Romney in Jerusalem Delivers Strong Speech

Unlike White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and the BBC listing Capital Cities of Olympic participating nations, Mitt Romney is not afraid to speak the truth; viz. that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.


JRH 7/31/12 (Hat Tip: Jewish World Review)

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VIDEO: Mitt Romney in Jerusalem Delivers Strong Speech in Support of Israel; Warns Iran – Complete Video


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Jul 29, 2012


2012 – a Progressive RINO or a Marxist Transformationist?


John R. Houk

© July 15, 2012


Danny Jeffrey is displeased with the state of American politics especially as it relates to America’s current Two-Party System. In Romney and Obama Jeffrey sees bad and worse as the two choices for American voters. You know Jeffrey is correct.


In Jeffrey’s essay “Reality Allows for No Wiggle Room” he condemns Conservatives that want to see if the voting process follows through with some expectations that a Romney Presidency will see some Tea Party less government follow through. Jeffrey believes this is just wishful thinking.


I am one of those Conservatives Jeffrey is writing about. I am an “Anybody but Obama” Conservative. That places me on Jeffrey’s naughty list.


On the other hand if Danny Jeffrey’s predictions that Romney is a pure Progressive Republican in Name Only as an elected President then I am with him in that dire changes need to be made in our American Republic.


If a majority of voters are actually stupid enough to reelect President Barack Hussein Obama  to another four years then we can see the Dems overtly move to a Marxist slant mostly because he cannot be elected to a third term thanks to the 22 Amendment (Background):


Section 1.


No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.


Section 2.


This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission to the states by the Congress.


So if Obama is reelected what will he do to continue America’s Marxist transformation?


There is no way Vice President Joe Biden would be able to continue a Marxist transformation – Vice President Gaffe would be surprising even to win the Dem nomination.


My best guess the Dems will turn to current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which actually has more Marxist acumen than Obama just not as smooth with the charisma.


The worst case scenario in the continuing of the Obama Marxist transformation is fear expectations of Conspiracy Theorists; viz., President Barack Hussein Obama finds a way to declare Martial Law and totally suspend the U.S. Constitution.



So what is left for America under Jeffrey’s thinking if American voters face either a sell-out Progressive Republican or an obvious Marxist transformationist?


JRH 7/15/12

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Santorum for Vice President

Romney-Santorum & US Flag

John R. Houk

© July 11, 2012


My wife went to spend some girl time at ye old nail salon the other day. She got into a conversation with a fellow salon client (Susan Mulford). I have no idea how the conversation began or ended; however I do know some the topic of my blog came up between the two gals. My wife called me and introduced me to her new friend then handed over her mobile phone.


The course of the conversation centered around her desire that Rick Santorum should be Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate for the 2012 election. I actually voted for Santorum in the Oklahoma Primary and Santorum won that Primary over Romney. Unfortunately Santorum did the math and dropped out of the GOP race for the nomination for President. The math was insurmountable and the Republican establishment was placing pressure on Santorum and Newt to withdraw. When Santorum and Newt withdrew from the race all the talk about a brokered convention in which the presumptive leader in delegates would not necessarily win the nomination.


The presumed lack of a brokered convention meant that Romney went from the delegate leader to the Presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party. With the title of Presumptive Nominee Romney has been hounded by the press on who he will select as the Vice Presidential Nominee. Romney and his Campaign Staff have so far been very tight lipped about who the Vice President selection will be.


I am going to show Susan Mulford’s thoughts that I will follow with more of mind:


20 Reasons Why Romney Should Pick Rick Santorum to be his VP


By Susan Mulford

July 11, 2012

Website: Train Tracts are the Railroad to Revival


From the first week of January until he quit in April, I prayed for Rick Santorum every day and I often e-mailed him as well to encourage him to keep going and I gave him scriptures and stuff.  Mostly, I would read a positive article about him on the net and then e-mail it to him.   I even told him not to drop out, but he did anyway. 




I was so depressed!  I prayed so hard, so long for him! I mean, I am an intercessor.  But just like Rick put it all behind him and then eventually endorsed Romney, I felt I should be in the same frame of mind as well, following Rick’s lead in supporting him as well. I even thought it really goes against my evangelistic heart to vote for a Mormon.  I mean, I’m ordained – But it would be a lot easier to go to the polls for me (and I think, a lot of others Christians as well), if Rick Santorum was on the ticket.  So if Rick was not going to be President, then the next best thing would be for him to be VP.  I really feel like it is God’s will as well. 


I don’t even know if Rick wants the spot, so I am praying that if Romney asks, he will be willing and say “yes.”  I read in that same article about how Romney is vetting a lot of candidates…but you know – Santorum does not need to be vetted!  I think Mitt did that enough during the debates and during all of his negative ads towards Rick! …
which may be WHY he doesn’t want to pick Rick as VP – because he tore him down so much in the early season…but Mitt flip flops all the time anyway!!!  LOL!   If Romney does not make this smart decision, I am afraid that Obama will win.  No kidding.  Sigh.


Well here are the 20 Reasons…I only had 8 or 9 and I believe it was the Holy Spirit that gave me the rest of the list.  I don’t know if this should really “go public” or not?  I just want you to pray that Mike Biundo will indeed have an opportunity to give this to Mitt Romney…and he will pick Rick!


