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Geert Wilders

By John R. Houk

© June 30, 2014


I just read a very praiseworthy essay written by Geert Wilders and posted at the Gatestone Institute. The essay reminds me why I like the Dutch politician so much and why Leftists and Muslims despise him so much. Since most Americans probably don’t have a clue who Geert is or if they had heard of him it is probably from our Leftist dominated Mainstream Media. Here is a (probably too long but good to know) profile excerpt from the Legal Project:


Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch parliament and the head of its third largest party, the Party of Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid or PVV). He was criminally charged, and stood trial, for remarks he made that were critical of Islam. Wilders was acquitted of all charges on June 23, 2011.




Wilders is an outspoken critic of what he sees as an Islamist threat to Holland’s tolerant culture. In 2008, he released a documentary film, called Fitna (Arabic for “strife”), that juxtaposed violent passages from the Qur’an with video of imams advocating violence and footage of Islamist terrorism. Soon after the film’s release, a radical Dutch imam who appeared in it sued Wilders for “hurt feelings,” claiming 55,000 euros in damages. Meanwhile, the Jordanian government has requested that Holland extradite Wilders to stand trial for blasphemy, a capital offense under Islamic (Shari’ah) law.


In June 2010, Wilders’ party, the PVV, a libertarian and mainstream conservative party he founded in 2004, won 24 of the 150 seats in the Dutch legislature—an enormous feat, especially given that the PVV is the only party in Holland to refuse state subsidies.


Wilders has tapped into genuine concerns surrounding his country’s Muslim minority—without appealing to nativist, neo-fascist, or anti-Semitic sentiments. Nevertheless, he has been subjected to a full-on assault, spearheaded and supported by: (1) people seeking to suppress critical expression about Islam-related matters, and (2) people seeking to restrict political debate in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness. A stalwart defender of free speech in the face of such attacks, Wilders was nominated for the European Parliament’s 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in July 2010.


Until his recent acquittal, Wilders’ stature as one of Holland’s leading and most popular politicians did not protect him. On the contrary, Dutch hate speech laws may have served as a potent tool for his political adversaries.


Indeed, the case against Wilders arose after several leftist and Islamic organizations sought his indictment. The public prosecutor’s office initially declined to charge him, characterizing his film and other public statements as a contribution to the public discourse on Islam. However, in 2009, Wilders’ opponents convinced an Amsterdam Court of Appeals to order his prosecution for “insulting” Muslims and for “incitement to hatred and discrimination.” No court in the United States has similar authority to order prosecution when the prosecutor has declined to go forward.


A month later, British officials denied Wilders entry into READ THE REST


America needs more people in politics willing to stand against the political correctness of the propaganda that Islam is peace.


I debated with myself to show video of just how brutal the Syrian rebels are to the Christians that Geert writes about in Syria. After perusing some of the videos on Youtube I discovered most of videos are pro-Assad propaganda pieces by Iran’s Press TV and Pro-Iranian Russian outlet Russia Today (RT). Then I came across an actual beheading of a Christian forced to convert to Islam and then was beheaded anyway. It was so freaking gruesome I can’t show it. Here is an RT report showing a Catholic Priest beheading (actual footage blurred out thankfully) and the graphic piece NOT FOR the FAINT OF HEART beheading. If you are crazy enough to watch those videos it drives home the point Geert Wilders is making.


JRH 6/30/14

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The Terrorists Are Among Us


By Geert Wilders

June 30, 2014 at 5:00 am

Gatestone Institute


Ten concrete measures to prevent Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands.


In several Western countries, the authorities are concerned about the security risk posed by young Muslim immigrants who went to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad and are now returning home. They are considered the most serious security risk in decades.


The risk is not just theoretical. Indeed, on May 24, Mehdi Nemmouche, a young Muslim with a French passport, went on a killing spree with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the Jewish Museum in Brussels. He killed four people. Nemmouche had previously been in Syria, where he was trained in guerrilla warfare.


During the past three years, thousands of young Islamic immigrants from all Western countries, Europe, Australia, America and even Russia, have gone to fight in Syria, where they have committed the most horrible atrocities. Some of them were killed in action, while others have since returned home. They carry Western passports but they hate the West. They walk our streets as ticking time bombs, eager to cause as much havoc in our cities as they have caused in Syria.


Photo: The Dutch-Turkish jihadist Yilmaz (center), who was previously a soldier in the Dutch army, poses with fellow jihadists in Syria.


The West cannot just sit idly by and wait for the next terror attack to happen. We must protect ourselves. If we do not, the barbaric scenes that play today in Syria and Iraq will soon be repeated in our countries. Ordinary people are well aware of the urgency of the problem. Last week, I proposed ten concrete measures to prevent Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands. A poll showed that a large majority of the Dutch support the plan.


The first measure I proposed was (1) automatically to strip immigrants with dual nationalities of their Dutch passports if they leave our country to fight for Islam in Syria. This way, they will not be allowed back into our country. Britain already uses such legislation. Last December, the British authorities stripped 20 people with dual nationality of their British nationality because they had traveled to Syria to fight. As Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, rightly declared: “Citizenship is a privilege, not a right.”


I also proposed (2) the immediate administrative detention of those fighters who have already returned, as well as (3) the reintroduction of border controls and (4) a halt to immigration of people from Islamic countries. International treaties prohibiting these measures should either be modified or terminated.


Another measure is (5) the encouragement of voluntary repatriation of people originating from Islamic countries. A survey shows that 73% of Dutch Muslims regard fighters in Syria as heroes. Such attitudes do not belong in the Netherlands. We should also (6) deal severely with the supporters of the fighters in Syria. Mosques, Islamic schools and other organizations that provide financial or other support to those who go to fight in Syria must be closed down immediately.


And we should (7) spend more money on security. Money that is currently being wasted on development aid would better be spent on the AIVD (the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service).


