America’s Stark Choices


M is for Muslims


Wow! Okay, I am a Baby Boomer born in 1956 and felt the ‘70s was the most important decade. So here is an old Baby Boomer expression that I pray Justin appreciates: RIGHT ON, MAN!


JRH 6/26/12

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America’s Stark Choices


By Justin Smith

June 25, 2012 at 12:38pm

Justin Smith Facebook


If one castigates and denigrates America in order to avoid discomfort, court easy praise from the Left and gratify Muslim sensibilities and reinforces their stereotypes of America, this person is a traitor to their self, the truth and America, as they dance arm-in-arm with Obama, Islamofascist-in-Chief, and his court jesters. All their lives Muslims and a large portion of the current U.S. generation have had their minds poisoned against the very values that might save them.


Far from being anti-Muslim, I simply stand against the many doctrines of Islam which are currently still in practice, and which represent blatant human rights violations, antithetical ideas to the U.S. Constitution and a direct insult to every single man and woman who ever served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Paying “blood money” to avoid revenge killings, female genital mutilation, “honor” killings, pedophilia/”child brides” and terrorism as a method of political manipulation are all still practiced regularly within Muslim communities worldwide, including Europe and the U.S.


Hundreds of thousands of good and honorable men and women fought the tyranny of Japan and the fascism of Germany and Italy during WWII. On the 40th anniversary of D-day, Ronald Reagan addressed these heroes: “You all knew that some things are worth dying for, and democracy is worth dying for because it’s the most deeply honorable government ever devised by man. All of you loved Liberty. All of you were willing to fight tyranny…” The islamofascism of CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and most of the Islamic world is no less dangerous to Liberty and Freedom than Hitler’s Nazi fascism!


In 1983 Americans witnessed our U.S. Embassy in Lebanon destroyed, and this was quickly followed by the 1984 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut which killed 241 of our boys. Then, just after Christmas of 1985, the Abu Nidal Organization killed 19 people in Vienna and Rome, among them five Americans and 11 year old Natasha Simpson who died in her father’s arms.


In 1993 Americans were shocked by the first bombing of the World Trade Center orchestrated by the Blind Sheik. And, credible evidence has been revealed between 1995 and 2000 by Jayna Davis, investigative journalist for KFOR-TV, that an Islamic terrorist connection existed in the bombing of Oklahoma City’s Murrah Federal Building between Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and expert bomb technician Ramzi Yousef and terrorist cells in the Philippines, Oklahoma City and Chicago. This was sworn testimony presented to the 9/11 Commission and confirmed by investigative journalist Steve Emerson (CNN & Family Security Matters), Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy & ex-Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense) and the Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, who also compiled intelligence reports that implicated Osama bin-Laden as the financier.


After 9/11, the U.S. overthrew two dictatorial regimes in the Muslim world. Americans liberated Muslims and risked their lives to help the Afghan and Iraqi people rebuild their countries in a manner that would ensure Freedom and prosperity; many U.S. soldiers died or returned home without limbs. And yet, while it was Islamists murdering Muslim men, women and children in these nations, just as it is now across Egypt, Libya, Syria and most of the Middle East, U.S. Muslims seemed to qualify their condemnation of Islamic extremism by calling for “understanding” of the terrorists’ rage at the U.S. Far too many Americans and Muslims act as if jihad or holy war had not existed prior to the invasion of Iraq. So, I grow weary of the idle superior sneers from the Left-Muslim alliance who portray America as a heartless, bloodthirsty imperial power, indistinguishable from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.


The Obama administration is the “useful idiot” for the islamofascists within America. It is delusional to think that U.S. Muslims’ so-called “help” in the intelligence services and counter-terrorism mitigates their hostility to democracy and assimilation or their determination to continue the Islamization of America. This serves only to further enable their infiltration of the U.S. government.


