A Betrayal at the Wailing Wall

Justin Smith provides a stellar editorial on the Obama/Kerry backstab of Israel!


JRH 1/6/17

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A Betrayal at the Wailing Wall


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 1/5/2017 12:28 PM


Every Jew comes to Eretz Yisrael, every tree that is planted in the soil of Israel, every soldier added to the army of Israel, constitutes another spiritual stage, literally; another stage in the process of redemption.” — Rabbi Zvi Yehuda


No strangers to treachery and betrayal, the Jewish people of Israel were betrayed once more on December 23rd, 2016 by a hostile United Nations and a 14-0 Security Council vote on Resolution 2334, that malevolently states the Wailing Wall, Israel’s holiest site, is illegal in international law. This betrayal was only possible due to President Obama’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies based on lies and false assumptions and premises, along with his orders to have the U.S. abstain from the vote. And now, the Jewish people’s fierce life and death struggle for the survival of their nation has a new sense of urgency unseen since May 14th, 1948 and Ben Gurion’s declaration of independence for the sovereign Jewish State of Israel.


Many Americans were already well aware of Obama’s anti-Israel sentiments, from the days he pushed Israel to retreat to pre-1967 borders, which are completely indefensible and would have ensured Israel’s death as a nation. He now has attempted to rebuke Israel for building settlements on land it has a historical and a legal right to possess and keep in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Obama, who assured the world in 2009 that he “had Israel’s back”, has just plunged the knife of betrayal deep into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s back and Israel’s heart.


Read Genesis 15, Genesis 26 and Genesis 28 and God’s promise to Abraham that is reiterated in Deuteronomy 1:8, stating: “See, I have set the land before You; go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to your fathers — to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — to give to them and their descendants after them.”


Since 638 AD, the Muslims have been considered invaders and usurpers by the Jews of Jerusalem and Israel, because this area was never completely abandoned by the Jews, nor did they relinquish their sovereign rights that were given them by God. The Dome of the Rock Islamic mosque sits atop the Jews’ Temple Mount, thought to be the site of the Temple built by King Solomon; and, the Wailing Wall [Western Wall], just below the Dome of the Rock, has been the single most sacred place in the Jewish world, the last relic of the Temple built by King Herod in the first century AD. And yet, the United Nations declared Jerusalem an “international zone” in 1947.


It’s bad enough that half the land provided for the Jews under the Balfour Treaty of 1917 was given to the so-called “palestinians”/Arabs to create the nation of Jordan in 1922, but even worse, the UN voted to partition the remaining territory between a Jewish Israel and an Arab/Muslim Palestine in November of 1947, creating the “two-state solution”. This two-state solution is marked by 70 years of failure, because the Islamofascist “palestinians” refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in the middle of a predominantly Islamic region, and Palestinian propaganda has never stopped depicting “Palestine” as all of the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.


The Israeli Defense Force reclaimed and annexed Jerusalem and the Old City from Jordan after Israel was attacked in 1967 by the surrounding Islamic nations during the Six Day War. But even so, the areas of Jerusalem Secretary of State John Kerry called “occupied” during his unhinged speech a few days after Obama’s 11th hour betrayal of Israel, including the Wailing Wall and Jewish sectors, were acknowledged to belong to Israel in the 1949 Armistice Agreement.


The only “occupiers” are the Muslim Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank — Muslims masquerading as the mythical “palestinians” who were unknown prior to 1948 and are a creation of Israel’s enemies. Look to Shechem on the West Bank, a biblical city sacred to the Jews and associated with Jacob and Joshua, and one finds a city renamed Nablus controlled by Muslims.


John Kerry’s unconscionable, detestable and wretched December 28th speech maligned Israel for its settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Kerry used the terms “settlements” and “settlers” 62 times in 72 minutes, and he mentioned “terrorism” only 14 times. He failed to mention that the Palestinian government is a tripartite government controlled by Islamic Jihad, Fatah and Hamas — all terrorist groups — who have launched deadly suicide bombings and tens of thousands of rockets against Israel over the decades, wounding approximately 602 and killing 42 Israelis in just this past year.


One has only to review Israeli former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s 2008 offer to the Palestinians to throw light on the lie in Kerry’s assertion that the Palestinians simply seek peace and their own homeland. Olmert offered 94 percent of Judea and Samaria plus another 6 percent of Israel and a link to the Gaza Strip, withdrawal from East Jerusalem’s “Arab” neighborhoods [read “Muslim”] and the placement of the Old City under international control. Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas rejected it all.


The “palestinians”/Muslims attack the Israelis because they hate them. They indoctrinate their children to hate and kill Jews, and the destruction of Israel is a main point in Hamas’s charter and in their holy book, the Koran. And at its root, this is a religious war waged by Muslims who seek a world where Jews no longer exist.


Obama has emboldened the terrorists and those who de-legitimize Israel at every turn, showing his true colors, as he prepares to leave office standing beside Israel’s sworn enemies. Even more troubling, the Israelis claim to have irrefutable evidence that Obama led the charge on preparing this despicable UN Resolution 2334.


Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer stated: “What is outrageous is that the United States was actually behind [Resolution 2334]. … it was a very sad day and a really shameful chapter in U.S.-Israel relations … We have clear evidence of it.”


Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) angrily denounced the failure to veto the resolution, calling it “frustrating, disappointing and confounding”. Schumer said, “The UN has been a fervently anti-Israel body since the days [it said] ‘Zionism is racism’ and that fervor has never diminished.”


United Nations Resolution 2334 shows Israel it can never really trust any nation for its security, and it reminds them of the certainty that the Islamofascist “palestinians” will never accept Israel within any boundaries, just as the Yom Kippur War in October 1973 reminded them that they were surrounded by enemies dedicated to their destruction. This, in conjunction with thousands of past Palestinian orchestrated acts of terrorism and ongoing violence, will surely move PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Knesset to annex the West Bank and Gaza, repudiate the Oslo Accords and pursue a one state solution and the expulsion of all Palestinians and non-citizen Arabs, in defiance of the United Nations: The Palestinians are to Jews what darkness is to light.


By Justin O Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Source links are by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith

The Palestinian Move

George Friedman writing at STRATFOR weaves an awesome essay that places a spot light on the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians’ strategy that has evolved to the present day of establishing a sovereign Palestinian State.


Friedman touches on many issues such as the original plan of Arab nations for Israel between the years 1949 – 1967. After 1967 the Arab strategy changes thus the formation of an umbrella organization of the disparate Arab terrorist organizations loosely unified and called the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO slowly evolves from a tool of Arab nations to an organization of self-interest of destroying Israel to form a nation. Prior to 1967 the Arab nation goal was to destroy Israel and split the land between the victors which would have been interesting since each Arab nation had their own agenda for dividing the Land of Israel between themselves.


Friedman discusses four strategic stages of Arab-Palestinian motivation writing about the geopolitical outlooks of Palestinians, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. There is a somewhat of a discussion of Hezbollah but leaves that situation with the Hezbollah terrorists having a greater interest in Lebanese politics than the destruction of Israel (at least privately anyway).


It is a good read.


JRH 6/7/11 (Or SlantRight 2.0)


Leftist Jews Agree with Obama

John R. Houk

© May 22, 2011


I find it unbelievable that there are Left Wing Jews that support the existence of a Palestinian State. Are these Leftists so blinded by ideology that they forget that Jew-hatred crosses political spectrums and religions that have encoded in their holy writings to hate Jews will always hate Jews? That is definitely the case with Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, especially among Muslim-Arabs.


Ari Bussel writes in consternation of Rob Eshman of the Jewish Journal representing Jews in the greater Los Angeles area. Eshman is sticking up for President Barack Hussein Obama’s intention to steal Israeli land including the eastern half of Jerusalem whence the Jewish Temple Mount is located and give the area to Jew-hating Muslims. The Jew-hating Muslims calling themselves Palestinians have two goals: destroy Israel and kill Jews. You would think that Statehood, denied originally by the losing invading Arab armies that refused to take in the refugees they created, would embrace a sovereign nation. However, that is not the case! The corrupt Palestinian Liberation Organization which is the leadership of the Palestinian Authority has refused Statehood terms handed to them on golden platter after golden platter. The PLO’s original leader Yasir Arafat and the organization’s present leader Mahmoud Abbas have demanded unrealistic concessions by Israel to agree upon a sovereign Palestine. One of those unrealistic demands is the usurpation of the eastern half of Jewish by heritage Jerusalem. One of the other demands is the return of the descendants of the Arabs to land that was abandoned during the Arab invasion to destroy Israel in 1948. These Arab descendants have multiplied three-fold from the time their ancestors fled under the hope the invading Arabs would create a bloodbath of Jews and enable not only a return but also the stealing of Jewish property from the dead Jews.


Incidentally, the Jews living in the Muslim lands experienced the dream envisioned by the invading Arab armies. After Israel had defeated five or six invading armies and secured their independence, the Muslim nations expelled Jews that number far greater than the Arab refugees created by losing Arab armies. Jews were evicted, their property and money seized and in many cases they were murdered.


This is the situation that BHO is setting up by demanding Israel give up land including Jerusalem representing the 1967 borders prior to the last multi-nation Arab invasion.


How blind is this chief editor Rob Eshman that agrees with President Barack Hussein Obama?


JRH 5/22/11


Different Standards


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 5/22/2011 2:45 AM


And your land shall be a desolation, and your cities shall be a waste.”  Leviticus 26:33


There is a monopoly on news and opinions for the Jewish community of Greater Los Angeles in one paper, the Jewish Journal.  Not unlike most papers, the Journal’s existence was threatened until recently, when three local philanthropists injected a million dollars into its operations as silent investors.

Some would say Rob Eshman, the Journal’s editor-in-chief, is a reflection of the community.  In his latest editorial he wished for Israel to have acted differently with respect to the March on her borders. According to Eshman, Israel is required to formulate creative solutions to her enemies’ attacks in a manner that ensures her enemies are not injured or killed or their emotions hurt.

