Al-Iraqi is Evidence the War on Terror is Still Serious

The Times Online reports that Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was the master mind behind the al Qaeda’s suicide bombings in London on July 7. The British have nick named the atrocity 7/7 much as Americans know the attack on American soil as 9/11.


This means that al-Iraqi is Britain’s version of Usama bin Laden a butcher of innocent non-combatants for political purposes of terror.


The Jawa Report speculates the arrest of six former al Mujahiroun Islamists (who seem to have changed their name to “The Base,” which is English for al Qaeda) may have a connection to the announcement that al-Iraqi was being transformed to Guantanamo.


Strata-Sphere berates Democrats on their “Get out of Iraq” meme by noting al-Iraqi entered Iraq via hegemon wanna be Iran.


The point to Appeasement minded head buried in the sand Leftists of America and Europe is the War on Terror is still here. The War on Terror is STILL an Islamist agenda to terrorize the globe to convert into Mohammedanism. Every time an American Democrat or EU Leftist wishes to run like a dog with its tail between its legs, Islamist terrorists at home and abroad sense victory at hand.


Appeasers and Leftists are selling their souls into dhimmitude.


Israel Prepares for Syrian Rush for Golan Heights

Israel Prepares for Syrian Rush for Golan Heights

Israel Prepares for Syrian Rush for Golan

John R. Houk

© April 27, 2007


The Olmert government in Israel
is expecting hostilities with Syria.
If Syria invades Israel that
should just about render the United Nations a bogus International body that enforces
world peace. The United Nations only worth now is as an international food and
training organization. Without any teeth the charitable portion may be defunct.


I digress.


The Israel Defense
Force (IDF) is running training exercises

in preparation of a long rumored Syrian invasion. Syria
became emboldened by successful tactics that client terrorist organization
Hezbollah used in Lebanon.


The global question that will be complicated: What
will America
and the EU do if such an invasion occurs? If Iran
honors its mutual alliance agreement with Syria,
will Iran join Syria in
fracas? Again, if Iran joins
with Syria, what will America and the
EU nations do? For that matter, what will Russia
and China


The whole scenario reminds me of how World War One
began with the assassination of the
Archduke Franz
in today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo). Arab greed for Israel’s
sliver of land and a Syrian invasion could spark another World War (WWIII or
WWIV depending on who you read). 


The attack on Christianity in America is on the increase. Democrats have introduced legislation (similar posts HERE and HERE) that will make the preaching and teaching and sharing of Biblical Christianity a hate crime. Democrats in droves in Congress are the prime movers of this legislation. The same Democrats that the majority of the American electorate put into the majority in Congress over disillusionment with President Bush will put their Pastors and Evangelists in jail. Americans have given Congress authority to validate homosexuality and the religion of our enemy (Mohammedanism) to enjoy government favor at the suppression of Christianity.


Friends this is an Unconstitutional Bill that challenges the First Amendment of the Constitution. The wording is mired in non-religious terms to disguise the implications to practicing Christians, which is legislating religious speech that comes from a Christian pulpit or forum.


Bob Unruh goes into the specifics of how Christians are being made the bulls-eye by the Democratic Party legislation.





Christians in bull’s-eye in new ‘hate crimes’ plan

Congress working to create penalties for non-PC views



By Bob Unruh

© 2007

Posted: April 26, 2007

1:00 a.m. Eastern



A fast-tracked congressional plan to add special protections for homosexuals to federal law would turn "thoughts, feelings, and beliefs" into criminal offenses and put Christians in the bull’s-eye, according to opponents.


"H.R. 1592 is a discriminatory measure that criminalizes thoughts, feelings, and beliefs [and] has the potential of interfering with religious liberty and freedom of speech," according to a white paper submitted by Glen Lavy, of the Alliance Defense Fund.


"As James Jacobs and Kimberly Potter observed in Hate Crimes, Criminal Law, and Identity Politics, ‘It would appear that the only additional purpose [for enhancing punishment of bias crimes] is to provide extra punishment based on the offender’s politically incorrect opinions and viewpoints,’" said Lavy.


The proposal has been endorsed by majority Democrats on the committee, and already has 137 sponsors in the full House, making it possible it could be voted on in a matter of days or weeks.