If continued, Obama’s current policies can only lead to the near “Balkanization” of the U.S. with warring factions of the Left-Muslims and original intent Constitutionalist American Patriots. Americans are told they must feel ashamed of their heritage, contemptuous of their Freedom and willing and eager to settle for any kind of “peace” at any cost, as Obama whispers sweet nothings in the Russian president’s ear and does nothing, while mad Mahmoud arms Iran with nukes and the Islamists spread across the Middle East like wildfire. The U.S. under the Obama administration is imperiling its Liberty, at home and abroad, by appeasing the totalitarian ideology of Islam!


While I acknowledge the existence of secular Muslims, socialist democrats such as Benazir Bhutto (two time Pakistan Prime Minister/assassinated), Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President/assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood) or democratic reformers such as Irshad Manji and Dr Jasser, and the one time communist leader of Afghanistan, Najibullah (hung by the Taliban), they are the exceptions, because intimidation is a large part of Muslim reality. Far too many potentially reform-minded Muslims may really despise the harshness of Sharia law, but they refuse to speak against the fundamentalists… the True Muslim/Islamists…or work towards reform of Islam for fear of exclusion from the umma/their community… or worse. However, if they meekly allow Sharia law to enter America, practically speaking, they are still allies to America’s enemies.


How does a belief system founded on conquest that advocates an Islamic theocratic state live at ease in the 21st century in free and secular societies? Instead of answering the question, the Islamic hierarchy and most Muslims tend to attack the people who ask, and they ask for special laws to silence us!


Some of the solutions must come from the Muslim community itself, as “We the People” counter the Obama administration’s astonishing assault on Free Expression and force the U.S. government to acknowledge Muslim related problems; this must include Obama’s defeat in November and an immediate halt to the collusion with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the enemies of America. Muslim silence cannot endure, and U.S. intelligence communities cannot win the war with Islamic terrorism on its current path of official government denial of its existence. If U.S. Muslims do not stand for their own right… Our Right… To Live Free Lives In America… Our Beloved America… then the only alternatives may eventually and ultimately be stark and unappealing some several years ahead: acceptance of Sharia law within the U.S. or the mass expulsion of Muslims. It’s an easy choice for me!


By Justin O. Smith


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Islam’s Cloud Over America


Samar Ali 2


Intro to Justin Smith: “Islam’s Cloud Over America”

Intro by John Houk

© June 19, 2012


Here is an article from Justin Smith that ties in with Radical Islamic infiltration in the government of the USA: “Congressmen Want Answers for Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration.”


Justin reports about the A-Okays that are being heaped upon the appointment of Samar Ali to a State government position. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and a large amount of the Tennessee Press support her appointment on religious freedom grounds as if being a Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF: Detailed, MB – Islamic Terrorism Link, EU & Hour Video Seminar) expert is something irrelevant. The fact is SCF is part of the Sharia Law program of Islam that has principles totally contrary to the U.S. Constitution. Here is a blurb of that support from (Nashville):


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Governor Bill Haslam has offered support for a state official whose religion has come under fire by some anti-Muslim groups.


Samar Ali is a Nashville born Muslim who graduated from Vanderbilt law school and recently accepted a position as international director on the state’s Economic and Community Development department. That appointment came under fire by the The Center for Security Policy and the 8th District Tea Party Coalition, groups who also opposed the mosque in Murfreesboro.


When asked about his stance on the issue, Haslam said that freedom of religion is guaranteed in our country, and that he looked forward to working with Ms. Ali.


“Samar is a highly qualified person, who has taken a role with our Economic Development Department. She comes with a great track record and a lot of experience and we think she’ll be a great employee for the state of Tennessee,” said Haslam.


… (Emphasis Mine – Posted: Jun 14, 2012 8:34 PM CDT – Updated: Jun 15, 2012 5:39 AM CDT)


Notice the news article is glowing with the information about the local Muslim making good and implies religious freedom and her glowing qualifications are good enough for the Tennessee Governor.


