Bolton Gets ICC and Palestinian Authority Attention

John R. Houk

© September 14, 2018


Here’s something in the news cycle you probably have not read or heard about due anti-Trump media bias and anti-Trump media platform bias.


National Security Advisor John Bolton issue a stern warning to the International Criminal Court (ICC) if they unjustly go after the USA or our nation’s allies – SUCH AS ISRAEL – with fake accusations of global crimes merely because the alleged crime is a thumbing of the nose to the evils of Multiculturalism or National self-preservation. AND in conjunction to the Bolton warning, the U.S. has booted the Palestinian Authority out of Washington DC and set up the U.S. Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.


KEEP IN MIND there never has been a Palestinian nation or people of Arab ancestry in world history. The designation of a “Palestinian People” ONLY came as the now defunct Soviet Union and the Arab League nations created them as a result of failed multiple Arab nations invasions of Israel between 1948 (Israel reclaims their heritage via independence) and 1973.


The pretext for future Arab invasions of Israel was the of liberating Arab-Palestinians  from Israel. Hence the Arab League nations and the Communist USSR formed the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964. The Arab nations NEVER had any intention of setting up a so-called Palestinian nation. They wanted to invade and fight over who got what land for their own nation’s National Interest. A great analysis of Arabs vs. Jews in what is now Israel is at Stratfor which should be read in entirety but for the purpose of this post – here is a tidbit of relevant info:


Palestinian nationalism’s first enemy is Israel, but if Israel ceased to exist, the question of an independent Palestinian state would not be settled. All of the countries bordering such a state would have serious claims on its lands, not to mention a profound distrust of Palestinian intentions. The end of Israel thus would not guarantee a Palestinian state. One of the remarkable things about Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza was that no Arab state moved quickly to take aggressive steps on the Gazans’ behalf. Apart from ritual condemnation, weeks into the offensive no Arab state had done anything significant. This was not accidental: The Arab states do not view the creation of a Palestinian state as being in their interests. They do view the destruction of Israel as being in their interests, but since they do not expect that to come about anytime soon, it is in their interest to reach some sort of understanding with the Israelis while keeping the Palestinians contained.


The emergence of a Palestinian state in the context of an Israeli state also is not something the Arab regimes see as in their interest — and this is not a new phenomenon. They have never simply acknowledged Palestinian rights beyond the destruction of Israel. In theory, they have backed the Palestinian cause, but in practice they have ranged from indifferent to hostile toward it. Indeed, the major power that is now attempting to act on behalf of the Palestinians is Iran — a non-Arab state whose involvement is regarded by the Arab regimes as one more reason to distrust the Palestinians. (The Geopolitics of the Palestinians; Stratfor Worldview; 5/15/11 05:00 GMT)


Israel Hayom posted a great editorial on John Bolton, the USA position, Israel and the pseudo-Palestinians (includes cut funding to UNWRA which aided Hamas terrorism in Gaza). I am cross posting from Israpundit where I discovered the editorial.


JRH 9/14/18

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Putting the PLO in its place


By Ariel Kahana

Originally at Israel Hayom

September 14, 2018



Twelve hours and an ocean separated two important speeches this week. On Monday, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton addressed the Federalist Society in Washington. The next day, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini spoke before the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, France.


Bolton made an unprecedented attack on the International Criminal Court in The Hague, saying, “The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court,” he said.


“If the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly,” Bolton said, adding that ICC judges and prosecutors could face personal sanctions from the U.S., including being banned from entering the U.S. and/or prosecution in the U.S. justice system.

Little was said about Bolton’s speech in Israel but the appreciation for it was as great as the silence about it. The ICC is a major concern for the country’s leaders. The threat of Israelis being tried in The Hague hangs like a sword over their heads. IDF soldiers and commanders could be tried for actions taken as part of their military service, and any approval of construction plans in Greater Jerusalem or on the Golan Heights or in Samaria, could be defined by the ICC as a war crime. This is the widely held position in the ICC, which is exactly where law and politics meet.


Over the years, Israel has taken steps to prevent ICC intervention, but as with any other legal measure, it is hard to know whether they were sufficient. Therefore, we need another level of defense, which Bolton and U.S. President Donald Trump have just supplied. The defense tactics of one small Middle Eastern country bear no similarity to explicit threats from the only superpower in the world. Because the ICC, like all international law, includes both law and politics, there is no doubt that the American threats are having an effect. For years, the ICC has been trying to increase its international legitimacy. Western Europe and Japan are behind it, but the U.S. is not a member, and plenty of other countries criticize its approach and policies.


The ICC might have responded to Bolton’s speech by saying declaring it would continue to work undeterred, but even in The Hague they know that while if you spit in America’s face, it gets wet, but if America spits back, you’ll drown.


Less than a day after Bolton spoke, Mogherini stood up before the EU Parliament. She also discussed justice, the law, and Israel, but took a slightly different line, saying: “The Israeli High Court last week rejected the petitions by the residents of the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar. … [The demolition] would be contrary to Israel’s obligations under international humanitarian law [AK: a misleading statement, the High Court of Justice spent a decade reviewing the petitions and is obligated to international law]. … The demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, together with plans for further settlement expansions in the same area, would also severely threaten the viability of the two-state solution [AK: untrue].”


Mogherini added that the evacuation and demolition of Khan al-Ahmar would have “grave humanitarian consequences.”


Mogherini and Bolton are an ocean apart, and not only in the geographical sense. A thousand years would be insufficient for the continent in whose name Mogherini speaks to pay its historic debt to the Jewish people. And still, the EU foreign policy chief stands at the head of the anti-Israel front, mixing up politics with law and justice in accordance with traditional European hypocrisy. On the one hand, she allows illegal African migrants to drown at sea or be slaughtered by Libyan militias. On the other, she preaches morality to Israel. And only to Israel.


The Europeans, who owe us so much, bandy around some very lofty talk, but as usual are fanning the fires of hatred. The U.S., which doesn’t owe us a thing, is supplying us a shield the likes of which we have never enjoyed in the name of justice and freedom. That’s the unbridgeable gap between Europe and the U.S.


Under Trump, America and Europe are growing farther apart, and not only when it comes to Israel. In any case, we can predict who will win. America doesn’t need Europe. Europe, on the other hand, really does need the U.S. Sooner or later, the old country will call in the new one, as it did twice last century. We can only hope it won’t be because of World War III.


Mogherini’s hostile speech did, however, contain one accurate sentence. “The two-state solution is today under serious threat – more than ever before.” Indeed, the U.S. announcement that it was closing the PLO mission in Washington is a death blow to the Palestinian movement.


To understand how serious a move it was, we need to go back in history. From its founding in 1964 until now, the Palestine Liberation Organization (under Yasser Arafat and now Mahmoud Abbas) has sought international support. The hypocritical Europeans aligned themselves with it in the 1970s in what later turned out to be “protection” for the PLO not carrying out terrorist attacks on the continent. The U.S. was the only country who refused at the time to give legitimacy to the biggest killer of Jews since the Holocaust. As a nation of values, it saw terrorism as unacceptable and refused any ties with the PLO. Aside from one small “information office” in New York and, of course, intelligence ties, the American response to the organization was boycott.


The tough U.S. stance was effective and was one of the factors in Arafat declaring at the end of 1988 that he was turning away from terrorism and would recognize Israel. Then-President Ronald Reagan, who was at the end of his second term, fell into the trap.


