Russia’s Evolving Leadership

Russian Hegemonic Bear

Here is a STRATFOR essay about the newer resurgently powerful Russia. Pay close attention to the faux democracy paradigm to entice foreign investment combined with a strengthened central government with Russian nationalism in mind. Part of this faux democracy is the encouragement of multiple political parties to provide the image of a loyal opposition to the political party in power. The reality that these multiple political parties have disguised ties to Kremlin authoritarianism.


The offshoot is a Russia powerful and strong and able to be a force to make America and the NATO military forces take notice of a potentially aggressive Russia.


JRH 7/5/11

DSK, Ft Knox Gold & Rape Conspiracy Theory

Gold Bullion Bars

John R. Houk

© June 16, 2011


My Conspiracy Theory guy Tony Newbill has found what might be the latest. Accused rapist Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) is really a hero that was set up because he discovered that tons and tons of Ft Knox gold are missing. According to the EU Times Kahn was expecting a payment in gold to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as per some deal between the USA and the IMF. Again according to the EU Times when the gold did not arrive, DSK came to the USA to get validation that there was gold in Ft Knox.


Now the Conspiracy Theory that the gold in Ft Knox is missing is not new; however DSK being apprehended on rape charges to keep his mouth shut and get him the boot from the IMF is new.


Again according to the EU Times the reason to blame DSK for rape was to hide info on Ft Knox missing gold. The Conspiracy Theory is promoted from a Russian FSB (formerly KGB) secret report made public by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. If indeed Putin is pushing the missing Ft Knox-gold-destroy-DSK’s-life Conspiracy Theory, then Putin is trying to push this credulity because of Ron Paul’s call for a Ft Knox gold audit for transparency to the public.


Frankly I believe DSK indeed raped Nafissatou Diallo and his power and high priced lawyers are tasked to get him off (no pun intended) to add insult to injury of his victim.


Below is the email that Tony Newbill sent to me. It is a copy and paste job. You can read it to make your own decisions.

Nafissatou Diallo - DSK victim


JRH 6/16/11