Geert Wilders, Pope Francis and Authentic Islam

Pope Francis - corner, Geert Wilders

John R. Houk

© December 12, 2013


Geert Wilders is a truth-teller about the inherent nefariousness of Islam. While Muslim Apologists shout from the roof tops that Islam is peace, all you have to do is watch a TV news report to hear about Muslims rioting in the streets because their prophet or their deity was insulted by the kafir; i.e. the infidel or non-Muslim.


Recently Pope Francis released his Apostolic Exhortation entitled Evangelii Gaudium (Latin for The Joy of the Gospel). The exhortation caused a bit of a stir among Conservative Americans (expletive warning in the Gawker link) because the Pope criticized Capitalism in favor of Left Wing neo-Marxist concepts of Social Justice (meaning rob from the rich to give to the poor or as President Obama says, “spread the wealth among everybody”). I have read some Conservatives come to the Pope’s defense about his comments on Capitalism, regardless of how you interpret the Pope’s stand on Capitalism that which concerns me is his exhortation pertaining to Islam.


Faced with disconcerting episodes of violent fundamentalism, our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalisations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence. (Quoting Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium; Pope Francis and “Authentic Islam”; Gloria.TV News Briefs; 28/11/2013 05:41:02)


It is my sense that Pope Francis has extended Christian Love unscripturally. A proper reading of the Quran makes it obvious that those we label as Radical Muslims are actually following the authentic Islam. Those Muslims that are either self-deceived or updating their faith by excluding the violence inherent in the Quran are not practicing the Islam espoused by its prophet Mohammed and at least the first thousand years of Islam’s existence.


There is an Expose Islam movement and those writers involved in exposing the real/authentic Islam are often called Counterjihadists. One such person is the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Mr. Wilders had a bit of controversy a couple years or so ago with his views including producing an expose Islam video entitled “Fitna”. The relatively short documentary exposes the dark nature of Islam. That video got Wilders in trouble with the law in the Netherlands. He was actually prosecuted for Hate-Speech for doing nothing more than revealing what the actual Quran says. I was surprised and gratified when the court system in the Netherlands found Wilders not guilty. I was surprised because all of Europe has been so into multicultural political correctness that offending Islam with the truth is considered Hate-Speech and is prosecuted.


In true Counterjihad style Geert Wilders took a public stand against the portion of Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium which in an act of dhimmitude says that “authentic” Islam is against violence. The public stand came in the form of an open letter to the Pope. I am completely supportive the Wilders open letter. Even though it is not politically correct the open letter sets the Pope straight from the Quran and Sunna.


JRH 12/12/13

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Open letter to his Holiness Pope Francis


By Geert Wilders

06 December 2013 16:57

Geert Wilders Weblog



Your Holiness, In your recent exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (Paragraphs 247-248) you draw the world’s attention to the indebtedness of Christianity to the Jews and their faith. The exhortation also contains a sharp condemnation of the terrible persecutions which the Jews have endured from Christians in the past.


Your words are words which might inspire many.


Unfortunately, they are in sharp contrast to the expressions of hatred which were voiced last October by the spiritual leader of Sunni Islam, Ahmad Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Institute in Cairo.


During an interview, aired on Egyptian television on October 25, Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayeb reaffirmed the relevance of Koranic verse 5:82, which states that of all people the Christians are closest to the Muslims, while the Jews are strongest in enmity towards them. This verse has inspired centuries of Islamic hatred of Jews.


Al-Tayeb’s invocation of Koranic Jew-hatred is in line with fourteen centuries of Islamic teaching. Grand Imam Al-Tayeb’s predecessor at Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, even wrote a book, entitled The Children of Israel in the Koran and the Sunna, in defense of Jew-hatred based on Koranic teachings.


The current suffering of Christians from Islamic persecution in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so many other countries, clearly indicates what Christians have to endure from the followers of the Koran. What atheists and Jews, who are considered the worst enemies, have to endure from Islam is even worse.In your exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (paragraphs 252-253) you state that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”


Reality does not confirm this statement.


The Koran is full of bellicose and hate-mongering verses against non-Muslims. Your Holiness will be able to find them if he reads the Koran, but I will name just a few:


2:191-193: “And slay them wherever you come upon them, […] Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s.”


4:89: “If they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”


5:33: “This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, […]: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land.”


8:60: “Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to terrify thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy.”


9:5: “When the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush.”


9:29: “Fight those who believe not in Allah.”


9:30: “The Christians call Christ the son of God. That is a saying from their mouth; they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them.”


9:123: “O believers, fight the unbelievers who are near to you; and let them find in you a harshness; and know that Allah is with the godfearing.”


47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks.”


I hope that the Holy Father will help us defend the West’s Judeo-Christian and humanistic civilization, to which even atheists and agnostics owe their freedom and democracy.


Nothing will be gained by a refusal to face reality.


We must speak the truth about Islam — the largest threat to mankind in this present age.


Very respectfully,

Geert Wilders


Member of the Dutch Parliament

Leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV)


Geert Wilders, Pope Francis and Authentic Islam

John R. Houk

© December 12, 2013


Open letter to his Holiness Pope Francis


About Geert Wilders


Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch parliament and the head of its third largest party, the Party of Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid or PVV). He was criminally charged, and stood trial, for remarks he made that were critical of Islam. Wilders was acquitted of all charges on June 23, 2011.




