Wait and See if Iranian Regime Collapses

Wait and See if Iranian Regime Collapses

Wait and See if Iranian Regime

John R. Houk

© April 5, 2007


alludes to the addition of the USS Nimitz to the Fleet in the Indian Ocean as a
possible reason for Iran
giving up on using the British Marines as propaganda and manipulation bait.


Victor Davis
(astute military historian) provides
a reason not to bomb Iran.
Hanson thinks Iran
is going the way of the old Soviets; i.e. imploding politically.


Personally I believe even if Iran
is having inner political struggles, an implosion that terminates the present
regime will not work out the same as the Soviet Union
collapse. Iran’s
psychos will take someone down with them. The best case scenario would be a
civil war between the Clerics and those of weary of Ayatollah rule. The worst
case scenario is the Clerics massacring their Iranian opponents and launching
whatever lethal weaponry in their possession against American Allies and Israel.


SlantRight.com Thread: HERE.

Increasing Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

Increasing Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

Haditha Evidence Shows Murtha Outcry Diminishing

John R. Houk

© April 4,


The Haditha incident
and prosecution of Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani relating to charges of poor
investigation is going to come down to the word of the Media that sourced from
the enemy and the facts reported by Marines at the incident. Who will the
Article 32 Hearing listen to:
fabricated propaganda
by Islamofascists or the Marine witnesses?


Apparently as more and more
evidence comes to light, Representative Murtha
call for a slam dunk Justice is being obscured by the facts. The
Thomas More Law Center
has found credible evidence that refutes the Times and WaPo who got their
information from Iraqis sympathetic to Insurgent Terrorism.


Combined Source: SlantRight.com.

International Organization of the Like Minded




I just read an
article that is an
unearthing of another scandal for the United Nations. Really it is an indictment on the inefficiency and
corruption of the Administration of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

I guess everyone is afraid to say it, but Annan mantle overlooked some of the worst human
misery, genocides and the degeneration of the United Nations itself into a
state of third world like administrative corruption

Annan claimed ignorance over the “Oil for Food” scandal with
Saddam Hussein
. It was an ignorance that only a moron or a family member would

Annan’s own son utilized U.N. funds for personal use.

And now the light is illuminating the darkness of U.N. involvement in aiding
and abetting North Korea
with its counterfeiting of United
States currency.

Can anyone deny that Annan’s
anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism has enabled the Mohammedan world to
effectively propagandize against Israel
and America?
Much of the hatred in the world is the result of the U.N. under Annan
criticizing a sliver slice of a nation known as Israel
and siding with Israel’s
enemies that surround the Land like a dreaded darkness keeping the sun from

I do not have confidence that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (a South Korean)
has the backing of politically to clean up Annan’s mess.

The United Nations has degenerated into a tool for anti-American and
anti-Israeli nations and terrorist organizations bent on their demise. With no
real military strength, the U.N. has turned Machiavellian influencing America’s European allies against America. The
U.N. (particularly under Annan) has made stock on European hubris that has
hated American hegemony and protection.

The only benefit the United Nations has for America is the Security Council.
The way the organization of the U.N. is set up America has the power of the veto
to undermine anti-American and anti-Israeli interests.

should embark on its own Machiavellian path. America needs to turn the coalition
of the willing into an economic and military alliance to counter global jihad
and nations that wish to counter Pax American with their own shot of world
domination. That domination would eschew the civil rights, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that the
American Revolution initiated between July 4, 1776 and March 4, 1789.

As long as the United Nations can be stopped by an American veto in the
Security Council, the USA
should remain. If the time should arise that an American veto at the Security
Council holds no value or authority that is the time America should abandon the United

Do not think abandoning the U.N. would be a selfish act. The Arabs have the
Arab League. Radical Islamist terrorist NGO’s have the Wahhabi sect, Muslim
Brotherhood, Shi’ite Twelvers and more. Europe
has the European Union. I am certain if you can think of some alliances that
have goals and interests of commonality you could come up with more.

What U.N. self-investigation will nail the U.N. the big dogs with complicity to
North Korean counterfeiting?

Western Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

Western Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

Civilization, Remember Your History with Mohammedanism

John R. Houk

© April 2,


I recently wrote that the West has to
get medieval with the medieval minded radical Mohammedans
. The only way to get the
Islamofascists (rogue nations and non-entity terrorists) is to instill fear in
their hearts.


