Here is an awesome YouTube music video that demands Americans to remember 911 and to remind Americans that it was Muslims that perpetrated the death and destruction of that in 2001. So why do we allow a Mosque to be built by Muslims who praise that event among Muslims and deceive non-Muslims to believe that Islamic Terrorism is not Islam.


JRH 3/20/11 (Hat Tip: Nancy Bonus Chapter Leader San Fernando Valley ACT for America)

Unethical: Bloomberg/Rauf Collusion

Michael Bloomberg - Feisal Abdul Rauf

It is beginning to look like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg not only believes the Ground Zero Mosque is an issue of Religious Freedom but also performed some unethical political arm twisting to assure that Imam Rauf received the proper approval to build the Mosque in the shadow of what once the Twin Towers. Is that evil or what?


JRH 12/24/10