Military Grants Leave to Marry SSM Couples


Here is an email from pseudonym Solid Snake that exposes homosexual perfidy usually in NY State; however this time he finds a cross section of American Media writing on moral issues primarily relation to Homosexual Activism. The last article is about a Wheaton College professor that got caught with kiddie porn. In case you didn’t know Wheaton College is a Christian University. Wheaton correctly fired this professor shortly after his arrest.


JRH 8/22/13

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Military Grants Leave to Marry SSM Couples


Sent by Solid Snake

Sent: August 8, 2013 3:31 PM


They [i.e. Homosexual Activists] are outraging over this. Even the parasite ol’ Joe Jervis [gag] hasn’t shut up about it.


San Bernardino Man Says He Was Fired After Marrying Same-Sex Partner

CBS Los Angeles

July 31, 2013 8:34 PM


GLENDORA ( — A San Bernardino man says he was fired from his job less than two weeks after he celebrated his marriage to his same-sex partner.


Reporting for CBS2, Andrea Fujii said Ken Bencomo and Christopher Persky were one of the first same-sex couples to get married in San Bernardino. Their announcement and subsequent nuptials were announced in local papers like the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.


The couple got married days after the Supreme Court overturned Prop 8.

Less than two weeks after saying “I do,” Bencomo says he was terminated from his teaching job at St. Lucy’s Priory High School, an all-girls Catholic school, in Glendora.


Fujii spoke to Bencomo’s attorney by phone.


Patrick McGarrigle, the attorney, said the school (READ THE REST)


[Editor: Good for St. Lucy’s Catholic School for sticking with Biblical Morality rather than Secular Humanistic Homosexual Activism that will criminalize Christianity.]


Pentagon grants leave to same sex soldiers to marry in other states.





Aug 14, 1:26 PM EDT


WASHINGTON (AP) — Same-sex spouses of military members will be eligible for the same health care, housing and other benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex spouses starting Sept. 3, the Pentagon said Wednesday.


The decision follows consultation with the Justice Department and the Supreme Court’s ruling in June on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.


“It is now the department’s policy to treat all married military personnel equally,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in memo Wednesday to [READ THE REST]


[Editor; Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was made illegal regardless of Christian Morality that describes Homosexuality as an abomination. (See Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:24-27)]


DOMA got tossed out the window on this one.  Dutch lesbian given green card to marry “lover”.


Green Card Granted: Victory over DOMA for Becky and Sanne in North Carolina


AUGUST 5, 2013

The DOMA Project


Late Sunday night, DOMA Project co-founder, immigration attorney Lavi Soloway, boarded a red eye flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte, North Carolina, to witness the equal protection guarantee of the U.S. Constitution work its magic for a married binational lesbian couple, Becky and Sanne, and their beautiful daughter, Willow.


Although North Carolina voters passed the infamous anti-gay state constitutional “Amendment 1 in May 2012 that bars The Tar Heel State from recognizing and performing marriages or civil unions of same-sex couples, Masliah & Soloway clients, Becky and Sanne, who married in the Netherlands, were treated just as any other married couple as they arrived at their green card interview on Monday, August 5th, at 10 a.m. at the USCIS office in Charlotte. The Officer thoroughly reviewed the journey of their relationship which began in India and included time spent in Belgium and the Netherlands as well as Africa. The Officer was satisfied that they had provided sufficient evidence of the bona fides of their marriage and officially re-opened the denied green card application (the Board of Immigration Appeals had already ordered the green card petition to be re-opened) and adjudicated it at (READ THE REST)


[Editor: The pro-homosexual DOMA Project is probably ecstatic that they validated an abominable same-sex marriage in North Carolina where the voters have stood up for Biblical Morality making Gay marriage illegal to procure or to be recognized. Thanks again to SCOTUS for validating moral depravity.]


John Kerry threw DOMA out the window with this one as well.


John Kerry announces post-DOMA visa policy for same-sex couples

Posted by Justin Snow 
August 2, 2013 1:23 PM

Metro Weekly – Polyglot: a queer spin on politics


In a policy change announced Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry, the United States will begin processing visa applications for same-sex couples effective immediately.


