Hold Firm GOP

GOP Stand Ground Against Obamacare. toon by Henry

Here is an awesome essay from Justin Smith urging the true Conservatives of the Republican to stand fast against Obama’s and his Dem Party cadres to compel some give and take. In so doing Republicans must make sure Obamacare and the Debt Ceiling are a part of that negotiation. Obama claims he represents the will of the people because he was reelected. Using the same logic Obama should realize the Conservative Republicans in the House were elected by their constituents to oppose Obamafication of the United States of America.


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Hold Firm GOP


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 10/13/2013 6:05 PM


The current government shutdown represents so much more than a simple battle over passing a continuing resolution (CR) that raises the debt ceiling and defunds the Affordable Care Act. A few patriotic, conservative Republican/Tea Party Congressmen and Senators chose this moment to rightfully fight for nothing less than the freedom of future generations, while perfidious Progressive communist ideologues battle to ensure governance of the government, for the government and by the government, authoritarian control of a centralized government and the abrogation of the U.S. Constitution, as well as control over one sixth of the U.S. economy.

Senator Paul Ryan (R-Wisc), Finance Chair, has stated that 51 votes are enough to defund Obamacare, however, Senator Jon McCain (R-AZ) counters that 67 votes are needed to surmount an Obama veto. But the Cruz Plan focused on attempting to gain six Democrat votes from those facing elections in 2014, with the increasingly unpopular ACA hanging over them; therefore, with both houses of Congress opposed to Obamacare, the House position would have been significantly stronger during the ongoing “defund” fight, after any such veto.

After Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) delivered his admirable, conscientious and patriotic 21 hour filibuster, which advocated the suspension of the CR and debt ceiling negotiations until the Democrats agreed to defund the ACA, he attempted to inform his fellow Republicans on the necessity of voting against cloture on the House CR bill and the “defund Obamacare” amendment to the bill. This would have opened the debate and forced Sen. Harry Reid to have 60 votes in order to strip the “defund” amendment from the bill, according to Senate filibuster rules. Essentially, any Senator who voted for cloture, such as Bob Corker (R-TN) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) – RINOs, voted to fund Obamacare.

Just before the government shutdown and the opening of the Obamacare enrollment period on October 1, 2013, the facts were making it clearer every day that Obamacare would not work. Unions are represented in nearly 1600 exemptions to the ACA, and even James Hoffa, Teamster president, remarked on the destruction of health care and “millions of jobs lost”, because of Obamacare; 15,000 UPS employees were informed that their spouses were being removed from their insurance, and employees at SeaWorld have had their hours reduced to 28, in order to avoid ACA’s regulations.

Obama, the Progressives and their signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, have done nothing that actually controls the cost of health care. They have placed price-controls on procedures and medical equipment, limited what doctors can do and placed Americans waiting in long lines (just check your wait time at the ACA enrollment website). And R.N.s, the back-bone of any decent hospital, are being fired all over the country, even at the esteemed Vanderbilt and Emory University Hospitals, because of Obamacare.

Never in the history of the United States has such a broad sweeping piece of entitlement legislation been passed without a bipartisan vote, and even FDR’s New Deal received some Republican votes. And yet, not one single Republican vote was in favor of the Affordable Care Act, which should indicate just how awful the ACA really is.

Since the government shutdown, Obama has stated that he would not allow the U.S. government to go into “default” on its debt, in order to scare the stock market/Wall Street and the American people, while Senator Chuck Schumer has hinted at an impending “depression.” Senator Mitch McConnell has parroted Obama’s very words and has sent Susan Collins, liberal Republican from Maine, to negotiate with a president who says that he “represents the American people” and “the American people will not negotiate with a gun to their head.”

Obama cannot represent any American absent the truth. The U.S. government is nowhere near default according to a Moody’s Credit Report from October 11, 2013. The U.S. currently takes in $256 billion a month, which is more than sufficient to pay for constitutionally mandated sections of government, such as defense and the postal service, and entitlement programs, such as Social Security; moreover, one must understand that any Congressman using such “default” and “depression” terminology, Republican or Democrat, wants to fool the American people into accepting the raising of the debt ceiling, and they want big government and all its associated power.

Ironically, although this President, elected by a coalition of minorities, special interests and crony capitalists (fascists), is the most extreme ideologue and corrupt President in U.S. history, as evidenced in numerous policy arenas where friends are rewarded (e.g. Solyndra, GM union, LARAZA) and enemies are punished (e.g. GM’s CEO, coal industry, Tea Party), Obama recklessly rails over the “extremists” in the Republican Party and “extortion tactics” that are creating a “constitutional crisis.” This is indicative of his disdain for Our U.S. Constitution and the checks and balances of divided government; and, it illuminates his wish that the House did not count or wield as much power as it does, so he can continue to do whatever he damn well pleases, as he spends and taxes the United States into economic ruin and collapse.

There are rumblings of numerous settlements and reopening of the government, however, Republicans should not accept such miniscule gains, as negotiated by Senator Collins regarding the removal of the tax on medical devices. And voicing the frustration of many Americans, Speaker John Boehner said, “This isn’t some damn game”, upon hearing the President state that he would not negotiate with Republicans until “after the government reopened and the debt ceiling is raised.”

On October 9, 2013, Representative Jack Kingsston (R-GA), a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, aptly and astutely stated, “There is a developing consensus that this is a lot bigger than an Obamacare discussion.”

Good men and women, such as Rep Michele Bachmann, Sen Mike Lee, Sen Rand Paul and Sen Ted Cruz, have demanded that the Obama administration and Harry Reid’s Progressive-controlled Senate curtail its out of control spending. With a $17 trillion national debt and approximately $100 trillion in unfunded entitlement debt, Americans are now faced with a President and Congress that has increased spending from 21% of the Gross Domestic Product to 24%, and now, the Progressives demand that we accept raising the debt ceiling, which amounts to another tax increase on all Americans; furthermore, defunding Obamacare has also become central to this battle, because several aforementioned “Tea Party” Statesmen understand the dangers the ACA represents to us all, especially our children, with a growing Progressive trend toward authoritarianism and a present administration that has already shown a propensity to use any information, in order to coerce and compel Americans to do its bidding: Let us hope that the Republicans hold firm, until the eradication of much, if not all, of Obamacare is part of any solution to the CR and raising the debt ceiling issues.

Otherwise, who among you wishes to entrust the future of America and your children to the ACA/Obamacare program, a fallacious Keynesian/Marxist philosophy, and a President and his supporters, who boast emptily of progress, renounce Our American Heritage, deny God and worship their own ideology?    


By Justin O. Smith


© Justin O. Smith

Gramsci the Eurocommunist and Obamunism

Antonio Gramsci

John R. Houk

© April 2, 2013


In my college days (1979 – 1981) I toyed with the idea to minor in political science. I studied a bit about the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and the then described father of EurocommunismAntonio Gramsci.


It is my opinion Gramsci is of huge importance today because modern Marxists are using his ideas about Communism to build a Marxist world. President Barack Hussein Obama was influenced by the prince of community organizing in Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s agenda to transform society could have been ripped and copied from the pages of Gramsci’s written works. Below is a quote from a bio of Gramsci at Determine The Networks:


Specifically, Gramsci called for Marxists to spread their ideology in a gradual, incremental, stealth manner, by infiltrating all existing societal institutions and embedding it, largely without being noticed, in the popular mind. This, he emphasized, was to be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, process that, over a period of decades, would cause an ever-increasing number of people to embrace Marxist thought, until at last it achieved hegemony. Gramsci described this approach as a “long march through the institutions.” Among the key institutions that would need to be infiltrated were the cinema and theater, the schools and universities, the seminaries and churches, the media, the courts, the labor unions, and at least one major political party. According to Gramsci, these institutions constituted society’s “superstructure,” which, if captured and reshaped by Marxists, could lead the masses to abandon capitalism of their own volition, entirely without resistance or objection.


