Birthers are a Hardy Bunch

John R. Houk

© May 9, 2011


Not long ago I posted on President Barack Hussein Obama releasing his Long Form Birth Certificate.


My Conspiracy Theory guy Tony Newbill almost seemed to anticipate the Obama release with this post: Comment from Tony Newbill on Birther Issues”.


Then after the Obama release of his Long Form Birth Certificate I found this comment on one of my other blogs that I attributed to Tony Newbill because of the similarity in writing styles: “Relating Eligibility of both Obama and McCain”.


When President Obama made the Long Form public I saw him on television make a comment that went something like this (paraphrased from memory): Okay, I released it but I know the hardcore people will still dispute the authenticity of my Birth Certificate.


Well, that is exactly what happened. Whether or not President Obama’s comment was a brilliant political ploy to undermine Birthers or that he was speaking the truth I’ll let the readers decide. For me, President Obama is the prince of prevarication so when he says something like “trust me,” that is exactly not what I am going to do.


As I have written in the past, the Birth Certificate issue is something that will not be resolved while BHO is President. In fact if there is indeed something fishy with this Long Form Birth Certificate the President has opened the first salvo of countering a post-Office investigation inspired by Birthers.


At any rate World Net Daily has led the Birther cause as a media outlet to rail on President Obama’s Birth Certificate and to a lesser extent (and I believe more important) the release of all the documents of Obama’s history that all other Presidents have made available to historians which in Obama’s case is primarily education records from Elementary School to Master of Arts.


Here is a WND article that questions the validity of BHO’s Long Form Birth Certificate based on the investigation of a Private Investigator in Hawaii that has an anonymous source that is a Hawaiian State Employee who had knowledge of three forged Long Form Birth Certificates that were made to mess with Birthers. The Private Investigator points to a forgery that fits the bill of anonymous tipster that published in the Aloha Reporter.


Close-Up of Aloha Reporter Forgery


The thing that indicates a forgery is that Obama’s maternal grandmother’s name is misspelled and at the bottom of the Birth Certificate it is shown that Obama’s birthplace is Kenya with a registration in Hawaii.


You can check out the WND article for further details as derived from Private Investigator Takeyuki Irei.


JRH 5/9/11