Why is There a United Nations?

It is beyond me why Western Democracies continue membership in the United Nations. The U.N. Charter created by victorious Democracies over Fascism, Nazism and Japanese Imperial brutality at the end of WWII has been rendered irrelevant since the inclusion Mohammedan nations, Mohammedan sympathetic nations and despotic Third World Nations.


U.N. Charter Preamble:




* To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and


* To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and


* To establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and


* To promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,




* To practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and


* To unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and


* To ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and


* To employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,




Accordingly, our respective Governments, through representatives assembled in the city of San Francisco, who have exhibited their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed to the present Charter of the United Nations and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations.



Obviously this is a meaningless scrap of geopolitical humbug.



Here is the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted by the U.N. in 1948 Hmmm The very year Arab Mohammedan nations first tried to wipe Israel off the map):


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,


Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,


Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,


Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,


Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,


Whereas Member States have pledged themselves to achieve, in co-operation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms,


Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge,


Now, Therefore THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.



Despotic Communist nations made this a farce from day one; however with the inclusion of the influence of Mohammedan ruled nations in the U.N. General Assembly it is more a load of crap in 2007 than in 1948.


Anne Bayefsky writes about the total irrelevance of the United Nations; however she misses the reason that Western nations feel impelled to remain in the U.N. due the power of the Security Council. Unanimous votes (this excludes abstentions) in the Security Council are capable of mobilizing a significant military array to enforce the will of the Security Council will (but not necessarily the United Nations will comprised of the General Assembly and the Secretary-General).


The former Soviet Union’s abstention in Korean War illustrated this and the USA took full advantage to engage in a U.N. sanctioned war that ended up in a stalemate and the separation of Korea into two separate nations.


The Global lesson learned is that one veto nullifies even a majority vote of the Security Council. Therein lay the hesitation of America or any other permanent Security Council nation from departing from United Nations membership. If a Britain, France or America (three of five permanent members) should leave the U.N. the remaining permanent members (Russia and China) could lead a coalition that would be detrimental geopolitically to some nation or nations.


Thus the only way for America to abandon the U.N. is to pre-arrange a coalition to counter her enemies. Currently even Western Democratic nations are jealous of American global hegemony; therefore lay the American quandary with the United Nations.





 United Nations Fails


By Anne Bayefsky  

From the September 25, 2007 New York Sun

Hudson Institute

September 25, 2007

The global platform which will be handed today to President Ahmadinejad by the United Nations is not as shocking as first meets the eye. The U.N. and the poster boy for state sponsors of terrorism have a long and cozy relationship – and one that threatens civilization as we know it.


Take, for example, the Iranian president’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapons. Over three years ago, the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency found Iran to have violated its Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty obligations. Ever since, the head of the IAEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, an Egyptian, has assigned himself the role of running interference for Iran. He first focused on keeping Iran off the agenda of the Security Council, a delay tactic that worked for a few precious years. When the matter finally got to the Council, ElBaradei railed against sanctions.


In January 2007 ElBaradei suggested a "time-out" on the "application of sanctions." In July 2007 he concocted a deal between the IAEA and Iran "on the modality for resolving the remaining outstanding issues" – double-talk for keeping the development of another Islamic bomb within the family. Two weeks ago he again called for a "time-out" and a cessation of sanctions, breathing whole new meaning into the bored diplomatic concern that the U.N. might "talk us to death."


Then there is the burgeoning rapprochement between the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, and Mr. Ahmadinejad. Ms. Arbour traveled to Tehran at the beginning of September to attend a "human rights" conference. She settled in to a front row seat to listen to Mr. Ahmadinejad announce: "We are against rule of the non-righteous individuals. … [R]evolutionary Iran aims at global government and a genuine Islamic culture so as to gain a loftier position worldwide."


Iran‘s Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki called on conference-goers to "modify" the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because the "Islamic world" wasn’t present when it was drafted. Ms. Arbour, at pains not to offend her hosts, called for the promotion of "Universal human rights ⦠in a contextually sensitive way" since "Universality need not be considered in an inflexible and rigid manner."


Needless to say, her Iranian hosts were thrilled with her visit and the very next day felt sufficiently empowered to give the world a display of the human rights "context" in Tehran â” by executing 21 people, many publicly and stringing their bodies up for display. Under the flexible legal code in Iran, people are executed for charges like "enmity against God" or "being corrupt on earth."


A week prior to Ms. Arbour’s visit, the U.N. handed Iran a leadership role on the planning committee of the next global U.N. anti-racism conference â” Durban II â” notwithstanding that its president has called extermination of six million Jews during World War II "a myth."


And this isn’t the only U.N. leadership role given Iran. Nuclear proliferator Iran is the vice-chairman of the U.N. Disarmament Commission. Treaty violator Iran is a member of the U.N.’s Wider Appreciation of International Law Advisory Committee.


The U.N. also has gone to extraordinary lengths to fete Iranians – like handing Iranian Massoumeh Ebtekar the 2006 Champion of the Earth award for her "creativity, vision and leadership, and the potential of her work and ideas for replication across the globe." Among her creative acts, "Screaming Mary" – as she was dubbed by the world’s press – performed as the spokesperson for the Iranian terrorists that took 66 Americans hostage in 1979.


Over the years, the U.N.’s courtship with Iran has had other odious consequences. In 2002 the U.N. Human Rights Commission terminated the post of U.N. investigator into human rights abuses in Iran. Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, Western democracies have never attempted to reinstate it.


In July and August of 2006 Iranian-backed Hezbollah launched 4,000 rockets at the Israeli civilian population, and in the midst of the war on August 3 Mr. Ahmadinejad openly declared: "The main solution is the elimination of the Zionist regime."


Only four weeks after attempting genocide and the destruction of a U.N. member state, then Secretary-General Kofi Annan flew to Tehran of his own volition, shook hands with Mr. Ahmadinejad, and proclaimed: "The international community should count on Iran, not isolate it."


One of the more bizarre annual U.N. spectacles is the Iranian U.N. Ambassador piloting through the General Assembly a resolution on "human rights and cultural diversity." Nobody mentions that cultural diversity in Iran includes stoning people to death for adultery by first burying them waist deep – a legal punishment inflicted as recently as July 13, 2007.


This is what the U.N. of the 21st century does for terrorists, dictators, and despots. Mr. Ahmadinejad will wrap himself in a U.N.-provided human rights flag, and proceed to talk about peace, truth, justice, and freedom. The veneer of human rights will confuse many about the evil that lurks within.


Though dangerous gibberish from beginning to end, his words will be translated into five languages, broadcast on the U.N. Web site around the world and archived for permanent consultation. And the power of peace, truth, justice, and freedom will be all that much weaker as real impediments to his barbarism are nowhere in sight.



Why is There is a United Nations

John R. Houk

© September 29, 2007



United Nations Fails

Anne Bayefsky is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute.


© Copyright 2007 Hudson Institute, Inc.

Fifth Column Radical Islamists Use Western Perks –

Fifth Column Radical Islamists Use Western Perks –

Fifth Column Radical Islamists Use
Western Perks –

Recruiting and Propaganda Dissemination


John R. Houk

© September 28, 2007


What a slap to the face of Americans at home and fighting the War on
Terror abroad!
Six Flags Over Texas
in Dallas (actually suburb Arlington);
Texas has
rented their Amusement Park on October 14 (SUNDAY) to the Islamic Circle of
North America


You might ask or wonder: What’s the big deal, America is a
free country free to worship whatever religion chosen?


This is true but allowing the practice of the form of religion the ICNA
practices is comparable to an outstanding analogy on the limits of Freedom of
Speech: One is free to think and speak the values of one’s conscience or
values (even if repulsive); however one is not allowed to holler out “FIRE” in a crowded theatre inciting
panic and human harm when in fact there is NO


This is an apt analogy for ICNA is part of an extensive network of
Islamist organizations in America
that have extremely close ties to Islamist terrorist organizations in foreign
nations. These Islamist terrorists’ goal in life is to kill Jews and
American non-Mohammedans and overtake lands and force Mohammedanism as the
religion of the land extricating the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of
Religion forever.


