Islamic Thugs Exchanged for one Righteous Man

Gilad Shalit


John R. Houk

© October 16, 2011


Israel and Islamic terrorist organization Hamas have worked out a deal in kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit will be exchanged for about a thousand of murdering Islamic thugs in Israeli prisons. Frankly I cannot see this as a fair exchange because it will open wounds of injustice to the victims – dead and alive – as well as to the families of the victims.


On the other hand there is a huge injustice that Gilad Shalit has languished in the clutches of Islamic terrorists of Hamas. Since Israel has chosen the path of the waiting game for Shalit rather than sending in commandos for a search, rescue and destroy method, I do feel for Shalit as well. I understand that a commando raid would be a certain violent death for Shalit.


On the other hand there would be no dishonor in the exchange followed by a commando invasion to punish the released prisoners quite soon after their release. That punishment would by necessity have to be rapid because of the nature of Islamic terrorists disappearing like cockroaches into dark holes to hide like cowards rather than face the justice the light would expose them to.


In writing my thought on the Shalit/Islamic-thug transfer an email was sent representing parents of a victim of one of those thugs scheduled to be released. Pay attention and sign the petition to help in preventing some of these thugs from finding the freedom of daylight as if their thuggery was validated.


JRH 10/16/11


Remove Ahlam Tamimi from ‘freedom list’



Sent by: Ronit Fraid

Sent: October 15, 2011 6:04 PM

Sent from: ICJS Research


By Arnold and Frimet Roth

October 16, 2011


Please pass this heartfelt request along urgently to your contacts, in particular the good people at ICJS. It’s a request to sign a petition that we created in the last few hours, online here:

Under normal circumstances, requests to sign a petition are unlikely to lead to any significant outcomes. In this case, we are hoping to do something important.

The petition asks for the removal of one specific name from the list of more than one thousand terrorists, including hundreds of convicted murderers, to be published by the government of Israel tomorrow, Sunday. That list is the basis of a transaction by which Israel will get back Gilad Shalit, held hostage by the terrorists of Hamas for more than five years. The deal involves Israel throwing open the gates of its top-security prisons and issuing wholesale pardons. My wife Frimet and I have expressed our principled objection to the deal. While others are busy trying to stop it in the courts, we are focusing our energies on one specific person, and getting her off the list.

Her name is Tamimi. An article in today’s New York Times [] provides some background:


Among those is Ahlam Tamimi, a 31-year-old woman who was a key figure in the pizzeria attack. She is often described as the driver of the car that brought the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant and killed 15 people. But the Roths say her role went far beyond that, to the actual planning of the attack. In interviews from prison, Ms. Tamimi, who was a journalist, has told of having brought the suicide bomber to Jerusalem and then going on Palestinian television’s afternoon broadcast to announce the news of the attack without acknowledging her involvement. “I’m not sorry for what I did,” she told an Israeli news organization in 2006. “I will get out of prison, and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.”


Ahlam Tamimi - Islamic Terrorist


The Roths said their anger over the prisoner exchange was focused on Ms. Tamimi, who is being sent to Jordan. She is young, fervent and charismatic, Mr. Roth said, and proud of what she did. In a documentary on Palestinian prisoners, she was asked whether she knew how many children had been killed in the attack. She did not. When told the number was eight, she smiled.


There is a fuller background about the circumstances in which our daughter was murdered on the Keren Malki website:


Arnold and Frimet Roth with a photo of Malka

And there are many articles on the web tonight showing her family and supporters celebrating her impending return to freedom and to a full and active life as a heroine and inspiration.

Time is very limited. We really only have until Sunday (16th October) to get a significant number of signatures. If we succeed, we can then put pressure on the Prime Minister’s Office and the Justice Ministry and publicize this in the media.

Even if you do not normally sign petitions, or pass them along to friends, we ask you to seriously consider signing this one. Once again, it’s online here:

Finally, allow me to mention that Keren Malki, the non-sectarian not-for-profit we created in our daughter’s memory in 2001, does very good work in our murdered daughter’s name for the benefit of families raising a special-needs child. Your support for that work will be much appreciated. More at

Thank you for reading this far. Together with our friends and their friends, we hope – despite the odds – to do something constructive in the face of the terrible transaction being done with the terrorists of Hamas.

