


But the bottom line is Ms. Walker has yet to give a final total of votes for the election and it has been almost two weeks.


Help Allen West — Donate Here Now


The Allen West campaign reports that:


Congressman West maintained a district wide lead of nearly 2000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections “recounted” thousands of early ballots. Following that “recount” Congressman West trailed by 2,400 votes. In addition, there were numerous other disturbing irregularities reported at polls across St. Lucie County including the doors to polling places being locked when the polls closed in direct violation of Florida law, thereby preventing the public from witnessing the procedures used to tabulate results. The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office clearly ignored proper rules and procedures.


The problem in Allen West’s election started long before this recent Election Day in Florida.


Remember Palm Beach and the butterfly ballot in 2000?


Well, in 2012, Palm Beach used unreadable-by-computer absentee ballots that did not accurately list all ballot information.


The unbelievable solution was to manually “copy ballots.”


The Republican National Lawyers Association had members in Florida before Election Day observing.


I can tell you that the Democrat election officer was openly hostile to “Republican observers” and tried to throw them out.


This is a fight that is not going to end soon!


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to tell you “it is over” for Allen West.


But all the ballots have not even been counted!  It is not over until the people’s votes are counted.


And if we show serious irregularities, we can present that to the House committee that seats members of Congress. They can actually overrule Florida’s local Democrat officials and declare West the winner.


Even if the corrupt and/or incompetent partisan election officials in Florida chose Rep. Patrick Murphy, RNLA will keep fighting all the way to the House of Representatives until the truth comes out on who really won in Florida’s 18th District.


Right now, the RNLA is taking an active role in helping Allen West. But we need to do more.


Please help Allen West — Donate Here Now


As you may know, the RNLA is the leading Republican group fighting against vote fraud. We have been in business for 37 years and have an advisory board that includes Ronald Reagan’s former attorney general Ed Meese and George Bush’s Solicitor General Ted Olson.


We have fought these types of battles before and won.


I can assure you that Pelosi and her Union allies are pouring in money to help Patrick Murphy take this seat – and deny Allen West a fair count.


We at the RNLA are going to fight for you and Allen and demand a fair and full vote count!


But we urgently need funds to make this effort possible.


Please help us – Donate Here Now


RNLA will do its part to ensure that it is the voters — not partisan Democrat election officials — who determine the results. 



Michael Thielen
Executive Director
Republican National Lawyers Association


P.S.  Everyone remembers the chaos of Florida in 2000.  This time it was Rep. Allen West involved in a razor-thin election that had numerous irregularities, gross incompetence, and possible fraud. Why do the Democrats want this race over?  They don’t want you to know what really happened in Florida. Allen West was targeted by Pelosi and her allies because he’s a real conservative. Please help the RNLA in our fight for Allen  Donate now.


This email was sent by:
1501 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 104
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 USA

Allen West Gains 300 Votes, Democrats ‘Lawyer-Up’ for Massive Recount Battle

Allen West

IT IS NOT OVER FOR ALLEN WEST YET! According to he has gained 300 more votes on his Dem opponent Patrick Murphy. Apparently the media is counting Allen out even though voting fraud is raising its ugly head and of course the fraud is on the Democratic Party side. An email from believes there are thousands of military votes to be counted and have until November 16 to arrive. My guess is the Dems will do all they can to lose or block those ballots from being counted. Allen West is a military legend and I have no doubt that a huge amount of those military votes will lean toward West.


JRH 11/9/12

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Allen West Gains 300 Votes, Democrats ‘Lawyer-Up’ for Massive Recount Battle


By Bob Adams

Sent: 11/9/2012 5:22 PM


Dear Fellow American:


Allen West has picked-up 300 votes in Palm Beach County! 


He has now cut-down liberal Murphy’s lead to 0.066% from 0.09% yesterday. 


These percentages are absolutely critical. 


Because if we can get Murphy’s so-called lead down to 0.05%, it will trigger an automatic recount under Florida state law.


This has Pelosi and the Democrats in a total panic.


Nancy Pelosi, who personally put-up Patrick Murphy to take-out Allen West, is desperate to avoid a recount. 


Pelosi, Murphy, and the Palm Beach County Democrats remember what happened to Al Gore in 2000.


When it’s a fair fight, the Democrats lose!


Right now, Murphy leads by 2,159 votes.


But there are still scores of overseas military ballots to be counted.


According to the Miami-Herald, “In 2008, there were several thousand military ballots in Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin counties. It was not clear how many were out this year, or how many had not yet been received”.