Finally, there are three measures with an international rather than a domestic impact. We should (8) stop Dutch military intervention in the Islamic world and focus on the protection of the Netherlands. We should (9) support Israel and stimulate economic relations with the Jewish state. Israel is the front line in the fight against jihad. If Israel falls, the West falls. And (10) we should break diplomatic relations with countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that support terrorist groups such as ISIS


The proposals were well received by the public. An opinion poll this week showed that 82 per cent of the Dutch believe that jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq increase the risk of an attack in the Netherlands. 76 per cent favor stripping jihadists of their Dutch nationality, 67 per cent want to introduce border controls to prevent them from returning, and 75 per cent want additional manpower for the AIVD. 65 per cent of all Dutch believe that Islamic culture does not belong in the Netherlands. Even a majority of the voters of Labour and the far-left Socialist Party share this opinion.


There is an acute awareness among the Dutch that in order to have a safer Netherlands we need to exclude jihadists from our society. We have become so indoctrinated with political correctness that we might consider this as wonderful and surprising news, although it is just plain common sense. Those who travel abroad to kill people for the sake of Islam should not be allowed to walk our streets again.


Geert Wilders MP is a member of the Dutch parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV). He is the author of Marked for Death: Islam’s War against the West and Me (Regnery).



Intro to ‘The Terrorists Are Among Us’

By John R. Houk

© June 30, 2014


The Terrorists Are Among Us


Copyright © 2014 Gatestone Institute.


The West has to DECIDE what Bigotry is and what Cultural Survival is

Doubting Thomas. reduced size

John R. Houk

© April 26, 2014


Numerous people in the blog world and even my own family have labeled me a bigoted homophobe and Islamophobe propagator of hate-speech because of my agreement with the Biblical moral standards and the New Testament message that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. I am definitely not the perfect Christian by Biblical standards. I mess up way more than I should. BUT, I am quick to repent to turn myself around with conviction. As a Christian the most prominent reason I can offer ‘messing up’ is that I do not meditate on the Word of God enough and neither do I commune with God in prayer as often as I should. I find when I am lacking in those two qualities I tend to gravitate off the narrow road into a ditch. God have mercy on me in Jesus’ Name.


Yeah … That is about as much holy groveling that a human will hear or read from me so let’s move on.


There is absolutely no doubt that homosexuality is clearly morally reprehensible to God Almighty. It is only in the moral dilution of secular-minded Leftists that the Bible is pronounced an archaic book with some good ideas and some outdated modes of thinking not of the modern age of humanity. And “Progressive” Christians seem to align themselves with secular Leftists in which the Scriptures of the Bible are cherry-picked as applicable to modernity and none of the Bible is God-inspired but rather the sole work of human hands and minds. There might be degrees of agreement or absolute agreement with me when I say the secularist stand is a denial of God and of Christ Jesus the Risen Savior. AND that the “Progressive” Christian mentality is similar in which some of those Church theologians doubt that Christ arose in bodily form from the grave. Ergo the accusation of bigoted homophobia is the same as calling the Creator of all that exists as bigoted. Nope! I will never go there.


Then I absolutely believe that Jesus Christ is the only path to God by the Redemptive act of offering the Lord’s own Blood as a Redemptive price enabling each individual human of choosing life in Christ or choosing death (i.e. the second death) to eventually join Satan in the lake of fire eternally separated from God. Since Jesus as Crucified, Buried and Arisen Bodily in Resurrection is the only way to God by Faith through Grace I reject all other religions that teach something different. I don’t care if it is Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism and so on. I also reject sects that are a spinoff from Christianity but in some way or another reject Christ’s Death, Burial and Resurrection and that as the Son of God is co-equal as God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Three Persons in ONE God is Biblical. Thus that leaves out Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cult deviations from the basics of orthodox Christianity. On a personal level I’m on board with the Protestants that still respect the Bible, Roman Catholicism, and various Eastern Orthodox Church variations that do not deny the Godhood of Jesus Christ. In my book if a Believer has faith in the Christian basics I can live with differences in dogma. Even if my faith beyond the Christian basics is unacceptable to some of the Protestants, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox variations.


Historians have classified three religions as being derived from the Abrahamic Covenant because the Patriarch Abraham holds a prominent starting place for those three religions. If you are unaware of those three religions in historical order are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Historically there has been an element of disdain between all three religions. I am going to briefly talk about these three religions from my Christian perspective.


The Old Testament is basically the Tanakh of Judaism. The Tanakh is divided into the Torah or the Law (Christians call it the Pentateuch or Books of Moses), the Nevi’im (Christians call the Prophets, but includes Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings) and Ketuvim (which roughly corresponds to Old Testament Wisdom books e.g. Psalms, but also include Daniel, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ruth, Ezra-Nehemiah, Lamentations, Song of Songs and Esther). For the Jews the Torah is the preeminent Word of God.


I’m not going to pretend that I know the theology of Judaism in any kind of detail. From the Christian perspective, the Old Testament is the scarlet thread (royal bloodline) that points to Jesus Christ as the promised Savior from Adam’s sin of rejecting God at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The New Testament portrays the Jewish leadership during Jesus’ birth as a human that are also the prime movers of Jesus’ death. And then the Jewish leadership is shown as trying to stamp out the influence of the Apostles in the spread of Christianity in which Saul of Tarsus is mentioned as persecutor-in-chief. Jesus appeared in a vision of stunning light to Saul and transformed him into a Believer and thus became Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles and the God-inspired writer of most of the New Testament.


As Christianity became the State Religion of the Roman Empire then the hostility was reversed. Christians became more numerous than Jews with the infusion of non-Jews into the Christian faith. The Gentile dominated Christian clergy began to vilify Jews as Christ-killers. THIS COUNTER-PERSECUTION IS ONE OF THE MOST HEINOUS SINS OF EARLY CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP!


Among both Roman Catholics and the eventual Eastern Orthodox Christians Antisemitism became embedded among Christians in the same way that the Jewish leaders before the Romans compelled Diaspora of Jews persecuted Christians. Christians persecuting Jews became so much more wicked than the Jewish persecution of Christians in pre-Diaspora Judea. The Roman Empire was huge. Christians became so much more numerous than the Jews of Judea had ever become. Forced conversions, forced deportations and/or ethnic cleansing became the plight of the Jews in the Roman Empire and later Christian Europe and what was left of Christianity under Byzantine rule until Islamic conquest. Christ-killer antisemitism was so embedded in Christianity that Protestantism that emerged from the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther was still present. Indeed, as famous as Martin Luther was for standing up to Roman Catholic theological abuses he was also a rabid antisemite.


