The Invented People Desire Jewish Deaths


Land for Piece toon


John R. Houk

© December 19, 2011


Hamas is the Islamic Terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The terrorists govern the Gaza Strip only because the Israeli military fell for some land-for-peace bologna forcing Jewish settlers to leave as the IDF left Gaza. When the IDF left Hamas gained control politically in Gaza via the vote over the Fatah dominated Palestinian Authority. Hamas solidified their political control over Gaza by killing PA bureaucrats still left after the Hamas election victory essentially carving out their own fiefdom that is neither under PA authority nor Israeli authority. AND YET Israel is still responsible for supplying electricity, food and so on to a group of people that desires Israel’s destruction and a second Holocaust for Jews.


According to the CIA World Fact Book the estimated population of Gaza is 1,657,155 (July 2011 est.). In Gaza City a rally celebrating the 24th anniversary of the founding of Hamas garnered 350,000 supporters. The Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh proclaimed that soon the Arab peoples will build an army and forcibly take Jerusalem from Israel. Past Hamas public declarations indicate such an armed invasion will entail Jewish blood running through the streets at the hands of Muslims. When a rally of 350,000 Hamas supporters come together to celebrate an anniversary of the establishment of a terrorist organization dedicated to killing Jews the supporters of a sovereign Palestinian State on the borders of Israel should stand up and pay attention. WE should pay attention because Newt Gingrich has spoken so eloquently that these Arabs that call themselves Palestinians are an invented people AND YET their sole desire is to execute genocidal murder of a real people – Jews.


In the face of such blatant hostility toward America’s friend and keeper peace in the Holy Land to Jews, Christians and Muslims; why in the world is America a part of a Quartet forcing Israel to recognize an independent Palestinian State on land that is Jewish heritage? There is NO right of return of the descendants of Arabs that have tripled in population since their Arab brothers forced them to remain in refugee camps rather than taking responsibility when failed invasions to destroy Israel occurred. In losing wars these Arab refugees should have been taken in by their Arab brethren as citizens because Arab bloodlust caused their displacement. All Israel did was defend its right to exist and in the defense won war after war.


I know it sounds harsh but Israel should expel these Arab trouble makers who refuse to live peaceably with the Jewish State of Israel. An Arab expulsion would only be bloody with Arabs calling themselves Palestinians resisting and/or Arab nations refusing to take their brothers and sisters into their nations. If there is a bloody resistance on the part of Arabs living in Jewish land then so be it. Resistance needs a forceful response even if it means extreme prejudice in their removal. This might not bring peace to Israel; however it will bring peace within the borders of Israel.




Here is another hostile threat. If Arabs insist on controlling the Temple Mount without sharing with the Jews, then bulldoze those two Mosques that are a desecration of the Jewish Temple Mount. Jerusalem is the City of David and that was long before the possibility of any Muslim myth that Mohammed flew on a horse from the Temple Mount into some Muslim heaven that Jews and Christians do not believe in.


I realize Jews and Christians do not see eye to eye on the Temple Mount, yet modern day Christians are more than willing to allow the Temple Mount to retain its Jewish heritage. Christians believe when Christ’s return is imminent there will be a mass conversion of Jews that discover their long awaited Messiah is indeed Jesus Christ the Son of God and the son of Mary who was of the lineage of King David. This scenario does not include usurping Muslims that were only able to build two Mosques on the Temple Mount because of military conquest and not the instruction of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (renamed Israel). Christians recognize the Jewish lineage and Muslims have corrupted the lineage by calling all the patriarchs and prophets Muslims and deviate the lineage of Abraham to go through Ishmael the son of a slave girl rather through the son of Promise Isaac from Sarah Abraham’s espoused wife. Isaac fathered Esau and Jacob as twins and Esau gave up his birthright making Jacob line of promise that for Christians culminates with Mary the mother of Jesus the Son of God.


And that is my two cents disqualifying the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.


JRH 12/19/11