Vote Alaska: Begich the Liar or veteran Patriot Sullivan

Mark Megich - Dan Sullivan

Mark Begich – Leftist and Dan Sullivan – Conservative



By John R. Houk

© November 1, 2014


It is my opinion that Move America Forward (MAF) is the USA’s preeminent pro-military organization. MAF’s primary message is to organize material support for the military personnel fighting overseas. That material support is in the nature of care packages that includes both scarce necessities (e.g. toiletries) and to a lesser degree some comforts (perhaps like treats). Here at home MAF acts as a public service for families of overseas military personnel. MAF in its early days began to expose anti-military organizations that tarnished the reputation of the military or actively participated in protests harmful to America’s war efforts which means potentially harmful to overseas military personnel.


MAF began to understand that Left Wing attack dogs would thus begin to come out of the woodwork to denigrate MAF efforts. Without investigating the details it is probably a good guess Left Wing individuals and organizations would begin to whine about MAF’s non-profit tax deductible status. Hence the formation of a political wing called MAF Freedom PAC (


Keeping all this in mind MAF Freedom PAC supports political candidates for Office that or both Conservative and pro-military in their outlook. One such candidate is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska – Dan Sullivan ( email below).


Sullivan is in a tight race with the Dem Party incumbent Senator Mark Begich. Senator Begich is taking the typical Left Wing path of disinformation, character assassination and downright lying to win reelection:


VIDEO: Mark Pryor and Mark Begich scurry from Obamacare questions


Published by Jason Mattera

Published: Oct 13, 2014


[Blog Editor: Mattera uses video to promote his new book “Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars”.]


Senator Begich is one of eight vulnerable Democrat Senators that are actively distancing themselves from President Barack Hussein Obama’s policies yet when their voting records are examined they voted the Obama agenda 96% or more of the time:


Here are where the Democrats and Republicans** on the October edition of Roll Call’s 10 Most Vulnerable Senators of 2014 rank in terms of their roll call voting support for Obama’s agenda:




Mark Udall of Colorado: 99 percent


Kay Hagan of North Carolina: 99 percent


Jeff Merkley of Oregon: 99 percent


Al Franken of Minnesota: 99 percent


Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire: 98 percent


Mark Begich of Alaska: 98 percent


Mark Pryor of Arkansas: 97 percent


Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana: 96 percent


**[Blog Editor: There are two Republican Senators in the list after the Dems I’m excluding them because this is not about Republicans or RINOs – Bold text mine] (Vulnerable Senate Democrats Almost Always Voted With Obama; By Niels Lesniewski; Roll Call; 10/27/14 11:24 a.m.)


What a surprise that Begich is lying to his voters, I mean after all he is a Dem, right?


A Red State post by Moe Lane lowers Begich’s voting record by 1%, but 97% is still quite high:


… 97%. That’s the amount of time Mr. Begich voted with Obama priorities—from ObamaCare to the stimulus to the president’s nominees. Another key number is zero. That’s how many times in his six years he sponsored an amendment that the Senate voted on. The other word you hear from fired-up locals is “endless”—as in the Obama administration’s nonstop assaults on Alaskan mining and drilling, which Mr. Begich has proved incapable of halting. (Here Moe is quoting a WSJ article – Mark Begich: one of the 97%. Also, poised to lose in Alaska, at this point; By Moe Lane (Diary); Red State; 9/5/14 09:00 PM


Senator Begich misled Alaska voters by insinuating he had the support of Senator Lisa Murkowski who won her reelection running as an Independent write-in because she lost her Republican Primary to Tea Party endorsed candidate Joe Miller in 2010. (It is my opinion the GOP Establishment sold-out Miller so Murkowski would still caucus as a Republican.) Senator Murkowski has very publicly denied any endorsement of the Dem incumbent Senator Begich.


Mark Begich has spent the last month trying to exploit Senator Lisa Murkowski by suggesting that she supports his candidacy (she doesn’t). Begich has repeatedly run ads using Murkowski’s image and likeness – against her will – and now suggests that the only reason she opposes his ads is because she doesn’t like her picture in them.



