More Justin O. Smith on Radical Islam in Tennessee

Justin O. Smith posted four more comments at my NCCR blog which cross posted this article: “Justin O. Smith on Radical Islam Supporters in Tennessee”. The four comments are dated January 10, 2012. Yeah I know, sometimes it takes awhile to get to the comments at all my blogs. Essentially this is some follow-up information on The Rutherford Reader free speech issues over exposing a Murfreesboro Mosque as disseminating radical Islamic ideology. Part of the issue of the radical Mosque’s support is from a prominent Tennessee newspaper like the Tennessean. The Tennessean and some of their newspaper friends and some radical Muslim friends like CAIR and foreign radical Muslin friends such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi-Wahhabi ideology.


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Comment 1 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 3:44 PM


Dear Mr. John Houk,


Just as a follow up, here is Diane Macedon’s article from FoxNews; that is me in the blue shirt standing in front of the camera.


Justin O. Smith 6-26-10 pro-Reader Protest


It was primarily the last two paragraphs that a few within our community took exception to, but the majority within Murfreesboro seem to be in agreement with the assessment I and others have made in this matter; however, our elected officials are either oblivious to the threat Islam and Sharia Law represent to America or they are ignorant of the facts of the matter or they simply just do not care.


The battle is uphill when your elected officials refuse to properly acknowledge the concerns of its people. A similar battle was fought and won just prior to the beginning of the Murfreesboro controversy in Franklin, TN, and Thank God for Mrs. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a member of the Jewish faith, who led the way; Franklin won because their elected officials heard and listened and acted in accordance with the wishes of their constituency…’We the People’!


Here are those controversial paragraphs…


The Koran and Islam promote an ideology that is incompatible with ideas based on freedom and our U.S. Constitution. Wherever a seedling of Islam takes root, it soon actively works to subvert and bend its host nation’s government towards Sharia Law. We must be careful when considering electing Muslims to positions in the U.S. government. The effects of allowing Muslims to enter any democratic government can readily be seen in France, the U.K., Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the former Yugoslavia, and Lebanon; most Muslims believe that the will of Allah supplants all, thus many of these nations now feel compelled to enact legislation to curtail Sharia Law encroachments. The U.K., however, is currently appeasing its radical Muslim population and accepting Sharia Law in its lower courts; their nation will not last long on this course.


Muslim immigrants may not enter the U.S. intent on acts of terrorism, but they all enter as good Muslims supporting the submission of the world to Allah. Also, it is good for one to remember that one of the Koran’s most famous verses states, in essence, “War is deceit”. While I respect the works of moderate Muslims such as Irshad Manji (‘Faith Without Fear’) and Tarek Fatah (‘Chasing A Mirage’), I whole-heartedly, unfortunately, must assert that the U.S. must halt all future Muslim immigration, until Muslims acquiesce to living within the legal structures of their host nations rather than striving to restructure nations under an evil, de-humanizing, backward and defiling 12th century ideology, even should this take the next 50 years. In past years, we would not have opened our borders to Maoists, Stalinists or Nazis, therefore, why is the Obama Administration not closing our borders to these Islamic fascists?


by Justin O. Smith


Comment 2 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 3:56 PM


For Your discerning eye and the scrutiny of your readers, Mr. Houk…!/note.php?note_id=194100087289236


Printed in ‘The Daily News Journal’

Mar 11, 2011


There exists no reason to introduce Sharia into the U.S. other than the Islamists and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) demand(s) it as a method to undermine the American culture and hurry the demise of our nation.


Muslim radicals can advocate Sharia all day long under the First Amendment, but Sharia can never be implemented within the U.S.; Sharia law represents a parallel, subversive ideology that demands the destruction of our own ideology. I have regularly seen Muslim clerics hold up a Qur’an and say, “This is our Constitution.”


Islam and Sharia law simply enforce religious edicts and fatwas from imams, while U.S. laws were set forth in advance to serve or punish through only legal enactments conforming to our U.S. Constitution. We all live by rules rather than by either arbitrary edicts or anarchy. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states in part: “… this Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof … under the authority of the United States shall be the Supreme Law of the Land.” The advocates for the Islamization of America cannot seem to grasp these facts.


Many Americans and proponents of mosque expansions and Sharia law do not recognize the underlying reality of terrorist sympathy within Muslim communities. They believe the U.S. can moderate radical Muslims by talking to them and convincing the Islamists to live in harmony with the Western cultures. This will never happen, until a worldwide Muslim majority reforms Islam itself, and Muslims reject the Sura and Hadith and the historically incorporated and embedded radical and politicized doctrines within Islam — much the same has already been suggested by Raheel Raza from the Islamic Canadian Congress and other noted Islamic scholars.


These same Sharia proponents are also aligned with ACLU groups that seek the destruction of the Judeo-Christian principles that created this nation. They would have us passively accept the Islamization of America, Islamic front groups that finance terror and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists; they would have us suffer the terrible consequences that accompany these preventable conditions. The anti-American, pro-Sharia element in America prostitute the law in the service of their ideology (CAIR vs State of Oklahoma/threatening Tennessee lawsuit), as they cripple the U.S. in the name of rights for terrorists and all who would destroy the U.S. if they could!