1. Because Romney choosing Rick as his VP would add validity that Romney really would repeal ObamaCare because that is what Rick was all about. Rick repeatedly talked about it as his cornerstone message saying that is why he decided to run – to appeal Obamacare. It would be a united front that would tell the voters: “Yes, we will appeal Obama Care.” You see, a lot of people do not trust Mitt because he really has flip flopped a lot, but with Rick by his side, the people will believe that he is for real about this issue and that he really would appeal Obamacare if he were elected.

2. Because Rick would unite and give hope to the GOP Presidential ticket. Everyone that was a Rick supporter would then surely vote for Romney. And I am sure that a lot more people (like a lot of Christians) would actually get active in the campaign as well: making phone calls, putting out signs, giving money, etc. and help out in every state if Rick was on the ticket because he really knows how to “fire up the base.” I was so depressed when he dropped out, for 5 weeks, along with zillions of others. It was such a huge disappointment that I will never forget. Sigh. So many Republicans are disenchanted with Romney. Having Rick become his VP would heal a lot of wounds and add so much hope to the GOP ticket.

3. Because Christians would get excited about Rick being on the ticket and would vote for them. Yes, Rick would motivate Christians to actually go out and vote for Romney because Rick is on the ticket. You see, the danger of Mitt being a Mormon (that he may not have even thought about) is that many Christians may just vote for Obama because he “says” he is a Christian!!  It really goes against or grates against the conscience of many Christian voters to vote for a Mormon. So it is very important to go after the Christian vote.  Many Christians just don’t like the idea that Romney is a Mormon and may just stay home. The race is going to be tight.  But if he chooses Rick, then all of his supporters will be appeased and pleased and they will go out and vote for Romney and Rick.

4. Because Rick Santorum is well known and a beloved household name. He won 11 states. No one knows Rob Portman, and so no one really cares about him. He will not add anything or he will not add any excitement to the ticket. The same goes for Kelly Ayotte. No one knows her. She is not like Sarah Palin. She will not add anything to the ticket. Actually, any other VP candidate would be disappointing because to have someone run as VP, when you don’t even know them, is deflating. It is really defeating to have a VP that the voters do not even know. There is no excitement there. But Rick Santorum is a beloved household name and people would be excited about voting for the GOP ticket if he was chosen as VP.

5. Because Marco Rubio will NOT get the Latino vote. Mitt may not understand the ramifications of Marco Rubio’s Cuban heritage. You see, Cubans received their papers and green cards when they arrived in the US because they were refugees, receiving asylum from Fidel Castro’s regime. They got their green cards and papers handed to them on a silver platter! So they are seen by the Mexican population as “above them” or uppity because when the Mexicans came into the country to try to make a better life for themselves and their families they had to really-really struggle to get their citizenship papers and their green cards. They had to really work hard. It wasn’t fair. So Mexicans do not really like the Cubans because they envy them. They are jealous of them. The Cubans never did anything to help them either. So there is not camaraderie there, like Romney thinks there is. So Rubio would not unite the Latino Americans because generally Mexicans do not even like Cubans.

6. Because Catholics would get excited that Rick Santorum was on the ticket and would then vote for them.

7. Because all Mexicans and Latinos are Catholic. So that is a big piece of the pie of voters! There are so many Catholics out there that would vote for Romney if he picks Rick. All Mexicans and Latinos are Catholic. Latinos will likely all vote for a fellow Catholic. This is where Rick is so much better than Cuban Marco Rubio.

8. Because Rick would help Romney win the very important swing states or battleground states.

9. Because Rick Santorum has the experience, the wisdom and the capability to be President should anything happen to Romney. The US would be in good hands.

10. Because of Rick Santorum’s godly character. Rick made a valiant step in being an admirably good sport and a “team player” in endorsing Romney, who was his ruthless enemy who shot him down with so many negative ads. It takes a lot of character to just forget all of that and “love his enemy” for the greater cause of getting Obama out of office and thus, endorsing Romney to be the GOP candidate. That is character of the highest degree. It really is. And if Romney picked Rick, it would show that he has a lot of character too. It would show that he can put the past behind him as well and move on – with the best running mate that has the best character.

11. Because Rick Santorum relates well to the working class. He can help get the blue collar voters. Mitt can get the white collar voters. Together they would get them ALL.

12. Because Rick Santorum is a likable guy with a sense of humor. He has the charisma to woo voters and is friendly and outgoing – far from stiff. He relates to people and is touchable. He could really help Romney is this area with the voters.

13. Because Romney and Rick both share the same conservative values. They are pro-life and pro-family and against gay marriage and they are both for a strong defense and fiscally conservative. The both stand for the constitution. They share many of the same conservative values.

14. Because Romney and Rick both have a lot of kids. They have a lot in common there with strong family values. They have both been married once to the same woman for many years. They are both pro-life and pro-family.

15. Because Rick’s founding of “Patriot Voices” shows how he is continually dedicated to the conservative cause and its values. He is still fighting for those conservative values. He has not quit the fight. I am so proud of him and Karen!

16. Because Romney does not need a black man to fill the VP spot.  No, because there are so many people that cannot stand Obama.  Many people (even democrats) may be thinking: “I do not want to trust another black man. No way.”

17. Because the Media would really go for the “Romney – Santorum 2012” ticket as well. It would be big news that Mitt Romney actually chose “his former enemy” to be his running mate and now they are friends and they are united together to beat Obama. That would go over well. It would make for a lot of good press.

