If Bachmann is a McCarthyist then she is in Good Company

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John R. Houk

© July 23, 2012


I received an email from ACT for America that encourages readers to continue pressure on Congress to support Rep. Michele Bachmann’s call for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating sensitive areas of the U.S. government especially since the MB is no friend of the USA.


Within the letter is a link to a David N. Bossie article that addresses the accusation that Bachmann is engaging in McCarthyism to conduct a political witch hunt against Muslims. Of course the word “McCarthyism” is used as an epithet related to the late Senator Joe McCarthy’s investigations looking for Communists in sensitive areas of government which expanded to a search of influential people outside of government that push a Communist agenda. The McCarthy investigations took place in the 1950s when it was evident the now defunct Soviet Union was interesting in spreading its Stalinist Communism to the USA. The USA-Soviet competition became known as the Cold War which many believe ended with the collapse of the Russian dominated Soviet Union.


The thing that Leftist Democrats do not want you to know is that McCarthy was more correct than wrong in looking for Communists in American government. After the Soviet collapse many old Soviet classified document were released to the public that validated McCarthy’s investigation. When Senator McCarthy began receiving resistance because his investigations did begin to extend to civil rights issues (It is not illegal to have a Marxist/Communist world view), then McCarthy began to have a nervous breakdown which ended in the disgrace of alcoholism. Until the little publicized released Soviet documents McCarthy’s name became synonymous with rabid witch hunts looking for people who either did not exist or smearing someone for his beliefs when there is a civil right to have an alternative political world view.


So when the American Left (who is still in denial about McCarthy’s validity) brands Bachmann a McCarthyist, they are saying she is engaging in a smear campaign against Muslims. It is a Leftist path to support American enemies wittingly or unwittingly to use Multiculturalism to destroy American culture’s Christian influence.


So below I am cross posted Bossie’s article that supports Bachmann’s cause followed by the ACT for America email that calls for more pressure on Congress that will take you to a link to contact your Congressmen to support Rep. Michele Bachmann and her request to see if the Muslim Brotherhood has access to classified information via MB sympathetic Muslims at high levels of government.


JRH 7/23/12

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Michele Bachmann’s McCarthyism?


By David N. Bossie President of Citizens United

Jul. 19, 2012

The Arena (Politico)


It would be the height of folly if, in the name of political correctness, “diversity,” “multiculturalism” or a fear of giving offense, the government continues to ignore what our enemies say is their intent to subvert us from within – and evidence of their success in doing so.  If anybody is engaging in “McCarthyism,” it is those who seek to pillory and silence the few courageous enough to speak out.


An independent FBI report making news this morning states that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan – an Islamic radical – was NOT investigated by FBI agents before the shooting because of “political correctness.”  This fatal mistake led to the killing of 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.  National security must trump political correctness; people die when our government fails in its duties because they are worried of offending people.


That is why it infuriates me that Sen. McCain and the liberal media blindly attacked Reps. Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland and Tom Rooney for doing their jobs. If people actually read the letters they sent (I’m guessing most of the commentators in The ARENA haven’t) to the inspectors general of the State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security Departments and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence they would see there was no tinge of racism in any of the letters.


The inspectors general should absolutely investigate whether individuals with associations with the Muslim Brotherhood are contributing to the adoption of policies that favor an organization that poses a threat to national security. The Muslim Brotherhood is the driving force behind the effort to impose a totalitarian ideology it calls “shariah.” During the Obama presidency, the Brotherhood has made huge strides towards achieving its goal in the Middle East.


Unfortunately, as is made clear in their own documents – specifically a strategic plan introduced into evidence in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing prosecution in our nation’s history – the Muslim Brotherhood also has as its goal “destroying Western civilization from within.”  This goal is being pursued via what the Brothers call a stealthy “civilization jihad” that involves, among other techniques, gaining access to and influencing government agencies.


It is not McCarthyism to state these irrefutable facts. Neither are requests by members of Congress seeking, through the appropriate formal channels, to establish whether the Muslim Brotherhood has gained a foothold and legitimacy – especially in light of the adoption of Brotherhood-friendly policies by the Obama Administration.  These are absolutely legitimate and necessary questions because of the stakes for our national security.


Far from being criticized or suppressed by America’s elites and politically correct police, Reps. Bachmann, Gohmert, Franks, Westmoreland and Rooney should be applauded for their letter and be regarded as patriots.


Update: Grassroots support for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation


Sent by ACT for America

Sent: 7/23/2012 10:15 AM





Over the last few days, ACT! for America’s grassroots have demonstrated a massive force of support for Representative Michele Bachmann and her colleagues Representatives Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Thomas Rooney, and Lynn Westmoreland, who recently called for investigations into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood within certain federal agencies.

See the congressional letters calling for this investigation by CLICKING HERE.

Last week, we asked you to send an e-mail to your Members of the U.S. Congress in support of the legislators’ request. We also stressed that the tangential issue upon which the mainstream media, as well as other politicos (many of whom should know better) were focusing, should not be the main focal point. The issue is whether the Muslim Brotherhood has positioned itself in our highest levels of government. The American people deserve to know.

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, offered what we feel is an excellent assessment of, and response to, the overall issue. We think you’ll enjoy reading it, which you can do by CLICKING HERE.

While 10,600 e-mails to Capitol Hill is a great start, we know that there are many, many more Americans who support an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence within our government. The only way our federal legislators are going to understand that this level of support exists is if they hear from their constituents. If you have not yet taken the 5 minutes necessary to make your voice heard in the U.S. Capitol, PLEASE do so now by following the simple steps below.

***Action Item***

Please click HERE to be taken to the Contact Congress page of our website. Click on the Alert in the red box entitled: Support Members of Congress Calling for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation. From there, follow the easy directions and send your e-mails to those who represent you in the House and Senate. It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Note: As you follow the directions to send your e-mail, you will see that we have provided a sample letter addressing this matter. We encourage you to modify the letter as you see fit to personalize it. AS ALWAYS, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL. OTHERWISE, THIS EFFORT WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE!

