GOP has Abandoned Values Voters

Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson is suggesting the Republicans lost Tuesday’s election because they abandoned the values the Christian Right stood for. The Republicans failed to stand tall and force the issue of Conservative appointments to the Judiciary. Some of those Appointees had waited years before their name left the Republican Chaired Judiciary Committee for an up or down vote before the entire Senate. It is doubtful the Appointees still waiting Committee approval will ever get approved now.


There are so-called centrist Republicans that blame the Christian Right for the Republican demise in Senate and House. Dobson correctly points out that the Republicans would NEVER have won in 2004 without the Christian Right vote. Without the Christian Right a weasel like Senator John Kerry would have beaten George W in 2004.


Scandal and the inability to deliver to the foundation of the Republican Party is what caused its fall. I am convinced the failure to deliver to the Christian Right aided a Democratic Party victory more than the stigma of the Bush Administration’s strategical miscues in Iraq.


Lieberman Calls for Separation of Jews and Arabs

Avigdor Lieberman is the newest addition to Olmert’s government in Israel. Olmert brought him on board to attempt to strengthen the governing position of the Kadima Party. For those who do not know, Israel is a Parliamentary system with a President as head of State and a Prime Minister as head of government. Unlike America Israel is a multi-party political system. The government is established by a coalition of political Parties with one Party occupying the central position. In today’s Israel that is the Kadima Party formed by stroke victim Ariel Sharon and currently led by Ehud Olmert.



Lieberman is from an ultra-right Party. Today IsraelInsider reports that Lieberman is calling for the total separation of Jew and Arab in the Holy Land. The implication is moving all Arab non-Jews out of Israel and all Jews out of the so-called Palestine territories (governed by Islamofascist terrorists).



The Leftists in Israel immediately condemned Lieberman for racism. However, if you go to the IsraelInsider link, you can read the realism and the weariness of Islamofascist terrorism in Israel. Lieberman comes across as harsh; nonetheless a homogeneous Jewish State can protect itself better internally and confront their enemy with extreme prejudice on the outside.



Here is the problem I have with Lieberman’s proposals: How does this affect the Arab that is not Mohammedan? Or, how does it affect the maintenance of Christians who maintain Christian Holy places in the Holy Land? If Lieberman’s proposal applies to this group as well he may be going too far.

Haggard Admits Homosexual Massage and Meth Purchase

It is beginning to look bad for Ted Haggard. Haggard says he did not engage in homosexual sex but received a massage from a homosexual. Haggard also admitted to buying the meth, however denies actual usage. Haggard said he was tempted but threw the meth away.


I would dislike being one of those crucifying Christians before all the facts are in; nonetheless the appearance of evil is beginning of evil. People in the ministry have a greater responsibility to the appearance than joe Christian trying to find someone to set an example of a Jesus Walk.


Even if Haggard is telling the truth about not engaging in sex, he broke the law by buying meth. What is a Christian Right Evangelical thinking  when he sets appointments to receive a massage from a homosexual? Is Haggard’s definition of sex Clintonian? It is just freaky to think as to where Haggard received a massage and publicly claim it was not sex.


The Accuser.

Homophobia is Justification for Murder

Mary Stachowicz was a Christian woman that refused to allow a homosexual’s lifestyle to intimidate her faith. Apparently Stachowicz was murdered by Nicholas Gutierrez because as a homosexual he did not believe in Stachowicz’s right to free speech.


Gutierrez seems to believe he could flaunt his ungodly lifestyle and silence those who disagree with him. And so he silenced Mary Stachowicz. Gutierrez stabbed Mary so hard he bent the blade.


His trial is about to begin. Gutierrez’s plea: innocent by virtue of Mary’s hate crime. Gutierrez is claiming the old homosexual is victimized routine and that a hate crime made him do it. Jeez half the people who drive cluttered freeways have a justification to murder because road rage made them do it.


Let us be real, Gutierrez deserves the death penalty. He deserves the death penalty not because he is a homosexual (morally depraved); rather he deserves the death penalty for heinously and viciously taking another person’s life.


Let us suppose that Gutierrez is assigned a Clintonesque style Judge. Let us horrifyingly suppose the secular humanist Judge does everything in his legal position to favor the homosexual for homosexuality’s sake. A not guilty verdict by virtue will turn to judicial legislation creating a situation in which Bible believing morality is a hate crime. It sends a message to the immoral minority that there is no Christian freedom of speech. It sends a message that the immoral minority may dispose of the Christian majority.


Gutierrez the homosexual astoundingly not being a purveyor of a hate crime; instead Mary Stachowicz is getting that label as if standing for her faith is a hate crime. Homosexual groups and the ACLU are actually labeling Gutierrez as the victim!


See also: ‘Gay” Reaction to Mrs. Stachowicz’s Murder: Silence to Applause


Democrat Senator Kerry has offered an official yet weak apology for his comments to a student body in California. He "personally" apologizes to "… to any service member, family member, or American who was offended."

Kerry weakly claimed he forgot a word (TV) or words (wire services) for a "joke" intended as a rebuke to President Bush. This is weak because if it was true, the apology and truth would have come immediately. Contrarily, Kerry gave a blustery retort saying he would never apologize for President Bush’s broken policy. Then Democrats began to desert Kerry. Then Shazzam! Here comes the weak apology.

For the Anti-McCain Right, Romney in 2008?

Mitt Romney is a very enticing figure for the Christian Right and moral Conservatives. He has all the credentials that could make them happy on most stands.

I am one of those Christian dinosaurs that wish to err on the side of Christ.

Mitt Romney may be a great moral guy, however he is a Mormon. Although Mormons have fooled many Christians that they are Christian, they have not in the slightest in common. Mormons do not believe Jesus is the Son of God as part of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit (three persons in ONE God). Mormons believe that Jesus is a created son of God. They believe Satan is Jesus’ brother. In contradiction to the Revelation to John, old Joseph Smith wrote another gospel.

Only choice on war is to win or lose it

Cut and run or live and let live: This is the apparent ideology the Left believes will protect human Rights and Freedoms.


Mark Steyn illustrates that the Left and the Right need to awaken to the actual threat these jihadi maniacs present.


The Left loves to hate President Bush. I have to admit I myself have been a bit exasperated with some of his decisions. Unlike the Left my exasperation is due to not going far enough to expose radical Mohammedanism.


Love President Bush or hate him, he was the man for the job at this time.