18. Because picking the one who came in 2nd place would make the strongest ticket possible: a 1-2 punch.  So with this 1-2 punch, in picking the one who came in second place, it would be the strongest ticket possible to go against Obama. I believe that the “Romney – Santorum 2012” ticket would be an easy win.

19. Because the slogan could be: “Romney and Rick 2012” and it has a nice ring to it. It is easy to say.

20. Because I believe it is God’s will for Romney to pick Rick Santorum to be his VP. No kidding.

If Romney doesn’t pick Rick, I think that Obama may just win again. So please, do what you can to use your influence to help Romney see the light that Rick would be the best choice. Thank you for reading this e-mail.

Driven By Eternity

Giving all the Glory to God,

Rev. Susan Mulford                                                                                                         


Susan Mulford



Here is a brief look of who political pundits are speculating for the VP selection (Weekly Standard):


§  Tim Pawlenty Former Governor of Minnesota


§  Rob Portman Senator from Ohio


§  Paul Ryan Representative from Wisconsin


§  Bobby Jindal Governor Louisiana


§  Kelly Ayotte Female Senator from New Hampshire


§  Bob McDonell Governor from Virginia


§  Marco Rubio Senator from Florida


And thanks to Ann Romney media blurb:


§  Susana Martinez Governor New Mexico


§  Condoleezza Rice Former Sec. of State under President GW Bush


The short list four in no particular order of speculation appear to be Pawlenty, Portman, Jindal and Ryan. History has shown though that the short list does not always get the nod.


There two people I wish were on that list: Rick Santorum (agreeing with Susan Mulford) and Sarah Palin (yes I am still a Palin supporter).


Recently I found an article in which Rick Santorum totally supports Mitt Romney as a Social Conservative (National Review Online):


Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently told a gathering of social-conservative voters that Governor Mitt Romney was “solid” on social issues. “I’ve talked to Governor Romney,” said Santorum, “and I have no doubt, and I mean this in all sincerity, I have no doubt he understands the centrality of family.”


Santorum, a pro-life, pro-family champion, whom the Susan B. Anthony List was proud to support earlier this year, gives credit where credit is due. Governor Romney is the committed pro-life candidate in this race.


§  Defund Planned Parenthood and Big Abortion.


§  End U.S. support of abortion overseas.


§  Protect unborn children capable of feeling pain from abortion


§  Appoint constitutionalist justices to the Supreme Court


§  Select a pro-life vice-presidential running mate


I can understand why Romney would not pick Sarah Palin. I believe she would be a better choice than Santorum because of her campaign skills; however Palin has seemingly extricated herself from a VP nomination as she did in not running for President in 2012.


Since Palin has extricated herself I have to agree with Susan that Rick Santorum would be a better choice than Pawlenty, Portman, Jindal and Ryan on a short list. Santorum is representative of the family values voters of the Republican Party and in spite of Santorum’s Social Conservatism he is a bit of a centrist when compared to Tea Party politics.


I just finished reading an article that proclaims that Santorum is demonstrably a Social Conservative, had political blemishes pertaining to Tea Party purity of less government and less taxes AND YET still had Tea Party support growing for him before Santorum departed from the Presidential race.


AGAIN Sarah Palin fits my mold of Social Conservative and the Tea Party agenda; however she has chosen to be a shaker more than a mover in 2012. And so I am with Susan Mulford that Rick Santorum should be the VP nominee. Unfortunately I sense that Romney’s feelings may have been too hurt during the stretch with Rick Santorum’s candidacy.


JRH 7/11/12

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Santorum for Vice President

John R. Houk

© July 11, 2012


20 Reasons Why Romney Should Pick Rick Santorum to be his VP


About Susan Mulford:


I’m a ’95 RHEMA grad and a prayer partner at Oral Roberts ministries since 2004 on the 3rd shift (so I am never on TV in the background on Richard Roberts program – The Place For Miracles)…but you know what I would really like promoted?  My website:  – It is all about witnessing to the lost.  Train tracts are for Christians to TRAIN them how to TRANSITION conversations onto the Gospel TRACK.  Each train tract has 7 – 9 different “object evangelism icebreakers” to help you get started.

There is a Better Future in Annexing Judea-Samaria and Gaza

Judea-Samaria is Israel

John R. Houk

© June 1, 2012


GOP nominee for President rated President Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy as an across the board “F”.


Of course BHO’s minions in his campaign defend BHO’s foreign policy choices:


Asked to grade Obama, Romney responded: “Oh, an F, no question about that,” adding that it applies “across the board.”


Tim Roemer, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana and ex-ambassador to India, said Romney is “misguided and misinformed.” Romney is out of step with experts in his own party who “have recognized President Obama’s accomplishments” in foreign policy, Roemer said in an e-mailed statement. (Presidential Campaigns Duel Over Candidates’ Jobs Records, by John McCormick and Alison Vekshin; Bloomberg; May 31, 2012 11:03 PM CT)


If you look at reality rather than Obama propaganda you know Romney is correct. There is nothing misguided or misinformed or out of step with fellow Republicans in the “F” grade for Obama.


No one says it better than Caroline Glick who as actually criticizing Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak for insinuating that Israel unilaterally should give up Judea-Samaria to bring peace to Israel.


Glick points out that land for peace didn’t work for Barak when he was Prime Minister in 2000 after bending to pressure to leave South Lebanon in 2000. Hezbollah not only turned South Lebanon into a mini-fiefdom but eventually became the de facto rulers of Lebanon under the strings of Iran and Syria.