BUT the article mentions a Tea Party organization and an expose the reality of Islam group like the Center for Security Policy (CSP Blog) as if there were something wrong them and yet does not list the reasons for their opposition to Samar Ali to Tennessee’s Economic and Community Development (Read the ECD innovation page with SCF in mind) department.


Well this is my lengthy intro to Justin Smith’s article. Become educated and read the article.


JRH 6/19/12

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Islam’s Cloud Over America


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 6/18/2012 11:23 AM


President Obama, Governor Haslam and a host of state and local officials fiddle, while the flames of Sharia law and Sharia finance dance across the State of Tennessee and all America; and, it is now evident that Nathan Buttrey was less than forthcoming with the facts when I spoke with him on June 8th. However harmless the ‘Tennessean’, reporter Chas Sisk, Clint Brewer or Nathan Buttrey and the Gov’s office tries to portray Ms Samar Ali’s appointment to the Economic Community Development office, it definitely does warrant greater scrutiny.

As reported in ‘Shariah Finance Watch’ by Frank Gaffney, ex-Assistant Deputy Secretary of  Defense, on June 7th and corroborated in the ‘Tennessean’ on June 13th, Ms Ali specialized in “Shariah compliant transactions”, and she has advocated and facilitated Sharia finance deals as an associate for Hogan Lovells in Washington, DC. She structured deals so that they respected Islam’s ban on collecting interest.

Sharia finance is considered “dawa”/missionary activity by the World Islamic Economic Forum, “a trade association for Muslims”. More accurately, Sharia finance is financial “jihad”/holy war and it is a first step towards inserting Sharia law into any nation. Quite often in Muslim transactions, “zakat”, a tithe of sorts is requested to be sent to specific organizations or charities in lieu of interest, and far too often these funds aid fundamental terrorists… enemies of America, just as the case of CAIR’s Holy Land Foundation illustrated perfectly. This is the same financial system that gave rise to the Taliban through “zakat” from Prince Turki al-Faisal, the director of Saudi intelligence.

Regardless of the “spurious” nature Brewer and Gov Haslam’s RHINOs may attach to the contention of many that Ms Ali’s activities in the ECD should be closely monitored and her past Sharia finance deals reviewed, it is specious and base ignorance for Brewer, Buttrey and the Gov’s office to assert that Ms Ali’s duties “have nothing to do with Shariah law-or even finance.” They are asking us to abandon logic, common sense and reason, as they advance a ludicrous and erroneous assumption that as the international director of Tennessee’s trade program she could not possibly be in a position to advance Sharia finance proposals… What better place if not an international trade program to do just that?!?

It truly is well and good that Ms Ali has “encouraged dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth” through the YMCA; I am overjoyed that she has worked with Homeland Security, a network rife with Muslim Brotherhood members and Hamas sympathizers… led by Janet Napolitano, who would not know a terrorist from Obama if he were laying beside her in her boudoir; and, it is great that she has a law degree from Vanderbilt which has become a supporter of every anti-American, anti-Christian Left-Muslim agenda imaginable. I hope and pray that she is as patriotic and all-American as described, but I don’t believe anyone who does anything, even in the remotest sense, to promote Sharia finance within the US can really have America’s best interests at heart or truly love America as I do!

Don’t You wonder, “Why is Islam and everything Muslim being advocated so stridently and advanced at all levels of US government over all other religions?… contrary to the U.S. Constitution. And, why does the Left preach “multiculturalism” only for Muslims?… never for the Hindus or the Buddhists or the Christians.

America has steadily witnessed an increased Islamic “cultural exchange”/invasion largely at the behest of the Saudi government. The Saudis state that if America desires them to be more tolerant of the western civilization that America, too, must become more tolerant of Islam: in essence, they ask the US to accept the design of its own destruction by compromising the principles of freedom with the evil and subjugation of Islam.