These American Islamist organizations delude the American government by
proclaiming they represent Mohammedan-Americans and their civil rights and
should enjoy the same freedoms as any other religion to propagate their
beliefs. The problem is their beliefs are comparable to White Supremacists
spitting the vile language of superiority over other creeds inciting hatred and
violence. In the case of Mohammedan organizations like ICNA and CAIR and many
others they send monetary support abroad for acts of violence to terrorize
people to their way of thinking and to kill American soldiers and interests
(not to mention Jewish, Israeli and Christians) that operate in foreign lands.
AND these American Mohammedan organizations also receive money from terrorist
organization that has found a way to have pseudo-legal status in their lands of
centrality. Examples of this are Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood,
Wahhabi radicals in Saudi Arabia,
Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) in Pakistan
and many others.


It is time to pull an Eliot Ness on these Islamist organizations in America to purge the anti-American ones from the
ones that truly wish to practice their faith in peace and harmony within the
Laws the United States of


by Joe Kaufman of CAIR Watch
that validates my passionate railing against un-American activities and





Muslim Family Day

By Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 28, 2007

On Sunday, October 14, 2007, Six Flags Over Texas, a Dallas-area amusement
park, will be invaded by a radical Muslim organization that has physical ties
with the Muslim Brotherhood and financial ties to Hamas. While most patrons of
the park come for the games and rides, those involved with this group’s
event, Muslim Family Day, may very well have found an original and appealing
way to spread anti-Western hatred.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an umbrella organization for South
Asian-oriented mosques and Islamic centers throughout the United States and Canada, has been in existence for over three
decades. Those that founded it had done so in order to create an American arm
for the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), and never has
ICNA relinquished that connection. Indeed, just one year ago,
ICNA was the top
of a JI charity, the
Al-Khidmat Foundation (AKF), that provided tens of thousands of dollars to the
head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal.

Apart from its working relationship with terrorists abroad, ICNA does an
exceptional job of portraying itself as “mainstream.” The group
runs annual functions, in a number of cities, that are presented as family
entertainment. The same will be the case, next month, when members of ICNA
embark on Arlington, Texas, at Six Flags Over Dallas, for their
Muslim Family Day.

Co-sponsoring the day is the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) a.k.a.
the Dallas Central Mosque. IANT has
helped to raise
hundreds of thousands of dollars
for the legal defense of Hamas operative Ghassan Elashi and his
four brothers, one of which was on the mosque’s board. The Elashis have
been tied to a Hamas financing ring, which included an internet company,
InfoCom Corporation, and an Islamic charity, Holy Land Foundation for Relief
and Development (HLF). A Dallas trial regarding the Elashis and HLF, which
began in July, is currently in its closing stages.

The upcoming event will feature prayer sessions at the Music Mill Theatre,
halal food vendors, and Islamic organization tables offering the latest in
extremist propaganda. As well, drawing parallels to Hamas TV’s late Mickey
Mouse look-alike, Farfur, Muslim Family Day will offer a Bugs Bunny and Friends

This is not the first time ICNA has used Six Flags to spread its message. The
group holds yearly events at
Six Flags’
Great Adventure
New Jersey, the most recent of which took place in September of 2006. While
many would consider it a harmless gesture for an organization to rent out an
amusement park, with regard to ICNA, nothing is harmless.

As stated previously, ICNA was found to have been a recent donor to Hamas.
However, ICNA has also been involved in the financing of Al-Qaeda. Shortly
before (and after) the attacks on 9/11, ICNA’s Southeast division called
on its website viewers to give “
material support” to their brethren in Chechnya. Attached to this call was a
link to one of the main websites raising funds and recruiting fighters for
Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The site,
Jihad in Chechnya, was produced by Azzam Publications, named for the mentor of
Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam. Additionally, one of the individuals involved
in the creation of the website,
Mazen Mokhtar, who has since been indicted on charges of tax fraud, was a
featured speaker at different ICNA and ICNA-affiliate events.

Over time, ICNA has worked to create various radical projects. Among them are
its youth wing,
Young Muslims (YM), and a web information center called Why Islam? [The logos of YM and Why Islam? are found on the homepage of the
Muslim Family Day website.] Both of these institutions provide forums on the
internet for members and organization leaders to converse with one another.
Found on the forums have been support for overseas terrorist organizations and
calls for violence against Americans and Jews.

On the YM site, forum Moderator Living Shaheed wrote, “I pray to Allah
that I would become violent if someone stole my home, or killed by brother or
sister, of denied that I existed or even had a history… Israel and America
have to be made to realise that a JUST PEACE is the only solution, even if it
means they realise it at the barrel of a gun!” Forum Moderator Mujahideen
Ryder wrote, “Let’s go al aqsa martyrs brigade! Where u at hamas?
Where my hezbuallah brothaz at? Iz all good brothers and sisters, they’ll
be more yahoodi [Jewish] blood.”

On the Why Islam? site, forum member New User wrote, “I could careless
for PEACE B.S. examples and B.S. [sic] refernces, PEACE is for the weak people
that can be stepped on; PEACE is for fools that want to remain under control.
Peace is a fragment of your imagination; PEACE will not bring back [founder of
Hamas] Shiekh Yassin.” Forum member Brother Jim C. wrote, “I
don’t think Hamas has a reason to not want to destroy Israel.” And member
True Mu’min, who uses a forum avatar (icon) of Looney Tunes character
Taz, wrote, “
I hope that I die
as a martyr

While using images of cartoon characters and sponsoring events at amusement
parks may seem innocuous, the danger that the Islamic Circle of North America
poses to the United States, Canada
and others is clear. As a faction of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization
looks to impose Islam on Western society, and as a donor to a terrorist
organization, the group is a willing participant in the act of violence.

ICNA’s Muslim Family Day that will occur on October 14, 2007 is nothing
but a charade, created to spread hatred, but veiled in a way to make the
sponsoring organization look harmless. Six Flags will play host to this
dangerous farce. If events, such as these, are allowed to continue, more and
more Americans could become desensitized to those groups – fifth columns
within our borders that wish to do us harm. It is up to those concerned to
speak out against these travesties that threaten our way of life.

Americans Against Hate will be leading a protest outside Six Flags Over Texas,
on Sunday, October 14th to call attention to ICNA’s ties to terrorist
financing. Those that wish to get involved are asked to e-mail

Fifth Column Radical Islamists
Use Western Perks –
John R. Houk
© September 28, 2007

Fanatic Muslim Family Day
Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of
Americans Against Hate,
the founder of
CAIR Watch,
and the spokesman for
Terror-Free Oil

Copyright©2007 FrontPageMagazine.com

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Is Al-Qaeda Psyops Slowly Taking Pakistan Piecemeal?

For those of you who do not follow the news very much or possibly you follow only selective portions of the news because in this day and age local political and geopolitical news is so immense that Joe American must pick and choose the news to follow as one perceives the effect the information has on our interests or lives.


Thus here is a tidbit of news you may have heard or not heard of: old Usama bin Laden (UBL) from location unknown but probably the Waziristan region of Northern Pakistan created an audio message to Pakistanis proclaiming President Pervez Musharraf as an a fakir (infidel) and a shirk (polytheist). Due to this proclamation Pakistanis should rise up and depose and assassinate Musharraf.


Also the audio addressed the Pakistan military to stand down and do nothing as the people rise up to through out the American loving apostate Musharraf.


Since the thrill of hearing UBL for the first time in years is wearing off the news coverage of the implications of how this may affect Pakistan and vis-a-vie the United States has somewhat worn off.


