On Syria – Obama Indecision may be Worse than Decisiveness

Free Syria Supporters 2-29-12

John R. Houk

© March 1, 2012



The current Syrian government – a client State of Iran – has been massacring its own citizens for months now. Unlike in Libya, the Obama solution is to look the other way. Why?


My best guess is that the consequences of aiding Syrian revolutionaries (the Sunni-Islam majority weary of the Alawite-Islam minority) have too many unknowns for President BHO to enter the fray to stop the genocide.


If BHO actively supports the revolutionaries will Iran have the guts to send troops into Syria to defend its client? And if Iran sends troops will Israel use the excuse to enter Syria militarily because of Iranian threats to wipe Israel off the map? Will the real Lebanese government in the form of Hezbollah offer military support to Assad’s Syria since Hezbollah is both a client of Iran and Shias like Alawites are Shias? Again, will Hezbollah action force Israel’s entrance into Syria?


I am sure there are other possible consequences that BHO does not want to deal with in an election year; nonetheless you can see that revolution in Syria could be the first domino leading to at least a Middle East regional war or worst WWIII.


If Obama Foreign Policy spinelessness continues his indecision might tip the first domino making things worse in a war somewhat like Britain and France waited on Hitler to have some common sense until the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939.


Below are some Leslie J. Sacks thoughts on the slaughter in Iran which is a bit different than my thoughts.


JRH 3/1/12 (Read the Sacks thoughts at the end of my thoughts at SlantRight 2.0)

The Egyptian Sphinx

Obama Sphynx

Leslie Sacks warns a democratic election in Egypt today would result in a Muslim Brotherhood anti-Israel and anti-American government in which we can surmise from MB literature and speeches would certainly be a detriment to National Security and I might add to any Middle East fragile stability due to a huge sway in that region’s balance of power. Sacks correctly writes that the best case scenario is for the Egyptian Military to guarantee the current Constitution while there is a transition then present a reformed Constitution that provides better civil rights for Egyptians. Of course “better civil rights” through a Muslim filter is not the same as Western civil rights. I have no doubt a reformed Constitution even though secular will be based on a framework of Sharia Law tempering some of the cruel of Sharia.


JRH 2/9/11