Obama’s “fundamental transformation” includes making democracy inert and turning the US into a nation where everything can be stated except the Truth, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushes the UN’s 16/18 Resolution down our throats at the behest of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation… a resolution that not only criminalizes criticizing Islam, but it also incorporates every detail of the Cairo Convention: Along with the inalienable right to practice their “religion”/ideology and habits, Muslim immigrants shall have the right to propagate and disseminate Islamic “religion” and habits… Understand?! The Cairo Convention would force the US to cooperate with Islamic nations and allow Sharia law into US banking/financial, scientific/nuclear, industrial and commercial fields. The US has not ratified this yet, however, Obama has stepped ahead on his own.

Far too many initiatives are taken in favor of the minority Islamic “religion” at the expense of the minority. Companies like Whirlpool, Dell and Tyson comply with the Islamic request for liturgical accommodations for Muslim employees. The predominantly Polish and Catholic city of Detroit has a noise ordinance that forbids the peal of Christian church bells, while the Muslim minority is allowed to broadcast their noisy prayers from 6am to 10pm. And finally, not too many years ago, America witnessed the phony liberals who like the Talibans took delight as they forced the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Birmingham Courthouse, because Muslims complained that they had been written by “the Jew Moses.” Lest anyone has forgotten, Our American Heritage is Judeo-Christian principles and Western philosophies!

The Left-Muslim alliance proposes to tear America from its Judaic-Christian roots, and during the past twenty years, I am certain it has seemed to many Americans that the Nazi Sigrid Hunke’s ‘Allahs Sonne uber dem Abenland’ (The Sun of Allah Shines Over the West) was becoming our societal reality… one where the Islamofascists “free America from Christianity” and the Jews and infidels are “eliminated in a hurry.” Does anyone besides me feel like you are watching a Wermacht parade in front of the Reichstag?!?



By Justin O Smith


Intro to Justin Smith: “Islam’s Cloud Over America”

Intro by John Houk

© June 19, 2012


Islam’s Cloud Over America


© Justin O. Smith

The Islamic Complex or/ Islam Guides Terrorism

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro - NOT

I find it interesting that anytime one writes an exposé on Islam the MSM and Muslim Apologists scream to the roof tops that the writer is an Islamophobic bigot. When a Muslim scholar or Cleric spews anti-Western democracy ideals, anti-Christian and/or Jew-hatred the MSM and Muslim Apologists stand with the hater under Free Speech and Religious Freedom.


Can someone please stand up with me and say that is a load of hypocrisy?


Justin Smith writes from the perspective of Islam being purist or radical in Tennessee; there are many States in America that are experiencing the same Islamic Supremacism in demanding Radical Islamic anti-Americanism to be preached from Muslim pulpits in the name of Free Speech and Religious Freedom. These Muslim-American Clerics or foreign Muslim Clerics preaching by invitation in America demand the end of American Liberty in our Constitution. They demand the rule of Sharia Law instead of the U.S. Constitution. AND anyone that stands against this vitriol of hate is, guess what? That’s right, an Islamophobic bigot.


Let’s bring some clarity of the majority case of Islam in America via Justin Smith.


JRH 6/11/12

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The Islamic Complex or/ Islam Guides Terrorism


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 6/11/2012 12:42 PM


‘The Tennessean’ June 8th editorial describes the opposition to the construction of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro as “prejudiced” and “opponents to the free practice of religion” in response to a recently filed injunction to stop construction permanently. Quite to the contrary, these patriots only stand against the intolerance within Islam itself and its core doctrines that demand all ideologies and religions fall before it.

CAIR has entered the picture once again with the “we-know-our-rights” act, as they call the opposition to the ICM “anti-Muslim bigots”; they who in their own countries don’t let Christians build the tiniest of chapels and often murder Christians along with their nuns, priests and missionaries as occurred on June 3rd and 10th in Yelwa, Nigeria.