A closer reading of the Old and New Testament should have brought at the very least a reverence for Jews from among Christians. The Old Testament pointing toward Jesus as the Deliverer first to Jews and even after Jewish leadership rejection, Jesus is pointed to as the restorer of David’s Kingdom among the Jewish faithful. Who knows? Perhaps a better treatment of the Jews may have hastened the return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign as the Messiah-King already. Christ’s return would have flocked Jews to finally believe that He is the Risen Savior. Even the Apostles had a problem believing the Resurrection of Christ until the Lord revealed Himself to them. When Christ returns there still will be some Jewish rejection of Jesus; however the Bible records that there are also nations with a Christian heritage in which people will believe a supernatural acting Antichrist above Christ Jesus as representative of God’s Kingdom on Earth. So even though there is good reason for Jewish distrust of the motives of Christian Evangelism I am a Christian Zionist in full support of Israel. I’ll let King Jesus handle the belief factor among Jews in the same way He did with the Apostles right after the Resurrection.


This is my view that connects Jews and Christians today. It is my belief the Bible shows this in the Bible.


Historians also classify Islam as being one of the great Abrahamic Religions. In a historical sense there is some validity to this classification of Islam. Islam’s prophet Mohammed looks back to Abraham as one of Islam’s great prophets. In a Biblical sense there is no possible way Islam has a valid connection to Judaism or to Christianity.


The so-called valid collected recordings of Mohammed in the Quran totally warps the message of the Old and New Testament. Mohammed molded his Islam by twisting the Bible to be applicable to the trade and raiding nature of Arabs of today’s Arabic Peninsula. Mohammed had to find a way to connect his Allah with what the Arabs already believed and mix reworked Biblical stories to provide an eternal nature of Islam in Earth’s history. In Mohammed’s early trading days he undoubtedly heard dialogue from Jews and Christians that had migrated to the Arabian Peninsula or were part of the Arab trading routes. The Arab tribes of Mohammed’s day actually had tribal families that were Jews of the Diaspora. Mohammed thought an eclectic message that merged Arabic belief systems with Jewish and Christian theology would inspire Jews and Christians to join him as much as Arabs. Unfortunately for Mohammed Jewish Rabbis and Christian clergy were educated enough in their faith to recognize Mohammed’s version of Biblical history was totally revised to fit the thinking of the majority Arab group he lived and grew up among.


Jews and Christians rejected Mohammed’s message as a message of false prophecy.


After Jewish and Christian rejection of Mohammed’s message I find it amazing how the Allah preached in Mecca became hostile to Jews and Christians when preached from Medina. Medina is the city Mohammed fled to after Meccan leaders grew weary of the anti-polytheistic message and pro-monotheistic message that he hoped would persuade Jews in particular who were quite numerous on the Arabian Peninsula. By a good amount of subterfuge and a little military skill that enriched his followers from raiding parties, Mohammed eventually became the supreme leader of Medina. With a military base Mohammed proceeded to conquer the Arabian Peninsula with a convert, submit or die paradigm. Any resistance was viewed as not submitting which led to the ethnic cleansing of Jews in the Arabian Peninsula.


The Christians of the Byzantine Empire (the old eastern half of the Roman Empire) became a target for enrichment raids which turned into wealth building via conquest. Conquered Christians soon learned that Islam denies that Christ died on the Cross or that the Lord was Resurrected. For that matter Islam rejects Jesus’ Divine nature altogether but has the hutzpah to name the Jesus of the Bible as one of a long line of Muslim prophets of which Mohammed was to be the last.


I suspect Jewish rejection of Islam has a lot to do with the Quran making Ishmael who was the son of Abraham and Hagar the principle heir of Abraham. The Bible makes it clear that Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah, was the child of Promise that would lead to the creation of the nation of Israel (12 sons of Jacob) and for Christians the bloodline on the human side leading to Jesus.


The Islamic denial of Christ as the Messiah-Redeemer, both the Son of God and son of man, the incarnate God born in human flesh that lived as a sinless man for 33 years, died by crucifixion on a cross and returned to life in His human body to be glorified with the return of Divine attributes surrendered at birth to sit at the Right hand of the Father always interceding for the humanity that believes in the Redemptive-Resurrected work of Christ – is the reason I find Islam particularly despicable.


Regardless of the current majority of the so-called Moderate Muslims that believe Islam is peace, the Islamic holy writings and the Sharia Law based on them demand retribution for all insults to Allah and Mohammed. Those insults can be something as simple as apostatizing from Islam to another religion or to atheism, perceived defamation of Mohammed and Allah, refusing to submit to the laws of Sharia if one is in the non-Muslim minority living condition, to being a Muslim that deviates from Sharia. Retribution is up to or including execution or familial honor killing.


No holy writing from any other religions mandate such violence based on rejecting or insulting that particular religion. Now there are many adherents of other religions including my faith historical Christian adherents, who have taken it upon themselves to institute violent retribution as a matter of the rule of law apart from religious holy writings. ONLY Islam mandates violence and/or execution as a course of holy writ against a human being.


Today! In the 21st century, the so-called Muslim minority have terrorized humanity for the perception of insulting Islam, Allah and Mohammed. Even the so-called Muslim majority disown the practice, the fact remains the Muslim terrorists are instituting a reformation to return Islam to the purity of the lifestyle of the so-called perfect man the Prophet Mohammed.


Does exposing this make me a bigoted racist Muslim-hater? That is correct only as far as any Muslim stands by the purist form of Islam espoused by its prophet Mohammed and his immediate shapers of the religion of Islam that conquered in imperial bloodlust, booty and slavery followed by ramrodding the Islamic Sharia system until the remnant non-Muslims eventually became the brainwashed Muslim majority. I deplore purist Islam because I will never submit or honor that false god called Allah or the man placed on the pedestal of prophethood who was either delusionally insane or a demonized individual.


