The Mobile Phone Conspiracy

I usually write or post politics here; however I just read something that casual bloggers and Internet surfers should be interested in. Cell companies have an aim to ban free WiFi. That means if you are lucky enough to be in a location that has free hotspots via WiFi, Cell companies want to end your free access. Why? WiFi is cutting into their bottom line.
John C. Dvorak reporting for PCMAG.COM explains why the Cell companies will kill free WiFi.
As you read this article the thought that might come up is: Who owns the Internet? Is it private corporations or government? I am
actually semi-ignorant on the history of the Internet; I am fairly certain the World Wide Web was a government and military instrument of communication. Then somehow Bill Gates invented the PC or at least its popular version.
That would make the Internet a public domain rather than something to be controlled by profit. It is the old question of the collective versus ownership. READ IT

The fish are biting.
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U.S. Neocon Thinking

I know it is not popular among Liberals or (even) Conservatives, but I somewhat lean toward neocon political philosophy.


I found this awesome article that portrays a pretty even handed view of neocons as related to Japan’s National Interests and America’s National Interests.


This is not necessarily a complimentary article on neo-conservatives. I think there is an attempt to be neutral but I think the word "neo-conservative" is used as a negative connotation by Lobe. Lobe does a pretty good job of portraying the neo-conservative opinion on North Korea. In that vain it is well worth the read.

Fox New Abductees: Convert or Die

The Religion of Peace demonstrates once again the way in which it propagates their death-cult political/religion. Point a gun at a potential convert and say, "Convert or die."

The formerly abducted Fox News duo weighed in on that option, choosing to live another day. If they choose to publicly recant their forced conversion, they should watch their back, apostatizing from the Mohammedan club is reason to execute a death sentence. It is a death-cult after all.


Is War With Mexico Inevitable


News By Us has published an opinion commentary by William H. Calhoun. Calhoun premise is that war with Mexico may be inevitable. Read the whole thing.


This website claims to not have news bias, obviously it does. However this editorial piece by William Calhoun demonstrates some journalism you will rarely if ever read on MSM outlets. Mr. Calhoun does not reveal the source for his opinion; however I have read some of these same issues on minor media outlets. It is so minor that I cannot recall them sorry. As to the veracity to the intense cooperation alluded to here I cannot confirm. It is a logical presumption though.


The conclusion of a war with Mexico is a bit of a stretch, at least not an open war. I can see a clandestine war of tit for tat that neither country might feel obliged to publicize.

Sunnis’ bet pays off in election totals

Well apparently the Mohammedan sects in Iraq will have to cooperate or obliterate themselves in order to have a viable national government. The Kurds and Shi’ites seem to have fallen short in the votes that would have allowed them to dominate the Sunnis. This is a shot in the arm of the Bush mandate to democratize Iraq and an additional nail in the coffin of Sunni insurgents. Especially the foreign Al Qaeda insurgents.
January 23, 2006

Ballots may trump bullets after all. That was the positive news from Baghdad on Friday. Election results show that Iraq’s three main ethnic factions will have to work together if they hope to govern.

By participating in December’s parliamentary elections, Sunnis elected 55 legislators – enough to secure a role in the coalition government that eventually forms.

Had the Sunnis boycotted the vote, as they did last January, Shiite and Kurdish politicians combined would have won the 184 seats needed to form a government, shutting the Sunnis out. This exclusion could have fueled a civil war.

Instead, the Shia and Kurds fell three seats short. This enhances the prospects of a "national unity" government. And, we hope, it also puts a little more distance between Sunnis who want a stake in the new Iraq and the insurgency.

The First Entry

Well hello there. This will be the beginning of what I pray will an excellent blog. I have four others, so when I discovered that I could get a free going on MSN I thought, "cool."


I have a really slanted right ideology and a very conservative yet Charismatic Christian spirituality. I am certain I will rub some the wrong way, however it will never be my intention to insult. You will notice that I have a problem with the Islamic faith as it confronts Christianity. I do not hate Arabs or Mohammedans, yet I highly disapprove of that faith as I believe it is a hostile counter-Western Culture ideology. So I apologize ahead of time to individuals who take offense with my stand. I promise not to use profanity or vulgar references in any of my takes and I expect the same courtesy in comments.

To view any of my other blogs go to, Slantright, The Way and SlantedRightPolitics.


Enjoy the ride.