Alexander on Supporting the Constitution

BHO ripping Constitution


John R. Houk

© April 26, 2012


If President Obama is reelected will America as we know it or as intended by the Founding Fathers end?


Probably not; however it could be the beginning of the end. If a majority of voters choose Obama Election Day November 2012, it is unlikely there will be a reversal of the Socialist Obama agenda. If Obamacare survives the Supreme Court, the Administration will simply retool it to make it permanent as Social Security seems to be permanent. If SCOTUS strikes down part of Obamacare, again Congress will still have to retool it with some kind of Obama/Congress compromise in which funding is established in another way than forced premiums by insured and employers. If SCOTUS does completely away with Obamacare, there will be a huge legislative problem that will have to be addressed. If Congress remains a divided house in 2012 this could lead to a serious crisis in the medical world until legal uncertainties are handled. If Congress has a Republican majority in both the Senate and the House in 2012, Congress will still have to deal with the weapon of the Presidential veto; thus again a medical crisis will arise until legal uncertainties are resolved politically. I am assuming the Dems will not retake the House in 2012.


On the other hand if Obama is defeated in 2012 and Romney indeed is not a RINO tool, then Obamacare can be dismantled and medical reform can happen along the lines of a Free Market economy. Also the Big Government waste and intrusion can be reduced.


Mark Alexander of the Patriot Post writes about how the Left in America is diluted the U.S. Constitution to the point that Essential Liberty in America is threatened. Alexander frankly states the obvious. The American Left’s disdain for the Constitution is a violation of the very oath that government employees and Office holders take to uphold and support the Constitution.


Below is this Thursday’s weekly Alexander post (email version) that could read as an impassioned sermon on protecting America’s Constitution.


JRH 4/26/12

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