Think of the above paragraph every time you hear or read about Obama’s agenda to ‘Change’ America. Obama’s agenda is a Marxist agenda.


Earlier post on Gramsci:


The Gramsci Influence on Alinsky


JRH 4/2/13

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Antonio Gramsci was born in Sardinia on January 22, 1891. After graduating from the Dettori Lyceum in Cagliari, he won a scholarship to the University of Turin in 1911; by this point in his life, he was ideologically a socialist. Four years later he became an active member of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) and began a journalistic career that saw him develop into one of Italy’s most influential writers. In the Turin edition of Avanti! (PSI’s official organ), Gramsci wrote a regular column on various aspects of the city’s social and political life. Also active in educating and organizing Turin’s workers, Gramsci in 1916 began speaking periodically at workers’ study-circles on such topics as the French and Italian revolutions and the writings of Karl Marx. When Russia’s Bolshevik revolution broke out in 1917, Gramsci embraced the goal of spreading socialist transformation throughout the capitalist world.

In the spring of 1919, Gramsci co-founded L’Ordine Nuovo: Rassegna Settimanale di Cultura Socialista (The New Order: A Weekly Review of Socialist Culture), which became an influential periodical among Italy’s radical and revolutionary Left. Meanwhile he continued to devote much of his time and energy to the development of the factory council movement, which sought to advance the cause of a proletarian revolution in Italy.

In January 1921 Gramsci aligned himself with the Communist minority within PSI at the Party’s Livorno Congress, and soon thereafter he became a central committee member of the Italian Communist Party (PCI).

From May 1922 to November 1923, Gramsci lived in Moscow as an Italian delegate to the Communist International. In 1924 he relocated to Rome and was named general secretary of PCI. He also began organizing the launch of PCI’s official newspaper, L’Unità (Unity).

In 1926, Italy’s Fascist government enacted a host of “Exceptional Laws for State Security,” designed to suppress political opposition. On November 8th of that year, Gramsci was arrested in Rome and was sentenced to 5 years in confinement on the island of Ustica. In June 1928, his prison sentence was increased to more than 20 years, including a stint in solitary confinement.

Gramsci’s health deteriorated badly during his incarceration, and in November 1933 he was transferred to a medical clinic in Formia, where he stayed, under constant police guard, until August 1935. At that point he was transferred again, still under perpetual guard, to the Quisisana Hospital in Rome. Gramsci eventually died there, of a cerebral hemorrhage, on April 27, 1937.

During his years as a prisoner, Gramsci filled 32 notebooks (containing almost 3,000 pages) with his political and philosophical meditations on how Marxist theory could be applied practically to the conditions of advanced capitalism. The notebooks, which were smuggled out from Gramsci’s prison cell, were eventually published in Italian several years after World War II, more than a decade after Gramsci’s death. They were not published in English, however, until the 1970s.

In his writings, Gramsci accepted Marx’s assertion that perpetual struggle between the ruling class and the subordinate working class was the driving mechanism that ultimately made social progress possible. But he rejected the notion that direct physical coercion by police and armies was the method of choice for achieving and maintaining victory in that struggle. Rather, Gramsci held that if a population at large could, for a period of time, be properly indoctrinated with a new “ideology”—specifically, a set of values, beliefs, and worldviews consistent with Marxist principles—a Marxist system could be sustained indefinitely and without coercion or force. In short, Gramsci held that Marxists needed to focus their efforts on gaining “hegemony” (i.e., control or dominion) over the core beliefs of non-Marxist societies; to change the population’s understanding of what constitutes basic “common sense.”

Such a development, said Gramsci, would never occur naturally as a result of some inexorable, unseen, “historical laws” that Marx had accepted as axiomatic. Rather, Gramsci asserted that Marxism’s potential for transforming society was wholly dependent upon the willful initiative of activists committed to using a “reversal strategy” designed to establish a “counter hegemony”—i.e., an alternative dominant worldview—in opposition to the existing capitalist framework.

Specifically, Gramsci called for Marxists to spread their ideology in a gradual, incremental, stealth manner, by infiltrating all existing societal institutions and embedding it, largely without being noticed, in the popular mind. This, he emphasized, was to be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, process that, over a period of decades, would cause an ever-increasing number of people to embrace Marxist thought, until at last it achieved hegemony. Gramsci described this approach as a “long march through the institutions.” Among the key institutions that would need to be infiltrated were the cinema and theater, the schools and universities, the seminaries and churches, the media, the courts, the labor unions, and at least one major political party. According to Gramsci, these institutions constituted society’s “superstructure,” which, if captured and reshaped by Marxists, could lead the masses to abandon capitalism of their own volition, entirely without resistance or objection.

In this regard, Gramsci’s views bore a great resemblance to those of the famed godfather of community organizing, Saul Alinsky, who likewise viewed revolution as a slow, patient process requiring the stealth penetration of existing institutions that could then be transformed from within.


Gramsci the Eurocommunist and Obamunism

John R. Houk

© April 2, 2013




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The New Marxist Infiltration

Taking USA back from Hammer-Sickle-Swastika

John R. Houk

© April 1, 2013


There was a time in America that being a Communist or Marxist sympathizer was an expression of un-American treason. Senator Joseph McCarthy was initially looked upon as an American hero for exposing Soviet-Communism in the U.S. government. After McCarthy’s vigilance began to spill-over into the First Amendment protected Right to believe in Marxist ideology outside of the direct manipulation of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), then Liberal Democrats and Center-Left Republican began an agenda to smear the character and agenda of Senator Joe McCarthy. McCarthy was publically transformed from an American hero into an American witch hunter. Witch hunting of course is viewed as a profession of creating lies to convict people of crimes that really do not exist.


For example in the ‘real world’ there is no such thing as witches with supernatural powers to wiggle their noses and speak a few Latin words and create some evil ex nihilo. McCarthy’s agenda was painted as finding Communist spies ex nihilo from influential people that believed in the principles of Karl Marx or flirted with the idea Communist utopianism in their youth out of a dissatisfaction of a Free Market society favoring the opportunity of individuals utilizing hard work for prosperity while the less entrepreneurial and oft time poor people seemed stuck in lower income working class misery.


In defense of a Free Market society that experiences the Liberty guaranteed with a Bill of Rights; whether there is Marxist society or a Free Market society there will always be people stuck in low income working class situations. The reality is the low income people in a Free Market society usually have a better life than the Liberty-Less low income people of a Marxist-Socialist society. The innovative prosperity of the few more often provides a better income for the poor in a Free Market world than for the income of the poor in a Marxist-Socialist world.  Scarcity reigns for the poor of Marxist-Socialism and abundance reigns for the poor of Free Market Capitalism.


