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Tony Newbill sends volumes of emails to me in which I fail to do him justice because lately I have had a rough time getting to those emails. I usually write little summaries to the links within Newbill’s thoughts however I simply do not have the time. I encourage you to peruse the link content because it is vital to connecting the point that is being made.


JRH 7/3/12

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What Happens to USA after Foreign Assembly Part Dependency?


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 5/30/2012 10:51 AM


What’s the USA GDP worth if WE are Dependent on assembly parts from a foreign supplier who does not want to take our dollar anymore? See how the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the main foreign suppliers of all world’s Assembly Parts supply and develop by years of out sourcing to Western Nations. Industrial manufacturing of the parts production all in the name of lowering production costs, but at the expense now of Our Self Reliance and Independence, is a huge mistake of economic imbalance that will lead to war no doubt.


Japan, China Currency Deal Symbolic Step 


China slowdown threatens US factory revival


This is why the USA and Europe need to be manufacturing MORE of the Assembly Parts supplies we need to at Least supply the basic Vital Infrastructure needs of our Nations!!!!! Being too Dependent on Asian Parts supplies is a National Security Threat!!!


Blaming Bush and Financial Thought of the Day


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/1/2012 8:41 AM


Watching Squawk Box this morning they had Steny Horner on and he Blamed Bush for the 400 millionth time and I had to ask for the 400 millionth time: How the hell did Bush bring down the whole cotton pickin world economy??? Watch the video and scream at the scream please!!!!  


Trivia for a Private sector Financial thought of the day……..


You do know Hank Paulson is a Really Big time Environmentalist (Founded Nature Conservancy Group) and one of the Fund originating Banker to boot, so How many others are Like Him that are Heavily Influenced at the top of the Money Tree in the Private sector??? … Kinda a conflict of interest when it comes to financial policy to drive private sector growth, don’t you think??


Eric Canter’s right about the private sector being the Way forward with TRUE Stimulus growth. The problem is the Obama Environmentalists are standing in the way of this kind of Growth because THEY Fear Peak Earth and this Unfettered Growth is Harming the Earth and they THINK they need to Control Consumption rates. So this is why we have a stalled out supply-side growth economy….. Hum … How long before investors realize this and RUN for the EXITS???


Here is Canter talking about what is Needed to recover the Free Markets from the Grip of Environmentalism’s strangle hold on Growth, and we better get busy cause the supply-side pile of vital needs is not growing as fast as population is …. Can you say Bolsheviks?


Let’s put things into perspective……


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/1/2012 12:00 PM


“Your First Amendment rights can be terminated,” yells the Chicago police officer, caught on video right before arresting two journalists outside a Chicago hospital.  


Now compare these 2 stories to the above action in US Constitutionality……. Khrushchev said in this Glenn Beck Video, the USA would be transformed to Communism with small slow doses of socialism and wouldn’t even realize it till it was too late…. 



Then we have Obama saying this to Russian Prez Medvedev:


The Beginning of the One World Order?


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/2/2012 10:29 AM


Hey I pulled this sentence out of the article, Think how Obama is attacking the Coal Industry and what this will do to that???


Here’s the quote in the link that slapped me in the face big time as the beginning of a One World Order……


“Panetta also issued a strong call for Asian nations to set up a code of conduct, including rules governing maritime rights and navigation in the South China Sea, and then develop a forum where disputes can be settled”.  


This sounds like a One World Order in development that sides with the LOST Act Obama is trying to force through the Senate. Did you know about this vote coming up now?  


This is what a vote for LOST in the Senate will do: It will transfer control over Water Resource management over to the United Nations. Then Private Enterprise will be at the Mercy of the Environmentally Influenced United Nations. This will spread fear in the risk taking enterprise economy to the point that market collapse results. Then Obama will have no choice but to implement Executive Order National Defense Resource Preparedness Act:   


Hank Paulson, Bush Treasurer, bailout KING of the TARP Bill, founded this environmentalist Organization. Is this conflict of Interest regarding Tier 1 Money allocations towards the financial Private sector or what??? 


