Just Say No… To Bilingual Ballots

Newt Gingrich has an e-newsletter called "Winning the Future." Gingrich covers a few political subjects, however the one I found of interest is his point on bilingual ballots.
Thank God Newt is against bilingual ballots. English is the Official National Language of America. This greating melting plot of multiple nationalities have all learned English. The Hispanic legal immigrants should be no different. The illegal immigrants deserve NO special rights, privileges or benefits. Illegal immigrants are … ILLEGAL.

Legislation to reauthorize the historic Voting Rights Act contains a bad idea for America and for all our voting rights. It would continue to force certain counties to provide ballots and election materials in foreign languages.

Supporters say that requiring bilingual ballots strengthens our democracy by allowing everyone to participate. But the reality is the opposite. By sending the message that learning English isn’t important, bilingual ballots help consign immigrants to the margins of our democracy.

And Roger Clegg of the Center for Equal Opportunity has pointed out another problem with the federal government’s requiring bilingual ballots: If only United States citizens can vote, and one of the requirements for being a citizen is that you learn English, why in the world would we need bilingual ballots? The answer, unfortunately, is election fraud. Non-citizens are using these ballots. How exactly does this strengthen our democracy?

Fifty-six members of the House have rightly called on Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) to remove the bilingual ballot requirement from the Voting Rights bill. Congress should just say "no" to bilingual ballots and "yes" to English-only federal election ballots.

Hastert Hears the Heartland: Enough With the Pork!

Just when it seems like Congress doesn’t understand the growing frustration of conservatives over pork-barrel spending, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives gives a sign that he, at least, is listening.

The Senate passed a $109-billion "emergency" spending bill last week. The word "emergency" is in quotation marks for a reason: The "emergencies" the pork-laden bill addresses include such items as $6 million to help sugar cane growers in Hawaii and $10 million to equip fishing boats with electronic logbooks.

All in all, the bill contains about $17 billion in pet projects. So House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) put his foot down. He called the bill "dead on arrival." And then Hastert decided to really speak his mind: "President Bush requested $92 billion for the War on Terror and some hurricane spending. The House used fiscal restraint, but now the Senate wants to come to the table with a tab that’s $17 billion over budget. The House has no intention of joining in a spending spree at the expense of American taxpayers."

Well done and well said, Speaker Hastert.


May Day and the Illuminati

Here is some conspiracy theory for the few myspace people that visit the NeoConservative Christian Right.
Have you heard of the Illuminati? I doubt it my history deprived young readers. Allegedly Adam Weishaupt created and organized the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.
The Illuminati were (or are) reputed to have an agenda for world domination via the placement of secret elites in leadership and rulership situations.
Conspiracy Theorists believe to this day the Illuminati operate in some compacity in collusion with other Secret Societies today.
There is a website dedicated to all subjects Illuminati and it is called, Illuminati Conspiracy Archive. At the ICA is a rather large monograph as to why May Day is the favorite of the Illuminati, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists and even New Agers.
So pop on over to May Day and the ‘Posthumous Influence of the Illuminati. Here you will find all kinds of reasons that May Day is the favorite of Conspiracy Theorists. A big clue: The Celtic Religion is highly involved. 

Jerusalem Divided By Kadima Party

Olmert is continuing Sharon’s legacy of self-destructing the Jewish State by dividing the Divine Capital City between Israel and the Palestine Authority. It is one thing to loose Jerusalem militarily but this is not the case. Olmert is willingly giving a portion of the City of David to Mohammedan Arabs. They will re-name it the heathen name Al-Quds. It is a sad state of affairs in which the secular Israeli government is abandoning its religious heritage out of the delusion this will bring peace. It won’t!


The Palestinian-Arab has been brainwashed from childhood to hate Jewry. I assure you Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (which is still intact) will by subterfuge or emboldened military action attempt to exterminate Israel and all the Jews (religious and secular) in the Land. It will be Holocaust II.


The only hope for Israel is to recover from the attack and counterattack. This counterattack needs to the attack with total victory in mind for securing Israel. Israel will need to displace and push the Arabs to the various sovereign Mohammedan lands surrounding Israel. Israel will need to force and enforce Arabic accommodation.


