The Knockout

In America Conservatives warn how the Left Wing Obama transformation is turning the USA into a pariah among allies and destroying America’s culture with unconstitutional executive actions plugging a Leftist utopianism. Counterjihad writers warn of how Islam is NOT conducive to the development of Western culture, indeed Islam’s very nature is antithetical to Western Heritage and to the U.S. Constitution.

Stabbing Jews is “a symphony of love for Jerusalem:”

Ari Bussel writes about how Israel’s complacency to Islamic terrorism and Arab lies from those calling themselves Palestinians is slowly destroying the Jewish State from within. The Left/Right similarities between the two allies – USA and Israel – is quite stunning. The only real difference between the USA’s and Israel’s political situations is that Israel’s situation is existential. If America’s Left maintains its transformation agenda I have no doubt the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave will face an existential threat.

JRH 10/19/15


The Knockout

Israel, Yes, You Can

By Ari Bussel

Sent: 10/18/2015 3:02 PM

For the past two weeks, I stood witness to what was taking place in Israel. It started outside the walls of Jerusalem, and very quickly crept right inside. From there, it spread throughout the country.

Young men and women, some in their teens, answered the call of their president who falsely claimed that the Jews were defiling the Al Aqsa mosque with their filthy feet.

“We will not allow them to enter, and we will do everything in our power to protect our Jerusalem.” [Mahmoud Abbas]

Thus started the concert of bloodshed. A righteous and courageous one indeed against the Jews’ “delusional myths,” one in which stabbing Jews is “a symphony of love for our Jerusalem.”

All that one needs to do is read the Palestinian Media Watch [] daily bulletin, bringing the clips and excerpts of the words of hatred in origin.

Abbas thus unleashed wave after wave of terrorists, and against them stood at ready a most sophisticated propaganda machine. One terrorist blows herself up in a car filled with tanks of gas, clearly – lied the Israel haters – she was horrified due to an electric failure that she immediately turned and shouted “Allah U Akbar.”

A boy of 13 using a knife to try and murder another boy [See HERE] his age not only did nothing wrong, according to the propagandists, but was then executed by the Israelis. The fact the boy was receiving treatment in a private room at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem mattered not to these deceivers.

13 year old Islamic Terrorist Ahmad Manasra

The terrorists are all “innocent,” the Israelis are all “executioners.”

Israel had to defend herself on two fronts, happening simultaneously: terrorists attacking civilians in the streets and a most oiled propaganda machine spewing lies.

Security Cabinet member Dr. Yuval Steinitz along with the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the foreign press to a special media briefing and two days later Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed the press corps as well. In these briefings, we were introduced to the hatred and incitement by the PA and its president, which made little impression other than the obligatory “oh, how dreadful.” The questions by the foreign press left no doubt where the wind was blowing among the members of the international press.

Some in the Israeli media were quick to criticize Netanyahu for waiting two weeks to convene such a press briefing, and others wonder to this day why Israel’s public diplomacy machine is not fighting back against the torrent of lies.

While I do not buy the attacks against Netanyahu (a favorite pastime here in Israel, thus obligatory outside of Israel), the question of why Israel is not fighting the way only she knows how to fight – i.e. to win – remains relevant. At present, she is not doing anything other than trying to restore calm to the streets, peace to her citizens.

Thus, while Netanyahu and his government were trying to wade off the onslaught of terrorists locally and attacks internationally (the Los Angeles Times along with Israel’s usual detractors were busy at work doing what they do best – selling papers blaming Israel and the Jews for the ills of the world, twisting reality so that Israel a priori is found guilty in the court of public opinion), Abbas was planning the next round.

Hamas, usually a foe of Abbas, already made promises: Anyone caught while trying to free Jerusalem of the Occupier-Jews will be released at the earliest opportunity of prisoners exchange (they are already working on kidnapping a soldier or civilians to force such an exchange). They called for armed resistance inside the Green Line and throughout Occupied Palestine and went as far as easing restrictions on Fatah militia inside Gaza, all for the common goal of attacking and defeating the Zionist enemy.

While these fronts will eventually be manageable, and in the foreseeable future other parts of the world – from Jordan to Paris and London and even Washington, D.C., New York and San Francisco – will have to turn to Israel to copy from her the lessons learned at subduing and conquering such terrorism, Abbas, the master-chess-player, is already several steps ahead.

He has prepared the ground of lies for all too long. Israel, we have been told for eight long years, is planning to topple the third holiest place for Muslims. Israel is defiling the holy mountain. Israel is fabricating a claim to the place, where in reality she has no connection whatsoever. Israel is changing the status quo and executing innocent Arabs right and left, without stop.

How can the world stand silent in view of such an egregious behavior? How can any honorable human being with even a tiny bit of compassion allow such atrocities to continue? Abbas knows how easily the world is fooled and all too anxious to turn against Israel.

