Flat Tax is Fair and Balanced

Flat Tax is Fair and Balanced

Flat Tax is Fair
and Balanced

John R. Houk

© April 12, 2007


“Taxes:” In the days of the New
Testament tax collectors were listed among sinners. History has shown taxation
to be a necessary yet unpopular necessity to ensure a stable government
performs its services.


In America
Amendment to the
was needed to initiate a
permanent Income Tax. The
XVI Amendment to
the Constitution was ratified
by the
required amount of States in 1913. Thus began an ever burdensome tax code that
was supposed to tax the wealthy and simplify taxation for Middle America and
poverty America.
This has not happened; indeed the tax code is so confusing that many Middle America are hounded by the IRS for Tax Evasion
when the reality is Tax Negligence.


There are criminals that attempt to exploit the tax
code; however in most cases these are the nefarious rich and career criminal
trying to launder their money and hide it from the IRS. It is the Middle Class
that gets hammered by the IRS. The Middle Class unjustly have their
Constitutional Rights taken away as the IRS has the ability to seize assets
(properties and bank accounts) without warning. If you made the mistake you are
charged the actual tax plus penalties in interest. If the IRS made the mistake,
you get an apology and you are out the time and money the IRS has cost you.


I sound a little bitter huh?


The Income Tax has evolved into one of the most
unfair taxes for rich and poor alike. It is time for a FLAT TAX that assesses
American citizens in a fair and balanced way. David Lazarus writes of such a
Flat Tax largely
constructed by Alvin Rabushka and Robert Hall

The Pirates of Tehran

Here is something to ponder:
Fred Thompson is being mentioned more and more as a viable candidate for the
Republican nomination for President. In a Western World in which the cajones
seemed to be missing, Thompson
verbal slap of
Ahmadinejad is refreshing. The Thompson article sounds amazingly like another
actor that became President

Ronald Reagan.



Congressman Sestak is Heinously Connected with CAIR

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) appears to have Democratic Representative Joe Sestak on their money puppet strings. Sestak has provided fund raising for CAIR and CAIR has scratched Sestak’s back by being a political machine for the Sestak re-election campaigns. Check it out: Sestak does NOT use the Democratic Party infrastructure, rather he uses CAIR infrastructure to help manage his campaigns for re-election.


Now here are some thoughts to think about: Sestak is a former Vice Admiral in the United States Navy and CAIR has been linked to supporting Mohammedan terrorists at home and abroad. Even some of CAIR’s officers have been convicted of terrorist activities.


Sestak should be exposing CAIR to his constituents (even if some are Mohammedan), not bedding down as in a sleazy motel not thinking of the long term consequences for the short term instant gratification – money.


Does anyone see a Mohammedan Fifth Column in the making? It is like the Left has instilled fear in the American public from the abuses of McCarthyism. The sad thing is Senator McCarthy was correct about Soviet Communist infiltration. McCarthy’s bad decision was to add fiction to the fact; thus discrediting himself.


There is a Fifth Column of Mohammedanism using American Laws of Liberty, Freedom and Civil Rights as tools to an end game of transforming America into a Sharia Law Nation-State. It is time to forget the excesses of McCarthyism and root out those that adhere to a political ideology that is disparate from the United States Constitution. That political ideology is radicalized medieval thinking of the Wahhabi Sunni cult and the Twelvers of Shia (predominantly Iran and Iraq).


I believe in freedom of religion yet these cults inculcate religion into political postures. These postures need to be stopped. Write Representative Joe Sestak and flood his office about the error of being cozy to CAIR.

Wait and See if Iranian Regime Collapses

Wait and See if Iranian Regime Collapses

Wait and See if Iranian Regime

John R. Houk

© April 5, 2007


alludes to the addition of the USS Nimitz to the Fleet in the Indian Ocean as a
possible reason for Iran
giving up on using the British Marines as propaganda and manipulation bait.


Victor Davis
(astute military historian) provides
a reason not to bomb Iran.
Hanson thinks Iran
is going the way of the old Soviets; i.e. imploding politically.


Personally I believe even if Iran
is having inner political struggles, an implosion that terminates the present
regime will not work out the same as the Soviet Union
collapse. Iran’s
psychos will take someone down with them. The best case scenario would be a
civil war between the Clerics and those of weary of Ayatollah rule. The worst
case scenario is the Clerics massacring their Iranian opponents and launching
whatever lethal weaponry in their possession against American Allies and Israel.


SlantRight.com Thread: HERE.

Increasing Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

Increasing Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

John R. Houk

© April 4,


The Haditha incident
and prosecution of Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani relating to charges of poor
investigation is going to come down to the word of the Media that sourced from
the enemy and the facts reported by Marines at the incident. Who will the
Article 32 Hearing listen to:
fabricated propaganda
by Islamofascists or the Marine witnesses?


