Jihadwatchdog1 is a fellow “owner” of the G+ community Movement of Anti Pisslam! (There are several listed owners and I have no idea how I joined that list) JWDog1 found a Youtube video of an Italian gal a bit upset about Italy taking in volumes of illegal Muslim immigrants.


The video is subtitled in English and lasts 2-minutes and 46-seconds. What I enjoyed most though was JWDog1’s description of Giorgia Meloni venting anger over the immigration situation surging into Italian culture.

Here’s Wikipedia’s scoop on Giorgia Meloni:


Giorgia Meloni (born 15 January 1977) is an Italian politician and journalist, president of Brothers of Italy.


Giorgia Meloni was Minister of Youth in the IV Berlusconi government and president of Young Italy, the youth section of The People of Freedom.


She is co-founder of the party Brothers of Italy (“Fratelli d’Italia”) with Guido Crosetto and Ignazio La Russa, and on March 8, 2014, she was elected president of the party. She has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy since 2006.[1]





First years


Meloni was born in Rome, to a father from Sardinia and a mother from Sicily.[2]


Being active into politics since her teenage years, she earned a diploma from the former Amerigo Vespucci Institute in 1996.[3]


In 1992, when she was 15, she started her political commitment in “Fronte della Gioventù”, the youth …


Deputy Vice President of Chamber of Deputies and Minister of Youth Policy


In 2006, she became the youngest ever deputy vice president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and she started to work as journalist.[4]


In 2009, her party merged with Forza Italia into The People of Freedom and she took over the presidency of the united party’s youth section, called Young Italy.[5]


In 2008, she was appointed as Minister of Youth Policy in …


Foundation of Brothers of Italy


In December 2012, both MPs left the party to become founding member of a new political movement named “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy), a name borrowed from the words of the Italian National Anthem. At the Italian general election, 2013, her party gets 2.0% and 9 seats.


In March 2014 she won the primary election of her party and became President.


She was candidate for mayor of Rome in 2016, but she lost. She and her party were for “No” to the constitutional Italian referendum, 2016. (Giorgia Meloni; Wikipedia; page was last edited on 24 July 2017 20:24)


JRH 10/11/17

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By Jihadwatchdog1

Oct 10, 10:22 PM

Movement of Anti-Pisslam!


HELL HATH NO FURY like an Italian woman sick to death of seeing her country ripped apart by the never-ending Muslim migrant invasion.

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the anti-immigration party, Fratelli d’Italia, said that boats filled with Muslim illegals departing from Libya “should be stopped before they leave,” while boats with human traffickers on board “should be sunk.” She rails against the Left, saying their agenda is ethnic replacement of Italians with third world Muslim freeloaders.

NY Times Giorgia Meloni, the head of the centre-Right Forza Italia party, said that boatloads of Muslim migrant departing from Libya “should be stopped before they leave,” while boats with smugglers on board “should be sunk.” “OUR identity should be defended first and foremost!” [Blog Editor: Meloni has departed from Forza Italia and now leads Brothers of Italy, Party President since 2014)

Ms. Meloni, a member of Parliament, wasted no time bringing up her party’s opposition to the government’s proposal to extend citizenship to children born in Italy. “We believe Italian citizenship cannot be a concession or automatic,” she said to applause.

She had no problem with attacking the government’s welcoming approach to immigrants. “It devastates the culture, devastates tourism, devastates security, devastates everything,” she said. “Nothing good comes of it.

Italy has registered more than 70,000 mainly economic migrants and fake asylum seekers this year, 27% more than it did by this time in 2016, when a record 181,000 migrants arrived.

Actual fights have broken out in Parliament over the center-left government’s proposal to extend citizenship to the children of Muslim migrants born on Italian soil. All over, parties and politicians are shifting to a tougher stance on immigration.

One of its highest-profile politicians, Rome’s embattled mayor, Virginia Raggi, called for a moratorium on new immigrants. Champions of a more welcoming approach to immigrants have not fared well. – Via NBI
#StopIslamization #SIOE #StopIslamizationEurope

Watch [Video] Here:


VIDEO: Giorgia Meloni exposes the Left’s migrant agenda


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The EU, Islam and Radicalization

Europeans face the same kind of propaganda of blaming the exposers of reality as Conservatives face in America from the Left on multiple issues, including gun control. After Leftist hater James Hodgkinson (See Also HERE) went to murder Republican members of Congress because he hated Trump, the Dem gun control rhetoric was amped up almost as viciously as the Hodgkinson shooter himself.

Fjordman (Peder Jensen) is the Counterjihad writer that European Multiculturalists love to hate. They would rather blame Fjordman (and other Counterjihad writers daring to risk EU hate-speech laws) for acts of Islamic terrorism rather than the Muslims devoted to the purist Islam of Muhammad and the revered writings of the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah.