The West has had to do this
several times in history to get Mohammedans to back off. At
Tours/Poitier Charles (the Hammer) Martel
beat back Mohammedans in what is now France. Inspired by El Cid (much of
his exploits are legend), the Spanish began the Reconquista of Christian Land
exploited by Mohammedan Moors.


The Crusades was a
defensive action
inculcated with Roman Catholic largesse to get
the Mohammedans to stop raids on the European side of the Mediterranean.
Evidently the Mohammedans would slip into Christian towns to rape, pillage,
take booty and kidnap people for slavery. Thus the Crusades embarked for two
hundred years until the Mohammedans unfortunately got the upper hand.


Ottoman Turks ravished the
Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire that had been whittled down to the city kingdom of Constantinople
of the once mighty Byzantine Empire. From
Constantinople the Ottomans ravaged Eastern Europe
making it all the way to the Gates of Vienna and finally stopped by
Polish King Jan
Sobieski in 1683
. The Europeans push the Ottomans back to what
once was Yugoslavia and Greece.


The brave Greeks
in 1821 – 1832 and had their freedom restored.
Former Yugoslavia
became broken up by those loyal to Christianity and those that chose conversion
above suppression by Mohammedans.


The end of WWI became the end of
any actual military power base of the Mohammedans as Turkey surrendered and lost their
empire over Arab lands to the south and Slavic lands to the north. The
bloodlust of Turkish Mohammedans had not abated though. Just before the Turkish
involvement ended in WWI, they forced marched Armenian Christians outside of
slaughtering tens of thousands Armenians
along the way.


And now Radical Mohammedans
influenced by a Sunni
Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia and a Shiite radicals in Iran are attempting to restore the
past via terrorism and oil money. The West needs to find another Charles the
Hammer, an El Cid and a Jan Sobieski to diminish Mohammedan designs once again.


Alan Caruba fills in some
historical holes that are there due to my brevity:




John R. Houk

© April 2, 2007


James Lewis is so
awesomely correct
If the Medieval loving Mohammedans hate the West then let them also fear the
West. The time for Politically Correctness to a group of people who only wish
to end our democracies and civilized culture because it is neither Mohammedan
nor lined up with Sharia Law needs to have a major paradigm shift.


radicals (which more and more are winning over so-called Moderates) refer to America and the
coalition of the willing as being Crusaders. They mean it as an epithet praying
that the West will forgot the violence, rape, pillaging and forced conversions
by Mohammedan invaders building an empire. If the West wishes this entanglement
of victimhood and corresponding violence to continue, then by all means let us
propose Appeasement options to Mohammedan aggression. Other wise let us become
Crusaders to engage the Saracen.


not the West have superior fire power? Do not anti-terrorists experts believe
it is only a matter of time until Islamofascists unleash chemical or nuclear
WMD? I say let the Islamofascists think real hard of what the consequences
would be.


the West use their superior military infrastructure to strike fear in Middle
Eastern communities that support Islamofascism. If an oil rich and savvy nation
threatens with decreased oil, then take over the oil fields. If
pro-Islamofascist communities protect or promote terrorists, blow them up.
Strike fear in the heart of the so-called Umma. Then Mohammedans will deliver
the radical Islamists to the West.


does the West wish to live a half a century with terrorism (as Israel
has) or does the West seriously wish to take off some years by switching from
the Leftist paradigm of Appeasement to a paradigm Mohammedans understand:
striking fear.





As long as you are hated, it’s better to be


By James Lewis

April 02, 2007

Posted by CD of Blind

American Thinker



Tehran isn’t interested in loving the
West, or even in tolerating us. If you doubt it, just listen to the Khomeini
gang. Since the 1979 they’ve been yelling "Death to America! Death
to Israel!"
Have we not heard? Even while the Brit Left is busily trying to figure out a
way to blame America for Tehran’s barefaced
kidnapping of 15 UK Service personnel, The Telegraph is rediscovering common
sense. In an editorial entitled, "If they hate us, let them also fear
us" they are drawing the obvious conclusions.



No doubt a lot of Europeans were secretly glad that they were not
the target of all that mass hatred. But of course that’s simple self delusion.
Khomeini and his followers were taught to hate the whole West, including Europe and

America — for its wealth, power, sexual
openness, women’s liberation, homosexual freedoms, capitalism, Christianity,
its free press, its Marxoid intellectuals, and for conquering Andaluz in 1495.
(If you forgot how we conquered Andaluz and drove out the Muslims, Ahmadinejad
hasn’t. Nor has Osama Bin Laden.)