Finally, please forward this Alert to everyone you know who shares our concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood and how the U.S. Government is addressing this threat. Through our online system, writing your e-mail will take only a matter of minutes to make your voice heard. And if we ALL act together, it will be a powerful and effective voice that every Member of the U.S. Congress will hear.

Please act NOW! Thank you for all that you do.



If Bachmann is a McCarthyist then she is in Good Company

John R. Houk

© July 23, 2012


Michele Bachmann’s McCarthyism?




Update: Grassroots support for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation


ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.


New American Revolution

When I cross post from another’s website I usually precede the cross post with my thoughts. I have just read a Danny Jeffrey post on his Freedom Rings 1776 blog. Frankly in the brief time I have been a fan of Danny this is the best post I have ever read.


In admiring Danny’s post, it writes up like a call for Conservatives to finally unite to the point of a call to arms if necessary. The reason: The American Left has so infiltrated American government only an extreme confrontation may solve the differences among Americans.


READ Danny’s post and then my thoughts following. Where do you weigh in as an American?




By Danny Jeffrey

July 7, 2012

Freedom Rings 1776


Albert Einstein is oft quoted as saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Accepting his premise I must then accept the reality that Americans are collectively insane. That said, I must propose that we stop doing those things and do something different. Stay with me for a short while and I shall tell you what that something is.

There is a bit of wisdom that dates back many millennia, and we have been totally ignoring it. It is a simple statement that reads “Know thine enemy!” Today, we have many enemies and we ignore the greatest, and in doing so America has nearly been brought to her knees, and if the Age of Obama is allowed to continue he will complete the process, and the Land of the Free will lead mankind into a new age of darkness.

In time of great danger one must be vigilant, one must be learned, one must be aggressive, and most of all one must be informed. Therein lies the greatest danger of all for, as a rule, Americans are woefully misinformed. There are many, actually a great many, in this nation who care only for their own agenda and will not hesitate to do grievous harm to America if they feel they will benefit from it, but by and large I am confident that the bulk of our citizens, armed with the truth, will do the right thing. That is the pitfall, for on a daily basis they are deceived and betrayed by those who shape public opinions.

Call them the Main Stream Media, the Progressive Media, the Lame Stream Media, the Drive by Media, or call them what you will, they are the greatest danger faced by this nation and freedom around the world for they are the one that direct the thoughts of mankind, and in so doing shape the future. In a recent speech Sarah Palin referred to them as the Old Media while referring to bloggers and the news sources found on the internet as the New Media. She was correct. If the truth is to be found it will be found on the internet, and that is one facet of the danger. Not all utilize the internet and many who do waste their time playing games and spreading gossip.

So a reality we must face is that the MSM is still the most powerful source of information or perhaps I should say, misinformation in America, and as such we have no choice but to deal with it.

Few would argue the premise that it was the media who empowered Obama and put him into the White House. They airbrushed over his shady past, downplayed his deep roots into socialism and communism, and ignored his ties to terrorists and Islam. They glorified his Hope and Change while never asking how he would accomplish all of the glorious promises he made and since his inauguration they have been complicit in covering for his inadequacies, mistakes, and his intentional assault on our freedom.

Diversion and deceit are great tactics in any military or political operation and they have employed both quite well as this man rapidly dissects all that is American and replaces it with oppression through massive power grabs. They are traitors to America and must be dealt with. The question is…How? Read on.

We stand at a crossroad in history. In but a few short months, America will either meet its end under the terms of a dictator or return to Progressive rule under Mitt Romney. Neither is a desirable option. Any way you slice it this nation is in very deep trouble. Even those who are prepared to vote for Romney admit that they are not voting for him but against Obama. We are all aware that Romney is a clear and present danger, but hopefully a little less dangerous than Obama.

Many patriots are prepared for civil strife and oppression should the reign of the Marxist continue, and many of them are planning to resist under the provisions outlined in the Constitution. Should it come to this then only the force of arms will determine the future of this nation. If, on the other hand, Mitt Romney is victorious in November the slower rot that has long been attacking America will come back into play. If that is the case then we have a chance to affect, in a non violent fashion, the future of this nation and it is through the media that has been complicit in bringing us down.

“Hold their feet to the fire” and “Vote em Out” has been totally ineffective. Look at the 2010 election for the proof. Many will defend the Republicans we sent to Congress in 2010 by stating that they are putting forth good bills that are stopped by the Senate. Any fool with half a mind knows that those bills will indeed end in Harry Reid’s trash can. The only reason the bills were ever written in the first place was to look good to the conservative voters. They are not expected to pass, and if there was any hope of them making their way through the Senate those bills would not have been written in the first place, for many we had faith in have now joined the Power Elite that knows no loyalty.

So out of frustration Americans “Hold their feet to the fire” and make phone calls, send Emails and faxes” and on a daily basis watch the nation deteriorate. There is no longer a Republican Party. We now have a one party system which I choose to call the Republicrats. One part of the group is farther left than the other but both are left of center. To find the proof of this one need only to look look the the GOP’s Golden Boy Mitt Romney. The RNC did not choose a conservative, they chose a Progressive who once ran to the left of Ted Kennedy and as governor introduced his own version of socialized medicine. Holding their feet to the fire is ineffective because our Congressmen and Senator never deal with the issue. They have massive taxpayer funded staffs to answer the phones and delete the Emails.

As for the “Vote em Out” effort: It ain’t gonna happen. The only seats gained in 2010 were those occupied by the moderate and right leaning democrats. The Progressive Congressional Caucus and the Black Congressional Caucus remained intact because they are what their constituents want, and you, my conservative allies, don’t vote for them so you can’t “Vote em Out”. They are there to stay! And we must therefore deal with them as well.

Here is how to deal with all of the above: Attack the media! We all know that the media lies, distorts, and engages in cover ups. We post videos of the trash they utter on the alphabet media and we post articles from the New Media we will never see in print in the New York Times. We, on the internet read of events they refuse to cover. We see the truth that many Americans never do. If you want to change America we have only one course of action. We must look to the media and Hold Their Feet To The Fire.


Recall the glory days of the Tea Party? I doubt that you will ever witness such a sight again. Look at these people. They are troubled. They know that Obama is leading America unto destruction. They don’t want to be transformed.

