Did Obama Arm Drug Lords?



John R. Houk

© July 9, 2011


My friend Vicki sent this NaturalNews.com article about the U.S. government arming Mexican drug lords with 30,000 weapons. I have to be honest that most of the article is a case of subjective conclusions based on interpretation of facts; nonetheless the facts are very glaring.


The fact that the U.S. government provided arms to drug dealers that have exacted so much bloody carnage on both sides of the American-Mexican border is ridiculously insane!


If the MSM finally has the guts to investigate this arming of drug lords called “Gunwalker” or “Operation Fast and Furious,” this could be the Achilles heel for the Obama Administration.


Nixon had Watergate, Ford had giving immunity to Nixon over Watergate, Carter had stupidity, Reagan had the Iran-Contra scandal, Clinton had well a bunch of stuff but let’s high light “I did not have sex with this woman,” Bush 1 had the economy, Bush 2 had all the Constitutional issues surrounding the al Qaeda on our home soil AND Obama much like Clinton has a bunch of unproven scandalous associations. If a cover-up of a link to the White House occurs with Operation Fast and Furious, then even the Leftist Messiah may be in for a spot of trouble. Perhaps this trouble will evolve into a 2012 election loss for Obama or for an Impeachment prior to the November 2012 elections or (GOD FORBID!) the ugly reelection of Darth Vader – err – I mean President Obama.


Author Mike Adams uses examples that demonstrate the Conspiracy Theory politically explained agenda of Problem, Reaction and Solution.


JRH 7/9/11

Islamic Terrorists and MDCs in Cooperation

Mexican Drug Cartels Map lg


John R. Houk

© June 3, 2011


If you watch any news at all you are aware that Mexican drug cartels along the Mexican/American border are carving out little cartel fiefdoms that crosses the border. Although quite evil the Mexican drug lords have carved out a brilliant plan for their illicit business which includes drugs, sex slavery, labor slavery, risky to Mexicans Coyote services and arms dealing to criminal associates on the American side of the border.


The cash is flowing into the drug cartel treasuries. Money means power. On the Mexican side power translates into bribery of law enforcement and terrorism toward the Mexican citizens to forces compliance to cartel fiefdom agendas.


On the American side of the border power means terrorist intimidation of American citizens that might be in the path of a cartel operation. The American side is also the cash cow for Mexican drug lords. This means cartels use paramilitary methods to secure their illicit business operations which I have stated already is far more than drugs.


Another thing to consider is the suppliers of Mexican drug cartels. Certainly the cartels produce a certain amount of their own product as in drugs and humans; however I am guessing there is an international black market trade of product that includes drugs, humans and arms. That international black market trading inevitably establishes partnerships on some level.


In case you were not aware of it, Islamic terrorist organizations use illicit drugs to keep their treasuries full in order to purchase the weaponry they need to terrorize in their homelands and abroad such as in America. Narco-Islam has led to the Mexican Drug Cartels (MDC) to be on a friendly basis with Muslim terrorists. Thus there has been cooperation that allows Islamic Terrorists to be smuggled across the border ala MDC aid. If MDC is smuggling Islamic terrorists you can bet terrorist weapons are going with them on to American soil.


With that in mind it is time to realize just how brutal the Mexican/American border is. The MDCs get the credit for much of the brutality; however I am certain that has become a strategic opportunity for Islamic terrorists to waltz across the border. If indeed the Islamic terrorists are waltzing across the border that there are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that can easily slip across the border as well.


Keep in mind that a clandestine WMD can be both nuclear in nature and chemical in nature. And the WMD does not have to high tech and large to be effective. With symbol of Islamic terrorism being found and shot hiding behind a girl, the probability of innovative plans are in the works to attack American citizens.


With that porous nature of our border with Mexico as a known fact let’s examine some data sent to me by Tony Newbill that serves as the visual reality of a possible attack.


Let’s begin with this link that demonstrates the graphic brutality of MDCs on their side of the border:


Graphic photos of Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorism on U.S. Border:


The fighting along the border has intensified. The brutality and gruesome nature of the murders is a sign of the viciousness of the fight with the bodies being decapitated and showing signs of torture and abuse.




Headless body wrapped and left as a message to others. The brutality of the murders is intended to send a strong message to everyone not to cooperate with police.

Headless body with message


5 severed heads left on a disco dance floor.

5 severed heads


Bodies, often showing signs of torture and abuse are sometimes found stuffed into barrels. It is the brutality of the murders that continue to shock and send the message that you don’t cross drug gangs.

Example of stuffed-body barrels


With unsecured Borders and Confirmed terrorists coming into the USA this way, how do we not know they are not getting ready to detonate Suit case Nuke bombs? [A scenario might be like] around our Nuke Power Plants to create a catastrophic wipe out of the USA. The last thing we the people need is Obama campaigning to leave the Border Unsecured just to win the Latino Vote don’t ya think?


Just How Secure is our Southern Border?


If you listen to Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, you would think the southern border is secure. This could not be further from the truth. A recent trip to the Port of Naco and surrounding area was an eye opening experience proving just how much of a national security threat our southern border really is. (Read the rest and see photos Coyote violence against humans)


Lost Nuclear Bombs! You Gotta Be Kidding?


The above link goes to an article about aged Hydrogen Bombs lost by the U.S. Military. I can’t vouch for the authenticity but is a scary thought. The article claims the lost nukes have never been found.


The next link is a YouTube video on Russian suit case nukes. Hello! MDC helping Islamic terrorists to cross the border to nuke a city or some vital infrastructure.




This next link is a YouTube video of the CIA chasing someone with a suit case nuke.



Friends this is not Conspiracy Theory stuff. This is proof of what could easily happen on American soil.


What are going to do about?


JRH 6/3/11


The last part of this post was a mix of the email Tony Newbill sent to me and some of my thoughts.