Illegal aliens linked to gang-rape wave


Illegal aliens are linked to gang-rape wave in America.


I wonder how the Democratic Party will white wash the statistics of illegal alien violence? The violence and criminal activity is one of the reasons that law abiding Conservative American citizens are bristling over the open valve flow of illegal aliens flowing into America.


I suspect the Democratic will pooh-pooh the statistics to stroke the votes of the huge Hispanic bloc that are actually citizens (some are allowed to sneak vote even if they are an illegal alien).


Regardless something has to be done to prevent criminal elements and potential terrorists from just waltzing across the border.

The Fine Line

I have been quite rough on the ideology that people call Islam and I prefer to call Mohammedanism. I sense a time of culture confrontation is inevitable. At the same time a Christian has to stand for Truth.

The Truth is this: Jesus Christ came to deliver a lost world from Satan’s darkness to the Kingdom of God. The Good News is that Christ is the Savior of humanity. To the Jew first and then the Gentile.

Those that follow the Mohammedan ideology are also saved. They merely need the light to shine through to pierce the darkness that has gripped their spirit and soul.

It is encumbant that a Christian not to hate their enemies, that includes practicing Mohammedans. Pray for those that curse you and despitefully abuse you.

The fine line is to know when to demonstrate the Love of God and to know when to battle the enemy. Keep this in mind: the true enemy is not flesh and blood, rather it is the spiritual realm united with Satan’s kingdom of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). And yet Christians are not door mats in the flesh. Turning the other cheek means not to render evil for evil and maintain an attitude of God’s love. Turning the other cheek does not mean a Christian should be defenseless, when their is no defense it does mean not to retaliate.

Therein is The Fine Line.

There is a ministry to deliver Mohommedans:

Truth For Muslims Publishes Terrorism Prayer Guide

Contact: John Marion, 703-371-9548,

CENTERVILLE, Virginia, Aug. 21 /Christian Newswire/ — Truth For Muslims, an evangelical Christian group, is publishing a prayer guide to help Christians think how to pray about terrorism and for terrorists.

The publication, called Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Terrorists: A Prayer Guide for Christians, is written by John Marion, the project director of Truth For Muslims.

"On August 9 British authorities announced they had arrested a number of terrorists who were plotting to blow up 10 aircraft", Marion recalled. "Since then", he continued, "a lot of people have been reminded of the realities of Islamic terrorism."

Marion, who lived in Afghanistan with his family during the mujahadeen wars leading up to the rise of the Taliban in the mid-1990s, wanted to share what God taught him about praying for fundamentalist Muslims."I decided it was time," Marion said, "to write something that would help Christians in America think how to pray about Islamic terrorism and for Muslim terrorists."

Marion and his wife, Michele, have been doing ministry among Muslims, including evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership development in America since 1982. They have spent time talking to Muslims in homes, the marketplace, and inside mosques.

In Afghanistan the Marion family huddled together in an inner room of their house during barrages of incoming rockets and dodged small arms and artillery fire in the streets. They saw people killed, and their homes destroyed. Their children slept behind sandbags.

Marion was held captive by a fundamentalist group for one night.

He even receives death threats here in America because of his efforts to tell Muslims about Christ.

Marion testifies how he and his family have experienced God’s peace even though outwardly things seem difficult."We have always followed the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives", Marion testifies. "And we’ve always experienced the peace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

"Michele and I have seen that the recent news events have shaken up some Christians", Marion says. "It’s about time", he continues, "that we begin to share our experiences and tell Christians how we pray about Islamic terrorism and for Muslim terrorists."

Islamic Terrorism and Muslim Terrorists: A Prayer Guide for Christians, is printed in a brochure format. Truth For Muslims wants to distribute this prayer guide to churches across America. They need donations to pay for the distribution costs.

The web site for Truth For Muslims is

The Necessity of Profiling

Robert Spencer is correct when he says racial profiling is not a valid instrument in locating fringe radicals. Spencer says "Islam" is not a race. He implies it is a religion.

I would go further that "Islam" or Mohammedanism is an ideology. Though it is true that racial or ethnic profiling might have some credibility in locating terrorists, due to large amount of statistical implications of actual terrorism being accomplished by those of Middle Eastern ethnology; however it is the Mohammedan ideology that is dangerous.

As radical or Politically Incorrect as it might be, "Theological Profiling" may be in order for safety in Western Culture. Much of the recent terrorist activity that has been attempted in the West has been by home grown Mohammedans. The reason for their agenda of terror is a hatred of Western Cultural mores and thought. The solution of choice by Islamofascist Mohammedans is to utilize terror to transform Western Culture into a Mohammedan culture. It is an extension of the Jihad commanded by the Mohammedan founder – Mohammed a self-endowed prophet.

Mohammedanism is the perfect racist ideology. It is a cult based on the intolerance of all other belief systems. Its racist arrogance goes to the next level: If another race or religion is found offensive to a Mohammedan or Mohammedanism, acts of violence and murder are a justified solution to the offense.

Other "Profiling" posts can be found at "Anyone for Terrorist Profiling?" and "Woman of Pakistan Descent Caught with Liquid Explosives."

