Benghazi Action Alert Before State of the Union

State of Union- Obama Liar-In-Chief toon


I wonder if President Barack Hussein Obama will mention anything about Benghazigate in tomorrow’s State of the Union Address. If he does say something will he maintain Benghazigate is a phony scandal?


JRH 1/27/13

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Benghazi Action Alert Before State of the Union!

Will President Obama Mention the Benghazi Investigation in his State of the Union Address Tomorrow Night?


By Brigitte Gabriel

Sent: 1/27/2014 8:02 AM

Sent by: ACT for America




Tomorrow night, President Obama will update the nation on the State of the Union. During this time, he will surely discuss many issues. At ACT! for America, our question is: will he update the American people on the investigation into the September 11, 2012, jihadist terror attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi? Will he announce the imminent arrest of the responsible jihadists? Will he announce the termination of members of his administration who were negligent in their duties?

Senator Ted Cruz, who has introduced S.Res.225, legislation in the U.S. Senate creating a joint House/Senate Committee to investigate Benghazi released a list of five questions that he thinks Americans deserve to have addressed by President Obama during the State of the Union. Question number four is “Will the President call on Congress to form a Joint Select Committee to finally discover the truth of why four Americans perished in a preventable terrorist attack in Benghazi 16 months ago?”

If the administration’s deafening silence of the last year and a half is any indication, the answer doesn’t look promising.

Yet even in spite of the continued stonewalling by both the administration and the U.S. Congress, the American people have continued to vociferously demand answers about Benghazi – and so it has remained in the news. Thank you.

It is therefore critical that we continue to let our federal elected officials know that the American people will not forget the Benghazi attack; we will not forget the four Americans who were brutally murdered that night, including a U.S. Ambassador; and we will not abandon their still grieving families.

Just last week alone, there has been much attention on the Benghazi issue:


o   Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA), who has introduced legislation creating a short term special congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi attack, once again implored Speaker Boehner via a letter to create a special committee in his chamber. It was a powerful, well-written letter and we think it’s worth a read.


o   Greg Hicks, the Deputy Chief of Missions under Ambassador Stevens, wrote a compelling op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the Benghazi issue, in which he responds to the latest attempts to blame the Ambassador for not being prepared for the attack.


o   Ruth Marcus wrote a column in the Washington Post in which she stated her view that the Benghazi attack was preventable and noting how there has been so little accountability.


o   New Members of Congress continue to be added to the ranks of cosponsors of Rep. Wolf’s legislation – with over ¾ of the House majority caucus now on the bill.


The Benghazi issue will only be addressed to the satisfaction of the American people when the American people demand it. Our federal legislators ultimately will listen to their constituents if they understand that their jobs are on the line. We are proud to see so many of our grassroots members continue to be vocal on this issue. You are making a difference. Keep it up.

As we lead up to tomorrow night’s State of the Union address, can I count on you to take the very important actions noted below?

** Important Benghazi Action Items **

Please contact your legislators in the both the U.S. House and Senate to express your support for legislation creating a special congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi attack. As always, please be respectful at all times.

Further, please pass this request on to everyone you know.


1.  House of Representatives Legislation: H.Res.36 by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA)

(NOTE: H. Res. 36 is NOT the same as H. R. 36. Please be sure to accurately identify the legislation we are supporting, to avoid confusion.)

Click HERE for a list of House Members, by state, who still have NOT cosponsored Rep. Wolf’s bill. Is your legislator on that list? If so, he or she needs to hear from you.

Please contact your legislator now via phone call or e-mail and request that he or she sign on to H.Res.36 as a cosponsor. Let your legislator know that this is a very important issue to you and one that you will have in mind when you cast your vote this November.

Click HERE to obtain contact information for your House legislator.


2.  Senate Legislation, S.Res.225, by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Please contact your two U.S. Senators and express your support for S.Res.225. Again, let them know that this is an important issue to you, their constituent.

Click HERE to obtain contact information for your Senate legislators.


There is no excuse for a Member of Congress not to support a special Benghazi committee at this time. We’ve had months and months of hearings and political theatre on this issue and the important questions remain unanswered.

Let’s get this done.

Thank you for all that you do. Together we ARE making a difference.


ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591


ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.

Obama: No Shame, No Honor

OBAMA-BENGHAZI1- 3 calls for help denied

Justin Smith writes about the testimony of the Benghazigate Whistleblowers and I like his thoughts on the nefariousness of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.