Steve Schippert writing for ThreatsWatch.org offers a remarkable analysis of Pakistan’s potential future which would not be good for America. Schippert believes Al-Qaeda has been operating a patient campaign to win the allegiance of various tribal territories in Pakistan. The Musharraf signing away of government control of Waziristan is an example of Al-Qaeda/Taliban interests gaining autonomous victory over the Pakistan military.


Here is something to think about that Schippert may not have known when writing his Pakistan threat analysis: Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto intends to return to Pakistan after being in exile since 1999. Benazir is the daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Ali Bhutto served both as President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Ali Bhutto was quite popular with the Pakistani people, however the will to retain power led to a clash of wills with other ethnic elites in Pakistan led to Ali Bhutto’s demise. In a dubious trial that was considered rigged by Bhutto ethnic enemies found him guilty of corruption and murder. The military dictator of the time General Zia-ul-Hak made the execution was carried out.


Daughter Benazir Bhutto has also been popular, yet unproven accusations by the Bhutto family enemies had her deposed for charges of corruption. There is an underlying implication that Benazir’s exile is ending to counter the growing popularity of radical Islam in Pakistan. The Pakistan military and Musharraf have not publicly welcomed her back. Nawaz Sharif is another deposed Prime Minister who was sent back into exile to Saudi Arabia has Benazir not to trust Musharraf. Time will tell just how desperate Musharraf is.





Understanding Al-Qaeda’s Pakistan PSYOP and Insurgency
The Troubling Effectiveness of al-Qaeda’s PSYOP On The Pakistani Army

By Steve Schippert
September 25, 2007 7:15 AM

Going forward in the global conflict before us, it is important to acknowledge and understand that al-Qaeda is currently engaged in an Information Operation (IO) campaign inside Pakistan. This is in addition to its efforts to gain influence outside of Pakistan, particularly with Muslims in Europe, the Middle East and in the US. The primary target of the Pakistan campaign is the Pakistani military and it is driven by al-Qaeda’s accelerating insurgency inside Pakistan. Understanding how and why al-Qaeda has undertaken this effort allows decision makers greater understanding of al-Qaeda’s aims and equips them with a ‘lay of the land’ required to counter al-Qaeda’s message and objectives.

Usama bin Laden’s latest recorded message is the third in just two weeks following three years of virtual silence from the al-Qaeda leader. In it, bin Laden calls on Pakistani Muslims to acknowledge that Musharraf’s actions are examples of his loyalty to the United States and representative of his unbelief. For bin Laden and his compatriots, such unbelief marks Musharraf as ‘kufr’ and places the requirement on believers to make “armed rebellion against him.” The misguided understanding that bin Laden and al-Qaeda have of Islam makes it obligatory to fight against those who rule outside of their interpretation of Islam, and its overly broad application of tawhid. Yet bin Laden crafts a different message for the Pakistani Army, whom he advises to “resign” from their jobs, “disassociate yourself from Pervez and his Shirk (polytheism)” and “enter anew into Islam.” There is a reason for this, which will be discussed below.

Ayman al-Zawahiri’s latest video message and bin Laden’s audio message, released on the same day, mark as-Sahab’s 77th and 78th propaganda productions this year alone. There is a clear shifting of gears in the al-Qaeda Information Operations, most notably within Pakistan as well as their international efforts surrounding the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Before looking further into the al-Qaeda Pakistani IO campaign, we must address the al-Qaeda-Taliban insurgency actively ongoing in Pakistan.

al-Qaeda in Pakistan – From Terrorism to Insurgency

There is, of course, no single agreed upon definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the US Code of Federal Regulations as “…the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85) For instance, terrorism is – among other things – a tactic employed to increase support for a group through inspiration while also decreasing effective resistance to the group through intimidation. An example of this type of terrorism would be the beheading of those deemed to be ‘spies’ for the Americans in South Waziristan, the multiple car bomb and rocket attacks, or the anti-aircraft assassination attempts on Musharraf. Additionally, the bombings that took place after the Pakistani government raid on Lal Masjid (the Red Mosque) are an example of the use of terror to gain influence. No matter the definition of terrorism being applied, al-Qaeda has clearly been a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

Beyond Pakistan, Al-Qaeda seeks to – in part – influence American foreign policy through terrorist means. But within Pakistan, al-Qaeda has clearly and by specific design transformed from being simply a dangerous international terrorist group within Pakistan to a full-fledged internal insurgency against it. This transformation is represented through the efforts of al-Qaeda to acquire the armored assets of a state Army and its nuclear weapons, as well as the pursuit of land holdings to be integrated into the larger objective of creating an Islamic state to be ruled by a successor to the Prophet, a Khalifa or Caliph, nearly 1350 years after the last of the ‘rightly guided’ rulers.

An insurgency is a movement with specific governmental designs on the host country. In Countering Evolved Insurgent Networks, Col. Thomas X. Hammes (USMC, Ret.) quotes Bard O’Neill to define an insurgency. O’Neill wrote, “Insurgency may be defined as a struggle between a nonruling group and the ruling authorities in which the nonruling group consciously uses political resources (e.g., organizational expertise, propaganda, and demonstrations) and violence to destroy, reformulate, or sustain the basis of one or more aspects of politics.”

In more accessible terms, Terrorism-Research.com offers that the ultimate goal of an insurgency “is to challenge the existing government for control of all or a portion of its territory, or force political concessions in sharing political power.”

Both aptly describe al-Qaeda’s actions, operations and aims within Pakistan, a ready-made nuclear power which the terrorist group seeks to wrest complete control.

Perhaps the best way to describe al-Qaeda’s Pakistan insurgency is to call it a “Death by a Thousand Cuts.” They have openly sought not only the assassination of Pervez Musharraf, but also the demise – or reconfiguration – of the Pakistani national government. In a strategy that has been executed with remarkable patience, al-Qaeda has gained acknowledged control of several sizable territories in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

After defeating Pakistani forces on the battlefield, the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance have secured various ‘peace accords’ replete with concessions from the Musharraf government. Effective control of North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Bajour and Swat have been ceded to them and Pakistani forces were – upon agreement – effectively withdrawn from the areas handed the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance through the accords. The accords, no matter how presented by the Musharraf government, represented abject defeat.

Al-Qaeda Insurgency: Destination – Islamabad

Domination in these territories has allowed al-Qaeda the haven necessary to rebuild its training and planning infrastructure as well as replenish its human resources. After a few short weeks of basic military training, Taliban conscripts are sent in waves across the border to battle US and Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

However, al-Qaeda has no designs on investing in regaining that territory. There are no resources for them there – and a more formidable, if reduced, military force to be reckoned with. One whose defeat of the terrorist group drove them into Pakistan’s border regions to begin with. Al-Qaeda’s designs are not back towards the west, but rather onward deeper into the heart of Pakistan.

While al-Qaeda’s Pakistan insurgency has been largely waged in the FATA region, it’s territorial aims are by no means limited to it. Rather, al-Qaeda seeks control of all of Pakistan, including its military, weapons and economic capabilities. Al-Qaeda has been executing this strategy one territory, one victory at a time. And it now closes in on Islamabad.

Indeed, an analysis by the Pakistani Interior Ministry warned Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf of precisely this. The New York Times reported that the 15-page internal Pakistani document warned Musharraf that “the influence of the extremists is swiftly bleeding east and deeper into his own country, threatening areas like Peshawar, Nowshera and Kohat, which were considered to be safeguarded by Pakistani government forces.” The Interior Ministry document said that Peshewar endures the “highest number of terrorist incidents, including attacks on local police,” and that in Bannu and Tank regions, police are “patronizing the local Taliban and have abdicated the role of law and order.”

It is important to note that Peshewar is the capital of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Much of the Pakistani government, non-Islamist educators, officials and police forces live inside heavily armed and walled communities in the NWFP, where they are more safe from al-Qaeda attack. The NWFP borders the Federally Administered Tribal Areas under direct Taliban-al-Qaeda control on one side and the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on the other. The rising violence is a clear indicator of the expansion of al-Qaeda’s insurgency as it marches patiently but steadily toward Islamabad. As evidenced by bin Laden’s latest message, that patience may be nearing an end.