“If you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen, your visa application will be treated equally. If you are the spouse of a non-citizen, your visa application will be treated equally. And if you are in a country that doesn’t recognize your same-sex marriage, then your visa application will still be treated equally at every single one of our 222 visa processing centers around the world,” Kerry said during an appearance at the U.S. embassy in London.


The announcement is the latest repercussion following the Supreme Court’s June decision striking down Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage as between a man and a woman.


“Now, as long as a marriage has been performed in a jurisdiction that recognizes it so that it is legal, then (READ THE REST)


[Editor: Leftist Secretary of State John Kerry has wasted no time in importing the homosexual abomination from overseas.]


College professor convicted of child porn from a christian college.,0,457466.story



Former Wheaton College prof pleads guilty to child porn charge

By Clifford Ward – Special to the Tribune

7:51 p.m. CDT, August 5, 2013

Chicago Tribune


A former Wheaton College professor pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of aggravated child pornography possession and could be sent to prison.


Donald Ratcliff, 62, admitted guilt to the felony in DuPage County court before Judge John Kinsella, who set an Oct. 9 sentencing date. Ratcliff could face a three- to seven-year prison term, though probation is an option.


In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors dropped nine other pornography counts against him.


Ratcliff, who had been a professor of Christian education at the college since 2006, was arrested at his Carol Stream residence in March 2012 after police executed a search warrant. They found 500 illegal images on a computer they took from his home office, Assistant State’s Attorney Louisa Nuckolls said.


Police said Ratcliff was making child pornography images available for download over the Internet. Police obtained the warrant after tracing the images to Ratcliff’s computer address, Nuckolls said.


Ratcliff admitted to police that he had acquired the child pornography, Nuckolls said.


He was fired from his job at the college about two weeks after his arrest.


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The Entabulator

I received this as chain email and found it hilarious!


JRH 12/27/10



Many years ago Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty automatic transmission business.


They were getting ready to tape their first introductory video. As a Warm up, the stage crew began what has become a legend within – The training industry.

This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance.

Now remember and keep in mind, this is strictly off the cuff, nothing is written down.  Nothing he says is true.  He had NO script!  This was a rehearsal for camera, lighting and stage crew.

It’s all total meaningless drivel made up as he goes along.


I am told this video is still utilized as a training aide for incoming congressmen, lawyers, and current White House Administrators.



Moralnihilist has His Say, I Have Mine

Moral Exhibition of the Left 1 DT Devareaux

I operate many blogs, some of a social nature and a few are just blogs for anyone to show up. My pet blog is My son has purchased the rights to the name and operates it on his servers for me for free. It is the Dad discount.


I rarely spread comments from one blog to the others; however I received a comment from “More Democrat ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy” on my Mindsay blog which is more of a social blog. The comment was made by a person that goes by the moniker of Moralnihilist. Moralnihilist said little but it irked me a lot. So I am sharing my distinct charm around in my reply.


Moralnihilist said:


The purpose of the Iraq war was to line the pockets of George W Bush’s oil buddies, nothing more. There were no weapons of mass destruction.  Iraq was no threat. 


We’ve already spent 10 times what we spent in Vietnam, and the cost in lives has been tragic.


I guess Ann Coulter is correct: Liberals Lie!


The Dems and Bush reacted to the same Intelligence of the time. Even President Clinton understood that Saddam Hussein was dangerous but did not have the cajones to do what GW did. Clinton’s awareness of Iraq and transnational terrorists may never be completely known because the treasonous Dem used his security clearance to destroy classified material related to Clinton.


Whether or not the validity of WMD in Iraq is actual or mystified is irrelevant. The fact remains Hussein has shown in the past no hesitation to attack his neighbors for hegemonic gain and profit (with Iran the US aided him and with Kuwait we were against him). This is not to mention the brutality that Hussein and his psycho-sons inflicted on Iraqi citizens. Even now in 2008 mass graves of slaughtered men, women and children are haphazardly stumbled upon.