Fifth Column and the Left on Wiretapping Ruling

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor struck down the National Security Agency’s (NSA) program to battle Islamofascist terrorism in America.

I expected CAIR and the ACLU to be involved in this effort to hamper the War on Terror and Islamofascist local under currents to establish Sharia Law in America; however I am a bit surprised that the Hoover Institute allied itself with organizations that would ultimately dismantle its conservative and Libertarian thinking. I was indeed alerted to this news article from a Hoover Institute e-newsletter that I receive.

Is it a coincidence that this Jimmy Carter appointed Judge is from Detroit, possibly the largest concentration of Mohammedans in America?

It is not a wonder why CAIR supports this ruling. Wiretapping is the greatest weapon available to combat treasonous American citizens involved Islamofascism and alien Islamofascists residing in America. CAIR has been linked to
efforts of foreign terrorists in Pakistan, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. CAIR has attempted portray itself as the keeper of moderate Mohammedanism in America to a deceived MSM and American politicians alike. CAIR is a classic case of saying one thing and acting another.

CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad once told a Muslim audience in Fremont, California:

"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America."

Mohammedanism is a political agenda utilizing front organizations as CAIR to freely undermine the American way of life. It is amazing the ACLU has joined forces with them. The only purpose the ACLU would have is strategic. That strategy is to undermine Judeo/Christian morality in America. The ACLU strategy would backfire if Mohammedanism ever took in America. Left Wing organizations would be one of the first things shut down in NO uncertain terms in a Mohammedan culture.

CAIR Gets VIP Airport Security Tour

Feds show CAIR latest screening steps, sensitive counterterrorism procedures.
The Bush Administration has to decide if America is at war with terrorism and those that support terrorism or if the Administration has to satisfy those that adhere to the deficient doctrine of the Left, viz. being "Politically Correct."

Taking CAIR through security checkpoints at an airport is like giving the enemy a blue print to terrorize citizens. CAIR has an agenda and it is not to promote the American way of life. Their agenda is related to global Mohammedanism. Mohammedanism is anti-Western, anti-American and anti-Liberty.

Come on President Bush; use some clarity on the concept of Islamic fascism.

Weaponizing Civilization: The New Way of War


Raymond Kraft puts a voice poignantly to the very frustration that is emerging in my soul. I am certain it is emerging in the hearts and souls of other Americans as well. Kraft has written an essay that screams it is time to confront Islamofascism.


Sometimes I do not know which anger I need to contain more: the evil that is Islamofascist Mohammedanism or deluded Liberals which accommodate terrorists out of a ludicrous "Political Correctness."


Contain the emotions of the flesh I must, for a Christian should not demean themselves to the nature of Mohammedanism. Believers in Christ should not render evil for evil.


Yet the time has come for an old fashioned Augustinian Just War to slap the murderers of Christians and Jews down. God show us your Divine Will on how to proceed, for proceed we must.

Shi’ite Cataclysm August 22?


I am part of an InJesus Group called Prophecy Connections. It is operated by Paula Yingst. I do not always agree with Paula; however she seems to have a knack for uncovering global conspiracy. In her most recent post entitled "Gut Feeling," she feels an uneasiness about the date of August 22. It is a day dear to Islamofascist Shi’ites in Iran.


Psycho President Ahmadinejad has said he will provide a response to the West’s (i.e. the deficient U.N. Security Council) call for Iran to end its nuclear ambitions. The date Ahmadinejad said he would respond is August 22.

Many pundits that follow Ahmadinejad’s and the Ayatollah’s "Twelver" beliefs think the choice of that day is significant:

It is the anniversary of the supposed “night flight” by Mohammed from Saudi Arabia to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to heaven and back again. There is a worry that Ahmadinejad is planning some sort of apocalyptic attack as his ‘“response” on August 22. If so, time is short and the clock is ticking. (Joel C. Rosenberg –

Paula Yingst provides two sources to read in regard to this date: Rosenberg of the NRO and WorldNetDaily. Both articles refer to Bernard Lewis who is considered one of the West’s most esteemed historians on all things Middle Eastern:

Now comes Lewis, who notes that the world must be concerned about a leader for whom the possibility of death is not a deterrent.

"In this context, mutual assured destruction, the deterrent that worked so well during the Cold War, would have no meaning," Lewis wrote. "At the end of time, there will be general destruction anyway. What will matter will be the final destination of the dead – hell for the infidels, and heaven for the believers.

"For people with this mindset, MAD is not a constraint, it is an inducement," he said.

Lewis noted that Ahmadinejad has referred to Aug. 22 several times, including when he rejected – until that date – United Nations requests for nuclear program information.

Lewis, joining several other Mideast experts who have expressed similar concerns, said Aug. 22 corresponds to the 27th day of the month of Rajab of the year 1427. (WND)


So when imminent scholars that are usually on the Appeasement track begin to issue cautious warnings, the West should pay attention.

For the "Twelvers" of Iran it is global Caliphate or bust. Their mindset of bust is paradise (70 virgins) for them and hell for the kafir (unbelievers). For these Shi’ites it is a win-win situation.

The West is in a situation of the old TV advertisement: pay me now (lesser problems) or pay me later (greater problems).