Palin, A Conservative Values Leader in 2012?

There has been a lot of post election 08 talk about Sarah Palin being representative of the Conservative wing of the Republican Party in 2012.


Honestly I have not been attentive if there has been any feedback from Palin concerning designs for 2012 so I have to admit I may be writing about something that is irrelevant.


I believe Governor Palin as of 2008 would be an excellent GOP representative in 2012. Yet I have no illusions that 2012 is a ways off. Barack Hussein Obama has not even had an opportunity to succeed or fail in his political ventures. Lets be honest, BHOs decisions for the positive or negative will be the shaper of the potential leaders of the GOPs future. Governor Palin is only one possibility.


Saying that, the continued hostility the Left is giving a former defeated VP candidate is amazing. I mean the Leftist smear is still in action against Palin. Why?


It is an indication there is fear from the Left that Governor Palin may pull an old Governor Reagan and become so popular that the decisions of “The One” may thrust Palin into a populist Conservative spotlight.


The Dems are currently basking at the return of power that is reminiscent of possibly FDR power. Friends that is a lot of political power, indeed it is more political power than Reagan enjoyed as President.


I am guessing if the Dem Mainstream Media does its utmost to frame Governor Palin in a negative light the MSM will do its part in preventing values voters from being represented in the U.S. Government.


In saying this, the Political Action Committee known as Our Country Deserves Better is doing its best to counter the MSM.


Our Country Deserves Better has sent out emails promoting Sarah Palin and focusing on MSM media bias. In this email ABC is the target of exposing obvious bias.


I am posting the email pretty much as it was sent, so you will notice the solicitation of political donations to keep Our Country Deserves Better PAC in operation; nonetheless the message is great. Donate or not to Our Country Deserves Better but in either case lets start finding values leaders in the Republican Party and NOT ALLOW the MSM to dictate or vet them.


JRH 10/11/08


Military Mom’s Plea: Support Sarah Palin!


Deborah Johns

Email Sent: Mon 11/10/2008 11:07 PM

Our Country Deserves Better


Hello, it’s Marine Mom Deborah Johns of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee writing to you with an urgent request to show your support for Sarah Palin.


Gov. Palin participated in a great interview with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren tonight, and already the liberal attack dogs are smearing this woman once again.


The liberals want to destroy this woman to prevent her from ever having a future as a conservative leader, and it is because Palin is a conservative that they are so vengeful and hateful in their attacks.  These attacks first began right after Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate — remember how they tried to insinuate that Palin lied about the true mother of her son, Trig?


The attacks kept up throughout the campaign, and have intensified ever since election day.  I’ve included some of the most recent attacks generated by far left radicals from websites such as DailyKos, Democratic Underground, and Huffington Post below.  Friends, if we as conservatives won’t stand in Palin’s defense, then who will?  Are we going to sit back and just allow the Left to destroy this incredible, honest, upstanding conservative?


We are preparing our national TV ad campaign defending Palin, and will accompany it with a media blitz – doing interviews with major media outlets.


Hundreds of you have contributed to this effort so far, but we must do much, much better.  To truly make an impact and turn the tide against the anti-Palin forces we need tens of thousands of you to step up with a contribution.


If you can afford $100, $500 or $1,000 or more it sure will make a big impact.  You can contribute online – HERE.


Any amount you can afford between $5 to $5,000 will be appreciated.  I know many of you donated considerable amounts of money during the election season, and I wish I could say that the fight was over, but frankly the battle has just begun.  Those supporting President-Elect Obama want to finish off the conservative movement, starting with Sarah Palin, but we can’t let them win.


We must take our country back and the first step is to stand up for one of the most prominent conservatives in America who is under a vicious attack.


Please, make the most generous contribution you can afford – up to $5,000 – online here: CONTRIBUTE ONLINE HERE.


Or, mail in your donation to:


Our Country Deserves Better PAC

Attn: Betty Presley

30151 Tomas Street

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


Thank you for your support of Gov. Sarah Palin.  Please understand that I feel a special kinship with this outstanding woman, because she’s not just a great American, she’s not just an upstanding conservative, but she’s also a fellow Blue Star Mom who taught her son that to serve in the U.S. military is an honorable, noble cause, just as I taught my Recon Marine son, William.


I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and do nothing while the far-Left tries to destroy this woman.


Please share this message with others so that we can secure as much support for Sarah Palin as possible.




Here are some of the attacks against Palin orchestrated by the far-Left and posted at


"Sarah, you are still an idiot."


"Sara Palin is an empty barrel. Empty barrels are the ones which make the most noise."


"Can any one please tell her to SHUT UP."


"You have planted enough seeds of hatred and division. That will be enough out you Sarah Palin. Go to your room!NOW."