The only reason the U.S. does not send a military force to remove the butchering Arab Muslims from Sudan is the Islamic world would wrongly perceive it as an attack on Islam. Western nations even with the potential of their combined power to remove the current Sudanese government fear the Islamic reaction (The West is dominated by Left Wing cowering dhimmis). The genocide against Black Muslims in Darfur and Black Christians in Southern Sudan is enough reason to take out the regime. It is a demonstration of dhimmification of the U.N. and the protection of Communist Chinese that such action is not even close to being a consideration.


As far as oil goes: duh!! Are you an American or a dimwitted American? Islamists (though a growing minority in the Middle East) run the perceptions of America. If Islamists control oil in Iraq as well as oil in Iran and the Saudi Monarchy is a sneeze away from joining the Shah of Iran’s fate. How do you think the National Interests of America would be affected if Islamists controlled the life blood of the World’s economy? Can you say convert or no oil? That would mess up the Dems utopian delusional vision on how we should respect what happens in another nation’s internal affairs.


As for the Iraq and Vietnam comparisons, the only thing valid that you have asserted is the unpopularity (forged into the minds by a Leftist MSM ignoring other facts and the Dems exploiting the non-reported facts) of the Iraq War in America.


So in essence Moralnilhilist, you are full of manure. I leave it to you decide what kind.


Mohammedan Moral Police are Hypocrites

Victor Davis Hanson busts the chops of the incipient hypocrisy of Mohammedan complaints about the West vis-a-vie so-called pure Mohammedan moral culture.


In honesty the immorality that is allowed in the West due to abused Freedom of Speech, Choice, Religion, Thought and so on; is a valid complaint. The ever growing prurient attitudes of accepted vices are truly disappointing. Some vices are pushed as relatively moral according to Secular Humanistic standards of moral relativity.


I am embarrassed that the Mohammedans accusations are often correct. On the other hand Victor Davis Hanson points out the very thing Mohammedans accuse of the West are degradations that exist in their own society; they are just hidden or ignored due the power of the elites in Mohammedan society.


Materialistic shopping sprees of decadent luxurious items by oil rich royal families or families of oil rich dictators occur frequently. Homosexuality is as rampant in the Middle East as it is in the West, it is merely hidden. If it is discovered, then the poor devils are executed. Many Middle Eastern nations (Saudi Arabia in particular) still cut off hands for thievery (unless of course you are a member of the ruling elite royal or republican). The drug trade that destroys the lives of the addicted is booming in the Middle East and the illicit drugs are marketed by some of the most notorious supporters of Sharia Law morality Islamist terrorists.


Incidentally it is the same Islamist terrorists that receive monetary donations from Mohammedans that live in the West (Europe and America). In the USA the most notable Mohammedan organization that supports these illicit terrorists is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (read about CAIR’s actions HERE and HERE). Iranian client Terrorist Hezbollah (yes Hezbollah has attacked Americans directly) has America-Mohammedan Shi’ite organizations in America, particularly in Dearborn Dearbornistan, Michigan. 

Iran Defiant as World Powers Meet in London

The global community generally condemns the Bush Administration wish to prevent WMD quality nuclear enrichment from occurring in Iran. Well really I guess the global community does not complain about the idea of prevention, rather they denounce the Bush Administration call for harsh sanctions or military intervention to prevent a nuclear Iran.


The global community (particularly EU) did not learn the lesson of Neville Chamberlain: dealing with devils only stalls the inevitable. The “Peace in our time” pitch is a devilish lie to build an armament to achieve the political goals stated in public and in writings.


Here is a Jewish perspective from Arutz Sheva.

Help Prevent Shari’a at Twin Cities Airport

Okay I realize this post might be a little dated, however readers need to be made aware that Mohammedans in America are attempting to set apart the Law of the Land.


The Politically Correct are so concerned about Islamophobic Americans that they are willing to allow Mohammedans to enjoy their intolerant beliefs at the expense of non-Mohammedans. This issue has arisen in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) in which Mohammedan cab drivers refuse service to airport patrons that might violate their beliefs. Apparently a significant amount of cab drivers in the area are Mohammedan.


