Who are the Korahs of Modern Israel?

John R. Houk

© February 9, 2011

Ari Bussel writes about a person who has long been a Jewish Leftist working to propagandize his listeners that Israel occupies Judea and Samaria and is persecuting the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. Bussel’s article not once exposes who the person is who commonly comes to American Progressive (i.e. Leftist) Churches, College Campuses, High Schools, American Mosques and alarmingly Jewish Synagogues. The person’s objective as you shall read (BELOW this post) is to convince his listeners that Israel is evil incarnate for occupying Judea and Samaria as well as habitually oppressing so-called Palestinians by apartheid methods which include demolishing so-called Palestinian houses.

This PERSON is utilizing outright lies, twisting facts with partial revelation and other tactics that if (probably when) successful will lead to Israel’s destruction. Bussel never reveals the name of this person which I found annoying. Bussel was either concerned of fighting an unaffordable lawsuit or did not wish to receive hate mail from Leftist Jews who support the destruction notion of a sovereign Palestine for Arab refugees created initially by invading Arab armies whose goal was to ethnically cleanse the old British Mandate for Palestine of Jews.

The Arab armies invaded because the Mandate created to provide Jews with a national homeland grew weary of the Western powers in not fulfilling the promises that existed from 1917 and unilaterally declared a Jewish independent State called Israel in 1948 when the British arbitrarily abandoned their Mandate for Palestine.

In the face of looming war against Israel many Arabs fled their dwellings and property out of two fears: 1) The Arabs were warned to get out of the way of the coming genocide of Jewish blood and 2) the fear Jewish reprisals against Arabs would happen because of the Arab army invasion.

Israeli historians will tell you the main reason is point one. Arab historians will tell you that point two is the primary reason Arabs fled their homes. In point one the fleeing Arabs are painted as opportunists leaving the blood to return of Arab victory to claim Jewish land. In point two the fleeing Arabs are painted as terrified people fleeing for their lives from ethnic cleansing to was to be perpetuated on Arabs living under Israeli authority.

In full disclosure I am a Christian Zionist in this matter hence I fall into point one and I am extremely skeptical of point two. My reasoning for being a point one kind-of-guy is that once the fleeing Arabs became the victims of the Arab army losses, not one Arab nation accepted their fellow Arabs into their nations. Not even Transjordan which was the most successful of the invading Arab armies by plowing through Judea and Samaria up to Jerusalem where a stalemate resulted in the occupation of the Eastern half of Jerusalem that included the old Jewish Quarter and the Temple Mount. After the unofficial truce agreed to on an independent level with each invading Arab nation, Transjordan would arbitrarily annex Judea and Samaria and rename the area the West Bank because Transjordan was on the East Bank of the Jordan River. At this time Transjordan renamed their nation after the River and became Jordan.

I have digressed from Bussel’s annoyance about a fellow Jew being a Leftist activist that could cause the end of Israel; nonetheless you can see where I am a bit irked by the Arab claim that they reside in land occupied by Israel when the reality is that Judea and Samaria was occupied by Jordan until 1967 after losing the Six-Day War.

Since Bussel does not mention who this Jewish Leftist I decided to discover his identity via Google. I believe the best candidate is Jeff Halper the founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). Halper often tours America to rail his false claims against Corporations that do business with Israel and as an ex-American with Israeli citizenship; he uses Leftist illusions of peace to talk to Progressive Churches to push for individuals, Corporations, Churches, Synagogues and Universities to divest any form of investment that is used that helps Israel, Israel’s economy and the Jews committed to a safe Israel with their present borders and not the exposed borders of 1967.

In my estimation Halper is like Korah the traitor against Moses. Perhaps Halper should watch the ground to look out for openings. Although no amount of looking saved Korah’s life from his treasonous rebellion.

JRH 2/9/11