Here’s the backstory:


·         On August 7, Politico reported: “Representatives for GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski are demanding that her fellow Alaskan, Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, take down a campaign ad featuring her image — an unusual instance of two sitting senators from the same state in a public spat. …In a letter disseminated on Thursday, the law firm for Murkowski’s Senate committee skewered a Begich ad in a cease-and-desist missive. The ad in question, “Great Team,” features Murkowski and Begich appearing together, along with testimony from an individual who says he is a lifelong Republican, a Murkowski voter —and also a Begich supporter.”


·         On August 11th, Sen. Begich refused to take down the Murkowski ad: Reports made clear: “Mark Begich, Alaska Democrat, said he doesn’t plan to take down a campaign ad showing him working together with his Republican colleague, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Ms. Murkowski has sent Mr. Begich a cease-and-desist letter to stop playing the television ad, saying that he used her likeness without her permission.”


·         On September 28th, Sen. Begich brazenly ran another ad featuring Lisa Murkowski: KTVA reported, “It comes after Murkowski earlier in the campaign called on Begich to stop running a similar ad. And it comes days after Murkowski was featured in an ad endorsing Begich’s GOP rival, Dan Sullivan.”


·         On October 24, Mark Begich claimed the only reason that Lisa Murkowski was mad about the ads is because she didn’t like her photo: During a recent debate, Dan Sullivan asked Mark Begich why he repeatedly used Senator Murkowski in his campaign ads against her will. Senator Begich’s obnoxious (not to mention sexist) response? “She didn’t like the photo. That’s what the letter was about, Dan.”


… (Mark Begich is a Liar; By News Links; The Minority Report; 10/28/14)


Dan Sullivan confronted Senator Mark Begich on penchant for lying:


VIDEO: Mark Begich Lies About His 2008 Campaign Attack Ads


Published by goprapidresponse

Published: Oct 30, 2014


And here is the Washington Free Beacon summarizing the video exchange between Dan Sullivan and Mark Begich:


Mark Begich’s Bold Debate Lie Easily Debunked By Anyone With Access to Youtube


By Washington Free Beacon Staff

October 31, 2014 10:02 am

Washington Free Beacon


Despite overwhelming evidence, Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska) denied having attacked Republican Ted Stevens in attack ads during the 2008 Senate campaign.


The issue came up during a debate Thursday night between Begich and Dan Sullivan. Sullivan questioned Begich regarding wrongful accusations against Stevens and whether Begich regretted running the incorrect attack ads.


Begich, presumably hoping no one with access to Youtube was paying attention boldly stated, “I didn’t run attack ads.”


Two of Begich’s ads attacking Stevens are still available online here and here.


Now I don’t live in Alaska but I gotta tell ya, for an Alaskan voter to actually vote for Senator Mark Begich’s reelection that person must really be dedicated to the Democratic Party, political liars and dirty politicians.


JRH 11/1/14

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Meet Dan Sullivan, Marine, Running for US Senate in Alaska

Sent: 10/30/2014 8:44 AM

MAF Freedom PAC


Alaska: Dan Sullivan for U.S. SENATOR


Name: Dan Sullivan
Running For: U.S. Senate
State: Alaska
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Service: United States Marine Corps & Reserve
Deployments: Afghanistan, Middle East, Africa, Asia

Dan Sullivan as Lt. Col.

Currently running to become the next Senator from Alaska is U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Dan Sullivan. Having previously served as Alaska’s Attorney General, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources and the United States Assistant Secretary of Economic and Business Affairs, he has had a long career of public service.

Dan joined the Marine Corps in 1993 and has served on Active Duty and Reserves. Lt. Col. Sullivan is still in the Marine Corps Reserves and is the current commander of Alaska’s 6th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. Before his current post, Dan was commander of the 4th Marine Division’s Anti-Terror Battalion.

The Marine Reserves called Dan to active duty in 2004, 2009, and 2013. He served in Afghanistan for a six-week tour of duty and deployed to various countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. In 2004 he was active duty for a year and a half in the Middle East serving as high ranking staff in the U.S. military Central Command Office (CENTCOM) which oversees all operations in the Middle East. Back in 2004, that meant both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dan has an impressive list of accolades even beyond his sterling military service. Like Tom Cotton, a fellow veteran running for U.S. Senate, Dan went to Harvard where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Economics. He studied Law at Georgetown which is where he met his wife Julie, also a law student at the prestigious school.