To uphold the ability of Mohammedans to discriminate against patrons that carry items that are legal is to allow a precedent of Mohammedan Sharia Law to be Superior to American Constitutional Law. This cannot happen!





Help Prevent Shari’a at Twin Cities Airport

Little Green Footballs
Date: 2/22/2007 at 6:42:07 pm

We’ve had several posts about the Muslim cab drivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, and their refusal to accept passengers carrying alcohol and blind people with guide dogs, at the urging of the Muslim Brotherhood front group calling itself the Muslim American Society. Daniel Pipes sent out an email to his list on this subject, because the Metropolitan Airports Commission is inviting the public’s input on the matter. The public hearing notice for the Airports Commission is here: Taxicab Ordinance #102: Public Hearing Notice.

And here’s Daniel Pipes’ email on the subject: More on Those Alcohol-shy Minnesota Taxi Drivers.


Dear Reader:

A further decision is due in the controversy over taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport who refuse to transport passengers visibly carrying alcohol. The Metropolitan Airports Commission, which has jurisdiction over the drivers, invites the public’s opinion; and I urge your involvement.


MAC has sent a notice (which I have posted in full on my website) that recounts developments since its decision in October 2006 to deny requests by drivers to distinguish between Shar’i-compliant and –noncompliant taxis. MAC writes:

For the past several months, the Metropolitan Airports Commission has worked with airport taxi industry representatives and with leaders from the Muslim American Society and the Somali Justice Advocacy League. The goal was to find a solution acceptable to everyone and transparent to the customer seeking airport taxi service. Unfortunately, those discussions have not resulted in a workable, voluntary, consensus-based solution. As a result, the Airports Commission is proposing stricter penalties for refusal of service: a 30-day suspension of a driver’s airport taxi license for the first instance, and license revocation for a second instance.

Bravo to MAC. It is important that the drivers be sent a strong signal that they must obey the regulations. Were they allowed to boycott travelers with alcohol, I pointed out in “Don’t Bring That Booze into My Taxi,” that would intrude Islamic law “into a mundane commercial transaction in Minnesota” and could lead to the transport system as a whole being divided “between those Islamically observant and those not so.”

I appealed to readers in October to urge MAC to impose penalties on those who insist on imposing Shar’i norms in Minnesota and to send a message that this practice is unacceptable. The barrage of e-mails and phone calls had the hoped-for effect. According to airport spokesman Patrick Hogan back then, “we’ve heard from Australia and England. It’s really touched a nerve among a lot of people. The backlash, frankly, has been overwhelming. People are overwhelmingly against any kind of cultural accommodation.”


Again now, I appeal to all those opposed to application of the Shari’a in the United States to make their views heard in Minnesota. You can do this in either of two ways.

In writing: MAC is asking for “input from the public” through Friday, March 2, 2007, before it makes a decision on the proposed increase in penalties. Written comments should be addressed to:

Landside Operations Department
Metropolitan Airports Commission
MSP International Airport/Lindbergh Terminal
4300 Glumack Drive
Suite LT-3129B
Saint Paul, MN 55111-3010.

In person: For those living in the Twin Cities area, MAC will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, at 2 p.m., to solicit testimony from the public via verbal or written testimony. The location will be at:

Ramada Mall of America (formerly, the Thunderbird Hotel)
2300 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, Minnesota

I thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel Pipes

Ahmadinejad: Jesus and Mahdi Will Come to End Repression

© December 19, 2006


Mohammedan Shi’ites (probably Twelvers in particular) believes something that should provoke an immediate in the mind of a Christian that studies Eschatology:


Ahmadinejad then made a connection between Jesus and the Imam Mahdi, believed by Shiites to have disappeared as a child in A.D. 941. When the Mahdi returns, they contend, he will reign on earth for seven years before bringing about a final judgment and the end of the world. (Emphasis mine. WND)


What is the Eschatological image that splashes into your mind when you read, “(the Mahdi) will reign on earth for seven years before bringing about a final judgment and the end of the world”?