“The initiation of a dialogue between the United States and PLO representatives is an important step in the peace process. … The United States’ special commitment to Israel’s security and well-being remains unshakable. Indeed, a major reason for our entry into this dialogue is to help Israel achieve the recognition and security it deserves,” Reagan declared on Dec. 14, 1988. The rest of that dialogue never happened, but the U.S. recognition of the PLO was already a fait accompli. Five years later, when the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed the Oslo Accords, the Clinton administration upgraded the PLO office to the status of an official delegation. In 2010 former President Barack Obama boosted it a step higher on the diplomatic ladder.


With a tailwind of support from Obama and the Europeans crossing their fingers, the Palestinians persuaded the entire world to turn around them. They were surrounded by economic aid and moral, political, and media support from every direction. This development hit two peaks: one when the U.N. General Assembly recognized Palestine as a nonmember state in 2012, and the other when the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli settlements as illegal and deemed the Western Wall “occupied territory,” to massive applause. This was the core of the Obama legacy, which tried to taint Israel and set parameters for any future peace deal.


Then Trump arrived. By the end of 2017, the president and then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were already threatening not to extend the PLO’s mandated presence in Washington. They did so partly because of the Palestinian boycott of the administration, but also because the PLO had violated an American law that explicitly forbids the PA to appeal to international entities such as the ICC. But the Palestinians failed to heed the warnings and didn’t realize that Trump meant what he said.


Now Bolton has appeared and finished the job. By closing the PLO mission, Trump, Bolton, and all the rest of the president’s men have rolled the Palestinian issue 30 years back in time to where it stood in the 1980s. Things the Palestinians and the world as a whole took for granted – like a future Palestinian state or a demi-embassy on American soil – slipped from their grasp. Trump dropped them to the bottom of the barrel and has called the legitimacy of what has become known as the “Palestinian struggle” into question.


In all this, Israel is like a small child surrounded by toys he never thought he’d actually get. The U.S. recognition of Jerusalem last December and the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to the capital this year, as well as the U.S. cuts to funding for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, cuts to money that goes to pay Palestinian terrorists, and a total hands-off policy when it comes to criticizing Israel – not to mention shutting down the PLO mission and threatening the ICC – are just a partial list, and Trump hasn’t even been in office for two years.


But a lot of the recent American steps went over Israel’s head, without it knowing about them or even despite some mild objections by its diplomatic officials. At the end of the day, the Trump administration is grinding all the paradigms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into dust. This daring approach leaves those who until recently were considered local experts on the conflict and peace process speechless.


It’s not only the people in the peace industry who are left embarrassed in the face of the lavish gifts from Uncle Sam. The Israeli Right, including those factions represented in the cabinet, doesn’t really know what to do with all this abundance. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is justifiably proud of withstanding the Obama currents, is finding it hard to ride the Trump wave.


Instead of walking around grinning, the government should lay a list of historic and irreversible steps in front of Trump that would anchor our vital interests in Judea and Samaria. The first should be to link Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim. Netanyahu, as well as his predecessors, recognized how crucial it is for Israel to build in E1 as a way of keeping a permanent hold on Jerusalem. Thus far, the government hasn’t presented the Trump administration with any plan of that kind, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman told Israel Hayom in an exclusive interview last weekend.


And it’s not only Jerusalem. The first Netanyahu government decided in 1988 to define the areas of Judea and Samaria that were of strategic importance to Israel. Now it’s time to lay them before the Americans. And we should also kill the idea of a Palestinian state. Trump declared when he first took office that he didn’t care if a peace deal entailed two states or one.


Because Trump’s “deal of the century” for peace between Israel and the Palestinians isn’t moving forward, and now that it’s been made clear that the president isn’t afraid to put the Palestinians in their place, it’s time for Israel to drop the two-state idea. Ever since Trump took office, Netanyahu has refrained from a clear statement on the issue, or from asking Trump to make a binding statement. But who knows when this opportunity will present itself again?


Trump has at least two years left in the White House. His successor could be as hostile to Israel as Trump is supportive. So Netanyahu needs to take advantage of the remaining time to diplomatically fortify Israel so that whoever comes after Trump won’t be able to harm us. But for that to happen, we cannot remain passive spectators. This time, Netanyahu must be proactive.


Bolton Gets ICC and Palestinian Authority Attention

John R. Houk

© September 14, 2018


Putting the PLO in its place


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PMW open letter to the Danish Foreign Minister

BHO-Kerry prepare to stab Israel in back toon

Palestine Media Watch takes on Denmark’s Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen support for the Fatah terrorist organization the backbone for both the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) – See Also HERE. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on Jensen:


Kristian Jensen (born May 21, 1971) is a Danish politician who has been Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Deputy Prime Minister since 2015. He is a spokesperson for the Liberal party Venstre. He was the Minister for Taxation from 2004 to 2010 and has been a member of parliament (Folketinget) since March 11, 1998.[1]During his time as Tax Minister, Kristian Jensen was a keen proponent of a “tax freeze.”


Jensen was the Venstre’s spokesman on information technology and sports from 1998 to 2001 and became its spokesman on finance policy, as well as Vice-Chairman of the Financial Affairs Committee, in 2001.[1]


At the liberal party’s congress on 17 May 2009, Kristian Jensen was elected as vice president of the liberal party, without any other candidates running for the post.


If Venstre lost the 2015 election, then Kristian Jensen was considered very likely to be the next leader of the political party. Unlike the current leader of Venstre, who is rated as very untrustworthy in polls,[2] there are no controversies associated with Kristian Jensen. In the event, Venstre was able to form a minority government, with Jensen becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs on 28 June 2015. (last modified on 13 February 2016, at 09:25.)


Kristian Jensen


Denmark’s Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen believes the Palestinian Authority is a Moderate representative of the Palestinians residing in Israel’s hereditary area of Judea and Samaria (Palestinian supporters prefer West Bank or Occupied Territories) rather than permeated with Islamic Jew-hating terrorists. Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) sets him straight.


JRH 3/30/16

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PMW open letter to the Danish Foreign Minister:

Fatah promotes terror


Sent by Palestine Media Watch

Sent: Mar 29, 2016 10:17:43




March 29, 2016

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


Open letter to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs:

Fatah promotes terror 


Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) calls on Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs to reassess Denmark’s relationship to Fatah due to Fatah’s ongoing terror support


  • Responding to Palestinian Media Watch documentation, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen admitted he “opposes” a Fatah official’s terror glorification. However, the minister continues to view Fatah as “moderate” because the official, he believes, did not speak “on behalf of Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian government.” [Danish Ministry of Forein (sic) Affairs, Jan. 22, 2016]


  • This PMW report corrects the Danish minister’s mistake. It documents that numerous senior Fatah leaders, Abbas’ advisors, Mahmoud Abbas himself, the Fatah Central Committee headed by Mahmoud Abbas, and official Fatah media are all actively supporting and glorifying the current terror. Neither Fatah, nor any of its leaders, have condemned even one murder of an Israeli during the last 5 months of terror. To the contrary, they have glorified the terror and the terrorists.


  • PMW welcomes the statement by the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs indicating that were Fatah, its leaders and the PA glorifying terror, Denmark would “reassess” its categorization of Fatah as “moderate.”