Eshman’s stance reflects an existing approach that Israel should risk her very being and her soldiers’ lives, health and mental wellbeing for the sake of her enemies.  Thus, in Lebanon, Israeli soldiers went building-to-building attempting to save everyone rather than flattening the ground below which bunkers had been built and fortified for six years.

In Gaza, Israeli soldiers went door-to-door to protect the local populace while booby-trapped mechanisms exploded and other entrapments were activated.  For risking her soldiers’ lives, Israel was accused of war crimes.  Go explain that to officer Aaron Karov who required four series of plastic surgeries to recreate his face.  I met him as he returned with his parents from the third series of operations during which a nose was crafted.

It was exactly one year ago, on May 31st , 2010, that a Turkish terrorist flotilla approached an area under maritime blockade by Egypt and Israel.  The leading vessel, the Mavi Marmara, had mercenaries on board determined to attack any Israeli soldier boarding the vessel and kill them.

Israel sent her soldiers armed with paint guns.  They were trained to expect verbal and physical abuse, but not an assault by lethal weapons.  A well-documented lynch ensued, in which five of the Israeli elite soldiers were badly wounded, at least one thrown overboard, others taken underneath to complete the task.

Nine terrorists were killed during this operation in pure self defense, and Eshman laments that there were no other creative solutions for dealing with the situation.  Then Chief of Staff promised that the next time, things would be handled differently:  The landing area should be sterile and terrorists wanting to kill those boarding the vessel would be dealt with accordingly.  No more soft approaches to hooligans.

Eshman, though, is not alone in his position.  In many ways, he reflects the feelings of the greater Jewish community in Los Angeles.  It is “Israel’s fault,” things should have been done differently.  Indeed!

What would Eshman do if upon returning home one evening he found his wife tied to a chair in their kitchen, no longer conscious, three home invaders standing around her doing her harm?

What if Eshman survived the ordeal only to find his family and friends, and the community at large, feeling uncomfortable with his behavior?  He should have prepared, he should have behaved differently; he shared responsibility, others muttered.  Many avoided visiting while others were more vocal in their opposition to his actions, to his survival.  Chutzpa! He should not be breathing and walking.

Israel is expected to perform miracles.  Her enemies fire from within civilian centers, kindergartens and schools.  They use hospitals and mosques as their headquarters and warehouses for firearms and ammunition.  They grab children for live shields and use apartment buildings as bases of operation.  They shoot to kill, plant fear and mayhem.  They aim to murder, and they enjoy and justify what they do.

Israel is prohibited from doing anything other than surrender.  At first she does not, but at the very last minute she understands there is no other choice but to respond if she is to survive.  This angers the beautiful, concerned souls of American Jewry, partially represented by people like Eshman.  They expect Israel to wave her wand and ignore or acquiesce to what is happening, to risk her soldiers’ lives, to allow her citizens to suffer long years of constant fear from rockets falling, exploding and murdering.

There is much more in store for Israel in the coming months.  Nothing will be off limits to her enemies now, as the swirl of activity accelerates toward the creation, at last, of Palestine and the recognition of the world community in this marvelous experiment.  Carve yet another part from the Body Israel in favor of Palestine.  Allow millions of well-cared-for, eternal “refugees” to “return” to “their” so-called homeland and capital Jerusalem.

Israel will find herself in a much more dangerous position than ever before. She needs to realize that in war, one must fight to win.  Her enemy will.  There will be casualties, and Eshman and those who believe as he does must be reminded once again that Israel’s casualties are not Israel’s fault, but the hatred of her enemy’s.

Israel seeks peace. To exist without rockets launched at her, her citizens butchered at home, terror afflicted on her citizenry in buses, wedding halls, performance auditoriums, shopping centers and universities.  But her very existence angers many, incites them to hatred and terror and justifies their deadly actions.
It is time for the Jewish community to stand strong with Israel and stop second-guessing her every move.  It is time for every leader of the Jewish community, including opinion shapers, to stop fighting on the enemy’s lines and stand where they should—on Israel’s side.


Leftist Jews Agree with Obama

John R. Houk

© May 22, 2011


Different Standards


The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.


The writers invite readers to view and experience an Israel and her politics through their eyes, Israel visitors rarely discover.


This point—and often—counter-point presentation is sprinkled with humor and sadness and attempts to tackle serious and relevant issues of the day. The series began in 2008, appears both in print in the USA and on numerous websites and is followed regularly by readership from around the world.


© “Postcards from America — Postcards from Israel,” May, 2011

Contact:  bussel@me.com


First Published May 21, 2011

Reaction to President Obama’s Speech

Barack Obama demands 1967 borders for Israel in his agenda to create a sovereign Palestinian which will bring war and not the peace perceived by Left Wing pundits and politicians.


Norma Zager places this outrage in perspective with her post entitled, “Reaction to President Obama’s Speech”.


JRH 5/20/11