Glick points out that Prime Minister Sharon’s decision to unilaterally pull out of Gaza in 2005 forcing Israeli settlements to pull up roots was also an utter failure in the land for peace thinking. Hamas rooted out the PA and turned Gaza into a mini-Fiefdom constantly shooting rockets into Israel’s civilian urban areas.


Now Glick is focusing Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s idiotic comment; however as you read her article you will note the extreme failure of President Barack Hussein Obama’s in the Middle East relating to Israel, Iran, Syria and pushing the existence of a sovereign Palestine on the land of Israel’s heritage.


If Israel’s policy were to go along with Ehud Barak’s suggestion it would not bring peace to Israel. Rather it would bring a murdering bunch of Arab terrorists who have adopted the name Palestinian on Israel’s border. The murdering thugs would not subscribe to peace! Rather the thugs would be dedicated to destroying Israel and the mass genocide of Jews.


Although politically distasteful, it actually would make more sense to remove all Arabs that refuse an allegiance to Israel and permanently annex Judea-Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza. I have no doubt a war would result from such an action; however I also know at this point Israel would still win a regional war. The Jewish State of Israel could even easier shut down borders from terrorists with such an official expanded territory because sovereign nations such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt again could be held responsible for allow Islamic terrorist attack on Israeli soil. After all the whole reason the old Arab League created the Palestine Liberation Organization was a tactic to keep violence against Israel in perpetuity while the surrounding Arab or Muslim nations could not be held directly culpable for attacking Israel.


The failure of Obama and past American Presidents – Democrats and Republicans – is a failure to look at the big picture for the future. Now as Obama allows Iran to go nuclear in creating Weapons of Mass Destruction the scenario for a military enforced peace via annexation becomes less and less workable.


There is no doubt in my mind that a sovereign Palestine State will be yet another puppet for Iran to manage. We all know Iran’s feelings toward the Jewish State of Israel.


JRH 6/1/12

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Killing bin Laden a Campaign Feather for Obama, So What

BHO-Cabinet watching bin Laden take-down

John R. Houk

© May 4, 2012


Burr Deming sent me a post via email that was also posted on Fair and UNbalanced (aka FU). As you can tell by the play on words that FU is the Liberal antithesis of Fair and Balanced which is the motto for FOX News.


Burr criticizes Romney and Conservative Republicans for whining that President Barack Hussein Obama is using the seek and destroy mission by SEAL Team 6 of Osama bin Laden as a political feather in his campaign cap. Burr uses history to back his criticism of Romney to defend Obama and Liberal Democrats.


As usual the top of the list for liberals is to criticize Bush for failing an opportunity to take out bin Laden’s chief lieutenant al-Zawahiri. Then a quick look at What Would Carter Do or a What Would Have a President Gore Have Done.


I have to agree it was idiotic not to take out al-Zawahiri. AND the one thing Carter did right was to make the effort to free Iran Embassy Hostages. Carter’s “GO” failed but the effort was made. However, if Carter would have supported the Shah there would have been no hostage take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Iran in the first place.


Burr says this about if Gore was President:


A conservative acquaintance argued that a President Gore would not have had the ability to rally conservatives as President Bush had rallied liberals. I explained that his argument was based on an unjust assumption: that conservatives lacked the simple patriotism that liberals were showing in abundance. His only response was a blank uncomprehending stare. I had just said something in an unfamiliar language. It was quite beyond him. (Emphasis Mine)


The Conservative acquaintance was speechless because he was dumbfounded that a Liberal could possess Patriotism in abundance. Making ugly epithets about military personal is not an abundance of Patriotism (you know e.g. baby killers, murderers and the such thinking). I think a civilized response to such a deceptive statement would have been beyond me. Now a blood boiling response would probably have been my response. Hindsight has shown Gore’s Patriotism is the Eco-Marxist junk based on Global Warming (NOT A SURE THING as Gore would have dupes believe).


I believe the missed opportunity to apprehend or kill al-Zawahiri (SA HERE) referenced by Burr is in 2005. I suspect the reasoning Bush used to call off the military expedition in Pakistan had a greater purpose than to simply worry if the Pakistan government would be angry over a unilateral intrusion on their sovereign territory. Pakistan is hardly a unified nation in its government infrastructure. In 2005 Pakistan was dealing with rebels in Baluchistan that wanted autonomy or independence. Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and North West Frontier Province (NWFP) were areas of Pakistan that the Pakistan government only had nominal control over. In that year Pakistan attempted to gain more of an administrative control over by engaging Taliban tribal leaders that by this time had great sympathy for the Afghan Taliban tribal leaders driven out of power by American led NATO allies warring against the old One-Eyed Mullah Omar. It was a big dent on the Pakistan military to have tribal leaders controlling administration more than the Pakistan government especially because of arch-enemy India. Such weakness might encourage India to step-up military control in Pakistan-India disputed Kashmir.


The year 2005 was still a pivotal time in America’s agenda to court Pakistan’s aid in battling the Global War on Terrorism in Afghanistan. Openly going into Pakistan with a mission to take out al-Zawahiri would promote yet more of an image of weakness internationally for Pakistan. By all appearances at this time it appeared Pakistan was taking steps to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Hindsight has shown us that Pakistan’s engagement of Pakistani Taliban had more to do with international perceptions than defeating the Taliban. By 2006 the Pakistan government had made an internal peace with the Pakistani Taliban with the so-called Waziristan Accord. I suspect by 2006 the Bush Administration began to doubt Pakistan’s outright commitment to fighting the Global War on Terrorism; however America was already on the hook to Pakistan.