Painting McCarthy as a Communist witch hunter was the beginning of the slow acceptance of stealth Marxism in American society. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU – See Also HERE and HERE) used their Marxist sympathies to aid in the eradication of Christian morals in America which has paved the way to removing prayer from schools, making abortion-murder on demand as a birth control method normal, validating ungodly homosexuality as normal rather than as an abomination toward God, using the tax code to prevent Ministers of the Gospel from endorsing godly political candidates for Office and now the pervasive anti-Christian of entrenched Liberals has emboldened more attacks on Christianity in America.


Prayer at public sports events (as in Public Schools and Colleges) or City Council meetings is being attacked with the threat of litigation that Public Schools and small to medium sized cities cannot afford to litigate. In these cases Marxist ideals are infused into our Free Market society ironically because the financial clout of Leftist-minded organizations and individuals can out-fund the local Public Schools or the Local Governments. It is the use of the Free Market to destroy the Free Market Liberty society.


It is time to publicly rehabilitate the image of Joe McCarthy where he was correct and to criticize him where he was incorrect on a First Amendment basis. It was evil for the old Soviet Union to infiltrate our government to bring down the U.S. Constitutional government from within. It was wrong for McCarthy to brand people as a threat to the nation because of a mere belief in Marxism. As much as Marxism is against the Liberty principles of initiated by America’s Founding Fathers, it is a First Amendment Right to believe in Marxist principles.


And yet when dedicated Marxists utilize Liberty to terminate Liberty via deception to purposefully eradicate the Constitution, we who still believe in Liberty must begin to take a stand even if Marxists have convinced society it is politically incorrect to take public stands that contradict stealth Marxist principles.


For example preventing Christianity influencing government is our Constitutional Right. Marxists may take the words of Thomas Jefferson that he wrote to Danbury Baptists that the government has no Right to enfranchise or disenfranchise a Church in the Federal Government; those words are not in the Constitution. Not only that, but Jefferson was not one of the principle framers of the Constitution.


Another example is the use of a Left-minded Judiciary to redefine the Constitution as a Living parchment in which it can be interpreted according to what the Left find culturally relevant in the present. This kind of Judicial fiat creates Law unconstitutionally. The Constitution that frames the three branches of government that exist with checks and balances under the concept that not any government branch has absolute power limits the Judiciary to only interpreting Law and NOT Bench-Legislating Law.


The Constitution insures that a duly elected Congress and the sovereign States make the Law with the President signing off or vetoing legislation and with the duly elected Congress having the expanded privilege to override a Presidential veto. The sovereign State’s Right in this Constitutional process is the required percentage to ratify Constitutional Amendments that Amends a section of the Constitution or adds to the Constitution. In which the Judiciary has no power to terminate a State approved Amendment.


Marxist utopians such as our President Obama and the Dems intend to use the Living Constitution deception to terminate portions of the Constitution and current Amendments to mean something not Originally Intended (See Also HERE) as the Law.


And this is where the accusation that our President is a Manchurian Candidate comes into play:


The Manchurian Candidate (1959), by Richard Condon, is a political thriller novel about the son of a prominent US political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.


The novel has been adapted twice into a feature film by the same title, in 1962 and again in 2004. (Wikipedia)


I am not such a Conspiracy Theorist that I believe President Obama is a brainwashed individual from a Communist nation. The international vision of Soviet-Communism collapsed at the dissolution of the USSR into separate sovereign nations shedding off the hegemony of a Russian dominated Communist government. The only other Communist Super Power that still exists is more interested in its National Interests that the global domination of Maoist-Marxist world. The People’s Republic of China (Red China) is interested in regional hegemony and confronting other powers that may conflict with those regional National Interests. For Red China that may include a wary eye on Russia as much as on the USA. It is only when Russia’s and China’s National Interest intersect in keeping the USA at bay do Russia and China appear as friends against the USA.


I am such a Conspiracy Theorist that President Obama is involved in some sort of nefarious Marxism to change American culture to seem closer to Marxist utopianism rather than our Founding Fathers’ concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness based on a combination of Christian Morality and Greco-Roman political thought.


Whether or not Obama’s Marxist-Socialist utopianism is based on the individual precepts he developed from the Marxist influence of family and mentors OR from a network of stealth Marxist Global Elitists is something I cannot put my finger on. Whether Obama’s change agenda is individual or networked is irrelevant. That which is relevant is Obama has a Gramsci-like agenda to transform America away from its roots into a Communist utopia in the near future or to create a foundation for future Marxist-Elitist to build on.


That is what makes President Barack Hussein Obama a Manchuria Candidate.


VIDEO: The Manchurian President


The inspiration for these thoughts is an article by Kris Zane found at Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) entitled – you got it – The Manchurian Candidate.


JRH 4/1/13

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Looking at Palin’s CPAC 2013 Speech

Sarah Palin - Big Gulp - CPAC 2013

John R. Houk

© March 24, 2013


We deserve better than the people who call themselves our leaders. But we won’t get it unless we’re ready to fight, and this is one fight that is worth it.”


Sarah Palin speech at CPAC on March 16, 2013 as derived from the last paragraph of the post “Sarah Palin’s Defiance” by Douglas Gibbs.


America needs more people like Sarah Palin to show the Republican Party to forget its Establishment and embrace Conservatives or get out of the way for a NEW American political party that is willing to embrace Conservatism and be a light on the hill shining that which has made America good rather than the propagandized indoctrinating message of America’s Left which desires to transform America to a vision that eradicates the U.S. Constitution and the morals of the Judeo-Christian faith in favor of politically correct moral relativism.


I realize 2016 is a long ways away; nonetheless this is the kind of person or one like Palin that needs to be the next President of the United States of America!


VIDEO: CPAC 2013 – Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK)


JRH 3/24/13

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Sarah Palin CPAC Speech 3-16-13 Transcript Video: Karl Rove Go Back to Texas Put Your Name on a Ballot


March 16, 2013 19:09

Before It’s News


Senator Ted Cruz, the Keynote Speakers, introduced Sarah Palin, who was one of the first big names to come out enthusiastically for him. Due to time constraints I’ve left the intro out, but you can see it in the video below. Toward the end of the transcript and video, Palin referrs (sic) to the “Architect” who is Republican strategist and moneyman who long ago decided he would be the decider of who candidiates (sic) would and would not be. Sarah suggest that if he knows so much and is worthy his millions, he should go on back to the Lone Star state and put (h)is name on a ballot. Sarah (b)egins with words of praise for Ted Cruz and says “Ted Cruz, he comes to town, he chews up barbed wire. He spits out rust.”



Begin Sarah Palin speech


…one reason I like Texans. They don’t mess around with our Second Amendment rights. All this stuff coming lately from the White House to take away the good guys’ freedom, and, the right to protect ourselves with the most naive notion that the bad guys, who ignore the laws, that all of a sudden they’re going to follow some new laws. It’s not about the bad guys. No , it’s all about the lead, like solely – that chunk of metal didn’t commit the crime. That’s like saying solely, that fork made me fat.


And background checks, yeah, I guess to learn more about the person’s thinking and associations and intentions. More background checks? Dandy idea Mr. President – should have started with yours. [audience going wild]


Well, it’s great to be back at CPAC. I’m so happy to be here and it feels like it’s coming home even though it is only my second time here, but I kinda feel like I’m getting the hang of it already, I can spot those Liberal media folk here to write their annual Conservatives in Crisis story. How many of you guys are here? Raise your hands…come on, raise your hands. Be proud. You’re loud. We’re used to it. Certainly you’re not ashamed to…raise it high. Don’t worry. We wouldn’t dream of making you wait outside on the party bus.