Wilders is an outspoken critic of what he sees as an Islamist threat to Holland’s tolerant culture. In 2008, he released a documentary film, called Fitna (Arabic for “strife”), that juxtaposed violent passages from the Qur’an with video of imams advocating violence and footage of Islamist terrorism. Soon after the film’s release, a radical Dutch imam who appeared in it sued Wilders for “hurt feelings,” claiming 55,000 euros in damages. Meanwhile, the Jordanian government has requested that Holland extradite Wilders to stand trial for blasphemy, a capital offense under Islamic (Shari’ah) law.


In June 2010, Wilders’ party, the PVV, a libertarian and mainstream conservative party he founded in 2004, won 24 of the 150 seats in the Dutch legislature—an enormous feat, especially given that the PVV is the only party in Holland to refuse state subsidies.


Wilders has tapped into genuine concerns surrounding his country’s Muslim minority—without appealing to nativist, neo-fascist, or anti-Semitic sentiments. Nevertheless, he has been subjected to a full-on assault, spearheaded and supported by: (1) people seeking to suppress critical expression about Islam-related matters, and (2) people seeking to restrict political debate in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness. A stalwart defender of free speech in the face of such attacks, Wilders was nominated for the European Parliament’s 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in July 2010.


Until his recent acquittal, Wilders’ stature as one of Holland’s leading and most popular politicians did not protect him. On the contrary, Dutch hate speech laws may have served as a potent tool for his political adversaries.


Indeed, the case against Wilders arose after several leftist and Islamic organizations sought his READ THE REST (Profile from The Legal Project)

AQAP Inspire Mag – Kill these 10 Infidel ‘Wanted Poster’


al Qaeda Inspire Mag poster hit list


John R. Houk

© March 2, 2013


Don’t listen to a Leftie when he/she tells you there is no Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). There definitely is one. Check out this information passed on to me by the Infidel Task Force about al Qaeda Arab Peninsula (AQAP – Slide Show Info) publishing a hit list poster in their magazine Inspire.


The AQAP English magazine Inspire has published a wanted poster to kill Counterjihadists deemed insulters of Islam. Here is the list on the wanted posted:


1. Carsten Luste (should be Juste), Danish journalist, former editor of Jyllands-Posten

2. Terry Jones, President of Stand Up America Now

3. Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist

4. Geert Wilders, Dutch politician

5. Lars Vilks, Swedish cartoonist

6. Stephane Charbonnier, French editor of Charlie Hebdo

7. Flemming Rose, Danish journalist

8. Morris Sadek, Copt Christian who promoted Innocence of Muslims

9. Salman Rushdie, author

10. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author (not pictured – she does not wear a veil)


Carsten Luste (Juste)

Carsten Juste


The newspaper published the cartoons when a Danish author complained that he could find no-one to illustrate his book about Muhammad. Jyllands-Posten wondered whether there were more cases of self-censorship regarding Islam in Denmark and asked twelve illustrators to draw the prophet for them. Carsten Juste, the paper’s editor, said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark.


The publication led to outrage among the Muslim immigrants living in Denmark. 5,000 of them took to the streets to protest. Muslim organisations have demanded an apology, but Juste rejects this idea: “We live in a democracy. That’s why we can use all the journalistic methods we want to. Satire is accepted in this country, and you can make caricatures,” he said. The Danish imam Raed Hlayhel reacted with the statement: “This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims. Muslims will never accept this kind of humiliation. The article has insulted every Muslim in the world.” (Jihad Against Danish Newspaper; by Paul Belien; Brussels Journal; 10/22/05)


Terry Jones


Terry Jones

Jones is the most prominent picture in the wanted poster. One of many reasons is his campaigns of Burn the Quran Day and more recently International Judge the Koran Day … and the execution: burn it! Here is a photo of burning the Quran.

 Terry Jones Burning Quran

Terry Jones (born October 1951) is the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center, a small nondenominational Christian church in Gainesville, Florida.[1] He first gained national and international attention in 2010 for his plan to burn Qur’ans, the scripture of the Islamic religion, on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. He was a self-declared independent presidential candidate in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. (Wikipedia READ THE REST)


Kurt Westergaard


Kurt Westergaard

Westergaard is the guy famed for drawing caricatures of Mohammed in a humorous light. Muslims view this kind satire as a reason to kill.


The Danish cartoonist whose caricature of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed sparked global Muslim riots seven years ago says he has no regrets, and wants no censors.


Speaking in an interview this week with the Austrian magazine “News,” Kurt Westergaard said that freedom of speech is too precious to relinquish. ”Should we in future let ourselves be censored by Islamic authorities in deeply undemocratic countries?” he asked.


Westergaard’s question carried particular relevance in his own personal life: in 2010, he nearly died in an assassination attempt by a Muslim extremist wielding an axe. The would-be murderer, 29-year-old Mohamed Geele, was convicted of attempted terrorism and attempted murder and sentenced to a nine-year prison term in Denmark. He will be deported after serving his time in prison.