Today they are ridiculed, scorned, and cast aside by the Republican Party. These were the people who in 2010 went to the polls casting conservative votes, trusting in and gaining power for the GOP. Today they are thanked by those they trusted by having Progressive Mitt Romney offered as their only hope for a better tomorrow. That is a grand betrayal! After all their efforts, the members of Congress who support the Tea Party can be counted on your fingers.

Why? Why has such a loyal force been cast aside? Why has their efforts been tossed into the dust bin of history? The answer is simple. Votes! Obama has opened the floodgates that will destroy America and few in DC have the courage to oppose his efforts. A reader left a comment on one of my essays and said that once the spigot of entitlements are turned on they can never be turned off. If the GOP supports our laws they will lose the Latino, black and Islamic votes and so from the viewpoint of the GNC they must lean farther left and court the vote of those who seek a government subsidized life style, Both political parties are convinced that the Tea Party is a thing of the past. Wrong! They can be rejuvenated. They can make their voices heard again and they can increase in numbers and power.

Many could not make a trip to our nation’s capitol for such a protest as we see in the above photo, but they can make a trip to their city hall, their state capitols, and their local media outlets. Picture the people above spread across the nation, protesting not Obama policies for one day but protesting week after week the local media itself who mislead America and make those policies possible. Picture the Tea Party surrounding ten thousand newspapers and TV news outlets demanding that all America, for the first time, be told the truth.

The Holy Grail of the televised news media is the Nielsen ratings. Those rating will plummet overnight if all conservatives turn off the news, and protest at their local station. Another Holy Grail, this one for the printed media, is their paid subscriptions. That grail will bite the dust if millions of conservatives speak with cancellations and letters to the editors explaining why the are cancelling their subscriptions.

David Letterman and Bill Maher of Palin bashing fame would have retreated if a thousand marchers had paraded up and down the streets in front of their homes and TV stations demanding that the truth be told. Till now we have been polite and losing our nation in the process. The people who turned thirteen colonies into a nation were not polite. They were determined. They saw what needed to be done, and they did it. Are we any less patriotic than they?

In a recent essay I stated that the greatest danger to America is our media. I awarded them this distinction because they are the mouthpiece for the entire Progressive movement. It is they who back the agenda of those who would enslave America. It is they who shape public opinion. It is they who daily spread lies and slanted half truths for all to believe, and those who believe vote accordingly. Therefore it is they whom we must attack. We must expose them for what, their agenda for what it is, and show once and for all, the danger they present for our republic. The media is our mutual enemy and  everyone should know it.


Billboard- Citizen Guide to Revolution


Such billboard are beginning to dot America’s landscape. Never in my life did I ever imagine that such a day would come and our people would be on the verge of civil war. Let us hope that the day never comes, but at the rate things are going it may very well be part of our future and to all I would offer this advice… “Prepare!” Meanwhile let us engage the enemy with this different tactic I propose.

Those individuals or groups with the funding can buy ads in your local paper, not advocating civil unrest like the above billboard, but simply countering lies put forth by the media. If a newspaper refuses your ad then include their name in your message and go to another newspaper.

Protest at media outlets and have pages available to handout to the curious. Include URLs to responsible conservative sites. Avoid the sensationalists as they bring forth the image of us as kooks in foil caps. I must stress Responsible Sites only. For those who are not on the internet have printouts of truth they won’t find with the MSM.

Time has already shown that we cannot depend on those we sent to Washington. Now the burden of Freedom rests on the shoulders of the American patriot. Short of civil strife exposing the agenda of the media is our last hope. Use it.

These are but a few methods available to us. As the concept of a nationwide media protest grows others will undoubtedly use their own creative thoughts to further the agenda of freedom.

Suggested Reading:

Republican Party…Rest In Peace

The Seething Caldron

First Rate Propaganda And Fox News Is Involved

Neville Chamberlain…Still Haunting The Hopeful

Romney Versus Obama…The Decline Of America


My Thoughts on ‘A Change of Tactics’

John R. Houk

© July 7, 2012



Danny you are a sooner than later guy. I am a later than sooner to see how things play out guy.


I want you to know I agree with everything you wrote in this article. In advocating in a wait and see how things play out I might be missing the mark by placing more faith in American voters than I should. If political disaster happens in a rapid pace as you predict with Americans following the MSM above common sense, then I am on board with you.


I still would like to wait and see how Americans as a voting mass can comprehend what is going on. If they cannot comprehend then indeed a bloody civil war will occur in America that will unfortunately make the USA vulnerable to foreign intervention.


I fear there are no geopolitical rivals of the world’s left leaning powers that would aid the cause of a Conservative America. A second civil war in American history would truly be a perilous time on the scale of America’s war of Independence which we label the Revolutionary War.


The signers of the Declaration of Independence faced hanging for insurrection if the old Red Coats won the Revolutionary War.


In a second civil war in which Conservatives finally decide to take a stand for Original Intent Constitutionalism, will undoubtedly face the same charge of treason since the U.S. is so entrenched with a Leftist bureaucracy.


In either case Danny, I will stand with you.


JRH 7/7/12




About Danny Jeffrey:


I’m sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country. View my complete profile


My Thoughts on ‘A Change of Tactics’

John R. Houk

© July 7, 2012

Palin – RightOnline Conference: Matt Drudge

Sarah Palin - RightOnlin 2012 Conference lg

I am a Sarah Palin fan. Yes I wanted her to run for President, I was disappointed. I think she would be a great Vice President, no one in the media mentions her as a Running Mate for Mitt Romney. Perhaps Romney will have a Cabinet Post for her, to me it seems Palin and Romney do not get along.


Regardless of Sarah Palin’s political future she is still a star as a politic pundit. And so I am posting a video I discovered from Danny Jeffrey. Video is a (or at least a portion) keynote speech for RightOnline 2012 Conference. The speech extols the contribution of Matt Drudge as a pioneer alternative to the Mainstream Media (MSM).


The Youtube video has a link to the written version of Palin’s keynote speech which is at Conservative4Palin. I am cross posting the written version as well.