JRH 5/17/13

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Obama: No Shame, No Honor


By Justin O. Smith

May 15, 2013 at 9:13pm

Facebook Notes


The statements coming out of the Congressional Oversight Committee’s investigation into the events surrounding the attacks on the consulate and the CIA Annex at Benghazi on 9/11/2012 paint a picture of the Obama administration, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and the “Yes men” of the Accountability Review Board, that illustrates they are more concerned with advancing the agenda of the Progressive Democratic Party than protecting American citizens. Their own words have shown them unwilling to take responsibility for their own failures regarding their duties in each of their respective positions, as they are also exposed as self-serving liars, incompetents and cowards!


On May 12, 2012, Senator Feinstein (D-CA) told David Gregory on Meet the Press that she “saw no malevolence” in the actions of the Obama administration during or after Benghazi. It certainly wasn’t good will that had Obama go to bed without a care in the world and get up the next morning, as if nothing had happened, and go campaign in Nevada. It wasn’t good will that kept Obama, Clinton and Panetta from immediately sending a Special Forces or Quick Response team to rescue survivors, and it wasn’t good will that created twelve different revisions of the CIA’s original Intelligence Report that left no doubt the attack on Benghazi was a terror attack and had nothing to do with an anti-Islamic video or a spontaneous protest!


Whose brainchild was the cover story of the anti-Islamic video? Who gave the order for the Special Forces team in Tripoli to stand down? We do need the answers to these questions and more, but in the end, all culpability and responsibility for the lies and the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Dogherty rests squarely with Obama and Clinton, along with Panetta and General David Petraeus who toed the line and joined the lie.


Obama and Clinton knew almost immediately that the U.S. “diplomatic facility” (whatever the administration is calling it today) was under a terrorist attack, because Gregory Hicks, the Deputy Chief of Missions and assistant to Ambassador Stevens spoke with Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State and his boss, at 2:00am the night of the attack, and he briefed her on the events on the ground. Clinton and Obama have been lying through their teeth the entire time, which explains the reason they have persistently stone-walled the Oversight Committee and obstructed the investigation into Benghazi.


Most Americans knew right away something was wrong with the Obama administration’s account of the attack on Benghazi. Many of us heard foreign news services such as ‘The Independent’ from the U.K. detailing the attack as a terrorist attack; and, one would have thought that the account given by the Libyan President, which clearly stated Ansar al-Sharia was the perpetrator, would have precluded UN Ambassador Susan Rice from advancing Obama’s and Clinton’s lie.


“I was stunned. My jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed,” stated Greg Hicks, when asked about his reaction to Susan Rice’s explanation for the Benghazi attacks.


The State Department and spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, in particular, pushed for the removal of all references in the CIA Intelligence Report to Al Qaeda, previous warnings about potential terrorist attacks and Ansar al-Sharia. After meeting with the White House and intelligence agencies, they were worried that the information could be “abused” by members of Congress “to beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings”… which was the truth…, as Nuland elaborated, “so why would we want to feed that either?”


Nuland just described the inception of a conspiracy, and one in which then CIA Director David Petraeus enjoined by saying what the administration wanted to hear, and Ambassador Pickering enjoined with a substandard ARB Report that was sorely lacking; Greg Hicks was not allowed to review classified ARB documents, and several individuals with firsthand knowledge of the Benghazi attack were never questioned by the ARB, although they were pressing to give their accounts and testimony.


On May 8, 2012, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked, ”Isn’t it true that just hours after the attack, the Libyan President called it a terrorist attack?” Hicks replied, “Yes.” Then Gowdy focused on Ambassador Stevens’ last words to Hicks…”we’re under attack!” Gowdy asked, “If a protest was ongoing during some part of the day, wouldn’t a professional career diplomat mention it?” Hicks answered, “Yes.” Gowdy: “Did Ambassador Stevens mention such a protest?” Hicks: “No.”


Between January and April 2013, some of the typical responses from the Obama administration have ranged from press secretary Jay Carney’s “Benghazi was a long time ago” to John Kerry’s (new Sec of State) “We have more important things to get on to” and Clinton’s “What difference does it make.” All of these statements show just what little regard they have for the sacrifice made by those four Americans and their deaths in general.


Elija Cummings (D-MD), in condescending fashion, relegated the deaths in Benghazi to insignificance by stating, “death is a part of life.” This is a gross insult. However much death is a part of life, we do not require such an explanation, nor does it mean that we want to rush to greet Death or to be refused help to escape Death, especially when the help we ask for is standing nearby… willing and able!