The following is an excerpt from the report that Palestinian Media Watch 

 sent to the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs on March 20, 2016


Click here to read the full report as a PDF




  1. Letter from Palestinian Media Watch

to Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark Kristian Jensen


Dear Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark Kristian Jensen,
This letter and report is in response to your recent answer to Question S507 asked by MP Søren Espersen in Danish Parliament regarding statements published by PMW made by Abbas Zaki, a member of the Palestinian Fatah Central Committee, in which he glorified terror against Israelis, stating that “Allah loves our young people with rocks and knives.” You described Zaki’s words as “a sad example of inflammatory rhetoric” that you “oppose,” adding, however, that you would not reassess whether Fatah remains a “moderate” partner for Denmark because Zaki is:

“A Fatah member residing in Lebanon, who is not considered to have spoken on behalf of Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian government… The statement does not give the government any reason to reconsider the assessment of Fatah and the movement’s leader, President Abbas.” [Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jan. 22, 2016, the question and answer appear at the end of the report]


However, this report shows that your refusal to “reconsider the assessment” of Fatah as “moderate” is based on wrong information. Not only does Zaki reside in the PA, but more importantly, Fatah has not been a moderating voice during this current terror campaign. On the contrary, Fatah and its senior leadership are actively promoting terror against Israelis, including the unequivocal glorification of those who have killed and injured Israelis in terror attacks.


Accordingly, PMW welcomes your statement implying that Denmark would “reassess” and take action if senior Fatah officials, the PLO, or the PA were shown to engage in hate speech, encourage terror attacks, and glorify terrorists. This document shows that a reassessement by the Danish government is warranted.

  1. Documentation of Fatah actively promoting terror – in brief

The following are brief examples of Fatah actively promoting terror (additional and detailed documentation appears later in the report):


Jibril Rajoub, Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee promotes terror

Jibril Rajoub is Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee. He is also Head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, and Chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee. Several times, Rajoub has endorsed and praised the terror attacks against Israelis and lauded the terrorists carrying them out:


Dep. Sec Fatah-terrorism are acts of Bravery

Dep. Sec Fatah-terrorism are acts of Bravery


Jibril Rajoub: “These are individual acts of bravery, and I am proud of them. I congratulate everyone who carried them out. I say to you, we are proud of you… Whoever confronts, fights, dies as a Martyr, is arrested or injured – his identity is known. What I mean is that the fighter, the prisoner, or the Martyr, they are assets to the entire Palestinian people… The international community does not agree to a bus exploding in Tel Aviv. But the international community does not ask what happens to a settler or soldier in the occupied territories at the wrong time and in the wrong place. No one asks about him! Therefore, we want to fight in such a way that the world and the international community will remain by our side.” [Official PA TV, Oct. 17, 2015]


Dep. Sec Fatah-Terrorists are heroes

Dep. Sec Fatah-Terrorists are heroes

Jibril Rajoub: “Yesterday in Hebron, they escorted 17 Martyrs to burial. This is of course a source of pride for all of us. I say that whoever carried out individual acts of heroism, we in the Fatah movement bless and encourage them. We consider them heroes and a crown on the head of every Palestinian. At this point, when there is weakening and frustration, there is a group of people, beginning with our brother Muhannad Halabi (i.e., terrorist who murdered 2) and ending with the last Martyr… There is a competition between individuals. This is one of the issues we need to address – are we for or against it? I say that we in the [Fatah] Central Committee have discussed this matter, and we are in favor.” [Official PA TV, Jan. 2, 2016]


Fatah Central Committee promotes and endorses terror

Very significantly, in the above statement about attacks carried out by individuals, Rajoub expressed the Fatah Central Committee’s support for the terror when he stated that “we in the [Fatah] Central Committee have discussed this matter, and we are in favor.”

It must be stressed that the Fatah Central Committee is Fatah’s governing body and headed by Mahmoud Abbas.
Official Fatah TV promotes murder

Official Fatah TV broadcast a music video calling for murder of Israelis: “Besiege them in all their neighborhoods, Drown them in a sea of blood, Kill them as you wish”


Pal Media- Drown Jews in Sea of Blood

Pal Media- Drown Jews in Sea of Blood


Fatah’s official Facebook page and Twitter account promote terror

Fatah’s official Facebook page and Twitter account have been a central part of this terror campaign, glorifying the terror almost daily. From the outset, Fatah has been glorifying murder using numerous posts, including the following examples which visually express Fatah’s explicit promotion of stabbing murders:


Fatah Facebook page- Terrorists be victorious or die

Text: “We’ll be victorious or die”
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Oct. 23, 2015]


Fatah Facebook- (killing jews) 'so what'

Text on photo: “#so_what”

[Official Fatah Facebook page , Nov. 7, 2015]


Jew screaming in pain- stabbed back with knife PA-flag-colors

Jew screaming in pain with a knife stuck in his shoulder. PA flag on the blade of the knife and Jerusalem in the background.

Text: “Here is Jerusalem, you crazies, beware!” 

[Official Fatah Facebook page, Oct. 4, 2015]


Fatah Terrorist plays knife-fiddle - Jerusalem Mosques

A masked man plays a knife as a violin, with Al-Aqsa  Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in the background.

Posted text: “A symphony of love for Jerusalem.” 

[Official Fatah Twitter account, Oct. 12, 2015]


Fatah has also glorified several murderers on its Facebook page, among them Muhannad Halabi who stabbed 2 to death in the Old City of Jerusalem, Nashat Melhem who shot and killed 3 in Tel Aviv, and Bashar Masalha who killed 1 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa:


Fatah brought soil from the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the grave of terrorist Muhannad Halabi, who murdered two in the Old City of Jerusalem “so that the dead body of Martyr Muhannad Halabi can hug the soil for which he died a Martyr.” [Fatah Twitter account, Oct. 8, 2015]


Fatah glorified Tel Aviv murderer of 3: “Congratulations and may Allah receive you in Heaven”


Abbas’ Fatah movement posted an uncensored version of the picture of dead terrorist Nashat Melhem lying in a pool of blood. It also praised the killer of 3 as a “Martyr” and congratulated him on its official Facebook page. Nashat Melhem was a 29-year-old Israeli Arab terrorist who carried out a shooting attack, killing 3 Israelis and wounding 8 others in Tel Aviv on Jan. 1, 2016:


Soil in yellow bags at murderer's grave

Soil in yellow bags at murderer’s grave

Text: “Nashat Melhem died as a Martyr (Shahid) after an armed confrontation in the courtyard of a mosque in Umm Al-Fahm on blessed Friday, congratulations and may Allah receive you in Heaven” [Official Fatah Facebook page, Jan. 8, 2016]


Fatah honored murderer who killed 1 and injured 11 in an attack in Tel Aviv-Jaffa 

Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of a knife held over the PA map of “Palestine” that includes all of Israel and the PA areas, with the name of the murderer written on it.


