2 Christians Tortured by Pakistan Police

John R. Houk

© May 12, 2016


Persecution of Christians continues in Pakistan. This time it wasn’t a Muslim mob crazed over the ludicrous Islamic practice for punishing those who blaspheme their false Prophet Mohammed, Islam and/or their false deity Allah. This time it has become public knowledge that some Lahore policemen brought in two Christians for questioning over an alleged crime. The crime is ill-described by news outlets reporting on the incident. BUT of not the police interrogation included brutal torture of the Christian men Faraz Masih and Doya Masih.


VIDEO: Lahore has become the executioner, held pransanyt 2 people barbaric violence Express Urdu 


Posted by John Houk

Published on May 12, 2016


An Urdu language broadcast from the Pakistan news outlet called Express News shows stealth taken photos of Pakistani-Christians Faraz Masih and Doya Masih being tortured at the Shalimaar police Station in the city of Lahore.


The LEAD article I’m cross posting calls the accused crime as being to “defraud”. The Nation reports the accused crime was mugging:


LAHORE: Two members of the country’s Christian community are battling for life in a private clinic after undergoing police brutalities for a couple of days in Lahore’s Shalimar police station.


Thirty-year-old Faraz Masih and forty-year-old Doya Masih were picked up by the investigation wing of the Shalimar police station in connection with a mugging case last week.


A close relative of the suspects visited the police station and covertly took pictures of the suspects, which would send chills of horror down the spine of any sane person. When the man shared the gruesome photos with crime reporters, the issue came into the notice of the senior police officers. …



The family members paid several visits to the police station and met the victims only after paying bribe to the lower subordinates. A relative of one of the suspects today told The Nation that when they fell unconscious in the police lock-up, the suspects were shifted to a private clinic by the policemen.


“The police investigators applied third degree torture methods during interrogation. They were demanding one hundred thousand rupees for the release of the suspects. The poor families were unable to pay the bribe,” said the frightened relative while requesting anonymity.



“They were paraded naked, thrashed, punched, and kicked on their private parts. Their hands and feet were tied to a charpoy and they were tortured brutally in upside down position. The policemen also threw salt and pepper on the victim’s injuries to force them to confess to the robberies (whether they had committed or not)”.


The police during interrogation uses multiple methods of torture to extort cash and information from crime suspects. Although the police are asked to use scientific methods of investigations yet the suspects are tortured by police to force them to confess the crimes.


Interestingly, the police in the Punjab province are paid bribe for both purposes – to torture and not to torture the suspects. The policemen are bribed to avoid torture on suspects belonging to rich and influential families while the poor are subjected to severe torture to get bribe.


The rest of The Nation story are interviews of past Police torture victims (Police use of brutal torture methods continues unabated; By Ashraf Javed; The Nation; 5/9/16 9:35 pm)


The Nation updated the above with a bit of an editorial on May 11 entitled, “Police Brutality”.


Since I began this post with a Youtube video of the tortured victims from Express News, here is the English translation of the Urdu language report (note Google Translate couldn’t figure a couple of words):


Lahore:  are hanging 2 Shalimar police station altka investigative personnel have brutally tortured and News raised the issue of the police authorities took notice of the incident were suspended 4.


Are according to Express News took in Lahore Shalimar police arrest 6 days ago 2 people followed hanging them upside down and tied to the bed, the two officials were targeted and inhuman violence, investigative team members down unto them when both of them were naked people chtrul and the condition being shifted to a nearby hospital.


After walking on the other hand, Express News reported police torture and police authorities took notice of the incident suspended 4 officers in charge of the investigation, including Hammad Tariq Butt and ASI. (Lahore has become the executioner, held 2 people barbaric violence pransanyt; Express News [Urdu]; 5/9/16)


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Bilawal condemns inhuman torture of two Christians by Lahore Police; The News; 5/11/16


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Below is the LEAD story.