Hello! Christians are taught that the anti-Christ will reign for seven years of Tribulation then at Christ’s Second Coming Satan, Anti-Christ and False Prophet are chained in a prison in Hell for a thousand years while Christ reigns on earth.


If Ahmadinejad’s Mahdi shows up it will be the anti-Christ. Ahmadinejad is doing his best to create the conditions that his deluded mind believes will coax the Mahdi’s return. Those conditions are global chaos.


Ahmadinejad has stated that both the Mahdi and Jesus will return to end repression on the earth. Since Iran is one of the most repressive nations on the planet, I am guessing ending repression is forcing the globe to convert to Mohammedanism or die.


Yes that sounds like the wickedness of the seven years of Tribulation.


Here is a Christian hypothesis: Allah = Satan, Mahdi = anti-Christ and Mohammedan concept of Jesus = False Prophet.


How is that for shirking off “Political Correctness?”


Dear friend here is some wisdom to realize. Radical Mohammedanism dominates the public agenda and the spirit of all Mohammedans (Arab, Iranian, African, Indonesian et al). The majority that call themselves moderate are intensely quiet when the riots, murders and bodily desecrations occur. Mohammedans have become so vocal that in the West (and America) we are so consumed with the fear of offending these devils, we look for statistics that validate that only a minority of Mohammedans are radicals.


This is ludicrous!


North American Mohammedan organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its Canadian brother (CAN-CAIR) were founded by known terrorists. Some of these founders are in jail and yet the American government reaches out to CAIR as the representative of Mohammedans in America.


Now I want to be clear in this declaration of frustration with the Western (and American) mindset. And I know it will sound like Bill Clinton saying, “I did not have sex with that woman.” The clarity I wish you to see is that I am not a racist. I do not hate Arab or Iranians. I think the self-proclaimed religion of Islam (I prefer Mohammedanism) is a danger to Liberty and Freedom as Western Society knows it. If American and European Mohammedans could assimilate in to the Western belief system of Liberty and Freedom, I would not have a problem with the practice of their faith.


Mohammedans cannot and forcefully choose not to assimilate into the West. Instead Mohammedans clamor for rights to follow their Sharia Law and Quran. This is a segregated exclusion that is not even afforded Christians and Jews of the Judeo/Christian heritage. Why should the West grant such exclusionary rights to Mohammedans that do not believe in Liberty and Freedom? Americans, Canadians and Europeans that provide such exclusionary rights are subjugating themselves to a foreign culture that will end Liberty and Freedom.


If America and Canada follow the path already taken in Europe, then rioting and retribution will evolve that will require extreme prejudice to combat both sides. It will make the rioting in Europe feel like a picnic.


So let us stop it NOW. Let us find a way in America (at least) to extend Liberty and Freedom to all EXCEPT when citizens have an agenda to end Liberty and Freedom.


[This WorldNetDaily report is what set me off: "Jesus, Mahdi both coming, says Iran’s Ahmadinejad —
In New Year’s greeting to Christians worldwide
asks what Christ would do if he were here today

Homophobia is Justification for Murder

Mary Stachowicz was a Christian woman that refused to allow a homosexual’s lifestyle to intimidate her faith. Apparently Stachowicz was murdered by Nicholas Gutierrez because as a homosexual he did not believe in Stachowicz’s right to free speech.


Gutierrez seems to believe he could flaunt his ungodly lifestyle and silence those who disagree with him. And so he silenced Mary Stachowicz. Gutierrez stabbed Mary so hard he bent the blade.


His trial is about to begin. Gutierrez’s plea: innocent by virtue of Mary’s hate crime. Gutierrez is claiming the old homosexual is victimized routine and that a hate crime made him do it. Jeez half the people who drive cluttered freeways have a justification to murder because road rage made them do it.


Let us be real, Gutierrez deserves the death penalty. He deserves the death penalty not because he is a homosexual (morally depraved); rather he deserves the death penalty for heinously and viciously taking another person’s life.