The heroic Martyr (Shahid)

Text on arm: “The heroic Martyr (Shahid)”  

Text on map is name of murderer: “Bashar Masalha” 

[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 9, 2016]


Official Fatah anniversary celebrations in Bethlehem promote terror

Another example of Fatah showing itself as a terror promoting organization was seen in January this year, when Fatah held a march in Bethlehem to mark its 51st anniversary. To celebrate, Fatah had children parade in the streets of Bethlehem wearing suicide belts and carrying knives, guns and RPGs, alongside Fatah flags. [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 8, 2016]


(All photos are from Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Jan. 7, 2016)

Ma'an Photo 1

Ma'an Photo 2

Ma'an Photo 3

Ma'an Photo 4


Fatah Central Committee members promote and glorify terror

As was shown above, in the words of Deputy-Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub, the Fatah Central Committee is “in favor” of “attacks by individuals” against Israelis. The following are statements by three members of the Central Committee corroborating this Fatah support for terror. (More statements by these and additional members of the Central Committee appear later in the report.)


Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Fatah Central Committee member and advisor to Mahmoud Abbas, promotes terror

One Fatah Central Committee member who also serves as an advisor to Mahmoud Abbas, Sultan Abu Al-Einein, likewise promotes terror. Abu Al-Einein blessed the terrorists from the current terror campaign, saying: “We bow before every drop of blood that has dripped from our children and women… and every… Martyr’s mother, who… when they notified her of his death as a Martyr, she let cries of joy loose to the Heavens.” [Falestinona, website of Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon, Jan. 16, 2016] Abu Al-Einein also glorified a terrorist who killed 1 and wounded 11 as “Martyr”: “We loved you, while you sowed life for all Palestinians” [Sultan Abu Al-Einein’s Facebook page, Oct. 19, 2015] He has openly declared his total support for the terror campaign, saying that he “supports, with all his might, the uprising and intifada… aimed at defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque” from “defilement” and “Judaization.” [Falestinona, Oct. 14, 2015]


Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee member and advisor to Mahmoud Abbas, promotes terror

Abbas Zaki is a member of the Fatah Central Committee. He is close to Mahmoud Abbas and has travelled internationally as Abbas’ personal emissary. Zaki stated that the murderers of four Israelis are “giants and leaders” and went on to say that “whoever succeeded in killing, this is a big thing.” He added that such a terrorist should have “an institution named after him, and a statue [made] of him.”


Succeed in killing is big thing

Whoever succeeded in killing [Jews], this is a big thing

[Official PA TV, Oct. 31, 2015] 


Mahmoud Al-Aloul – member of Fatah Central Committee and Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization encourages terror  

Fatah official Al-Aloul encouraged Palestinian youth to “make the country a hell for the enemies”

Shortly after the murders of 4 Israeli civilians in two separate attacks on Oct. 1 and 3, 2015, Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul addressed Palestinian youth on his Facebook page, encouraging them to “rise up against the enemies”:


Mahmoud Al-Aloul:  “#Resist_boycott_rise up (literally “make intifada”)

More resistance and escalation against the occupation everywhere. Let us make the country a hell for the enemies… all the members of the Shabiba (i.e., Fatah youth and student movement) are potential Martyrs for the beloved Palestine.”

[Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul’s Facebook page, Oct. 5, 2015]


Al-Aloul called to “continue attacks” against Israelis

In another post, Al-Aloul stated that “whoever loves the Shahada (Martyrdom death) is not afraid of the settler herds.” He ended with the following words of encouragement: “and #let’s_continue_the_attacks.” [Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul’s Facebook page, Oct. 5, 2015]


Fatah glorifies and honors the terrorists of the current terror campaign


Fatah leader sponsors sporting event after murderer of two

As an unequivocal expression of support for murder, Fatah continues to honor and glorify the killers of the current terror campaign. For example, Jibril Rajoub, Central Committee member mentioned above, who is also Head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs and Chairman of the PA Olympic Committee, sponsored a table tennis tournament, named after murderer Muhannad Halabi, who murdered two people and stabbed a woman and her baby in October 2015. Rajoub mentioned Halabi by name when he described the “heroes” who constitute “a crown on the head of every Palestinian.” [Official PA TV, Jan. 2, 2016]



table tennis tournament, named after murderer Muhannad Halabi

table tennis tournament, named after murderer Muhannad Halabi


Mahmoud Abbas denies murdering Israelis is wrong. Terror campaign is a “popular peaceful uprising” 

Finally, Abbas himself has not been a moderating influence. Abbas has not condemned even one terror attack during this entire violent period, and worse still, he has justified these attacks by claiming they were part of a “popular peaceful uprising”: “We want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is. That’s what this is.” [Official PA TV, Nov. 16, 2015] Abbas made this statement after Palestinians had carried out 65 stabbing attacks, 8 shooting attacks, and 8 car ramming attacks, in which a total of 14 Israelis were murdered and 167 were wounded.


Not even when US Vice President Joe Biden urged Abbas to condemn a terror attack in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, where a Palestinian stabbed a US citizen to death and injured 11 Israelis, did Abbas comply. He “offered condolences,” but never condemned the attack. [The Jerusalem Post, March 10, 2016]


Abbas’ frequent referral to all the terror attacks as part of the Palestinian “peaceful” or “nonviolent” “uprising” may have been what has led the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs and other international spectators to wrongly conclude that Abbas is against the current wave of terror attacks against Israelis.


PLO leader: Murdering Israeli civilians is “national duty”

A statement which expresses the Fatah and PLO leaders’ attitude towards the current terror campaign was made by PLO Executive Committee member Mahmoud Ismail, who defined the killing of Israelis as a “national duty.” In a conversation about the murder of a young Israeli couple, which took place while their 4 children watched from the back seat of the car, Ismail said the following: “There is no need to return to the argument and dispute about who carried out the operation (i.e., the killing)… There is no need to announce it and boast of having done it. One fulfills his national duty voluntarily, as best as one can.” [Official PA TV, Oct. 6, 2015]


One fulfills his national duty voluntarily - Killing Jews

One fulfills his national duty voluntarily, as best as one can


This attitude is representative of the PA’s and Fatah’s approach throughout this terror campaign. The Fatah leadership has not condemned the terror, but has presented it as patriotic and a legitimate part of the Palestinian “struggle” and “resistance.” Killing soldiers or civilians anywhere is presented as a “national duty.”


Fatah proud of its leading role in the current terror campaign

Finally, Fatah is proud of its leading role in the current terror campaign. Several Fatah leaders have specifically mentioned Fatah’s central role in the terror campaign.


Fayez Abu Aita, Fatah Spokesman, stated that Mahmoud Abbas is leading the “blessed popular uprising”: 


Fatah Spokesman Fayez Abu Aita… emphasized in a press statement published by the [Fatah] Information and Culture Commission today [Jan. 7, 2016]… that it is necessary to take into account the difficult and sensitive situation our people is experiencing, as it fights the battle for independence and an [independent] state, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, through the blessed popular uprising and the unlimited political confrontation with the occupation in the UN corridors and the International Criminal Court.'” [WAFA (the official Palestinian news agency), Jan. 7, 2016]


Amal Hamad, Fatah Central Committee member: 


“I say that if one has a responsible national feeling, on is supposed to thank Fatah for its resolve, and for its ability to say ‘No!’ to the Americans, ‘No!’ to the occupation, ‘No!’ to all regional, Arab and international pressures… We are still leading the popular uprising, with true resistance, 80 percent of the Martyrs (Shahids) are Fatah people. If so, the movement is deeply rooted…” [Official PA TV, March 1, 2016]


Jamal Muhaisen, Fatah Central Committee member, Commissioner for Diaspora Branches and PLO Central Council member: 