We’ll learn the results of these ballots on November 16, the deadline for them to be received.


This is good news for Allen West. 


But it’s not good enough. We simply must push forward with a full recount.


Democrat Patrick Murphy knows he’s trouble.


He’s just launched a “Victory Protection Fund” to lawyer-up against Allen West.


Here’s what the ultra-liberal Murphy writes in an email:


“When other campaigns have been faced with similar situations, they have been burdened with legal bills and lengthy and expensive fights that could go on for weeks — months even. We need urgent resources for our Victory Protection Fund to make sure we can protect this victory. We would not be asking for more funds if it was not so urgent.”


And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Nancy Pelosi and George Soros will pump-in millions to defeat Allen West.


They know any recount is expensive and timely.


They also know this is a fight in the court of public opinion, too.


In 2000, George Bush won in the courts. 


But he had to first win in the court of public opinion to sustain his efforts.


If America weren’t behind him, he would’ve lost.


So we can’t afford to flinch.


The conservative President Downgrade PAC is considering a major on-the-ground effort to support an Allen West recount.


Please click here now to show your support, whether it’s a donation of $5, $25, $100, $500 or any amount whatsoever. Go Here Now 


The fact is we’re going to need Allen West’s leadership to fight Obama in his nightmarish second term.


If there’s ever been a time we’ve needed a man of principle to lead Republicans on Capitol Hill, it is now.


Allen West is that man.


Just yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner said there’s no mandate for “new taxes”.  But he also said House Republicans are “willing to accept new revenue, under the right conditions.”


Oh, really?


We need to keep Allen West in Congress.


Please consider supporting our efforts with a donation of $5, $25, $100, $500 or more.


Thank you for all that you do.


Yours for America,


Bob Adams

Founder & Chief Strategist


P.S. — The conservative President Downgrade PAC is considering a major on-the-ground effort to support an Allen West recount. If you think it’s the right thing to do, please show your support with a donation of $5, $25, $100, $500 or any amount. 


Go Here Now to Support Our Work




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West has a Target on Him by Leftists

Go West for US Congress

John R. Houk

© August 11, 2012


I posted on the 9th that Rep. Allen West has become a major target by the American Left to make sure he is not elected for the Florida 18th District which is different than the District he is an incumbent in. Gerrymandering caused West to run in FL-18 against an increasingly well funded Democrat Patrick Murphy.


Patrick Murphy’s campaign has a Super PAC began by his father that has embarked on the Obama style of campaigning with lies. The lie is the insinuation that Allen West whoops-up on white women. Check it out:





West called the ad “reprehensible, “saying it”shows a lack of regard for the issues plaguing our nation.”


The American Sunrise PAC is responsible for the video.  The group was incidentally founded by the father of Congressman West’s general election opponent, Democrat Patrick Murphy, who has funneled $250,000 into the PAC.


UPDATE: The group responsible for the West advertisement has disabled all comments and ratings on their video page.  The immense distaste for the ad may have pressured this move.  As Blaze reporter Jason Howerton noted: The video on YouTube currently has more than 12,000 views, with 252 “dislikes” and just 16 “likes.”  The move is ironic since the group responsible for the ad claims to work for “thoughtful”, “more open”, “brighter future” in politics. (UPDATE: PAC Disables Commenting & Rating On Allen West Attack Ad Depicting Him Beating Women; By Benny Johnson; The Blaze, 8/9/12 12:08 pm)


The beat up women ad is from Murphy’s daddy and there is another Leftist Super PAC called Dump West funded by George Soros to use Leftist dirty tricks to undermine West.


Allen West’s wife answered the “reprehensible” ad from lying Leftist with a Facebook post (via Allen West Republic):


Angela & Allen West


Dear Facebook Friends:


First and foremost, I have been married to Allen West for over 23years. We have NEVER had a bout of violence. I am a wife, mother and businesswoman. During my marriage we have together accomplished a great deal, we married in graduate school and progressed through our professions. I have been published and travelled throughout the world. Both of our daughters are talented in their own respects with the eldest taking two beauty titles in the recent past. The Allen West that we (Aubrey, Austen and myself) know, is very intelligent, well educated, speaks several languages, well travelled, and tireless in his quest to make a difference in this world. We, as a family, volunteer, mentor, and give of our time, effort and personal treasure.


§  I know that many of you have seen the advertisement put out by Patrick Murphy‘s campaign or his father or his campaign manager or ………. It really does not matter who put it out from his camp, it was and is offensive. Take a look at the stereotypes:


§  A hint of gleaming gold between a gap toothed smile;


§  A boxing clad Allen West (he does not box) punching out not one but two white women —- one old and one young (both white).