Below is a Fjordman essay I found on the Internet European publication Snaphanen that takes a stark look at Muslim immigration to Europe and the troubles that immigration is causing.


JRH 6/15/17

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The EU, Islam and Radicalization


By Fjordman

June 13, 2017 [SENESTE OPDATERING – Danish for LATEST UPDATE] 1806 KL [I’m guessing Danish for “o’clock” – HERE & HERE]



[Blog Editor: I must admit ignorance of European publications. Snaphanen has a “.dk” indicating Denmark but the news seems to focus on Sweden. And Fjordman is Norwegian. It’s all Nordic to me.]


One of the frustrating things about trying to warn against a gradually-developing threat is that many people choose to ignore the warnings until it is almost too late. Perhaps this is human nature. We prefer to ignore unpleasant realities as much as possible, and don’t believe a problem is real until we can see it with our own eyes. Some people will not believe it even then.


If seeing is believe, the time has now come to believe. The problems of mass migration and radical Islam have been developing for a long time. However, they have intensified recently and keep on escalating. 2015 may in hindsight be remembered as the year when illegal mass immigration was brought to the forefront of mass media attention. Migrants have been arriving illegally to the Western world for many years. Yet the flow of illegal migrants arriving in boats in the Mediterranean has drastically increased in 2015 compared to 2013 or 2014.


After some high-profile incidents in which migrants have drowned,[1] several European countries sent ships to pick up illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean and bring them to Europe. Critics argue that this is not a long-term solution. This sends out a signal to illegal immigrants and people smugglers that Europe is open to them. That will encourage even more of them to come. There is no reason to assume that the pressure of illegal immigration from the south will stop in the year 2016, 2017 or 2030. On the contrary, the ongoing population explosion in Africa and parts of the Middle East indicates that mass migration could further increase in scale in the coming years. The turmoil caused by militant Islam also continues.


Sometimes, bringing attention to a problem may trigger accusations that you caused the problem to exist in the first place. Jan Opsal is a Professor of Science of religion at the School of Mission and Theology (MHS) in Stavanger, Norway. He works with issues related to Christian-Muslim relations. In July 2015, Professor Opsal accused me personally of contributing to the rise of radical and militant Islam by spreading alleged “conspiracy theories” about Islam.[2] According to him, “Those who warn against Islam, through constant assertions that are not factual, will thereby contribute to increased radicalization of Islam.” Mr. Opsal further suggested that maybe one tenth of a percentage point of Muslims support the Islamic State (IS or ISIS).


With all due respect to the professor, the percentage of Muslims sympathizing with the militant Muslims of ISIS is a lot bigger than what he suggests. It could be 50 times as great, or even 100 to 200 times. Muslims supporting jihadists from groups such as ISIS or al-Qaida can now be found in cities and towns across the Western world. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is a fact. Just listen to the increasingly worried warnings of professional security services.


Furthermore, if you listen to the jihadists themselves, they legitimize their actions by referring to the Koran and other authoritative Islamic texts. Suggesting that critics of Islam helped cause the slave markets and massacres of ISIS is not merely wrong, it is absurd. This is like suggesting that critics of Communism caused the Gulag, or that critics of Nazism caused Auschwitz.


Next to Islamic theology, the primary cause of radicalization in Europe today is arguably the immigration policies promoted by Western political elites. EU governments have a duty to help the flood of migrants arriving in Europe and not cave in to “populist” demands to turn them back, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker says.[3] In other words, EU leaders think native Europeans have a “duty” to settle large numbers of illegal immigrants from dysfunctional African and Muslim societies permanently in their nations. “Ministers, unlike citizens, have an obligation to act. We made proposals that went far, while still being modest given the scale of the problem,” Juncker said, referring to the proposals from the Commission, the executive arm or unelected “government” of the 28-nation EU. “We proposed a mandatory system to redistribute asylum seekers and people who need international protection, but the member states did not follow us,” he said. At a July 20, 2015 meeting in Brussels, EU justice and home affairs ministers agreed to relocate more than 32,250 Syrians, Eritreans, Iraqis and Somalis who had landed in Greece and Italy. The ministers also agreed to take in some 22,500 Syrian refugees currently living in camps outside the EU. Juncker said the EU would resume efforts to reach a higher target. “If we don’t get there on a voluntary basis, we will have to reconsider the Commission’s proposals,” the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg said. Mandatory distribution of asylum seekers among member states is still being seriously considered.


Illegal immigrants currently arrive on a daily basis, at a pace of hundreds of thousands annually. They use every trick imaginable to get into Europe, perceived as the promised land of milk and honey. Migrants hide in containers, storm trucks, occupy railway stations or use inflatable rubber dinghies. Some even try to swim to European-controlled territories,[4] or get smuggled in suitcases.[5] Meanwhile, there is rising opposition among ordinary Europeans to having their local communities forcibly changed by this influx.