View the Details at Slantright.com: Israel Offers Outline to Divide Jerusalem.

Pope Uses European Conference to Promote Catholic/Orthodox Communion

The Pope has been ministering to Europe that the Continent infected with secular humanism must re-find its Christian Identity.
There is a conference between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church occuring in Vienna Austria. The purpose of the conference is to find commonality for rapprochement between the two large episcopate churches that separated officially in 1054 A.D., eventhough the split had been coming for years prior.
When the Byzantine Empire was overran by Mohammedan conquerors in 1453, the Eastern Church became largely dhimmis under Mohammedan subjugation. For years Russia was the only Eastern Rite Church that was considered part of Christendom.
Greece finally achieved independence from Mohammedan hegemony in 1832. Still the Mohammedans have dominated much of what was considered Eastern Orthodox Christianity effectively (by the sword) transforming the Middle East and North African into Mohammedanism.
One wonders how Christendom would emerge as a whole if the Catholics and Orthodox kissed and made up.

Pope says Europe should draw on its traditional values to define its identity



VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI in a message Wednesday to a Vatican-Orthodox forum urged Europe to build its future on traditional ethical and moral values and called for respect for human rights. 

His message was aimed at participants at a three-day forum in Vienna, Austria, organized by the Vatican’s office on culture and by the Patriarchate in Moscow. 

"Only by preserving and emphasizing the heritage of values passed on by ancestors and in respect for the different spiritual traditions that enrich it can Europe write a new chapter in its history,” Benedict said. 

He said that as European peoples wonder about life and freedom, he was inviting them to "build their present and their future on the ethical and moral values that over the course of the centuries have lit up enlightened their history” while drawing lessons from "the negative experiences of the past.” 

He did not specify which negative parts of Europe’s history he meant. 

The German-born Benedict called on European nations "to respect the dignity of man and definitively bar abuses and violence against human rights, because this gravely hinders the full development of nations, pollutes man’s heart and greatly damages the honor of the Creator.” 

Benedict’s predecessor, the late John Paul II, had unsuccessfully tried to have a reference to Europe’s Christian roots included in the preamble of the proposed EU constitution, whose future remains uncertain following its rejection by French and Dutch voters in referendums. 

Benedict is keeping up John Paul’s efforts to bring the Catholic and Orthodox faithful closer together, and the Vatican has expressed hope that the two sides can work closely on moral issues.-AP

National Adultery

I just found an interesting quote courtesy of Magnums Conservative Voice. It is a quote of Theodore Roosevelt.
"The man who loves other countries as much as his own stands on a level with the man who loves other women as much as he loves his own wife. "

A man who cheats on his wife is an unfaithful cad.


The dictionary defines a cad:

A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable.

A man who loves other nations as much as his own is an adulterous/unfaithful man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable. This is the thought that runs through my mind when I see Latin Americans hitting the streets of America waving Mexican flags or wishing to exploit American benefits while simultaneously hating the hand that feeds them.

It is immoral!

Nation Building Progress in Iraq

The Bush Administrations largest criticism has been the implimentation of Nation Building in Iraq. I myself am not convinced America can build a Western Style democracy in Iraq, nonetheless there is a modicum of success beginning to happen that on a leftist can deny.
There is a blog live from Iraq called – Iraq The Model. It is something you will not read in the MSM in America. The huge impression is something is working:
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
We’re almost there…

The process of forming the cabinet has reached a good milestone that promises an end to the long disputes that consumed months over who-gets-what especially when it came to security-related posts that are no more a problem, actually some analysts and politicians expect the next 24 hours to witness the announcement of the final formation of a large part of the cabinet.

Tomorrow there will be another session for the parliament but this one is not going to about the government according to deputy speaker of parliament Aarif Tayfoor and will be dedicated to drafting the internal charter of the parliament as well as forming a temporary committee that will present suggestions for necessary amendments in the constitution according to article 142 of Iraq’s constitution.

As pointed out above, the most important development is the agreement between the UIA and Accord Front on leaving the defense and interior ministries to two figures from outside these two blocs; sources from the UIA said that among the candidates for the defense ministry are Hachim al-Hasani (former speaker of parliament, from Allawi’s bloc) and Mithal al-Alousi (independent secular Sunni parliamentarian) while some parties think that the US wants to see the security file in the hands of the Iraqi list for the friendly relationship between the US and Allawi which would allow the US to have more influence in this critical file.
Meanwhile Azzaman in today’s edition reported that America’s ambassador is trying to convince the rival blocs to pick ministers for defense and interior form outside the parliament and not only from outside the major blocs in the aim to discard the suggestion of picking ministers from the independents inside those blocs whose independence cannot be guaranteed. Ayad al-Samarra’i from the Accord Front confirmed this story to Azzaman and said there’s a basic agreement among the blocs to answer this request.

It also seems that a solution for the foreign ministry as about to be reached as well; the compromise came with a suggestion from the Accord Front to create a new ‘ministry of Arab affairs’ to be the Front’s share and end the race with the Kurds for the original foreign ministry, and I guess the phenomenon of creating new ministries has become a solution of choice whenever there’s a disputed post, Ayad al-Samarra’i said that there’s another suggestion to establish an ‘intelligence ministry’ to match the number of the so called sovereignty ministries with the demands of the blocs!
I really don’t how many ministries we will end up with if we continue like this! We started with 21 ministries when Saddam was toppled and now we’ll have more than 35 which in my opinion represents an administrative disaster.
However, I think this is only a temporary measure because the state will soon have to deal with the burdens of these unnecessary offices and their load on the budget and the government will find itself forced to drop some weight to be able to move forward but at this moment we will just have to bare with the disadvantages if establishing these new ministries can prevent bloodshed.

On the other hand one of two deputy PM posts is still unallocated but there’s a greater chance for it to go to the Iraqi list (Allawi who’s also a candidate for becoming secretary of the national security council) than to go to the Accord Front.
The other deputy PM post is allocated to the Kurdish Alliance but there’s no final candidate for this one too, as it could be Noori Shawees, Barham Salih or Hoshyar Zibari, in case the latter didn’t get the foreign ministry.

Inside the UIA there’s another division over the oil ministry after Hussein al-Shahristani joined the list of candidates for this vital post while Fadheela Party insists that they should keep this one and supporting their argument by the ‘accomplishments of the ministry when the Party assumed control over the ministry’ saying that oil production increased from 1.6 million barrels to 2.2 million barrels in addition to a reduction in fuel imports from 500 to 213 million $ a month. But there are other powers that are pushing towards calling back Thamir al-Ghadban who was oil minister in Allawi’s cabinet.

As a summary, Monday negotiations resulted in allocating 13-14 ministries to the UIA and 5 to the Accord Front who are demanding the ministries of agriculture, health, municipalities, youth and education, this means these demands will conflict with those of the Sadrists who want to get the health, education and transportation in addition to two other ministries since they have rooted their rule in these ministries.
I personally think this is a point that requires our attention; the education ministry must not be given to a sectarian or incompetent person just like it’s the case with defense and interior ministries and politicians must realize that on the long term, education is just as important as security.

I do not expect these relatively small disputes to be an obstacle after the top posts had been decided and as the new PM Noori al-Maliki explained that consensus has been reached after "everyone agreed that each and every minister will need the approval of all the blocs" which means no one will be able to force the rest to accept a minister they do not find suitable.
And again, politicians expect the cabinet to emerge as soon as next week and I think this is quite possible.

Posted by Mohammed

Rice says US could pressure Iran outside UN

Condoleezza Rice appeared on several Sunday television Talk Shows. Rice warned that America might operate outside the jurisdiction of the United Nation to increase pressure on Iran. The threat is veiled yet stern.
Rice reiterates that there are diplomatic options still to be exercised. The hint is America will not be patient forever. If the Security Council via Iran friendly Russia and China refuse to engage Iran concerning the danger of emerging WMD, America will begin to exercise alternatives.
I suspect there will be one more combined America/Allies diplomatic play offered to Iran, then the fireworks will begin. This will be a message to the UN, Russia and China: America is the Big Dog and we are beyond tolerating Islamofascist saber rattling.
Depending on reactions, this could be the prelude to a World War. It will actually depend on how much support Russia and China is willing to give Iran after the military action is taken against Islamofascist Rogue State.
Time will tell.