Usama bin Laden’s latest message implored the Pakistani public to take up arms against Musharraf and warned the army’s soldiers to break ranks and fight Musharraf with al-Qaeda rather than serve him. This is a sign that al-Qaeda’s patient approach to its Pakistan insurgency has run its course. There could be a maelstrom of events to follow in Pakistan.

AQ Targets Police for Violence and Army Soldiers for Influence

The al-Qaeda Information Operation (IO) is designed to support the insurgency’s incremental march on Islamabad. The key to understanding the al-Qaeda IO and its insurgency goals is to understand how al-Qaeda primarily targets Pakistani Interior Ministry forces (police, constabularies and the Frontier Corps) for physical attack while targeting Pakistani regular army forces for influence and subversion.

The persistent mention of Pakistani police forces – rather than Pakistani Army forces – is expected in any Pakistani Interior Ministry report, as the Police forces fall under the Interior. But Pakistani police forces also decidedly bear the brunt of al-Qaeda’s lethal attacks and not the Pakistani Army. It’s not that al-Qaeda and their indigenous Taliban allies cannot attack the Pakistani Army with expectations of success. They most certainly can and have. With bin Laden’s latest audio message delivering a combination invitation and ultimatum to Pakistani Army soldiers, al-Qaeda’s designs for the Pakistani Army are more clearly visible. The reason for attacking Pakistani police forces is two-fold and – in this writer’s view – also the most elusive and yet perhaps most important indicator of the ongoing al-Qaeda insurgency.

First, the Interior Ministry is widely regarded as the one segment of the Pakistani government with unwavering loyalty to Musharraf, whom al-Qaeda has sought to assassinate several times. Unlike the military and the military’s intelligence arm (ISI), the Pakistani police forces, constabularies and Frontier Corps of the Interior Ministry do not have historical ties to Islamist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Interior Ministry loyalty to Musharraf makes their ranks logical targets for the Islamists who seek to kill and replace Musharraf atop an Islamist-run Pakistani government.

Secondly, and most importantly, al-Qaeda at the same time seeks to avoid open bloody conflict with the Army. Not because it fears the deadly consequences of such a confrontation, but rather because al-Qaeda senior leadership wants the Pakistani military intact – for themselves. Ideally, they do not want to ultimately find Musharraf killed or oustered only to have the military splintered internally between pro-government and pro-al-Qaeda commanders. Al-Qaeda is executing an insurgency to gain control, not to touch off a civil war.

In the end, al-Qaeda’s design is also to co-opt an intact military in order to gain command of a military force with the assets of a state (aircraft, armor, etc.) and direct control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Recent reports of defections of Pakistani military elements since bin Laden’s latest message to them indicates a level of success in the al-Qaeda IO campaign targeting them.

Measuring al-Qaeda’s PSYOP Success

Three weeks ago, well over 200 Pakistani Army soldiers surrendered to a much smaller number of fighters from the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance without a shot fired. But the al-Qaeda IO campaign primarily targeting the Pakistani regular army forces has a spillover effect on other forces – and the general populace – as well. It is reported in Pakistan that many soldiers in the Pakistani Army, Frontier Corps paramilitary and police forces are refusing to fight or putting up little fight against their own countrymen inside the Federally Administered Tribal Area.

It is difficult to dispute the success of al-Qaeda’s Psychological Warfare efforts inside Pakistan. The message has been consistent for several years and al-Qaeda’s patience and restraint in seeing it through are significant qualities of the terrorist organization turned insurgent group. With every message and in all their forms, al-Qaeda has sought to convince the Army soldiers that they are not al-Qaeda’s enemy, rather that they are simply being misled by Musharraf. In bin Laden’s latest message, he said of the Pakistani Army, “we see the armies becoming tools and weapons in the hands of the Kuffaar [unbeliever, referencing Musharraf and the US] against the Muslims.”

This message resonates, as many Pakistanis are reluctant to take up arms against other Pakistanis, whether those they would confront are Taliban or al-Qaeda or not. It must also be considered that upwards of 30% of the Pakistani Army are, like the Taliban, ethnic Pashtuns. The vast majority of them are enlisted foot soldiers, as very few ethnic Pashtuns hold leadership positions, largely due to internal social and educational dynamics.

Even among the Pakistani police forces in the North West Frontier Province, many are said to have requested leave or simply deserted when faced with the outlook of deadly confrontations with fellow Pakistanis among the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance. In other instances, including the Interior Ministry’s report that specifically cited the Bannu and Tank regions, police are “patronizing the local Taliban and have abdicated the role of law and order.”

Where True Power Lies…And Grows

This is an indication that fear is also a prime motivator among Pakistanis. In the North West Frontier Province capital of Peshawar, al-Qaeda’s black banner of jihad can be seen displayed in the widows of many shops and flying in various places. This does not necessarily mean that there is explicit support in the hearts and minds of all Pakistanis there – even among those flying the al-Qaeda banner.

Though Peshewar and the rest of the NWFP are technically under Pakistani state control, this indicates a reflection among the populace of where the true power lies – outside the walled communities where many government employees and ‘moderate’ citizens take refuge. In many cases, the al-Qaeda banner may well be flown simply out of self-protection to avoid attack on their particular shops.

The police cannot protect everyone all the time, but al-Qaeda and the Taliban can attack at their choosing. And from a local’s perspective, this is where the true power lies. And as more and more Pakistanis in the police forces, the Frontier Corps and the regular army begin to show a reluctance to do battle, the al-Qaeda power in these region grows, both in measurable means on the ground and within the minds of the Pakistani populace.

Such are the tangible gains of effective, persistent and robust al-Qaeda information operations, a classic PSYOP directed at both the Pakistani population writ large and also expressly directed at the Pakistani Army. As a result, Pakistani forces are engaging al-Qaeda and the Taliban less and less. In fact, President Musharraf announced that in 2008, there will be no Pakistani Army activity at all in al-Qaeda-held territory, deferring engagement to the less capable and less effective Frontier Corps and Pakistani police and constabularies.


The growing success of this long running al-Qaeda PSYOP makes it clear that the defeat of al-Qaeda and the elimination of their global headquarters in Pakistan will not come from Pakistani sources or initiative. As with so many other theaters in this global conflict, the initiative must again come directly from the United States. The American public and American political leaders must prepare themselves for the reality that, at this stage, defeating al-Qaeda in Pakistan most likely requires American boots on Pakistani soil.

The continued disengagement from the fight by Pakistani military forces unwilling to combat terrorists and insurgents within their own country is indeed troubling. President Musharraf’s recent decision to fully disengage and withdraw his most capable combat forces from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas by January 2008 certainly does not bode well for continued distanced engagement or non-engagement by American forces. In the end, defeating al-Qaeda in Pakistan will require direct American military action on the ground. The alternative is to accept the consequences of a strengthening al-Qaeda insurgency that is gaining momentum.

There can therefore be little debate that al-Qaeda and its global headquarters in Pakistan must be defeated before they consume Pakistan and the assets of a nuclear-armed state with professional military forces. The first step is an effective IO strategy of our own to counter this very powerful aspect of the insurgency. At current, only Pervez Musharraf openly engages the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance in the war of words and ideas within Pakistan. Unfortunately, these efforts amount to little given his poor domestic credibility. More Pakistani voices are required, and they must address the Pakistani people, bottom up, in a credible manner.

Is Al-Qaeda Psyops Slowly Taking Pakistan Piecemeal?
John R. Houk
© September 27, 2007

Understanding Al-Qaeda’s Pakistan PSYOP and Insurgency
All contents Copyright © 2005-2007, ThreatsWatch.Org

Apparently Bollinger Interrogates Ahmadinejad Like a Right Winger



The Blogger “Vanderleun” of American Digest weighs in on all the talk about Ahmadinejad being invited and speaking at Columbia University.