By the time Obama had to also consider Pakistan’s commitment to being America’s ally the byzantine of nature of the Pakistan government and the autonomous nature of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) pro-Taliban stand, it was a bit easier to ignore Pakistan’s sovereignty issues. And so it was good, indeed awesome, that Obama gave the okay for SEAL Team 6 to take out Osama bin Laden.


As to criticizing Romney, I am on Burr’s side. I am not voting for Obama anyway. Weighing the great Obama decision to take out bin Laden with all the bad decisions in making America appear weak internationally by unnecessary apologizing and humbling toward foreign leaders and the Obama agenda to disregard the Constitution in bringing about Leftist Change in America, totally submerges the great decision to take out bin Laden. I am voting for Romney not because he is the better candidate than our current President, but because he is the only candidate to bring down the Obama Administration.


As a Conservative I have trust issues with Mitt Romney, but I have absolute distrust of President Barack Hussein Obama.


JRH 5/4/12

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Egad! Romney Hires a Homosexual Activist

Vote the Bible

John R. Houk

© May 1, 2012


My son Adam is an absolutist when it comes to voting. He wants a candidate that meets the values of Conservatives and Biblical Morality. If the person fails that litmus test he is not worth voting for.


Now here is the difficulty Conservatives like me run into with that litmus test. The opposing candidate in Barack Hussein Obama is openly pro-homosexual activism, pro-Moral Relativity, pro-abortion, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian State, pro-Socialism; anti-Christian and many other disagreeable pros and antis that drive me crazy. President Barack Hussein Obama is a disastrous President for the future of America in the realm of Biblical Values, Free Market Capitalism and Constitutional Liberty.


It is quite evident that Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP Nominee for President for 2012. The social values of Romney are questionable as evidenced by not actively fighting against homosexual activism and against abortion while he was Governor of Massachusetts. The institution of Romneycare places a dent in his Conservative ethics.


During the Primary stage of Romney’s campaign he went out of his way to assuage Conservatives about these huge question marks. It is apparent now that some true colors of Romney are being displayed by hiring homosexual activist Richard Grenell as a Foreign Policy and National Security advisor.


It is idiot moves like this that are going to keep away Conservative Republicans away from the polls on Election Day 11/6/12. In such a scenario the horror of reelecting Barack Hussein Obama looms.


My son Adam is so disaffected by having Romney give a nod to the homosexual lifestyle by hiring Grenell that he believes Conservative Family/Biblical Values should utilize the power of a Write-in Candidate. This would result in the same horror as Conservatives not going to the polls – Obama gets elected.


Frankly I am so teed off over Romney’s total disregard for Family/Biblical Values Conservatives I am tempted to join my son and write in a Candidate who undoubtedly may or may not be actively running. I am guessing from past emails my son would advocate abandoning the Republican Party and begin looking at the very small Conservative Party which posits all the Conservative principles from fiscal responsibility, to limited government, tax reform, Family/Biblical Values and so on.


At this point I was going to display what the Conservative Party stands for. Then I discovered that there are two Conservative Parties vying to replace the GOP. I am going to lead off with the Conservative Party USA and then follow up with the American Conservative Party.




About The Conservative Party USA


The Conservative Party USA will rectify the consistent failures and corruption of the current two-party system.  CP-USA will impose fiscal discipline, restrain the reach of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution and defend America’s traditional family values.


The American two-party system is broken. It has become a system of elite political insiders who only serve the special interest groups that help keep them in control.  Some elites call themselves “Democrats” while others call themselves “Republicans”.

The elite of the two major parties continue to fail America based on our spiraling national debt, trillion-dollar annual budget deficits, off-budget Earmarks, escalating illegal immigration, weakening Dollar and loss of traditional American values.  They are stealing America’s future because they are only dedicated to getting re-elected.


The Conservative Party USA is emerging as America’s real “Second Party” because true conservatives, Independents and Tea Party activists will soon relegate the GOP into political irrelevance.  Republi-Dems are two sides of the same losing coin.


The Tea Party is mainly united by fiscal conservatism; the desire to get Congress to follow the Constitution and spend the people’s money wisely.  However, the Tea Party is not united by a socially conservative agenda because its membership consists of a broad spectrum of political views.


Who will address important social issues consistent with traditional American values beyond the fiscal and monetary problems facing America today?


Critical moral, social and Constitutional issues must also be considered.  These include: Illegal Immigration; Welfare; Gay Marriage; Gays serving openly in the Military; Abortion; Religious Freedom; Saving American Jobs; The War on Drugs; Maintaining a strong Military; Affirming States’ Rights; Clarifying the 14thAmendment on “Anchor Babies”; Stopping the Discrimination of Affirmative Action, to name a few.


America will not survive if it abandons its traditional values for the sake of solving only fiscal problems… we assert that both traditional values and fiscal solutions are equally important.


What happens to the Tea Party and like-minded groups beyond budget and fiscal issues?


The Conservative Party USA is the next evolutionary step of the Tea Party because it combines fiscal restraint with traditional American values that are outlined in a clear Platform and is managed by a strong leadership team that has a unified, long-term vision for America.


Conservative Party USA is the answer to those critical questions and Project Mayberry® is the key!