JRH 6/20/12

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VIDEO: Palin – RightOnline Conference: Matt Drudge



Posted by C4Palin

Published on Jun 16, 2012


Governor Palin at RightOnline Conference: Matt Drudge and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist


Posted by Mary Beth House

June 17 2012 – 2:04 AM



Governor Palin said the following on Friday night during her keynote address to the RightOnline 2012 conference:


The new media rose up precisely because the old media failed to tell the truth.  That very first new media breakthrough was about 15 years ago when this lowly little store clerk in a lowly little apartment equipped with his computer and a modem broke one of the biggest stories of the decade.  His name was Matt Drudge and the rest is history.  And in hindsight, we see that the story he broke was more than just a president having an affair.


To me it was much, much more than that.  It was about a major old media publication that had spiked the story eleven times. And they knew all about it.  Eleven times!  Not just once to check their facts.  Not twice just to double-check.  Eleven times they spiked the story.


Why?  Because as charter members of that Democrat Media Complex they were protecting their guy.


So, when a fellow with a modem and a website found out about this, he decided to tell the truth they refused to tell.  And oh how that old media cried foul and they howled.  They denounced Drudge as irresponsible and unprofessional and even dangerous and anti-everything from motherhood to apple pie.  How dare that nobody from nowhere without a degree or a pedigree try to influence the national discourse!


But the real reason they feared him was because he wasn’t beholden to the old media’s machine and the Thought Police.  Unshackled, he was free.


And a few months later, Drudge got to speak at the National Press Club in DC.  He predicted the future in his speech there.  He said, “We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices. Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be….I envision a future where there’ll be 300 million reporters, where anyone from anywhere can report for any reason. It’s freedom of participation absolutely realized.”


Thus the birth of citizen journalism, and you are the future he predicted!


© 2011 Conservatives4Palin

Follow us on twitter @C4Palin


About Conservatives4Palin:


History and Purpose

Conservatives 4 Palin is composed of ordinary citizens from a wide variety of backgrounds, political and otherwise, who have dedicated their spare time to rectifying the great wrong committed against Sarah Palin, an honest and honorable leader, during the 2008 election. During — and the in the wake of — that election many of this site’s contributors watched with horror and helplessness as a decent and sincere woman was savaged by a biased media.


After the election ended several of the site’s original contributors were regulars in the comment sections of the Palin posts that were a constant feature at Hot Air at the time. It became increasingly clear that fall that the mainstream media had no desire to set the record straight on Palin. No one had her back. It was a frustrating situation for people who were well-informed on her record and political philosophy.


In an effort to set the record straight, one of those Hot Air regulars set up a Google blogger site and bought the domain name “Conservatives 4 Palin” for $10.


Since that original $10 investment, C4P has grown in READ THE REST

Found: 1991 Brochure Placing BHO’s Birth in Kenya

BHO 1991 Brochure cropped

John R. Houk

© May 20, 2012


Here is a dose of Birtherism. The theme is based on a brochure that has a biography of Barack Obama prior to him running for President. The brochure was made to promote “the never-produced ‘Journeys in Black and White’”. The brochure was made in 1991. As you will read in the WND article the brochure would be of huge significance except for one thing: The makers of the brochure claim it was a fact check error in saying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya then raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.


WND then questions why this is not bigger news in the Mainstream Media alluding to blind support by the left leaning MSM. And yet the brochure news story is appearing in the Mainstream Media of the United Kingdom.


I can see the reason for the brochure issue being a non-started in the American MSM. The publishing company of the brochure – Acton & Dystel (or Dystel & Goderich – I am not checking on the reason for the name discrepancy) – maintains it was mere laziness in fact checking. In an election year when the creators of the brochure upfront say it was a fact check error, there is no MSM outlet that will touch on the Birther argument reflected in the brochure.


In my opinion though the question that the MSM is refusing to follow-up is this: Where did the Acton & Dystel staff find the bio info in the first place? The answer to that question could cause a dispelling of the Birther argument or the highlighting of the Birther argument. (Of Note: in 2007 Acton & Dystel still had BHO born in Kenya!)


JRH 5/20/12

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Media chuckle at bio on Obama’s Kenya birth

Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, N.Y. Times missing in action


WND Exclusive

May 18, 2012


When Breitbart News published a story yesterday on the discovery of a 1991 publishers’ brochure that stated Barack Obama was born in Kenya, reporters scrambled to write their own stories.


Well, some reporters. Others just chuckled.


A Google search today of reports on the story found Fox News conspicuous in its absence. Also missing in action were CNN, NBC, CBS, the New York Times and others.


ABC News posted a story quoting the woman who edited the brochure, Miriam Goderich, saying,”This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me – an agency assistant at the time.”


But the document could have a significant impact, according to authorities who have been investigating the veracity of Obama’s documentation, including his birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.


The preliminary finding of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s special investigative unit is that there is probable cause that Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery.


Arpaio told WND after word of the claim of a Kenyan birth was released that the development “puts more smoke out there.”


And the old saying is? “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”


The brochure was created by Acton & Dystel when it was promoting Obama as the author of the never-produced “Journeys in Black and White.”


That biography states:


“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”


What’s wrong with just reporting the facts? Joseph Farah blasts the “anti-birther” narrative that infects most of the media – Bretibart.com included. Read Farah’s latest column, “Breakthrough on eligibility story,” now.


Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for Arpaio’s special unit, told WND it is a “very interesting development.”


“This does coincide with information we have been pursuing, in light of the recent disclosures about discrepancies in his book ‘Dreams from My Father,’” he said. “It does bolster the significance of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation, and it brings into the light the fundamental question of where actually was Mr. Obama born.”


Establishment media abroad seemed far more interested in the background of Obama than American reporters. The Herald Sun wrote of the brochure: “The presidential campaign is already dominated by a divisive issue – gay marriage – but birther claims humming in the background will prove hard for Mr. Obama to avoid.”


The London Daily Mail said, “The simmering political row over President Obama’s heritage was dramatically reignited today as a 1991 booklet boldly announced that the Democrat was ‘born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.’”


At the London Telegraph, Tim Stanley wrote, “It’s incredibly strange that the literary agent approached by Breitbart.com does not remember Obama calling the agency to register a complaint and make a correction.”