JRH 5/12/16

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Two Christians Subjected to Excruciating Torture by Lahore Police



May 11, 2016 09:48

Legal Evangelical Association Development


LAHORE: Two Christian go through inhumane torture at the hands of the Lahore police. In keeping with details, two men were booked by the police under charges of defraud. While carrying out the investigations the police hung one of the men upside down with a bunk and tortured him inhumanely. The other was stripped naked and tortured.


Christians Tortured in Pakistan

Christians Tortured in Pakistan


The reprehensible incident took place in Lahore’ Shalimaar police Station. The two men Faraaz and a Christian Doya Masih were hooked by the police and underwent vicious torture without the FIR being filed. After the news of the incident was aired, Superintendent Police Investigations, has sacked four police personnel found involved in unleashing vicious torture on the two captives.


On the other hand, the police tried to justify the abject investigatory torture by claiming these captives have confessed to more than 12 instances of robbery. After the photos of the two captives became public, S.P. Investigations took notice of the incident and issued orders of dismissal of Hammad Butt – In charge of investigations, ASI Tariq, Constable Sadiq and Arif.


Sardar Mushtaq Gill, human rights Defender who heads LEAD strongly condemns the barbarically torture of the police on two Christians as they refused to confess the crime they did not commit. Police in Pakistan have been known to torture suspects, especially if they are Christians, to obtain confessions in the crime they do not commit.


2 Christians Tortured by Pakistan Police

John R. Houk

© May 12, 2016


Two Christians Subjected to Excruciating Torture by Lahore Police

Edited by John R. Houk


About Sardar Mushtaq Gill from webpage panel:


Mr. Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender, is a 34-year-old law graduate from Lahore Punjab University, Pakistan. He is married and has four children. He runs the LEAD organisation.


The protection and promotion of the right to freedom of religion and belief constitute the core work of LEAD; to educate and teach and to create awareness of this precious right. The main problem in Pakistan is religious intolerance and discrimination which affect religious minorities and create in them the feelings of insecurity of life and property.


We hold seminars and workshops among students and teachers of different schools and educational institutions to discourage violence and to promote respect of faith in Pakistan.


We approach authorities to end discrimination and promote harmony among those who possess different faith. We also provide free legal assistance to those who are victims of religious and sectarian violence and victims of discriminatory laws of land without difference of faith and creed.


Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Advocate High Courts, is the Chief Counsel of LEAD, it focuses on discriminatory and constitutional law. It is as a non-profit organisation does not charge for its services. Its women Rights Chapter is being run by Farzana Imran (WHRD) who is head of women Chapter.




LEAD- (Legal Evangelical Association Development) is an organisation, a REGISTERED relief, development, advocacy and Free legal aid organization dedicated to working with children, families, communities, Churches and different denominations to overcome poverty and injustice. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are motivated by God’s love to serve all people regardless of race, religion, denomination, gender or ethnicity.


Email: leadpakistan2009@gmail.com


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Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) is expected to:


1.To contribute in the field of Human Rights work in Pakistan and religious Liberty for everyone in this world and Pakistani minorities. 


2.To contribute to promote religious tolerance among majority and religious minority communities of Pakistan


3.To take steps to READ THE REST

Qaiser Ayub, Held Over Blasphemy Allegation Sent to Jail

Qaiser Ayub is a Pakistani Christian. From what I have been able to decipher is he is an educated man which seems to be relatively rare among the Christian minority of Pakistan.  According to Shamim Masih he has a MA in Computer Science. Apparently back in 2011 on a blog he operated he is accused of writing or depicting the false prophet Mohammed in unflattering terms. In case you have been hiding under a rock that is illegal in Pakistan and the entire Muslim world for that matter. In Pakistan Christians are accused of some kind of illegal blasphemy acts all the time and most often they are falsely accused as a matter of spite by Sunni Muslims.


In the case of Qaiser Ayub who was actually a Pakistan college professor, I have to wonder what the reason was for sticking around Pakistan since 2011 with a blasphemy infraction hanging over his head. At any rate the blasphemy charge caught up with him a few days ago and was arrested in Lahore. Shamim Masih writes that that Sohail Johnson – the Chairman of the Christian organization SLMP is in Qaiser’s corner. In trying to find some background on the incident I also discovered that Sardar Mushtaq Gill – the National Director of the Christian organization Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) is in Qaiser’s corner.