Even though I despise Islam for its antichrist nature, Jesus’ imperative to the early Believers before ascending to the right hand of the Father was to go into the world and make disciples of men. (Yup, I said “men”. I realize that is chauvinistic today but I also realize making disciples of men included women as well.) This includes the poor deluded people that have bought into the load of cow manure that Islam is peace when it is really translated to Islam is submission or else.


I have no clue as to Geert Wilders’ spiritual beliefs. I don’t know if he is a Protestant, a Catholic, a nominal secular-minded Christian or an atheist. But I do know he is looking out for the heritage that has brought the Western World to the freest humanity has achieved ever. Admittedly Europe’s cultural spin downward was given a push by multicultural Socialist-Marxism to allow the Islamic threat the freedom to prosper like cancer cells destroying its host. People like President Obama wants to push the Christian and Western European destructive mode upon America under the fallacy that transformation is good. The European example is proving to be culturally lethal. Geert Wilders is making a stand to withstand European self-destruction. Multicultural laws in Left Wing oriented Europe has made Geert Wilders a target for political elimination by the European Leftists that still believe multicultural diversity is a concept that divergent cultures and immoral lifestyles can be mutually accepted in a humanistic utopia of diverse egalitarian unity.


I am an admirer of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Why? He is that rare high profile European that speaks his mind of what is threatening Dutch culture in the Netherlands (by the way also a huge chunk of Europe). What is threatening Dutch culture? Could it be a love of America’s free enterprise concepts in business and just taxation? Could it be Socialist/Marxist concepts that undermines the Dutch historical-cultural heritage? Wilders is not as concerned about American Capitalism vs. European Socialism as much as one other huge factor that is altering society in general. That factor is the immigration of Muslims into the Netherlands that not only refuse cultural assimilation but also are encouraged to practice the cultural norms of Islam that run counter to Dutch traditions (well … European socio-historical traditions in generalSee Also book review ofWhile Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within”).


Fjordman provides some fantastic insight on the intrusion of Islam that could have or even should have been written in volumes of books:


Any discussion of an Islamic “Reformation” projects a Western European phenomenon, the Protestant Reformation, onto a totally different religion with more violent core teachings and religious texts than all other major religions on the planet combined. If by “reformation” we mean to imply a peaceful, tolerant religion with no Jihad and secular laws, then no, it is very unlikely whether such a form of Islam will ever exist. There are a few types of what we might term “diluted Islam” that are slightly less violently aggressive than the mainstream version of it, but these are all marginal in the greater scheme of things and are frequently persecuted precisely because they deviate from traditional Islamic practices.


If by “reformation” we simply mean a return to the earliest practices of the religion then we have already had a Muslim Martin Luther: the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. He was a violent Jihadist because the earliest followers of Mohammed were also violent Jihadists. You can base a peaceful Christian religion with secular laws on the peaceful example of Jesus and his disciples as contained in the Christian Gospels. In Islam, however, such an example can only be found in the early Mecca period. As long as the example of Mohammed and his followers in Medina remain in force, along with the chapters of the Koran supposedly introduced there, any form of Islam based on traditional Islamic texts is bound to be potentially repressive, aggressive and violent. You may successfully question whether the story of Mohammed as told in traditional text is historically accurate. It probably isn’t. But if you abandon traditional sources and state that Mohammed as we think of him never existed, Islam may not be reformed, but could collapse instead.



We are currently mass importing this very conflict to all of our major cities, a process which is already well underway. It is criminal negligence on the part of our so-called leaders to continue this madness and conduct a dangerous Multicultural experiment with hundreds of millions of people as guinea pigs. This needs to end. Now.


If you believe that this analysis is correct then you are left with only one possible conclusion: We must physically separate ourselves from Islam and Islamic culture as much as is practically possible. The American essayist Lawrence Auster has dubbed this strategy “separationism,” which is not a bad term. (Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World; By Fjordman; Gates of ViennaNew Website); 11/20/12)


People like Geert Wilders are trying to reverse the Islamic destruction of Europe’s heritage of Western Civilization. Wilders has already been tried and cleared of Hate-Speech charges in relation to his short documentary entitled “Fitna”. Here is an excerpt of a review of the documentary:


Fitna opens with a view of a closed Qur’an, which when opened reveals a bland version of Kurt Westergaard’s turban bomb Mohammed on one page, and a ticking clock counting down from 15 minutes (the length of the film) on the opposite page. The film proceeds in the form of a casual thumbing through a few select pages of the Qur’an. A page is flipped, a few quotes encouraging terrorism and violence toward non-Muslims are presented, numerous video demonstrations of Muslim’s mirroring if not directly obeying the anti-infidel sentiments are shown, and then the page is flipped again and the process is repeated.


Video footage throughout the film includes the World Trade Center attacks, the Madrid train bombing, images of the maimed and dead of various terrorist attacks, the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, Muslims celebrating the killing of Theo van Gogh and warning non-Islamic Europeans that they should learn from van Gogh’s fate (read: van Gogh acted against Islam and was stabbed to death; anybody else want some?), Mohammed B—one of van Gogh’s killers—saying that he would do it again if he had the opportunity, Islamic leaders inciting extreme violence toward non-Muslims (e.g., Jews) often to the cheers of large and raucous crowds of fervent Muslims, a 3.5 year old Islamic child saying that Jews are apes and pigs because Allah says so in the Qur’an, anti-semitic signs reading “God Bless Hitler” and (READ ENTIRETYSUMMARY OF GEERT WILDERS’ ANTI-QUR’AN FILM FITNA (SPOILER ALERT; Posted by RB; The Frame Problem; 3/27/08)


Showing suras in the Quran which is considered the very word of the uncreated Allah and comparing them to Islamic terrorist attacks got Wilders in trouble with the judiciary in Netherlands. In America such a criminal charge would have been thrown out of Court as a violation of the First Amendment.


Leftists in America still went out of their way to label Geert Wilders a racist Muslim-hating Islamophobe. I have to ask, “How are the words of Islamic holy writings labeled as hate-speech when a non-Muslim informs the world that they exist?”


At any rate Dutch Leftists are trying to imprison Geert Wilders again under hate-speech violations encoded in the Dutch and EU legal system.


JRH 4/25/14

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Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands?