It is interesting to note that some of the strongest opposition to mass immigration can be found in societies that have first-hand experience with Communist rule: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Eastern Germany and Baltic nations. Nationalists protested in Riga, Latvia’s capital, against their country’s taking in a planned 250 migrants under an EU resettlement scheme. “I don’t feel that EU institutions are listening to our concerns about taking in refugees from very different cultures,” said MP Raivis Dzintars.[6] Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has repeatedly sounded the alarm. He warns that mass immigration constitutes a threat to European civilization.


EUSSR It has long been a joke to compare the European Union to the Soviet Union, an EUSSR. Some people wonder whether this is really a joke. The Russian intellectual and former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovksy believes the EU has certain structural similarities to the dictatorial Soviet Union.[7] The unelected and powerful European Commission resembles the Soviet Politburo, ruling hundreds of millions of people without their consent. While partly true, it should be mentioned that not even Communist states such as the Soviet Union championed mass immigration of Muslims and Africans on the scale which the EU is doing today. The USA does, however. The EU seems to have adopted harmful traits from both Cold War superpowers: The anti-democratic bureaucratic structure of the Soviet Union, and the mass immigration “diversity” policies of the USA.


It has become increasingly apparent that the EU in its present form is actively harmful to the long-term interests of native Europeans. The organization provides weak leadership. When it attempts any leadership at all, it usually leads Europe in the wrong direction. The handling of illegal immigration and radical Islam has been very poor, and dominated by Utopian ideas without basis in reality. Its handling of the euro crisis in Greece has not been impressive, either. With its increasingly authoritarian centralization, the EU robs national parliaments of their power and undermines its own popular legitimacy. The repeated attempts to force illegal immigrants on all of its member states trigger outright hostility. Its immigration policies contribute to the rising polarization of European societies.

Perhaps the EU will be remembered as the alleged “peace project” that once again plunged Europe into conflict.


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  1. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33791920 Rescue hopes fade for migrants after boat capsizes in Mediterranean 6 August 2015
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[Blog Editor: Fjordman made a comment to this Snaphanen post 6/13/17:


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Peder Fjordman Jensen • 2 days ago Thanks to Steen to reprint this text. It is originally from 2015, but the conclusion is the same today. My conclusion already before the euro crisis and the migrant crisis began was that the EU can not be reformed.]



Snaphanen Homepage


Facebook Conversations with David Dodt Sr.

David Dodt Sr.

John R. Houk

© October 30, 2014


Honestly I do not recall the particulars of how I got into a facebook conversation with David Dodt but I am sure pleased that I did. In belatedly checking my facebook email alerts I discovered three conversation messages from David that really are not related but nevertheless very informative.


On October 3rd David provides a brief but so true mini-history of Islam. These are some historical details that if repeated in front of the wrong Muslim you might wish to be certain to have an equalizer in your possession (GUN). Such a Muslim would whack your head off for blaspheming his religion even though the facts have been well studied.


The next conversion David points out the obvious the Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to address. In speaking plainly that point is Obama and his Democratic Party utilizing illegal immigration to pad the vote to their favor. Regardless of the actions of some Dem dominated States it is quite illegal for a non-citizen to vote in an American election.


The last conversation refers to a novel penned by David Dodt that is a Conspiracy-War thriller on a global basis. When I scrape up the dough David’s book definitely sounds like some literature I would enjoy reading.


JRH 10/30/14

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David Dodt Sr.

10/3, 1:05pm



This will save you some homework. But if you disagree, be my guest and hit the books yourself. Islam is a phony religion. If you look up the names of ancient God’s of the Middle East, you will find RA, Karnack, Isis, Baal and yes Allah (the Moon God) among other god’s and deities.


All the rituals and symbols of Islam are copied from the Moon God religion. The Crescent Moon, The Crescent Moon with an offset star both come from the Moon God religion. The stars in the heavens are Allah’s daughters. You find this, when you see the ceiling of many mosques. The Crescent Moon symbols are on top of mosques and on the flag of Turkey and Pakistan. Now the offset star, most likely the planet Venus, with the Crescent Moon is the symbol of the son of the Moon God. Bowing to the East was the way a member of the Moon God religion, paid their respects to the wife of the moon God as she rises in the morning. (The Sun God)


The main worship site was Mecca and you were expected, as a Moon God Worshiper, to make one pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime. The highest religious times were between the Crescent phases of the moon. In Islam that is called Ramadan.


Once in Mecca you were expected to walk several times around this plaza with a large square stone structure in the middle and with a sheet covering it. Then someone saw and found a meteor that fell to the ground and brought it to Mecca. It must be a gift from the Moon God. So you, as a worshiper, you were then and now expected to kiss this stone that came from the heavens. In the old days you ended by throwing a rock at the evil Jinn, the evil Jinn was a trickster demon. That is where we get the word Genie from. In Islam they changed that to the Devil. But the ritual stays the same.