§  Stealing the money from a crying, helpless Black man and his crying helpless son (Really? — That might just be the way that old Tom Murphy would like to see most Black men —- crying and helpless.)


§  Then finally, the money shot which is the most vulgar of all.


So, as you know, Allen was interviewed on Fox News this morning, during which he asked an important question: Where are the Black leaders who have no compunction protesting what they feel is considered “racism”? Well, here is a real gem:


NAACP spokesman Hillary Shelton said he watched the ad several times, specifically looking for the concerns raised by West, and saw nothing.


“Racist is not a term I would utilize to sum up this commercial,” Shelton told The Huffington Post. “It looks like a traditional, political, partisan commercial.”


“The language utilized doesn’t present Allen West as a stereotype of an African American,” Shelton said. “The ad has him looking very well groomed, a serious look on his face and he’s wearing a suit. The only thing superimposed is a boxing glove as a symbolic analysis of his policies being inconsistent with the values of retirees, women and African-American families.



NO WONDER WE HAVE SUCH PROBLEMS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!! Does this man, Mr. Shelton, even know what policies Allen West represents? Self reliance, self respect, family, education and direction. Not victimhood, as represented by the crying Black man and his son. No, Mr. Shelton, your type is out of style and you are making the NAACP into an irrelevant body. Your type is not new though, Booker T. Washington wrote:


“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” (p. 118)


No excuses, Mr. Shelton, exist for your ignorant observation. Murphy is what we expected him to be, an opportunist for a weak son; hoping to buy his son job and himself access to greater treasure and business deal in Washington. The casting of the crying Black man and boy are exactly how he views you also. Playing the race card is one of the disgusting tricks of Murphy’s trade, to which he has no excuse. You have no excuse for not seeing this and proclaiming yourself a spokesperson for the NAACP.


I find it incredulous that the Dems Leftists are incapable of trying to campaign on what they believe in. Rather they smear their Conservative opponents to either garner fear or outrage from the voters. That isn’t leadership. That is political thuggery.


Laura J. Alcorn of AC2C cross posts an article from Javier Manjarres writing for Shank Tank. The article deplores the politics being utilized by the American election system. This is a good read!


JRH 8/11/12

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Super PAC Attack AD: Depicts Allen West Punching White Women


Posted by Laura J. Alcorn

August 9, 2012 at 8:00pm



From shark-tank:


The American Sunrise PAC has launched its first attack ad against Congressman Allen West. The political action committee was founded by the father of Congressman West’s general election opponent Democrat Patrick Murphy.


Thomas Murphy Jr. is the CEO of a Miami-based Coastal Construction Group, and he has already kicked in $250,000 (Source) into the PAC. But now those funds have been employed in the creation of a questionable ad that depicts West as a boxer who smacks around women and takes money away from middle class families.


The ad slyly uses a caricature of West and portrays him as a bully who hits women- more specifically, a white women- while he grabs money away from a “middle class” family that just happens to be a black family.


“West has socked it to Seniors, voting to end Medicare as we know it, he’s whacked women with his votes…” American Sunrise PAC


It’s a typically misleading ad from a liberal SuperPAC against a principled conservative- of course, it’s always women and minorities who are hardest hit by conservatives’ policies-  never mind that it’s West who is the one on the front lines trying to bring an end to our fiscal recklessness and entitlement mentality that Democrats will give their last breath to defend.




Stuart, FL -Today Congressman Allen West released this statement in response to an ad funded by Patrick Murphy’s father depicting violence against women and seniors:


I spent my life in uniform fighting for our great nation and protecting all Americans.


The ad being run against me by my opponent’s family depicting violence against women and senior citizens is reprehensible.


It plays on stereotypes and fear to divide Americans, and it cheapens the very real and tragic occurrences of violence against women and seniors.


The American people are suffering from crushing debt, horrific tax and regulatory policies, and epic unemployment.


This classless ad shows a lack of regard for the issues plaguing our nation.


This ad reflects the sad state of politics in our Republic with those who seek to destroy a person’s character to cover for their lack of intellectual ability and integrity.”