It is an honor to be here. We can come together folks for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows, we need this. So much of what passes for our national conversation is anything but.


Remember ‘No Drama Obama?’ If only. Now it(‘s) All Drama Obama. We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington. We have reality television. It’s really bad reality TV and the American people tuned-out a long time ago. Entertainment TV is a good description of what is going on in DC because more than ever it feels like a put-on. Every event feels calculated to fool us somehow. Every speech feels like a con. Washington politicians, too many in both parties, have a bad habit of focusing on the process of politics instead of the purpose of politics, which is to lead and to serve. Even our guys in the GOP too often have a habit of reading their stage directions, especially these days. They are being too scripted, too calculated. They talk about rebuilding the party. How about rebuilding the Middle Class? They talk about rebranding the GOP instead of restoring the trust of the American people.


Now we can’t just ignore though, that…we just lost a big election. We came in second out of two. Second position on the dogsled team is where the view never changes and the view ain’t pretty.


We need to figure out then, our job. What will we do  next? As we go about that, as we talk to one another, and listen to what the speaker’s have to say, let’s be clear about one thing, we’re not here to rebrand a party, we’re here to rebuild a country.


We’re not here to dedicate ourselves to new talking points coming from Washington, D.C. We’re not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party. We are not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government give-aways. That’s a game we will never, ever win. We are here to restore American and the rest is just theatrics, the rest is just sound and fury. It’s just making noise, and that sums up the job President Obama does today.


Now, he’s considered a good politician, which is like saying Bernie Madoff was a good salesman, the difference being the President is using our money.


You know I spend most of my time in heartland country, the heart of the heart of America and I have news for the permanent political class in Washington. While they’re busy worrying about their own political future, things are bad out here. Nearly 8% unemployment rate. It doesn’t begin to capture how bad things are. Even in the dismal rates announced of  .1% economic growth, that doesn’t tell the story of the pain that Americans feel.


Our president fancies himself as the champion of the Middle Class, yet since he came on scene, even those lucky enough to have a job, they’re working more for less. The median income for families has dropped over $5,000.00 since ’07, even as we work longer and longer hours. And job creators are being punished. Tell me how does punishing the job creators, create more jobs?


It cost nearly 100 bucks now to fuel up your truck. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college. Man, the cost of a case of diapers today…these prices…the cost, the impacts on the American family budget, and the Middle Class Americans, while we’re breaking their budget, the Democrat-controlled Senate refuses to pass a budget. That was how many years ago that  they did? How many Trillions-in-debt-ago? All in violation of Article I Section 9, Clause 7 of our U.S. Constitution. No budget for 4 years. No budget for 4 years is not just bureaucratic bungling. Refusing to pass a budget is refusing to declare what it intends to do with the people’s money.


Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration ever. Barack Obama, you lied.


There is a direct correlation between the Senate stubbornly refusing to pass a budget, and the Senate selfishlessly (sic – should be ‘selfishly’ according video speech) agreeing to go ahead and spend our children and our children’s money. No budget is no leadership. It is time for America to get more outraged about this. Never before have our challenges been so big and our leaders so small.


Now when we were here last year, the words on everyone’s lips and the wish in your heart was for Barack to pack-her up and bubble wrap the Nobel and the clubs and the high-tops and head on back to Chicago.


Well, the election came and went  but the campaign never stopped, at a time when our country is desperate for leadership, we get instead a permanent campaign, but here’s the thing, leaders take risks for the good of our country. Campaigners make promises they can’t keep. Leaders reach across political differences. Campaigners double-down on those differences. Leaders seek to bring Americans together to confront our challenges and campaigners seek to divide and to conquer and to create crisis after crisis after crisis, to exploit.


Mr President we admit it, you won. Accept it. Now step away from the teleprompter and do your job.


The permanent political class is in permanent political mode so where do we go from here? One of my idols, Lady Margaret Thatcher, she offered this advice after her party lost at the poll. She told fellow conservatives not to get lost in abstract debates and green-eye-shade accounting. Mrs. Thatcher advised conservatives to focus their concerns first and foremost on the people. She said, look at every problem from the grassroots, not from the top down. She also cautioned Conservatives not to go wobbly on their beliefs, to which I offer a hearty Amen Sistah! We can use a leader like Maggie Thatcher today.


But just think about it at a time when Washington is so powerful that seven of the ten highest income counties in the country ring the city, allow yourself to imagine leadership that deems to understand us little people, us clinging to our God, our Guns our Constitution and our grassroots – imagine leadership that actually takes seriously the idea of government of the people, by the people, for the people, and then imagine leadership that knows how to prioritize to ensure national security and to stop goverrnment (sic) waste. That’s leadership that would have as it’s guiding light, it’s great North Star, our U.S. Constitution.



Friends, it’s no accident that it’s opening words are We the People, and while you are dreaming, imagine leadership that respects the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The majority of Americans want this.


Is there any wonder there was such a run on guns and ammo for Christmas presents, considering the attack on the Second Amendment? A couple of months ago – oh you should have seen what Todd got me for Christmas. Well, it wasn’t that exciting. It’s a metal rack, a case for hunting rifles to put on the back of a Four-Wheeler, then though, I had to get something for him to put in the gun case, right? So this go-round, he got the rifle, I got the rack. (big applause and she pulls out her Big Gulp and takes a sip till the crowd calms down.)


Oh Bloomberg’s not around. Our Big Gulp’s okay. Shoot it’s just pop with low-cal ice cubes in it. I hope that’s okay. What did you think was in it? Yeah, you Young Republicans, especially you who went Greek – I am so proud of you guys, all of you. College Republicans, there on campus. You are so bold, in your…well [crowd screaming]. All right. You guys keep your courage up, and my only piece of advice, because I’m a Mom, to our young College Republicans is, ya gotta be thinking Sam Adams, not drinking Sam Adams. and that’s just a joke. I don’t want to hear from the CEO of some brewery accusing me of being anti-beer. It was joke. You guys just keep up your good work.


Seriously though, when we do see harm. When we see life snuffed out through violent, evil acts, imagine leadership that doesn’t seek to exploit the tragedy. Imagine leadership that seeks real solutions to the violence, not cheap political games. That would be leadership worthy of its name. That would be leadership worthy of those words “We the People.” Creating government of, by, for the people. It also means ending the poisonous practice of  treating Americans of different social, ethnic, religious groups as different electorates to be pandered to with different promises. If we truly believe the words of our other founding document, The Declaration of Independence, that yes all men are created equal, then there are no Hispanic issues or African American issues or women’s issues. There are only American issues.


Now CPAC in order to be effective, in order to have any power to change things for the better, as Conservatives, we must leave no American behind and we must share our powerful message of freedom and liberty to all citizens, even those who may disagree on some issues because there is solid common ground in fighting against government overreach and for independence. And those who may disagree with us on some issues, they are not our enemies. They’re our sisters and our brothers. They’re our neighbors. They’re our friends. It’s imperative to reach out and to share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes and individual responsibility.


It’s time we all stopped preaching to the choir and let’s grow. America already has one party that’s expert at pitting groups against one another. We’ll never win a contest of identity politics. We shouldn’t even try. If ‘Believe in America’ is more than just a catchy campaign slogan, then we have to believe in America’s exceptionalism, and her greatest achievement that no one is guaranteed success but everyone is guaranteed an equal opportunity at success.