Geert Wilders Campaign Interview 3-12-14


By Timon Dias

April 24, 2014 at 5:00 am

Gatestone Institute: International Policy Council


“Freedom of speech is a great thing and we have said nothing that is not allowed.” — Geert Wilders, MP and leader of the Party of Freedom.


Now, the police have apparently decided to become part of the prosecution. They have drafted pre-filled “Wilders forms” to press charges and have offered to come to people’s homes to help them fill out the paperwork.


Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders again made international headlines. Nazi comparisons are rampant, self-proclaimed victims are lining up to sue and now more than ever there is a chance that Wilders actually might be convicted of hate speech.


In an interview on the Dutch Public News Service [NOS] on March 12, Wilders said (10:10): “[People] will now be voting for a safer, a more social, and… in any case a city with fewer costs, and, if at all possible, with fewer Moroccans.”


Wilders has the numbers to support his concern. Statistics show that 65% of all Moroccan youths have been arrested by police, and that one third of that group have been arrested more than five times.


Wilders emphasizes the inordinate costs associated with the disproportionately high number of Dutch Moroccans registered as social welfare beneficiaries and who are implicated in welfare fraud.


Based on those numbers, Wilders seems to imply that if there were not such a large number of Moroccans, Dutch crime rates and social welfare costs would significantly drop.


Wilder proposes that Dutch Moroccans who are habitual criminal offenders should be deprived of their Dutch passports and sent back to Morocco, an act that is possible as all Moroccans and their descendants are, by Moroccan law, prohibited from relinquishing their Moroccan passports.


Dutch Moroccan criminals are known to be highly indifferent to sentences in Dutch prisons, which are known for their comfort. In a majority, Dutch prisons are populated by Dutch Moroccans.


Moroccans also apparently derive status from prison sentences. Evidently, upon their release, many gloat. Apparently it is only the thought of having to trade the luxury of the Netherlands — even prison — for Morocco that strikes terror into the hearts of potential offenders. In Italy, the same threat is already in effect and acts as a successful deterrent. It seems as if it is only the threat of deportation, more than any other measure, that is likely to deter young Moroccans from a life of crime.


Although the proposal is being used by Wilders’s opponents as either a laughing stock or beating stick, the merits of the proposal are rarely elaborated on, including even by Wilders. A recent poll showed 76% of Dutch voters to be in favor of the measure.


The NOS, interviewing Wilders again on March 14, asked him if he actually meant what he had said regarding Moroccans in general, possibly expecting him to say that he had only been referring to Dutch Moroccan criminals. But Wilders stood firm. He emphasized that his concern lay with the number of Moroccans currently flooding the crime statistics, and repeatedly stated, “The fewer Moroccans, the better.”


“Can you imagine that people are startled by your remarks?” he was asked.

“It is unfortunate if people are startled by the truth,” he said.


This latest round of anger against Wilders began after the announcement of voting results on March 19. At the end of his victory speech, Wilders remarked, “And the third question is, and I’m actually not allowed to say this, because I’m being sued, and there might even be Social Democrat DAs that would prosecute me, but freedom of speech is a great thing, and we have said nothing that is not allowed. We have said nothing that is not accurate. So I am asking you now: Do you want, in this city and the Netherlands, more or fewer Moroccans?” The crowd replied: “Fewer, fewer, fewer!”


That time, however, after the event, Wilders did nuance his views. He stated that he was referring to criminals, and only in favor of the voluntary repatriation of law-abiding Moroccans.


Now the police have apparently decided to become part of the prosecution. They have drafted pre-filled “Wilders forms” to press charges and have offered to come to people’s homes to fill out the paperwork.


Is Wilders a racist? He recently tweeted: “Support for Moroccan businesswomen Elou Akhiat. It is a shame she receives death threats over opening a wine bar.”


The West has to DECIDE what Bigotry is and what Cultural Survival is

John R. Houk

© April 26, 2014


Who is in More Trouble: Wilders or The Netherlands?


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Is the Quran Extremist Material? You Betcha!

Foolish Infidels - Sura 4_89

I found a news story at Sharia Unveiled entitled, “Russian Court Rules ‘al-Qur’an is Hate Literature’ and Orders Placement on Federal List of Extremist Material”. If you are an American the title should pique your interest. In America this would come under extremely NOT Politically Correct.


I have to tell you that Russia again is on a confrontational path with the USA because of that nation’s old past history of being a geopolitical powerhouse. This was true under the Czars and it was true in the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Vladimir Putin obviously is reigniting the Old Russian nationalism which makes the USA and its paradigm a target.


Nevertheless, I say kudos to this Russian Court that has codified that the Quran is extremist material. Now I realize this probably lead to Russian persecution of Russian-Muslims. I do not advocate that. On the other hand I do advocate that people globally – and in America – learn what the Quran teaches Muslims to do actively against non-Muslims. Quranic action against non-Muslims is not a pretty picture and that issue is something that is actively obfuscated by Muslim Apologists.


So this is what I am going to do. I am going to cross post this story; however I will use the source that Sharia Unveiled used because it offers more detail to a Russian Court ruling I find quite amusing.


JRH 9/24/13

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Russian court in Krasnodar orders Quran to be added to Federal list of extremist materials


By Moderator

September 23, 2013 8:31 am

Muslims Worldwide


“According to the report on the study by the Forensic Center… in the books there are  statements containing a positive assessment of hostilities of a group relative to another group of persons united, on the grounds of their attitude to religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims; as well as the statements of encouragement, for semantic understanding calling for hostile and violent actions of one group of people against another group of persons united by religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims.”


“…the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to include the Edition to the federal list of extremist materials.”


Russians are once more becoming heroes. No matter how sad it sounds that we now have to turn to a bunch of commies and delinquent KGB officers for any common sense (‘commie-sense’), Putin has proven to be one of the few voices of reason lately. Let’s not forget that Putin warned Europe and the U.S. repeatedly for many years not to permit Muslim immigration into the countries, or they risk an endless infiltration of extremists and deliberate expansion of radical cells within the country itself by the Muslim immigrants they let in. No one listened to him.