American Conservative Party



Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 18:15


The ACP Creed




·         Unalienable rights to life and liberty are given to us by our Creator; these rights exist separate from, and are superior to, government.


·         Individuals are responsible for securing the blessings of liberty through the exercise of their rights.


·         The individual is sovereign over one’s person; their labors constitute a foundation for private property that is not subject to the demands of others.


·         Governments are formed by the will of the people to secure and defend human liberty.


·         Law exists to support liberty and mediate disputes where conduct of one infringes upon the rights of another.


·         The armed forces and law enforcement exist to bolster private defense, not supplant it.


·         The American Experiment was born out of these beliefs and it has resulted in a bountiful gain for the human condition.




From this Foundation, all principles flow:


The individual is sovereign


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just limited powers from the consent of the governed


“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America.” What does this mean? Simply put, that the formation of a legitimate government can only occur when the citizens themselves choose to surrender a portion of their inherent authority. The citizens may chose to give, but the government cannot chose to take (or keep) authority against the wishes of its citizenry.”


Principles of the American Conservative Party


From our Principles, our Policy Issues will be derived:




We reject the practice of using Government powers for any purpose of social engineering, and we uphold the principle that the individual is sovereign; where social conduct involves personal choices, the People are best served when those choices are embraced and defended at the family and community level.




·         The citizens of the United States are the sole source of power and life of the United States Government. All powers and authority not explicitly given by the citizens to their representatives remain with the states or the people thereof.


·         The United States Government has the authority and obligation to protect its citizens and their liberties from all actual and perceived threats regardless of the source, location or scope.




·         The federal legislature may make no law that abridges or limits the Constitutional rights of an individual.


·         No state may abridge a citizen’s right to life, liberty, or property without due process of law.


·         Property currently owned or controlled by the Government is held in Trust for the citizens


·         Regardless of compensation, no property shall be forcibly taken by government for private use or profit.




·         Any child, born of a citizen, shall have all the legal rights of a citizen born or naturalized into the United States.


·         Persons who are not citizens or resident aliens of the United States have no right to petition or benefit from any agency of the government except for petition of entry or asylum.


·         A child born in the United States to non-citizens is not a citizen.




·         Each adult citizen is responsible for the health, education and welfare of himself or herself and their family.


·         No adult citizen may call on the resources of another citizen or group of citizens without their explicit, expressed consent.


·         No citizen or group of citizens, by expression of any character or physical trait, may call upon the resources, nor abridge the rights, of another citizen or group of citizens without their explicit, expressed consent.


·         It is the responsibility of every citizen to participate in the political process.





Both of these Conservative Parties appear to be good alternatives if the GOP fails to live up to the base that will enable the return of a majority Republican Congress. I get the impression the Conservative Party USA is the better of the two so far because they seem to have a greater affinity for Christianity and an appreciation of the Social Conservative portion of the Tea Party Movement.


Much to the chagrin of my son I am still voting for Romney for President. Obama is that bad for America. However, if Romney goes out of his way to support the homosexual agenda and the murdering abortionist crowd, it will be the last time I vote Republican even if it means a Socialist Dem takes Office. Perhaps it will take the evil of Socialism to vote for a Conservative political party to get Conservative voters to leave the GOP if it fails this time around.


Here is the link my son pointed to me which is an article by Bryan Fischer at Renew America about Romney hiring homosexual activist Richard Grenell.




Richard Grenell has resigned as Romney’s advisor for Foreign Policy and National Security. The Washington Post headline runs as follows: EXCLUSIVE: Richard Grenell hounded from Romney campaign by anti-gay conservatives.


It is not surprising that WaPo uses an invective like “hounded” in reference to Conservatives. It is my opinion I am not the only Conservative that was a bit miffed that Romney was affirming the homosexual agenda by hiring a homosexual activist like Grenell:


Richard Grenell, the openly gay spokesman recently hired to sharpen the foreign policy message of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, has resigned in the wake of a full-court press by anti-gay conservatives.


In a statement obtained by Right Turn, Grenell says:


I have decided to resign from the Romney campaign as the Foreign Policy and National Security Spokesman. While I welcomed the challenge to confront President Obama’s foreign policy failures and weak leadership on the world stage, my ability to speak clearly and forcefully on the issues has been greatly diminished by the hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign. I want to thank Governor Romney for his belief in me and my abilities and his clear message to me that being openly gay was a non-issue for him and his team.


According to sources familiar with the situation, Grenell decided to resign after being kept under wraps during a time when national security issues, including the president’s ad concerning Osama bin Laden, had emerged front and center in the campaign.


Pieces in two conservative publications, the National Review and Daily Caller, reflected the uproar by some social conservatives over the appointment. (WaPo article by Jennifer Rubin; 5/1/12 03:00 PM ET)


I am still cross posting the Renew America article for it is worth the read.


JRH 5/1/12

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Adam Houk intro thoughts:


Until we stop voting for people into office that are willing to change their values at the drop of a hat, we will always be getting these kinds of candidates to vote for.  The only way to show the public that they are losing valuable votes is to put it on record by making a write in.