“They [Hamas] talk about resistance. What is happening today? Today there is a struggle on two fronts. There is the struggle in the field, by the popular resistance, and I say that 90 percent of the Martyrs (Shahids) are from Fatah. I say to Abu Marzouq (a senior member of Hamas -Ed.) that 90 percent of the Martyrs are from Fatah, and I would like Hamas to be present in the popular uprising in the field, matching its size. Hamas’ presence does not match its size.” [Official PA TV, Feb. 14, 2016]


Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner of Arab and China Relations: 


The Fatah movement draws its strength from its people, and noted that its fingerprints are clearly evident in the popular Palestinian uprising… Fatah is carrying the flag of victory, through the national measures and that the fact that it is currently leading the mass uprising is the best proof of this.” [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 30, 2015]


  1. Summary and conclusions


In summary, it is imperative that this hate speech, violence promotion and terror glorification be condemned – by you, the Danish government, and other members of the international community who wish to see peace in the Middle East. Denmark and other supporters of the PA have a unique position as financial donors to the PA to demand that the PA, including Fatah as the ruling party in government, honors the commitments it has made in the past: to stop incitement and to renounce terror. The PA’s donors have tremendous potential influence to demand a change in the messages and policies that PA and Fatah leaders transmit to Palestinians.


When Rajoub, the Deputy-Secretary of Fatah’s Central Committee, which is headed by Mahmoud Abbas, refers to the the [sic] murder of Israelis as “individual acts of heroism” and publicly says on official Palestinian Authority TV that the Fatah Central Committee supports them, it must not be ignored by the international community.


In your answer to MP Søren Espersen, you indicated that if “Fatah, the PLO, the PA, or the Palestinian government” were actively supporting the terror campaign, the Danish government would reassess its attitude toward them.


The documentation in this letter and report shows that the Danish government must “reconsider its assessment” of Fatah, the PA, and Mahmoud Abbas, and take the necessary steps when dealing with a political governmental body that openly supports terror as Fatah does.


Click here to read the rest of the report as a PDF



PMW, Palestinian Media Watch, Jerusalem, Israel


About PMW


Founded in 1996, Palestinian Media Watch is an Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks. PMW’s major focus is on the messages that the Palestinian leaders, from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, send to the population through the broad range of institutions and infrastructures they control.

PMW’s many reports and studies on Palestinian summer camps, poetry, schoolbooks, crossword puzzles, religious ideology, women and mothers, children’s music videos and the PA’s indoctrination of adults and children to seek Shahada (Martyrdom), have had significant impact on the way the world sees the Palestinians. PMW has presented its findings before members of US Congress and to members of Parliament in numerous countries, including the READ THE REST

Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people. Those claiming so are Arabs that hate Israel and Jews. Those Arabs are supporters of Islamic terrorists under names such as the PLO (essentially the Palestinian Authority), Hamas, Islamic Jihad and probably a few others I can’t name from memory. U.S. must stop funding these Islamic terrorists. There is petition sponsored by United with Israel. Sign the petition!

JRH 6/20/15

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Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority


We, the undersigned, urge that the United States and the European Union to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority. Since the Oslo Accords in 1993, the PA has actively participated in campaigns to demonize Israel, incite terror against Israeli citizens and glorify any anti-Israel activities. Since 2014, the PA has entered a unity agreement with Hamas, an internationally recognized terror organization whose Charter specifically calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, and by extension the Jewish People.

Most recently the PA has filed for membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the sole purpose of prosecuting the State of Israel for alleged war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge. This renders funding the Palestinian Authority to be in direct violation of US law.

Funding the PA is equivalent to funding terror and is against US law.

The PA Does Not Want Peaceful Coexistence with Israel

Time and again, the PA has failed to promote peaceful coexistence with Israel. Here are some of the FACTS about the PA’s agenda to destroy Israel:

§ Education – PA schools teach young children that Jews are the enemy and must leave Palestinian land, which they say includes all of Israel, or be killed.

§ Funding Terror – “The Palestinian Prisoners’ Law” provides a monthly salary to inmates convicted of terrorism-related offenses against Israel.

§ Embezzlement – PA President Mahmoud Abbas admits giving $46 million in US foreign aid to Palestinian prisoners. US tax dollars are funding PA terror.

§ War Crimes – A majority of Palestinians supported Hamas during the 2014 war they started against Israel by firing more than 4400 rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilians.

§ Partners in Terror – The PA has also openly supported terrorist groups (Hamas, Hezbollah) in firing more than 20,000 rockets and mortars into Israel since 2001.

§ Unilateral Statehood – President Abbas’ attempts to establish a Palestinian state at the UN Security Council show his unwillingness to negotiate in good faith with Israel.

Financial Support for the PA Violates Many US Laws

The Obama Administration and Congress violate US law by providing economic aid to the PA, especially since the establishment of a unity government with Hamas.

The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 prohibits any US funds from going to Hamas, Hamas-controlled entities, or a power-sharing PA government that includes Hamas as a member, or results from an agreement with Hamas. In addition, the Act prohibits American support for the PA until it agrees to “recognize Israel, renounce violence and disarm.” Incitement to terror, payments to prisoners guilty of terrorism and its partnership with Hamas make it illegal for the US to provide any funding to the PA under this law.

The 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act (Sec.7040) prohibits “assistance to Hamas or any entity effectively controlled by Hamas, any power-sharing government of which Hamas is member, or that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence.” The PA’s unity government with Hamas makes it ineligible for US funds under this law.

H.R. 3547 Sec. 7041 prohibits “the availability of Economic Support Fund assistance under this Act for the PA if… the Palestinians initiate an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.” PA head Abbas has applied to the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israel for its alleged war crimes and for its “occupation” of Judea and Samaria – an act that makes it illegal for the US to continue to provide funding to his government under this law.

Blood Money: Funding the PA is Supporting Terrorism

We urge President Obama and the US Congress to suspend aid to the PA unless it “takes specific steps to renounce and eradicate terror.” We also urge the European Union and world leaders to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a supporter of terror and cease all funding immediately.

Signing this declaration will ensure that your name will be submitted to the White House, US Congressional leaders and the European Union, and that you will get important updates from United with Israel and its affiliates.

Click to view our privacy policy.

[Click any of link below and scroll toward bottom of page to sign the petition]

Petition to the United States and the European Union:

We demand that all funding of the PA be stopped immediately. Unity with Hamas led to brutal murders, thousands of rockets and ongoing incitement against Israeli citizens. Prosecuting Israel for “war crimes” is despicable and makes funding the PA against US law.

____________________ is a project of United with Israel



About United With Israel


United with Israel is a global, grassroots movement comprised of individuals who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Our primary mission is to build a massive network of pro-Israel activists and foster global unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel. In short, we seek to fight and win the battle of public opinion for Israel. We maximize the incredible power of social media to spread the truth about Israel to the entire world.


From incessant rocket attacks to threats of annihilation and fears of nuclear attack, Israel is alone in a big world of unfriendly nations. And for the first time, Israel is under intense pressure to divide Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. This is a defining moment for the nation of Israel.


Now more than ever, Israel needs the support of its friends throughout the world. To bond with Israel by sharing its pain and lending a helping hand. To stand with Israel throughout these critical times. To affirm that throughout history, Israel has been a great blessing to the world and only those who blessed Israel were themselves blessed (Genesis 12:3). And those who sought to destroy Israel are no more.