"This is a terrible thing, to criminalize thought or emotion or even speech," Lavy told WND, referring to H.R. 1592, now pending at the committee level in the U.S. House. Democrats there have been turning back amendments that would strip it of its worst provisions, according to an observer.


Bishop Harry Jackson, chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, said the plan, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007, is no more than "a surreptitious attempt by some in Congress to strip the nation of religious freedom and the ability to preach the gospel from our church pulpits."


"It will stamp all over our doctrine and practice of our faith," he said. "We believe what the Bible says. If you start there we’ve got a major problem."


Secondly, it unfairly restricts the expression of fair opinion by Christians, he told WND. "If anything, gays are getting undue deference awarded to them by the courts. That’s why we have the same-sex marriage fight and that kind of thing."


Rev. Louis Sheldon, director of the Traditional Values Coalition, which represents 43,000 churches across the nation, told WND that the Democrats sponsoring and supporting the issue "have sold out to the homosexual agenda."


He said churches need to awaken to the dangers of having pastors, lay leaders, or even those sitting in the pews sent to jail for their biblical views. "When they [realize they] could go to jail for preaching the Word of God, they’ll be concerned," he told WND.


Sheldon’s organization is releasing a poster showing Jesus as a wanted fugitive, for "crimes" under the planned "hate crimes" legislation.


He also is running an e-mail campaign to alert members of Congress about their constituents’ concerns.


WND columnist Janet Folger this week warned in a commentary called "Pastors: Act now or prepare for jail," that in New Hampshire, a crime that typically carries a sentence of 3 1/2 years was "enhanced" to 30 years because a robber shouted an anti-homosexual name at his victim.


"Think about it for a minute. If saying a mean anti-homosexual word adds an additional 23-26 ½ years to a sentence, and people live to around 80, that penalty is one-fourth of your life for the words you say. And while this was in addition to a robbery penalty, how much of a jump would it really be to penalize the speech ‘infraction’ alone? And just what constitutes an ‘anti-gay epithet’? Would an ‘anti-gay epithet’ be to say, ‘Homosexuality is a sin,’ or ‘Homosexuals should repent’? What if you informed someone that ‘Homosexuality is harmful to your health’? If I were you, I wouldn’t try it in New Hampshire," Folger wrote.


Folger’s organization, Faith2Action, has launched a series of ads about Philadelphia grandmothers who were thrown in jail in Pennsylvania under that state’s "hate crimes" law – and faced the possibility of 47 years in jail – for testifying in public about their Christian faith.


Those ads can be viewed at


One, Arlene Elshinnawy, 75, and grandmother of three, was holding a sign: "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth," before she was hauled off by police officers.


The proposal is by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., the head of the House Judiciary Committee.


On Sheldon’s website, he warned the bottom line is that in a court of law "cross-dressers rights would trump a pastor’s right to preach the Bible, if the so-called Hate Crimes bill … passes."


Bishop Jackson cited well-known cases of the application of such a law in other nations: "In Australia, two evangelical pastors were charged with violating the State of Victoria’s ‘hate crimes’ laws last year for criticizing Islam. In Canada, a Catholic city councilor was fined $1,000 for publicly stating that a gay couple’s lifestyle was ‘not normal and not natural,’" he said.


“As an African American, I have long questioned the attempts of the homosexual community to piggy back on the legislative breakthroughs blacks have achieved in civil rights. This legislation will not just over-protect homosexuals, it will bring the threat of invasive, governmental interference with the doctrines and practice of the Church. As some homosexual activists chant, ‘Stay out of our bedrooms,’ we are here to say, ‘Stay out of our pulpits!’” said Bishop Jackson.


Lavy’s white paper, delivered to Congress just a few days ago, pointed out some of the results if the law is adopted. "It provides a federal remedy for a person who is attacked for promoting homosexual relationships, but not for a person who is attacked for encouraging people to stop engaging in homosexual behavior because it is physically and psychologically harmful," he said. "Worse yet, it provides for federal prosecution of a murderer who spews racial epithets at the victim, but not for a cold-blooded killer that is paid to commit the crime."