We are firmly heading towards the same situation we saw in Kenya yesterday. It’s only a matter of time.


Russia has centuries of experience of battling with Muslim extremism and being subject to their endless aggressions and provocations.  And now more communists come forth with more sense than the rest of the so called ‘progressive world’ combined: The Quran has finally and rightfully been declared AN EXTREMIST BOOK by court of law and added to a federal list of extremist materials. At least in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar in Russia.



[Google and Bing translation] NR News, Russia


In Novorossiysk Court declare “Semantic translation of the holy Quran in Russian Language” an extremist book.


В Новороссийске суд признал экстремистской книгу «Смысловой перевод священного Корана на русский язык»


The October District Court of the hero-city of Novorossiisk was satisfied with the statement of the Novorossiysk transport Prosecutor of recognizing extremist books and the translation of the Holy Quran in Russian language.


Novorossiysk transport Prosecutor’s Office, during the course of the Investigations Division in Novorossiysk, to dismiss the criminal case based on elements of crime under part 1 article 282 of the RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE, established that in the text of the book “translation of the Holy Quran in Russian language/translation from Arabic E.r. Kuliev. 1, edition of the King Fahd complex for printing the Holy Quran. p.o. box 6262. Medina Munavvara. Saudi Arabia, 2002.1088 s”, arrived in the international postal administration no. EM 177973005, describes possible extremist content.


So, according to the report on the study by the Forensic Center of the RUSSIAN MINISTRY of the INTERIOR for the Krasnodar territory, in the books there are statements that negatively evaluated a person or a group of persons on the grounds of ties to a specific religion (in particular, non-Muslims) and are saying that they are talking about the superiority of one person or group of persons in front of other people on grounds of their attitude to religion, in particular, of Muslims over non-Muslims; statements containing a positive assessment of hostilities of a group relative to another group of persons united, on the grounds of their attitude to religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims; as well as the statements of encouragement, for semantic understanding calling for hostile and violent actions of one group of people against another group of persons united by religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims.


Dissemination of extremist materials leads to an increase in extremist crime that endangers the national security of the State the Novorossiysk transport Prosecutor concluded based on 1. Article 45 of the code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation Prosecutor turn in court in defense of the interests of the Russian Federation.


The Kastrychnitski District Court of Novorossiysk from 17.09.2013 statement the Prosecutor met in full: old book “translation of the Holy Quran in Russian language/translation from Arabic E.r. Kuliev. 1, edition of the King Fahd complex for printing the Holy Quran. p.o. box 6262. Medina Munavvara. Saudi Arabia, 2002.1088 with focus on extremism.


After the Court decision enter into force it will be instructed that the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to include the Edition to the federal list of extremist materials.


Reported by Senior Assistant Attorney Novorossiysk transport.


The announcement in the news site NR News:


[Editor: Screen Shot Photo in Russian]


Is the Quran Extremist Material? You Betcha!

John R. Houk

© September 24, 2013


Russian court in Krasnodar orders Quran to be added to Federal list of extremist materials


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Laura Ingraham 2

On Muslim immigration, Joseph Farah agrees with Laura Ingraham. I agree with Joseph Farah! At least in this day and age if Muslims are seeking a better life and are fully invested in Shariah Law and the racist violence inherent in the Quran, those Muslims must change the political system in their own nations to what they believe is a better life. Sharia and Islamic Supremacism that results in violence against non-Muslims and democratic institutions are not needed in the United States of America.


JRH 4/26/13

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More Justin O. Smith on Radical Islam in Tennessee

Justin O. Smith posted four more comments at my NCCR blog which cross posted this article: “Justin O. Smith on Radical Islam Supporters in Tennessee”. The four comments are dated January 10, 2012. Yeah I know, sometimes it takes awhile to get to the comments at all my blogs. Essentially this is some follow-up information on The Rutherford Reader free speech issues over exposing a Murfreesboro Mosque as disseminating radical Islamic ideology. Part of the issue of the radical Mosque’s support is from a prominent Tennessee newspaper like the Tennessean. The Tennessean and some of their newspaper friends and some radical Muslim friends like CAIR and foreign radical Muslin friends such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi-Wahhabi ideology.


JRH 1/16/12


Comment 1 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 3:44 PM


Dear Mr. John Houk,


Just as a follow up, here is Diane Macedon’s article from FoxNews; that is me in the blue shirt standing in front of the camera.


Justin O. Smith 6-26-10 pro-Reader Protest


It was primarily the last two paragraphs that a few within our community took exception to, but the majority within Murfreesboro seem to be in agreement with the assessment I and others have made in this matter; however, our elected officials are either oblivious to the threat Islam and Sharia Law represent to America or they are ignorant of the facts of the matter or they simply just do not care.


The battle is uphill when your elected officials refuse to properly acknowledge the concerns of its people. A similar battle was fought and won just prior to the beginning of the Murfreesboro controversy in Franklin, TN, and Thank God for Mrs. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a member of the Jewish faith, who led the way; Franklin won because their elected officials heard and listened and acted in accordance with the wishes of their constituency…’We the People’!


Here are those controversial paragraphs…


The Koran and Islam promote an ideology that is incompatible with ideas based on freedom and our U.S. Constitution. Wherever a seedling of Islam takes root, it soon actively works to subvert and bend its host nation’s government towards Sharia Law. We must be careful when considering electing Muslims to positions in the U.S. government. The effects of allowing Muslims to enter any democratic government can readily be seen in France, the U.K., Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the former Yugoslavia, and Lebanon; most Muslims believe that the will of Allah supplants all, thus many of these nations now feel compelled to enact legislation to curtail Sharia Law encroachments. The U.K., however, is currently appeasing its radical Muslim population and accepting Sharia Law in its lower courts; their nation will not last long on this course.


