We Should Suppress Palestinians Rather than Give them a State

Dry Bones Arab Spring & Jew-Christian Hatred


John R. Houk

© December 7, 2011


Western nations led by America, EU, Russia and the UN have been pressuring Israel to cave in to allowing a new State to arise from their Biblical Land for Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. As brutal as it sounds I believe Israel should drive Muslim Arabs from Judea-Samaria and Gaza to Jordan and Syria. Jordan especially was carved out of the original British Mandate for Palestine as a gift to the Hashemite family for aiding the British to victory in WWI over Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire). The British awarded the Hashemites other carved out areas as well; however the Mandate for Palestine was created with the purpose of restoring Jews to their homeland. Take note this was BEFORE the Holocaust that murdered approximately SIX MILLION JEWS. In recognition that the majority population of the area was Muslim and Christian Arabs, the huge Mandate for Palestine was intended to create an Arab State separate from the Jewish State.


Incidentally the Christian Arab population was much greater in Palestine Mandate days than they are now. Does anyone know why? It is because from the time that Arabs that call themselves Palestinians became recognized as a political entity the Muslim majority in Judea-Samaria began persecuting the Christian minority. Christian Arabs have responded by leaving traditional areas of population concentration (like Bethlehem) for safer places to live. PA-Hamas-Hezbollah propagandists have attempted to bend statistics that Israel is the fault for Christian Arabs leaving Judea-Samaria and that Christian Zionists (i.e. Evangelicals) are spreading propaganda that Islam is the reason for Christian Arabs leaving their homes. The actual truth is that Islam is to blame, the Christian Arab population in Israel has tripled and Evangelicals are countering the propaganda of Islamic terrorists. Malcolm Lowe utilizes statistics to shine a light on the blatant manipulation Muslim propagandists are using in creating lies.


Islamic terrorists are real big on using propaganda to lie their way into a sovereign Palestine on Jewish land. The propaganda has been so successful that Western governments are trying to kowtow to the terrorists by telling their citizens that stealing Jewish land and giving it to Arabs that call themselves Palestinians will bring peace to the Middle East.


Western governments are failing to tell the truth that Arabs in the Jewish territories, that their education and media are training Arabs – from cradle to the grave – to hate Jews and American Christians. Here are five example clips from Al-Aksa TV (Hamas) of how Jews are portrayed to Muslims courtesy of MEMRI TV.


Why in the world is our American government joining three other Western entities to nearly bludgeon Israel into accepting a sovereign Palestine State right alongside the Israeli border? This Palestine will be controlled by the Palestine Authority which ultimately will include Hamas controlled Gaza. The Palestine Authority is just as devilish in propagating Jew and American hatred as Hamas. Unless the Islamic terrorists accept the existence as a Jewish State and cease from brainwashing Jew-hatred, the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians will NEVER cease from a having a violent society with the primary ethic of killing Jews and destroying Israel.


JRH 12/7/11

The Nefarious Anniversary of Gilad Shalit



John R. Houk

©June 25, 2011


Roughly five years ago from today (depending where you were vis-a-vis the International Date Line) Gilad Shalit was kidnapped from within Israel and dragged back to Gaza (Gazastan or Hamastan) to be held as a captive to be used as an exchange for over one thousand convicted Islamic terrorists in Israeli jails.


Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA is recognized agent of so-called Palestinian independence) signed a unity agreement to stand together as Arabs that call themselves Palestinians to form an independent Palestine being forced down the Israeli throat by powerful Western governments and Russia. To the Western world the PA has gone on the record to recognize the existence of the nation Israel, BUT not of a Jewish State. On the other hand the Palestinian media calls for the death of all Jews and the utter destruction of Israel to form an Arab State devoid of Jews from their homeland. Hamas is less subtle. Hamas simply calls for the destruction of all Jews and the destruction of Israel openly for all to read, hear and see.


Hamas’ kidnapping of Shalit has placed Israel in the unenviable position of a decision: the release of a thousand plus convicted Islamic terrorists so Hamas will release Shalit or doom Shalit to a fate of being in the hands of Jew-Hating Muslims to keep war criminals in jail.


It is horrible but I cannot see Israel releasing Jew-haters to join the Palestinian cause to kill more Jews for the release of one Israeli Patriot. I know there have been earlier attempts to rescue Shalit, so it is quite amazing Hamas has kept him alive. In fact no official footage or contact has been allowed by Hamas of Gilad Shalit since roughly September 2009:



Indeed Hamas has taken to taunting the Israeli government with short videos glorifying the capture kidnapping of Gilad Shalit:



In the above YouTube video it shows two Hamas terrorists in the shadows making intimidating gestures of the freeze frame still of Shalit from the 2009 YouTube video. As the 24 second Islamic terrorist intimidation video comes to an end  computer symbolism showing the near completion of a download which when fully completed has some Arabic words fill the area followed shortly by the sound of gun fire including sounds of the rounds hit the ground.


Hamas pulls all this junk with nary a bit of pressure from the same Western powers forcing into existence a Jew-hating Palestine except to only verbally condemn Hamas. Hamas has become the master of playing on Western sympathies to keep the pressure off them by playing the victim to the West.



If the so-called Quartet is so willing to force the existence of a Palestinian State, then this Quartet should be willing to force the release of Gilad Shalit. Force should happen even if it means violence to as a show of support for Gilad Shalit. If the Quartet holds Hamas accountable and Hamas resists the power of the Quartet by murdering Shalit, then the Quartet should have enough balls to admit that a Hamas involvement in a Palestinian State/Government is impossible.