Email sent: 4/30/2012 4:12 PM

It is Time to Push Conservative Credentials on Romney

Romney for Prez 2

John R. Houk

© April 11, 2012


Yesterday when I discovered that Rick Santorum was suspending his campaign for the GOP nomination, I along with many Conservatives felt that Newt Gingrich’s concession that Mitt Romney will probably be the nominee for the GOP was also a throwing in the towel:


In a virtual concession Gingrich has publically acquiesced that Romney will be the GOP nominee:


In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Gingrich called Mr. Romney “far and away the most likely Republican nominee,” adding that he would throw his support behind the front-runner if Mr. Romney secured the required delegates for the nomination.


Since then I have learned that Gingrich is remaining in the race for the GOP nomination. This amazes me because Gingrich has no money to continue. He has laid-off campaign staff, he had a $500 check bounce that would have secure his name on the Utah Primary and I have heard a Gingrich Think Tank has filed for bankruptcy. That is not a road map to election victory.


Don’t get me wrong. At this point I would love for Gingrich to be the GOP nomination rather than Mitt Romney. I don’t think the Brokered Convention strategy that Gingrich might have depended on will work without Santorum in the GOP race. This means a catastrophe of monumental proportions would have to occur for Newt to pull a GOP nomination out of his hat. The catastrophe would have to be along the line of an insurmountable scandal (like that which stabbed Cain’s campaign in the heart), a near death health issue or worse death itself.


The biggest reason I am not a Romney guy is Mormonism and questionable stands on social issues.


Yeah-Yeah I know. The accusations of bigotry will be flying my way now that everyone knows I am anti-Mormon. Frankly any Christian that takes a Biblical stand on the nature of Jesus Christ should have a problem with Mormonism. I have blogged on lots of issues that should catch the ear of a Christian; however there is one simple formula for orthodox (not Orthodox with capital “O”) Christian theology:


Jesus Christ is part of the Trinity: three equal persons consisting in ONE nature of God. That is to say each single member of the Christian Trinity is ONE Divine entity in union with no beginning and no ending – Eternal. Jesus Christ is simultaneously fully man and fully God. The Lord’s God nature purifies his man nature enabling the death of Christ on the Cross to be a Blood sacrifice that Redeems humanity from the twisted spiritual DNA nature bequeathed to all the ancestors of the first man Adam.


Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so: “I am Redeemed! I am Redeemed! I am Redeemed!


Mormon theology claims Jesus is a son of God in that the Father created Jesus. For that matter Satan is the brother of the created Jesus. Satan went bad and Jesus went good. In Christian orthodox theology that is bad theology. In the humble opinion of this blogger that has a traditional outlook of Christian theology; Romney’s Mormon theology is a Gnostic-cult off-shoot of Christianity. I do have a problem with that.


On the other hand if you are going to be a member of a Christian off-shoot cult Mormonism can’t be a bad choice. Mormons are family oriented, most Mormons are Pro-Life and most Mormons have Conservative family values. Currently I have questions about Romney’s commitment to Conservative Social Values. And yet as it stands now, I am voting for Romney for President.


If Newt benefited from some kind of catastrophic event that knocked Romney out of the GOP nomination, I would support Newt. On the other hand Santorum has officially only suspended his campaign and did not end his campaign. For that matter I believe Herman Cain only suspended his campaign as well. That means a Romney catastrophe may not only benefit Newt. I doubt that Cain would press for a nomination because of the lack of delegates; however Santorum does have delegates. I suspect if the situation arose that Romney’s delegates were no longer committed, that a majority would go to Santorum.


Remember though. The key word is “catastrophe.” There probably is as much of a chance of a catastrophe happening to Mitt Romney as there is for a passenger jet to crash without terrorist help.


Newt Gingrich may be the last active Conservative standing in the GOP race but it is extremely doubtful he will win the nomination.


So again, as Republicans it is time to unite behind Mitt Romney to defeat President Barack Hussein Obama for President.


JRH 4/11/12



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Apparently it is Time to Unite Behind One GOP Candidate

Santorum Suspending Campaign 4-10-12

John R. Houk

© April 10, 2012


I am not a supporter of Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination for President. Unfortunately it appears that Gingrich and Santorum have abandoned the Brokered Convention path and have thrown in the towel.


In a virtual concession Gingrich has publically acquiesced that Romney will be the GOP nominee:


In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Gingrich called Mr. Romney “far and away the most likely Republican nominee,” adding that he would throw his support behind the front-runner if Mr. Romney secured the required delegates for the nomination. (Gingrich All But Concedes Race to Romney; by Nathan Hodge; WSJ, 4-8-12)


Today Rick Santorum has “suspended” his campaign. “Suspended” is a euphemism for throw in the towel:


VIDEO: Full Speech – Rick Santorum suspends his campaign for president



I have committed myself to support whoever wins the GOP nomination even if that person is Mitt Romney. I am sorely disappointed. I would rather have the GOP go through a Brokered Convention. The GOP Establishment feared a Brokered Convention would show disunity going into the full race against President Barack Hussein Obama.


I disagree. I believe the drama and excitement of a Brokered Convention would have followed the nominee with an impetus that would have carried through to victory on November 2012.


It is irrelevant now. Mitt Romney is the guy. If Romney wins the election on November 2012, his actions will determine if I continue to be a Republican or begin to look for a Third Party. I will never be a Democrat with its fringe anti-American agenda.


That being said we have a lot of work to do to defeat the Chicago-style Obama machine financed by socialist-transformative billionaires like Soros. We must become aware of the proposition that Obama’s agenda is a Socialistic societal transformation of America that tosses out America’s founding Revolutionary War ideas that have made America the successful great experiment.