The greatest lie that the government tells is that government is the way to realize this guarantee. There is a simple reason why Washington, DC is an island of prosperity in a nation mired in near recession. Whenever government expands, it’s the well-connected that reap the benefit. The more government intrudes into our lives and businesses, the more it picks winners and losers. The more crony capitalists win, the more the rest of us lose. Whether it’s green energy or free Obama phones or prophylactics, if you don’t have a team of lobbyists in DC or a cancelled contribution check, you’re not at the table – you’re on the menu.


If Mrs. Thatcher were with us here today, she would remind us, there’s a big difference between being pro-business and being pro-free market. On this there can be no mistaking where free market stands. It’s time for We the People to break up the cronyism and put a stake through the heart of too big to fail once and for all.


That includes in these resource rich states like Alaska, my home state. Read your Constitution Alaskans. Realize that the natural resources that God has created for mankind’s use, are not owned by the big multi-national conglomerates and the monopolies. They’re owned by The People. They don’t own them, so don’t let them own you. You have a right for those resources to be developed for our use.


Ending the top-down approach of DC also means changing our top-down political process. The next election is 20-months away. Now is the time to furlough the consultants, and tune-out the pollsters, send the focus groups home and throw out the political scripts, because if we truly know what we believe, we don’t need professionals to tell us.


And if we truly seek to know the hearts and minds of the people, there is no substitute for going out and asking them – being one of them with real world experience, actual conversations with actual hard-working Americans, and that goes for finding candidates as well. Creating a government by, for the people. It means looking toward our communities, our PTAs, our service clubs, small businesses, Tea Party rallies and City Halls – for people who are willing to lead. Do you know someone who’s judgement (sic) you trust, someone who doesn’t just preach common sense, but who actually lives it? Well, encourage her or him to run for office.


Are you mad as hell and think you have a better way? Then run yourself. Don’t let the big consultants, the big money men and the big bad media scare you off. Don’t let them invalidate you when you no doubt have more real world, practical experience with family and real work. That’s real life, than those in the political bubble who try to tell you who’s worthy, who just doesn’t fit their bill. The last thing we need is Washington DC vetting our candidates.


If these experts who keep losing elections and keep getting rehired and getting millions , if they feel that strong about who gets to run in this party, then they should buck-up or stay in the truck. Buck up or run. The Architect  [Karl Rove] can head on back to the great Lone Star State and put their name on some ballot – though for their sakes, I hope they give themselves a discount on their consulting services.


Friends you have heard a lot of different voices, offering a lot of different ideas the past few days. I am just humbled. I am just so grateful to be just one of them. I have been so blessed to spend so much of these past years getting to know even more of America, not from the top down, but from the heart looking out, and this I know, there is more wisdom, more character, more grit and common sense in the soldiers and the Mom’s and the teacher’s and the laborers and the firemen and the fishermen and the students and the cowboys – and other extraordinary Americans that I’ve met along the way, than will ever be found in the cocktail parties of power across the river, and …


…if We the People have one message to send to Washington, I’m sure it would be this: Get Over Yourself. It’s not about you.



I’m leaving it there. There are two minutes remaining if you want to tune in the video below. Thanks for The Right Scoop for the video and the poster.


CPAC 2013 – Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK)


Ted Cruz introduces Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013 – If Karl Rove Knows So Much About Candidates, He Should go Back to Texas and Put His Name on the Ballot (video)


2013-03-16 19:04:34

Source: http://www.maggiesnotebook.com/2013/03/sarah-palin-cpac-speech-3-16-13-transcript-video-karl-rove-go-back-to-texas-put-your-name-on-a-ballot/



Looking at Palin’s CPAC 2013 Speech

John R. Houk

© March 24, 2013


Sarah Palin CPAC Speech 3-16-13 Transcript Video: Karl Rove Go Back to Texas Put Your Name on a Ballot


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How Far?

Constitution Purpose - Federalist Papers

How far are we going to allow President Barack Hussein Obama and his acolytes to hate our Constitution and Christians? Check out what Justin Smith has to say about it.



JRH 2/1/13

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How Far?


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 1/31/2013 3:20 PM


While America’s political “elite” have squandered most of the opportunities over the past twenty years left for them by President Ronald Reagan and the annihilation of the Evil Empire, Barrack Hussein Obama has managed three times the spending of all the combined presidents, and he has led us to a $16 trillion national debt, annual deficits well over a trillion dollars and no budget during his regime’s rule; Obama states, “that fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms requires collective action,” which indicates that Obama will pursue more policies destructive to Our American Heritage. His vision for the next four years will push America farther from common sense Constitutional governance and the basics, family, faith/Judeo-Christian (tolerant of all others) and flag/national sovereignty. His aides have suggested Obama will have to redirect American policy from the Oval Office, which is not shocking given his disdain for the U.S. Constitution, his affinity towards authoritarianism and his propensity for uttering unConstitutional executive orders!

John Jay stated in 1785, “I consider knowledge to be the soul of the republic, and as the weak and wicked are generally in alliance, as much care should be taken to diminish the number of the former as of the latter. Education is the way to do this.”

On January 25, 2013, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled against another one of Obama’s numerous unConstitutional orders in relation to the Senate confirmation process and recess appointments. Three Obama appointments were nullified by this ruling, and 300 Labor Board decisions are now in question, and yet, in typical illegal, elitist, liberal fashion, Mark Pearce, the NLRB’s chairman, defiantly refused to obey this court’s decision; until Obama, never… NEVER in U.S. history has ANY U.S. President attempted to declare the U.S. Senate in recess, while it was still technically in session, solely on his own presumed authority!

During his 2013 inaugural address, as Obama stated, “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations,” he had already betrayed America’s children by adopting and implementing a UN Agenda 21 education curriculum called “Common Core/CSCOPE” and forcing all but five states to accept it through Stimulus bribes and threats to withhold federal funds and Title 190 programs for the poor and needy. CSCOPE is basically collectivist/communist indoctrination, which makes drastic cuts to classical literature and higher math programs, as it promotes Islam through teaching conversion methods and presenting verses from the Koran that denigrate other faiths: in Lesson 2, Unit 3, students are told Christianity is a “cult.” Also, CSCOPE has ties to Obama mentor and self-acknowledged terror group member Bill Ayers.

The science on “global warming” has long been dispelled as an outright lie driven by transnationalists’ and communists’ desire to “redistribute the wealth” worldwide to poor Third World nations through legislation such as “Cap and Trade.” This type of legislation has already been rejected by our U.S. Congress, however, Obama ignored Congress in 2009 and enacted nearly all of the UN’s Agenda 21 and “climate change and sustainable development initiatives” through, as of now, an unchallenged and unConstitutional Executive Order 13575, as well as EPA regulations. The changes increase energy costs, kill jobs, leave the U.S. less competitive globally and reduce us all to poverty!

Obama states, “We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else, because she is an American, she is free and she is equal, not just in the eyes of God but also in our own.” As noted by many past and reformed socialists such as David Horowitz, those nations which have put Liberty ahead of Equality have ended up doing better by Equality than those with the reverse priority, and even so, I dare say that the little girl described by Obama has had more than ample chances thanks to President Lyndon Johnson’s Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

A highly respected economist, Thomas Sowell explains that penury in the U.S. is neither irremediable or hereditary, and only 3% get stuck in the bottom fifth of income distribution for more than eight years. The top or bottom earners are not closed private clubs that contain the same households every year. Many of today’s poor may be tomorrow’s wealthy, and the reverse is also true. But it will not hold true once Obama policies are fully implemented between now and 2017; for now, no such economic mobility can be found anywhere else in the world.