In fact, Europe has very
conveniently blacked out its own history. Europe as a unifying idea arose to
resist numerous Muslim invasions — in Spain,
France, Eastern Europe, even
in the British Isles, which were the subject
of slave raiding well into the 18th century. That’s what the Song of Roland is
all about, the first European epic poem. That’s what Charlemagne was all about,
the hero of today’s European Union. You can try to imagine that’s all past, but
Ahmadinejad lives in the past. That’s what "Islam" means to the
radicals: Surrender to the 7th century, or get your head chopped off.



Short of running up the white flag the West has only one strategic
option: To show its real mettle. This will upset the fantasy-prone Left to no end,
but it’s so obvious that only a fool or a professor could think otherwise.



The West is far more powerful than the madcap mullahs. What they
have over us is sheer pig-headed fanaticism. But if you pit two speedboats with

IRGC zealots against a couple of boatloads of oh-so-polite Brits,
the zealots will win every time.



Now politeness is a very good thing. Queen Victoria, as far as we can tell, was
extremely polite every day of her long reign. But she was no fool. The
Victorians understood that civilized behavior only works with civilized



They would have very politely come to an instant conclusion:
"If they hate us, let them also fear us" — and taken the necessary
action. That’s not cruel, mean, or imperialistic. It’s elementary common sense.



Just one warning shot from HMS Cornwall would have stopped the
kidnappers in their tracks, because they were conducting a carefully planned


It was a test of British resolve, courage and power. They still
are doing it today to squeeze every drop of advantage out of their mischief.



Ahmadinejad understands that game very well. He’s run his whole
career on the principle of inspiring fear. That’s how the mullahs stay in power
and keep the people of Iran
in abject misery.



In a decade or so, London will be
within easy range of Iranian weapons of mass destruction, along with Paris and Berlin.
The purpose of Tehran’s
rush to nukes is to inspire a hell of a lot more fear than today’s exercise in
intimidation. Turn tail now, and they will gain more confidence that Europe will turn tail when they get the Big Bomb.



Does the British government understand the obvious? Or will Prime
Minister Blair try to buy off the mullahs — like Roman Prodi just bought off
the Taliban — hoping that the crocodile will eat him last?



James Lewis is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.

Gideons facing charges for being on public land

Secular Humanist bureaucrats are
ratcheting up their attack on Christianity. Two men from Gideon
International (the guys that put Bibles in motel rooms) were
arrested for
distributing Bibles to children on a public side walk
to school property. They were NOT on school property.


Clearly government and Secular
Humanist Christophobia are expanding its persecution of Christianity hindering
Constitutional right to free speech.

Revolutionary Guard Leader Planned British Abduction?

Well I have read that Ayatollah Khamenei was the source of the order given to kidnap British Marines and Sailors in Iraqi waters. The
reason given in that story was retaliation for United Nations Security Council sanctions.
Now I am reading from Power Line That Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi der
Fuhrer of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and ardent political ally of President Ahmadinejad planned the operation as retaliation for American and the Allies of the willing caught Revolutionary Guard spies in Iraq. Safavi’s end game is probably an exchange of British Marines/Sailors captured in Iraqi waters for Iranian spies captured in Iraq.
Hmm … The appearance is that Iran is doing all the sovereignty violations and expects all the due of the one violated? Typical.

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Saudi Peace Plan is an Israeli Suicide Plan

It is appearing more and more that the Saudi Peace Plan is more of an ultimatum to Israel than a solution for a coexistent Statehood for Israel and Palestine.
The insinuation is Israeli non-compliance will lead to the Mohammedan alternative: a unified Mohammedan war with the Land of Israel.
Let us pray the Appeasers and war weary do not submit to the Saudi Peace Plan. The Plan calls for Israel to withdraw
to 1967 borders before the Arab Middle East tried to obliterate Israel that same year
. It also demands that the Eastern portion of Jerusalem (which was Jordanian in pre-1967) be set up as the Capital of a Palestinian State.
This Peace Plan is a suicide plan for Israel.
The Arab/Mohammedan envisioning of peace is the elimination of Israel.