United with Israel has developed state-of-the-art, efficient channels of communication to distribute critical information about Israel in real-time and to inform supporters about practical ways to pro-actively advocate for Israel. We promote READ THE REST

2 [Israel] press releases

Mahmoud Abbas & Benjamin Netanyahu

Ari Bussel has sent two press releases pertaining to Israel. The first deals with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) allowing the PA to break treaty conventions by sidestepping negotiations and directly appealing to the U.N. to recognize Palestinian State-like treaty conventions with the Palestinian Authority. The second press release of an entrepreneurial effort in Israel promoting business start-ups among Israel’s minority non-Jewish citizens.


The first press release I am crystal clear that the Netanyahu led Israeli government is very displeased with the PA circumventing Israel’s National Interests and National Security to establish a Jew-hating Palestinian sovereign nation that refuses to recognize that Israel is a Jewish State. As an American the second press release is less clear. My guess is Ari Bussel is highlighting the fact that the Arab minority within Israel has the opportunity to better themselves economically via good old fashioned free enterprise.


JRH 4/7/14

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2 press releases: Netanyahu Response to PA UN Treaty Applications and Plans to Promote Innovation in the minorities Sector


Sent by Ari Bussel

Sent: 4/6/2014 5:35 AM


PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting (Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Sunday, 6 April 2014), made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:


“In recent months the State of Israel has conducted negotiations with the Palestinians in order to reach a peace agreement. Israelis expect peace, a genuine peace, in which our vital national interests are assured, with security first and foremost. During these talks we carried out difficult steps and showed a willingness to continue implementing moves that were not easy, in the coming months as well, in order to create a framework that would allow for putting an end to the conflict between us. Just as we were about to enter into that framework for the continuation of the negotiations, Abu Mazen hastened to declare that he is not prepared even to discuss recognizing Israel as the national state of the Jewish People, which we have made clear to both the President of the United States and to other world leaders as well.


To my regret as we reached the moment before agreeing on the continuation of the talks, the Palestinian leadership hastened to unilaterally request to accede to 14 international treaties. Thus the Palestinians substantially violated the understandings that were reached with American involvement. The Palestinians’ threats to appeal to the UN will not affect us. The Palestinians have much to lose by this unilateral move. They will achieve a state only by direct negotiations, not by empty statements and not by unilateral moves. These will only push a peace agreement farther away and unilateral steps on their part will be met with unilateral steps on our part. We are ready to continue the talks but not at any price.”






April 8th, 2014, 09:30-14:00. Golden Crown Hotel, Har Hakfitzah 2015, Nazareth – Hundreds of entrepreneurs and technology executives from the Arab, Bedouin and Circassian Communities are expected to take part at a conference held by the Chief Scientist of the State of Israel, Avi Hasson, to unveil new plans by the Ministry of Economy to promote innovation within minority sectors in Israel. These including innovative forms of assistance aimed at helping companies, startups and entrepreneurs “get on board the high-tech innovation train.”


The conference will be attended by:



o   Naftali Bennett, Minister of Economy


o   Ali Salam, Mayor of Nazareth


Key speakers include:


o   Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Economy


o   Ayman Saif, Director of the Economic Development Authority of Minority Sectors in the Prime Minister’s Office


o   Professor Hossam Haik, Department of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology Institute, Technion


o   Ibrahim Bashir, CEO & Owner, Rushdi Food Industries


o   Dr. Amal Ayoub, CEO of Metallo Therapy


The conference is a joint venture of MATIMOP – Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development, Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy (OCS), the Authority for the Economic Development of the Arab, Bedouin and Circassian Sectors in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Nazareth Business Incubator Center and MATI- Nazareth Business Development Center. (–nazareth-business-development-center)


The event will be held on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, 09:30-14:00 at the Golden Crown Hotel (, Har Hakfitzah 2015, Nazareth.


Reporters are invited to cover the event.

Please RSVP:



Edited by John R. Houk

Re: U.S. to Reassess Status of Talks on Middle East

BATNA examples 2

Ari Bussel sent an email that was actually an email exchange in which the subject was a New York Times article on Secretary of State John Kerry’s high handed efforts to force Israel to concede to the wants and desires of the Palestinian Authority’s desire for a sovereign Palestinian State at the expense of Israel’s territorial viability. Of course the NYT did not present the article that but that is what is happening under the Obama Administration via John Kerry.


The difficulty I am having is in the arrangement of Ari Bussel’s email. Bussel’s reply to his friend is really a great stand-alone article, but then the reader misses some of the context to which Ari Bussel was responding to and also the context of Bussel’s friend’s query about the NYT article to Ari Bussel. So in the end I am going with Bussel’s arrangement, but just in case feel free to read this post backwards. Ari Bussel’s arrangement is his own thoughts, followed by the inspirer of Bussel’s thoughts in Edward Story who in turn was inspired the NYT article by Michael R. Gordon and Mark Landler.


JRH 4/6/14

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Re: U.S. to Reassess Status of Talks on Middle East


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 4/5/2014 9:54 PM


Dear Ed,


This was too good to pass; it deserves an answer.


A failure must be recognized for what it is.


One must fight the battles worth fighting.  At the very least, one must know history (and the lay of the ground as well).  A proper amount of strategy does not hurt either.  None was exhibited here.


Admittedly, there was no other choice.  Our President made up his mind, and since he is the Commander in Chief, we had to follow suit.  But at times, it takes courage to stand up and express a different opinion, to challenge a blind following in a wrong path; one that proved time and again (both Republican and Democrat administrations) it leads nowhere.


The only reason the US was involved in this process, whose end result-to-date one could have provided – as I did – with absolute certainty before (or as) it started, is that our President decided to add another Nobel Prize to the one he so richly already deserved (prematurely of course, to any real action to justify such a monumental recognition).


The President must be concerned with one thing, and one thing only – the wellbeing of the country he leads.  And when one positions the Israeli-Arab conflict of the past century on the forefront of the agenda, one misleads himself into a false reality.  The world understands there are more pressing issues.  Why can we not?


As the last few years under the Obama Administration have shown, we have a President who would rush to apply undue pressure on allies – from President Mubarak to the repented Kadafi.  It is the same president who stood idle in regard to the civil war in Syria, where hundreds of thousands were murdered, mutilated, raped, tortured and injured.  Many escaped from their country and are now real refugees (unlike the eternal refugees and their descendants ad infinitum that the United Nations and the family of nations are so focused on perpetuating, cultivating and supporting).  But Syria is not the focus of the US.


Our twice-elected President did wonders elsewhere – with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for instance (how gratifying, refreshing, awakening and effective was the slap on our faces that the infusion of billions from Saudi and the Gulf provided).  And with Iran.  And better yet, with Putin.


While the world is busy focusing on the titans, from Putin to Rouhani, the US, under President Obama, is focused on bringing a final solution to the world’s imagined problems – a “peace” between Israel and those who call themselves “Palestinians.”  The false supposition we are given is:  If only there were peace in that region, all the world’s problems would miraculously disappear. 


Except, Israel is the only stable country in the Middle East, and the “Palestinian” issue that never before bothered its Arab brethren is unimportant to the Arabs now either.  Billions were spent on these “refugees,” and to what end?  Is there better infrastructure, maybe schools?  There is only the perpetuation of a myth, to one purpose:  harm Israel and bring her downfall.