Vanderleun says he was against before he was for it.


Just kidding! Really, no “seriously” is a better word.


The Conservative Blogs (of which I am a part of by association) skewered Columbia University’s President Bollinger for inviting and giving Ahmadinejad a forum to validate the extreme radical Shia/political Mohammedanism of which the Iranian President represents.


Although I never blogged on the issue, I did read plenty who did. And I have to admit I joined in the realm of outrage and agreed with the criticism Bollinger was receiving. I even came close to signing an Internet petition to vent my displeasure over Ahmadinejad’s appointment on American soil by invitation of an esteemed Ivy League Academic institution known as Columbia University.


Unlike Vanderleun, I did not watch the whole affair feeling it would accomplish little.


However if Vanderleun is correct (I have not corroborating reports as yet), Bollinger was the victim (at least in this case) of judgment before actual assessment.


Apparently Bollinger asked some to the point precise questions that answers would demonstrate the true nature to Americans of Ahmadinejad’s way of thinking.


Here is Vanderleun’s blog post:





The Truth. Can You Handle the Truth?

American Digest
Posted by Vanderleun
September 24, 2007 3:32 PM

"I’m not so sure I’d offer the same invitation, but nevertheless, it speaks volumes about the greatness, really, of America. We’re confident enough to let a person express his views. I just really hope he tells everybody the truth."President George Bush

For days the tom-tom’s of the right side of the blogosphere beat out the dulling message, over and over, as is its wont. Columbia University’s President Lee Bollinger was a craven boot-licker of tyrants for inviting the death-dwarf of Iran to speak. Dire, dire consequences were predicted for Columbia. It was evil. It was hypocritical. Etc. and so forth. And because many of the people I respect were saying this I became convinced that Bollinger was in serious error, just another liberal tool and fool. And I was compelled to watch the event on television when it came to pass.

Now I am compelled to admit that I was wrong; that I seriously pre-judged the event; that what I assumed would be the truth of the matter, turned out to be false in reality. My mind had been taken over by the sounds (how often we hear them now) of dull old axes being ground on hollow stones.

The reality of the appearance of the dwarf Hitler at Columbia was:

1) He was forced to listen to Bolllnger’s carefully phrased, utterly devastating catalogue of his evil acts. This is something you can bet he has never had to endure before. To him, it was deeply and personally insulting. The only way it could have gotten worse would have been if Bollinger walked across the stage and spit fully into his face.

2) Long, long after all the too and fro about Columbia and Bollinger fade, the clip of the dwarf proclaiming "We have no homosexuals in Iran" will endure and will be used to revile and denigrate this corrupt and disgusting regime. It may well, over time, cause many people, gay or straight, to reconsider a knee-jerk support for Iran simply because it opposes George Bush and the United States. It will be invaluable. It already is enshrined in the Pantheon of Lies and it will only grow in stature there. It is a MAJOR propaganda victory.

None of this could have happened if Bollinger and Columbia had not exercised their right to invite whom they wish to speak on campus. Spare me the plaints about who they do and do not invite and who they disinvite. That is not relevant to this issue. What they did in the past and what they may do in the future does not in any way diminish the effectiveness of what happened today. Spare me to the lame excuse that Bollinger only did it because of "the criticism." You have no means of knowing that other than inside your own imagination. And even if it were the case….. So What?

Today, to be brief, "freedom of speech" worked as it should work. It revealed the truth.

You’d think that many who have been thrashing Columbia and Bollinger would have the decency and the humility to see today for what it was and to admit that, in the event, they were wrong. But as in so many things in these highly partisan times, people cannot do the plain and simple thing of admitting they were wrong. It just isn’t in them to do so.

In truth, these people — right, left, libertarian — simply aren’t concerned any longer with the truth. They want to count coup. They want to find "reasons" that the truth isn’t really that true. They want to change the subject when the subject isn’t going their way. In short, they are infected with the current plague of America: intellectual insanity.

Truth? Truth’s got nothing to do with it. Just plain, bad crazy. So crazy they can’t see when they are wrong. Then again that’s one of the classical definitions of insanity: An inability to tell right from wrong, true from false.

Apparently Bollinger Interrogates Ahmadinejad Like a Right Winger
John R. Houk
© September 24, 2007

The Truth. Can You Handle the Truth?
American Digest

It is Cliché, but Really – America Needs to Focus on the Islamist in our Midst

I was reading about Lars Vilks being exonerated from incitement to hate speech by a Swedish Justice Chancellor. Free Speech in Europe is not regarded with the same sanctity as in America thus Vilks overcame a major challenge to Free Speech.


Evidently some Mohammedan organizations had asked the Free Speech watch dog in Sweden to indict Vilks on “agitation against an ethnic group.”


I was going to run with the angle of Vilks being vindicated of the right to utilize Free Speech. The Justice Chancellor ruled satire is not an overt insult even though it may be taken as such by an ethnicity. Basically the Justice Chancellor implied a big GET OVER IT.


The thing that struck me was the discovery of a music video that was broadcast by Hamas controlled Al-Aqsa TV in Hamastan err I mean the Gaza Strip September 19.


The Vilks article I had read was about Vilks and Mohammedan intolerance however the music video was propaganda praising Hamas and there efforts to spread chunks of Jewish meat.


I watched the video which has an English subtitle translated by MEMRI TV from the Arabic. It is a heinous example of hate speech that definitely incites “agitation against an ethnic group.” There is zero satire in the music video. After a vivid portrayal in song and video of Hamas training (in sky masks) glorying in the intention of murdering Jews (Can you say Nazi Final Solution?), the post script to the music video is a dedication to the Arab and Palestinian community in Sweden.


Hello Europeans. Hello Swedish people. This is a reference to the death bounty placed on the head of Lars Vilks for drawing the Modoggie cartoons. The threat will have to make Vilks watch his back for some time to come. Mohammedans are quite serious about their intolerance and exacting murder to bring that good feeling about themselves for defending their faith from perceived verbal insults.


Then a realization hit my mind like a ton of bricks.


All this Holy Land Discovery (HLF) discovery being made public about the Muslim Brotherhood having an agenda to Islamicize America coupled with the reason for the prosecution of the HLF – Acquiring American donations and funneling it to Hamas; reminded me Muslim Americans are actually fueling this hatred from money earned in America and illegally distributed to Hamas for their Islamofascist crimes.


Friends the War on Terror is not just a concern about the war in Iraq. These terrorist organizations are transnational in nature and growing more confident in an agenda that I pray is utopian and unrealizable: the striking of fear via terrorism combined with the infiltration of Western Democrat/Liberty infrastructures to utilize our way of life to heinously and deceptively destroy the American way of life.


As write this piece the Mainstream Media (MSM) and even Fox News is focusing more on nabbing O.J. Simpson by any legal means necessary to make up for past botched up trials rather than the significance of the Holy Land Foundation and the HUGE list of named unindicted co-conspirators that connects to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Which is more relevant to the lives of Americans: a former All-Pro football player spiraling toward a dead end life or the security and the protection of the American way of life from International/transnational conspiracists?


Dear God in Heaven, one of the big dog financiers (Ahmadinejad) of transnational Islamofascist terrorism is attempting to visit the 9/11 site in New York City to lay a wreath for the dead. And I don’t know about you but that smacks more of gloating than remorse for the deaths of Americans on their own soil working to making a living for self and family.


Dear God in Heaven let’s view a MSM press focus on the infiltration of Islamists in America. Let’s forsake the stigma of the fear of not being politically correct enough to expose these organized fifth column designs to subvert America.


In the beginning of such a campaign a few innocent Mohammedans that love America may get hurt; however it will force the hand of the so-called silent majority of Mohammedans to be more vocal of their denunciation of Mohammedan organizations that claim to represent Mohammedan interests and civil rights in America. The reality is a significant amount of Mohammedan organizations (most prominently CAIR) are less concerned for Muslim-American civil rights than they are in manipulating America’s system to Islamofy America and persuade moderates toward Islamist Theo-Political ideology.