Muslims around the world said the image of the Prophet Mohammed drawn by Westergaard, which they believed mocked Islam, had offended them. In response, there were worldwide riots and violence that resulted in a number of deaths. (READ THE REST: Danish ‘Mohammed’ cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has no regrets, opposes censorship; By Chana Ya’ar; Reposted on 1389 Blog – Counterjihad! – 9/21/13)


Geert Wilders


Geert Wilders

Here is the Google Search page abbreviated version of a Wikipedia entry:


Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician and the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom, the fourth-largest political party in the Netherlands. Wilders is the Parliamentary group leader of his party in the Dutch House of Representatives.


Wilders is notable because he is the head of a political party that has come close to being a mainstream political force in Netherlands even while the Dutch judiciary tried to convict him for hate crimes related to exposing the dark side of Islam beginning with the movie short Fitna.



Lars Vilks


Lars Vilks - Mo Cartoonist

























VIDEO: Lars Vilks & Pamela Geller:Stop Islamization of Nations’ International Freedom Congress


Lars Vilks, Swedish artist/Cartoonist spoke on September 11, 2012 at the Stop Islamization of Nations’ International Freedom Defense Council held at the UN Plaza Millennium Hotel.


Here is some recent info on Lars Vilks from Before It’s News:


Swedish artist and sculptor Lars Vilk- who gained international notoriety for  pushing the limits of freedom of expression by drawing  the head of the Prophet Mohammed on the body of a dog in 2007 and was subsequently targeted for death by offended Muslims, and was then attacked at a lecture on freedom of speech in 2010- has some new paintings of Mohammad ready to exhibit.  The exhibition is set for July this year, in Malmö, Sweden- a city that is heavily populated by Muslims. Vilks believes:


“It’s important to continue because if you yield to the threats and back away, you have abandoned the democratic principle.”


His Mohammed dog drawing was published in 2007 along with an editorial on freedom of expression in the Swedish paper Nerikes Allehanda after several gallery exhibits pulled the Mohammed drawings because of security concerns.

 but this time: (READ THE REST: Lars Vilks Has More Mohammed Drawings To Exhibit, In Spite Of Death Threats; Before It’s News; 2/21/13 13:40)


Stephane Charbonnier


Stephane Charbonnier

The offices of the French ‘Private Eye’ style satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have been destroyed in a petrol bomb attack in Paris.

It came after the publication named the Prophet Mohammad as its editor-in-chief for its latest issue. The cover of the magazine carried a picture of Muhammad making a joke.

The real editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stephanie Charbonnier, said Islam could not be excluded from freedom of the press. He said: “If we can poke fun at everything in France, if we can talk about anything in France apart from Islam or the consequences of Islamism, that is annoying.”

The editor said the magazine had received several threats prior to the attack.

He continued: “This is the first time we have been physically attacked but we won’t let it get to us.” (READ THE REST: French ‘Private Eye’ attacked in Paris over Mohammad joke; By “Civil Liberty Correspondent;” Civil Liberty; 11/6/11)


Flemming Rose


Flemming Rose - published Mo cartoons

Childish. Irresponsible. Hate speech. A provocation just for the sake of provocation. A PR stunt. Critics of 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten have not minced their words. They say that freedom of expression does not imply an endorsement of insulting people’s religious feelings, and besides, they add, the media censor themselves every day. So, please do not teach us a lesson about limitless freedom of speech.


I agree that the freedom to publish things doesn’t mean you publish everything. Jyllands-Posten would not publish pornographic images or graphic details of dead bodies; swear words rarely make it into our pages. So we are not fundamentalists in our support for freedom of expression.


But the cartoon story is different.


Those examples have to do with exercising restraint because of ethical standards and taste; call it editing. By contrast, I commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation in dealing with issues related to Islam. And I still believe that this is a topic that we Europeans must confront, challenging moderate Muslims to speak out. The idea wasn’t to provoke gratuitously — and we certainly didn’t intend to trigger violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.



This is the sort of debate that Jyllands-Posten had hoped to generate when it chose to test the limits of self-censorship by calling on cartoonists to challenge a Muslim taboo. Did we achieve our purpose? Yes and no. Some of the spirited defenses of our freedom of expression have been inspiring. But tragic demonstrations throughout the Middle East and Asia were not what we anticipated, much less desired. Moreover, the newspaper has received 104 registered threats, 10 people have been arrested, cartoonists have been forced into hiding because of threats against their lives and Jyllands-Posten’s headquarters have been evacuated several times due to bomb threats. This is hardly a climate for easing self-censorship.


… (READ IN ENTIRITY: Why I Published Those Cartoons; By Flemming Rose; Washington Post; 2/19/06)


Morris Sadek


Morris Sadek - Coptic Christian and Mo Movie


Religion News Service (RNS) is reporting that Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian, translated the movie into Arabic and sent it to Egyptian journalists. He also allegedly promoted it on his web site and through social media, the outlet reports. RNS has more about his background:


Morris Sadek describes himself as a human rights attorney and president of a small group called the National American Coptic Assembly, based in Chantilly, Va. Sadek says on his website that he is a member of the Egyptian and District of Columbia bar associations who has “defended major human rights cases” including the late Coptic Pope Shenouda III, who died in March.


But fellow Copts depict Sadek as a fringe figure and publicity hound whose Islamophobic invectives disrupt Copts’ quest for equal rights in Egypt.