United States Budget Dilemma


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/5/2012 8:45 AM



They are using the dependency of the Western nations on the BRIC Nations parts manufacturing supply as the means to collapse the solvency and sovereignty of the Western nations’ financial and vitality as they pour more paper dollars off the backs of US citizens into the IMF bleeding more paper cash into Europe.  The problem with pouring more cash into the country is the same problem we have here in the USA. We have out sourced our primary wealth creator, Parts manufacturing down to where we are only an assembler of BRIC Parts manufacturing supply. This has capital circulating in the USA and Europe now maybe 2-3 times before it flows out of the USA and Europe over to the BRIC nations and this is why there is no recapitalization or capital formation taking place in the USA and Europe anymore just DEBT formation.

We need to Restore a balance to manufacturing not just because of financial displacement of capital but also so we are not Begging BRIC suppliers for Parts supplies like we are now to the point they are willing to defect from the Dollar, yes?

We have to be as tough on the BRIC nations as we are wanting to be with European budget gaps in terms of Currency valuation and revaluations regarding equality of nations GDP % or European divisions are going to drive them away from the USA and over to the BRIC nations alliance. This would be the first time since WW2. This would leave the USA and the Dollar wide open to defections and Isolate the USA from Parts supplies because we don’t have an Industrial base of manufacturing left to take the place of the Loss of imports that this kind of event would create.

It can’t be just all about pouring more paper into the IMF because if the BRIC suppliers still defect then what good is all that Paper capital going to do?? The defectors from the EU will transition to the Yuan. They are already talking about this. The leverage is not in the paper anymore because we out sourced to much of what represented the paper – dang it, and now the BRIC have too much of that Leverage!!

I use to run cattle out in the deserts of eastern Oregon and we would Put Green Goggles on the Cattle so they would think there was some Grass to chase and eat…. it didn’t work … neither will just putting the Green paper in the pockets of the same unproductive nations … Substance baby. It’s all about substance and who’s controlling the majority of it!!!


Federal Supremacy Clause and Two Links Regarding Constitutionality


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/5/2012 10:01 AM


Do these 2 links below seem to follow the US Constitution regarding Federal Supremacy Clause??




Obama Admin Cites ‘Int’l Permission,’ Not Congress, As ‘Legal Basis’ For Action In Syria





Mueller: I Can’t Say Whether I Now Can Kill Citizens In The United States Under Obama’s Kill Doctrine


Market rumor: Pimco and JP Morgan halt vacations to prepare for economic crash


Sent by Tony Newbill

Sent: 6/5/2012 11:29 AM

Is the Eurozone Crisis the First Domino to a NWO?

NWO - globe head sm


John R. Houk

© November 21, 2011


Tony Newbill sent an email that contained an article written by Paul Joseph Watson entitled “It’s The End Of The Eurozone As We Know It”. Displaying my ignorance of European politics and economics I equated “Eurozone” with European Union (EU). After reading the Watson article I had a feeling there was a difference between the Eurozone and the EU.


When discussing the Euro ( or EUR for short), the scope of Europe referred to is that covered by the European Union (EU), this is a more restricted area, for example it excludes Russia.


This geographical region using the Euro is known as the Eurozone (sometimes hyphenated as in Euro-zone) or Euro area.


There are 16 countries that are regarded as officially part of the Euro and others that have adopted the Euro but do not have a full representation within the European Central Bank.


It is important to get the differences between Europe, the European Union (EU), the Euro, and Eurozone.


·       Some countries in Europe chose to use the Euro but are not official members of the Eurozone: Kosovo, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican City, and Montenegro.


·       Some countries that are part of the EU (European Union) system but do not use the Euro: Denmark, Sweden, the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania.


·       Countries that have pegged their currencies to the Euro with a view to joining the Euro: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark.


·       The European Union (EU) is a project of common economic and political union. This covers a more restricted region than the geographical area of Europe. That is, EU excludes countries to the eastern and southern regions of wider Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Macedonia. (Europe for Beginners – European Union (EU), Eurozone, Euroarea, and the Euro ())


In essence the EU is the loose confederation of European nations both politically and economically. I say loose confederation because each member nation still has their national sovereignty, national laws and national taxes.


The Eurozone are those nations that have committed to make the Euro currency its legal tender. Not all EU nations thus are a part of the Eurozone (e.g. the UK), yet some non-EU nations are in the Eurozone (e.g. micro-States like Andorra, Kosovo, Montenegro, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City).