Let us try to understand what it is we are promoting.  Israel needs to make “painful concessions.”  Israel needs to allow the cancer that has spread to conquer another organ, and another.  Here the liver, there the lungs, alas – the brain too! 


Has anyone fighting cancer ever “treated” the problem by allowing it to spread?  Yes, take over the kidneys, just leave me alone!  We will live, side-by-side, in peace, for ever and ever!  (If it sounds stupid, it is indeed.)


What is clearly needed is not yet another painful concession by Israel or the release of hundreds of murders or terrorists with much blood on their hands.


And America has failed in relaying this exact point.  The “Palestinians” do not want “Peace.”  They say so in their own words and they act accordingly.  They feel strength, of a weak world leadership falling into the ditch they dug, getting caught in the web of a thousand and one Arabian nights. 


Besides, who exactly are those “Palestinians?”  We chose a side, clearly the wrong side.  There is a democratically-elected government in Gaza that claims to truly and accurately represent the “Peoplehood,” “Nationhood” and the very being of this congregation of clans and tribes.


Possibly if we focused on Hamas, which we declared to be a terrorist organization, we would better serve everyone’s true needs.  We would crash the aspirations of those who live in an illusionary world, bringing them back to reality, and we would act – as we should have acted long ago – to crash anyone who promotes terrorism, targets civilians and has no value to human life – theirs, their women or anyone else’s.


This is what had to be done, and eventually it will happen.  We must face reality.  Israeli Arabs are part of the Jewish State of Israel.  The vast majority does not want to change the status quo.  The Arabs who for the past 20 years have cultivated an idea they can carve out parts of the Jewish State of Israel and then take over the rest are sorely mistaken, and one must correct them.  “Palestine” under British Mandate extended way beyond the Jordan River.  Today’s Jordan, with a majority “Palestinians” is indeed part of the same “homeland,” but a homeland to whom is it?


Those who today define themselves as “Palestinians” are descendants of immigrants from Egypt and elsewhere who came to improve their lives.  They came for better economic conditions.  They multiplied and expanded and became numerous as the grains of sand or the stars in the sky.  But that does not provide them ownership of the land or its three thousand year history.


They built huge structures in the air, but they have no roots.  This is why they are working to destroy and remove our own roots.  Temple Mount was never Jewish, they say, and the Jews have no connection to it.  Remove hundreds of truckloads of archeological artifacts and repeat the nonsense so often, one starts believing it.


Imagine our own illegal immigrants claiming that the United States of America does not belong to Americans, never did and that the world must fight with all its power against the very idea, the very evil thought, that Americans call the USA their home.  Well, we are not Mexico, nor do I think that we should ever go back to England because illegal immigrants decided that we have no claim here.  (I must admit, though, that my family has only lived here one century, so we should indeed go back to Europe!)


The difference is two-fold.  First, our history only goes back to 1776, and maybe a few more years, whereas Israel’s is millennia in the making.


Second, would any sane American ever raise his head up high and say, “Indeed, we must negotiate with the immigrants to allow them their own cities, rule of law, airports and highways, banking system and infrastructure?”


Will any sane American say “we must stop all construction of homes and apartments since the land is not our land?”


Or maybe there would be someone promoting the imperative that “all prisoners in our prisons must be released since they are ‘freedom fighters,’ held illegally in American prisons?”


Apparently what we are trying to force upon Israel is something we would not spent a fraction of a thought to apply to ourselves.


Our Secretary of State wanted to force feed Israel a recipe no one wants, needs or can digest.  So it was bound to fail from the start.  The guaranteed defeat is not “Power,” nor can anyone word-play it into an achievement.  And at times, it is quite healthy to admit a defeat, regroup, derive the lessons and implement a new strategy.


Let Israel and her enemies work a “peace” agreement among themselves.  No one in the neighborhood, or the world for that matter, trusts this superpower (us) any more.  Those on the ground will have no choice but to fight it out, until one side or the other gives up, or changes its approach.  Regrettably, I am not sure that Israel will have the upper hand in the immediate future, although I am certain we will survive and prevail as we have done for two thousand long years, for Israelis, too, brainwashed themselves with a notion of a “Palestine” and “Palestinian People.”  (All, incidentally, taken directly from the textbooks of propaganda taught to Arafat in the former Soviet Union.)


Our Secretary of State, out of “real” concern to Israel’s wellbeing and her growing “isolation,” came to the rescue.  A rescue that to me looked like an attempt to further drown the person than try to save her or to rape again the victim that was repeatedly and brutally raped out of true concern and care.


Everyone in the immediate neighborhood understands the weakness of the US of A.  The signals are clear:  We are weak.  We thrash our friends.  We are afraid and would not dare act against either bullies or enemies.  We are indeed a great, “Peaceful”-loving nation (like a “religion” that touts to be peace-loving).  In the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and apparently everywhere else around the world, no one would even piss on such a creature.


These are harsh words, so ask anyone who has ever been to a battlefield, say in Iraq or Afghanistan, how are we looked upon in the world, by our own doing.


As much as it aches, this is OUR US OF A.


So let us turn to MY ISRAEL.


Our (Israel’s) situation is not much better, at all.  For the past two decades, we have immersed ourselves in an illusion that if we only take parts of Israel and give them away, there will be peace.


What we should have done is quite different, and very simple.


Israel – between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean – is the only Jewish State in the world.  Judea and Samaria (including Jerusalem) should have been annexed.


Every country that has its embassy not in Israel’s capital – Jerusalem – should have received a clear, unequivocal message – we only have one capital, where we conduct business, nowhere else.


The minute we start taking ourselves seriously, so would the world.


And the world would like very much what it sees.  It is evident with Putin’s acceptance and the reaction to his actions.


One must learn a lesson from Israel’s experience (say of the last 65 years):  Being on the defensive can never lead to victory.  We have been on the receiving end for way too long.  Did we forget the benefits of going on the offensive?  Twenty some years is a generation, so today’s generation in Israel knows nothing different than capitulation.  But there are still two other generations alive and kicking – one that fought and survived, the other that grew when the wars were raging.  They know.  They have experience.  They should take the leadership.


America should have never approached “the process.”  We have further weakened our position by acting like a prostitute:  “Here, take Pollard, give Jerusalem and the Israeli Arab murderers who have been convicted in a court of law for multiple life sentences.”  Luckily, Pollard is the first (and one of the only ones) who stood up and said – never!  Do not use me!


Another lesson to learn about character, some would say from a most unexpected place.


In America, too, there must be a change of leadership.  From foreign affairs to domestic disasters, we seem to be proceeding in the direction our Founding Fathers would not have approved.




Ari Bussel


On Apr 5, 2014, at 5:15 PM, Edward Story wrote:


I have not always sympathized with Kerry, but in this case I do. He’s a courageous guy to even take on such a mountain of historical enmity, such an installed structure for continuance thereof, and such a multiplicity of parties – some visible, and part of the controllable process, and many, perhaps even most, not.


One can only hope that, by stepping away, the vacuum itself, will be persuasive to the sides. That said, it is an easy observation, although one that does have substance in many negotiations. Call it, as it often is: “walk away” power. Usually, it refers to one side or the other; in this case it refers to “the third party”: us.