Did Muhammad know all this? Yes, in fact his father and grandfather had the name Allah in their very long names. He was brought up in this area and Allah was worshiped in that area of the world for 700 years. So Muhammad co-opted an existing religion for his own purposes. Once he had some followers, if you disagreed with his religion, you got your head cut off. So the Saudi Arabian flag has soared on it, with the proclamation that there is no God but Allah.


So Muhammad became a self-serving, narcissist and pedophile. Why pedophile you may ask? His 4th wife, Aisha, was 6 years old when he married her. I must have been hard finding a virgin back in the day. But it is said that he did not have relations with her until she reached the age of 9 years old. During one of his military conquests he captured two towns and kept two Jewish women as sex slaves.


Today in Saudi Arabia they changed the marriageable age, for girls, from 9 to 10 years old. Iran is also allowing girls as young as 10 years old, to be married.



David Dodt Sr.

10/25, 1:41pm

The 2016 Election


(1) Illegal Aliens are being distributed all over the country.


(2) The government isn’t telling exactly which state or city that they are going too.


(3) President Obama will give illegal aliens amnesty and a Green Card after the 2014 election.


(4) Illegal alien children that are 16 years old will be eligible and encouraged to vote in 2016, illegally.


(5) These aliens may not know or be told that they can vote. After the election they will find themselves arrested, because they were not an eligible voter.


(6) Did this illegal voting happen before? Yes back when President Jimmy Carter gave his amnesty program.


(7) This illegal alien distribution is geared for the 2016 election. Senator Reid and Obama will block any legislation passed by The Republican majority after the 2014 election.


(8) States run by a Democratic political machine will give out photo ID’s so the illegal aliens have one, so they can vote.


(9) Voting machines will be altered so even if you vote Republican on Election Day, it will be recorded as a vote for Democrats.


(10) If voter fraud is very low in 2014, this is a way to lull the public into thinking voter fraud is non-existent, before the 2016 election takes place. That makes it easier, to create massive voter fraud.


David Dodt Sr.

10/28, 12:26pm

The Dragon Awakens

[Buy in paperback at Amazon]

By David W. Dodt Sr.


Photo: The Dragon Awakens book jacket

The Dragon Awakens bk jk


I’ll keep it simple; China is going to attack the Middle East and capture their oil fields, but first it must conquer India. They cannot leave a potential enemy with the ability to block their forces. Now that I let the cat out of the bag, all I had to do is find out who and how someone is going to stop them. How I came to this decision was a well of hard research. All this research initiated the question about what is China going to do with all that military equipment they are purchasing. Of course they were going to attack someone.


The logistics for the Chinese was the hardest nut to crack. But once I figured these problems out, the story just flowed.


My manuscript is written with the reader being in several places at the same time in the same chapter. So you could be in China, in Tibet, or Korea, aboard a U.S. Navy ship, in Rome, or in the White House, observing events and listening to conversations as they take place.


You also see and note the characters decisions as events unfold. You will meet the head of the Chinese PLA, (Peoples Liberation Army) a sailor that reports to his ship after finishing A-School, the Captain of the U.S.S. Coronado as she steams across the Pacific, a successful Chinese industrialist, a Catholic Priest, the President of the United States and the commander of all American Naval Forces in the Pacific just to name a few. But each character adds an important piece to the puzzle, which makes up this story.


I’m a big Tom Clancy fan and my book came out just a couple of days after he died. I will always consider him my mentor.


The book is being well received and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle. If you’re in Australia it is available on Booktopia.


I have been encouraged by the interest nationwide as I have been interviewed on radio shows from all over the country. I have done one local TV interview so far. You can watch it on YouTube. You just type in the book title. This TV experience was very professionally done. The interview explains a lot.




Published by David Dodt

Published: Jul 12, 2014


Interview with the author of, “The Dragon Awakens.” If you’re a Tom Clancy fan you will enjoy this book. In the story China sends a million man army to attack and conquer the Middle Eastern oil fields. But India stands in the way and must be dealt with first. Who and how this is stopped? Who is rescued and who falls in love? Well, you have to read the book to find out. Each character holds a part of the puzzle. You the reader are in the room, aboard ship, in different parts of the world watching as events unfold.]


P/S There is also a love story about the daughter of a mayor who is captured and the rescued by A US Marine Recon Unit. Yes, it’s one of the Marines that rescued her.


P/S again: I’ve been out of town for a couple of days. I went to the Great Lakes Navy Base in Chicago for the mustering out of my nephew. He retired after 24 years of service. He was a Chief Petty Officer John Russell Dodt. As many of the whole family that could go, did so. There were also some shipmates that traveled cross country just to be there. There is quite a ceremony involved when a Chief retires. He also received, at the same time, the Navy, Marine Corp, Commendation Medal.