Michael Meunier, president of U.S. Copts Association, claims that, by taking these actions, Sadek was likely looking for fame in Egyptian media. Considering that he lost his Egyptian citizenship and was banned from the country back in 2011, it makes sense that he would potentially be looking to raise his profile in the region.


Here’s a video that purportedly shows him screaming “Islam is evil!” outside of the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.:




On Sept. 6, Mr. Sadek sent an email to journalists around the world promoting a Sept. 11 event held by Rev. Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who previously sparked deadly protests by burning a copy of the Quran. In the email, Mr. Sadek included a link to the 14-minute YouTube clip.


On Sept. 6, Sadek emailed journalists around the world, promoting Jones’ anti-Islamic event and including footage of “Innocence of Muslims,” according to The Wall Street Journal. A conservative TV host in Egypt broadcast the video on Sept. 8, sparking protests at the U.S. embassy in Cairo.


… (READ IN ENTIRITY: This Is the Man Who Reportedly Translated & Sent the Anti-Muhammad Film to Egyptian Journalists; By Billy Hallowell; The Blaze; 9/14/12 1:00pm)


Salman Rushdie


Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is a British author who was born in India. In 1988, he wrote the highly acclaimed book, The Satanic Verses. Shortly after that, India banned the book. In the U.S., the publisher received bomb threats. The book was then banned in South Africa. Soon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar banned the book. There were book burnings in England. In Pakistan, six people died and 100 were injured in demonstrations against the book. Then on Feb. 12, 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran, declared that the book was blasphemous, and called for the death of Rushdie. Rushdie went into hiding, with protection by the British government. An Iranian charity offered a million dollars reward (later raised to 2.5 million) for Rushdie’s murder. Two bookstores in Berkeley California were firebombed. Twelve people died during rioting in Bombay. Britain broke off diplomatic relations with Iran. In Belgium, two Muslim leaders who opposed Rushdie’s death penalty were shot to death. Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Poland and Japan banned the book. The Ayatollah Khomeini died, and the Iranian government reaffirmed Rushdie’s death penalty. Five bookstores in England were firebombed. The Japanese translator of the book was stabbed to death. The Italian translator was seriously wounded. The Norwegian publisher was shot and seriously wounded.(READ THE REST: Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses; By Jim Loy;; © 2002)


Salman Rushdie’s memoir provides a fascinating insight into the life of a man who, haunted for a decade by the death sentence that hovered over his head, struggled to cobble together something resembling a quotidian existence. The event that was splashed across the pages of the national press is now recounted by the man who lived through it in bare, reflective, thought-provoking prose; Joseph Anton: A Memoir recounts the ten years Rushdie spent living under a fatwa.


The publication of Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses in 1988 enraged Muslims across the world, including the Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who soon publicly demanded his execution. Throughout the decade of the fatwa, pronounced in 1988 and eventually lifted in 1998, Rushdie lived under an assumed identity, adopting the pseudonym Joseph Anton in a personal homage to the writers Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov. (READ THE REST: Any Other Name; By Rebecca Loxton; Oxonian Review; 2/17/13)


Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an outspoken defender of women’s rights in Islamic societies, was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. She escaped an arranged marriage by immigrating to the Netherlands in 1992 and served as a member of the Dutch parliament from 2003 to 2006. In parliament, she worked on furthering the integration of non-Western immigrants into Dutch society and defending the rights of women in Dutch Muslim society. In 2004, together with director Theo van Gogh, she made Submission, a film about the oppression of women in conservative Islamic cultures. The airing of the film on Dutch television resulted in the assassination of Mr. van Gogh by an Islamic extremist. At AEI, Ms. Hirsi Ali researches the relationship between the West and Islam, women’s rights in Islam, violence against women propagated by religious and cultural arguments, and Islam in Europe. (Ayaan Hirsi Ali – AEI Profile Page)


Ayaan Hirsi Ali captured the world’s attention with Infidel, her compelling coming-of-age memoir, which spent thirty-one weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.


Now, in Nomad, Hirsi Ali tells of coming to America to build a new life, an ocean away from the death threats made to her by European Islamists, the strife she witnessed, and the inner conflict she suffered. It is the story of her physical journey to freedom and, more crucially, her emotional journey to freedom – her transition from a tribal mind-set that restricts women’s every thought and action to a life as a free and equal citizen in an open society. Through stories of the challenges she has faced, she shows the difficulty of reconciling the contradictions of Islam with Western values.


In her books Hirsi Ali recounts the many turns her life took after she broke with her family, and how she struggled to throw off restrictive superstitions and misconceptions that initially hobbled her ability to assimilate into Western society. She speaks movingly of her reconciliation, on his deathbed, with her devout father, who had disowned her when she renounced Islam after 9/11, as well as with her mother and cousins in Somalia and in Europe. (From Islam to America;


VIDEO Originally preceding this article – it is nearly an hour long but worth the view:


Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam



If you have made this far in the post here is the obligatory reminder that I was notified about the AQAP “Wanted” poster from the Infidel Task Force. And ITF sourced this info from the Weekly Standard.


JRH 3/2/13

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Al Qaeda Mag Publishes ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ List

“Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keeps The Infidel Away.”



Mar 1, 2013 10:26 AM

Weekly Standard


al Qaeda Inspire Mag poster hit list


The latest edition of the al Qaeda English-language magazine Inspire is out today. A digital copy of the magazine, provided by MEMRI (the Washington D.C. based Middle East Media Research Institute), shows a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” feature on page 10 of the new issue:


“Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam,” the page reads. The list includes: Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Flemming Rose, Morris Swadiq, Salman Rushdie, Girt Wilders [sic], Lars Vilks, Stephane Charbonnie, Carsten Luste, Terry Jones, and Kurt Westergaard.


No further reason is provided to explain why these folks were singled out for the hit list, though many are notable critics of radical Islam.


“Yes We Can,” the image reads. “A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away.”


“Defend Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,” the image reads.


AQAP Inspire Mag – Kill these 10 Infidel ‘Wanted Poster’

John R. Houk

© March 2, 2013


Al Qaeda Mag Publishes ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ List


© Copyright 2013 The Weekly Standard LLC – A Weekly Conservative Magazine & Blog. All Rights Reserved


Geert Wilders: Marked for Death

Marked for Death - Geert Wilders bk jk

Fjordman has written an essay that focuses on Geert Wilders because of the May 2012 release of the book “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.” The book is about Geert’s realization about the dark side of Islam and how Muslims have responded to him for exposing the dark side of Islam.


Fjordman takes up from the book to defend this bastion of Free Speech in the Western World. The West is under a huge dose of Leftist Multiculturalism in which it is politically correct to disdain Christianity and politically incorrect to speak or write the truth about Islam. In writing the truth of Islam a person like Geert Wilders is then labeled a hate-bigoted Islamophobe. Muslim Apologists and Leftist Multiculturalists consider the term Islamophobe an epithet; however I personally where the term as a badge of honor. The honor is not living in fear and loathing of Islam rather the honor is in not becoming intimidated by the intolerance of Islam.


Geert Wilders in the irony of defending Free Speech has landed into the position of being the focal point of Islamic hatred with his life under constant threat.


Here is Fjordman’s essay.


JRH 5/11/12 (Hat Tip: Gates of Vienna)

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Geert Wilders: Marked for Death


By Fjordman

May 11, 2012 @ 12:30 am


The courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders released his book Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me in May 2012. The foreword to this title was written by the eloquent Canadian-born political commentator and cultural critic Mark Steyn, who has a special talent for writing about serious topics in a humorous way. He has published several books and written essays for publications ranging from the Jerusalem Post and the Chicago Sun-Times to the National Review, The Australian and Canada’s National Post.


Steyn is honest enough to admit that when he was first asked to contribute to Wilders’ new book, his initial reaction was to say no. The main reason for this is the potentially high cost of being associated with a man who lives with constant death threats.


Yet, after taking a stroll in the woods, Mark Steyn felt ashamed at the ease with which he was caving in to the enemies of freedom, and decided to accept the offer after all. He recalled how the Canadian Islamic Congress boasted that their attempts by legal aggression to silence Steyn’s critical writings about Islam had cost his magazine substantial sums, and thereby attained their “strategic objective” of increasing the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.


In the case of Geert Wilders, that cost is not merely limited to money. Despite being an elected Member of Parliament in what used to be one of Europe’s freest and most tolerant countries, he is regularly vilified by Western mass media. When trying to enter Britain, a nation that once was a champion of liberty, he was detained by plainclothes border guards on arrival at London’s Heathrow airport in February 2009 and deported from the country.


The democratic Dutch MP had been invited to the House of Lords, where Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson wanted to show his 17-minute Islam-critical film Fitna. The Home Office refused him entry on the grounds he “would threaten community security and therefore public security,” not because he threatened to use violence, but because Muslims might use it.


Lord Ahmed from the Labour Party, Britain’s first Muslim member of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, pledged to bring a 10,000 strong force of angry Muslims to lay siege to Parliament. A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain claimed that Wilders has been an open and relentless preacher of “hate.” At the same time, London has become a notorious intentional center for Islamic militants, who spew hate on a daily basis.


Geert Wilders accused the Labour government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown of being “the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe.” He was later allowed entry to the UK, however. He was also put on trial in the Netherlands accused of criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups. Wilders was eventually found not guilty in 2011, but the entire process took several years.


As Mark Steyn puts it, “He is under round-the-clock guard because of explicit threats to murder him by Muslim extremists. Yet he’s the one who gets put on trial for incitement. In twenty-first century Amsterdam, you’re free to smoke marijuana and pick out a half-naked sex partner from the front window of her shop. But you can be put on trial for holding the wrong opinion about a bloke who died in the seventh century. And, although Mr. Wilders was eventually acquitted by his kangaroo court, the determination to place him beyond the pale is unceasing: ‘The far-right anti-immigration party of Geert Wilders’ (the Financial Times)… ‘Far-right leader Geert Wilders’ (the Guardian)… ‘Extreme right anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’ (AFP) is ‘at the fringes of mainstream politics’ (Time). Mr. Wilders is so far out on the far-right extreme fringe that his party is the third biggest in parliament.”


Maybe those who are out on the fringe are the ones who think that disliking Islam is “far-right.”


Yet it’s not just Wilders himself who is being attacked in this fashion. Those who dare to meet him or support some of his views could find themselves attacked by the mass media and the political elites in a comparable manner. Cory Bernardi, born and raised in Adelaide and currently representing the state of South Australia for the Liberal Party in the Australian Senate, in 2011 came under fire not only from members of other parties but also from his own — allegedly conservative — party when he wanted to facilitate a trip to Australia by Wilders.