I am all for joining Moderate Muslim-Americans to expose and aiding in the prosecution and if need be expulsion of insidious Islamists in America. When Muslim-Americans truly act a part of America, i.e. assimilate to American culture; THEN the beginning of the end of the War on Terror will occur.


As long as Islamist Theo-Political ideology dominates the Mosques and madrassas in America then moderate Muslim transformation toward inner peace rather than violent outward assertion will not occur.


Honestly the silent majority of moderate Muslims must become vocally active like Youssef Ibrahim or Islamism will be the growing and dominating force behind modern Islam. If the minority Islamists begin to dominate their culture as the minority Nazi movement began to dominate Germany in the “30”s, then there will be global blood and unimaginable loss of human life. 

Fjordman Introduction to Essay – Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1.

Fjordman Introduction to Essay: Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific
Revolution, part 1

Fjordman Introduction to Essay: Islam,
the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1

John R. Houk

© September 20, 2007


Fjordman is a pseudonym
for a European blogger/essayist that I have read is from Sweden and other places from Norway. I am certain many know who
he really is for Fjordman is often a guest blogger and writer for Conservative
and anti-Islam(ist) blogs.


I suspect he values his anonymity because for a European he is a rare
breed: Fjordman is a conservative right winger that is extremely critical of
Islam. This means he has many enemies which are both European (Leftist
egalitarians) and Mohammedan nut cases that are easily enraged by criticism of
their religion and their prophet.


The European would like to hunt down the anonymous Fjordman and
prosecute him for inciting hate speech. Europeans have a different
understanding of Freedom of Speech than Americans.


The Mohammedan would like to hunt down the anonymous Fjordman and more
than likely simply assassinate him.


So I offer kudos to those who are able to keep his identity secret.


I have read some of Fjordman’s essays and I have to admit, I am a
big fan. I may disagree with some things. For instance I vaguely recall
Fjordman is a little critical of Christianity for allowing European foundations
to slip away. Nonetheless Fjordman’s critique of the dangers Islam
present to Western culture is in my opinion spot on.


Courtesy of Klein Verzet
Blog I have been alerted of part one of a Fjordman series that is posted on Dhimmi Watch
by Robert Spencer (A Winds of Change
Essay provides the appellation of “Fjordmen” to those of the like
of Robert Spencer that crusade to expose the truth of Islam – I like the


The series is entitled, “Fjordman:
Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, Part 1
.” I
encourage you to keep your eyes open for whatever Parts that may follow. I kind
of post these things are link to them by running into them by happenstance. If
I run into the other Parts in the series I will post them or link to them
(sometimes Fjordman is so full of information he can be verbose). If I do miss
them, keep in mind Fjordman is everywhere. He writes mainly in the
Brussels Journal
and the Gates of Vienna
this essay is at Dhimmi Watch
which is a sister blog to Spencer’s Jihad Watch
(quite a pedigree huh?).





Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1

Posted by Robert Spencer
By Fjordman
September 20, 2007

Dhimmi Watch

The renowned European essayist Fjordman discusses Islam’s encounter with Greek


I have written a couple of essays regarding the Greek
impact on the rise of modern science, and why the
Scientific Revolution
didn’t happen in the Islamic world. I find this to be an interesting topic,
especially since there are so many myths regarding this perpetrated by Muslims
their apologists
today, so I will explore the subject in some detail.

I mentioned the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in one of my previous essays. It
has been claimed by one researcher that an
Arab alchemist
in the ninth century managed to decode some of the hieroglyphs. Even if this
should be true, his research didn’t leave any lasting impact and wasn’t
followed up by others, which is in itself significant. The proven track record
is that Arab Muslims had controlled Egypt for more than a thousand years, yet
never managed to decipher the hieroglyphs nor for the most part displayed much
interest in doing so. The trilingual Rosetta Stone was employed by the French
philologist Jean-François Champollion to decipher the hieroglyphs in 1822. He
chose an intuitive (though ultimately correct) approach by employing the Coptic
language, the liturgical language of the Egyptian Christians (which was a
direct descendant of that of the ancient Pharaohs, as opposed to the language
of the Arab invaders) rather than the more mathematical approach of his English
rival Thomas Young.

For the sake of historical accuracy, it should be mentioned that when
hieroglyphs were finally put out of use, thus ending one of the oldest
continuous cultural traditions on the planet, dating back at least to the
Narmer Palette celebrating the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt in the 32nd
century B.C., this was also done by Christians. The process was begun in the
fourth century AD, before the partition of the Roman Empire, and was completed
by the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor Justinian who abolished the worship of
Isis on the island of Philae in the sixth century. As the Egyptian religion was
shut down, so the writing system associated with it was forgotten. The remnants
of Plato’s Academy were also closed in the name of Christian (Nicaean) unity.

Justinian is otherwise remembered for constructing the Hagia Sophia, the
grandest cathedral in Christendom for almost a thousand years, and for his
ultimately unsuccessful attempts at restoring the unity of the Roman Empire by
reconquering the Western lands. This stretched the resources of the Empire, and
along with a plague pandemic, drained its strength. The long wars between the
Byzantines and the Sassanid (Persian) Empire weakened both states and were one
of the reasons why the Arabs could make their Islamic conquests in the seventh

Logically speaking, the Middle East should be perfectly situated to combine the
knowledge of all major centers of civilization in the Old World, from the
Mediterranean and the Greco-Roman world via the Persian and other pre-Islamic
cultures in the Middle East to India and the civilizations of the Far East. As
I will demonstrate, the Muslim thinkers and scientists whose names are worth
mentioning did just that.

According to scholar F. R. Rosenthal: "Islamic rational scholarship, which
we have mainly in mind when we speak of the greatness of Muslim civilisation,
depends in its entirety on classical antiquity…..in Islam as in every
civilisation, what is really important is not the individual elements but the
synthesis that combines them into a living organism of its own….Islamic
civilisation as we know it would simply not have existed without the Greek

Greek thought was certainly an important inspiration for virtually all Muslim
thinkers, but it wasn’t the only one. Alkindus (Al-Kindi), the Arab
mathematician who lived in Baghdad in the ninth century and was close to
several Abbasid Caliphs, was one of the first to attempt reconciling Islam with
Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle, a project that was to last for several
centuries and prove ultimately unsuccessful. His other lasting impact was his
writings about Indian arithmetic and numerals. Alkindus was one of a handful of
people primarily responsible for spreading the knowledge and use of Indian
numerals in the Middle East.

India has a long-standing mathematical tradition and the Hindu numerical system
is one of its most important contributions to world culture. It was slowly
introduced in Western Europe during the Middle Ages, gained momentum after the
Italian mathematician Fibonacci in 1202 published his book Liber Abaci and
reached wide acceptance during the Renaissance. Europeans learned about Indian
numerals via Arabs, which is why they were mistakenly called Arabic numerals in
the West. They were superior to Roman numerals in several ways, the
revolutionary concept of zero being one of them. There is no doubt that this
numerical system reached the West via the Islamic world, but we should remember
that since the Middle East is situated between India and Europe, any ideas from
India by necessity had to pass through that region to reach Europe. I’m not
sure how much credit we should give Islam for this geographical accident.

Al-Razi was a talented Persian physician and chemist who lived in the ninth and
early tenth century. He combined Greek, Indian and Persian traditions, and
relied on clinical observance of patients in the Hippocratic tradition. He also
commented, and criticized, the works of philosophers such as Aristotle. Some of
his writings were translated into Latin. As Ibn Warraq writes in his book
Why I Am Not a Muslim,
"Perhaps the greatest freethinker in the whole of Islam was al-Razi, the
Rhazes of Medieval Europe (or Razis of Chaucer), where his prestige and
authority remained unchallenged until the seventeenth century. Meyerhof also
calls him the ‘greatest physician of the Islamic world and one of the great
physicians of all time.’" He was also highly critical of Islamic
doctrines, and considered the Koran to be an assorted mixture of "absurd
and inconsistent fables." Moreover, "His heretical writings,
significantly, have not survived and were not widely read; nonetheless, they
are witness to a remarkably tolerant culture and society – a tolerance lacking
in other periods and places."