"Blah! Blah! Blah! Can someone shut that hillbilly moose up!!!!"


"Please give us some relief from this nonsense. The woman needs to go back to the far corner of the country and get ready for winter."


"Her rattle brained meanderings remind me of my teen-age daughter on the phone, blathering on about boys or Hannah Montana .. it makes perfect sense to her, but no one else has a clue to what she is saying .. LOL"


"Sarah is as stupid as a stump."


"Right, after she finally learned how to string more than one sentence together she now wishes she could have done it more. She is now proving her critics right. She is an empty overambitious fool. Every come back needs to start with a little pull back and introspection. But not Sarah (Its everybody else’s fault I am an idiot) Palin. Let’s go out and keep running like the election is still on. She needs to go back to her "real America" and leave the rest of America alone."


"Please..send this light weight out with a dog sled for a few weeks, OK? She was – is – way over her head in a national/international arena. The days of being an envied beauty queen are over..she was pregnant when she got married..she has a pregnant and unmarried daughter..she was the mayor of a tiny town town and doesn’t know what NAFTA is, where Africa is, her religious views are….welll, look at some of the tapes, OK Plus – mark my words – "soccer mom Sarah will be featured in a number of (now being written!) "tell all" books written by former McCain staffers that will remove whatever "gild" is left off this "lily." She’s had her Ten weeks of’s over..all over. Enough..sell your fancy duds, Sarah..make your excuses..write your book..please..enough, OK?!"


"Just think, she was a heartbeat away. If Alaska wants to secede. Let them. We’re gonna end up selling it to China anyway. Cheap. Real Cheap."


"But then she is a con artist. Shows how far chicanery can get you."


"Please stop this lady from speaking this is a total disgrace and Media it’s not funny anymore! period.. she is not smart and you guys are trying to keep the SNL "Tina Frey" thing going… Please let muzzle her now!"


"Listening to that dolt makes my ears bleed. Her brain needs de-fragging in a BAD way."


"I hope this airhead goes back to Alaska and stays there, maybe to the Aelutian islands where she can annoy the eskimos. I cannot attack her positions, because she does not have an original thought."

Barracuda Does Not Take Guff from Cowards

Sarah Palin (Guv) 11-7-08

It is reprehensible that McCain staffers anonymously yet publicly criticized Sarah Palin. Palin is correct. The criticism is an act of cowardice to try to cover the butts of McCain political strategists who totally screwed up a victory that was well in sight by not attacking issues that matter to Americans in values and BHOs ideology via associations. In stead the McCain strategists played by Barack Hussein Obama rules of only the economy, taxes and healthcare type of issues. The values voters were walked off the plank and dumped into the sea of NO ATTENTION.


Sarah Palin was a representation of the Values Voters and is probably the only reason McCain selected her as a running mate. It was a bone tossed to Conservative values voters just before they were tossed off the plank. Indeed, McCain should have used Palin to appeal to values voters rather let them languish in the water. Rather McCain and/or his strategists chose to play by BHOs rules. Playing by the enemies rules will usually result in loosing.


Now those same staffers who screwed up the strategy to elect McCain are trying to blame Palin for the loss. The thing that is even worse than the blame is that these staffers are too cowardly to associate their name with their criticism of Palin. Could it be they know that Palin is no pansy and would embarrass them in public openly for their screw-up?


Yes Governor Palin, the anonymous critical McCain staffers are cowards. They are too cowardly to face a defense from a woman.

JRH 11/8/08

Why McCain Lost

Peter LaBarbera

Well this is a “What he said” moment for me. Peter LaBarbera of American for Truth for Homosexuality briefly issues a statement from his organization about the reason why Senator John McCain lost to Barack Hussein Obama. LaBarbera believes the McCain loss was due to the lack of hitting on the issues that concern values voters.


I would add to LaBarbera’s statement that McCain failed from the very beginning to hammer BHO on his lack of transparency with Marxists, pro-PLO Mohammedans resident in America, crooks like Rezko and especially Jeremiah ‘God Damn America’ Wright. With the seeming twisting of the arm McCain merely mentioned Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; however that was way too little too late.


JRH 11/5/08

Palin addressing a heckler directly

A Leftist heckles Sarah Palin.

Palin turns to the Leftist and shuts him with "My son is fighting for your right to protest." The crowd cheers effectively shutting down the defeatist Leftist.


JRH 10/8/08

Sarah Smile by Lloyd Marcus

This brings me back to the ’70’s and it is an awesome tribute to Sarah Palin as well.


It still amazes me Barack Hussein Obama’s Campaign is focusing on the Presidential qualifications of Governor Palin when she is running for the Office of Vice-President.