Islam presents many complexities wherever it inserts itself, especially in democratic societies. And yes, we must try not to make Muslim US citizens feel less than respected citizens, but they have a duty as US citizens to initiate the reformation of Islam, so that Islam’s archaic bindings and the Sunnah are removed from the Muslim community; US Muslims have a duty to respect their fellow Americans and the US Constitution and actually coexist with all other religions. As it exists now, Islam is more ideology than religion, and it cannot allow itself to be second to any other ideology… not communism… not capitalism… nor any other religion. Islam does not coexist peacefully.

Just because Robert Corlew declares Islam a religion does not make it so and neither does Islam’s 1.6 billion adherents. Only 10% of the combined Koran and Sunnah refers to God and spiritual matters; 60% presents Mohammed’s words and teachings and the remaining 30% outlines how Christians, Jews and infidels must be dealt with… reduced to slavery or second class citizenship/ “dhimmitude”, converted or killed. Islam is an ideology as dangerous to Freedom as the old Soviet-styled communism and Nazi fascism that contains a religious element… Islam is not a religion!

A furor arose recently over the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslim communities. But, how do we not inadvertently offend Muslims when their own doctrines state that the deception of non-believers/ infidels is acceptable when advancing Islam and even encourage such? Paradoxically, as long as second and third generation American born Muslims are still engaging in terrorist acts against the US, I don’t really care if a few Muslims get hurt feelings!

CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief ideologist and foremost influence was the infamous/renown Islamic theologian and scholar Sayeed Qubt. Qubt linked the Islamists’ ideology to coercive and subversive changes in social values, much as Lenin had done. He stated that any government not governed under the banner of Islam was impure, and he rejected both capitalism and communism. With the 20th century ascendancy of Islam, secularists, communists, capitalists and major religions barely survived in Islamic nations as fundamentalists intimidate, expel, convert or finally kill them… they are the exceptions rather than the rule.

It bears reminding that Qubt wrote: “It is not the function of Islam to compromise with the concepts of (Western culture) which are current in the world or to coexist in the same land…It (Western culture) derives its system from a source other than Allah… Islam cannot accept any mixing with (Western culture). Either Islam will remain or the (Western culture); no half-half situation is possible.”

Unbelievably, today America is witnessing the federal government giving Islam special dispensations to the detriment of Christianity. An ideology that threatens Freedom should not be advanced through the First Amendment or by the US government. On June 10th, ‘Tennessean’ columnist Gail Kerr reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR’s and Larry Crain’s (Church Law Institute) position that the Dept of Justice should intercede on behalf of the Murfreesboro mosque.

In 1989, investigative journalist Steve Emerson witnessed Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s mentor, urge thousands of Muslims at the Oklahoma City Islamic conference to train for holy war and the global expansion of Islam. This sort of behavior by radical imams and failure to uphold women’s rights has kept Italy from recognizing Islam as an official religion. The US should follow Italy’s lead.

All recent Islamic revolutions began through the imams in mosques…the same sort of mosques here in America that birthed the 9-11 plot. Behind every Islamic terrorist there is an imam. And, I declare that too many imams are spiritual guides of terrorism, thus… morally speaking… terrorists themselves!

Also, last Friday it was reported by Michael DelGiorno and Dr Bill Warner that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam had appointed a “Sharia finance compliance officer” to the Economic Community Development Center, which was enough to make an American patriot apoplectic. So, I called Tennessee’s Congressmen and Senators and Tennessee State Senator Bill Ketron. Senator Ketron’s office assured me that they were aware of this development, and they hoped to have complete answers within the next two weeks.

The best and most interesting and informative conversation that day was with Nathan Buttrey from the Governor’s office. Mr. Buttrey started somewhat disconcerted by my adamant suggestion that Sharia finance has no place in Tennessee or US government institutions. He explained that the term “Sharia finance officer” was “probably a misnomer” and that Ms Sumar Ali’s primary function is to promote and expand international trade. He also welcomed all inquiries concerning this matter at 615) 741-2001.

