Obama/Clinton Lead the Path of Israel’s Destruction

H. Clinton & BHO

John R. Houk

© November 20, 2010


President Barack Hussein Obama through his minion Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has made a deal with the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to extend a moratorium of Jewish building projects in Judea and Samaria (renamed the West Bank by then 1948 occupier Jordan to distinguish the East Bank of the one-time Transjordan to the occupied Judea and Samaria annexed shortly after occupation) for ninety days.


Does this sound as moronic as it reads? YES!


Caroline Glick writes how Netanyahu made the deal with all the bite coming on Israel and only the bark being shown to the USA. In other words Netanyahu is complying with Clinton’s phrasing of “not one more brick” for Jews in Judea and Samaria. The Obama led government of the USA agreed to proffer three things conditionally for Israel:


1.    USA respect of Jewish property rights in Jerusalem.


2.    USA will send 20 F-35s to Israel.


3.     President Barack Hussein Obama agrees to not sign any anti-Israel Resolutions in the Security Council for one year.


Now how good is a deal for Israel when Netanyahu must comply with a Jewish building moratorium and not one of the three conditions agreed to by Obama is a guarantee or even officially confirmed?


Obama refuses to confirm Jewish property rights in Jerusalem and the F-35s. Anti-Israel UN Resolutions not being signed by the USA is subjective to what Obama believes as anti-Israel and not what Netanyahu believes is anti-Israel. For example the UN General Assembly recognizes a sovereign Palestinian State via fiat and the UN Security Council affirms such a UN General Assembly vote with a USA yes vote because such a validation of a Palestinian State is not interpreted as anti-Israel. Israel would disagree but the agreement does not spell out who defines what as anti-Israel in the UN. Or perhaps the USA abstains from voting in the Security Council and the remaining permanent members votes yes to affirm a sovereign Palestinian State via fiat then technically the USA did not sign off on any anti-Israel Resolutions.


So you have to understand Obama/Clinton dealing with Netanyahu has all the trappings of duplicity and/or betrayal of Israel!


JRH 11/20/10

Is Netanyahu Ready to give up the House?

Obama & Netanyahu

John R. Houk

© November 6, 2010


If Caroline Glick is correct that there have been secret negotiations between the Obama Administration and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Israeli government concerning Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria; then Netanyahu is turning his back on the Israeli voters that placed Likkud back in power. Netanyahu’s Likkud election was based in large part on NOT giving up Land for a false peace.


I wonder what President Barack Hussein Obama used as pressure to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to think about placing Israel in a destructive path? Glick wrote that she believes Netanyahu is gambling that the Palestinian Authority will turn down the terms Obama seems to have worked out.


If Glick is correct about the terms they are a deal to lease East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria would be leased to Israel for a certain amount of years in which the lease runs out eventually giving absolute control to the Western forced and propped up State of Palestine. Like any Jew would live in an area in which the stated goals are the destruction of Israel in entirety and all Jews in the process. I say a “certain amount of years” because the time frame of lease has not been agreed upon between Netanyahu and the Obama Administration. If the deal proceeded Israel wants like a ninety year lease and Obama is thinking more of a short term lease which perhaps might be a decade or so.


If the deal proceeded Netanyahu would be forcing a validation of the Islamic claims to Jerusalem and to land of Jewish heritage. The validation would truly turn Israel into an occupying nation if an eventual war between the neophyte Palestinian State and Israel broke out with Israel winning retaking their Land again. I know the West is insistent on following the Jew-hating Arab nations’ mythology that Israel occupied land won in 1967. That concept is an error! Israel did win land from Egypt, Syria and Jordan in that Six Day War but Israel was not the aggressor. The land that Jordan attached the appellation of West Bank was actually occupied after a British led Jordanian Army (Arab Legion) in 1948 pushed Israel back to Jerusalem usurping the Eastern half in which Jerusalem’s ancient Jewish Quarter existed. The land occupied by Jordan and conquered by General John Gordon Glubb (Glubb Pasha) was a part of the original Palestine Mandate that was created for a Jewish Homeland with little to no protest at the idea in 1917 by surrounding Muslim-Arabs.


The American Left and a significant amount of Republicans (especially of the foreign policy orientation) have been twisting the screws for decades to press Israel to return at least to the pre-1967 borders. Amazingly America’s Jewish Left with the likes of J Street (SA HERE) and Israel’s land-for-peace party – aka Kadima – led by the previous Prime Minister defeated by Netanyahu’s Likkud, Tzipi Livni have called for a return to the 1948 borders that Israel managed to survive with when Independence was declared.


If indeed Netanyahu did participate in secret negotiations and parleyed East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria; then Netanyahu is one of a long line of Israeli Prime Ministers that have caved into Western and American pressure to give up Jewish land to hateful Muslims who desire Israel’s destruction.


JRH 11/6/10

Call to Destroy Israel by Any Means – in Washington, DC

A Muslim-American professor from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania at an anti-Israel rally in Washington, DC called for the total eradication of Israel and the murder of Jews in the process. The religion of peace professor’s name is Kaukab Siddique. Remarkably Lincoln University claims Siddique’s Jew-hatred is a Free Speech issue and not a reflection of the University. This means oldest college founded as an African-American will not fire Siddique for his overt racist views. How absurd is that?


JRH 10/20/10