Edited by John R. Houk


David Dodt Sr. also authored The Howard Dean Diary in 2007.


David Dodt Sr. ran for the Senate in Ohio in 2012.

This Tea Party Cheer link offers some bio tidbits.


Blog Editor: Below is a lesser quality interview of David Dodt Sr. in conjunction to the book “The Dragon Awakens”:


VIDEO: David Dodt Sr. The Dragon Awakens… 1:05:59


Published by MeatandPotatoes2012

Published: Jul 12, 2014


Dave comes to the show to talk about his book and the conversation gets amazing… I love doing my show..!!

Stop Obama from Granting Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

Obam-igration- No Stinkin' Papers Needed

Illegal immigration that grants multicultural amnesty will undermine the American culture concept of E Pluribus Unum – Out the Many, ONE. The illegal immigrants that insist on living in the USA while refusing to assimilate to American culture will ultimately destroy America. Do you want that? If not, sign this petition.


JRH 10/7/14 (Hat Tip: Justin Smith)

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Stop Obama from Granting Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants



5,000 Signature Needed

At Time of this Post: 703 Signed


President Barack Obama


Signing an executive order to amnesty for illegal immigrants is not only a bad idea, it’s unconstitutional.


The White House is sending out signals that, yes, Obama is seriously contemplating taking executive actions, bypassing Congress, that could create legal status for millions of illegal immigrants. Senior advisors confirm this unconstitutional, unwise action is being planned for after the November midterm election.


Any executive order on amnesty will result in negative consequences. Congress has appropriately held any kind of immigration reform until the border is secure and the problem of illegal immigration is under control. Furthermore, Congress would have no appetite to tackle any needed immigration policy fixes in the context of unilateral executive action. An executive order would perpetuate the distrust of government and underline Obama’s unwillingness to enforce existing law.


But most importantly, those consequences extend well beyond the issue of immigration itself. An executive amnesty would be a trampling of the constitution and a sign of truly out-of-control presidential authority. Acting alone to impart legal status to millions of people could be the worst yet in President Obama’s seemingly nonstop abuse of power.



Heritage Action




After the election, President Obama is planning to abuse his power yet again by bypassing Congress and granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. He must be stopped! Sign the petition and share with your friends.


Fox News: President Obama’s Lawless Actions


Update #1 Oct 1


Watch this informative discussion about how President Obama’s administration is lawless, and learn how amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants could be next.


Biden: Obama Will Act With or Without Congress on Immigration


Update #2 Oct 1


In a shocking turn of events, Vice President Joe Biden confirmed that the Obama administration will act without Congress on amnesty. Read more about this shocking quote at the Daily Signal.


Obama Now Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Join the Military


Update #3 Oct 1


Despite the challenges of a growing terrorist threat, the Obama administration has decided now is the right time to allow illegal immigrants to join the military. Read more about this sneaky end-run around the law at the Daily Signal.




Heritage Action website


About Heritage Action for America


We hold Congress accountable to conservative principles.


For too long, big-government special interests have dominated Washington. Heritage Action believes Washington should work for America’s best interest, and we hold them accountable to ensure they do.


We take the conservative policy visions outlined by our sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, and make them a reality. We ensure members of Congress hear directly from their constituents, including over 700,000 members of The Heritage Foundation and millions of others around the country who believe in our principles and share our vision of America’s future.


As a 501(c)(4) organization, Heritage Action for America is a widely respected government relations team and dedicated grassroots activists that advance conservative policy.


VIDEO: Heritage Action Is


Donate to Heritage Action


No Reward For Illegals


Obama Law Enforcement


Justin O. Smith shares some wisdom on immigration – legal and illegal.


JRH 3/29/13

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No Reward For Illegals


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 3/28/2013 3:24 PM


From both sides of the political aisle, Republican and Democrat alike, Americans are being treated like second class citizens with the sole purpose in life to meet the needs of illegal aliens, “undocumented workers”, who have entered these United States illegally. We have already been forced to endure President Obama’s refusal to uphold current immigration law, as he moved forward and circumvented Congress with his “Dream Act”, which is suspect at best due to its reliance on the illegal immigrants’ word to establish when they first arrived in America; and, since January 2013 to the present, Americans are now once again hearing a host of politicians, especially the new breed of Republicans such as Senator Marco Rubio, joining the Washington establishment Old Guard Republicans, such as Speaker John Boehner, in a new move towards nothing less than a poorly disguised amnesty for these illegals!

Too many Americans are too willing to view a plan suggested by both Obama and Rubio as a viable fix for our illegal alien problem. This plan calls for the illegal aliens to come forward and apply for a provisional visa, apply for a green card after eight years, then apply for U.S. citizenship after five more years, they also pay fines and back taxes. And after passing a citizenship test they will become U.S. citizens.