Obama hinted at a Republican agenda which would block important programs that would put millions of jobless Americans back to work as he stated, “we cannot mistake absolutism for principle”… this coming from the most corrupt and unprincipled U.S. President in history, who spent only about 6% of the Stimulus money on actual jobs programs, with the rest acting as a pay-off to his political cronies; it is this administration and Obama’s Leftist-Democrats who are killing jobs creation, because they advocate for immigration and economic policies designed to strengthen their hold on power through the continued destruction of the U.S. economy in order to place more Americans on the dole!

The American free-market and democratic republic is far from perfect, however, our complex of traditions and institutions, built upon principles that animated the American Revolution, have made it possible for more Freedom and Prosperity to be enjoyed by more citizens than in any other society in human history. The relatively little that was wrong with our system, before circa Obama, needed only to be reformed. A fundamental transformation was not called for by the people and neither has there been a large hue and cry from the people demanding communism, fascism and authoritarianism. But Obama is driven by ideology and ideology alone… by contempt and contempt alone for Our American Heritage!

I believe in the rule of law, but how far are we as a nation… those of us who still believe in the U.S. Constitution… supposed to go with an intransigent and divisive U.S. President who is not only attempting to transform our way of life but is destroying over 300 years of cultural and historical American Heritage? At what point will each of us be willing to put our lives at risk, say “ENOUGH” and pick up our rifles to march against an out of control government in order to preserve real Liberty, Freedom and Equality for future generations, just as the Founders did?

America will soon be embroiled in a massive political battle, fraught with ensuing upheaval and societal unrest, if this authoritarian Statist trend is not abated. Obama and the Leftist-Democrats have chosen to destroy the system as it now exists, and, as they seek to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, abrogate our right to make end-of-life decisions, and spend away our children’s and several generations’ future, they command us as subjects of the State rather than govern us as citizens of a democratic Free Republic; and in the process, they are paving the way for those like them, each new successive Democratic president, to rule by decree and according to their own personal whims, rather than have to adhere to the principles and guidelines contained within the U.S. Constitution. They are paving the way for tyranny, because they want to, and they believe in doing so… we must drag America away from the abyss before Obama drags Her over the edge!

We are a nation that has a government… not the other way around. And this makes us special among nations of the earth. Our government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.” -President Ronald Reagan from the 1980 Inaugural Address.



By Justin O Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

© Justin O. Smith


What Price Freedom? – Or Our New Leviathan

Patrick Henry - Give Liberty or Death 2

Here are Justin O. Smith’s thoughts on the results of Election Day 2012.


JRH 11/14/12

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What Price Freedom? – Or Our New Leviathan


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 11/13/2012 11:37 AM


A dark cloud of fascism surrounded the Beacon of Freedom on November 6th, as America’s ill-informed and ignorant electorate rejected the ideas of personal responsibility and fierce independence exhibited by the early pioneer as he or she rose each morning and asked for nothing more than one more day to work towards success and gave thanks to God for seeing that morning’s sun. By reelecting Obama, these neo-fascists have gladly embraced mindless open borders, the Welfare State, global warming/”green energy”, appeasement and surrender as a foreign policy, and $20 trillion plus deficits. They have sold their Freedom for “free” contraceptives and an Affordable Health Care Act that inflates the cost more than if they had bought their own private insurance policies, and in the bargain they have ensured the enslavement of their children and their children’s children to the Leviathan and those Statists who control it!

The job lay-offs and company cutbacks and closures (Walmart, Applebee’s, Krogers) have already begun in anticipation of the AHA becoming entrenched in U.S. law, especially since many small businesses are close to the 50 employee mark that forces them under its regulation, as it takes over an entire industry. Americans must not let their opposition to Obamacare wane, because its positive effects are few and its freedom killing regulations, such as imprisonment for anyone refusing to “buy” it, are vast and devastating both to the individual and the nation.

Obama’s “mandate” is a fiction. He only won by two million votes, and he received nine million fewer this time than in 2008. The Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives with a 233-201 margin; and yet, Obama is proceeding with his theme that “the wealthy need to pay their fair share”, as he prepares to raise taxes on all Americans by allowing the Bush tax rates to expire. He has suggested raising taxes on everyone making $250,000 or more and a return to the higher tax levels of the Clinton era.

Obama supporters echo his theme, even though the top 15% earners in the U.S. already pay 90% of the taxes. Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat from Maryland, suggests that working families should not have to bear the burden of deficit reduction. Mary Kay Henry, Pres of SEIU, wrote in a letter to the ‘Tennessee-Tribune’: “We need a country where the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. We need good jobs, we need to need to protect the vital services that millions of Americans rely on and we need to provide a pathway to citizenship for immigrants”, signed with the American Communist Party slogan “In Solidarity”!

Steny Hoyer and others who voted for Obama are not only morally bankrupt, but they are economics illiterate. They do not understand… or even want to understand… that most of America’s jobs are found in small businesses. They do not understand that more taxes on the wealthy tend to place brakes on new business, business expansions and the jobs that are created, thus burdening families further once the lay-offs start; fewer regulations and taxes have historically enabled and created a stimulated and vibrant national economy.

Mary Henry must not realize that current U.S. law already provides a path to citizenship for immigrants, but of course, she really meant illegal aliens, who all the Far Left liberals think souls be given amnesty, which did not work in 1986 and will not solve the situation now; legal Hispanic immigrants, who filed their paperwork and paid the fees, don’t like the fact that the illegals claim their “right” to be here, expect to go to the head of the line and essentially be rewarded for their criminal behavior. However, Heather McDonald (Manhattan Institute) uses statistics to illustrate that, by and large, Hispanics did not vote for Obama due to his immigration stance, but rather they voted for him due to their own propensity towards large centralized government.

America had the chance to elect a potentially good President, Mitt Romney, who would have made the nation energy independent, but they stuck with the Fascist, who is once again preparing to tax carbon emissions by the metric ton and is positioned to close 200-400 coal plants by 2014; just this week a coal plant in Utah laid off 160 workers. So, when gas prices keep rising and people can barely pay their electric bills (projected to soon increase by 30%), Americans need only to look in the damned mirror, because they created the situation by reelecting the most radical President in American history!

While Speaker of the House John Boehner has not been specific on what goals he might set for raising new federal tax dollars, his lack of spine is apparent, as he makes conciliatory noises and once again kisses their President’s backside by suggesting that compromise on the debt ceiling and tax rate is possible. Boehner did, however, recently attempt to sound tough, as he stated that he supported continuing President Bush’s tax rates for all income levels.

Now that the debt ceiling “crisis”, automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to occur at the end of the year have set the stage for going over the “fiscal cliff,” Obama speaks of reaching across the aisle in the spirit of compromise; however, he has shown himself in his first term as an intransigent, secretive pathological LIAR…and now we’re supposed to take him at his word and join him? Not just “No”, but “Hell No!” No deals should be cut with Obama…Let the Democrats be the ones to shut the government down if they will!

Obama’s and Harry Reid’s annual $1.5 trillion deficits have done their damage, and our economy may collapse no matter what saving steps are taken. Obama could take every penny from all of our millionaires and billionaires and still not make a dent in the nation’s debt. The only chance we can give America is to 1) cut government bureaucracies 2) halt deficit spending 3) limit all spending 4) keep the current tax rates; an economic and financial collapse knows no party or race, and you on the Left are damaging the nation and everyone’s future!