Muslim immigrants may not enter the U.S. intent on acts of terrorism, but they all enter as good Muslims supporting the submission of the world to Allah. Also, it is good for one to remember that one of the Koran’s most famous verses states, in essence, “War is deceit”. While I respect the works of moderate Muslims such as Irshad Manji (‘Faith Without Fear’) and Tarek Fatah (‘Chasing A Mirage’), I whole-heartedly, unfortunately, must assert that the U.S. must halt all future Muslim immigration, until Muslims acquiesce to living within the legal structures of their host nations rather than striving to restructure nations under an evil, de-humanizing, backward and defiling 12th century ideology, even should this take the next 50 years. In past years, we would not have opened our borders to Maoists, Stalinists or Nazis, therefore, why is the Obama Administration not closing our borders to these Islamic fascists?


by Justin O. Smith


Comment 2 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 3:56 PM


For Your discerning eye and the scrutiny of your readers, Mr. Houk…!/note.php?note_id=194100087289236


Printed in ‘The Daily News Journal’

Mar 11, 2011


There exists no reason to introduce Sharia into the U.S. other than the Islamists and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) demand(s) it as a method to undermine the American culture and hurry the demise of our nation.


Muslim radicals can advocate Sharia all day long under the First Amendment, but Sharia can never be implemented within the U.S.; Sharia law represents a parallel, subversive ideology that demands the destruction of our own ideology. I have regularly seen Muslim clerics hold up a Qur’an and say, “This is our Constitution.”


Islam and Sharia law simply enforce religious edicts and fatwas from imams, while U.S. laws were set forth in advance to serve or punish through only legal enactments conforming to our U.S. Constitution. We all live by rules rather than by either arbitrary edicts or anarchy. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states in part: “… this Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … under the authority of the United States shall be the Supreme Law of the Land.” The advocates for the Islamization of America cannot seem to grasp these facts.


Many Americans and proponents of mosque expansions and Sharia law do not recognize the underlying reality of terrorist sympathy within Muslim communities. They believe the U.S. can moderate radical Muslims by talking to them and convincing the Islamists to live in harmony with the Western cultures. This will never happen, until a worldwide Muslim majority reforms Islam itself, and Muslims reject the Sura and Hadith and the historically incorporated and embedded radical and politicized doctrines within Islam — much the same has already been suggested by Raheel Raza from the Islamic Canadian Congress and other noted Islamic scholars.


These same Sharia proponents are also aligned with ACLU groups that seek the destruction of the Judeo-Christian principles that created this nation. They would have us passively accept the Islamization of America, Islamic front groups that finance terror and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists; they would have us suffer the terrible consequences that accompany these preventable conditions. The anti-American, pro-Sharia element in America prostitute the law in the service of their ideology (CAIR vs State of Oklahoma/threatening Tennessee lawsuit), as they cripple the U.S. in the name of rights for terrorists and all who would destroy the U.S. if they could!


Anyone currently aligned against Murfreesboro state Sen. Bill Ketron’s Anti-Sharia legislation is standing on the wrong side of history regarding the Islamization of America and Shariah law. In the world of the critics of Ketron’s legislation, every deviation of the real world from the tidiness of their anti-American sentiments is considered to be someone else’s fault; if a terrorist did not have a happy childhood, then that becomes a reason to release him back in the Middle East, so he can return immediately to killing U.S. soldiers. If ever we needed guardians of liberty … if ever there was a time to stand upright and firm for American values and the Founding Father’s principles, the time is now. God Bless America and God Bless Our Republic!


by Justin O. Smith


Comment 3 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 4:06 PM


The Iconoclast
Sunday, 11 July 2010
Muslims’ First Amendment Rights Are Protected

Justin O. Smith, regular columnist for the Rutherford Reader and resident of Murfreesboro, TN., writes in response to an interview with Saleh Sbenaty, an MTSU engineering professor in the DNJ (the sister paper to the Tennessean). Mr. Sbenaty complains that his first amendment rights are being violated because people are misinformed about Islam. Mr. Smith doesn’t seem misinformed to me.


The Qur’an states that a Muslim’s first loyalty is to the “umma” (worldwide Islamic community) and overrides any civic obligations to the “infidels”, non-Muslims. This explains why few Muslims speak up against the extremists among them; for every Zak Mohyuddin, an engineer, who calls America home and lives here honorably, there is a Nidal Hassan willing to kill in the name of Allah. Let us not forget, also, that one of al Qaeda’s top leaders, Ayman Zawahiri is a doctor.


No one is infringing on the Murfreesboro Muslims’ First Amendment rights. There is no question of their right to worship Allah through Islam; but do they have the right to expand if that expansion falls under auspices advocating Sharia Law or Wahhabi ideology, as it stands in direct contravention of our U.S. Constitution?


Too many Muslim immigrants are arriving here from nations sponsoring terrorism, such as Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. Their views on the principles of freedom are vastly different from your average American’s view or even third generation American Muslims’ views, and many try to advance and propagate Sharia Law upon their arrival. Rather than assimilate and teach their children about America, its principles of freedom and the rich history surrounding its inception, they steep them in Sharia and Wahhabi propaganda; the proof is readily apparent in literature at the Dar el-Hijrah Mosque (which housed three 9/11 terrorists) in Falls Church, VA and numerous others; the Farouq Mosque was used to plot and stage the World Trade Center bombing; and the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR have been working against U.S. interests from within the U.S. since 1962.


For too long I have watched as Sharia Law was implemented across Europe in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and numerous other nations. The destabilizing results of radical fascist Islamic machinations can readily be viewed through the historical context of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Lebanon which are simply a few among many nations very nearly destroyed, due to these radical jihadists returning from battle with the Soviets in Afghanistan. Wherever the Muslim population approaches 30% of the population in any region, local or national, an advocacy for Islamic separatist movements and Sharia Law soon follows. After France withdrew from Lebanon in 1942, a concerted effort to destabilize Lebanon and inundate it with Muslim immigrants was enjoined by Iran and Syria; Lebanon has seen the years 1958 to the present through a veil of blood due to Islamic machinations.


Sharia financing is currently being introduced into our economy through special banks and mortgage loans that utilize these Sharia financing principles, and even our U.S. Treasury is researching the possibility of allowing Sharia financing within its domain. Now the U.S. is witnessing the encroachment of Sharia-like policies across the nation in cities like Chicago, ILL, New York, NY and Dearborn, MI. Just two weeks ago, Police Chief Ron Haddad, from Dearborn and a Muslim, arrested four men for promoting Christianity near a Muslim festival; a court ruled this unconstitutional, but it should never have occurred in America in the first place!


