Muslim Nations Regime Changes a Precursor to Abandoning Israel?

Ahmadinejad & BHO on Israel

John R. Houk

© March 16, 2012


Danny Jeffrey wrote a post entitled “THE COMING ASSAULT ON ISRAEL…PART TWO”. The theme is that Obama instrumentality in the deposing of Mubarak of Egypt and Qaddafi of Libya are actions that will also lead to the deposing of Assad in Syria. Libya was an Obama test run to perhaps see what would happen if America became involved in Assad’s departure. Jeffrey raises Constitutional questions of Obama’s use of power without Congressional approval (which means without taxpayer/voter approval). Also that Obama’s extra-Constitutional paradigm will ultimately lead to America abandoning Israel to the fate of Jew-hating Muslim nations.


Danny I had mixed feelings concerning Libya. Yes, the anti-Qaddafi rebels are emerging Islamist leaders. On the other hand Qaddafi has had his hand in protecting and/or utilizing Islamic terrorists for a couple of decades. The Islamic terrorists looked for Jews and Americans. In my opinion Qaddafi had to go. Qaddafi’s departure occurred with a minimum loss of U.S. military personal.


Mubarak on the other hand was a staunch American ally even if he was a brutal dictator. If the Egyptians believe that government brutality will be less under a Muslim Brotherhood led government I believe they will be unpleasantly surprised. From my perspective a MB led government will even make things worse for the largest Christian population among Muslim dominated nations. Mubarak’s sell-out by Obama reeks of Carter’s sell-out of the Shah of Iran.


Assad of Syria is much like Qaddafi of Libya. Assad has been a patron of Islamic terrorists and a client of America’s greatest enemy in the Middle East in Iran. He has to go.


Again, though a problem arises with Assad’s departure, the Syrian rebels that desire to depose Assad are Sunnis that are influenced by Islamists. These rebels have already said that after a victory they would wipe Assad’s Alawite-Shias. This would be followed by returning Islamic hatred toward Israel. Whoever leads Syria will not be beneficial to Israel except perhaps in the momentary confusion that will exist as Sunnis assert government leadership for the first time in half-a-century. The Sunnis are the majority population in Syria.


I agree on one though. Obama will sell-out Israel if he is reelected as President of the USA. I believe Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and an Iraq without American troops will begin hostilities with Israel as Islamist ideologies begin to dominate those nations. Israel will be back in the same precarious situation it faced in its 1948 independence when it was invaded by 5 or 6 Jew-hating Muslim nations. President Barack Hussein Obama will not help Israel.


I have not read Part One, but I will definitely get to it. You write thought provoking essays. For the most part we agree. It is in the minor details we might see things differently. I thought Qaddafi had to go and I believe Assad has to go. Obama’s use of military power without a commitment of a troop invasion of Libya was a good thing. The question you bring up though is excellent. Was Obama’s actions Constitutional. You provide a good argument for Obama’s military aid to Libya for being unconstitutional in that neither a Declaration of War approved by Congress was forthcoming or any consultation with Congress about using Military resources against Libya. At least President Bush got the democrats on board to invade Afghanistan and Iraq even though a formal Declaration of War was not forthcoming.


It is disturbing that the Obama Administration through the voice of Secretary of Defense Panetta that engagement militarily in Syria would be up to NATO or some form of foreign leadership coalition agreement. This is voicing an actual intent to exclude Congress from its Constitutional duty to validate or invalidate taxpayer money for a war to be fought with American resources. If Obama proceeds with such an option it sets a precedent to invest military power into the Executive Branch that has no accountability to a voter elected Congress.


Such an Obama action MUST NOT stand!


If Danny Jeffrey is correct and the Obama extra-Constitutional paradigm leads Obama to have an excuse to abandon Israel to the fate of Jew-hating Muslim nations of both the Sunni and Shia persuasion, then Obama would have perpetrated one of the most reprehensible cowardly agendas in the history of America’s existence.


JRH 3/16/12