Let us suppose that Gutierrez is assigned a Clintonesque style Judge. Let us horrifyingly suppose the secular humanist Judge does everything in his legal position to favor the homosexual for homosexuality’s sake. A not guilty verdict by virtue will turn to judicial legislation creating a situation in which Bible believing morality is a hate crime. It sends a message to the immoral minority that there is no Christian freedom of speech. It sends a message that the immoral minority may dispose of the Christian majority.


Gutierrez the homosexual astoundingly not being a purveyor of a hate crime; instead Mary Stachowicz is getting that label as if standing for her faith is a hate crime. Homosexual groups and the ACLU are actually labeling Gutierrez as the victim!


See also: ‘Gay” Reaction to Mrs. Stachowicz’s Murder: Silence to Applause

Jay Bennish Re-instated To Re-mold Young Minds

Jay Bennish a man of less than credible civic responsibility, has been re-instated as a school teacher. For those of you who may not know why he was suspended, it occured due to recorded statements that quoted President Bush to be the new Hitler and other leftist comments about America. One of Bennish’s students secretly recorded a class session exposing the left leaning political rants his students had to endure.
I am fairly certain many impressionable young minds found Bennish amusing and support he right to free speech. However, as a parent, the issue is not of free speech rather it is of propaganda my children and your children are fed into their brains.
I am also certain this is a form of a teacher that would deny the teaching of Christian morality in school because of the foolish interpretation of the separation of church/state issues of the Constitution. It is a foolish interpretation because there is no such clause in the Constitution. However liberal left teachers as Bennish take advantage of false interpretations to inculcate leftist secular humanistic morality to replace Christian values in America. AND that is outrageous!
Unsatisfying end to Bennish affair
What was the punishment?


March 11, 2006


Given the legal difficulties in getting rid of incompetent teachers these days, Cherry Creek officials may have gone as far as they dared Friday in disciplining Overland’s Jay Bennish for his political rants in the classroom. Even so, Bennish’s return to school Monday ought to trouble district parents, in part because it isn’t clear that he really intends to change his ways.

"Jay Bennish has promise as a teacher," Superintendent Monte Moses said in a two-page statement, "but his practice and deportment need growth and refinement."

Yes, that’s one way of putting it. And how will Cherry Creek ensure his "growth and refinement"? The public doesn’t know because the district won’t say, citing confidentiality in personnel matters.

But the disciplining of Bennish also goes to the heart of how the district maintains its own teaching standards. Does the public really have no right to some appreciation of how, in this case, that is going to be done?

Will Bennish’s class be monitored on a regular basis by Overland’s principal or another district official? Will he be mentored by a senior teacher of widely recognized talent? Is there training he will have to undergo?

Or is he being released with a reprimand and his promise to be a good boy?

Cherry Creek not only failed to reveal the nature of its oversight of Bennish – or even if there will be any, since there obviously wasn’t any in the past – it also continued right through Friday to present his offense as mainly one of lack of balance. District officials refused throughout the controversy to assert publicly and forthrightly their clear legal right to tell any teacher to stop wasting precious class time on a fringe theory or viewpoint – even if other perspectives are provided.

The district’s inexplicable reticence played into the hands of Bennish’s attorney, David Lane. Late in the week, for example, Lane asserted that his client is unrepentant but will reform his ways by "giving both sides more contemporaneously. When he gives the yin, give the yang right then and there – don’t wait a day, don’t wait an hour, don’t wait a week. Put it all out at the same time."

By this standard, a teacher could offer a unit on whether the Holocaust occurred -after all, some people claim it didn’t – so long as he provided a sufficient counterweight to such outrageous views.

Listen to the Bennish recording. It exposes a teacher who doesn’t merely fail to provide "balance." Bennish – a teacher of "promise," remember – deals solely in caricature, boilerplate and black-and-white imagery. He mangles fact after fact (no, the Jews in what became Israel did not assassinate the British prime minister, to cite just one of numerous stumbles). He can’t even serve up a measured, sophisticated case for his own radical views, let alone offer a fair counterweight.

But the next time he compares President Bush to Hitler, or declares capitalism in conflict with humanity, it will be enough for him, apparently, to provide students with an equally sophomoric understanding of an opposing view.

Somehow we are not reassured.

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