Notice that this process takes 13 years total. These politicians have purposely planned this, because the Congressional Budget Office scores the effect of any bill on its cost over a ten year period, and these Republicans and Democrats do not want the American people to understand the enormous cost to the taxpayer that will be attached to giving citizenship to 30 million people at once, as these illegals will also be bringing along their extended family members.

This plan amounts to amnesty because and although these illegal immigrants will technically go to the back of the line; they will still be remaining here in the U.S., ahead of millions of immigration applicants who applied legally. These illegals will receive all the services and benefits the U.S. offers despite what the administration states to the contrary, including Obamacare, as they remain a drag rather than a boost to the U.S. economy; far too many of this current crop of illegals are poorly educated, unskilled or semi-skilled and on the low end of the earnings scale, and they end up with little choice other than applying for social services and welfare.

A 1930 State Department directive provided that: “If the consular officer believes that the applicant may probably be a public charge at any time, even during a considerable period subsequent to his arrival, he must refuse the visa”. And now, today, we see the Obama administration giving public service announcements inside Mexico that explain how to obtain welfare and food stamps in the U.S.!

Many ultra-liberals/leftists such as Kirsten Powers, Fox News analyst, assert that people used to just show up at Ellis Island and become U.S. citizens within hours, and this was the status quo until 1882; however, by 1917 immigration officials were screening out criminals, persons likely to become a public charge, radicals and illiterates, and this policy intensified during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, due to fears of left-wing radicalism. By 1943 FDR was giving special consideration to Chinese immigrants, and by 1952 special provisions were given to refugees due to America’s failure to provide a significant haven for refugees from Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Powers and others fail to note that most of the U.S. immigration policy historically dealt only with legal immigration and all those trying to enter America legally, in conjunction with the American people’s later decisions that immigration did need to be controlled as our nation grew; very little focus was given to illegal immigration until the Eisenhower administration, except when General Black Jack Pershing was sent to control Mexican bandits along the border in the early 1900s.

Since January 2013 the U.S. Senate has been working on an immigration bill with a path to citizenship, which would also allow them to bring their relatives in the same manner of chain immigration provisions already existing in the 1965 Immigration Act. At the same time, Speaker John Boehner called their efforts “a big step in the right direction”, as he offered: “So I would think you’re likely to hear a lot more about immigration reform on the House side soon.”

Now, at a time when millions of Americans are still out of work or under-employed with 50 million on welfare, even Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) disappoints America by pandering to the Hispanic vote. He recently declared at CPAC that if the nation’s 30 million illegal immigrants (official lie states 11 million) want to work in America “then we will find a place for you.”

Although no limits have been placed on H2A farm visas, over half of the one million field workers are comprised of illegal immigrants. Without the visa some illegals are targets of abuse, but many of them prefer the freedom of movement afforded them by remaining illegal and not having to be tied to any one employer; while on the other hand, farmers get to pay lower wages and avoid a lengthy and costly process in order to acquire just one H2A worker. It is no wonder so many corporate dairy farms are springing up just miles from the Mexican border, as many privately owned dairies across the nation are being run out of business!

Confounding the issue, Republicans are now flailing about, as some of their more prominent members are suggesting that the 2012 election was lost largely due to the “unfriendly” immigration position of the Republican Party. If they accept this nonsense, then they may as well disband now and become Democrats. Hispanics believe in big government intruding into the lives of people and “helping”, as it taxes the wealthy heavily. And, although Hispanics are mostly social conservatives, the following illustrates that, by and large, two-thirds of this group will inevitably vote Democrat, regardless of any immigration amnesty granted by a Republican administration: Hispanic Vote- 1980 Jimmy Carter 56%, Ronald Reagan 35%/ 1984 Walter Mondale 61%, Ronald Reagan 37% (amnesty)/ 1988 Michael Dukakis 69%, George H.W. Bush 30%/ 1992 Bill Clinton 61%, George H.W. Bush 25%/ 1996 Bill Clinton 72%, Bob Dole 21%/ 2000 Al Gore 62%, George W. Bush 35% (proposed amnesty in 2004 and introduced a bill for amnesty January 2007 that was defeated)/ 2004 John Kerry 58%, George W. Bush 40%/ 2008 Barack Obama 67%, John McCain 31%/ 2012 Barack Obama 71%, Mitt Romney 27%.

Most Americans are not trying to keep any good, moral, law abiding immigrant out of our nation. By the very definition of “illegal”, these illegal aliens have disqualified themselves, as they protest in our streets demanding U.S. citizenship and constitutional rights that do not apply to them…And what nation except ours would even tolerate such insanity? Since most of the current influx of illegals is from our southern border, our borders must be secured before proceeding with any immigration reform in the House or the Senate.