The officials at Benghazi and Tripoli were desperate for a rescue mission, but as Lt Colonel Gibson’s Special Forces team prepared to answer the call, they were told to “stand down.” And during this same time frame, Gregory Hicks was having an intense conversation with a furious Mark Thompson, as Thompson and his four man Foreign Emergency Support team were being blocked from responding by their so-called “superiors”!… It’s also unfathomable that a fighter jet could not be scrambled “in less than 22 hours”, as the administration alleges!


Secretary of Defense Panetta essentially said, “There’s bullets flying around over there. I’m not going to put my guys in there.” Why do we even have a military or a Special Forces then, if not to walk in harm’s way when American’s come under attack and an imminent threat of death? Panetta, Clinton and Obama took the coward’s way out. “A brave man dies but once…a coward dies a thousand deaths,” except when a man such as Obama is full of hubris and has no sense of shame or honor.


The party agenda is the most important item for today’s Progressive Democrats, even more than America’s national security or American lives, and this is, in large part, the reason that Obama and Hillary Clinton fabricated the anti-Islamic video story, as part of a cover up and a conspiracy to hide the fact that the attack on the U.S. Consulate at Benghazi was in fact a terror attack initiated by Al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Sharia. Only days before the Benghazi attacks, Obama had stated that Al Qaeda was on the run and decimated and “Osama’s dead”, so he made a conscious decision to present this lie about an anti-Islamic video; he delivered the lie convincingly and with emotion any actor would envy, as a ploy to prevent any new wrinkles from undermining his presidential campaign and to avoid acknowledging that Islam and the world-wide Muslim community hated his administration, just as much as they had hated President Bush’s administration. But when Obama and Clinton had clear signs and career professionals saying that they needed more security, and Obama and Clinton ignored them out of a misplaced need to make Libya appear to be “normalized”, that in and of itself is criminal when it results in the deaths of four fine Americans… cut down in their prime!


By Justin O. Smith


© Justin O. Smith

Editing John R. Houk

Drudge Report: Shock testimony!

Mark Thompson, Greg Hicks, Eric Nordstrom. Benghazi Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers: Mark Thompson, Greg Hicks & Eric Nordstrom


The  (actually the email has dot-com) has sent an email relating the news that the Benghazigate Whistleblowers implicate the Obama Administration which includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador to U.N. Susan Rice and yet to be revealed members in the military command structure. CTDO actually claims their news source is the Drudge Report.


JRH 5/9/13

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Drudge Report: Shock testimony!


Sent by Tina Ward

Sent: 5/8/2013 7:28 PM

Sent from:


The Drudge Report is calling it “Shock testimony” and it could cause serious damage to Barack Obama and his minions.

Today a handful of brave whistle-blowers stepped forward to tell the truth about the horrific terrorist attacks against our U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans including our U.S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens.


For months the Obama administration, with significant backing from the liberal media, have attempted to hide the truth about what happened.  To cover their failures in combating terrorism, they told lies saying it was not a preplanned terrorist attack, even when they knew that to be an absolute falsehood.


Susan Rice blaming anti-Islam video


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and countless members of the Obama administration have lied, concealed and attempted to cover up not only the truth but their failures.  As has been his pattern of appeasement in the face of Islamic terrorism, Obama himself would not even call this an act of terrorism, and now claims he is unaware of any efforts to silence the whistle-blowers who are now coming forward with the truth:


Obama lying about blocking whistleblowers


Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said it didn’t matter whether Benghazi was a terrorist attack or whether she and the Obama administration had lied about it.


Hillary - What difference does it make...


The Obama administration has dishonored those who lost their lives on that fateful night of September 11, 2012 and now they say it doesn’t matter because it happened “a long time ago.”


Carney - Benghazi happened a long time ago


It’s time to hold the Obama administration accountable for their misdeeds.


We are launching a TV ad campaign to inform the American people about really happened in Benghazi, how the Obama administration lied about it and how they are now engaged in a massive cover up.


We need to raise $12,500 to produce these TV ads.  Please support our TV ad campaign to tell the American people the truth about the Obama administration’s failures and lies.  You can contribute any amount to our TV ad campaign from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.  To make a contribution online – JUST CLICK HERE.


We know the media will try to whitewash the seriousness of this issue.  We need to get the truth out as soon as possible, so please make a contribution online today – CONTRIBUTE HERE.


You can also make a contribution online here:


Conservative Campaign Committee

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ABOUT Conservative Campaign Committee


The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama PAC is focused on making sure conservatives win the 2012 Presidential election. We have put together a dedicated staff and a committed group of volunteers to amass the army of activists that will be necessary to overcome the Obama machine.


Lead by a team of experienced conservative activists we are assembling a grassroots network that will be mobilized to drive every kind of campaigning from national advertising campaigns to appearances in the news media and online social networking.


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