Good wishes, Moadim Lesimcha, and Shavua Tov,
Arnold Roth




What is ICJS Research

Israel Needs an Unconditional Surrender

David Prepares Goliath Beheading. by Rubens


John R. Houk

© September 9, 2011


Israel will be attacked again. At this stage of geopolitics it could be an “either-or” or an “and or” situation in an attack on Israel. Islamic terrorism in which Arabs acquire arms from rogue nation-states has had the effect of creating armies without a sovereign nation. This is especially the case of Hamas and Hezbollah that have experienced wars that got their butts kicked yet unsatisfactorily did not experience unconditional defeat. The ability of Hamas and Hezbollah still existing after a military onslaught by the Israeli militarily has tarnished Israel’s once shield of military invincibility against Muslim militaries.


In the evolution of Arab-Israeli wars since Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948 has taken Israel from a strategy of hopefully surviving Arab invasions to the strategy of anticipating an Arab invasion and preemptively attacking before the ocean of Arabs could attack tiny Israel. The Soviet weaponry supply to Arab nations did nothing to create a formidable Arab force. The Yom Kippur War of 1973 was a successful Arab sneak attack with the better trained Israeli soldiers repulsing the attacks of Syria and Egypt followed by the IDF giving those Arab inferior Armies a spanking in their own territory.


Arab nations do not invade Israel any more. Rather the 21st century Arab strategy is for Islamic terrorists not affiliated to a sovereign nation to come out of the cracks causing havoc inside Israel and go back and hide in their cockroach holes or behind women and children to await the Israeli response.


The Israeli problem is they are now the victim of Arab-Palestinian propaganda which has effectively convinced the Left Wing dominated West to believe that Arabs are the victims. Because of the successful anti-Israel propaganda Israel is prevented from going after the terrorists as they did against invading Arab nations. Why? The Islamic terrorists merge into the general population of their safe havens. If a civilian (which in my opinion is a pretending civilian) gets critically hurt or killed in the line of fire Israel is always accused of disproportionate response.


The problem with holding Israel to the West’s vision of a proportionate response to Islamic terrorism enables the cockroaches to hide effectively until they have been resupplied and embark again on Islamic terrorist attacks in Israel. It is my opinion that Israel should throw out the fear of the accusation of the disproportionate response and attack Hamas, Hezbollah and PA amalgamated terrorists until there is NO terrorist infrastructure left.


After an unconditional defeat of the Islamic terrorists it is my opinion that the politically incorrect expulsion of all Arabs that cannot live with the existence of a Jewish State. THEN Israel will be back to focusing on cowardly Muslim armies from nations and the shining new armor of invincibility returns.


Now these thoughts were meant to be an introduction to an Ari Bussel article which is about complacence to the strategies of Islamic terrorists. Below is that Bussel essay that stirred my passion.


JRH 9/9/11


War is Inevitable


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 9/8/2011 10:37 AM


The number of dead Israelis is mounting, and the war has not even officially begun.


It commenced with a combined attack near Eilat, in Israel’s south, and quickly crept up moving in two directions, one along the seashore in a north-north-westerly direction, the other in a north-north-easterly direction crossing the vast expanse of the Negev.


The Gazans realized that firing multiple missiles at once renders Israel’s Iron Dome system less effective.  It is able to stop some, but not all the missiles.  So a barrage of Grad missiles hit Israeli towns and cities, like the Negev capital, Beer Sheva.


The escalation has been fast and calculated.  Israel has been as swift in eliminating the perpetrators of the attack and their direct commanders, but alas there is a never-ending stream of volunteers-to-the-cause behind them.  One is destroyed; ten stand to fill his place.


Thirty missiles launched, thousands ready to be launched behind them.  No shortage here either.


And this is from one source:  Gaza.


The Middle East in 2011 has proven that the impossible and unthinkable happens and keeps surprising us with its appearance, intensity and grandeur.  Mubarak, Qaddafi, Assad, Turkey’s ascent, Egypt’s cancellation of the Peace Treaty with Israel.  Some are still in the works, but then there is a whole third of the year still ahead of us.