Nothing good is certain to be found in this new amnesty approved by Obama, Democrats and a troubling number of Republicans. This is a compromise with the Devil and a president who has worked to destroy America’s culture by spending millions of dollars on “bilingual education” programs that discourage immigrants from learning English and American history… a president who has ordered amnesty for illegal aliens which has been rejected by both Congress and the American people more than eight times. Millions of new Democratic voters will be created overnight and foreign workers will cripple American workers’ job prospects and wreck the GOP’s future. To quote Ann Coulter at the recent CPAC: “If amnesty goes through, America becomes California, and no Republican will ever win another national election. The state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan will never elect another Republican”. But more important and pertinent to this issue, Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) words strike to the heart of the matter: “There is no moral or legal responsibility to reward someone who entered the country illegally”…. Secure the borders… Identify the illegal immigrants and deport them!


By Justin O. Smith


© Justin O. Smith

Edited by John R. Houk

Arpaio Faces Recall Shortly after Reelection

Joe Arpaio - America's Toughest Sheriff

John R. Houk

© February 9, 2013


I don’t live in Maricopa County in Arizona thus I cannot vote for or against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am gratified to hear that Sheriff Arpaio was reelected to another term of Office. Why? Arpaio has gained national attention because he makes sure inmates in his County jail don’t live in a country club lifestyle, he is bullish against illegal immigration and most recently he put together a team of forensic specialists to examine documents that are publically available concerning President Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for the Office POTUS. The last politically incorrect endeavor places Arpaio squarely in the controversial and oft berated Birther crowd.


[Side Note: My stand on the Birther Movement is quite nebulous at the moment because I believe that BHO is definitely hiding something about his past but at the same time I believe Birthers are grasping straws rather than facts. This makes them look like loons. Nonetheless, as long as Birthers continue to be a thorn in BHO’s side I love reading their speculations with the hope that one day something become verifiable.]


Arpaio’s initiatives have made him a target by Leftists on a national scale. Thus money is beginning to flow into the coffers of Sheriff Arpaio’s political enemies. AND those political enemies have initiated a recall election against Sheriff Arpaio.


Below is a national appeal for donations to counter Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s recall vote. Support Sheriff Arpaio, please.


JRH 2/9/13

Please Support NCCR


You’re not going to believe this


By Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sent: 2/5/2013 2:58 PM

Sent by: Reelect Joe Arpaio


Just three weeks after I was sworn into office for a sixth term as Maricopa County Sheriff, a group of radical extremists filed a recall campaign to forcibly remove me from office.

This is very serious. These left-wing groups of agitators are the same ones who spent millions against me in last year’s campaign in an effort to defeat me. Because they didn’t like the outcome of that election they are now going to spend millions of dollars to force a recall election this coming fall.

So far they have raised over $1.3 million to defeat me!




These sore losers just never stop. They figure if they can force an election in an off-year they’ll be able to turn out every pro-illegal immigrant voter and steal this election. We saw them do the very same thing to an Arizona State Senator just over a year ago.

It’s clear that these people will go to any lengths to see me defeated and out of office. They’ll resurrect all the lies, distortions and personal attacks from last year’s campaign and use them against me this year.

And what is this all about really? Why do they hate me so much? It’s simple: I am the only law enforcement official in this state that enforces our laws against illegal immigration. Period. Everything else they’ll talk about is a deceptive smokescreen because they know they cannot win on the issue of enforcing the law.

In fact, in their statement about the recall this group claims that I don’t “respect, defend or protect the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution!” This, coming from the same group of people who have waged a relentless campaign against me in an effort to stop enforcing the laws! I have sworn an oath to protect and defend our United States Constitution probably more times than these clowns have pledged allegiance to our flag.

You were such an important part of my victory last year even though we faced insurmountable odds. I certainly did not plan on this recall, but I have to ask you again for your support. The fight starts now. Over the next several months I am going to be bombarded with negative attacks and lies. I must have the necessary resources to defend my record and run a winning campaign.

But I don’t care what threats they make. I will never back down one inch when it comes to doing the job I was JUST elected to do. I will continue enforcing all the laws on the books no matter what the consequences.

I am going to need your help now more than ever before. This campaign starts NOW. Will you support me and my efforts today with a much-needed contribution of $860 (the maximum per couple), $430 (the maximum per person), $300, $250, $150 or even $50?

Your contribution today is critical as we face these radical extremist forces. We cannot allow a small band of thugs to thwart the will of the voters and erode the Rule of Law.

Trust me; I never dreamed I would have to come to you for a contribution again. But it’s clear that I must ask you for your support and your prayers if we are going to beat our opponents. Please click here now to make a contribution.

Thank you for everything you have done and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Very Sincerely Yours,


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Please don’t delete this email. Please make a much-needed contribution today. And please do me one more favor: Forward this email to at least five of your friends who may want to defend my efforts to enforce the law! Thank you!