Dan’s experience in the Marines made him a tough-as-nails leader who never backs down and for whom surrender is not an option! He’s fighting a tough race against Mark Begich, a typical Democrat politician who runs to the right during election season, distancing himself from Obama and his liberal views, but as soon as they get elected these liberals always show their true colors.

Begich has shown this in his support for President Obama’s inaction in confronting ISIS. In a recent debate, Begich supported Obama’s policy of a hands-off fight against ISIS, with no troops and only very limited bombing. Sullivan pounced on the opportunity to show how wrong that strategy is.

“Inaction has its own consequences,” Sullivan said, “If we need combat troops to protect personnel, to protect the embassy, to protect ambassadors like we didn’t have in Benghazi, to protect pilots, I would be for it.”

His opponent, Begich, was silent and offered no such commitment to protecting our citizens or our interests abroad.

Lt. Colonel Dan Sullivan is the kind of veteran we need to send to the U.S. Senate, he will stand up for our troops and push for a strong national defense to confront the growing threats from ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups.


Sullivan needs your help! Donate now to help send Marine Lt. Col. Dan Sullivan to Washington DC!


Vote Alaska: Begich the Liar or veteran Patriot Sullivan

By John R. Houk

© November 1, 2014


Meet Dan Sullivan, Marine, Running for US Senate in Alaska


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Move America Forward Freedom PAC
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Former TPE Member Johns Displeases Organization

I know of Deborah Johns as a Blue Star Mom who was battling Leftist defeatists about funding The Surge in Iraq (a successful outcome incidentally).  I remember getting email alerts from her representing Move America Forward.

I am a Tea Party Movement supporter however I rarely follow the inter-Tea Party political infighting. Because of this I had no idea that Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns was also an Our Country Deserves Better PAC and Tea Party Express big dog. I recently received Tea Party Express updates defending their position on a GOP candidate for Office in North Carolina Democratic Party incumbent.

Evidently Johns supported Iraq theatre veteran Will Breazeale in the GOP primary over the eventual GOP winner Ilario Pantano. Johns’ gripe with Pantano is he was accused of murdering Iraqis while in the Service. Pantano was not necessarily cleared of the accusation but the powers that be in the military must not have believed there to be sufficient evidence to conclude a military trial to a successful conclusion. Military justice has taken hits over the last few years because Marines (Save one still persecuted Marine Sgt. Frank Wuterich) and SEALs were exonerated for war crimes accusations. Exonerations I might add that brought joy to Conservatives including yours truly.

Johns has read the transcript of Pentane’s actions and has concluded that he is a criminal bringing a bad name to military Patriots of the past and the present.

I know this post sounds like its leaning to an agreement with Johns; however really I don’t have enough info to agree with Johns or the Tea Party Express. I’ll let you read the Tea Party Express emails I received and you can check independently if Ilario Pantano is worthy to represent a new Conservative emerging Republican Party.

JRH 10/6/10




Sent by: Tea Party Express

Sent: 10/5/2010 9:50 PM

Today many of you received an email from a bogus group called “The Conservative Update” attacking the Tea Party Express.  The email is actually from two former employees of the Tea Party Express who were fired for cause.  Their names are Deborah Johns and Kelly Eustis.  We fired both of them when we discovered how bad they were, and then we all got to see this week how reckless they were when they launched an effort to defeat the conservative Republican for Congress in North Carolina, Illario Patano – who is also a veteran of the United States Marines, and instead support his Democrat opponent.


When we stuck up for Pantano we became the target of attack by these shameless people who have been operating under a number of front groups.  And that’s why they sent out the email you got today.  You can read one press account to gain a better understanding – HERE.

We have learned that Ms. Johns was similarly fired from Combat Veterans for Congress shortly after her termination by the Tea Party Express.

Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns even went so far as attempting to break into our office – which we were alerted to by building security, resulting in our filing a police report against them.  They stole a part of the Tea Party Express email list upon their departure, but we have retained legal counsel to take action in this regard to get it back.

They also tried to gain access to the company we use for broadcasting our emails, when their own email provider shut them down for SPAM (as a result of them stealing their list) but as soon as our own email provider saw that they were doing they shut down their account and warned them never to even consider coming back.

