Trump Confirms His Picks for Attorney General, UN Ambassador

President Trump announced replacements for Attorney General and U.N. Ambassador – William Barr & Heather Nauert respectively.


JRH 12/7/18

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Breaking: Trump Confirms His Picks for Attorney General, UN Ambassador


By Savannah Pointer 
December 7, 2018 at 9:28am

The Western Journal


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President Donald Trump announced Friday morning that he has chosen William Barr as his next attorney general and Heather Nauert as the next U.N. ambassador.


If confirmed, Barr will replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose tenure at the Department of Justice was fraught with turmoil.


Barr formerly served as attorney general in 1991 to 1992 under President George H.W. Bush.


Prior to that, he was with the Central Intelligence Agency from 1973 to 1977.


Nauert will be filling the position left by outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who was highly regarded in her position.


Nauert is a former journalist and diplomat who is currently serving as State Department spokeswoman.


Trump announced his nominations shortly before he left Washington for Missouri.


He said Barr was his “first choice from day one” for the position of attorney general, according to Fox News.


“I think he will serve with great distinction,” Trump said.


CNBC reported that the president called Barr “one of the most respected jurists in the country” and a “highly respected lawyer.”


Barr would take over from the interim attorney general, Matt Whitaker, whose appointment was hotly contested by Democrats due to his lack of Senate approval.


As for Nauert, the president characterized her as being “very talented” and predicted that she would be “respected by all,” according to Fox News.


Nauert has worked in the State Department since 2017 as a spokeswoman and is the highest-ranking woman in that department.


Fox News reported she has traveled more than 155,000 miles and taken 26 international trips with the State Department.


In her position, Nauert oversaw public diplomacy in Washington and in all of the roughly 275 overseas U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts.


Both Barr and Nauert will need to be confirmed by the Senate.


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Eric Holder - BHO portrait in background

Eric Holder has a past of Black militancy which if you know anything about such militancy is actually racism against Caucasians. In Holder’s world view Conservatives are White people show that racism slops over every time a rare moment of scrutiny shines a light on public, private and exposed scandals. Determine The Networks tracks political evolution from overt displays of his youth through to his stealthier present.


JRH 6/7/13

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To the Dems on Holder – STICK A SOCK IN IT

Eric Holder 6-28-12

John R. Houk

© June 28, 2012


Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress today by the GOP majority in the House. Democrats and especially the Black Caucus have made Holder’s refusal to come clean about Fast & Furious into a race issue to deflect the real reason for the contempt citation.


Namely, Holder has been caught in several lies and adding to Holder’s refusal to cooperate with the House investigation to find the idiot who signed off on Fast & Furious smacks of the Watergate Cover-up Republican President Nixon faced in the early 1970s. In that cover-up the President was saved from impeachment and a Senate trial by a blanket pardon for Nixon. That pardon came from the only President not elected to Office as a President or Vice President. In my growing political youth that Presidential pardon solidified me as a Democrat at the time causing my first vote for the Office of President to go to Jimmy Carter. Carter was such a failure I departed my Leftist ways and have become a permanent Conservative (although not always a Republican) ever since.


I mention my brief personal feelings on Watergate because the Fast & Furious scandal has all the appearances of a Watergate Cover-up. In this case the Cover-up would then be to protect the Leftist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.


Could the GOP be flexing its muscles after the Supreme Court in a close 5-4 vote upheld the central financing of Obamacare ruling Individual Mandates a tax rather than forcing citizens to buy a product under the Commerce Clause?


Unofficially I’d have to say, “You’re darn toot’in!”


Chief Justice John Roberts insinuated he voted the tax route so that Congress would legislate via the purse strings rather than SCOTUS formulating policy. I don’t know if I agree with the Roberts reasoning; however having Congress act rather than SCOTUS appears to be some slick Constitutional interpretation by throwing the issue back to Congress.


The House GOP is flexing its muscles according to the constituents that voted them into Office. I am guessing some of those constituents were represented by Democrats prior to 2010. Ergo whether the Dems are crying race or political motivation – STICK A SOCK IN IT and listen to your constituents as you will probably lose more seats in the House in 2012 AND perhaps lose the Senate to the GOP in 2012 as well.


Here is the Fox News report on Attorney General Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress.


JRH 6/28/12

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