"There is no justification for this disparate treatment. Violent crimes should be punished regardless of the characteristics of the victim," he said.


"The emotion of hate is an unfortunate reality of the human experience. But it is not a crime unless accompanied by a criminal action – and even then it is the action that is within the police power of the government, not the emotion." he said. "The reality is that ‘hate’ crime laws are designed to punish people for what they think, feel, or believe."


And even more problematic, he said, is the inclusion of a definition of ‘hate crime’ from section 280003(a) of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. "There is legitimate concern that once Congress makes any ‘hate’ crime a federal offense, the categories of crime will expand to include speech that causes someone to ‘feel’ intimidated, just as they have in other places such as Australia, Canada, and Sweden," he said.


Lavy’s analysis noted that in New Jersey already it is a "hate crime" to communicate in a manner likely to cause "annoyance or alarm."


"One would not expect a reasonable person to feel threatened or feel fear of harm as the result of an innocuous communication. Nevertheless, the entire faculty at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus apparently agreed that university librarian Scott Savage was guilty of threatening behavior for a simple statement in 2006. His ‘threat’? Recommending four books for freshman reading… The four books were "The Marketing of Evil," by [WND Managing Editor] David Kupelian, The Professors by David Horowitz, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye’or, and It Takes a Family by Sen. Rick Santorum."


The recommendation made three professors feel "unsafe" on campus and the entire faculty voted to file charges of sex discrimination and harassment against Mr. Savage for "anti-gay hate mongering," Lavy wrote. The charges were dismissed later, and Savage now has responded with a lawsuit against several university professors.


But under the proposal, such a recommended list for reading "could be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney General."


Lavy’s evaluation also noted that San Francisco already has stated in a resolution that organizations seeking to minister to those engaged in homosexual behavior "were responsible" for homosexual student Matthew Shepard’s death in Wyoming, even though his killers have said they did it for drugs and money.


Under such a new law, advertising its "Love Won Out" conferences, addressing homosexuality, would subject Focus on the Family to federal prosecution, he said.


At William Patterson University in New Jersey, a student-employee was formally reprimanded for saying he didn’t want to receive promotional e-mails advocating for the lesbian lifestyle, because that sent a message of a "threat," Lavy said.



Furthermore, statistics show that during 2004 there were only 774 actual "hate crimes" recorded, five murders, four rape and the rest assaults – all of which can be prosecuted without special federal laws, he said.


Rev. Ted Pike, of the National Prayer Network, has been especially active in warning Christians of the approaching danger.


"Most persons who are concerned about imminent passage of the federal ‘anti-hate’ bill don’t realize that S. 1105 in the Senate and H.R. 1592 in the House are actually amendments to a federal hate law passed in 1969. During the height of the civil rights movement, ‘Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 245’ stipulated that no one could verbally ‘…attempt to…intimidate’ another person (chiefly black) away from enjoyment of their federally protected right to equal employment, public services, housing, voting rights, jury privileges, etc. If the government finds such verbal ‘intimidation’ in a state and state officials are not enforcing these guarantees, the federal government can invade states’ rights in local law enforcement, upholding Title 18," he said.


Now, in 2007, he said, "the present hate bill grants [special rights] to homosexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals."


The proposal would make it "federally indictable to ‘…attempt to…intimidate’ a homosexual from believing that he (even if he has AIDS or hepatitis) has the right to work in a restaurant, be employed as a police officer or summer camp counselor, or has equal rights to housing and employment anywhere he wishes," he said.


"A pastor, Christian broadcaster or publisher who verbally attempts to ‘intimidate’ homosexuals by describing homosexuality as an abomination (Lev. 18:22) are thus high-profile targets for indictment under this legislation," he said.


He noted that it also would be illegal for a Christian church to discriminate against an applicant as pastor because of his homosexuality or her lesbianism.


He said the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has been leading the charge for such crime bills for years, and has explained on its website how its campaign already has installed laws at the state level.


Michael Marcavage, director of Repent America, Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth, Brad Dacus, of Pacific Justice Institute, and others already have expressed their alarm.


Bob Unruh is a news editor for

Copyright 1997-2007 All Rights Reserved. Inc.

