The limits of American power

Caroline Glick 2

Caroline Glick is a Jewish gal that has been born, raised and educated in the USA. She moved to Israel to further her education and has been involved with the political process in Israel. I believe she holds a dual citizenship with Israel and America.


I mention this about Glick because the link to her essay that showed up in my inbox are her musings about the ramifications of the U.S. elections on November 6, Iran’s looming nuclear weapon production, Israel’s ability to attack Iranian nuke sites and America’s support or lack thereof in backing an Israeli attack on Iranian nuke sites.


Of question for those who don’t follow international geopolitics has to ask – why is Israel interested in destroying Iran’s nuclear weapons capability? The reason is Iran has threatened Israel’s existence since the Mullah revolution in 1979 and especially since the Administration Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President. Ahmadinejad has been rattling the Iranian military sword against Israel’s existence in ever increasing ways.


So prepare to get your thinking cap on and to muse with Caroline Glick about the USA, Iran and Israel.


JRH 10/26/12

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