And that moves the thought process toward the now classic term ‘BATNA’ [Blog Editor: Yup it is true. This editor was ignorant to the “now classic term ‘BATNA’. If you are like me you can understand HERE and HERE – Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement] or, as it has come to be described: “the best alternative to a negotiated agreement.”  I would posit, here, that the BATNA is too easy, too simple, too “less painful” than a negotiated settlement may be perceived to be by certainly the Israelis and most likely by the Palestinian power structure, too.


Indeed, the article below ends with:


“Insofar as we find fault here, it is in the inability of either side to make tough decisions,” said Benjamin J. Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser. “For us to continue to invest that kind of bandwidth in the process, we’d need to see some investment from the parties.”


I suggest that the benefits of “peace” (however currently perceived) are not great enough to either side to keep this process – at its current configuration – proceeding toward an agreement. The BATNA is too great – for each side or at least for one of the sides to stop or curtail what momentum may exist.


IF, that is the case, then, other than our symbolically (or actually), walking away from the process, we, if the we – the U.S. – sees real value in a “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians, if this element of peace in the Middle East is truly a “high value target” for U.S. diplomacy, then we would have to figure out how to make the NA (“negotiated agreement”) far more attractive to both sides than the BATNA.


See below and let me know if you come to the same conclusion.




U.S. to Reassess Status of Talks on Middle East


APRIL 4, 2014


RABAT, Morocco — With Israel and the Palestinians falling into a familiar cycle of tit-for-tat retribution, and a peace agreement more elusive than ever, Secretary of State John Kerry conceded on Friday that this week had been a “reality check” for the peace process.


But more than anything, it may be a reality check for Mr. Kerry himself. After eight months of diplomacy, more than a dozen trips to the region and endless late-night negotiating sessions with both sides, Mr. Kerry was forced to acknowledge that he may have hit a wall too high even for someone with his seemingly endless optimism and energy.


As he wrapped up perhaps the most grueling trip in his 14 months as secretary of state, Mr. Kerry told reporters he was flying home to Washington to meet with President Obama to reassess the peace negotiations and whether there was a path forward.


With this latest round of talks at risk of collapse, Mr. Kerry faces a setback familiar to many secretaries of state — the last dozen, to a greater or less degree, have tried and failed to broker a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians — but one that may sting even more, given the enormous personal investment he has poured into it.


There was an echo, in Mr. Kerry’s tone, of a frustrated outburst in 1990 by James A. Baker III, secretary of state under President George Bush, who read out the number for the White House switchboard at a congressional hearing and told the Israelis and Palestinians, “When you’re serious about peace, call us.”


Mr. Kerry is not about to give up on the process. But like Mr. Baker, he is dealing with two parties that are paralyzed by intransigence and fall back on provocations: Israel announcing new Jewish settlements and refusing to release Palestinian prisoners; the Palestinians, in response, applying to join international organizations and issuing a list of new demands.


Defying the failed efforts in Mr. Obama’s first term, Mr. Kerry has pushed the peace process toward the top of the administration’s list of second-term foreign policy priorities. Declaring at one point that his goal was to achieve a comprehensive peace accord within nine months, he pursued it with his own brand of personal diplomacy — and with a nothing-to-lose zeal characteristic of a defeated presidential candidate who views his current job as the pinnacle of his career.


But as he made clear on Friday, the peace process is just one issue on a crowded plate, from the Iran talks to Russia’s aggressive moves in Ukraine to the civil war in Syria — all of which are competing for the administration’s attention. On Saturday, Afghans go to the polls to elect a successor to President Hamid Karzai; in three weeks, Mr. Obama flies to Asia to try to revive his strategic shift to that region.


“We have a huge agenda,” Mr. Kerry said, adding that his commitment to the peace process was “not open-ended.”


Mr. Kerry’s hands-on approach, penchant for reworking his itinerary on the fly and legendary stamina have helped cement the accord to eliminate Syria’s chemical arsenal. But in the Middle East, Mr. Kerry has confronted a much tougher challenge.


With officials and analysts in the region preparing post-mortems on his efforts — and some finding fault with how he brokered abortive talks on Israel’s promised release of Palestinian prisoners — the White House rushed to signal its support for Mr. Kerry.


At a meeting with his national security team on Friday, Mr. Obama referred to reports suggesting that the White House had reservations about Mr. Kerry’s approach, according to an aide in the room.


“I see a lot of senior officials quoted about Kerry and Middle East peace,” the aide quoted Mr. Obama as saying, “but I’m the most senior official, and I have nothing but admiration for how John has handled this.”


Resume Video


Until recently, the White House had largely left the peace process to Mr. Kerry. But last month, Mr. Obama met separately at the White House with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, to urge both to sign on to a framework that would guide negotiations toward a final agreement.


When that effort fell short, the White House authorized Mr. Kerry to offer the release of Jonathan J. Pollard, an American convicted in 1987 of spying for Israel, whose freedom Israel has long sought. As part of a quid pro quo, the talks would have been extended through 2015, and Israel would have gone ahead with the release of Palestinian prisoners and slowed down building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.


Aaron David Miller, a longtime Middle East peacemaker who is now at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said the injection of Mr. Pollard into the negotiation complicated matters for Mr. Kerry.


Mr. Miller said Mr. Kerry was also handicapped by his success in keeping a lid on leaks about the details of the talks over the last eight months. “The zone of silence masks significant, substantial advances on the substance, but he can’t talk about them,” Mr. Miller said.


Analysts in Israel, however, also said Mr. Kerry failed to dispel a perception on the part of Mr. Abbas that Israel’s release of 104 Palestinian prisoners would include Palestinian citizens of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu never agreed to that, saying it would require a separate cabinet decision because it raised sensitive questions of sovereignty.


“The seeds of this were sown at the very beginning,” an official involved in the talks said, on the condition of anonymity for fear of angering Mr. Kerry. “The gap is, what did each side hear from Kerry?”


For all that, some experts said Mr. Kerry was so committed to his Middle East initiative that it was more likely he would push for a change in diplomatic strategy, perhaps by offering an American peace plan, instead of simply walking away from the negotiations.


Robert M. Danin, a former American official involved in the Middle East now at the Council on Foreign Relations, said such a plan would be the last card Mr. Kerry has to play. But given how hard he has pushed this process, Mr. Danin said, “That suggests to me that he may be contemplating a pause but not abandonment of his peace efforts.”


Mr. Kerry, in fact, was careful to leave open the possibility that the United States would seek a course correction, not a pullback. The months he spent nurturing serious talks, he insisted, were not wasted because the two sides had narrowed their differences on some key issues.


On Sunday, American diplomats plan to meet with both Israelis and Palestinians in the region. Even so, American officials said Mr. Kerry told the two sides on Friday that they must shoulder the responsibility of breaking this impasse. Over the coming days and weeks, they said, Mr. Kerry will discuss the prospects for a new approach with members of his team and the White House.


Still, Mr. Kerry also noted that the United States was facing an array of foreign policy challenges that were preoccupying senior administration officials. And the White House made it clear that Mr. Obama’s patience for peacemaking was not boundless.


“Insofar as we find fault here, it is in the inability of either side to make tough decisions,” said Benjamin J. Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser. “For us to continue to invest that kind of bandwidth in the process, we’d need to see some investment from the parties.”


Michael R. Gordon reported from Rabat, and Mark Landler from Washington. Jodi Rudoren contributed reporting from Jerusalem





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