Anyone currently aligned against Murfreesboro state Sen. Bill Ketron’s Anti-Sharia legislation is standing on the wrong side of history regarding the Islamization of America and Shariah law. In the world of the critics of Ketron’s legislation, every deviation of the real world from the tidiness of their anti-American sentiments is considered to be someone else’s fault; if a terrorist did not have a happy childhood, then that becomes a reason to release him back in the Middle East, so he can return immediately to killing U.S. soldiers. If ever we needed guardians of liberty … if ever there was a time to stand upright and firm for American values and the Founding Father’s principles, the time is now. God Bless America and God Bless Our Republic!


by Justin O. Smith


Comment 3 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 4:06 PM


The Iconoclast
Sunday, 11 July 2010
Muslims’ First Amendment Rights Are Protected

Justin O. Smith, regular columnist for the Rutherford Reader and resident of Murfreesboro, TN., writes in response to an interview with Saleh Sbenaty, an MTSU engineering professor in the DNJ (the sister paper to the Tennessean). Mr. Sbenaty complains that his first amendment rights are being violated because people are misinformed about Islam. Mr. Smith doesn’t seem misinformed to me.


The Qur’an states that a Muslim’s first loyalty is to the “umma” (worldwide Islamic community) and overrides any civic obligations to the “infidels”, non-Muslims. This explains why few Muslims speak up against the extremists among them; for every Zak Mohyuddin, an engineer, who calls America home and lives here honorably, there is a Nidal Hassan willing to kill in the name of Allah. Let us not forget, also, that one of al Qaeda’s top leaders, Ayman Zawahiri is a doctor.


No one is infringing on the Murfreesboro Muslims’ First Amendment rights. There is no question of their right to worship Allah through Islam; but do they have the right to expand if that expansion falls under auspices advocating Sharia Law or Wahhabi ideology, as it stands in direct contravention of our U.S. Constitution?


Too many Muslim immigrants are arriving here from nations sponsoring terrorism, such as Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. Their views on the principles of freedom are vastly different from your average American’s view or even third generation American Muslims’ views, and many try to advance and propagate Sharia Law upon their arrival. Rather than assimilate and teach their children about America, its principles of freedom and the rich history surrounding its inception, they steep them in Sharia and Wahhabi propaganda; the proof is readily apparent in literature at the Dar el-Hijrah Mosque (which housed three 9/11 terrorists) in Falls Church, VA and numerous others; the Farouq Mosque was used to plot and stage the World Trade Center bombing; and the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR have been working against U.S. interests from within the U.S. since 1962.


For too long I have watched as Sharia Law was implemented across Europe in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and numerous other nations. The destabilizing results of radical fascist Islamic machinations can readily be viewed through the historical context of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Lebanon which are simply a few among many nations very nearly destroyed, due to these radical jihadists returning from battle with the Soviets in Afghanistan. Wherever the Muslim population approaches 30% of the population in any region, local or national, an advocacy for Islamic separatist movements and Sharia Law soon follows. After France withdrew from Lebanon in 1942, a concerted effort to destabilize Lebanon and inundate it with Muslim immigrants was enjoined by Iran and Syria; Lebanon has seen the years 1958 to the present through a veil of blood due to Islamic machinations.


Sharia financing is currently being introduced into our economy through special banks and mortgage loans that utilize these Sharia financing principles, and even our U.S. Treasury is researching the possibility of allowing Sharia financing within its domain. Now the U.S. is witnessing the encroachment of Sharia-like policies across the nation in cities like Chicago, ILL, New York, NY and Dearborn, MI. Just two weeks ago, Police Chief Ron Haddad, from Dearborn and a Muslim, arrested four men for promoting Christianity near a Muslim festival; a court ruled this unconstitutional, but it should never have occurred in America in the first place!


As a young boy, I stood beside my father nearly every Saturday night, with my hand over my heart, as the television signed-off with a waving American flag and the Star Spangled Banner. Most Muslims cannot relate to this, and while I have heard Muslims state that this is their home, I have yet to see them show a love of America; I have, however, seen them burn American flags in NYC and protest in support of the terrorist group Hamas right in the center of Murfreesboro, TN.


Everyone’s First Amendment rights must be protected, which means Muslims too. I do not wish their rights to be infringed upon, however, it is not an infringement of anyone’s rights to call for a temporary halt to all future Muslim immigration, as I did in April. I simply wish to see America’s Muslims grow to love this nation every bit as much as I do and develop a protective instinct towards the U.S. Constitution, that is as strong as the protective feelings I hold for this magnificent document. This conclusion was not lightly reached, and it was not based in hate of Muslims or Islam, but rather from love for America. We simply must give current Islamic immigrants more time to assimilate and be drawn away from the radical sects of Islam. It does not state anywhere in the U.S. Constitution that we must allow unfettered and unrestrained immigration for anyone seeking our shores, especially our enemies. Only by repudiating political correctness does America stand a chance; we must realistically view the world’s sociopolitical reality and withdraw from supposedly more sophisticated ideas that have little or no connection to observable reality.