Arpaio Faces Recall Shortly after Reelection

John R. Houk

© February 9, 2013


You’re not going to believe this


Paid for by Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Leslie Sacks on Latino Immigrants

Immigration - Statue Liberty

John R. Houk

© May 6, 2012


Leslie J. Sacks has sent a post lauding the traditional Family Values that most recent Latino immigrants bring with them to America. Sacks is absolutely correct in this assessment. Many Latinos come to America with that old fashioned work ethic that once was a norm.


What Sacks fails to mention is that too often the Latino immigrants come to America illegally. This is unlike many of the immigrants from Europe even from the mid-1800s through the early 1900s.


I don’t have a problem with Latino immigrants to America as long as the immigration is legal. If legal immigration is maintained it would be a fantastic way to help screen out the few Latinos that are drug dealers or Latino gang members. The drug dealing and gang member Latinos are giving the hard working family value Latinos a bad image in America.


I am a huge proponent of finding a way to shut off the border between the USA and Mexico in able to make immigration a more legal rather than an illegal proposition. I also am a proponent that Latinos that desire to work in America should be given easier access to the job market in America. Definite immigration reform needs to occur for Latinos that view America as a job opportunity to cross the border legally along with the ability to travel freely back to Mexico.


The Latinos that desire to become citizens of America need to have an expectation to learn the English language. English is the language of America and the UK is considered the Mother Country not Spain. Our culture is Anglo-Saxon not Hispanic. The earlier immigrants to America rather Italian, German, Swedish or other non-English speaking people all learned English by their second generation. Latinos that desire citizenship should also learn English.


Well that is my two-cents. Below is Leslie J. Sacks’ thoughts on Latinos. Sacks’ thoughts are accurate; however I believe he leaves out the other side of the coin.


JRH 5/6/12

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What we can all learn from our Latino community


Leslie J. Sacks


By Leslie J. Sacks

Sent: May 4, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Website: Strength and Tolerance


Latinos in the US are fiercely familial and loyal. Ironically, many Americans (most likely from non-recent immigration) find it strangely meaningful to separate themselves (and their spouses) from their respective families (and often childhood friends) and forge an independent albeit somewhat alienated existence. As a result many Americans evolve sophisticated business and financial lifestyles yet retain a certain emotional and spiritual immaturity. By contrast, a strong family unit is often visible in new immigrant groups, whether they are Vietnamese, Honduran, Korean or Indian.


The Latino community seems passionate about Latino America. Not necessarily a bad thing (La Raza excluded) as this energy will translate over time into strong support for the US as well. Witness the many members of the US military being respected and honored in strongly immigrant suburbs – being part of the US military is not usually disparaged in the local “barrios” as it is on the Berkeley campus.


In the area of recycling, Spanish speakers are past masters: Nothing much is thrown out; most of the second-hand cars, appliances, TVs and furniture live long and productive lives. In their way, these are very “green” communities. In Malibu and Beverly Hills, cars have a 3 year life expectancy – Nissans and Toyotas regularly reach 200,000 miles in East LA amongst construction workers and pool cleaners. America’s enormous disinterest in recycling, in maintaining existing electronics, distances our country from the rest of the world in a seemingly never-ending banquet of consumerism, with most happy to waste resources and expand garbage dumps with a frivolity absent in the Latino community.


Many see immigrants as outsiders who dilute the American tradition and culture. To the contrary, many immigrants may retain more family values (values that we seem to have lost), and may indeed be closer to the founding principles of this nation.


We have much to learn as a country, not only to teach; we are consumed in protecting our rights and largely ignorant of our responsibilities.


Immigrants tend to prioritize family and community over materialism and influence. Perhaps they are the splash of cold water we need to jolt us out of our complacency and away from a fragmented culture, an alienated, technological, iPad and iPhone existence.



Leslie Sacks on Latino Immigrants

John R. Houk

© May 6, 2012


What we can all learn from our Latino community


About Leslie J. Sacks


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1952. My family and I have lived in Los Angeles since 1991. Active in fundraising and promotion of charitable organizations and causes in particular areas promoting moderate Islam (women’s rights and the reinterpretation of the Koran from a moderate and tolerant perspective) combating terrorism, extremism and radicalism in both North America and the Middle East whilst strengthening the tolerance and individual free expression. Conceived, initiated and funds “Women’s Voices Now”, a human rights organization and film festival for women in the Muslim World.


Academic background includes both psychology and computer science at the Univ. of Witwaterstrand, South Africa. Worked in various capacities in opposition to apartheid and in support of the Black and Jewish South African communities in the early 70s – at that time was Chairman of the South African Union of Jewish Students and was on the Executive of the World Union of Jewish Students as well as publisher of various student art and culture magazines.

International art dealer since the 70s; Publisher of various art books and catalogue raisonnes, curator of international, gallery, and art exhibitions. Has two modern and contemporary master galleries in Los Angeles. Family office of general investments focusing on private equity and hedge funds.