Could it be she is more qualified to be a President than I have done a lick of legislation of importance Obama while Palin has all kinds of management experience?


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Dark Horse Palin Seems to Have Inside Edge for VP

Yesterday I posted that Andy Barnett felt he had inside news that Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota was to be McCains Veep choice.


This morning at approximately 7:45 AM CT I heard on Fox News that both Pawlenty and Romney have been eliminated as a Veep choice on the McCain ticket. The Official announcement is supposed to be made today (Friday) from Ohio about noon.


The Fox News pundits on Fox and Friends were indicating that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska appeared to have the inside track.


If indeed it turns out that way then oops, Andy I think you missed that one.


JRH 8/29/08

Cindy McCain – Who Knew?

Cindy McCain


I received a photo collage of Cindy McCain from a friend describing the character and activism of the GOP nominee’s wife. The email is one of those “send it to your friends” emails which I do not usually participate in; however this is so awesome Americans indeed need to know.


I am not going to post the photos, for they are not as important as the information about the (hopefully) next First Lady of the USA.


Read this and compare it to Michelle Obama. It is a comparison of an American patriot (Cindy) and a person who is ashamed of America (Michelle).


JRH 7/2/08


Cindy McCain


Bet you would have never guessed this one!  No matter your politics.  The media will never tell of this, so pass it on. 


There was an article in the Wall Street Journal on Cindy McCain, John’s Wife.  All I ever saw was this attractive woman standing beside John.  I was surprised how talented and involved with world problems she is.  This is a summary of the article.


She graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs teacher.


After her Dad died she became involved with his beer distributing firm and is now the chairwoman.  Sales have doubled since she has taken over from her father.


They have a marriage prenuptial agreement, her assets remain separate. She is involved around the world clearing land mines – travels to these countries on a detonation team and serves on their board.


They have a 19 year old serving in Iraq, another son in the Naval Academy, a daughter recently graduated from Columbia Univ., an adopted daughter in High School, and a son who is the finance guy at the beer firm.


Raised kids in Phoenix, AZ rather than Washington D.C. (better atmosphere):  He commuted.


In 1991, Mrs. McCain came across a girl in an orphanage in Bangladesh.  Mother Teresa implored Mrs. McCain to take the baby with severe cleft palate.  She did so without first telling her husband. The couple adopted the girl who has had a dozen operations to repair her cleft palate and other medical problems.


They have a Family Foundation for children’s causes.


She’s active with ‘Halo Trust’ – to clear land mines, provide water and food in war ravaged and developing countries.


She will join an overseas mission of ‘Operation Smile’, a charity for corrective surgery on children’s faces.


She has had two back surgeries and became addicted to pain killers. She talks openly about it which she says is part of the recovery process.


I’m surprised the media is so quiet about her attributes. She sounds more capable than Hillary or Obama. We would really get two for the price of one: A person with business and international experience. John did work for the firm for awhile when he left the Navy. She, however, has the real business experience. Very interesting.

Rice Courting VP Nomination

condoleezza rice 7

I first heard on FOX News yesterday that Condi Rice may be looking to coax a VP nomination out of McCain. Then I ran into an April 6 post of an ABC blog called Political Radar which reports Secretary Rice is ACTIVELY seeking the Republican nomination for Vice President.


Here are my brief thoughts on that prospect.


The Condi Rice that was GW’s National Security Advisor was a person I saw with admiral skill and eloquence. I toyed with the concept of a Black Female Republican Presidential nomination of that Condi Rice. I even thought of it more when her National Security Advisor skills found her moving upward to Secretary of State.


Then there is the Secretary of State Condi Rice.


Since becoming head of the State Department Rice seems to have been overwhelmed by State Department bureaucrats that fought the Bush Doctrine from its inception as a concept to promote America’s National Interests.


If it was not for a strong Israel lobby these old dog bureaucrats view of America’s National Interests lay in placating Arab nations that are friendlier (not necessarily friendly) to America at the expense of the Middle East’s only successful Western Style Democratic Nation – Israel.


Since Rice has become Secretary of State the Global War on Terror only exists in Iraq and Afghanistan even though ALL of the PLO and Hamas in particular have committed acts of aggression against America.


Divorcing the Palestinian Terrorists from the Global War on Terror has moved the Bush Administration into forcing the issue of a Two-State solution of the existence to the Land of Israel and a sovereign nation of Palestine. This drive to force the existence of Palestine is occurring even though the concerted goal of Palestinian Terrorists is the elimination of Israel as a nation with the giddy dream of wiping Jews out in the Middle East.


Secretary Rice’s push for a Two-State solution indirectly aid’s the Palestinian goal of the destruction of Israel.


So do I think Condi Rice should be a VP consideration for McCain? NO.


JRH (Hat tip