The Sydney Morning Herald simply labeled Geert Wilders “an Islamaphobic Dutch politician.” The Melbourne-based The Age claimed that Wilders’ “objectionable” and “poisonous anti-Islam views” are “abhorrent and plainly wrong” and that his ideas are self-evidently “repugnant.” The newspaper continued to suggest that if Senator Bernardi did not dissociate himself from Mr. Wilders’ views, then perhaps his own party should demote him.


Wayne Swan, Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia under PM Julia Gillard, said Bernardi has right-wing extremist views. Other senior Labor Party members indicated that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott should discipline the senator and remove him from his portfolio responsibilities. Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett declined to say whether he believed Abbott should have Bernardi expelled from the Liberal Party, or copy the way former Prime Minister John Howard had Pauline Hanson disendorsed as a candidate ahead of the 1996 national election due to her vocal opposition to non-European mass immigration. Australian Greens senator Richard Di Natale also condemned Bernardi’s associations with Wilders. “Multiculturalism is one of this country’s great successes and it must be defended,” he stated.


Wilders commented in an essay published in The Washington Times on May 4 2012 that “As I write these lines, there are police bodyguards at the door. No visitor can enter my office without passing through several security checks and metal detectors. I have been marked for death. I am forced to live in a heavily protected safe house. Every morning, I am driven to my office in the Dutch Parliament building in an armored car with sirens and flashing blue lights. When I go out, I am surrounded, as I have been for the past seven years, by plainclothes police officers. When I speak in public, I wear a bulletproof jacket. Who am I? I am neither a king nor a president, nor even a government minister; I am just a simple politician in the Netherlands. But because I speak out against expanding Islamic influence in Europe, I have been marked for death. If you criticize Islam, this is the risk you run. That is why so few politicians dare to tell the truth about the greatest threat to our liberties today.”


Wilders received his first death threats in 2003 after asking the government to investigate a radical mosque. In November 2004, after a Muslim fanatic murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh, policemen armed with machine guns pushed him into an armored car and drove him off into the night. That was the last time he was in his own house. Since then, he has lived “in an army barracks, a prison cell and now a government-owned safe house.” The security detail has become part of his daily routine, but it must still be hard getting used to being a virtual prisoner in your own country and unable to visit a restaurant or cafe in a normal manner.


Hostile journalists often denounce Wilders and his Party for Freedom as “populists,” but they are popular for a reason: They state uncomfortable truths that the ruling elites want to sweep under the carpet. The natives are rapidly being turned into a harassed minority in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, a pattern that can now be seen in far too many European cities.


Fifty-seven percent of the Dutch people say that mass immigration was the biggest single mistake in Dutch history. Yet what is arguably the greatest change their country and their continent have experienced in historical times is beyond honest discussion in the mainstream media.


Wilders goes on to note that “I have read the Koran and studied the life of Muhammad. It made me realize that Islam is primarily a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion. I feel sorry for the Arab, Persian, Indian and Indonesian peoples who have to live under the yoke of Islam. It is a belief system that marks apostates for death, forces critics into hiding and denies our Western tradition of individual freedom. Without freedom, there can be no prosperity and no pursuit of happiness. More Islam means less life, less liberty and less happiness.”


Geert Wilders has sacrificed his personal freedom of movement and the prospects of a normal life in order to warn his country, his continent and his civilization against serious threats to their freedom. We should honor that sacrifice by listening carefully to what he has to say.


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Dutch Justice and Geert Wilders

John R. Houk

© June 26, 2011


In America Geert Wilders is often vilified as a racist by Leftists. Remarkably I have even heard the “Right Wing extremist racist” denunciation from a few fellow Conservatives. This is the case with some Conservatives that I follow in reading their opinions.


Many of you know who Geert Wilders is. The few that do not know who Wilders is should know he is the Dutch politician that put together the movie short known as Fitna. Wilders’ Fitna is an exposé of the ugly violent nature of Islam that most Muslims refuse to admit is in their Quran, Hadith and Sira.


Fitna and some of the speeches delivered by Wilders hit the European concepts of political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity right smack in the groin. The Leftists of Europe and the Muslims of Europe (which are more radicalized than many would dare to comment on) went in violent seizures that someone would dare speak out against people that are divergent from Western Culture.


Complaints of hate-speech were leveled against Geert Wilders. Free Speech is not an absolute thing in Europe. If your conscience and common sense demonstrate that something is very wrong to be accepted politically or religiously and you speak your mind, in Europe you can be fined or jailed or both. We cannot be insulting those Muslim immigrants or second generation Muslim citizens by speaking the truth about the dark side of Islam.


Wilders decided to take a stand for Liberty which is a concept that is increasingly diluted when it comes to Western Cultural expression. However, hate-speech is rampant among Muslim inhabitants of Europe toward we kafir who do not believe in Mohammed or his deity Allah. Muslim speakers of hate are doing more than saying their way of life is correct and that the Secularists, Christians and Leftists is a corrupt incorrectness. The European double standard on who is allowed to speak freely and who is not allowed to speak freely is crazy-nuts.




Wilders’ acquittal is a reversal of the typical trend of punishing Europe’s Westerners for speaking their mind.