Thus, one must always look at the bigger picture and other players in the region.  Those who call themselves “Palestinians” (residents and citizens of Israel, namely Israeli Arabs) have not joined the uprising of their brethren in Gaza yet.  Hezbollah has not reared its ugly head, and is extremely coordinated with Hamas in Gaza.  Then there are multiple others in this neighborhood, all hostile to Israel and seeking its destruction.


Israelis in the south are feeling the discomfort of living under missile fires, but the rest of Israel, for the moment, is quiet.  Not for long.


So what does Israel do?  The reaction does not extend beyond those directly responsible.  Alas, Israel is mistaken again.  Those responsible are not only the launchers and their cohort of bandits.  Instead, it is the system as a whole and Hamas, from the snake’s head to the last “freedom fighters”-terrorists.  It is the Palestinian Authority.  It is Hezbollah and its system of caves and underground bunkers, from its head-rat to the last “Warrior.”  It is Syria who has been supplying the military might to Hezbollah, and it is Iran who has been masterminding, supplying, training and orchestrating the events.


What is Israel to do?  Should it choose collective punishment or wait, licking its wounds, burying its dead and lamenting some illusion of an elusive peace?  Maybe ignore all that is happening against it and focus instead on members of its middle-class losing their standing and becoming destitute?

Luckily at this point in time, Israel will be left with no choice but to retaliate.  Israel would not be able to ignore the mounting dead, day after day, and the dozens injured.  The disruption of daily life would become unbearable and would creep toward the Center, where all the “beautiful souls” who want peace and think Israel needs to surrender now bask in the joys of life.  Life in oblivion will continue until the missiles get to their doorsteps, or actually until they start falling from the skies on their rooftops and gardens, parks and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants.


There will be only one course of action, one that has conveniently been avoided repeatedly.  Israel’s air superiority has proven insufficient.  Ground action is necessary, as was evident both in the Second War in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 and during the land excursion into Gaza in late December 2008 – beginning January 2009.


Israel will have to conquer Gaza, kilometer by kilometer, until the region once again is under full Israeli control.  Israel will have to disengage the Gazans from Gaza in a unilateral action to reverse the Disengagement of the summer of 2005.


For those who may mistake Gaza for anything other than what it is, it is an area of approximately 150 square miles (25 x 6).  Its residents have vowed to do everything to bring on Israel’s destruction and are acting against civilian centers in Israel.  They initiate death and mayhem, the classic definition of inflicting terror.


For them, all courses of action are beneficial:  Kill Israelis, it helps.  Wound them, not bad.  Be killed? It is OK since you are going to heaven for an eternal-life of sex with virgins and enslavement of women.  Anyone killed fighting is fine, since it will help hasten Israel’s downfall.  They create scenes that the most famous theatrical productions in the world would not be ashamed to host.  Israel is then accused of “collective punishment” and “committing atrocities.” 

Not enough dead?  Inflate the numbers or exhume bodies from graves.  That will do just fine.


Whatever they do, there is a carte blanche justification, whereas whatever happens as a result is Israel’s fault.  At the end of the day, Israel will be blamed according to the double standard now in effect.  The world deliberately ignores the facts and fabricates Goldstone Reports of its own.


Israel’s action must be swift and painful.  It must overtake Gaza, destroying everything in its wake if there is even the slightest sign of resistance.  Shoot from a mosque, school or hospital, or even from the most revered “UN buildings,” these should be destroyed within moments.  Imagine the sights and sounds of the ensuing explosions, with all those missiles and explosives stored there.  Guilty of war crimes?  The party that uses civilian centers to warehouse elements of war?


There must be refugee camps erected elsewhere, and the population transferred to these camps far away from Gaza.  Gaza must no longer exist.


Why?  Clearly because Gaza contains the largest stockpile of missiles and other means of warfare in the entire region.  Also because Gaza has another side, hidden from above, of underground tunnels creating a city below a city.  Lastly, because there are supposedly real refugees who keep squandering the billions they receive from Europe, the UN and elsewhere.  Let them be at a real refugee camp and let Israel take care of them. 


