Saudi Makes A Decision To Not Make A Decision

As I was blog surfing I ran into this blog. The Religious Policeman Blog: The diary of a Saudi man living in the UK where the religious police no longer trouble him for the moment.
Alhamedi posts in the irrelevance of the Saudi legislature. The grave political decision they were deliberating was "should women legally drive?" That is some awesome bondage in the heart of Sunni Islamofascism!
The deliberation led to an awesome decision: They could not make a decision and so passed the buck (or whatever they call currency) on to the King. The King keeps passing the buck back to the Legislature.
Evidently the problem is this. Sheik Abdul Aziz Bin Baz, senior Mufti of some Mohammedan council in Saudi Arabia issued the misogynist Fatwa against women driving. Guess what: The old boy is dead and no one has the Mohammedan stones to overrule the dead Mufti with another Fatwa.

The Saudi Parliament makes a decision…. 

….on allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia….


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Religious Policeman

….and that decision was not to make a decision.


Muhammad Al-Zulfa, a member of the Shoura Council said yesterday that he was hopeful the government would step in to lift the ban on women driving after the consultative body refused to debate his proposal to end the ban.

The trouble is, the government has very deftly been passing the buck on this issue….

The King himself said that granting women the right to drive rested on the shoulders of society….

….whatever that was supposed to mean, but it was clear he wants nothing to do with it. Meanwhile his dimmer half-brother was slightly more explicit….

….while Minister of Interior Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying the issue was open for discussion

….and as there’s only one place where discussions take place, that obviously meant our Shoura Council. The Shoura Council, unkindly called by some the "Poodle Parliament", is like your Parliament or Congress, except that it’s not elected, has no political parties, meets in secret, and never opposes the government. But apart from that, it’s like your Parliament or Congress. And it does do a lot of discussing, so that was the place to discuss lifting the ban on women drivers. So one of its members put forward some legislation….

Zulfa introduced his proposal to lift the ban last year as part of wider traffic law

….but it died a death….

Press reports, quoting the Shoura’s secretary-general, said the council rejected Zulfa’s proposal, which had sparked a heated debate in the local media.

Why was it rejected?

The secretary-general said women’s driving was skipped over among other reasons because of a fatwa or religious edict issued on the matter. The reference was to a fatwa issued in 1991 by the then mufti and head of the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz, prohibiting women from driving cars.

It was rejected because religious rulings or fatwas are deemed to be the ultimate law, and cannot be over-ruled, except by another fatwa. And we have been lumbered with a fatwa issued by a now-dead Chief Imam or Mufti who, before he departed this mortal life, decided that he didn’t like the idea of women driving. And we’re stuck with that, until some new Mufti decides that he does like the idea of women driving. And what are the chances of an elderly misogynist Muslim theologian saying "Hey, wouldn’t it be cool for women to drive!"

So it looks like the ban is here to stay. However, Mr Al-Zulfa, who introduced the proposal, does see a glimmer of light….

Muhammad Al-Zulfa, a member of the Shoura Council said yesterday that he was hopeful the government would step in to lift the ban on women driving

But hang on, isn’t that where we started? Let’s not go round that loop again.

Tell you what, Shoura Council, roll over and I’ll tickle your tummies.

Mohammedan Cartoon Hysteria

I have been engrossed in this Mohammedan hysteria over cartoons that portray their prophet in a negative way. The consensus I have been reading is that the more conservative bloggers kind of think poor babies in the Middle East. The consensus among liberal bloggers is actually more compassionate. The liberals seem to be ranging between free speech but wrong to be offensive to why in heaven’s name should anyone offend someone’s religion to the point of anger.

Of course I lean toward more the conservative view that Mohammedans are simply violent whiners and they should keep their culture in the Middle East and the Western Democracies not be hampered in Free Speech simply because a religion foreign to the West is offended.

There are a few a good places to go that have been tracking this situation.

The most intellectual blog I have found that has attempted to view this philosophically is Protein Wisdom Blog.  There are some very good thoughts there.

Another place dear to my heart is is my baby and the favorite of my blogs. The I just provided goes to a string of articles that begins with Michelle Malkin, then roams with quite a few links and thoughts from other blogs on this hysteria depicting Mohammad in cartoons.

[* I actually posted this originally at my Know Thyself blog. My other blogs tend to be more politically oriented, however this is quite the blogosphere phenomena.]

Iran Nukes? Islamic Radicalisim? North Korea? Nope; Clinton Calls “Climate Change” Worlds Greatest Threat!

Old liberal Bill Clinton on the greatest threat to civilization: Is it Islamofascist terrorists? Mohammedan rogue States such as Iran? or maybe N. Korea – threatening to nuke everytime it does not get it’s way?
Nope none of the above, it is environmental climate changes. Mr. Clinton has the inside scoop, climate will ruin the earth before nuclear war. Ideological psychos will have to take a back seat to those allowing the earth to die.

Recent AP Story: this is where to go for the details.

Here is what the Matrix says over at Neocon Express:



With radical Iranian Mullah’s on the verge of achieving nuclear armaments; with Islamo-fascists mixing suicidal martyrdom, WMD’s and ruthless international terrorism; with a North Korean nutcase armed with Nuclear weapons; with Western resolve and strength weighted down by self-hating liberals; the world seems rapidly headed in a very dangerous direction.


But Bill Clinton has a different take. To him, as announced loudly from that five-star resort in Davos Switzerland, where Yuppies like to go to harmonically converge, the greatest threat to the world at this time is….climate change. Yep, you heard that correctly folks, CLIMATE CHANGE is the real enemy. Of course, how does one argue with that? Maybe the climate is changing, maybe it’s not; and if it is, maybe it’s partially human caused, or completely a natural process, there is no real scientific consensus on any of that one way or the other. But climate change at this critical moment in history is the greatest threat to civilization as we know it?


How in the world will the West find the resolve to confront the rise of real evil emerging in front of our noses, at this very moment, when folks like Clinton obsess over a theoretical thereat which conveniently does not require any life threatening action or real bravery? Now there’s an enemy liberals can love. Unfortunately, the rest of us are burdened with facing the real threats, in the real world, in the here and now.



    Another place for a conservative perspective: and The SlantRight.