Robert Spencer writes about Wilders’ acquittal with a reminder that the judicial victory is only a dent in Europe’s present system of Rights and Liberty. Let us all pray the Wilders’ acquittal is a judicial precedent in Europe that allows Western Culture to be exterminated by a foreign violent Islamic culture.


JRH 6/26/11









Take Stand Against Islam in Western Culture

John R. Houk

© May 21, 2011


Geert Wilders of Netherlands has been facing persecution in his native land for years. The focus of the persecution is the Wilders message that Islam is evil and inimical to the Judeo-Christian culture that has inspired Western concepts of Freedom. This Freedom has found its greatest heights in America which is codified in the U.S. Constitution and can only be changed by a Constitutional Amendment or a rebellion against the Constitution.


In the Europe that is coalesced around the concept of a European Union Freedom is defined by relativity. Relative Freedom is diluted Freedom. Relative Freedom is freedom only as it is interpreted by the Central Government. Thus when the few Biblical Christians that still exist in Europe denounce Islam as a false religion or publically stand to a morality that belittles the lifestyles of homosexuality, Relative Freedom will those people jailed or fined or both as an illegal disruption to multicultural diversity.


Geert Wilders’ global message is that people must wake up to the threatening despotism that Islam represents against Western Culture. Recently Wilders was part of an expose Islam conference at a Church in Nashville, TN. Andrew Bostom brings this speech to the American Thinker for all to read what was spoken in Tennessee.


The Wilders speech definitely was not politically correct. Since there was no politically correct restraint in the speech, the first impression of Americans that love the heritage of Freedom in America, will sense the passion that Adolf Hitler expressed against Jews in the rise to power of Nazi Germany. Frankly I can almost hear or read the venom of Leftists who love multiculturalism yet hold an underlying hatred to the heritage of Judeo-Christianity.


Here is a less volatile excerpt from the Wilders speech:


Islam is dangerous. Islam wants to establish a state on earth, ruled by islamic sharia law. Islam aims for the submission, whether by persuasion, intimidation or violence, of all non-Muslims, including Christians.


The results can be seen in Europe.


Islam is an ideology of conquest. It uses two methods to achieve this goal: the first method is the sword. Do you know what figures on the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country where Christian churches are banned and Christians are not even allowed to wear a tiny crucifix? There is a huge sword on that flag, just below the Islamic creed. The message is clear. Without the sword islam would not have been able to spread its creed.


The second method is immigration. Islam’s founder Muhammad himself taught his followers how to conquer through immigration when they moved from Mecca to Medina. This phenomenon of conquest through immigration is called al-Hijra. My learned friend Sam Solomon has written a perfect book about it.


I am here to tell you that Geert Wilders is right on the money! The irony of our Western Culture is our tolerance for other cultures. Unfortunately tolerating Islam as it is espoused in its pure beginnings as preached by Mohammed is a cancer that will eat away the freedoms Western Culture has achieved over the decades from the days of one-man absolute monarchies through today’s rule of law that honors the rights of citizens rather than top to bottom despotism.


Leftist ideology regardless of all the rhetoric of power to the proletariat was a top to bottom central government rule that told citizens how to live and believe at the cost life or prison slavery. The same deception is inherent in Islamic ideology which has become theo-politicized via Sharia Law which also demands absolute adherence with punishment that results in second class citizenship (dhimmitude), prison for free speech assertions perceived as anti-Islamic, loss of limbs for theft or loss of life for insults to Islam, Mohammed or Allah.


When a Muslim attempts to tell you that enforcement of Sharia Law punishments longer occur in Islam, the only truth in that assertion is only valid in a Western nation that still requires the rule of law over Sharia Law. In Muslim nations Sharia Law punishments seemed to retreat in some nations that have attempted a modicum of secularism; however a resurgence of Sharia Law applications in all its harsh forms have made a strong comeback after the purist Islam influenced by what we in the West has called radical Islam. The fact is the very Muslims America and Europe have labeled as moderate are beginning to adopt Sharia Law according to the demands of reformist Muslims of Salafist, Wahhabi and Twelver Shi’ites.


A classic revival of Sharia Law in its pure form is exampled in Europe by Islamic enclaves that require all that enters the enclaves to respect the rules of Sharia Law or expect the potential an extra-legal enforcement beyond the touch of a European nation’s rule of law.


Dear God in Heaven people, please listen-up! Even if it goes against our nature of tolerance to foreign cultures we need to make laws that illegalize aspects of a religion or an ideology that has an agenda to overcome Constitutional Law, especially in the United States of America.


JRH 5/21/11 (Hat Tip: SpitFire of AC2C)

Geert Wilders About to Score Victory for Western Civ.

Geert Wilders Support


John R. Houk

© October 19, 2010


Geert Wilders went from a minor politician considered a fringe right wing racist by his own people to being the head of one of the most powerful Political Parties in Netherlands. The obvious interpretation is that Wilders’ campaign to expose Islam as a racist, brutal, murdering and supremacist theopolitical ideology is NOW resonating with the Dutch electorate.