(Ibn Sina) was a Persian physician who continued the course set by al-Razi of
mixing Greek, Indian, East Asian and Middle Eastern medical learning. His book
The Canon of Medicine from the early
eleventh century was a standard medical text for centuries. A striking number
of the Muslims who did leave some imprint upon the history of science were
Persians, who could tap into their proud pre-Islamic heritage. Historian Ibn
Khaldun admitted that "It is strange that most of the learned among the
Muslims who have excelled in the religious or intellectual sciences are
non-Arabs with rare exceptions."

It is also interesting to notice that virtually all freethinkers and
rationalists within the Islamic world, such as Avicenna or Farabi, were at odds
with Islamic orthodoxy and were frequently harassed for this. Whatever
discoveries they made were more in spite of Islam than because of Islam, and in
the end, Islam won. As Ibn Warraq notes, "orthodox Islam emerged
victorious from the encounter with Greek philosophy. Islam rejected the idea
that one could attain truth with unaided human reason and settled for the
unreflective comforts of the putatively superior truth of divine revelation.
Wherever one decides to place the date of this victory of orthodox Islam
(perhaps in the ninth century with the conversion of al-Ashari, or in the
eleventh century with the works of al-Ghazali), it has been, I believe, an
unmitigated disaster for all Muslims, indeed all mankind."

Averroes (Ibn Rushd) was born in Córdoba, Spain (Andalusia) in the 12th
century. He held comparatively progressive views on women, was in some ways a
freethinker and faced trouble for this, yet he was also a jurist in the Maliki
school of sharia law and served as a qadi, Islamic judge, in Seville. He
supported the traditional view, held by leading scholars even into the
twenty-first century, of the
death penalty
for persons leaving Islam: "An apostate…is to be executed by
agreement in the case of a man, because of the words of the Prophet, ‘Slay
those who change their din [religion]’…Asking the apostate to repent was
stipulated as a condition…prior to his execution."

Still, Averroes is chiefly remembered for his attempts at combining
Aristotelian philosophy and Islam. According to Ibn Warraq, he had a profound
influence on the Latin scientists of the thirteenth century, yet "had no
influence at all on the development of Islamic philosophy. After his death, he
was practically forgotten in the Islamic world."

Philosophy in general went into permanent decline. One of the reasons for this
was the influential al-Ghazali, by many considered the most important Muslim
after Muhammad himself, who argued that much of Greek philosophy was logically
incoherent and an affront to Islam. Averroes’ attempts at refuting al-Ghazali
were ignored and forgotten.

The leading Jewish thinker of this era was the rabbi and physician Moses
Maimonides. He was born in 1135 in Córdoba in Islamic-occupied Spain, but had
to flee through North Africa when the devout Berber Almohades invaded from
Morocco and attacked Christians and Jews in
a classical Jihad
fashion. Maimonides eagerly read Greek philosophy, some of which was available
in Arabic. He also, for the most part, wrote in Arabic. His attempts at
reconciling Aristotelian philosophy with the Torah influenced the great
Christian thinker Saint Thomas Aquinas, who made similar efforts at reconciling
Greek thought with biblical Scripture a few generations later.

It is true that some Greek and other classics were translated to Arabic, but it
is equally true that Muslims could be highly particular about which texts to
exclude. As Iranian intellectual
Amir Taheri
explains: "It is no accident that early Muslims translated numerous
ancient Greek texts but never those related to political matters. The great
Avicenna himself translated Aristotle’s Poetics. But there was no translation
of Aristotle’s Politics in Persian until 1963."

In other words: There was a great deal of Greek thought that could never have
been "transferred" to Europeans by Arabs, as is frequently claimed by
Western Multiculturalists, because many Greek works had never been translated
into Arabic in the first place. Muslims especially turned down political texts,
since these included descriptions of systems in which men ruled themselves
according to their own laws. This was considered blasphemous by Muslims, as
laws are made by Allah and rule belongs to his representatives.

William of Moerbeke
was a Flemish scholar and prolific translator who probably did more than any
other individual for the transmission of Greek thought to the West. His
translation of virtually all of the works of Aristotle and many by Archimedes,
Hero of Alexandria and others paved the way for the Renaissance. He was fluent
in Greek, and was for a time Catholic bishop of Corinth in Greece. He made
highly accurate translations directly from the Greek originals, and even
improved earlier, flawed translations of some works. His Latin translation of
Politics, one of the important works that were not available in Arabic, was
completed around 1260. His friend Thomas Aquinas used this translation as the
basis for his groundbreaking work The Summa Theologica. Aquinas did refer to
Maimonides as well as to Averroes and Avicenna and was familiar with their
writing, but he was rather critical of Averroes and refuted some of his use of

Like Aquinas, William of Moerbeke was a friar of the Dominican order and had
personal contacts at the top levels of the Vatican. Several texts, among them
some of Archimedes, would have been lost without the efforts of Moerbeke and a
few others, and he clearly did his work on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church.
Moreover, one of the reasons why he did this was because the translations that
were available in Arabic were incomplete and sometimes of poor linguistic
quality. The Arabic translations, although they did serve as an early
reintroduction for some Western Europeans to Greek thought, didn’t "save"
Greek knowledge as it had never been lost. It had been preserved in an unbroken
line since Classical times by Greek, Byzantine Christians, who still considered
themselves Romans, and it could be recovered there. There was extensive contact
between Eastern and Western Christians at this time; sometimes amiable,
sometimes less so and occasionally downright hostile, but contact nonetheless.
The permanent recovery of Greek and Classical learning was undertaken as a
direct transmission from Greek, Orthodox Christians to Western, Latin
Christians. There were no Muslim middlemen involved.

As a result, by the late 1200s, Saint Thomas Aquinas and early Renaissance
figures such as the poet Dante and the humanist Petrarch had at their disposal
a much more complete and accurate body of Greek thought than any of the
renowned Muslim philosophers ever did. What’s more, many of the translations
that did exist in Arabic had been undertaken by Christians in the first place,
not by Muslims.

At the American Thinker, Dr. Jonathan David Carson dispels some of the hype
regarding Islam’s role in the history of science. In his view, "The
‘Islamic scholars’ who translated ‘ancient Greece’s natural philosophy’ were a
curious group of Muslims, since all or almost all of the translators from Greek
to Arabic were Christians or Jews." Moreover, most Greek texts "did
not make the long journey from Greek to Syriac or Hebrew to Arabic to Latin,
and Western Europeans preferred [surprise!] translations of Aristotle directly
from the Greek, which were not only superior but also more readily

In A History of Philosophy, Frederick Copleston says that "it is a mistake
to imagine that the Latin scholastics were entirely dependent upon translations
from Arabic or even that translation from the Arabic always preceded
translation from the Greek." Indeed, "translation from the Greek
generally preceded translation from the Arabic." This view is confirmed by
Peter Dronke in A History of Twelfth—Century Western Philosophy: "most
of the works of Aristotle, however, were translated directly from the Greek,
and only exceptionally by way of an Arabic intermediary…translations from the
Arabic must be given their full importance, but not more."

As Carson sees it, "the great rescue of Greek philosophy by translation
into Arabic turns out to mean no rescue of Plato and the transmission of Latin
translations of Arabic translations of Greek texts of Aristotle, either
directly or more often via Syriac or Hebrew, to a Christendom that already had the Greek texts and had already
translated most of them into Latin."