If a Hamas involvement in governing is impossible, then a joint Quartet and Israel Defense Force (IDF) overthrow of Hamas in Gaza should happen. With a combination of Quartet military forces (i.e. USA, EU, Russia & UN) involved then the staged murder scenes usually blamed on Israel or the death of Hamas human shields will carry less weight as it will be exposed just how evil an entity an Islamic terrorist organization like Hamas actually is.


The infrastructure that keeps services running in Gaza does not come from revenue picked up through fair taxation. Rather Gaza’s operating infrastructure is operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The UNRWA provides above $400 million in an annual budget for Arab-Palestinians in Gaza and Judea-Samaria. In an article by Claudia Rosett written in 2009 for Forbes a very good appraisal is made about Gaza; viz., that Gaza-Hamas has two components that are currently vital for administration: UNRWA and terrorism.


The West already condemns terrorism although the condemnation comes with a wink when it comes to Arab terrorists with the appellation of Palestinian. If the Quartet were serious about bringing peace to the Middle East it would be incumbent to take down the UNRWA followed closely by the removal of Hamas in Gaza before the Muslim Brotherhood completely runs the show in Egypt. If or when the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt it will be a missed opportunity to remove Hamas from any governing equation.


Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of the terrorists that make up the PA. Basically the PA is the globally recognized entity of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians; however the reality is the PA is made up out of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which is an old Arab League umbrella group creation to be a thorn in the side of Israel. The biggest dog in the PLO umbrella is Fatah. The Fatah chief has served as the Chairman for the PLO and as the President of the PA.


Hamas is not part of the PLO umbrella. Hamas is more closely related to the Muslim Brotherhood centered in Egypt which ironically seems to be the foundation of Fatah’s original leadership. The point is though the PA has become just as corrupt as it is for the creation of a Palestinian. The corruption can be seen with all the times that the deceased Yasser Arafat refused Israel deals to establish a Palestinian State in their land of Judea and Samaria (called the West Bank by everyone that supports an idea of a Palestinian State). Because of PA corruption the Quartet and Israel can manipulate a better deal if it is a foregone conclusion to stupidly create a sovereign Palestine.


Frankly a PA led Palestine will probably end in a blood bath between Israel and Palestine coupled with a WWIII scenario. The existence of Hamas will make that scenario occur quicker.


A campaign to end Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit should be the concerted effort of the Quartet, Israel and probably with a little money to flash – the PA. Yes, without a miracle Shalit will probably be murdered. If indeed Hamas perpetuates such a tragedy of outright murder even the face of global opposition to such an act, the determination to end Hamas will be of greater acceptance. Sealing that deal of global opposition to Hamas will be the PA to join such an anti-Hamas league. The PA would do such a deed for money to its leadership AND because the Fatah faction of the PLO-PA has some good old fashioned Arab blood revenge issues with Hamas.


Unfortunately if an actual Hamas-PA united stand actually happens I am fairly convinced the corrupt leadership of the PLO-PA faction will dissipate into nothingness. Hamas pushing the old guard out may actually delay the creation of a Palestinian State. However, we all know that once Hamas becomes the legitimate representation of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians Western acceptance will eventually follow. In those days the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier will turn into the kidnapping of multiple soldiers which will probably lead to surgical strikes of the murder of multiples of Jews in rural towns and Orthodox Jewish villages.


Free Gilad Shalit now! Let’s make a united effort to end Hamas to prevent future Gilad Shalits.


JRH 6/25/11 (Hat Tip: Ari Bussel)  

PA and Hamas Kiss and Make Up


John R. Houk

© May 7, 2011


Does anyone wonder how it can be good for Israel’s existence that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have agreed to a unity government to be resolved by elections in 2012? I mean Hamas is very honest that the destruction of Israel is its goal. Only the ignorant would believe the PA propaganda (i.e.  The PLO and Fatah) that it no longer has the goal to destroy Israel. It is as if the “Zionist Entity” is not Israel, right? If you believe that I have some plush property to sell you at an old nuclear weapon test site in the Nevada Desert that might be rich in uranium.


The PLO and the PA is essentially the same thing except the Western world recognizes the PA as the representative of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. The PA is essentially the master of propaganda telling lies as if they are truth. Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood connected Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. As the PA is the master of deception, Hamas uses honesty and demands Israel’s destruction as well as establishing hatred toward all Jews. In essence Hamas makes no bones about a 21st century Jewish Holocaust if given the opportunity.


And here we are today, and the so-called Quart with the agenda of creating a sovereign Palestinian nation at the cost of Israel’s historical heritage, we see that the deceitful haters of Israel has agreed to provide a unity political entity with the truthful haters of Israel forming a unified front to make a Palestinian State in 2011.


Hmm … I am thinking Obama portion of the Quartet is pulling strings that will force Israel to accept the existence of a created Palestinian State that has the goal to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. What do you think?


JRH 5/7/11 (Hat Tip: Prophecy Update)

About The Palestine Papers

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The pro-Muslim news source known as al Jazeera out of the Emirate of Qatar has released some WikiLeak-like documents that were exchanged between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority (PA) that shows the PA to be a bit more malleable to Israeli concessions than the Jew-hatred of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians care to hear about.


The PA originally denounced the documents as fake. Some believe that some of the documents are authentic with a portion being fabricated by al Jazeera.


Below are four news stories beginning with an al Jazeera introduction to the 1600 – 1700 documents followed by two Conservative sources which are the Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal and then the Ma’an News Agency.


JRH 2/5/11