Israel may have to foot the bill in the short term, but it can keep a tab and present it to all those concerned.  Besides, treating the “refugee” problem once and for all will be much cheaper than perpetuating the idea of “eternal refugees.”


Gaza must be no more.  It wants war, not peace, so it must be prepared for the fulfillment of its craving.  If it wants to die, Israel must ensure that terror dies with it.  All the “innocent” Gazans can be transferred.  They never wanted to be in Gaza in the first place.  They want Jaffe and Acre, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


In fact, as a first step, they should be moved to Judea and Samaria.  In newly erected tent cities there will be schools where math and foreign languages, literature and science are taught, not how to become a martyr or a terrorist.  Schools where childhood blossoms rather than destroyed. Schools where hatred is eradicated and love and respect taught.


At one point there will be peace, but for peace to exist, there must be no Gaza.  Gaza at the moment is the power base of evil, the embodiment of Israel’s failure to deal with a situation and the clear upper hand of Hamas.


Hamas calls things by name.  It is time that it is fed some of its own medicine. 


Some may say that this will lead to Israel loosing its support base with American Jews and others throughout the world.  To them I say, American Jewry long ago deserted the Jewish State, and the world will condemn Israel no matter what she does.  So she must act.  It is better to be alive and accused than dead and maligned.


Israel Needs an Unconditional Surrender

John R. Houk

© September 9, 2011


War is Inevitable


The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.


The writers invite readers to view and experience an Israel and her politics through their eyes, Israel visitors rarely discover and Israelis often ignore.


This point—and often—counter-point presentation is sprinkled with humor and sadness and attempts to tackle serious and relevant issues of the day. The series began in 2008, appears both in print in the USA and on numerous websites and is followed regularly by readership from around the world.


© “Postcards from America — Postcards from Israel,” August, 2011



First Published August 20, 2011

The Stage is Set – Israel Defend Yourself

Kamal al-Nairab with Ismail Haniya 8-20-11

Kamal al-Nairab with Ismail Haniya 8-20-11


John R. Houk

© August 25, 2011


On August 18, 2011eight Israelis either on the way or returning from vacationing at Eilat, Israel on the coast of the Red Sea were murdered by Islamic terrorists. If you read some MSM outlets you will see that gunmen perhaps from a Palestinian origin were responsible. Let’s be clear! The gunmen were Islamic terrorists and although thought to be directly related to Hamas, the proof demonstrates that members of the Egyptian military were involved in the terrorist attack. Also to be clear the loss of life was eight Jews, THIRTY other Jews were injured to some degree.


At least three of the perpetrators of last week’s deadly terror attack near Eilat were Egyptians, investigations by Israel’s and Egypt’s armies have found. Despite this, Egyptian political activists are still demanding a “million man protest” on the Israeli embassy in Cairo.


Eight Israelis were killed and 30 injured in a coordinated, three-part attack by the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees.


A leading member of Israel’s General Staff, Amir Eshel, traveled to Cairo this week to present photographic evidence of Egyptian involvement in the attack, according to Ynet news. Videos he presented show that Israeli attack helicopters avoided hitting Egyptian militant vehicles and troops along the border, instead directing their fire into open areas where the terrorist were hiding. Egyptian troops were also reluctant to confront the militants who were firing across the border, and they may have been killed when they finally left their positions to stop the shooting. Egypt has yet to carry out autopsies on the bodies of the dead soldiers.


An inspection of the bodies of the terrorist proved that at least three of the terrorists were Egyptian. Notably, one of the dead terrorists had been tried in Egypt for radicalism and imprisoned. He escaped along with hundreds of other terrorists during the first days of the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Many of the escapees took refuge in Gaza, with Egypt pressing Hamas to extradite them back across the border. (Egyptians Involved in Israel Attack, IPT News, 8/24/11)


Incredulously Egypt demanded an apology for Israel chasing down the Islamic terrorists at the Rafah Crossing of the border between Egypt and Gaza (Hamastan). Israel borders both Gaza and Egypt. Egypt then recalled its Ambassador to Israel which is seen as a public rebuke to Israel.