Moreover, the intellectual curiosity was entirely one-sided. As Bernard Lewis
states in The Muslim Discovery of Europe: "We know of no Muslim scholar or
man of letters before the eighteenth century who sought to learn a western
language, still less of any attempt to produce grammars, dictionaries, or other
language tools. Translations are few and far between. Those that are known are
works chosen for practical purposes and the translations are made by converts
or non—Muslims." J.M. Roberts put it this way: "Why, until very
recently, did Islamic scholars show no wish to translate Latin or western
European texts into Arabic? (…) It is clear that an explanation of
European inquisitiveness and adventurousness must lie deeper than economics,
important though they may have been."

Much has been made of Spain’s glorious Islamic past, yet more books are
translated in Spain now in a single year than have been translated into Arabic
over the past 1,000 years. As I have shown, what existed of advances in
sciences in the early centuries of Islamic rule owed its existence almost
entirely to the infusion of pre-Islamic thought, and even at the best of times
the translations from non-Muslim ideas and books could be quite selective.
Later, even the limited debate of Greek philosophy was curtailed. Muslims were
assured of their God-given superiority and did not bother to look into ideas
from worthless infidel cultures.

Toby E. Huff,
author of the book
The Rise of Early Modern Science:
Islam, China and the West
explains this. A landmark in Western science was Nicholas Copernicus’ The
Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres from 1543. The same years also saw another
milestone in the rise of modern science: Vesalius’ On the Fabric of the Human
Body, which created the foundations for modern medicine by representing an
empirical agenda, the first-hand examination of the body through human
dissection (autopsy).

According to Huff, "Vesalius claimed to have corrected over 200 errors in
Galen’s account of human anatomy," and his "illustrations are far
superior to anything to be found in the Arabic/Islamic tradition (where
pictorial representation of the human body was particularly suspect) or, for
that matter, in the Chinese and (I presume) Indian traditions." In
astronomy, "Kepler went far beyond Ptolemy’s methods, and discovered entirely
new principles for the precise description of the motions of bodies in the
heavens," thus proving the elliptical (and hence not perfectly circular)
orbit of Mars.

In the eyes of Toby E. Huff, "the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
witnessed a social, intellectual and legal revolution that laid the
intellectual and institutional foundations upon which modern science was later
constructed. At the heart of this development was the jurisprudential idea of a
corporation, a collection of individuals who were recognized as a singular
‘whole body’ and granted legitimate legal autonomy. Such entities were given
the right to sue and be sued, to buy and sell property, to make rules and laws
regulating their activities, to adjudicate those laws and to operate according
to the principle of election by consent as well as the Roman legal aphorism,
what affects everyone should be considered and approved by everyone. Among the
entities granted status as legitimate corporations were cities and towns,
charitable organizations, professional guilds (especially of physicians) and,
of course, universities. Nothing comparable to this kind of legal autonomy
emerged in China or under Islam. In short, the European medievals created
autonomous, self-governing institutions of higher learning and then imported
into them a methodologically powerful and metaphysically rich cosmology that
directly challenged and contradicted many aspects of the traditional Christian

This was also a time period noted for the growth of early modern capitalism,
but Huff rejects any simplistic connection between money and science. Christian
Europe exhibited an intellectual curiosity, a desire to uncover truth, that
could not be reduced simply to a matter of economic interests: "There was
indeed a ‘commercial revolution’ sweeping Europe from about the twelfth
century, but that hardly explains the great interest in Aristotle in the
universities of that period or the decision by medical practitioners to
undertake dissections and to incorporate medical education into the university
curriculum. Similarly, there was another rise in commercial activities in the
sixteenth century, but this hardly explains either the motivation of the
clerical Copernicus, or of Galileo, Kepler, or Tycho Brahe in developing a new astronomy
against the interests of the Church."

One of the most groundbreaking innovations in Europe during the High Middle
Ages was the creation of an ongoing, university-centered debate. This made all
the difference, since, as Huff points out, "it is one thing if an activity
is pursued randomly by various actors; it is something else altogether if that
activity is carried on collectively as a result of a regularized process."
While Islamic madrasas excluded all of the natural works of Aristotle, as well
as logic and natural theology, European scholars benefited from "a
surprising degree of freedom of inquiry" which "did not exist in the
Arab/Muslim world then and does not exist now."

Centers of learning have existed in civilizations throughout recorded history,
yet most of them did not possess all of the qualities generally associated with
a university today. It is possible that the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese,
the Indians and others had institutions that could be called universities
already at this early age; I don’t know Asian history intimately enough to
judge that. But the Islamic world definitely did not.

The German-Syrian reformist Bassam Tibi points out that the Muslim thinkers who
developed Greek rationalism are today despised in their own civilization. As he
writes in his book
Islam Between Culture and Politics,
"rational sciences were – in medieval Islam – considered to be
‘foreign sciences’ and at times heretical. At present, Islamic fundamentalists
do not seem to know that rational sciences in Islam were based on what was
termed ulum al-qudama (the sciences of the Ancients), that it, the

Science was viewed as Islamic science, the study of the Koran, the hadith, Arab
history etc. The Islamic madrasa was not concerned with a process of
reason-based investigation or unrestrained enquiry but with a learning process
in the sacral sense. Tibi believes it is thus incorrect to call institutions
such as Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt, the highest institution of learning in Sunni
Islam, a university: "Some Islamic historians wrongly translate the term
madrasa as university. This is plainly incorrect: If we understand a university
as universitas litterarum, or consider, without the bias of Eurocentrism, the
cast of the universitas magistrorum of the thirteenth century in Paris, we are
bound to recognise that the university as a seat for free and unrestrained
enquiry based on reason, is a European innovation in the history of

It is noteworthy that the first medieval European universities were sometimes
developed out of monasteries or religious schools. However, here the Greek
knowledge was adopted in a far more unfettered manner than it was in the Middle
East. The earliest European universities, such as the University of Bologna in
Italy and Oxford in England, were created in the eleventh century. More were
established during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, for instance the
University of Paris (Sorbonne), the University of Cambridge, the University of
Salamanca in Spain and the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

According to Bassam Tibi, the situation has changed less than one might think:
"In Muslim societies, where higher institutions of learning have a deeply
rooted procedure of rote-learning, the content of positive sciences adopted
from Europe is treated in a similar fashion. Verses of the Koran are learned by
heart because they are infallible and not to be enquired into. Immanuel Kant’s
Critiques or David Hume’s Enquiry, now available in Arabic translation, are
learned by heart in a similar manner and not conceived of in terms of their
nature as problem-oriented enquiries." As a result, "In contrast to
the European and the US-model, students educated in a traditional Islamic
institution of learning neither have a Bildung (general education) nor an
Ausbildung (training)."

This is a problem members of this culture bring with them abroad if they move.
In Denmark, Århus city council member Ali Nuur complained that one of the
challenges certain immigrant groups face in the education system is that they
are unfamiliar with tests rooted in a rational, critical and analytical way of
thinking. Guess who?

Another issue is the lack of individual liberty.
I still haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, a novel I know many Americans hold in high
regard, and I have mixed feelings about Ayn Rand’s philosophies. However, one
thing I do agree with her about is that "Civilization is the progress
toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by
the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from
men." A Danish man who lived in Iran before the Revolution in 1979 noticed
that if he suggested to his Muslim friends that he would like to enjoy some
privacy for while, they thought he was crazy. The very notion of
"privacy" was alien to them because it implies that you are an
autonomous individual with needs of your own. A Muslim is simply an organic
part of the Umma, the Islamic community. This lack of individualism and
individual liberty is one of the main reasons why Muslims lost out to other

On the other hand, I believe the West has in recent decades gone too far in
making individualism the sole basis of our culture. When a nation is reduced to
nothing more than an atomized collection of individuals, with no ties to the
past and no obligations to future generations, mounting a defense of a lasting
society becomes difficult, if not impossible.


Introduction to Essay: Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, part 1

John R. Houk
© September 20, 2007

Fjordman: Islam, the Greeks and the
Scientific Revolution, part 1

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