Stanley said the bigger story would be why the “nugget” wasn’t part of the “wider discussion” about Obama during his first election campaign.


Back in the U.S., the Examiner’s Joe Newby pointed out that while the booklet was not proof of a Kenyan birth, observers said it fits a pattern of manipulation.


Erik Wemple blogged at the Washington Post, using one paragraph to mention the issue.


The story was mentioned on CNN’s website but only through a reader’s comment on a blog.


The Daily Oklahoman jumped into the fray with the report that Goderich was claiming the brochure was “a simple mistake and nothing more.”


The Daily Caller simply reported on the claim made in the brochure and Goderich’s insistence it was an error.


“Since 2008, Obama himself has kept alive the question of where he was born, partly by making jokes about it in speeches and fundraisers. His campaign has also sold Obama-themed products show his birth certificate,” the report said.


At the left-leaning Media Matters for America, Simon Maloy took note of the controversy, writing, “The Breitbartlings claim they’re not publishing this as bait for the unkillable birther conspiracy, but rather because … well, even they don’t seem too sure.”


Other comments:


§  A Powerline blogger wrote: “We know for sure that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, because it was announced in a local newspaper. But we also now know that for sixteen years, his literary agent circulated a bio that said he was born in Kenya.”


§  At the Atlantic Wire was the headline: “Breitbart’s Editors: Hey, We’re Not Birthers, But Maybe You Should Be.”


§  At International Business Times was: “His birthplace has been something of a sticking point since he received the Democratic nod for the presidency in 2008. Since then, a group of latent nonbelievers, termed ‘Birthers,’ have doubted the president’s citizenship and challenged his assertion that he was born in Hawaii.”


Breitbart News published a disclaimer at the beginning of its article stating its late founder, Andrew Breitbart, was never a “Birther” and Breitbart News “has never advocated the narrative of ‘Birtherism.’” Breitbart himself once characterized it as “not a winning issue.”


Nevertheless, the biography is one of numerous published reports as well as personal claims that Obama was born abroad, including the recent testimony of a Chicago-area postal worker who reported he was told by the parents of Bill Ayers that Obama was a foreigner.


Allen Hulton, a retired Chicago-area mailman, has come forward with his first-person recollection of a clean-cut young man he identified as Obama who approached him and told him he was going to be president.


Hulton delivered mail to Tom and Mary Ayers in a Chicago suburb in the late 1980s and early 1990s and claims to have met Obama in front of the Ayers home.


He has given a sworn affidavit to investigators commissioned by Arpaio to determine whether Obama is eligible for Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. Hulton has recorded about three hours of video interviews with WND.


Hulton said that in conversations with Mary Ayers while on his route he learned of the couple’s enthusiasm and support for a black foreign student. One bright, warm Chicago land day, he recounted, he met the student who fit Mary Ayers’ description in front of the Ayers home in Glen Ellyn, Ill. That young man, Hulton is convinced, was Barack Obama.


Hulton delivered mail to the Ayers, who are both deceased, when he was stationed at the post office in Glen Ellyn, an upper-middle class suburb 25 miles west of downtown Chicago, from late 1986 to 1997. He was a Postal Service employee from March 28, 1962, through March 30, 2001.


As WND reported, Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers – whom he dismissed in a 2008 debate as “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood” – plagued him in the 2008 presidential campaign and could resurface in this year’s election, as many questions remain.


Over a period of years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Hulton estimates he spoke with Mary Ayers about 18 to 20 times and once to Tom Ayers, who died in 2007. Mary Ayers died in 2000.


“Sometimes Mary would be out when I delivered the mail, and we would exchange a few words on occasion,” he said, recalling that she liked to talk about her family.


“One day, Mary came to the door when I came up to the house with the mail,” he remembered. “After a greeting, she started enthusiastically talking to me about this young black student they were helping out, and she referred to him as a foreign student.”


Hulton assumed that by “helping” the student, Mary Ayers meant she and her husband were financially supporting the black foreign-exchange student with his education.


See excerpts of Jerome Corsi’s interviews with Allen Hulton:


VIDEO: WND Corsi-Hulton Interview


He said that Mary Ayers told him the student’s name, but that it was a “strange name” that he could not remember, even though at the time it sounded African to him.


“I was taken aback by how enthusiastic she was about him,” Hulton said. “And I believe she said he was from either Kenya or Indonesia, and I favor Indonesia in my recollection.”


WND has reported that when Obama was in Indonesia with his Indonesian stepfather and his mother from ages 6 to 10, he was registered in school as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim. He went by the name Barry Soetoro, adopting the surname of his Indonesian stepfather. His mother’s passport listed him with the surname Soebarkah.


About a year after discussing with Mary Ayers the foreign student she and her husband were supporting, Hulton recalled meeting a young black male on the sidewalk in front of the Ayers home.


Hulton described the man as being in his early 20s, noting that he was tall, thin, had a light complexion and that his ears stuck out.


“He greeted me,” Hulton said. “He was very polite, dressed nicely, but informally – slacks and a dress shirt – and he spoke with no accent. Immediately this young black man entered into conversation with me. He told me he had taken the train out from Chicago and had come to thank the Ayers family personally for having helped him with his education.”


Hulton remembered asking the young man what his plans were for the future.


“He looked right at me and told me he was going to be president of the United States,” Hulton said.


Found: 1991 Brochure Placing BHO’s Birth in Kenya

John R. Houk

© May 20, 2012


Media chuckle at bio on Obama’s Kenya birth


© Copyright 1997-2012 All Rights Reserved. WND.com Inc.

CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

Broken 60 Minutes

Yesterday I was alerted to Sunday’s (4/22/12) 60 Minutes story lamely being used as the propaganda tool of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The propaganda is Israel policies are scaring Arab-Christians out of Judea-Samaria (aka West Bank) and not Arab-Muslims dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the obliteration of Jews. The alert was sent via the San Fernando Valley ACT for America email list and the story was by Yuval Zaliouk. I was outraged especially after I watched the clip of the CBS news magazine!


I received another email alert from Honest Reporting has a bit more details. I am cross posting the Honest Reporting article along with some supportive articles that demonstrate is simply an Israel hating Left Wing media tool.