An initial inquiry by the army into last week’s terror attack near Eilat in which eight Israelis were killed indicates at least three of the terrorists were Egyptian nationals, and Haaretz said.


One of the terrorists belonged to a radical Egyptian group and was jailed in Egypt but escaped during the first days of anti-regime protests.


Details of the investigation were submitted to Egyptian officials by Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, head of the army’s General Staff Planning branch, who traveled to Cairo earlier this week, said.


Eshel also showed Egyptian officials photographic evidence to support the findings, the Web site said.


The report showed Israeli soldiers did their utmost to prevent Egyptian soldiers and border guards from being hurt during gun battles that erupted between Israeli soldiers and terrorists who fled to the Egyptian side of the border.


Videos taken from aircraft showed Israeli soldiers intentionally diverted fire from the Egyptian all-terrain vehicles and soldiers towards open areas near the border base, the site said.


The investigation also found Egyptian army troops spotted the terrorists but did nothing to detain them. The terrorists wore uniforms similar to those worn by the Egyptian army, the site said.


Five members of Egypt’s security forces were killed in the attack prompting Egypt to demand an apology from Israel. Violent protests erupted in Cairo with demonstrators demanding an end to the peace treaty with Israel and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador. (Israel beefs up security at Egypt border, UPI, 8/24/11)


So then, Egypt demands an apology and Hamas of Gaza shoots GRAD missiles at Ashdod, Ashkelon and other Israel locations.


Some 20 rockets were fired at Israel’s southern communities on Wednesday night (August 24).

A 9-month-old baby was hit by glass splinters when a rocket fired at Ashkelon Wednesday evening exploded near a house in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. A car caught fire and was destroyed, and damage was also caused to several structures.



Among the rocket hits:


• On August 19 a synagogue and a school in Ashdod were hit by rockets fired from Gaza. One person was seriously injured, and some ten were wounded. There was extensive damage to the building.


• On August 20 two Grad rocket hits were identified in Beersheba, causing the death of one Israeli civilian, critically wounding four others and inflicting varying degrees of injuries on three others; considerable damage was done to one house in the city.


• On August 20 two Grad rocket hits were identified in the region of Ashdod. Four civilians were wounded, one of them critically; several structures were damaged.


• On August 20 two more Grad rocket hits were identified in the region of Ashdod. Six civilians were wounded, three of them critically; one sustained minor injuries and two were treated for shock.


• On August 20 three rocket hits were identified in Ofakim, wounding several people including a four-month-old baby and causing severe damage.


• On August 20 a rocket hit was identified in the western Negev; property was damaged.


• On August 21 another Grad rocket hit was identified in Beersheba and property was damaged. (Israel under fire – August 2011, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 8/25/11)


After the butchery of 8 Israeli citizens attempting to enjoy a vacation, Hamas fires GRAD missiles at civilian targets because Israel did not sit on its appeasement backside and sought and found immediate justice against murdering leadership that started the snowball of violence in the first place. The Palestinian Authority is right there to back up Hamas by claiming the whole thing was Israel’s fault. WHAT?


If Israel defends itself all deaths are on Israel’s head because of defense of their borders, is that right? If only the American President had enough cajones to stop Drug Cartel terrorists from entering America from across the Mexican border.


I say, “Netanyahu do not put up with this junk from Islamic terrorists! If Israel allows the existence of a Palestinian State followed with the division of the Jewish Homeland Capital city of Jerusalem, expect more of the same.”


JRH 8/25/11

The Nefarious Anniversary of Gilad Shalit



John R. Houk

©June 25, 2011


Roughly five years ago from today (depending where you were vis-a-vis the International Date Line) Gilad Shalit was kidnapped from within Israel and dragged back to Gaza (Gazastan or Hamastan) to be held as a captive to be used as an exchange for over one thousand convicted Islamic terrorists in Israeli jails.


Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA is recognized agent of so-called Palestinian independence) signed a unity agreement to stand together as Arabs that call themselves Palestinians to form an independent Palestine being forced down the Israeli throat by powerful Western governments and Russia. To the Western world the PA has gone on the record to recognize the existence of the nation Israel, BUT not of a Jewish State. On the other hand the Palestinian media calls for the death of all Jews and the utter destruction of Israel to form an Arab State devoid of Jews from their homeland. Hamas is less subtle. Hamas simply calls for the destruction of all Jews and the destruction of Israel openly for all to read, hear and see.


Hamas’ kidnapping of Shalit has placed Israel in the unenviable position of a decision: the release of a thousand plus convicted Islamic terrorists so Hamas will release Shalit or doom Shalit to a fate of being in the hands of Jew-Hating Muslims to keep war criminals in jail.


It is horrible but I cannot see Israel releasing Jew-haters to join the Palestinian cause to kill more Jews for the release of one Israeli Patriot. I know there have been earlier attempts to rescue Shalit, so it is quite amazing Hamas has kept him alive. In fact no official footage or contact has been allowed by Hamas of Gilad Shalit since roughly September 2009:



Indeed Hamas has taken to taunting the Israeli government with short videos glorifying the capture kidnapping of Gilad Shalit:



In the above YouTube video it shows two Hamas terrorists in the shadows making intimidating gestures of the freeze frame still of Shalit from the 2009 YouTube video. As the 24 second Islamic terrorist intimidation video comes to an end  computer symbolism showing the near completion of a download which when fully completed has some Arabic words fill the area followed shortly by the sound of gun fire including sounds of the rounds hit the ground.


Hamas pulls all this junk with nary a bit of pressure from the same Western powers forcing into existence a Jew-hating Palestine except to only verbally condemn Hamas. Hamas has become the master of playing on Western sympathies to keep the pressure off them by playing the victim to the West.



If the so-called Quartet is so willing to force the existence of a Palestinian State, then this Quartet should be willing to force the release of Gilad Shalit. Force should happen even if it means violence to as a show of support for Gilad Shalit. If the Quartet holds Hamas accountable and Hamas resists the power of the Quartet by murdering Shalit, then the Quartet should have enough balls to admit that a Hamas involvement in a Palestinian State/Government is impossible.


If a Hamas involvement in governing is impossible, then a joint Quartet and Israel Defense Force (IDF) overthrow of Hamas in Gaza should happen. With a combination of Quartet military forces (i.e. USA, EU, Russia & UN) involved then the staged murder scenes usually blamed on Israel or the death of Hamas human shields will carry less weight as it will be exposed just how evil an entity an Islamic terrorist organization like Hamas actually is.


The infrastructure that keeps services running in Gaza does not come from revenue picked up through fair taxation. Rather Gaza’s operating infrastructure is operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The UNRWA provides above $400 million in an annual budget for Arab-Palestinians in Gaza and Judea-Samaria. In an article by Claudia Rosett written in 2009 for Forbes a very good appraisal is made about Gaza; viz., that Gaza-Hamas has two components that are currently vital for administration: UNRWA and terrorism.


The West already condemns terrorism although the condemnation comes with a wink when it comes to Arab terrorists with the appellation of Palestinian. If the Quartet were serious about bringing peace to the Middle East it would be incumbent to take down the UNRWA followed closely by the removal of Hamas in Gaza before the Muslim Brotherhood completely runs the show in Egypt. If or when the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt it will be a missed opportunity to remove Hamas from any governing equation.


Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of the terrorists that make up the PA. Basically the PA is the globally recognized entity of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians; however the reality is the PA is made up out of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which is an old Arab League umbrella group creation to be a thorn in the side of Israel. The biggest dog in the PLO umbrella is Fatah. The Fatah chief has served as the Chairman for the PLO and as the President of the PA.


Hamas is not part of the PLO umbrella. Hamas is more closely related to the Muslim Brotherhood centered in Egypt which ironically seems to be the foundation of Fatah’s original leadership. The point is though the PA has become just as corrupt as it is for the creation of a Palestinian. The corruption can be seen with all the times that the deceased Yasser Arafat refused Israel deals to establish a Palestinian State in their land of Judea and Samaria (called the West Bank by everyone that supports an idea of a Palestinian State). Because of PA corruption the Quartet and Israel can manipulate a better deal if it is a foregone conclusion to stupidly create a sovereign Palestine.