Eleventh Plague Deadly to Israel

Apparently Israel has an extreme problem with their extreme Left just as America with its extreme Left. Israel’s Left Wingers are actually on the side of Palestinian Arabs that desire the destruction of Israel and Jewry. Now there is a mindset of delusional national suicide in the making.


Israel’s Left might as well build the jackets that contain suicide bombs that kill Jews. This makes our Lefties look tame in comparison. America’s Lefties actually think they are pro-American when they promote the end of Christian morality, the end of the freedom of speech of Christians (Christianity offends homosexuals and Mohammedans), the end of a war that could ultimately bring security to America and to the globe as well, etc., etc. and etc. The Jewish delusional Left means Jewish extermination.


Bill Mehlman describes the Leftist Jewish virus as the Eleventh Plague particularly virulent in Israeli Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Only this plague could be the death of Israel unlike the Ten Plagues that liberated Hebrew slaves from the dark oppressive grip of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Republican Presidential Ifs all Surrounding a Thompson Entrance

I was reading an article attributed to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann in the Jewish World Review today. The article seemed very supportive of Fred Thompson to commit for a run for the Republican nomination for President. I myself believe that Thompson is an articulate persona as President Reagan was. I believe he will appeal to the Christian Right, right wingers such as the NRA and so forth.


The Morris/McGann article questions Thompson’s reluctance to enter the race early might be a death knell to a later entry. The article reasons a later entrance will imply an image of a lack of stick to it-ness which portrays leadership fragility in confronting a wild cat say like Hillary Clinton.


Morris/McGann point out that an early entrance by Obama circumscribed a Gore entry on the Democratic side; thus Thompson entrance NOW could circumscribe a possible Newt Gingrich (who I also like) entrance into Presidential politics.


Then Morris/McGann goes into all the what-ifs the Republicans and Thompson might face as Super Tuesday approaches in February 2008. Morris/McGann accuses Rudy Giuliani as being in the mold of old Rockefeller (pro-business yet center/left). The implication being if Thompson does not enter soon, Giuliani will have nearly unstoppable momentum. Giuliani is quite popular with everyday Joe Republican because of the strength of leadership he demonstrated during 9/11.


I personally think that Giuliani has too many skeletons in his closet to defeat a cagey Clinton gang. Because of Giuliani’s skeletons it would be tough to attack Clinton skeletons. I don’t think Newt Gingrich can defeat the Clinton Gang; he just comes across as too nice of guy for the old wild cat gang. I do believe Gingrich would make an excellent leader as President; one does not acquire Speaker of the House without skills. Unfortunately those are closed door skills that politicians rarely show publicly. I do not think Newt’s open door election skills can compete with the Clinton gang. I betray my disdain for Mormonism as a cultic off-shoot from Christianity that has the appearance of ancient Gnostics more than the orthodoxy practiced by Christians. Mitt Romney morals may be impeccable, but it would be like voting for an anti-Christian. However I have to tell you, I would vote for Romney before I would for any Left Wing Democrat.


I am sure there are other Republicans I am leaving out; however the ones I have written about are the ones I am thinking about (I guess I could throw Brownback in there and maybe others). It is the idea of a slick speaker and a quick wit like Fred Thompson that I am really drawn to. In that I am like Morris/McGann: RUN FRED, RUN…NOW!  

Will the Clinton Teflon Machine Start Operation

Will the Clinton Teflon Machine Start Operation

Will the Clinton Teflon Machine Start Operation?

John R. Houk

© April 21, 2007


This is not new. I have read about the disgruntled
Peter Franklin Paul who was ruined by the Clintons
in a contract dispute. Paul claims to have the smoking gun that will bury Hillary
Clinton because it proves Bills complicity in Paul’s ruination.


I always take a wait and see attitude when any mud is
tossed on the Clintons.
series of people
have died mysteriously
that could have
implicated the Clintons
in various nefarious affairs of life. Clinton cronies
have even destroyed Classified material

(with only a slap on the wrist penalties) to keep the mud away from the Clinton legacy.