JRH 4/25/12 (Read the two page HR article as one page at SlantRight 2.0)

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The Gravy Train to Exposing Obama Secrets is Enlarging

BHO thumbs nose toon


John R. Houk

© March 29, 2012


In a sense I am a Birther and in another sense Birthers could very easily become irritate with me. I am a Birther in the sense I believe Barack Hussein Obama’s identification documents like his birth certificate and his Social Security Number are fishy. Really there is the odor of rotten fish surrounding something that America’s 2008 elected President have gone to great lengths to keep outright verification obfuscated.


I mean the President has used his power attorneys to keep Birther scrutiny at bay as well as to make academic documents (whether records or writings) hidden from the public eye as if the public has no right to know about their President’s past.


Then there is the sense that I believe Obama’s efforts at obfuscation may never be known until way later than his Administration of Office or even perhaps until after his death. Here we are in 2012 and many aspects of Kennedy’s assassination or Nixon’s Watergate cover-up in the early 70s are still covered by National Security.


The actual involvement of the Soviet Union in infiltrating American government or sensitive classified material was written off as part of a witch hunt conducted by Senator Joe McCarthy. It has only in the last five years or so that McCarthy for the most part has been vindicated and YET Democrats and Leftist STILL point to the McCarthy investigations as an aberration that American history should show as a life destroying affair of innocent citizens. Recent releases of old Soviet Union documents into the public domain has bridged the gap of American National Security to demonstrate that the USSR was indeed very involved in infiltrating the American government and Classified information to the benefit of America’s Cold War enemy.


I have been of the belief that the Birther Movement’s greatest success might be keeping BHO’s secretive agenda in the public eye long enough that historical truth may come along sooner than later.


That being said, it seems that Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have stirred enough dust on the Birther issue that the BHO political machine has gone a step further than legal obfuscation. It seems the President may be using the power of his Office to threaten journalists to leave Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse findings alone or the consequences of government agency power may intrude in the lives of journalists that might think there is a story in those Cold Case Posse findings. AND it seems that Obama sycophants in the Leftist MSM are involved in heaping ridicule on the Cold Case Posse in an effort to discredit the report by the power of the pen rather than a refutation of the evidence that has been dug.


The Western Center for Journalism has sent an email that exposes government and private intimidation that is related to President Barack Hussein Obama. So far the direct link has not been found; however if the few growing brave souls of Conservative media keeps asking the questions, it will add legitimacy to Obama corruption involved in hiding his secrets. Here is the email I received.


JRH 3/29/12


More Obama Birth Certificate Media Threats Surface


By Floyd Brown

Sent: 3/29/2012 10:03 AM

Sent by Western Center for Journalism


Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.


please use this hyperlink.


More Threat Allegations Surface: The Soros-Funded Media Matters And The Obama Regime Are Threatening The Media Over The Birth Certificate Issue?


As evidence mounts that the “birth certificate” released by Team Obama is a “computer-generated forgery,”  EVEN MORE shocking revelations are coming out that Barack Obama’s surrogates and far-left power-brokers are engaged in a massive and tyrannical effort to SILENCE the conservative media from reporting on Mr. Obama’s eligibility.

However, there’s some good news to report as well. A few brave souls in the conservative media are finally daring to break the silence. Diana West, who writes for The Washington Times, recently blew the whistle: “Clearly, something has us all on lockdown. That’s much, much scarier than even the amazing possibility that some con artist might be pulling off the biggest scam in history.”

And, as we previous reported, Mike Zullo, the lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse stated; “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.” And according to WND.com, the “threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families.”

Of course, there’s more (keep reading)… and even more will follow; but for now, one thing is certain.

The Obama Regime is not just illegitimate… now that the illegitimacy and tyrannical abuses of the Obama White House are finally starting to see the light of day, the Obama Regime is coming unglued. Like a cornered animal, IT IS OUT OF CONTROL, and if we do not take action, right here and right now, we may very well lose our country.


More Allegations Of Threats…


Radio talk show host Mark Gillar recently stated: “One of the things you hear on the street is that they’re [members of the media] being threatened. You hear rumors of the White House threatening to use the full force of the FCC or… the FTC to come after them if they don’t get in line.”

But the threat allegations appear to more than rumors. Dr. Jerome Corsi, stated that the Cold Case Posse is looking into allegations of threats being issued to members of the media and is actively pursuing those allegations:

“Testimony is being developed that the White House is intimidating, in a systematic way, the mainstream media and if any broadcasters dare go into this birther story, they’re going to risk FCC investigations… people are going to have careers ruined… thrown off the air.”

If Corsi’s is correct, it would explain a great many things:

*** It might explain why CNN mysteriously released commentator Lou Dobbs from his contract two years ago because he refused to stop reporting on the controversy behind Obama’s “birth certificate.”

***It would explain why Glenn Beck was suddenly released from his contract with FOX News even though he had one of the highest rated shows in cable television at the time. While Beck actively refused to investigate the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s “birth certificate,” it was clear that his reporting, on a host of other issues, put him on the Obama Regime’s hit list.

***And it would explain why talk show host Sean Hannity recently said that back in 2008 he was specifically told, on multiple occasions, that his continued insistence on reporting on the Jeremiah Wright-Obama connection could be career-ending.


Obviously, more is going on than meets the eye, and obviously… something has been afoot for a long time; but if you’re thinking that the media is not reporting this story out of an honest belief that there’s nothing there… or out of misguided arrogance… or elitism… think again.

Diane West again: “One editor told me the problem is the evidence of fraud might prove to be true! A very famous conservative figure told me that if the president were proved to be an identity thief, ‘that would alienate too many people.'”


Ridicule Is Man’s Most Potent Weapon. … The Threat Is Generally More Terrifying Than The Thing Itself.” -Saul Alinsky


Alinsky’s lesson is not to be taken lightly. Ridicule, or the threat of ridicule, can be even more intimidating than the threat of physical violence or loss of livelihood.

Andrew Breitbart’s successor, Ben Shapiro, inadvertently and unintentionally demonstrated the point, and his demonstration might give us a window into why others have neglected to give the pressing issue of Obama’s eligibility any serious coverage.