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The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

R. Houk

March 28, 2007


I was reading a
Christian essay put forth by Robert Ricciardelli. Theme is wrapped around
comfort, disappointment and fear. It is an excellent essay to meditate on. The
part that caught my attention was on comfort.


has become literally the Land
of Plenty for its
citizens. Americans have been blessed with the ability to enjoy the comfort of
leisure whether it is vacations or post-work entertainment. Even the Americans
considered the poor enjoy this comfort zone in quantifying degrees.


American Christians
have been caught up into this nearly Laodicean pleasure of comfort. The comfort
zone is huge for many Christians. Many Christians go to seeker-friendly
Churches. Even the Christians that are God-seeker-friendly are more of a
fantasy of the desire of self-discipline to find the Face of God. Inevitably
seeking the Face of God Churches is populated by a handful of disciplined real
God seekers in which the rest of the Congregation hopes to arise experientially
on the coat tails of the disciplined. And I am not sure if this is wrong
because not every Christian is ever going to be on the same spiritual plain. It
is comfort zone thinking though that holds back Christians from moving from
discipline to discipline.


The Expectation of
comfort is probably one of the biggest (definitely not the only) hindrances for
American Christians to experience the supernatural and awesome power of God
experientially. American Christians are slowly moving to a time when the awesomeness
of God must be a valid experience and an optimum mode of living.


Christianity is
increasingly being pushed as an archaic faith by the religion of Secular
Humanism. Yes, I said religion: Secular Humanism’s tenets of faith are
the deification of humanity thus making morality a relative matter rather than
a foundational matter of the Word of God.


A Secular Humanist or
a Christian immersed in Secular Humanism will view the Bible as an evolved
construct by human minds not Divine assignation.


A Christian who has
faith that the Bible is the Word of God views the determination of the Biblical
Canon as the influence of the Holy
Spirit on the minds of man; thus an existence of a Divine imprimatur.


Anyway, enough of my
rambling thoughts read some of Robert Ricciardelli.






By Robert

28, 2007

Advancement Strategies

Elijah List


must put aside pleasure seeking lifestyles if we want to make an impact in our
world and be faithful servants of the Most High God."


Comfort, disappointment, and fear are three of the
greatest enemies of our souls. We can be lulled into ineffectiveness for the Kingdom of God in the comfort of our lives. We can
become weary and stagnant from affecting our spheres in this world because of
disappointment. Fear can paralyze us to retreat from what we must face–the
battle of life, Jesus, and the Word of God.




One of the devices of the enemy is to engage
us and consume us with "self." Self wants to be comforted. Self
desires the easy road and the easy life. Self wants to protect itself by not
going out on a limb or really ever stretching our faith. Self wants to live a
balanced life neither hot nor cold…that is a scary thought according to
. I
like the way the Message version reads:


Revelation 3:15-17, "I know
you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You’re not cold, you’re not
hot–far better to be either cold or hot! You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You
make me want to vomit. You brag, ‘I’m rich, I’ve got it made, I need nothing from
anyone,’ oblivious that in fact you’re a pitiful, blind beggar, threadbare and


Comfort enthusiasts are often deep rooted in
pride. They tend to think that their life is their own, and they are blinded to
the fact that their very existence is the Lord’s, and everything they have is
His as well. One of the things we must be reminded of, time and again, is that we are His, our every breath
is His.
He may desire for us to give up all for His
sake. He may want us to leave jobs, friends, and family, while traveling to
distant lands to serve Him.


We must put aside pleasure seeking lifestyles
if we want to make an impact in our world and be faithful servants of the Most
High God.


Matthew 6:33, "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously,
and He will give you everything you need."


If we seek His Kingdom first and always, then
He will give us what we need in our journey with Him. We are not alone, He is
always with us. If we have plenty, it is for a purpose, and He will direct the
plenty because it is His to direct. If we have little, then there is a reason,
and we can trust that He will provide all that we need for His purposes.


We must put aside comfort when it gets
in the way of our purpose.

We must not seek comfort, but we must have a deep concern when comfort stays
around too long. This is not to be confused with peace. I am referring to
comfortable lifestyles that keep us from advancing in glorifying the Lord in
all that we do.




Disappointment and hopelessness seem to run
together sometimes. We can fail to the point of finally giving up and not
having hope for a bright future. Our God is the God of redemption, restoration,
and brilliant futures for all of His people. Only in deception can we miss the
fact that in Him, defeat is temporary and it often becomes strength for the


Romans 8:28, "And we know
that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God
and are called according to His purpose for them."