We must be dedicated to the proposition that America is exceptional because of the Revolutionary War ideas that were planted in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Honestly I cannot vouch that Romney is completely dedicated to a Conservative agenda to reverse the curse of the Obama agenda. I DO KNOW though if Obama is reelected the Obama agenda will become more intractably embedded in our political system.


Four more years of Obama will render the Original Intent of the Constitution useless as the Leftist political ideology will stamp every piece of legislation with the concept of a Living Constitution that is interpreted more by whoever is in power than the content of the document.




JRH 4/10/12


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Santorum wins Louisiana primary

Rick Santorum - Etcher Sketch

Rick Santorum won Louisiana with a double digit number; however the delegates are spread around according to percentage. That leaves Mitt Romney still with a huge delegate lead over Santorum. For Santorum to win a brokered Convention is probably still to be needed. I am with the brokered Convention.


JRH 3/25/12

No-Romney BUT Especially No-Obama

No RomneyNo Obama

John R. Houk

© March 10, 2012


In 2008 the candidates for the Office of President were Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat) and John McCain (Republican).


From the beginning of BHO’s campaign I perceived he was less than honest person that too many voters accepted the promise of Change as if that meant merely change from the GWOT-President policies of eight years. Voters ignored what was known of Obama’s past and didn’t care about the past that Obama has still successfully hidden from the public eye.


The Republicans needed a charismatic person to overcome voter weariness of President George W. Bush policies of his 8 year tenure. Frankly I don’t believe voters would have been so weary of President GW if the Left Slanted MSM had not hated him so much. You will never see the media vilify Obama the way it did Bush even though the deceptiveness of Obama is well worth the vilification.


The Republican elites therefore sought a nominee that could swing Center-Left on some issues and Center-Right on other issues. In the beginning that candidate appeared to be Mitt Romney. Then the cantankerousness of McCain and the Social Conservatism of Huckabee gave GOP voters an alternative to the former Governor of Massachusetts which is one of the most Liberal States in the U.S. Union. In the 2008 the Conservatives were still the nerve center of the Republican Party and Romney’s record did not jive with Conservative issues.


Eventually the GOP race in 2008 became a race between the self-described rogue in McCain and the Social Conservative (but not necessarily a full-fledged fiscal Conservative) in Huckabee.


I believed then as I do now that McCain was a RINO. He was the perfect GOP Elite choice to try distance from Bush as a Center-Right and the hope of retaining the White House with McCain’s Center-Left thinking. McCain overcame Huckabee. By this time the Democrats had sold the voters that Obama would be the chosen one to bring back bi-partisan, transparent politics and the hope of ending an already long war in 2008.


Obama’s promises and vision was a bill of bad goods that a majority of American voters bought into. Obama had the leg up before McCain could paint a picture of a Moderate Centrist to receive the baton from Bush. In fact I am of the opinion McCain would have been crushed political even in worse terms if had not the foresight to choose a Family Values-Fiscal Conservative as a running mate. Indeed Sarah Palin captured the hearts of the GOP so much that the Left Wing MSM went on the attack on Palin to the point of making stories up to castigate her to the voters.


I did not like McCain but I did like Palin. I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket despite McCain’s RINO credentials because I knew Obama backed by the Clintonista political machine would take America down a path of “Change” that voters did not comprehend in 2008. I am no political pundit genius however Obama has lived up to everything I thought he would do.


The Obama mantra of “Change” had less to do with repudiating President Bush and more to do with transforming America into the Socialist European style democracy. Socialism European style means the shredding of the U.S. Constitution. The Living Constitution crap of the Left is turning the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution into a historical fable of days gone by.


It appears that 2012 is a path that is mirroring 2008. Only this time Mitt Romney has more money and better organization. Romney has become the slow and steady tortoise racking up delegates while GOP Conservatives have been messing themselves up by splitting Conservative voters into fractured camps as Romney keeps collecting delegates. Many people are doing the math and the general consensus is Mr. slow and steady will win the GOP nomination because of the failure of Conservatives to unite behind one candidate.


Part of the problem is that the GOP candidates still in the running for the nomination have a bit of baggage that Conservative true-hearts find objectionable. An honest look at the records of Santorum and Gingrich will demonstrate their Conservative legislative decisions outweigh their Center-Left decisions. Can Romney make the same claim?


Anyway, I am still in the anyone-but-Romney crowd as a GOP voter and in the anyone-but-Obama voters when it comes to the General Election in November 2012. An Obama reelection will validate the course he has chosen for America. This means the Obamunistic Radical Left will continue to Change-Transform America into a Leftist Utopia solidifying Moral Relativity over Biblical Morality, Government intrusion over Limited Government, the agenda to denigrate Christianity over America’s Christian heritage, Demand Divisive Diversity over E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, ONE) and so on with the picture of Leftist Change.


I am voting for whoever wins the GOP nomination even if they are a RINO – again. It would take super star Conservative leadership to reverse the Leftist curse of EIGHT years of Obama. If the Tea Party Movement remains strong there will be a counter-balance of preventing a RINO from going too far to the Left. AND I know a RINO will not endorse the utopian agenda dreams of Obamunism.


Still there are Conservative purists that would rather vote on principle rather than succumb to a GOP President that might have tendencies to make some Center-Left decisions. My son Adam is one of those kind of Conservative purists. Another person is a Facebook friend Danny Jeffrey. Here is Jeffrey’s reasoning on sticking to principle.


JRH 3/10/12