Liberty is not unbridled will or the freedom to do as one likes; a society which recognizes no checks upon its freedoms soon becomes a society where freedom is in the possession of only a savage few. The Murfreesboro Muslim community does, in fact, have their First Amendment rights, but they do not have the right to expand if that expansion enables any furtherance of Sharia or Wahhabi ideology in the U.S. Their constitutional rights end where mine begin!

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Comment 4 – Justin O. Smith

January 10, 2012 4:46 PM


Printed in ‘The Rutherford Reader’ May 28, 2010

Freedom of the Press in Danger


As much as I dislike the ACLU, due to its beginnings as a front organization for the American Communist Party, I do agree with it on some matters pertaining to freedom of speech and the press. In 1921 the ACLU Position Statement stated that there should never be any censorship by any agency at anytime or in any way, printed materials should never be subject to a political censorship and no system of license for distribution should be tolerated.


On May 14, Murfreesboro, TN witnessed the will of corporate tyrants infringe upon the First Amendment rights of Pete and Kaye Doughtie, owners and editors of ‘The Rutherford Reader’. An allegation was made that ‘The Reader’ prints “hate speech” against Islam and Muslims, and the local Krogers, KFC and Distributech acted in concert to bar further distribution of ‘The Reader’ from those locations. Rodney Barton, Distributech Rep., in an obvious rush towards the type of political correctness that will eventually destroy the U.S., is either following someone’s far left agenda or he did not understand what he read.


Pete Doughtie’s numerous warnings, regarding the Islamization of America, Sharia Law encroachments (the harshest form of law currently in existence throughout the world) within the U.S. and the fact that a core of numerous fanatical terrorist groups exists within the politicized Islamic religion (who just happen to want to kill or conquer us all), do not constitute “hate speech”; any Muslims offended by the truth exposed in ‘The Reader’ would be better served by eradicating fascism from the ranks of Islam as they guide it towards real and lasting peace.


Pete’s articles and editorials were hard-hitting and factual, however, they were far removed from the “hate speech’ alleged by Barton and his anonymous complainant; his articles have always been supported by good sources, references and thorough investigations. ‘The Reader’ generally relies on ‘Family Security Matters’, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and a host of think-tanks such as the Cato Institute, the Hoover Institute, the Hudson Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. While some of Pete’s articles may be deemed offensive by some groups, they were not ever hateful in content nor intent; they were simply warnings from a man deeply concerned for the safety and security of his family and all Americans. Muslims could only been offended by ‘The Reader’s’ articles, if they were secretly cheering for the Islamic fascists and against America or if they were bearing the shame and guilt of their own silence in the face of Islamic fascism’s onslaught on America. Pete and Kaye Doughtie are good God-fearing American patriots, who have never slandered, libeled or defamed anyone. Rodney Barton, Kroger and KFC are complicit with the anonymous complainant in defaming Kaye and Pete in a most ignoble fashion, as this individual or group hides in the shadows.


Why would anyone block distribution of ‘The Rutherford Reader’ and not do the same with ‘The Tennessee Tribune’? If you are going to pull one newspaper, you should pull them all, because they all carry articles of varying political and religious persuasions, and someone will always be offended.


Kroger stocks ‘The Tennessee Tribune’ through Distributech. ‘The Tennessee Tribune’ regularly prints racist anti-white rhetoric and real “hate speech” written by current and former militant Black Panther Party members. For the record, this paper also contains some well written and commendable articles by numerous Tennessee leaders, including Gov. Phil Bredesen. Even though the anti-American racist articles by the Black Panthers grate on every decent bone in my body, they still have the right to be heard in America, as does Pete Doughtie; although Pete definitely does not engage in “hate speech”, even so-called “hate speech” is protected under the First Amend, as long as it does not advocate or call for violence against anyone or the government.


Gannett Press, ‘The Tennessean’ and ‘The Daily News Journal’ should be highly concerned over this developing story. While they are extremely influential throughout the region and wield immense political and economic power, there is always someone more powerful with an agenda of their own to attend. As political winds and the country’s mood changes, perhaps ‘The Daily News Journal’ could one day find itself under a similar assault as ‘The Rutherford Reader’.


There is a great tension in the world, a breaking point is near and monstrous changes are taking place that are shaping a troubling future. Many of these changes are the embodiment of evil, because they seek to eliminate America’s highest principles. Pete and Kaye Doughtie are on the front lines of this battle, as they fight to preserve the freedoms you and I hold so dear. The freedom of speech and the press are the most valuable things in the world, and the truth does not have to be careful or precise, because it can stand alone on its own merits recognizable like a new shiny silver dollar in the sunlight. ‘The Rutherford Reader’ and the Doughtie Family only print the truth, and I must always fight against any corporation, idea, religion or government which seeks to limit or destroy anyone’s freedom of speech!


by Justin O. Smith