As a young boy, I stood beside my father nearly every Saturday night, with my hand over my heart, as the television signed-off with a waving American flag and the Star Spangled Banner. Most Muslims cannot relate to this, and while I have heard Muslims state that this is their home, I have yet to see them show a love of America; I have, however, seen them burn American flags in NYC and protest in support of the terrorist group Hamas right in the center of Murfreesboro, TN.


Everyone’s First Amendment rights must be protected, which means Muslims too. I do not wish their rights to be infringed upon, however, it is not an infringement of anyone’s rights to call for a temporary halt to all future Muslim immigration, as I did in April. I simply wish to see America’s Muslims grow to love this nation every bit as much as I do and develop a protective instinct towards the U.S. Constitution, that is as strong as the protective feelings I hold for this magnificent document. This conclusion was not lightly reached, and it was not based in hate of Muslims or Islam, but rather from love for America. We simply must give current Islamic immigrants more time to assimilate and be drawn away from the radical sects of Islam. It does not state anywhere in the U.S. Constitution that we must allow unfettered and unrestrained immigration for anyone seeking our shores, especially our enemies. Only by repudiating political correctness does America stand a chance; we must realistically view the world’s sociopolitical reality and withdraw from supposedly more sophisticated ideas that have little or no connection to observable reality.


Liberty is not unbridled will or the freedom to do as one likes; a society which recognizes no checks upon its freedoms soon becomes a society where freedom is in the possession of only a savage few. The Murfreesboro Muslim community does, in fact, have their First Amendment rights, but they do not have the right to expand if that expansion enables any furtherance of Sharia or Wahhabi ideology in the U.S. Their constitutional rights end where mine begin!

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Comment 4 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 4:46 PM


Printed in ‘The Rutherford Reader’ May 28, 2010

Freedom of the Press in Danger


As much as I dislike the ACLU, due to its beginnings as a front organization for the American Communist Party, I do agree with it on some matters pertaining to freedom of speech and the press. In 1921 the ACLU Position Statement stated that there should never be any censorship by any agency at anytime or in any way, printed materials should never be subject to a political censorship and no system of license for distribution should be tolerated.


On May 14, Murfreesboro, TN witnessed the will of corporate tyrants infringe upon the First Amendment rights of Pete and Kaye Doughtie, owners and editors of ‘The Rutherford Reader’. An allegation was made that ‘The Reader’ prints “hate speech” against Islam and Muslims, and the local Krogers, KFC and Distributech acted in concert to bar further distribution of ‘The Reader’ from those locations. Rodney Barton, Distributech Rep., in an obvious rush towards the type of political correctness that will eventually destroy the U.S., is either following someone’s far left agenda or he did not understand what he read.


Pete Doughtie’s numerous warnings, regarding the Islamization of America, Sharia Law encroachments (the harshest form of law currently in existence throughout the world) within the U.S. and the fact that a core of numerous fanatical terrorist groups exists within the politicized Islamic religion (who just happen to want to kill or conquer us all), do not constitute “hate speech”; any Muslims offended by the truth exposed in ‘The Reader’ would be better served by eradicating fascism from the ranks of Islam as they guide it towards real and lasting peace.


Pete’s articles and editorials were hard-hitting and factual, however, they were far removed from the “hate speech’ alleged by Barton and his anonymous complainant; his articles have always been supported by good sources, references and thorough investigations. ‘The Reader’ generally relies on ‘Family Security Matters’, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and a host of think-tanks such as the Cato Institute, the Hoover Institute, the Hudson Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. While some of Pete’s articles may be deemed offensive by some groups, they were not ever hateful in content nor intent; they were simply warnings from a man deeply concerned for the safety and security of his family and all Americans. Muslims could only been offended by ‘The Reader’s’ articles, if they were secretly cheering for the Islamic fascists and against America or if they were bearing the shame and guilt of their own silence in the face of Islamic fascism’s onslaught on America. Pete and Kaye Doughtie are good God-fearing American patriots, who have never slandered, libeled or defamed anyone. Rodney Barton, Kroger and KFC are complicit with the anonymous complainant in defaming Kaye and Pete in a most ignoble fashion, as this individual or group hides in the shadows.


Why would anyone block distribution of ‘The Rutherford Reader’ and not do the same with ‘The Tennessee Tribune’? If you are going to pull one newspaper, you should pull them all, because they all carry articles of varying political and religious persuasions, and someone will always be offended.


Kroger stocks ‘The Tennessee Tribune’ through Distributech. ‘The Tennessee Tribune’ regularly prints racist anti-white rhetoric and real “hate speech” written by current and former militant Black Panther Party members. For the record, this paper also contains some well written and commendable articles by numerous Tennessee leaders, including Gov. Phil Bredesen. Even though the anti-American racist articles by the Black Panthers grate on every decent bone in my body, they still have the right to be heard in America, as does Pete Doughtie; although Pete definitely does not engage in “hate speech”, even so-called “hate speech” is protected under the First Amend, as long as it does not advocate or call for violence against anyone or the government.


Gannett Press, ‘The Tennessean’ and ‘The Daily News Journal’ should be highly concerned over this developing story. While they are extremely influential throughout the region and wield immense political and economic power, there is always someone more powerful with an agenda of their own to attend. As political winds and the country’s mood changes, perhaps ‘The Daily News Journal’ could one day find itself under a similar assault as ‘The Rutherford Reader’.


There is a great tension in the world, a breaking point is near and monstrous changes are taking place that are shaping a troubling future. Many of these changes are the embodiment of evil, because they seek to eliminate America’s highest principles. Pete and Kaye Doughtie are on the front lines of this battle, as they fight to preserve the freedoms you and I hold so dear. The freedom of speech and the press are the most valuable things in the world, and the truth does not have to be careful or precise, because it can stand alone on its own merits recognizable like a new shiny silver dollar in the sunlight. ‘The Rutherford Reader’ and the Doughtie Family only print the truth, and I must always fight against any corporation, idea, religion or government which seeks to limit or destroy anyone’s freedom of speech!


by Justin O. Smith