Wilders’ became the victim of Islamic/Mohammedan apologists when he released his movie short entitled Fitna. The entitled movie is actually an Arabic word with a rough English meaning of strife, discord and contention. I have learned from the blog the Gates of Vienna (an elder statesman blog of exposing Islam) that fitna has a more nuanced meaning than the to the point English words. To get a firm grasp of what the word “fitna” means to Arab speaking people or at least as the word means in the Quran read, “Why ‘Fitna’?” In lieu of the detailed explanation of the word fitna I like this brief description:


“…in whatever particular context fitna may be perceived, it is almost always a context within the Muslim community, setting believer against believer.”


In other words, fitna means “the instigation of the kind of trouble that sets Muslims at one another’s throats”.


Wilders’ movie reaches beyond intra-Ummah strife to utilize the words of the Quran coupled to images of what Muslims (Of the Salafi, Wahhabi & Twelver Shia type) do to kafir (i.e. unbelievers in Islam like you and me). Dutch authorities received enough complaints that Wilders was promoting hate-speech and incitement to violence that he was charged forthwith. In January of 2009 a Dutch Appellate Court ordered criminal prosecution.


The trial did not start until 2010. In the mean time Wilders’ PVV (Party for Freedom) political party has gained huge support from Dutch voters both for EU representation and Netherlands representation.


I found out from a Christian Action Network email that the prosecutors have recommended all charges be dropped against Geert Wilders. I understand that the Dutch Judicial system is a little quirky compared to America’s Judicial system. Apparently the Dutch Judge may elect to disregard the prosecutors and proceed with a criminal trial persecuting Geert Wilders’ Free Speech to speak the truth. The legal analysts of Europe have indicated the Dutch Judge will not proceed with further action. If that turns out to be true then Geert Wilders’ current persecution is at an end.


Below is the email with a similar post from the Christian Action Network website.


JRH 10/19/10


Friends We Have Great News in Regards to the International Fight for Free Speech!


Sent by: Christian Action Network

Sent: October 18, 2010 12:28:38 PM


We have some great news for you this week! For those of you that have seen our film, Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West, you are aware that a popular member of the Netherlands’ parliament named Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for criticizing Islam, Mohammed and the Koran.

On Friday, October 15, the prosecutors stated that Wilders should be acquitted of all five charges against him for allegedly inciting hatred and discrimination. This is a very encouraging victory for free speech! However, the trial will still continue and the possibility remains that the judges could still indict him, though commentators seem to believe this is unlikely.


This is to be celebrated, but how many people will fear being brought up on charges as Wilders has? How many will censor themselves because they know they cannot afford the legal bills and tarnished reputation?


The Christian Action Network knows about this first hand. As you may know, the state of Maine revoked our charitable status in May 2009 after we sent out a letter warning our supporters about how some students in California were being forced to dress up as Muslims, chant “Praise Be to Allah,” and learn the five pillars of Islam. Imagine if such an education and practicing of Christianity had happened in a public school!


The state of Maine claimed that our letter contained “an inflammatory anti-Muslim message,” among other bogus accusations. As you can read here, we won that legal battle—but again, these two cases show how political correctness, lawsuits and even the threat of possible prosecution are being used against the foes of radical Islam. And that’s why our next announcement is so important.


Our film about Wilders, Islam Rising, is coming to a Christian bookstore near you! We have signed a deal with New Day Christian Distributors after they received numerous requests for the film. And we have YOU to thank for it!



Do you live in the New York City area? Don’t forget to register to come to the premiere of our new documentary, Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque! This free event will be held on October 28, 2010 at 3 West Club in New York City, located at 3 W 51st Street. Click here to get more information and register for the Event.


God bless you,


Martin Mawyer, President
Christian Action Network


P.S. — If you haven’ completed our Stop The Ground Zero Mega-Mosque petition please click the button below and tell President Obama how you feel about this happening at Ground Zero…


Prosecution Says Wilders Not Guilty of Hate Crimes


October 18, 2010

Christian Action Network


Dutch News reports that Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has been found not guilty on all charges of hate speech by the prosecutors.


Wilders was prosecuted for allegedly inciting hatred towards Muslims after releasing a documentary titled Fitna that tied acts of Islamic terrorism and oppression to verses in the Koran, the holy book of Islam. He has also harshly criticized Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and the religion as a whole.


The public prosecution department stated that his comparison of the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf was “crude but that did not make it punishable.”


However, despite the prosecution’s stance, the trial will still continue and a small possibility still remains that the judges could convict Wilders.


“I’m very happy that the prosecutors came, for a second time, to the conclusion I didn’t commit any punishable offense… I don’t discriminate, I don’t sow hatred, I don’t defame groups, the only thing I do and will continue to do is tell the truth,” Wilders said after the prosecutors called for his acquittal, according to Business Week.


The popularity of Wilders and his Freedom Party in the Netherlands has quickly grown since the controversy erupted. In the national election in June, Wilders won 24 of the 150 seats in parliament, up from 9 previously. The results made Wilders’ party the third largest in the Netherlands.


The Christian Action Network has released a documentary about Wilders called Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West. The film tells his story and includes his own documentary, Fitna. It also includes a speech he delivered in the United States warning Americans about how radical Islam was spreading in Europe and the U.S.


 Geert Wilders About to Score Victory for Western Civ.

John R. Houk

© October 19, 2010


Friends We Have Great News in Regards to the International Fight for Free Speech!


Prosecution Says Wilders Not Guilty of Hate Crimes


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Geert Wilders Support