Pakistani Christian and civil rights organizations too often compete for foreign funding. I pray Qaiser’s case is one in which both the SLMP and the LEAD are working together to combat the blasphemy charge against Qaiser Ayub.


JRH 11/22/14

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Qaiser Ayub, Held Over Blasphemy Allegation Sent to Jail


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 11/20/2014 9:00 PM


ISLAMABAD: After a week of the burning of Christian couple to death in Kot Radha Kishan, Punjab police have arrested Qaiser Ayub, 40 a blogger, from Lahore over an alleged act of blasphemy. According to the sources, a Christian man, holding a Master’s degree in computer sciences, used a website to make blasphemous remarks. [He was booked under the Pakistan Blasphemy Law.] Sources told that a Christian man was alleged [to use] derogatory language against the Holy Prophet in his blogs.


Mohammad Saeed, complained and filed an application in [the] city Police Station against the accused and [the] case was registered First Investigation Report (FIR) no. 105/11 under section 295-C in PS. Talagan, Dist. Chakwal. The accused went into hiding after the registration of the FIR against him for a couple of years. On 14 November, 2014, Chakwal police arrested him from Lahore and presented him in the court on 15 November in Talagang. According to the police the FIR was registered on June 9, 2011 and the man was arrested after three and half years.


According to police officials, Qaiser is alleged of drawing sketches against Islam on his blogs.


According to Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP), the family of Qaiser Ayub, his wife Amina Bibi and three children are in safe custody. SLMP will be taking care of his family and his case as well. The organization is arranging legal assistance for his case.


Sources confirmed Jabbar Hussian – SP Rawalpindi range is appointed to investigate the case. Qaiser Ayub is shifted to jail for his judicial investigation. [Again] sources confirmed the Police is trying to hide the secret of the case investigation and requested the media people to keep it in a low profile.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Diplomatic Correspondent, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, UN, F & S, MOST, CADD & Human Rights Activist


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Edited by John R. Houk

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Somebody’s Lying in Pakistan

Abolish Blasphemy Laws

I Stand with Shamim Masih

John R. Houk

© October 2, 2014


A very sad thing is occurring in Pakistan.


On September 29 I posted a report from Shamim Masih entitled, “CLAAS has nothing to do with Zafar Bhatti case, says Basharat Khokhar”. Shamim asserted a few thing in that report:


1)    Mainstream Media reporting that the murder of Christian Pakistani Pastor Zafar Bhatti in prison awaiting execution for a conviction of Blasphemy was completely erroneous.


2)   The Christian Civil Rights organization CLAAS in Pakistan was not representing Zafar as they claimed.


3)   That CLAAS has done nothing materially for Zafar’s family nor has CLAAS performed any legal representation for Zafar.


4)    AND Shamim gave the implication (but not a direct accusation) that CLAAS was using Zafar’s name to drum up donations deceptively with false claims of aid and legal representation.


It is my humble opinion that Shamim was indicating that Zafar Bhatti had made international news for the first time and hence CLAAS took the focus of international scrutiny to connect their organization with Zafar to make the push for Western donors would heap financial sympathy toward CLAAS’s way.


Just to add some fair-and-balance to the unfortunate disagreement between Shamim’s reporting and CLAAS’s claims, Shamim had appealed me to directly ask readers to send donations to Shamim to help with legal bills and to provide material support for Zafar’s family while the avoidance from execution was legally being parleyed on Zafar’s behalf. Thus Shamim also asked for donations. The difference being for me however, is that CLAAS used the international publicity as a photo-op while Shamim did not publicize himself with fanfare. Shamim simply asked.


I have to tell you that Shamim Masih has never led me astray in his reporting of Christian persecution ongoing in Pakistan. And so I was more than willing – and continue to be willing – to forward Shamim’s donation process to my readers.