Apparently as more and more
evidence comes to light, Representative Murtha
call for a slam dunk Justice is being obscured by the facts. The
Thomas More Law Center
has found credible evidence that refutes the Times and WaPo who got their
information from Iraqis sympathetic to Insurgent Terrorism.


Combined Source: SlantRight.com.

International Organization of the Like Minded




I just read an
article that is an
unearthing of another scandal for the United Nations. Really it is an indictment on the inefficiency and
corruption of the Administration of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

I guess everyone is afraid to say it, but Annan mantle overlooked some of the worst human
misery, genocides and the degeneration of the United Nations itself into a
state of third world like administrative corruption

Annan claimed ignorance over the “Oil for Food” scandal with
Saddam Hussein
. It was an ignorance that only a moron or a family member would

Annan’s own son utilized U.N. funds for personal use.

And now the light is illuminating the darkness of U.N. involvement in aiding
and abetting North Korea
with its counterfeiting of United
States currency.

Can anyone deny that Annan’s
anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism has enabled the Mohammedan world to
effectively propagandize against Israel
and America?
Much of the hatred in the world is the result of the U.N. under Annan
criticizing a sliver slice of a nation known as Israel
and siding with Israel’s
enemies that surround the Land like a dreaded darkness keeping the sun from

I do not have confidence that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (a South Korean)
has the backing of politically to clean up Annan’s mess.

The United Nations has degenerated into a tool for anti-American and
anti-Israeli nations and terrorist organizations bent on their demise. With no
real military strength, the U.N. has turned Machiavellian influencing America’s European allies against America. The
U.N. (particularly under Annan) has made stock on European hubris that has
hated American hegemony and protection.

The only benefit the United Nations has for America is the Security Council.
The way the organization of the U.N. is set up America has the power of the veto
to undermine anti-American and anti-Israeli interests.

should embark on its own Machiavellian path. America needs to turn the coalition
of the willing into an economic and military alliance to counter global jihad
and nations that wish to counter Pax American with their own shot of world
domination. That domination would eschew the civil rights, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that the
American Revolution initiated between July 4, 1776 and March 4, 1789.

As long as the United Nations can be stopped by an American veto in the
Security Council, the USA
should remain. If the time should arise that an American veto at the Security
Council holds no value or authority that is the time America should abandon the United

Do not think abandoning the U.N. would be a selfish act. The Arabs have the
Arab League. Radical Islamist terrorist NGO’s have the Wahhabi sect, Muslim
Brotherhood, Shi’ite Twelvers and more. Europe
has the European Union. I am certain if you can think of some alliances that
have goals and interests of commonality you could come up with more.

What U.N. self-investigation will nail the U.N. the big dogs with complicity to
North Korean counterfeiting?

Western Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

Western Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

John R. Houk

© April 2,


I recently wrote that the West has to
get medieval with the medieval minded radical Mohammedans
. The only way to get the
Islamofascists (rogue nations and non-entity terrorists) is to instill fear in
their hearts.


The West has had to do this
several times in history to get Mohammedans to back off. At
Tours/Poitier Charles (the Hammer) Martel
beat back Mohammedans in what is now France. Inspired by El Cid (much of
his exploits are legend), the Spanish began the Reconquista of Christian Land
exploited by Mohammedan Moors.


The Crusades was a
defensive action
inculcated with Roman Catholic largesse to get
the Mohammedans to stop raids on the European side of the Mediterranean.
Evidently the Mohammedans would slip into Christian towns to rape, pillage,
take booty and kidnap people for slavery. Thus the Crusades embarked for two
hundred years until the Mohammedans unfortunately got the upper hand.


Ottoman Turks ravished the
Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire that had been whittled down to the city kingdom of Constantinople
of the once mighty Byzantine Empire. From
Constantinople the Ottomans ravaged Eastern Europe
making it all the way to the Gates of Vienna and finally stopped by
Polish King Jan
Sobieski in 1683
. The Europeans push the Ottomans back to what
once was Yugoslavia and Greece.


The brave Greeks
in 1821 – 1832 and had their freedom restored.
Former Yugoslavia
became broken up by those loyal to Christianity and those that chose conversion
above suppression by Mohammedans.


The end of WWI became the end of
any actual military power base of the Mohammedans as Turkey surrendered and lost their
empire over Arab lands to the south and Slavic lands to the north. The
bloodlust of Turkish Mohammedans had not abated though. Just before the Turkish
involvement ended in WWI, they forced marched Armenian Christians outside of
slaughtering tens of thousands Armenians
along the way.


And now Radical Mohammedans
influenced by a Sunni
Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia and a Shiite radicals in Iran are attempting to restore the
past via terrorism and oil money. The West needs to find another Charles the
Hammer, an El Cid and a Jan Sobieski to diminish Mohammedan designs once again.


Alan Caruba fills in some
historical holes that are there due to my brevity: