Amnesty Actually Gives More Rights to Illegals than to Citizens

Thomas Sowell has written an editorial that I found at It is a chastisement of the Senate and Democratic Party influence in enabling more rights to illegal aliens than to American citizens.

The Democratic Party has enabled illegal immigrants to be a people with more rights and privileges than American citizens. The DP has even ensured that illegal immigrants are not held accountable for laws that are broken whereas if an American citizen breaks the same law the American citizen is accountable for jail or fines or both.

Is there justice in this ludicrous bias? What is the purpose for Democratic Party support of illegal aliens? This is not justice. It is an effort to build an electorate of foreign born people to disable the law abiding citizenry that has voted Republican.

Declaration of Independence and the Creator

Note that the brave souls that signed the Declaration of Independence were fully aware if their cause were lost, then their necks would find the hang man’s noose. With that in mind, notice that the "CREATOR" is the center piece of authority and protection within this document.

Note how the Signers of the Declaration of Independence begin the paragraph that just precedes their signatures:

"We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions".

That Supreme Judge of the world is God Almighty, not the secular humanistic morally relativistic mind of man. Let us define “rectitude.”

NOUN: 1. Moral uprightness; righteousness. 2. The quality or condition of being correct in judgment. 3. The quality of being straight. (Houghton Mifflin Dictionary)

The primary definition relates to “moral uprightness” or “righteousness”. These are Christian terms derived from the Bible – the Word of God. Righteousness meant right standing with God.

Religion might have been Deist or personal but it was definitely Christian based. The morality of the Christian Bible was the intention and design of the Founding Fathers regardless of the Christian pluralism of personal faith they practiced. Only the blindest eyes of an atheist or the fears of an alternate religion would fail to see Christian influences on the Founding Fathers.

Go Israel!

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israeli aircraft sent missiles tearing through the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday in an unmistakable message to his ruling Hamas group to free an Israeli soldier.

Did Haniyeh get the message?

Haniyeh, inspecting the burning office building, called the Israeli attack senseless.

"They have targeted a symbol for the Palestinian people," he said.

Later, before meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Haniyeh vowed, "This will not break the will of the Palestinian people."

Fellow Islamofascist (yet competing terrorist) PA President Abbas weighs in:

"The world must understand that this is a dirty, criminal act," Abbas said.

The Israeli posititon:

Israeli Cabinet minister Roni Bar-On said the objective of the attack on Haniyeh’s office was to "compromise the Hamas government’s ability to rule."

"We will strike and will continue to strike at (Hamas’) institutions," said Bar-On, an Olmert ally. "They have to understand that we will not continue to let them run amok."

Here is the kicker. The terrorist strings of Hamas are being pulled by a Hamas leader residing in and supported by Syria:

Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction, took power after winning January parliamentary elections. The group has a military wing and a political wing, and its political leadership is divided between more moderate elements in the West Bank and Gaza, and the more radical top leadership based in Syria.

The gunmen holding Shalit are believed to take their orders from Hamas’ Damascus-based political chief, Khaled Mashaal.

(All quotes are the courtesy of the Oh so impartial [sic] AP wire service.)

It boggles my mind that there is such a huge ineptitude of perception by the West as to the designs of Islalomfascists! Syria must be considered part of President Bush’s "Axis of Evil." Saddam was eliminated from the Axis that included Iran and North Korea. TODAY we have Syria pulling strings pertaining to military operations in the sovereign nation of Israel. Is that not an act of war.

When the one-eyed Mullah from Afghanistan protected Osama bin Laden after 9/11, did we not invade the psycho-Islamofascist Taliban state of Afghanistan? Bashar al-Asad (President of Syria) is meddling in the internal affairs of Israel causing death and destruction to its citizens and soldiers. Is that not an act of war?

And yet the West – America and the EU – are twisting diplomatic arms intensely on Israel not to use a military option to find a military goal of victory over those that wish the ultimate destruction of Israel.

One more thing to notice: Syria has a standing defense (yeah right offensive) treaty with Iran. Ultimately where does anyone think the money and the arms are coming from to inflict military hostility on Israel. Duh! Iran!

Friends this Appeasement thing the West is trying to cook up with Islamofascists is ludicrous. I am aware the main point behind the Appeasement is to keep the global economy running smoothly. We are talking OIL BUCKS here. Thing is if the Islamofascist have the oil and the West has the military might, let us take a couple of years of an oil bite and militarily remove those Islamofascists. Compliant puppets would be better than the extortion that is now occuring. Forget the political correct thinking, you have to realise the Mohammedans could care less about what is politically correct. That is why there is so much political and military extortion on their end.

Israel, you need to seek victory at all costs. Deal with the wimpy West later.

Amnesty For Sunni Insurgents

Charles Krauthammer is posting an essay on July 1, which I found at the The essay is an exposition on why Amnesty For Insurgents is a necessary evil in our effort in nation sculpting.


Whether Krauthammer admits it or not, he is a pre-eminent neocon intellectual. Krauthammer (as also I) was for taking out Saddam Hussein. Hussein was a threat to American National Interests.


The Neocon thing is to spread a democratic government that would be easier to deal with in the Middle East. That has been slow coming in Iraq; nonetheless it has been emerging regardless of or in spite of Democratic Party cut-n-run politicians.


The difficulty has been the lack of trust of a half-a-century of brainwashing of a Mohammedan populace. Whether it be Sunni or Shiite: religious and political propaganda machines have painted a horrible picture of Americans. Slowly and surely there is evidence that distrust is eroding in Iraq.


As Krauthammer is pointing out, it is time to toss some carrots for the rabbits to nibble on. Amnesty may be one carrot. Let us not get caught up in the savagery of the insurgence. Their mindset is to cast out the infidel, which is fueled by a little Islamofascism held over from Hussein’s old Sunni buddies. The goal of the current Iraqi government is to transform the old mindset, it may take some time. So let us toss a few carrots to get some nibbles.

Global Hegemony: China VS America

China is boldly beginning to show off its military growth. Does anyone think that there is a purpose for that? China is a hugely populated nation that has been a Marxist/Maoist state since roughly 1948. It is a land with a rich cultural heritage that has included both empire and seclusion. The later cost China its internal integrity via eventual Western domination for several hundred years.

The Japanese Empire of pre-World War II demonstrated that an Asian Power could confront and compete with the West. After Mao tse Tung consolidated Chinese hegemony eliminating war lords and competitors (Nationalist Party Chiang Kai-Chek), China began a long overhaul of militarization.

China went nuclear and now they are going technological. Therein lays the challenge to America. China is a land with a bunch of people and a lack of resources to compliment its rising economy and military.

China may feel the expansionist need as did the Pre-WWII Japan did.

Similar thoughts on China HERE.

Mexico’s Self-Styled Messiah

A close election in Mexico is coming up. The candidate running from the current President’s political party – Felipe Calderon – is being painted as a market conservative. President Fox has not been very helpful on illegal immigration so I would assume Calderon would continue that policy. Calderon’s opponent is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Obrador is a mixed package that many believe may be a Leftist in the mold of Hugo Chavez. I wonder what the Leftist Obrador is thinking about illegal immigration to the US?

Chavez of Venezuela has oil to back up his Marxist anti-Americanism. Who would Obrador tax to get money for socialist programs in Mexico? Nearly a third of Mexico’s economy is based on illegal aliens sending or spending money earned in the US. It would be appear to be a thorny issue to implement socialism based on the source of a significant amount of the Mexican economy.

Then there are the corruption issues of Mexico. That is the part that is making Obrador attractive to a Mexican electorate – "Mexico’s self-fashioned Messiah." Obrador has given the impression that as President he put a dent in Mexican government corruption. That would be actually a good thing for Mexico and America.

So the key to American National Interests is what kind of Marxist would Obrador be if elected? Chavez unfriendly or possibly European style socialism that is friendly toward market economies and America.

Islamofascists Launch Chemical WMD?

There are many unconfirmed claims that the al-Alksa Martyr Brigrade has acquired chemical WMD. There are now reports that the Islamofascist wing founded by Yasser Arafat as psycho homicidal suicide assassins has launched chemically tipped WMD missiles into Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has denied this has occured (Reuters Version HERE).

The JunkyardBlog has an interesting speculation as to where potential chemical WMD might have come from. Could Saddam Hussein’s chemical WMD have been transported to Syria then relayed to the psychos in so-called Palestine?

Of course the current key is the IDF has not detected any claims of launched WMD’s into Israel. Certainly if there was any validity to that claim, Israel certainly would publicize it. It would be a huge justification for a major mobilization against Hamas. It would be time to teach Islamofascists a lesson in aggression if it were true.

Nonetheless, the chemical WMD scenario is good speculation.