There is a notorious list known as the Clinton Body Count
that has been debunked by Snopes as an urban
. I have always regarded Snopes as the gospel of Urban Legend
debunking; however Snopes goes
logically on what can be proved. There is no proof or Teflon Clinton would have
been buried long ago. Go ahead compare the Body
with Snopes, if
you use an open mind it is just too hard to miss a connection. AND YET the lack
of proof backs Snopes.


As to Peter Franklin Paul; if he actually has the smoking gun,
it will be interesting if the evidence or Paul survives.

Ismail Ax – The Shooter Was Another ‘Son of Sacrifice’

Here is some more information on Cho Seung-Hui that is new to me but may
be old news to some of the readers

Here is some more information on Cho Seung-Hui that is
new to me but may be old news to some of the readers. It relates to the words
written in red on Cho’s arm: Ismail’s Ax.


Jerry Bowyer writing for TCS Daily makes the
Mohammedan connection. Not that Cho was a Mohammedan; however Cho seemed to relate
to the Mohammedan version of Abraham and his son by a slave concubine Hagar.
The English translation has that son’s name as Ishmael, according Bowyer
the Arabs prefer “Ismail.”


Is it not interesting that the religion of peace
mythology was associated with the Virginia Tech



Ismail Ax:
The Shooter Was Another ‘Son of Sacrifice’

By Jerry Bowyer
18 Apr 2007
TCS Daily

First it was Johnny Muhammad, now it was Cho Sueng Hui aka Ismail Ax. Precisely
how many mass shooters have to turn out to have adopted Muslim names before we
get it? Islam has become the tribe of choice of those who hate American
society. I’m not talking about people who grew up as Muslims, confident and
secure in their faith, good fathers, sons and neighbors. I’m talking about the
angry, malignant, narcissist loners who want to reject their community utterly,
to throw off their ‘slave name’ and represent the downtrodden of the earth by
shooting their friends and neighbors.

This morning I read that the Virginia Tech shooter died with the name Ismail Ax
written in red ink on his arm. The mainstream press doesn’t seem to have a clue
as to what this might mean. To quote Indiana Jones, "Didn’t any of you
guys go to Sunday School?"

The story starts with a man named Abraham. He is the father of the Jews, the
Muslims and the Christians. He was born in Iraq, the son of a wealthy idol
manufacturer. He came to believe that there was only one true God and,
according to tradition, took up his ax and destroyed his father’s idols.

Eventually he left Iraq and moved to what is now known as Israel. He had a son
with his concubine whom she named Ishmael. The Muslim world prefers the Arabic
spelling of the name: Ismail. Eventually Abraham had a son by his rightful wife
and named the son Isaac. Ishmael and his mother were disinherited and sent out
into what is now Saudi Arabia. Isaac became the heir.


Eventually, God decided to test Abraham by telling him to kill his son, Isaac.
Abraham took up the knife, but God stopped him at the last moment. Isaac lived
and eventually became a man of great wealth. Ishmael became a desert warrior

The Jews are the descendants of Isaac, the Arabs are the descendants of

In the 7th Century, Muhammad, the founder of Islam, re-wrote the story,
claiming that Ismail was the true faithful descendant of Abraham and that it
was he, not Isaac, who God told Abraham to sacrifice. Ismail was the one saved.
For Muslims, Ismail (not Isaac) was the true ‘Son of Sacrifice.’ In the
original version of the story, Abraham used a knife, in some of the later
Muslim versions, he used an Ax.

Flash forward 1,400 years: a sullen, angry young man who rages against rich
people and apparently against Christians, writes a play in which a mother and
son try to kill his step-father, but in the end the boy (age about 13, the age
many think Ismail was when he was exiled) is murdered by the step-father with
‘a deadly blow’. Father issues? Yeah, I think so.

Cho Sueng-hui ***** Ismail Ax hated the American society to which he had been brought
15 years earlier. His play McBeef (a poor pun from an English Lit major on
Macbeth) is one endless screed against the corruption of American culture. A
cheesy re-telling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it involves a young man abused by
his step-father, a former NFL football player. The son, throws epithets at his
father calling him a ‘Catholic priest’. And makes derisive comments about
McDonalds. It seems that none of the foundational structures of Western Civilization,
Christianity, capitalism, family, are spared his rage. In other words, he
really meant what he said in his last words: "you (that is us, America)
made me do this."

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