During a recent radio interview Mark Gillar literally grilled Shapiro on why he would NOT be investigating Barack Obama’s eligibility as part of his ongoing campaign to “Vet Barack Obama.”

Unable to get a straight answer from Shapiro, Gillar continued to press him on the question. Shapiro vacillated at every turn until he started talking in circles. At one point he told Gillar that “people aren’t interested in this [the birth certificate issue].” Seconds later, clearly flustered, he contradicted himself and acknowledged that he’d received a massive amount of emails on the birth certificate issue.


 Gillar pressed forward, but Shapiro repeatedly assured Gillar that he had “looked into” the birth certificate issue and that pursuing it would be a “waste of time.” And yet, Shapiro could not give Gillar a coherent answer as to why pursuing Obama’s eligibility would be a waste of time, other than to say; “I’m one of those people who yawns at it;” and it was clear, to even the casual observer, that Shapiro had not “looked into” the issue at all.

AND THEN… IT HAPPENED… as Gillar continued to press him, in an unscripted moment of candor, the truth finally came out when Shapiro, clearly flustered, blurted out, “Media Matters, don’t listen to this.” And just in case the folks from Media Matters were indeed listening, Shapiro continued and stammered: “I don’t think it’s true… and I think people should move beyond it.”

And there you have it… the naked truth. It’s not arrogance or elitism that’s preventing so-called conservative media figures from covering this constitutional crisis… IT’S FEAR!


When It Comes To The Conservative Media’s Vetting Of Barack Obama, Have No Illusions. Obama Is In Charge.


As Saul Alinsky preached, ridicule is indeed a very potent weapon and Shapiro inadvertently confirmed what we’ve suspected for far too long.

Far too many in the “conservative media” will only “vet” Mr. Obama as long as George Soros’ Media Matters and the Obama Regime say it’s okay… they’ll only go as far as Media Matters and the Obama Regime will allow.

A video of a young Barack Obama praising and hugging a radical Harvard professor… that’s okay. Tepid criticism of Obama’s left wing policies… that’s alright too.

Actually “vetting Obama” over his eligibility and the attempts of his surrogates to silence the media from reporting on the compelling evidence that Barack Obama does indeed have something to hide… whoa… you’re crossing the line buddy.

And Shapiro, in no uncertain terms, confirmed to the folks at Media Matters and Barack Obama’s surrogates that they are indeed running the show; and the blogosphere went wild. Posters used words like “coward” and “traitor” to describe Shapiro.

But, and we can’t emphasize this point enough, don’t be mad at Shapiro. He never applied for the position of “white knight” or “savior of the conservative movement.” Why should he, and so many others in the conservative media, put their necks on the chopping block?

And frankly, it’s not so much his job as it’s our job. Pursuing the truth and holding our elected officials to account when it comes to safeguarding the rights guaranteed to us by Almighty God is the job of patriotic Americans.

The United States, after all, is our country. America is a government of the people, by the people and for the people and securing our rights and holding our elected officials to account is our responsibility.

Put another way, don’t hold your breath waiting for someone else to do what must be done. The responsibility is ours and ours alone.

So again… don’t be mad at Shapiro or O’Reilly et al… unless you’re prepared to do, right here and right now, what they are unwilling to do… what must be done.

Don’t be angry unless you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and call our conservative leaders in Congress on the carpet and demand that they investigate these shameless attempts by the Obama Regime to silence the media.


The Media Is Silent Because, Like You, They Believe There Is A Very Real Possibility That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Hold The Office He Usurped In 2008.


Remember the words of Diana West: “One editor told me the problem is the evidence of fraud might prove to be true!” But West is not the only member of the conservative media to recently jump on the eligibility bandwagon.

Jeff Kuhner, who is also a writer for The Washington Times is scratching his head and asking why “the media is silent...” Kuhner states that “when it came down to bringing down a Republican president, they were like a pack of jackals. They were like a pack of howling wolves… no stone left unturned, no question went unanswered; but when it comes to this man [Obama]… our media remains silent.

Kuhner gives two possible answers to the question: “There are only two possible conclusions,” he says. “Either this story [the contention that Barack Obama is not eligible] is false or… what if, and I stress if, the story is true.”

And taking a good hard look at the first conclusion, Kuhner essentially says that if the story is false, if Arpaio is wrong, then it’s still a huge story. He asks why the media is not investigating the story simply to prove that Arpaio is wrong.

That question has only one answer. The second conclusion is indeed true… the allegations against Obama are true and the Cold Case Posse’s evidence is so compelling that any reports, even inaccurate attempts to “refute” the Cold Case Posse, on this issue must never see the light of day.

Let’s face facts, getting the story wrong, on purpose, never stopped the liberal media from moving full steam ahead.

Remember Rathergate? As Kuhner recounts, CBS News conducted a two year investigation in former-President George W. Bush’s National Guard service and when CBS news couldn’t find any real dirt, they went with a story impugning President Bush that was based entirely on clumsily forged documents.

A double standard? … Of course, but it’s not enough to simply point out that there is a double standard. We must ask ourselves WHY?

And while we’re asking questions, here’s another issue that Kuhner addresses. Why is it that even when the conservative media reports on the long-standing association between Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, the vetters never really go into just want Ayers preached?

If you were to listen to the self-proclaimed vetters of Barack Obama, you’d be left to believe that Ayers was little more than a crazy leftist malcontent who planned and instigated acts of domestic terrorism in his youth simply because he wanted to stick it to the establishment.

But it’s not that simple, as Kuhner points out, the Weather Underground planned and instigated acts of terrorism in an attempt to actually topple the government of the United States… encourage our enemies to invade and annex parts of the United States… round up tens of millions of Americans… place them into Marxist re-education camps… and ELIMINATE those Americans who refused to be re-educated.

Ayers views are not a conspiracy theory. It’s what Mr. Ayers and the Weather Underground preached. It’s a fact. And if the media reported, as the late-Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story, there would not be an American alive who would not come to the not so shocking realization that Barack Obama is actually a very dangerous man and totally unfit to serve in any capacity within our government.

So, where is the media? Answer: They’re either fellow travelers or they’re cowards. And where are our Republican leaders? Answer: they’re asleep at the wheel.