Nathan Buttrey profusely lauded Ms Ali. He called her “capable” and “a good advocate for high quality jobs” in Tennessee; he also stated, “It is a pleasure to work with her.” While Ms Ali is Muslim, she is also a US citizen born and raised in Waverly, TN, a Republican, and an attorney with a top secret security clearance through the US National Security Council. Does Sumar Ali’s security clearance mean much if provided by the Obama administration?

The manner in which Ms Ali deals with any nation utilizing Sharia finance is at the crux of this matter. As a Muslim, can Ms Ali divest herself of any inclination to favor Islamic nations/corporations and their Sharia finance proposals? I’m waiting for any new revelations over the next few weeks and praying for Tennessee and Our Beloved America. In the meantime, I’ll accept Nathan Buttrey’s heartfelt testament to Ms Ali’s wonderful character and good intentions for the State of Tennessee and this Great Nation… Your Land… My Land.

Title is also posted on Justin’s Facebook page

Islamic Terrorism and Islam

Islamic Terrorist Faces

Justin Smith read the cross post on SlantRight 2.0 and added a comment on his Facebook letting me know there was more to the post I entitled “If Radical Islam is 20-25% of All Muslims…


Justin wanted me to edit the original post and add some new information as an addendum at the end. However I am going to add Justin’s new information as part two and create yet another title as I did in part one.


Here is the comment intro from Facebook introducing part two:


Hey John…You beat me with my own release…too cool My Friend. I was actually sort of formulating this as an article around a greater kernel of thought, and I had actually posted the introduction and precursor to this just minutes before, but I guess You missed it. Well, this would have been the first half of the article, just in case You may find it just as interesting and wish to attach it as an addendum…


JRH 6/8/12

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Islamic Terrorism and Islam


By Justin Smith

June 7, 2012

Facebook Page


Large numbers of learned, educated people were speaking out against Hitler and his Brown Shirts and Mussolini by as early as 1933, but Americans stood by very nearly incomprehensibly not understanding that they too were at risk until the third part of the Axis Powers, Japan, attacked on Dec 7th, 1941. In between these years, however, Americans did not know or fully understand what the Europeans were suffering under the birth of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party; they consequently could afford to disbelieve the political refugees who shouted in despair that America would be next in a long list of nations suffering misfortune at the hands of the Nazis!

About Islamic fundamentalists, on the contrary, we now know the imminent and immediate threat that they pose on a worldwide basis and through a worldwide agenda as pushed by the Wahhabiists of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brothers of Egypt and their minions and associates in Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Jaamat el-Islami, Islamic Maghreb and a host of others. Please recall that not even two months after the tragedy of 9-11 Bin Laden proved the true intent of the Islamic world, and his words reveal the truth in my contention that a Reverse Crusade is currently underway against the entire Western Civilization….a war of religion they call a Holy War, Jihad. For these Reverse Crusaders the West is a world to be conquered and subjugated by Islam!

Osama and his followers called the UN and Sec. General Kofi Annan criminals in a video which also threatened France, Italy, the UK and was only lacking the histrionics of Hitler to revisit the horrors of fascism because make no mistake, at its very core, its heart, lies the worse of anything imaginable that fascism can and will implement; however, “in its essence, this is a war of religion and those who deny it are liars” (quote Osama bin Laden), and in this I am in agreement with the enemy!

Osama went on to say…”The Arab and Muslim leaders who sit at the UN and share its politics place themselves outside Islam. They are Unfaithful…Those who claim the legitimacy of international institutions give up the only authentic legitimacy…which comes from the Koran. And finally, “The overwhelming majority of the Muslims have been happy with the attacks on the Twin Towers. Our polls confirm it.” Yes, unbelievably Osama had run a scientific poll, but remember, he was highly educated by the Royal family after the death of his father. From Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Libya to Chad, from Kenya to Syria, from Morocco to Lebanon, from Yemen to Indonesia and from Somalia to Saudi Arabia, the hate for America and the West swells like a fire fed by the wind!


If you have read this post without reading part one, you will find richer context by so reading the first part: If Radical Islam is 20-25% of All Muslims…