Obama, the Divider, and his neo-fascist supporters declare that Americans do not have the right and duty to preserve the society that so many fought and bled for centuries to build; their Utopian lust for a multicultural and transnational society is certain to destroy America if they aren’t stopped, because no nation can survive long if its immigrants are not integrating into the culture and learning the common language or if its borders are not secured and its laws enforced. Obama has pitted women against the Church, unions against Wall Street and local governments, the poor against the rich, homosexuals (3% of the pop.) against the Church and the military (military cadre are retiring in droves due to the military’s “gay marriage” acceptance) and race against race on many issues. His Marxist call for “social justice” is a farce, and his policies make American life insecure and unsafe, as he also ignores the Constitution, loots the U.S. Treasury, downgrades our Armed Forces and consolidates power.

There are those in America who have chosen tyranny over Liberty, but we must resist, obstruct and sabotage Obama’s and the Democrats’ anti-American agendas at every turn in order to save our nation, because redistribution of the wealth is not a legitimate function of the government. The sober and resolute citizens can stop this out of control government…we can stop the liberal whores who bow at the altar of government servitude; we will not negotiate the terms of our economic and political servitude, or abandon our children to a dark and bleak future, or allow Obama to create a new order founded in ideas foreign to our culture historically and an anathema in every way. And, they do not get to dictate to us under Our U.S. Constitution, as we remain defiant in our demise, if it comes to pass. To quote the great Mark Levin, “We’re not good losers, you better believe we’re sore losers! A good loser is a loser forever.” With Freedom for All and Our Beloved America’s future at stake, no options exist except for resistance … no surrender!

“We have petitioned, we have remonstrated, we have supplicated, we have prostrated ourselves at the foot of the throne, and it has all been in vain. We must fight… We must fight!” -Patrick Henry


By Justin O Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Americans – Never Give up Your Optimism

Relentness Optimism

John R. Houk

© September 9, 2012


Danny Jeffrey is an insightful awesome writer. I just happen to once in awhile disagree on minor points. Jeffrey believes the USA is a catastrophe waiting to happen no matter who wins the Office of President on the first Tuesday in November 2012. AND Jeffrey offers some very legitimate reasons America’s imminent collapse as a nation.


In Jeffrey’s recent essay entitled “The Coming Collapse” I would be in the category that I find optimism for America if Republican Romney defeats Democrat Socialist Obama.


I am willing to be cautiously optimistic by taking Mitt Romney’s word for being Conservative on Social Issues and a fiscal Conservative regarding the size of domestic government.


If Jeffrey is correct and Romney will act as an über “Progressive” in the Office of President I am still not willing to view America’s collapse. I place my optimism in the American voter to do away with Republicans as the major opposition Party to the now fringe Leftist Democratic Party.


There is a political infrastructure in place that can emerge as a National Political Party. That political infrastructure is the as yet still fractured Tea Party organizations that Leftists love to vilify as racist bigots. We Americans that believe in the political experiment the Founding Fathers initiated know that is mere lying Leftist propaganda that is evident from the lying speeches made at the recent Democratic Nation Convention.


If Romney is a liar rather than a new believer in Conservative principles and/or the Tea Party fails to unite, I fear Jeffrey’s prediction will indeed manifest. America is the last great hope for freedom worldwide; however the Tea Party could be the last great hope for American Constitutionalism as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.


Barring my optimism, the America as we know it will collapse into political chaos ripe for despotism or America’s Second Revolutionary War for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness under God nature’s Creator.


JRH 9/9/12

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The Coming Collapse


By Danny Jeffrey

September 6, 2012

Freedom Ring 1776


The United States is on the verge of collapse and a descent into bloody civil war, and so few are even aware of the danger we face. Many gullible Americans still cling to our old optimism that we will  get it right in the next election, but 2012 is going to be the year that will finally crush those beliefs and usher in a chaos such as free Americans have never dreamed possible.

I used to write in an effort to wake my fellow countrymen to the approaching danger and prepare them for events to come. My tactics have changed as those events are now imminent and any who have not already realized the obvious are lost, and I shall waste no more precious time on them. It is my intentions to address only those who will be involved in the conflict to come, and in the birth of the Second American Republic. Any who do not fall into that category are of no interest to me. As Dennis Miller so eloquently phrased it: “I want to help the helpless, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about the clueless.”

Today I look upon this nation as I would a house still standing after years of termite abuse. America and that house have long since been destroyed with only a corrupted visible shell still standing. All that once made them magnificent has already been eaten away by their enemies. They both still stand but behind the facade, which is no more than a lingering illusion, all that once made them strong have suffered the abuse of an unrelenting attack by unseen enemies within.

The owner of that house, resting comfortably in his recliner is aware that termites have infiltrated his home but he is blissfully unaware of just how much damage has been done. Occasionally he sees a little more evidence of unwelcome guest and plans to have the pest control people eliminate the problem in the Spring of next year.

The American people are just as ignorant as he, and they too plan to correct the problem when they “vote em out” in the next election. That home owner and the voters of this nation are about to get a rude awakening, for both have waited far too long and events have passed the point of no return. The house, though freshly painted and looking fairly well for its age, has been effectively destroyed from within, and with the next heavy rain or snow storm it will collapse with a mighty whisper around the owner’s head.

So too will America, only its demise will be triggered by a great financial collapse, multiple attacks from Islamic terrorists, a burning dementia in the streets of America, or a declaration of martial law by the American dictator. The ruin of America will not simply be a mighty whisper. It will be an Earth shaking roar that will echo through the pages of history. and only history will tell if our fall leads to a second republic or heralds a nonstop slide into yet another dark age for mankind.

Ronald Reagan once referred to America as “the last best hope for mankind” and for a brief eight years it was, but Reagan is no more, and the same can now be said for the nation he rebuilt. It has fallen into a degenerate state of moral decay called Progressivism, and it is being overrun by a form of lawfare imposed by our leaders who have sold out to the massive wealth of the oil producing nations of Islam..

Hope is a strange word. Reagan gave it a reality that was uniquely American, Obama used it as a weapon to entice the gullible, now those unwilling to face the truth are continuing to hope for a better country while allowed only a choice between a Marxist and a Progressive. My advice to the wise … Hope not! Don’t waste time in wishful thinking and money supporting politicians who have already betrayed you. Prepare for the final days of a once great nation, do what must be done to survive the ordeal. and then live on to build a new Republic; not a Democracy … A Republic.

For those who have never beheld the horrors of war, you have much to learn, and the more you learn now the better are your odds of remaining alive when chaos walks among us. The first thing you must do is stop thinking that “Right is Might!”, or that “Good will always prevail.” That is pure nonsense! Napoleon said it best with his remark “God is on the side of the biggest batallions.” Another thing to get out of your head is “I hope I never have to …” (You fill in the blank). Your survival and the rebirth of America depends on adopting the attitude of “I will do whatever must be done!”

One other issue that should be dropped into the nearest dust bin is “Hold the moral high ground.” At the moment it is the right thing to do, but there is NO moral high ground in combat, and there is no such thing as a fair fight. There are only the quick, and the dead. That is why one of the best military tactics is an ambush.