The concert continues: blood spilled all over. Not the blood of the Jewish victims by Arab terrorists, but the blood of “innocent” Arabs (i.e. perpetrators of these attacks). Even the spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State joined, admonishing Israel for using “excessive force.”

The screen is so full of the flowing rivers of blood that one cannot see anything else, one cannot think of anything but Israel’s newly found pastime: Genocide!

Thus, stood the French with the utmost bravery, and declared: International Observers to Jerusalem!

Abbas, busy at work at the moment to change the Western Wall to an international heritage site of the “Palestinians,” raised his hands, the hands of a victor, and proclaimed: “Knockout!”

He is so close to declaring “Checkmate,” that one is holding one’s breath with anticipation. Just let the Israelis and the Jews remain busy at the immediate. While they are focused on putting out fires, he is ready to have the world crown Al Quds (previously known, for a shameful period of time, as Jerusalem) as the eternal capital of “Palestine.”

Long live the King. The world is crazed with hatred for the Jews, and thus will follow whatever lies it is told. No one checks the facts, uses common sense or bothers with a reality-check. It is easier to beat the Jews, for secretly, we all wish for them to be gone.

It is time for Netanyahu to convene a Kitchen Cabinet of people he can trust, those who think outside the box. People who will not follow the status quo and what Israel has been engaged in doing, but will focus instead on fighting in the one arena that is completely desolate of any Jewish or Israeli fighters: the international public diplomacy front, in the court of public opinion.

For even if Israel manages to get up from one knockout after the next, the boos and rotten tomatoes thrown at her will eventually hit. The tomatoes have already been replaced with stones, and these with knives. Eventually, Israel might be left body parts strewn everywhere, as the crowd is overjoyed beyond its wildest dreams.

In a war one must fight. And Abbas is a very sleek and sophisticated enemy. He is playing the long game, while the world simply reacts to the effects of his lies. Time to fight Abbas, and Israel—yes, you can!

For God Goes with You to War

Cap America for Israel


Here Ari Bussel writes how Islamic terrorists take of advantage of Israel’s rules of engagement with enemy civilians (i.e. if that is even possible when a majority of Arabs called Palestinians actively support their governing Islamic terrorists). The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) do something different than other nations in a counter-attack. The IDF warns those considered civilians that they are coming with military intent of extreme prejudice to engage the enemy cowardly Islamic terrorists who kill Israeli civilian men, women and children then slip back to their holes like cockroaches fleeing the light.


Yet Bussel’s indictment is not so much against the Islamic terrorists as it is with heads in the sand Left Wing Jews that are willing to give up their land to Arabs because of the delusion an exchange of Jewish land for peace will solve the problem of Islamic terrorism. Bussel’s indictment is against the failure of the Israeli government to be out and ahead of Palestinian lies, propaganda and downright deception that is fed to the gullible West. The Western governments then project the idiocy that the Arabs called Palestinians are victims of Israeli aggression when the reality it is Jews that are the victims of Jew-hatred from Muslims.


JRH 9/8/11


For God Goes with You to War


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 9/6/2011 8:15 AM


“When you go forth to battle against your enemies, and you see a horse and a chariot, a people much more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them, for the Lord, your God, is with you, He who brought you from the Land of Egypt. 


“And as you get near to the war, the priest will approach and talk to the people.  And he shall say to them:  Hear O, Israel, you are getting near today to war upon your enemies.  Your heart should not soften.  Do not worry and do not hasten and do not affright from them. 




Israelis are a strange bunch.  At the moment, they seem confused, bewildered, otherwise smartly occupied.


It was before the land incursion into Gaza, that Rabbis and Commanders talked with the soldiers who were about to enter into the Devil’s Inferno.  They would risk their lives, and fourteen of them would die.  Why?  Simply, because the Israeli military protects the lives of the innocent, even at great risk to its own soldiers. 


Many would contest the presumption of “innocence” of the Gazans.  For them, one simple answer was and is given:  A person is a human being, created in the image of the Almighty, and Israel, despite all the blood libels, and unlike any of her enemies, holds the sanctity of life above all else.


Crazy those Israelis. 


Indeed, there were many investigations.  Most were prompted by lies propagated by Jews and Israelis, haters of Israel.  They cannot fathom the very existence of the Jewish state, so they called what happened in Gaza, from the comforts of their homes at the center of the country, a “Blood Bath.”  Interestingly, while they may have been the most vocal opponents of Israel, there are the silent voices of the Gazans, who in their hearts knew and know to give thanks that their sworn enemy is neither Muslim nor Arab but the Jewish People.  Anyone else, especially Arabs or Iranians, would have butchered them in an instant.  Not so the Israelis.


The Israelis called their cell phones and monitored their positions.  They knew that Hamas controls their every move and purposely inhabited every kindergarten, school, hospital and mosque throughout Gaza.  Those damn Israelis, those pigs and apes that have infested the holy land of the Muslims, they fired warning shots and directed the civilians to clear areas, where they would not be hurt.  They did everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.