A collapse of the EU would entail the disintegration of that political confederation.


A collapse of the Eurozone would entail a crisis surrounding the Euro currency.


Most people that are watching this European crisis unfold believe the collapse of the Eurozone would send Europe into a catastrophic depression making economic standards of living comparable to Latin American nations. This would freak out Europeans of the EU that have become quite accustomed to a government managed socialized life. Latin American standards of living would terminate entitlements in Europe in such a way that would make the USA look like a socialist nation to Europeans.


What would happen in Europe?


Undoubtedly social chaos would ensue. Does anyone know what happens in Europe when social chaos overtakes the capability of governments to manage their internal affairs? Can anyone say that a national savior was sought whose name was Adolf Hitler? Hitler came to power in Germany after the depression made currency worthless and rebuilt the German economy. Unfortunately for Jews and others considered inferior by Nazis, Hitler rebuilt the German military also.


Is there a Hitler waiting in the wings looking for a Eurozone collapse to be the man everyone looks to lead Europeans out of chaos? At this time I would have say no.


However, there are indications the governments of France and Germany are working some back-door politicking that might include a couple of possibilities:


1.   There is talk of making the Eurozone more elite by eliminating slacker economic nations like Greece and Italy.


2.   There is also talk of allowing the Euro to collapse enabling stronger economic members of the Eurozone (i.e. France and Germany) to dictate terms that anemic economies give up significant portions of their national sovereignty making a stronger central government within the EU that looks more like a United States of Europe with a federal style government.


I am a novice to the nuances of modern back-door politicking in Europe so I am certain there are different layers of elitist ruling possibilities that relate to a coalescing One-Europe Order.


If France and Germany intend on saving the Euro (hence the Eurozone) by limiting nations to the European Central Bank (ECB) then that would make France and Germany the de facto powers of the EU, right? If the ECB becomes elitist in membership yet EU nations continue to use the Euro as their legal tender, then that will have significant repercussions to non-ECB members of the EU. The ability to manage monetary concerns for an EU member nation would be in the hands of the non-State ECB. The ECB might actually have the ability to force economic policy for a member EU State that is not part of the Eurozone. This might be a step to uniting Europe under one government via monetary policy rather than the age old act of war.


Then there is the outright goal of making a United States of Europe with a central government. There are some that believe allowing a Euro crisis to continue to its worst possible outcome will allow the guidance of France and Germany to institute a one government United States of Europe.


The UK is a member of the EU but has gone to great lengths to maintain its national sovereignty. For example the UK does not use the Euro because it still has its own national bank (Bank of England) with the Pound Sterling as the British currency. I am not quite certain how British national interests would deal with the French and Germans dominating a U.S. of E.


History has shown that the UK has not liked the idea of continental Europe calling the shots of British policy. I predict if Continental Europe draws toward a central government that the UK will not participate in a United States of Europe. So then Geopolitics comes into question. If the scenario is an independent UK, a central government of the USE and various Eastern Europe nations not a part of the USE but are a part of NATO then a different relational balance of power must ensue.


For one thing the existence of an American led NATO would not be in the national interests of a new USE. The NATO as we know it would have to be disbanded or realigned. For there to be a viable NATO it might look like the USA, the UK, the USE and various new NATO members of Eastern Europe (of the old Soviet bloc). Frankly because a more powerful centralized USE, I doubt that the one Europe order would enjoy playing the back-up role in NATO.


I see two possible shifts in geopolitical alignments that might even further change if the first tier is successful.


·       The USE would withdraw as an active member of NATO and begin to take on its own defensive strategy that would at least be friendly to the USA in the beginning.


·       The USA, the UK and Eastern Europe nations would continue in NATO or develop a new charter redefining an alliance strategy for belligerent invaders from the East like Russia or nuclear armed nations perhaps like Iran or even Pakistan.


Then the U.S. foreign policy ticket might be completely overhauled.


Perhaps the USA would begin to view the USE as a viable buffer. This would mean the USE would be the buffer between a reemerging Russia and American national interests in European markets. America would begin to solidify Latin America as being off limits Western and Eastern powers as in the old Monroe Doctrine updated to the 21st century. With Russia buffered by Europe then American would be able to focus its interests on America’s greatest Eastern competitor – China.