West has a Target on Him by Leftists

John R. Houk

© August 11, 2012


Super PAC Attack AD: Depicts Allen West Punching White Women


Laura J. Alcorn AC2C Blog

Let’s Get some Support Stirred for Allen West’s Campaign

Allen West

John R. Houk

© February 16, 2012


Gerrymandering of District election lines in the State of Florida has placed Rep. Allen West in a position to win reelection in a District redesigned to have more Democrats than Republicans and/or Conservatives. Hmm … Perhaps Leftists are growing weary of the voice of truth spoken without restraint by American hero/veteran Rep. Allen West. The irony though is redistricting is occurring under the watch of a Republican majority State Congress. So when District 22 ended up with more Dems than Republicans the outrage was Establishment GOP was trying to factor out Tea Party Republicans. Since the State Chairman in charge of redistricting is also a Mitt Romney proponent the Establishment vs. Tea Party began to move up in volume.


Unfortunately for Florida Leftists and Establishment Republicans, West’s military training has enabled him to confront any anti-West strategy with an insightful strategy of West’s own. Rep. West is simply running for election in the neighboring District 18 which more than likely has constituents denied West’s representation via gerrymandering. The Democrat that West is more than likely to face is a 28 year old CPA with family wealth as the primary source of his Dem Party campaign. That person is Patrick Murphy.


Murphy was prepared to run in Florida District 22 – the current District for Rep. West; however he switched to the same District 18 that West is moving to. Murphy had the audacity for calling decorated hero (Col.) Allen West a coward for moving from District 22 to District 18 in a bid to win reelection to Congress. Well duh, West was gerrymandered!


If one wishes to talk about cowardly politics you need to look at Patrick Murphy. Murphy didn’t move to District 18 to chase West, rather the move was motivated to avoid a costly Democratic Party primary with two experienced community Democrats in former Mayor Lois Frankel and Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.


Who is the coward? That would be virtually unknown 28 year old Patrick Murphy. You see, Murphy will be nearly unchallenged for the Dem Party nomination in Florida District 18.


Although District 18 does have a majority of Republicans registered, it is a slim margin. Rep. West will need some money to confront the wealthy disrespectful Patrick Murphy. I am certain there are many organization and/or Political Action Committees that will get behind West; however the email that alerted me to Democratic Party hijinks Move America Forward PAC. Below is the email sent to me that will give you an opportunity to support Conservative and one who exposes the dangers of Radical Islam at home and abroad in Rep. Allen West.


JRH 2/16/12


Allen West Under Attack! We Need Your Help!


Sent by Move America Forward PAC

Sent: Feb 15, 2012 at 3:30 PM


Congressman Allen West (R-Florida) is a freshman pro-troop conservative Member of Congress.  As an African-American former military officer with service in Iraq, he has been under constant attack by the left.  We are outraged that one of his political opponents – a little rich kid with inherited wealth and no achievements to his name – had the audacity to call Colonel West “a coward.” 

They are going all out to defeat West by redistricting him out of office, and the pro-troop community must rise up to help this patriotic American stay in office.


Since Allen West came upon the political scene in 2010 he has been a popular punching bag for the left’s attacks while he has steadfastly represented his constituents in south Florida.  He has stood up for our troops and given the halls of Congress a loud and proud voice representing our military and its interests, just as Move America Forward Political Action Committee (MAFPAC) predicted when we supported him in 2010. 

I’m sure West has heard many insults hurled at him from his political opponents, but last week his would be opponent in his current Florida district, Patrick Murphy, called the revered military leader a “Coward.” 

The remark was made in response to West’s announcement that he would seek re-election in a neighboring district after the Florida legislature redrew his current district with a heavy Democratic influence.  We know that Allen West can stand up for himself, and that he himself has not been shy about taking on political opponents and ideas.


But to call an American hero, who served in 3 conflicts starting in Desert Storm and received a Bronze Star, a “coward”, for choosing the right district to run in, is simply absurd and offensive. 

Patrick Murphy is a 28 year old accountant who works in the family business and has raised most of his campaign money from those close to his family’s business interests (or from left-wing Democrats eager to see West defeated). There is no military service in his 28 years or even any public service. Simply, it is a certified public accountant born with a silver spoon in his mouth calling a retired Lt. Col of our Armed Forces a “coward.”  DISGRACEFUL!


Please help us support Allen West so he can continue to serve in Congress:  PLEASE DONATE NOW !



Let’s Get some Support Stirred for Allen West’s Campaign

John R. Houk

© February 16, 2012



Allen West Under Attack! We Need Your Help!


Paid for and authorized by Move America Forward Freedom PAC – a federal political action committee. MAF Freedom PAC is responsible for the content of this message. This message is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal tax purposes. No corporate checks are permitted.

Move America Forward Freedom PAC
ATTN: Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications
8795 Folsom Blvd Suite #103
Sacramento, CA 95826