But that is all changing. It’s changing right now. Your faxes and calls have roused our elected officials into consciousness. Now it’s time to slap them awake.


Cowardice Is A Two Way Street.


We’ve read your emails. We’ve fielded your calls. We know that some of you are discouraged and are saying to yourselves: ‘What’s the use?’ And obviously, some may be saying, if our elected officials and members of the conservative media are going to act cowardly: ‘Why go on?’

The answer should be apparent. Cowardice is a two-way street. Right now, our elected officials and members of the media are afraid. Members of the media are afraid of having their careers ended and our elected officials live with the fear of not being reelected.

But they shouldn’t fear the far-left as much as they should fear the righteous wrath of an electorate that feels betrayed by their cowardice. As patriots, we have a duty to ensure that they fear the wrath of a betrayed electorate at the ballot box more than they fear the wrath of left-wing extremists who are ready, willing and able to expose them to career-ending ridicule.

Here’s a little secret. Barack Obama is afraid right now too. He knows that the eligibility issue still has the potential to end his career… that’s why he fighting… that’s why his surrogates are issuing threats and ridiculing those who dare to address this constitutional crisis.

And he also knows that even if wins the battle to silence the conservative media and our elected officials, your continued refusal to let this issue go away will still jeopardize his chances to keep his job in November. He doesn’t need people questioning his eligibility for office as he runs for reelection. He knows that if the issue of his eligibility remains on the table, he done.

For once, our conservative leaders and Barack Obama are in total agreement. They want nothing more than for you to sit down, shut up and stop demanding that the issue of his eligibility be resolved once and for all.

If the American people keep fighting this battle, we win. If the American people give up the fight, we lose the war. It really is that simple.

The elites in Washington desperately want you to give up and we, as patriotic Americans, have a duty not to give them the satisfaction. No matter what the eventually outcome; we are entering the home-stretch. The time to win this war is upon us. It is now.

Floyd Brown
Western Center for Journalism


P.S. Even if you cannot join us in this effort right now, you can still help us expose Barack Hussein Obama by sending this e-mail to at least 10 of your friends.


Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.


please use this hyperlink.



The Gravy Train to Exposing Obama Secrets is Enlarging

John R. Houk

© March 29, 2012



More Obama Birth Certificate Media Threats Surface


The  Western Center for Journalism is a 501©3 educational organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by IRS regulations. Personal and corporate contributions are allowed.


The Center for Western Journalism
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Does Obama have too MUCH Power to Reverse Leftist Damage?

Mike Zullo 2

John R. Houk

© March 8, 2012


Mike Zullo (lead investigator of Sherriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse) is suggesting that the lack of Mainstream Media (MSM) coverage of the Cold Case Posse findings is due to outside intimidation. In the WND article I read this, Zullo is careful not to say the intimidation came from the government or the Obama apparatchik; however the suggestion of intimidation is not a great leap of whom Zullo was thinking of.


If the threatening intimidation is real and the line of intimidation leads back to President Barack Hussein Obama in one fashion or another, then there are some serious legal difficulties involved. If the MSM and top dog Conservative Media pundits are actually afraid to cover the Cold Case Posse results because of the threat that might mean termination of careers, then why is the Left/Right Media not reporting about the threats?


If Obama already has the kind of power to make career ending threats that is a scary thought that our Constitution has already been rendered useless. This would suggest that it is irrelevant whoever wins the Republican nomination for President because Obama power would insure he wins reelection to the Office of President of the United States.


Now I am still of the opinion the Birther Movement will not succeed in removing President BHO from Office. The Executive Branch and a sold out Democratic Power will not allow such circumspection to see the light of day while BHO is President and perhaps not even until some years after the death of BHO. Some kind of smoking gun undeniable evidence would have to become public exposure to open serious and official investigation into any nefarious activities of Obama.


The MSM and well employed Conservative Pundits are ignoring the Cold Case Posse findings either because they actually believe the BHO line on Natural Born Citizenship or are being told to ignore information that might lead to the smoking gun evidence.


If Zullo’s thoughts are correct YOU must think of the significance of the power of the government in our personal lives.


JRH 3/8/12

The West Sticks their Heads in the Sand as Muslims Persecute Christians



John R. Houk

© November 29, 2011


Egypt has been the recent paradigm of the persecutions of Christians by Muslims especially since the fall of Hosni Mubarak and the emerging power of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Coptic Christians of Egypt (10% of population – 8,200,000) are the largest grouping of Christians in a Muslim nation in which Islamic Supremacism dominates. There are pockets of Christians remarkably dwelling in other Muslim nations. The American ally (allegedly) Pakistan and partner in the GWOT (allegedly) also has a contingent of Christians in their population.


Figures cited in Wikipedia show there are a little less than 182 million Muslim in Pakistan. The same Wikipedia article shows 2,700,000 Christians reside in Pakistan. Pakistani Christians receive severe treatment under Sharia Law. Sharia is often used as an excuse for Muslims to exploit Christians in the case of property. Simply make up a blasphemy accusation of a Christian leader and your Church may be subject to confiscation and the leader on trial for his/her life.


Western media barely covers the horrific treatment of Christians in Egypt. Western media coverage of persecuted Christians in Pakistan is near zero. If it was not for a few bloggers people would not know there were Christians in Pakistan let alone persecuted Christians.


I have been following the plight of two Pakistani Christians both of whom have been charged with breaking blasphemy laws in Pakistan. I have not come upon any information as to their outlook in several months. I have to run across their status from organizations dedicated to exposing Muslim mistreatment of Christians or a few brave Pakistani Christians willing to risk detection by getting info out via the Internet. The two I am writing about are Hector Aleem and Asia Bibi. Both faced death sentences under Pakistani Blasphemy and both have receive some kind of legal reprieve the last I have read of them yet the last I heard they both were in a Pakistani jail or prison for whatever ludicrous Islamic Sharia Law ruling. (If anyone has heard anything about Hector and Asia let me know)


Join the Walid Shoebat Foundation in helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan and that Foundation be a whistleblower of the vicious tragedies perpetrated by Muslims upon Christians in Pakistan. Below is a little piece writing about Pakistan from the Foundation.


JRH 11/29/11