It would behoove America to drop untrustworthy Pakistan and cultivate a friendship with India. Cultivation with India could be tricky since Russia has been an ally for India for some time; however except for a penchant for socialism India has nothing in common with Russia.


India is a nation of democratic institutions with a huge infusion of socialistic government management. India’s natural enemy is Muslim Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan are nuke powers. Pakistan’s government is ironically a bit byzantine and unstable as to who calls the shots on policy. India demonstrates all the growing pains of a third world nation moving up the later to economic strength yet with a stable government which is amazing considering the diversity of religious elements inside India. Hinduism is the big dog, yet Islam is still a large element in India.


I bring the plusses and minuses of India to attention because of the Global War on Terrorism, Iranian saber rattling, Russian demands to be a geopolitical military player and China’s desire to be a shaker and mover economically on a global level which in turns would require a shaking and moving military back-up Chinese national interests. This in turn connects to America’s national interest to protect her citizens physically and economically which again goes to military power.


To bring my rambling all together I need to point out that a collapsing Eurozone and a restructured European Union has a definite affect on America’s future via the policy choices America would have to make. Let’s be clear. Those America choices are more than just concerns over deficits and debt and the economy. Those American choices will determine America’s traditional strengths of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which in turn frame Constitutional Rights and laws that have become embedded in the American psyche almost like a spiritual persona.


Just as a side note I realize these thoughts gravitate more toward nationalism and American Exceptionalism than toward global elites pulling strings to form a One World Government or New World Order under an international power. Personally I believe the NWO conspiracy theory has some viability as an agenda; however as far as human nature goes I also believe human differences of opinion cannot sustain a One-Government NWO. Even in an oligarchical fashion, spheres of influence that will look more like cooperating nations will happen in Earth’s future rather than the executive power of One World Government.


Many will find another irony in my belief system. I BELIEVE IN A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!


My view of a One World Government/New World Order is not at the hand or hands of mankind. Rather my view is that of the Parousia of Jesus Christ that will initiate the thousand year rule of the Lord’s Kingdom on earth. After the thousand year rule of Christ, human nature will again be tempted away from God’s covenant with Satan’s release from his supernatural prison to again deceive humanity into believing that Satan’s leadership can defeat the Creator’s power to make twisted ungodliness normal and godliness to look like evil.


Once again that old dragon Satan will get whooped upon and his deceived followers. God Almighty then creates the New Earth and the New Heaven which merge together as Jerusalem as the capital city. Then human nature will longer be tainted by the fallen nature of the first Adam but will be like the nature of the last Adam – Jesus Christ the Son of God and Savior.


So, do I think a Eurozone collapse is imminent? A lot of pundits think so. There is disagreement though. Niall Ferguson senses the European Union will collapse while the Eurozone survives by restructuring somewhat as I mentioned earlier. Making a strong Euro thus means making the European Central Bank an elitist organization expelling or refusing to allow weak links (i.e. weak economic nations) to be a part of the ECB Board of Directors. Incidentally the ECB Board of Directors functions somewhat like America’s Federal Reserve. The weak links that continue to use the Euro as their currency would in essence make their economic policy subservient to the ECB Board of Directors.


Whether the EU collapses or the Eurozone collapses, the most likely outcome will be a restructuring of Europe. If everything goes south then Europe returns to a bunch of fractured nations. I am guessing on a global scale this would not be beneficial for the global economy affecting big economies outside of Europe. This is why people should pay attention to the other alternative; i.e. the existence of a United States of Europe fits the bill to keep global economic standards on an even keel.


JRH 11/21/11

Let’s Bend the Mind a BIT



Here are three Newbill emails relating to President Barack Hussein Obama’s handling of the economy that has all the appearances of an Obama-Marxist agenda of a New World Order.


JRH 8/22/11

End the Fed Meme Continued


Here is an “End the Fed” meme from Tony Newbill stretching from October 23 through November 5, 2010.


You can read the “End the Fed Meme” at It is interesting stuff for Conspiracy Theorists who like to connect the dots.


JRH 11/10/10