Notice it says "everything" works
together for the good of us. This means that despite the good things that come:


Defeat works together for the good,
Delay works together for the good,
Lack works together for the good,
Loss works together for the good,
Sickness works together for the good,
And finally, even death works together for the good for all of us, His


The Lord promises that the end result for all
of us is triumphant, so be patient and be encouraged beloved of God.


Ecclesiastes 7:8, "Better is
the end of a thing than the beginning of it, and the patient in spirit is
better than the proud in spirit."




We have all heard the saying, "There is
nothing to fear but fear itself." There is much truth in that statement.
The enemy of our souls knows that if he can wrap us up in fear, that in effect,
can disengaged us from the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
Much of the fear we have is never realized, but can perpetuate real problems
because we can no longer operate in faith when we have given fear a place in our
lives. Remember, He is our Protector. I remember Jesus sleeping through the
storm when fear had gripped the others.


Proverbs 3:24-26, "You’ll
take afternoon naps without a worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep. No need
to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday’s just around
the corner, because GOD will be right there with you; He’ll keep you safe and


People of God, we do not need to live in
fear. When it comes out of your mouth, rebuke yourself. I have witnessed so many
in fear of what lies ahead in the future for them. They are literally consumed
to the point that their faith and their production for God has been
neutralized. We should live in His wisdom, and trust that He has you in His
hands, because He does.


Running His


freedom comes when God sets our heart free.


Psalm 119:32, "I run in the
path of your commands, for you have set my heart free."


When we are set free by the Lord, it does not
mean that we can do anything we want at anytime. We must not throw off all
order and restraint, be self-indulgent, self-pleasing, and self-willed. That is
not real freedom. That’s slavery. It’s slavery to self and it’s slavery to sin.


Real freedom comes when God sets our heart
free–free from the bondages of comfort, disappointment, and fear. The psalmist
"You’ve set my heart free."
What’s the evidence? "I run in
the path of your commands." When we are truly liberated by the grace of
God and the power of God, it’s not to please ourselves, it’s not to do our own
thing, but it’s to be able to obey God in every way, freely and joyfully.


When we run the path of His commands, there
is little room to be lavished in comfort, there is little time for
discouragement, and fear is removed because faith and purpose have taken over.
Let’s advance His Kingdom regardless of what comes our way. When good things
come, praise God, when devastation comes praise God.


Psalm 42:5:


"Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again–my Savior and my God!"




Robert Ricciardelli
Advancement Strategies











Mohammedanism and Evil

There is evil in this world. Philosophically evil may be perceived many different ways or to relatively not exist at all. Of course this is all bogus mindsets.
Evil can be known by the fruit it produces. Evil crosses theological concepts yet most theologies condemn the fruit of evil even when exacted by theological adherents.
The central theme of most of the world’s major religions is peace, tranquility and some kind of deliverance or escape from an evil world to a Heaven or union with God or the All.
Guess which religion promises a Paradise of worldly pleasures of selfish sex for the males that die exacting evil violence on combatants and innocents alike? Guess which religion
promises Paradise for being in submission to its deity and prophet while simultaneously its adherents plunder innocent people and rape women?
You will not find this in the Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism or even in eclectic faiths as Baha’i. You will find this in the assumed holy scriptures of Mohammedanism.
Mohammedanism will call all who do not believe in Allah and its prophet Mohammed as evil and doomed to judgment. Mohammedanism will fabricate lies about Christianity and Judaism as the people of the Book and allow them to live only if they promise submission to Allah. The current goal of the majority of Middle Eastern Mohammedans is the death of monikers Great Satan (America) and the little Satan (Israel). Mohammedanism wiped the existence of Buddhism from Afghanistan and ancient India. Mohammedanism tortured and murdered polytheistic Hindus in genocidal numbers until it was decided for convenience sake to extend dhimmitude and the jizya tax on the Hindus to perpetuate
What is evil? It is a group of people that practice a religion stuck in the Middle Ages time zone while the present is the 21st Century. What is evil are the Mohammedans residing in Western nations and yet subscribing to Wahhabi tenets that believe nothing in Mohammedan theology is valid after 1000 AD (by Christian reckoning).
What is ludicrous is judging Mohammedanism by Western values of Freedom and Liberty when those very principles are used to encourage Mohammedan supremacy at the expense of Freedom and Liberty.
John Houk

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