Frankly a PA led Palestine will probably end in a blood bath between Israel and Palestine coupled with a WWIII scenario. The existence of Hamas will make that scenario occur quicker.


A campaign to end Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit should be the concerted effort of the Quartet, Israel and probably with a little money to flash – the PA. Yes, without a miracle Shalit will probably be murdered. If indeed Hamas perpetuates such a tragedy of outright murder even the face of global opposition to such an act, the determination to end Hamas will be of greater acceptance. Sealing that deal of global opposition to Hamas will be the PA to join such an anti-Hamas league. The PA would do such a deed for money to its leadership AND because the Fatah faction of the PLO-PA has some good old fashioned Arab blood revenge issues with Hamas.


Unfortunately if an actual Hamas-PA united stand actually happens I am fairly convinced the corrupt leadership of the PLO-PA faction will dissipate into nothingness. Hamas pushing the old guard out may actually delay the creation of a Palestinian State. However, we all know that once Hamas becomes the legitimate representation of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians Western acceptance will eventually follow. In those days the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier will turn into the kidnapping of multiple soldiers which will probably lead to surgical strikes of the murder of multiples of Jews in rural towns and Orthodox Jewish villages.


Free Gilad Shalit now! Let’s make a united effort to end Hamas to prevent future Gilad Shalits.


JRH 6/25/11 (Hat Tip: Ari Bussel)  

Opportunity Missed, Opportunity Made

Mahmoud Abbas & Ismail Haniyeh


The Leslie J. Sacks organization sent an article by Mark Y. Rosenberg that is critical of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas hook-up because Hamas is overtly for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.


Where I disagree with Rosenberg is his assertion that Israel should abandon the “West Bank” to allow a Palestinian State to come into existence because that is the only way for peace between Israel and the Arab world. Also Rosenberg believes that Israeli control of “occupied” West Bank is not a sustainable situation for Israel. Rosenberg does not enter the debate of borders such as Israel drawing to 1967 borders including the eastern half of Jerusalem. I would have been interested on his take on the borders and if the Jewish heritage of Jerusalem should be turned over to Jew-hating Muslims.


Finally noticed I placed quotes over “West Bank” and “occupied”. The reason for this is that I am a Christian Zionist. The so-called West Bank is part of the Land of Israel known as Judea and Samaria. Israel did not occupy it their land, they retrieved from Jordanian occupation. Since Israel retook Judea and Samaria they did not occupy it, rather Israel liberated from hostile Muslims that defaced and committed acts of sacrilege against Jewish holy places, relics and ancient possessions such as Synagogues and cemeteries.


Other than that Rosenberg’s article is good.


JRH 6/4/11

PA and Hamas Kiss and Make Up


John R. Houk

© May 7, 2011


Does anyone wonder how it can be good for Israel’s existence that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have agreed to a unity government to be resolved by elections in 2012? I mean Hamas is very honest that the destruction of Israel is its goal. Only the ignorant would believe the PA propaganda (i.e.  The PLO and Fatah) that it no longer has the goal to destroy Israel. It is as if the “Zionist Entity” is not Israel, right? If you believe that I have some plush property to sell you at an old nuclear weapon test site in the Nevada Desert that might be rich in uranium.


The PLO and the PA is essentially the same thing except the Western world recognizes the PA as the representative of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. The PA is essentially the master of propaganda telling lies as if they are truth. Then there is the Muslim Brotherhood connected Islamic terrorist organization known as Hamas. As the PA is the master of deception, Hamas uses honesty and demands Israel’s destruction as well as establishing hatred toward all Jews. In essence Hamas makes no bones about a 21st century Jewish Holocaust if given the opportunity.


And here we are today, and the so-called Quart with the agenda of creating a sovereign Palestinian nation at the cost of Israel’s historical heritage, we see that the deceitful haters of Israel has agreed to provide a unity political entity with the truthful haters of Israel forming a unified front to make a Palestinian State in 2011.