What inspired this essay is a video posted by an internet friend that reminded me of how unprepared most Americans really are for what lies ahead, and a large part of that unpreparedness is based on our code of right and wrong, for our enemies do not share in our beliefs, and if we fight them under our terms we will lose.  Another weakness we have is that part of our enemies will be Islamic terrorists. They speak our language. Few of us speak theirs.

This is the video I mentioned and it well illustrates the problem of us not comprehending their speech. It is less than a minute long and well worth watching. It is complete with subtitles that indicate the Muslim children are chanting Obama’s praises as he will destroy the Great Satan, America. It is also a hoax. These children have been taught the Qur’an all day and now are repeating their memorized lesson back to their teacher. They are not speaking of Obama, nor are they speaking of The Great Satan of America. This video is no more than a scare tactic and it most assuredly has found many victims.

I truly hope that none who read this will continue the hoax by passing this on as being the truth. Americans are already the victims of widespread disinformation, perpetrated by both our government and our media. We need no more lies and half truths from fellow citizens.

You have all heard the phrase “Know thine enemy”. That is one of our greatest weaknesses. George Bush the Younger seriously misled America with his now famous pronouncement that Islam is a Religion of Peace. Islam and the wretched Qur’an have given birth to the greatest evil ever spawned upon the face of the Earth. Bush also told us to relax and go shopping, when he should have told us to dig in and be prepared to repel the enemy. He was seriously misled by his adviser Grover Norquist, advocate of Islam.

We were seriously misled by Bush, and walked right into the baited trap known as Barack Hussein Obama, and he is not misled. He knows full well what he is doing and his goal, and the goal of those he serves, is to strengthen Islam and reduce America to the status of a third world Islamic state.

The election of 2012 will be a defining moment in American history. If Obama wins then America and Israel will both soon feel the wrath of Islam and the forces of the New World Order. In the unlikely event he loses, be prepared for riots, looting, burning of our cities, and the onslaught of terrorist attacks. Romney will, if elected, change the direction of the attack on America but the attack will continue. He is not a servant of Islam, as is Obama, but he is a hard core Progressive and he serves the dictates of those who have brought America down these many years.

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Republican Party…Rest In Peace

Confrontation…Soon To Be


Americans – Never Give up Your Optimism

John R. Houk

© September 9, 2012


The Coming Collapse


About Danny Jeffrey:


I’m sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

We The People

Here is a video made in 2010 that is critical of Obama. It was spot on in 2010 and still is now in 2012.


JRH 9/9/12(Hat Tip: Vicki)

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VIDEO: We The People



Posted by nospopulus

Americans be Silent NO Longer

jmOneNationUnderSocialism 001

John R. Houk

© June 4, 2012


CJ from America Conservative 2 Conservative sent me a personal message asking to check out a couple of AC2C links. The first link is humongous and is a PDF file that represents two Websites:


§  Veteran Defenders of America: A US Patriots Union (USPU) Division


§  The United States Patriots Union (USPU)


CJ’s rendition is kind of mangled I suspect due to copying and pasting from the PDF document.


I truly admire the effort to mobilize Americans on a grassroots level to such a mass of people that the Federal Government (Executive, Congressional and Judicial) would have to either listen to demands of Constitution believing American or create law ex nihilo to forcefully shut down the right to peaceful assembly and free speech.


A lot of people envision the U.S. Government under the Obama Administration will choose repression to shut down opposition even to the point creating a crisis to suspend the 2012 election and/or institute an unconstitutional Martial Law which would be a rule by fiat Marxist style.


I for one would rather envision a Gandhi-style massive grassroots mobilization to confront America’s Left of the their manipulation of the Constitution to the so-called living document that can be molded to the vision of a carved out manipulated society that is slipping into moral deviancy and the slow restriction of American innovation and Liberty.


If the repression follows to the point that slaughter begins to occur then and only then should a Declaration of Independence style proclamation be issued to free American from ruling despots.


Below is the comment I made according to the conversation of the previous comments and the reading of the posted PDF document:


I am afraid I am not really a member of this club so I am unaware of the inside knowledge that seems to be the conversation of the comments. This is an extremely long post, has anyone read it all the way to the end? I got about half way through and began skimming through the post instead of carefully reading it.


It seems the goals of the “Call to Action” are quite laudable. However, there is a hint of using unconstitutional methods in an effort to restore our Republic back to the Original Intent of the Constitution. If I am incorrect, forgive me.


However by using the auspices of the First Amendment it would be awesome for a massive grassroots movement to arise in the streets utilizing our right to peaceful assembly and to free speech to inundate the government of the Leftist Dems and the Establishment Republicans.


If such a scenario emerges, let me know. I will be in. I will participate on a local basis. If such a scenario is not imminent, then keep me posted on the how leaders are trying to unite and overcome the minor disagreements that impede a full grassroots movement that attracts Americans to preserve America.


If I missed the point I truly want to be set straight. If I didn’t miss the point, I stand by my thoughts.


Below I am going to make the valiant effort to clean up CJ’s version of the PDF document. As she mentions at the end there are links inherent in the document that she did not capture for posting. You can go HERE to search out those links.


JRH 6/4/12


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Obama, Israel and Attacking Iran Nukes

Ahmadinejad shaking hands with BHO - Nuke Explosian

John R. Houk

© May 19, 2012


Danny Jeffrey sent me the Reuters link in which the theme was America is ready for a military strike on Iran because of the WMD potential of uranium enrichment that is ongoing.


Now Danny has written an awesome essay that shines a light on President Barack Hussein Obama’s choices and agenda toward a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Just to get you started in the thinking realm. Does anyone really think Obama had any intention of using the military option on Iran after fairly definitive proof is unfolding of Iran’s agenda to make nuclear warheads? Danny suggests that Obama did not have a military intention in his bones; however it is also becoming clearer that Western nations and a few Arab nations are leery of a nuclear armed Iran and might look the other way if Israel sends their own attack force against Iranian nuclear facilities.


If Obama condemned such an action by Israel when proof is unfolding of Iran’s nefarious nuke agenda prior to Election Day 2012, there probably would political repercussions for Obama to face. Or perhaps Obama throws Israel under the bus after Israel takes an existential military move against Iran which undoubted will be followed by Hezbollah and Hamas and even maybe the Palestinian Authority (PA) attacking Israel in concert with an Iranian counter-attack.


Even after the anti-Israel propaganda from American-Leftists and Pro-Palestinian apologists there is still a lot of love for Israel in this nation. If Obama uses his butt to sit on his hands as a massive counter-attack takes place, Obama will lose reelection handily.


Obama is no political dummy, but he is politically evil in his transformation agenda for America. I think Obama will attempt to use a stall tactic learned from Iran to publicly get Iran to join further nuclear negotiations with a public rebuke of or else in a military response. If Iran is geopolitically savvy enough to take the Obama stall bait, it will allow Obama to push Israel further under the bus. However, if Prime Minister Netanyahu is geopolitically savvy enough he will abandon any Obama stall nuke negotiations with Iran and take the opportunity to force Obama to support Israel for political survival in the White House.


Now this is a good point for me to enlist you into Danny Jeffrey’s thoughts on a military strike on Iran and Obama’s agenda in such a strike. But before you go there read Jeffrey’s blog post “NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN…STILL HAUNTING THE HOPEFUL”. That post is about public wishful thinking versus preparation for the political stark reality. Then read Jeffrey’s “THE STRIKE ON IRAN AND ITS REPERCUSSIONS”.


JRH 5/19/12

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