Indeed, so many maligned Israel, the “Goliath” who with phosphorus bombs inflicted horrors on the population, that we started believing all the wrongdoings and did not stop for a second to think if reality can even be reconciled with the accusations.  The truth is drastically different, for any army that did not care about human life, and every army that was determined to end a conflict without risk to its own, would have finished the job in a matter of hours, or even in minutes.  Not so the Israelis.

The Gazans know that fact well.  The Israeli soldiers know that.  But there are those vocal “Peace Activists,” enemies of Israel in disguise, who want us to believe otherwise.


If I did not witness it for myself, I too would have laughed out loud in utter disbelief.  There were voices in Israel who criticized Rabbis and Commanders for strengthening their soldiers and preaching the right of way.  Why would some Israelis have an issue with going to war prepared?  Fret not, for all is done to undermine Israel’s own conviction that its fight is right, that her way is moral.  But these voices could not succeed for not only is there nothing to be ashamed of when the war is just, but it is also a necessary condition.


Israel has suffered greatly from Gazans’ firing at will into her cities and population centers.  She suffered long, all too long.  No other country would tolerate rockets and missiles fired from across the border, but Israel for some odd reason remained quiet for eight long years.


The reason is likely that those living farther away in Tel Aviv, the pretty-ultra-liberal-most-progressive-souls, did not feel the wrath of living under constant, unpredictable bombardment.  They continued their lives while those in the south, predominantly from weaker economic segments of society, had no other place to go than their homes, so they stayed and did their best to cope.


Those in Tel Aviv and their media-savvy friends knitted a net of lies and deceit that sounded too good:  The “Plight” of the “Palestinians,” the “Apartheid Rule” of Israel, give peace a chance.  It is thus not a great surprise that many of their children avoided services, although it is mandatory.  It is not at all amazing that most of their children did not visit Jerusalem even once, and one wonders how Israelis today can “give up so easily on Jerusalem.”  Give up?  Why, when you do not view something as yours.  Protect?  Not when it happens so far away, in a different land, and you sit at a café or have just returned from the beach in Tel Aviv.


However, Israel is tiny, and what happens in the very north, not far away from the border where Katyusha rockets fall, has a tendency to advance toward the center.  In the summer of 2006 the advancement stopped at Haifa, or a little bit further south. 


Likewise, what happened across the border with Gaza spread to cover all cities in southern Israel.


From Lebanon in the North and Gaza in the South, the totality of Israel is now in range of very accurate and highly destructive missiles.


So between Hezbollah and Hamas, their unwavering determination to destroy the Jewish state and the new missiles and training they both received from Iran, there is not a single part of Israel that is now a safe haven for fools.


And this is exactly the miracle that is Israel.  Israelis may have ignored for too long the plight of those in the north or those in the south, but there is no difference whatsoever between one Israeli and another.  Allow me to make this point even stronger:  THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONE ISRAELI OR ANOTHER, EVEN IF THE OTHER IS NOT JEWISH.  There you go. This is exactly what our Torah – the Jewish Bible – teaches us, that those foreign to us, the widowed and the orphaned are to be treated equally.  So we are commanded, so it is expected.  And we are reminded, lest we forget, “for slaves you have been in Egypt.”  We, too, have been foreigners in a foreign land once, a land not ours, a land to which we are not to return.


There is something unique about the Jewish State in the Land of Israel.  It is the only Jewish country in the world, the only place a Jewish person can, by right, call home.  And thus, even if one mistakenly hears or thinks that we have lost our way, we have not.  Our conviction is as deep as our history is old.  Attempt to take it away, and you will find the lion roaring beneath.

It is only a question of the lion needing awakening, exactly like the people going to war need to be reminded by the priest, encouraged by our history and focus their attention on the fact that we fight in order to exist, and we exist in order to do good.  The Almighty, Lord of Hosts, our God, will deal with the enemy, for the enemy is vile, vicious and evil—the enemy is the Enemy of God.


We, Israelis and Jews who seem so divided and lost, will emerge victorious once we realize we are one.  We knew it all along, but we were otherwise distracted by chaos, noise and other temptations. Priests and Commanders are needed to direct us properly, to remind us of the path in which we must proceed. 


May we live to see the end of chaos, a time when Jewish People reside in the Land of Israel and are allowed to live their lives in peace.  May we be part of making that happen, and may we always protect all that has been given to us in trust for safekeeping and passage onto future generations.


The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.


The writers invite readers to view and experience an Israel and her politics through their eyes, Israel visitors rarely discover and Israelis often ignore.


This point—and often—counter-point presentation is sprinkled with humor and sadness and attempts to tackle serious and relevant issues of the day. The series began in 2008, appears both in print in the USA and on numerous websites and is followed regularly by readership from around the world.


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First Published September 2, 2011