So now these two individuals sought out a new email server, and set up this bogus “The Conservative Update” group along with a group called “One Nation PAC.”

Here’s what you need to do to take action:

1st) You should unsubscribe from any emails you receive from “One Nation PAC” by finding the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any emails they sent you but do so only after you report the email as “SPAM” to their current provider ChimpMail.

2nd) You can similarly unsubscribe from any emails you receive from The Conservative Update, or any other new front groups these individuals set up, by again scrolling to the bottom of the email and finding the “Unsubscribe” link.

3rd) We need to stand up for Illario Pantano against the despicable attacks by these people.  You can make a donation to Pantano’s campaign – HERE.

You can also email his campaign and let them know that we stand behind them and that we will refute any efforts by Ms. Johns or Mr. Eustis to smear and defame his good name and his campaign.  Send emails supportive of Illario Pantano to:

Finally, to all of you who wrote in alerting us to this attempt to smear and destroy the Tea Party Express we want to say THANK YOU!  Just as we’re working through lawyers and law enforcement to respond, we are also working with other leaders of the tea party movement to take action against Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns to ensure that no more conservatives are harmed by their efforts.

We never quite realized when we first launched the Tea Party Express how many people would try and stop our efforts to take our country back.  We knew the liberals would oppose us, but we have been really disappointed to see how some in the political establishment, and how some subversive elements like Mr. Eustis and Ms. Johns, would behave and how hard they would work to stop our efforts.

When we saw Ilario Pantano’s campaign attacked yesterday we knew we had to step forward and take action to defend him.  And in doing so, we once again put ourselves in the spotlight and in the line-of-fire.

But that’s OK, we’re determined to persevere regardless of what is thrown against us, because our cause is right and just, and we will prevail in the end as long as we all stand united and fight for the principles we believe in!

If you have any other questions or comments about this matter please feel free to email our Director of Field Operations, Tiffiny Ruegner, who can speak quite clearly to all the issues involved in this effort to destroy the Tea Party Express and conservative candidates like Illario Pantano.  You can email Tiffiny at:


Important work to Help Sharron Angle in Nevada


Sent by: Tea Party Express

Sent: 10/6/2010 12:23 AM

Thanks again for all your supportive notes regarding the attacks against the Tea Party Express by a new front group trying to destroy the Tea Party Express.  Many of you asked for a simple direct link to unsubscribe from their emails (via One Nation PAC and The Conservative Update).  Here is that link – CLICK HERE.

Sadly this was not the only under-handed attempt by sleazy political operatives to hurt the tea party movement.  As you may have heard, Sharron Angle recently met a slimeball named Scott Ashjian, the head of another bogus group – Tea Party Party in Nevada – asking him to drop out, as he would siphon votes away from her and allow Harry Reid to win the election.

The Tea Party Party in Nevada enjoys no tea party support.  It’s a total scam that Harry Reid and his allies apparently cooked up to split the vote (remind you of what we’re facing in Alaska with Lisa Murkowski) and help Harry win.

Well, Scott Ashjian secretly tape-recorded his meeting with Sharron Angle, ran to the news media and smeared her, smeared the Tea Party Express.  Again, he is doing Harry Reid’s bidding.  It’s been awful to watch on the news this week – that man is such a dishonorable thug, and we here at the Tea Party Express figured this out early on.  We even put out this ad exposing Scott Ashjian – WATCH IT HERE.

And guess what?  Scott Ashjian was back on TV doing interviews this week where he called the Tea Party Express… get ready for it… RACIST.

Yes, the favorite smear by liberals of the tea party movement repeated once more.

We’ve been upping our expenditures in Nevada for the past few weeks and we’re going to do even more. 

So please, support our push for Sharron Angle – we’re going to stop the Lisa Murkowski’s, the Harry Reid’s, the Scott Ashjians, the One Nation PACs, and every other dirty, slimy group or individual that tries to undermine our fight!

You can support our campaign for Sharron Angle by making a contribution online – HERE.

We’re hoping 500 people can contribute $100 or more within the next 24 hours.

As always, if you prefer you can mail in a contribution via U.S. mail to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express

8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103

Sacramento, CA 95826-3720


Former TPE Member Johns Displeases Organization

John R. Houk

© October 6, 2010


Tea Party Express


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