[Which by the way the donation is for Zafar Bhatti’s family not Shamim; ergo here is that donation info for Americans and Westerners:


The best way to donate to Shamim Masih is via Western Union sending this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560. There are other ways hence I provide bank information underneath Shamim’s rebuttal to CLAAS.]


It is evident that Shamim’s report has given CLAAS the feeling of being impugned. Here is an excerpt of the Pakistan Christian Post report defending their version of the truth which reasserts their organization is personally involved in helping Zafar materially and legally (I usually edit Shamim’s postings but I am not doing so with the Pakistan Christian Post article):


Just to remind that the work which CLAAS doing is the commitment with the God to provide assistance to the persecuted, needy and poor Christians in Pakistan. We are honestly doing our job and CLAAS means to help persecuted without hesitation, to give assistance without expectation and to love community without limitations. We just trying to help or assist people as much as we can but, it is their own will if they want to go to other groups to ask help for their own satisfaction, as we cannot bind them to stay with CLAAS but when they again need help, they are welcomed to CLAAS.

Pakistani so called Christian organizations says that CLAAS use to do photo sessions of people, yes we do for our records. I would like to ask that is there any NGO who do not make photos?

In Zafar Bhatti case the family was mislead twice by few groups in Rawalpindi and after two three months they were again back to CLAAS and requested for financial support and assistance in the legal case of Zafar Bhatti. CLAAS did not denied and again providing food items, financial support monthly and the legal case of Zafar Bhatti.

CLAAS receive thanks letters from Zafar Bhatti he wrote from the prison and also taking care of his medicine and other basic need in the prison. CLAAS legal team and Mr. Joseph Francis personally going to attend court hearings of Zafar case regularly, as the case trial is in prison. After the attack on M. Asghar in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi, Basharat Khokher and Khalid Shehzad mislead the family and sent wrong report of Zafar Bhatti’s murder on international media. They also disturb the family to make them upset and confused by giving them the news of Zafar Bhatti’s killing and ask them to go to the hospitals to see him in the dead houses. They did not only disturbed an old age wife of Zafar Bhatti and also misreported the international media reporter in Islamabad which the news reporter has to rewrite and make correction in the report after taking the correct facts from CLAAS and Nawab Bibi that Zafar Bhatti was alive.

Anyhow CLAAS is not answerable to the people like Khalid Shahzad who has bad politics and reporting that CLAAS is misleading families and use to do photo sessions with the families but there is only GOD we need to be afraid. We trust in God and believe that CLAAS is working in Pakistan just because the God’s will. The new arising Christian NGO’s doing work without vision and afraid from the firmed organization like CLAAS as they cannot get funds from the funding organizations without creating between donors for CLAAS.

If they work for good purpose, which is to provide justice and secure future to the suffering Christian brothers and sisters and assist them in their legal problems, why they highjack the victim’s families. Why they misreport on international and national media, why they using bad policies for the legs pulling of each others. They should sit down together and to clear the misunderstandings if they have any and to guide each other if someone is on mistake because we all are doing work on the same agenda to help people.

It is worth mentioned here that who is Basharat Khokher? A police constable in Islamabad Region Police. A member of APMA; he met CLAAS Director Joseph Francis during the case of Rimsha Bibi victim of blasphemy as he pretended a dispute with Khalid Gill of APMA and Paul Bhatti, APMA leader and brother of Shahbaz Bhatti (late) Minority Minister assassinated by an extremists group. Basharat Gill along with Paul Bhatti worked in Rimsha case but after her release he asked Mr. Bhatti to arrange his visa to Canada but remained fail. Then he asked Mr. Joseph Francis to get visa through any embassy in Islamabad as Mr. Francis asked Basharat that it is not easy to get visa for Canada, America or Europe. But he has been insisting Mr. Francis to help in getting visa from any embassy as Mr. Francis has good relations in foreign embassies in Islamabad. There is nothing than blackmailing Basharat Khokher doing with CLAAS and also Shamim Masih so called Christian journalist who also blackmailer.