Hmm … I am thinking Obama portion of the Quartet is pulling strings that will force Israel to accept the existence of a created Palestinian State that has the goal to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea. What do you think?


JRH 5/7/11 (Hat Tip: Prophecy Update)

A Declaration of War

Ari Bussel explains the fact that both Hamas (rulers of Gaza) and the Palestine Authority have written official documents that call for the utter destruction of Israel and Jewish culture. In the explanation you can feel the intense frustration that the West (including the American government) have bent over backwards to accommodate the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State even though the goal of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is to bring about a 21st century Holocaust.


Then further, Bussel laments that the establishment of a Palestinian State is a fait accompli because of Western Support. In this fait accompli Israel must prepare itself far a war to remain in existence otherwise that next Holocaust will be a reality.


JRH 4/30/11

The Palestinian Wall of Lies

Islamic terrorism is here in America on an organized level. This is beyond sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists. This open hatred of Jews and Israel being preached at American college campuses inculcating lies related to Arabs that call themselves Palestinians and Israel which is the homeland of Jews promised by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (renamed by God to Israel).


Below are two videos that highlight those lies that are being promulgated by Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America yet with a focus of the terrorist organization Hamas.


JRH 4/29/11 (Hat Tip: Israel Defence Initiative)


The Palestinian Wall of Lies




A Turkish Flotilla – In Reverse


Leslie J. Sacks points out the Turkish hypocrisy when it comes to civil and human rights. Turkey is preparing to send another flotilla of – choke – freedom to the Gaza Strip. The last terrorist – err – I mean freedom flotilla that was more a terrorist set up to attack the boarding Israeli Navy checking for smuggled weapons.


As Sacks notes Israel bends over backward with aid for daily life circumstances such as: food, electricity and medical needs. This is more than what Turkey has done to Armenians and Kurds which have both experienced ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Turks.


JRH 4/27/11

Hamas Lies to Justify Targeting School Bus

John R. Houk

© April 9, 2011


On Thursday April 7 Hamas targeted a school bus that critically wounded a thirteen year old Jewish Israeli as well as wounding the bus driver. Hamas has the audacity to claim it was a mistake, they didn’t realize it was a school bus.


NOW that is a load of Palestinian dung! Not only was the school bus the typical yellow stand-out, but the anti-tank missile fired by Hamas was laser guided!


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in near immediate fashion launched a counter-attack against Hamas Islamic terrorists. An Associated Press release I found at Yahoo News as of Saturday morning shows the IDF retaliation has killed 18 Islamic terrorists and wounded another 65 Islamic terrorists.


If you are a supporter of Israel’s right to exist and opposed to the Palestinian goal of wiping Israel off the map, then you have to agree this is a blatant act of terrorism. And yet – the Associated Press article does not call this an act of terrorism. The AP as is the case with most of the Western media describe such atrocities as the missile attack on the school bus and the recent butchery of the Fogel family in their own home as a mere crime of violence. Indeed in the Fogel family case the media seemed to go out of its way to justify the butchery of a Jewish family by blaming it on an Israeli occupation of Israeli land that should be known as Judea and Samaria instead the old Jordanian appellation of the West Bank that was actually occupied by Jordan via the multi-Arab-Muslim invasion to destroy Israel in 1948.


You have to ask, “What is the difference between a violent crime and a war crime?”


A violent crime is that which happens when a criminal assaults in some form of robbery or moment of hostile passion. The Hamas attack on a school bus was a calculated act with laser aimed anti-tank missiles. THAT IS A WAR CRIME!


I haven’t checked out all the information yet but I have to tell you I would not be surprised if the response of the IDF to the pip-squeak Hamas Islamic terrorist machine will be denounced as a war crime. I can see the denunciations of 17 Islamic terrorists being killed while Hamas missile shot at children in a school bus is described as a violent act of military insurgency.


Meryl Yourish of Hot Air asks, “When is a war crime not a war crime?”


So I ask: Is the laser targeting of a school bus a war crime or is the targeting of Islamic terrorists a war crime? The first is the targeting of innocent civilians. The later is the targeting of war criminals that live to destroy Israel and as many Jews as they can locate.


JRH 4/9/11