Basharat claimed in the report published on “Global Christians Voice” That CLAAS do nothing with Zafar Bhatti case as Pervaiz Khan Advocate in Rawalpindi is his lawyer and they can prove with record/documents. We want to say very clearly that Mr. Tahir Bashir CLAAS Lawyer is Zafar Bhatti’s lawyer and attending every court hearing as Pervaiz Khan is Ghazala’s irregular lawyer (she is co accuse in blasphemy case with Zafar). Ghazala is on bail and she required to the court on each hearing but since last 3 hearings she was absent and on September 25, 2014 the learned Judge has issued arrest warrant against her and ordered the SHO to arrest her present in the court on the next hearing on October 01, 2014. Mr. Joseph Francis National Director CLAAS would be present in the court along with legal team.

CLAAS is providing free legal aid to Zafar Bhatti, monthly food and financial support to his family.

Today CLAAS arrange special visit of Nawab Bibi with Zafar Bhatti at Adiala Jail through one colleague from British High Commission Islamabad. Nawab Bibi was happy and satisfied to see Zafar Bhatti alive and thankful to CLAAS for arranging her special visit with Zafar Bhatti.

Gazal Khan Co-accused of Zafar Bhatti Blasphemy Case Reaches To LEAD For Legal Assistance.


There is more but is some info on the co-accused Ms. “Gazal” Khan which is followed by Shamim Masih’s report in entirety (Who is supporting Zafar Bhatti in Jail? Christian Pakistan Post; 9/30/14)


As the Pakistan Christian Post reports and CLAAS concurs Gazala Khan is being represented by Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD).


JRH 10/2/14

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Race to Take Credit


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 10/1/2014 12:49 PM


ISLAMABAD: Since Zafar Bhatti, accused of blasphemy case confined in central jail Adayla, Rawalpindi is being reported in main stream media, individuals and non-government organizations are in race to take the credit for representing his case.


Today the court adjourned the case hearing till October 15, 2014 due to the absence of his co-accused Ghazala Khan. Parvaiz Khan, legal representative of Zafar Bhatti and Ghazala Khan said that he presented the medical certificate of his client and the Additional Session Judge Muhammad Iqbal Chadhar adjourned the case hearing and fixed the next court hearing for 15th October, accepting her medical certificate and advised him to bring her in the court for next hearing.


According to the details major media outlets reported earlier that Zafar Bhatti and Muhammad Asghar were shot in the prison and one of them was killed and other was injured and was taken to the hospital. I said and reported that the earlier media reports were erroneous. Zafar Bhatti was not shot but only Asghar Ali, the shooting was not fatal and he was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition. From the Western point of view it shooting in Adayla Jail was worse because Muhammad Yousaf was a police constable and was supposed to be their Guard.


Basharat Khokhar, human rights activist said he had engaged a lawyer Parvaiz Khan for the case that had been hijacked by Joseph Francis. He claimed that Parvaiz Khan is his lawyer.

Parvaiz Khan-legitimate Zafar Bhatti sig


I roughly reported that CLAAS is doing squat for Zafar Bhatti. As there are many reports that many so called rights champions and non-government organizations in Pakistan pitching for donations deceptively and then using the funds to line personal pockets. As soon as this report was printed in different Western media outlets, Joseph Francis, chief of CLAAS threatened me and declared me “so called journalist and black mailer” and his mercenaries also abused me and said that if I write something against CLAAS, then will face dire consequences.


Today both claimed that they were in the court and other party was absent. I am posting both powers of attorney, one is from Parvaiz Khan, which is duly singed by Zafar Bhatti and attested by the Deputy Superintendent Jail and the other one is from Tahir Bashir lawyer of CLAAS, which seems fake, with forged sign and without legal stamp by the jail authorities.

Tahir Bashir-CLAAS forgery of Zafar Bhatti sig


This is the attitude of the human rights champion Joseph Francis and his non-government organization CLAAS towards the reporters and its work, who write and report when you use these sort of case to “mint more money” instead service to the community.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Somebody’s Lying in Pakistan

John R. Houk

© October 2, 2014


Race to Take Credit


Edited by John R. Houk


© Shamim Masih

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